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Harvard College 




<i^n^al00ka ti '§txMm. 





Br 5400.1.56 



TTN bringing forward the present Volume the Acting Editor of the 
Miscellanea Genealooica et Heraldica feels that he cannot 
forget to notice the devout attention which the late Dr. Howard paid to 
the authenticity of documents and the dates committed to his judgment 
and approval, and how, in any case submitted to him, his decision was 
always on the right side, and his opinion at all times cheerfully given 
without any ulterior gain to himself. 

The Editors have to acknowledge with pleasure the various contribu- 
tions made by Mr. A. F. G. L^veson Gower, r.S.A., of H.B.M. Legation, 
The Hague, as it is their duty to again thank him for the transcriptions 
of the Monuments in the Church of St. Giles-in- the- Fields. To our able 
contributor Mr. Maxwell Adams, B.A., we were indebted for the History 
of the Family of Adams, which included an interesting account of 
the Family of Viscount Iveagh. To Mr. Cecil T. Davis they are much 
indebted for his ample account of the Inhabitants of Wandsworth. The 
genealogical history of the Family of Savage of Warwickshire is also 
interesting, the pedigree shewing the maternal relatives of Walter Savage 
Landor. To Mr. Everard Green, F.S.A., Eouge Dragon, they owe their 
best thanks for the pedigree he contributed, and also to Mr. George 
Grazebrook, F.S.A., for his "Physiological Curiosity," which has aroused 
a good deal of attention in the medical world. 

By the advice of Subscribers we shall issue the forthcoming Volume 
as Volume I., Fourth Series ; it will enable many new Subscribers to join 
at the beginning of a Series, and will contain a transcription of the 
Monumental Inscriptions in the British Cemeteries of the Ionian Islands 
by Mr. Leveson Gower, which he had done previous to their demolition 
by the municipal authorities. We have also had copied all the monuments 
in St. Anne's Church, Soho, for publication. 

The Editors trust to be favoured with contributions appertaining to 
family history, grants of arms, etc. ; and any other matter of a genealogical 
nature will be always cheerfully acknowledged. 

12th March, 1904. 


Aoton, 302. 
Adam, 6, 7. 
Adams, 6, 169. 
Allen, 265. 
AmoottB, 244. 
Annesley, Lord Monntmor- 

res, 302. 
Aston, 241. 
Bacon, 804. 

Bakers Company, The, 210. 
Barohaid, 273. 
Bamfather, 136. 
Barwis, 275. 
Bayons or Bayous, 129. 
Beaw, 305. 
Bellasyse or Belasyse, Lord, 

185, 186 (arms shewn on 

Boteler, 185. 
Braokenbury, 211. 
Brisoo, 308. 
Bulkeley, 301. 
Burd, 235. 
Butier, 135, 210. 
Byroh, 306. 

Cecil o^r Gecill, 300, 301. 
Ghandos, 302. 
Charleton, 304. 
Chester, Earls of, 245. 
Chitwin, 241. 

City of London, 185, 164, 210. 
Clazton, 302. 
Collin, 121. 
Constantine, 1, 99. 
Cony, 206. 
Conyers, 209. 
Cope, 241. 

ComwalUs, 302-304. 
Cotton, 805. 
Craoherode, 220. 
Crane, 185. 
Dartrey, Baron, 17. 
Dashwood, 137. 
Dawson, 12. 
Dixie, 245. 

Drapers Company, The, 210. 
Drury, 300, 301. 
Dudley, 241, 242. 
Duguard, 161. 
Edwards, 133. 
Egerton, 244. 
Elfoxd, 302. 
Essington, 277. 
Eyerard, 227. 
Eyres, 99. 
Fenner, 302. 
Fisher, 65. 
Fishmongers Company, The, 

Qasooyne, 210 

GifPord, 210. 

Oreenhill, 296, 297. 

Grocers Company, The, 210. 

Hale, 305. 

Hall, 201. 

Harington, 244. 

Hastings, 242, 245. 

Hayward, 291. 

Herbert, 243. 

Herrey, 296 ^Z. 

Hodges, 210. 

Holdioh, 281. 

Holfoid, 301. 

Hope. 307. 

Hoskyns, 245. 

Howard, 41 pi. 

Humphreys, Humphrey, er 

Heylyn. 136. 
Hussey, 210, 244. 
Jackson, 67, 300. 
Jones, 394. 
King James, "" Great Seal,*' 

Eniveton, 242. 
Lander, 1, 99. 
Langhorne, 209. 
LesUe, 6. 
^Estrange, 177. 
Lloyd, 137, and pi, 
London, Cil^ of, 135, 164, 

Lumley, 137. 
Lumsden, 178. 
Lupus, Earl of Chester, 245. 
Monin or Monins, 210. 
Nayler, 204. 
Nevill, 300. 
Olney, 99. 
Osbaldeston, 209. 
Gurry, 12. 
Pagitt, 301, 802. 
Palmer, 290. 
Paulett, 185. 
Pearson, 804. 
Peers, 6. 
Plume, 223. 
Powell or Powel, 292. 
Pyle, 302. 
Bay, 219. 

"Royal Arms, 1630," 135. 
Russell, 121. 
Sainthill, 290. 
Savage, 1, 99, 100 (with 

Sohaw, 203. 
Seers, 204. 
Sers, 204, and pi, • 
Shelbury, 302. 
Sheppaid, 211. 
gimjdns, 80. 
Sirr, 203, 204. 

Slaney, 241. 
Smith, 292. 
Snow, 298. 
Sparrow, 220. 
Speokart, 322. 
Stanhope, 242. 
Stidolph, 211. 
Taylor, 1, 99, 237. 
Thimelby, 210. 
Thorold, 300. 
Tindal, 181. 
Toft, 301. 

Walmoden, Countess of Tar- 
mouth, 249. 
Watson, 136. 
Watts, 177. 
Whitaker, 244, 245. 
Widdrington, 243, 804. 
Wilcocks, 302. 
Wray, 219, 801. 
Wroth, 802. 
Wynne, 209. 
— Company, The, 210. 
—, 1, 99, 210. 

Collin, 121. 
Dashwood, 137. 
Tymms, 129. 

Curtoys, Wmus., 70. 

Dartrey, Baron, 17, and pi, 
Duke, Eev. R. E. H., 96, and 

Hervey. John, 296, and pi, 
Howard, J. J., LL.D., F.S.A., 

^\^ and pi, 
Lloyd, Humphrey, 137, and 

Yarmouth, Amelia Sophia, 
Countess of, 249, and pi. 

Marylebone Parish Church, 

St. Giles . in - the - Fields, 

Church of, 184-186, 181, 

206, 806. 
Wandsworth Parish Church, 

273, 275, 291, 292, 295. 



Beyerstone, 228, 230, 231. 
Bishop's Cleeve, 233. 
Bndbroke, 2. 
Cam, 233. 

Charlton Kings, 233. 
Cheltenham, 228, 229, 231. 
Chesterton, 1. 

Child's Wiokham, co. Glou- 
cester, 2. 
Chiswick, 30, 31. 
Coaley, 2B2. 
Dnrsley, 231, 233. 
Frampton - on - SSeyem, 229, 

Frooester, 231. 
Gloeter Cathedral, 228-231. 
St. John, 228-232. 
St. Mary de Ciypt, 228. 
St. Mary de Lode, 228. 
St. Michael, 228-232. ' 
HampDett, 232, 233. 
Hampton Lucy, 2. 
Inkberrow, oo. Worcester, 
23, 55, 103, 155, 187, 249, 
Eemerton, 232. 
King's Stanley, 230, 232, 

Kington or Eineton, 2. 
Lad broke, 2. 
London — 
Battersea. 28, 31, 75, 138- 

Christchnroh, Newgate St., 

Clapham, 29, 31-33, 74-77, 

Fleet, The, 95. 
Fulham, 93, 95, 138-140, 

Putney, 28, 30, 31, 143. 
St. George, Hanover Sq., 

St. George's Chapel, May- 
fair, 77, 78, 90-93. 
St. James', Duke's Phioe, 

28, 29, 93, 94, 230. 
St. James', Westminster, 

141, 142. 
St. Margaret, Westminster, 

St. Martin-in-the-Fields, 

St. Paul, Covent Garden, 

St. Paul's Cathedral, 138. 
Savoy, French Chapel, 28. 
Wandsworth, 30, 139, 142. 
Matson, 229, 233. 
Merstham, 95. 
Mitcham, 142. 
Newingoon Bagpath. 231. 
Nimpsfield, 232, 233. 
Oxford, St. Martin, 228. 
Pitohcombe, 231, 232. 
Quedgeley, 228, 229, 233. 
Rendcombe, 231. 
St. Mary Bourne, Hanto, 30. 

Standish, 228, 230-283. 
Stone, 230. 
Stonehouse, 229-233. 
Stroud, 230-233. 
Tooting Grayeney, 140, 142. 
Whaddon, 229. 

Adams of Cavan, 5, 45, 84, 

122, 168, 212, 267. 
Aldworth, Ancestors in the 

male line of the Barons 

Braybrooke, 107. 
Magennis, Viscount Iveagh, 

O'Neill, 260. 
Sayage of Warwickshire 1, 

64, 96. 
Sirr of Dublin, with Book- 
plate, Notes, Wills, etc., 

201, 267, 315. 

Beale Family, 40. 
Cope, Pedigrees of, 118. 
Hercy Family, 316. 
Hobson Pedigree, 40. 
Langstroth or Langstreth 

Family, 40. 
Simkins Family, 80. 
Warton, 119, 316. 

Sirr, 201,204. 


Harleian Society, 280. 

A Heraldic and Physiological 

Curiosity (39 children of 

one father and mother), 

Alioe, Duchess Dudley, 44. 
Arms and Crest of John 

Russell of London, 1552, 


In Memoriam : Joseph Jade- 
son Howard, LL.D., F.S.A., 
Maltrayers Herald Extra- 
ordinazy, late Editor of 
** MisoeUanea Genealogica 
et Heraldica," 41, andpL 

Rey. Francis John Poyn- 
ton, M.A., 316. 

Marriages of Painswick 
People entered in the Re- 
gisters of other Parishes, 

Marriages of Wandsworth 
Inhabitants : Extracts 
from Registers in yarious 
Parishes, 28, 74, 90, 138. 

Memoranda of William Cur- 
toys, 1670-1752. 34, 69. 

Notice to Subscribers, 44. 

The Register Society, 39. 

The Stirling Family: A 
Scotch Physician's Note 
Book of the seyenteenth 
century, 143, 195. 

Vargas Machuca, 196. 

Marylebone Parish Church, 

Ostend Cemetery and Ghis- 

telles (Belgium), 261. 
St George's, Hanoyer 

Square, Burial Ground, 

149, 162. 
St Giles - in - the - Fields, 

Church of, 130, 177, 206, 

241, 300. 
St. Mary's Church, Reading, 

Wandsworth Parish Church 

(with Notes), 273, 290. 

Adams, 5, 45, 84, 122, 168, 

212, 257. 
Aldworth, 107. 
Butler, Fleming, Byrne, and 

Delany, 115. 
Cope, 118. 
Duguard, 161. 
Du Pri6, 81. 
Holdich, 281. 
Mallet and Peyton, 51. 
Ourry, 12. 
Ray, 219, 246. 
Sayage, 100. 
Sirr, 201, 267, 315. 
Warton, 316. 

" An Exact List of the Lords 
Spiritual and Temporal in 
1734," 160, 



"Ball BeoordB in the Pxe- 
rogatiTe Court of Canter- 
bnrjf Somerset House, 
H45— 1802," 322. 

Blake, Martin J., ** Blake 
Family Beoords, 1300— 
1600," 199. 

GhristiBon, C, M.D., *'The 
Carving^ and Insoriptions 
on the Kirkyaid Monu- 
ments of the Scottish Low- 
lands," 197. 

Dighton, Conway, " The 
Dightons of Clifford Cham- 
bers and their Deeoend- 
ants," 200. 

** Fenland Notes and 
Queries," 39, 79, 120, 160, 
199, 240, 280, 324. 

Foster, J., ^' Home Feudal 
Coats of Arms," 159. 

Godfrey, John T., and Ward, 
James, '*The History of 
Friar Lane Baptist Church, 
Nottingham,*^ 320. 

** Journal of the Ex Libris 

Society," 38, 79, 120, 160, 
199, 239, 279, 323. 

Knotoutter, A., '* A way 
of his own : An Auto- 
biography," 319. 

'* New York Genealogical 
and Biographical Becord,** 
280, 323. 

Philip, Bey. Adam, " The An- 
cestry of Bandall Thomas 
DaTidson, D.D., Archbis- 
hop of Canterbury," 317, 

Beade, Rev. Compton, " The 
Smith Family, being a 
popular account of most 
branches of the name from 
1300, with numerous pedi- 
grees," 198. 

Scbomberg, Arthur, ** Paul t 
Bush, i£e last Rector of 
Edington, and First Bish- 
op of Bristol, 1490— 1568," 

Thoyts, B. E., ^'How to ] 
Decipher and Study Old 
Manuscripts," 321. 

" Virginia Magazine of His- 
tory and Biography," 39, 
80, 120, 160. 198, 240, 280, 

Aldworth, 108, 110, 111, 114. 
Dudley, Alice, Duchess, 44. 
Edwards, 133. 
Holbome, 132. 
Holford, 301. 
Leverton, 177. 
Pagitt, 302. 
Pendrell, 208. 
Rich, Sir Nathaniel, 1635, 

Savage Family (various), 64, 

Sibthorpe, 303. 
Sirr Family, 267-269. 
Smyth, 203. 
Snow, 294. 
Whitaker, 245. 
Winter, 133. 


The Arms of the Family of Savage of Warwickshire ... 1 

The Arms of the Family of Adams 6 

Bookplate of Baron Dartrey facing 17 

Bookplate of Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., F.S.A., Maltravers Herald 

Extraordinary ftumg 41 

Bookplate of Rev. R. E. H.Dukb „ 96 

Seal of Olney Tachbrokb . 99 

Seal of Thomas Eyres 99 

Seal of Savages of Taohbrooke 100 

Arms of Joshua Collin of London, 1639 121 

Bookplate of Humphrey Lloyd of Denbigh . . facing 187 

Arms of Duguard 161 

Monument of John, Lord Bellasybe, in the Churchyard of St. Giles's 

IN THE Fields facing 184 

Bookplate of Peter Sers „ 201 

Bookplate of Amelia Sophia, Countess of Yarmouth . „ 249 
Bookplate op John Hervey of Iokworth .... ,,296 

IKisdlaiiia €tmiiAa^m ti ItraWka. 

trbe jTamtlp of l^abagt of tS&atioitHUtt.' 

Chesterton Register. 

1558 Jane 10 Rowland Griffin & Annis Savage. 
1578 Oct. 18 Richard Hill, Vicar of Tachbrooke, & Alice Granger. 
1712 Dec. 11 George Commander & Maria Savage, both of Tachbrooke ; by 

1724 Oct. 1 John Savage & Sarah Smith, widow ; by Licence. 

1750 Oct. 19 Sarah wife of John Savage. 

* Communicated by Rev. R. E. H. Duke, Rector of Maltby, Lincolnshire — continued from 
Vol. IV., p. 288. 

VQL, v., SERI15S m, B 


Child's Wiokhah, go. Gloucester, Begisteb. 


1678 Dec. 18 John Savage, gent., of Warwick, & Anne Murcotfc of Willersey ; 
by Licence.* 



1723 Oct. '20 Will™ Smith & Cath. Savage, both of S» Mary's, Warwick; by 

Hampton Lucy Begisteb. 

1610 Nov. 5 Will" Clarke & Patience Savage. 

Ladbboke Begisteb. 

1592 Dec. 28 Tho» Savage & Hope Pratt, wydow. 

Kington ob Einbton Begistebs. 


Dec. 8 


July 28 


April 11 


Jane 18 


AprU 5 


June 14 


July 24 


Mar. 2 


Aug. 4 


May 21 


Feb. 15 


Feb. 12 


April 4 


Dec. 14 


Feb. 27 


Feb. 6 


Oct. 20 


July 16 

1588 Oct. 18 JohnSava 

John Savadge. 
Thomas Savadge. 
Alicia Savadge. 
Leonard Savadge. 
Christopher Savadge. 
Christopher Savadge. 
Thomas s. of Thomas Savadge. 
Elinor d. of Leonard Savadge. 
Pmdence d. of Francis Savadge. 
Leonard s. of Thomas Savadge. 
John s. of Francis Savadge. 
A^es d. of Bichard Savage. 
Walter s. of Francis Savage. 
Kath^ d. of Bichard Savadge. 
Eath^ d. of William Savadge. 
Kath« d. of Edmond Savadge. 
Willm. 8. of Bichard Savadge. 
Maria d. of William Savadge. 

* This Licence is thus entered in the Book of Marriage Allegations at Gloucester : — 
1678 Nov. 25 John Savage of the Town of Warwick to many Ann Murcott of Willersey, dio, 
Ulonoester, coram Qeo. Sandys, Bector of Willersey. 


Anne d. of William Savadge. 
Richard s. of Richard Savage. 
Jane d. of William Savage. 
Elizabeth d. of William Savage. 
Dority d. of Richard Savage. 
Richard 8. of Leonard Savage. 
Leonard e. of William Savage. 
Anne d. of Richard Savage. 
Leonard s. of William Savag. 
Kath** d. of Leonard Savag. 
Richard s. of Jhon Savage. 
Edmund s. of John Savage. 
Maria d. of Leonard Savage. 
Kath® d. of John Savage. 
Rebecka d. of William Savage. 
Elizabeth d. of Leonard Savag. 
Alice d. of Jhon Savage. 
Anne d. of Leonard Savage. 
Henry b. of Thomas Savage. 
Edward g. of Thomas Savage. 
Ezechiell s. of John Savage. 
Alice d. of Leonard Savage. 
William s. of George Savage. 
Blachea [«w] d. of William Savage. 
John 8. of William & Joane Savage. 
Elizabeth d. of Geo. & Elizabeth Savage. 
Humphry s. of William & Blanch Savage. 
Maria d. of William & Elizabeth Savage. 
Anne d. of John & . . . . Savidge. 
Hannah d. of William & Elizabeth Savage. 
Mary d. of Edward & Susannah Savage. 
Thomas s. of Edward & Susannah Savage. 
Elizabeth d. of Edward & Susannah Savage. 
Jonah B. of William & Elizabeth Savage. 
Moses s. of William & Elizabeth Savage. 
John 8. of W"* & Elizabeth Savage. 
Elizabeth d. of Henry & Sarah ^vage. 
Mary d. of Richardson Savage. 
Elizabeth d. of Jonah & Deborah Savage. 
William s. of Richard & Mary Savage. 
John 8. of Richard & Mary Savage. 
Moses 8. of Richard & Mary Savage. 
Elizabeth d. of Edward & Eliz^** Savig. 
Richardson s. of Thomas & Mary Savage. 
Elizabeth d. of W"> & Eliz. Savage. 
Richard s. of W"» & Eliz. Savage. 
Mary d. of W™ & Eliz. Savage. 
William s. of W°^ & Eliz. Savage. 
Hester d. of W" & Eliz. Savage. 


1545 Jan. 26 Thomas Sale & Margaret Savag. 

1546 Nov. 21 William Wagstaf & Elizabeth Savadge. 
[Blank] Nov. 20 Thomas Savage & Isabella Chamberlen. 

1588 Nov. 17 Thomas Wilkes & Anile Savage. 

1589 Oct. 4 Thomas Wilkes & Kath® Savage. • 

? 2 





Jnne 26 














































































































































1589 Nov. 29 Giles Elliot & Margaret Savadge. 

1589 Feb. 14 Nicholas Wise & Margery Savadge. 

1597 Oct. 6 Edmond Savadg .& Elis*^^ Hill. 
1600 Aug. 11 Richard Rogers & Alice Savadge. 
1602 Oct. 8 John Kirdoll & Anne Savadge. 
1608 Nov. 5 Will"* More & Prudence Savage. 
1614 Sep. 10 Leonard Savage & Anne Pigeon. 
1683 Aug. 8 George Savage & Elisabeth Coles. 
1688 Aug. 4 Peter Clarke & Maria Savage. 
1688 Oct. 10 Edward King & Anne Savage. 

1668 Aug. 27 John Westly & Widow Savage. 

1687 Feb. 19 William Avis & Mary Savage, both of Combrook. 

1718 June 7 Robert Moor of Combrooke & Mary Savage of Little Kington. 

1786 May 19 Edward Clifford of Alkerton & Elizabeth Savage ; by Licence. 


1688 April 5 Leonard Savage. 
1589 Dec. 22 Jhon SavAdge. 

1598 June 5 Christopher s. of Thomas Savag. 
1598 Feb. 20 Richard Savadge. 

1602 Nov. 10 Thomas s. of Richai-d Savadg. 

1607 Oct. 9 Leonard s. of Leonard Savage. 

1608 July 15 Richard Savage. 

1614 Aug. 19 Mary d. of W"» Savage. 

1615 Sep. 8 Thomas Savage. 
1615 Sep. 16 Rich* Savag. 

1615 Nov. 28 Leonard s. of W« Savage. 

1620 Dec. T Mary Savage. 

1621 Jan. 15 Elisabeth Savage. 

1628 Aug. 18 Elisabeth Savag, widdowe. 

1689 Aug. 25 Richard Savage. 
1689 Feb. 25 William Savage. 

1649 Dec. 18 Anne Savage of Great Kington. 

1652 May 25 Blanche Savage, widow, of Great Kington. 

1652 Oct. 28 Elizabeth wife of Edward Savage. 

1654 May 17 Anne Savage, widow. 

1669 Oct. 29 Widow Savage. 
1672 Sep. 18 Widow Savage. 
1672 Jan. 18 Cath» Savage. 

1698 Feb. 7 Alis Savage. 

1699 Nov. 28 Henery Savage. 

1708 June 5 Thomas Savage. 

1709 Mar. 25 Mary Savage. 
1727 Oct. 14 MarySavige. 

1729 April 8 Hester d. of W» Savidge. 

1729 June 20 William s. of W°> Savige. 

1729 June 24 William Savage. 

1729 Sep. 19 Mary d. of W™ Savage. 

1786 April 14 Richardson Savage. 

1786 May 18 Mary Savage. 

1788 Oct. 8 Margaret Savage. 

1740 Mar. 15 Mary Savage. 

(7b he continued.) 



ifamilp of aiiamsf of Caban, ett/ 


The following History has been very carefully compiled from the most authentic 
sources, viz., information from members of the family, monumental inscriptions, 
parochial and family registers, wills, deeds, family manuscripts, published works in 
the libraries of Trinity College, Dublin, the Royal Irish Academy, the Royal Dublin 
Society, etc. 

The original surname of the family was " Adam,"t and they appear to have been 
the constant and steady friends of the Red Douglases, Earls of Angus, ever ready 
to unite their followers either to repel an inroad of the English or in turn to become 
the invaders ; and though they have never obtained a more permanent title than 
knighthood, they have reached to the highest position in the different professions, 
and have formed matrimonial alliances with the noble houses of Douglas, Leslie, 
O'Neill, Magennis, Cosby, etc., ever maintaining their position in that class of 
society so happily described by Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King-of-Arms, "as 
holding the next place to the Nobility, the untitled Country Gentlemen, a class, 
though be it remembered, not one degree below the other in antiquity of descent, 
personal accomplishments, and national usefulness ; nay, the Chiefs of the Houses 
from which the Nobility spring are generally to be found in this division of the 
Aristocracy, and for the simple reason that the eldest son and heir being already 
provided for, the field of adventure belongs almost exclusively to the junior members 
of the family, who, thus forced upon the arena, achieve by their prowess or their 
talents — the sword or the pen — fame, wealth, and eminence." (Preface to Burke's 
•' Landed Gentry," 1846.) 

The following description of Northlands, the seat of the senior branch of the 
family, is from the pen of the same talented author : — " Northlands, in the county of 
Cavan, the seat of the Very Rev. Samuel Adams. This mansion was built in the year 
1822 by the present proprietor, the estate itself having been in the family for the last 
150 years. The house, which is of moderate size, is in the plain English style of 
building. In front of the hall door is a porch of cut-stone such as may still be seen 
in many parts of this country. Above forty acres of underwood was planted here in 
1817." (Burke's " Visitation of Seats and Arms," vol. ii., p. 93.) Several acres of 
plantation, with Cornalaragh Lough, have since been added to the demesne, which 
is now the residence of Samuel Allen Adams. 

* CommnnicAted by Maxwell Adams, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. From a MS. by the late 
Rev. B. W. Adams, D.D. 

f It would seem that inattention to spelling first caused the alteration of the name from Adam 
to Ada/nXf for we find that Jane Adams nig Allen (see p. 8), wife of James Adams of Monagban, 
is called AdaiM in the will of her mother, Margaret Allen of Kilmore, dated 6 Dacember 1694, 
and Adam in that of her brother, Richard Allen of Kilmore, co. Monaghan, dated 14 October 
1724, in which her son also is called Allen Adam, Both wills are in the Probate Office, King's 
Tnns, Dnblin. See also the extracts giyen in the Appendix, where Colonel Adams is also called 



The Arms borne by the family of Adams are : (rules, a heart between three 
erosses-^osslet fitch^e or ; and for Crest : On a mount vert a cross -cross let fitchSe or, 
charged with a bleeding heart, as registered in the Office of Arms in Dublin. 

Richard Adams of Wainsford, Hants, however, used as a crest a wyvern gules, 
and his descendants still use the same. It is not known how this crest came to be 
assumed by this branch of the family, bat there is a tradition that Richard Adams 
adopted his mother's crest, she being a Leslie. 

Another branch of the family used as crest a cross-crosslet fitchee gules, sur- 
mounted by a sword in saltvre proper, hilted and pommelled or, which is the crest of 
the family of Adam of Blair Adam, from whom the Adamses are descended. 

The descendants of Richard Adams of Wainsford also quarter the arms of Peers, 
viz.. Azure, on afesse argent between three pelicans or, vulning themselves proper, as 
many Ogresses — the said Richard hanng married Louisa, daughter and coheir of 
Newsham Peers of Alveston in Warwiolwhire, who died 1803. 


The first authentic account of the family is recorded in Scotland, in the reign 
of Alexander II. (1214—1249), when 

Sib Dunoan Adam, Knt., affixed his signature, as a witness, to a donation to 
the church of Wemyss (Burke's " Visitation of Seats and Arms," vol. ii., p. 31) by 
a progenitor of the Earl of Wemyss. His successor, 

Alexander Adam, lived in the reign of Alexander III. (1249 — 1286) (Burke's 
"Visitation of Seats and Arms," vol. ii., p. 31), and is traditionally reported to 
have married into the illustrious house of Douglas. His son, 

Duncan Adam, lived during the eventful reign of Robert Bruce (1306—1329) 
(Burke's *' Visitation of Seats and Arms," vol. ii., p. 81) ; he married and left four 
sons, Robert, John, Reginald, and Duncan (Burke's " Landed Gentry," 1846, vol. i., 
p. 4), from whom ail the Adams, Adamses, Adamsons, and Addies in Scotland are 
descended. The third son was very likely the Right Rev. Reginald Adam, Bishop 
of Brechin, Scotland, one of the most influential men of his time, and was 
frequently employed by the Estates of the Nation in foreign negotiations during the 
troubled reign of David Bruce (1329 — 1371), in all of which he acquitted himself 
ably and honourably (Burke's '* Visitation of Seats and Arms," vol. ii., p. 81). 
The youngest son, 

Duncan Adam, with several other brave Scottish gentlemen, accompanied 
James, Lord Douglas, in the expedition which he undertook in order to convev, in 
a golden casket, the embalmed heart of King Robert Bruce to the Holy Sepulchre 


at JeniBalem (Burke's " Visitation of Seats and Arms," vol. ii., p. 81). On arriving 
there, Douglas solemnly buried it before the High Altar, and on his voyage home, 
being forced by a storm to land at Valencia in Spain, he found Alphonsus, King of 
Arragon, preparing to march against the Saracens or Moors. Lord Douglas joined 
his forces and was slain in an ambush, 20 August 1380, on. the bloody field of Theba 
in Andalusia (Hume's '^ Hist, of the Houses of Douglas and Angus "). Another 
version of this tragic event is given by Thomas Smibert in his "Hist, of the 
Clans of Scotland,'°that it was on the journey out Douglas was obliged to land at 
Valencia, and that when he came up with the Saracens he tossed the casket con- 
taining the heart of his royal master into the thickest of the enemy, bidding it 
*' Go first as it was wont, and Douglas would follow or die." Doaglas was slain, 
but his faithfdl followers, recovering possession of the casket and heart, conveyed 
them to Jerusalem and there buried them (Smibert's " Hist, of the Clans of 
Scotland," p. 828). It is believed that the heart and crosses-crosslet in the 
armorial bearings of the family are derived from the part this Duncan Adam took 
in this expedition (Burke's '' Visitation of Seats ana Arms," vol. ii., p. 81). His 

Reginald Adah, in 1385, took pirt in an invasion of Northumberland, con- 
ducted by Sir James Douglas (eleventh Baron and second Earl of Douglas) and John 
de Vienne, Earl of Valentinois and Admiral of Prance (Burke's '* Visitation of Seats 
and Arms," vol. ii., p. 31) ; '* they took the castles of Wark, Foord, and CornwaU, 
and spoiled and burned the country between Berwick and NewcastliB." Under the 
walls of the latter Douglas defeated, in personal encounter. Sir Henry Percy, better 
known as Harry Hotspur, and carried off in triumph his pennon. ^* Bnt when the 
Scottish Chiefs intended to march farther, the continual rain that fell in great 
abundance, it being autumn, did so spoil the roads, raise the waters and wet the 
soldiers in their armour, that they were forced to return home " (Hume's " Hist, of 
the Houses of Douglas and Angus "). It was to redeem his pennon thus taken 
that Percy, invading Scotland in 1388, was defeated and taken prisoner at the 
Battle of Otterbourne, 15 August 1888, where Douglas, though victorious, was slain 
(Smibert's '' Hist, of the Clans of Scotland "). This is the battle celebrated in the 
old Border ballad of '' Chevy Chase." Reginald Adam's lineal descendant, 

Sib John Adah, Knt., accompanied James IV. in his invasion of England 
August 1513, and fell at the Battle of Flodden Field 9 September 1518 (Burke's 
"Visitation of Seats and Arms," vol. ii., p. 31), 

*^ In that undaunted ring 

That fought unbroken round their King *' 

while vainly striving to shield their Sovereign from a similar fate. The conclusion 
of this battle is graphically described by Sir Walter Scott in " Marmion " : — 

^* When skilful Surrey's sage commands, 
Led back from strife hig shattered bands ; 
Then did their loss his foemen know ; 
Their king, their lords, their mightiest low, 
To tell red Flodden's dismal tale, 
And raise the universal wail. 
Tradition, legend, tune and song, 
Shall many an age that wail prolong ; 
Still from the sire the son shall hear 
Of the stern strife and carnage drear 

Of Flodden's fatal field, 
VThen shivered was fair Scotland's spear, 

And broken was her shield.'' 

"Hannion," canto vi. 


Sir John Adam's bod, 

OharIjES Adam, proprietor in 1549 of the estate of Fanno, co. Forfar, married 
Margaret Ferguson, and had issue two sons, Charles, his heir, and David, progenitor 
of the Adams of Kingsbarn, co. Fife, and two daughters (Burke's ** Landed 
Gentry," 1846, vol. i., p. 4). The elder son, 

Charles Adam of Fanno, married Isabel Bisset, a desoendant of the ancient 
family of Lissendrum (Barke's ''Landed Gentry," 1846, vol. i., p. 4), and had 
issue several sons and daughters.* One of the former left a son, 

James Adams, a Colonel in the Army, who, affixing the letter " s " to his patro- 
nymict and settling in the North of Ireland, probably in the county Down, in the 
early part of the seventeenth century, married the Hon. Catheriae Magennis, dau. 
of Arthur Magennis, first Viscount Iveagh, by his wife Lady Sarah O'Neill, dau. of 
Hugh, Earl of Tyrone (Burke's " Landed Gentry," 1862). In 1641 Sir Phelim 
Roe O'Neill, Commander-in-Chief of the Insurgent Army, and cousin of Mrs. Adams, 
was breakfasting at Colonel Adams', and overhearing one of his sentries ask Mrs. 
Adams, who was leading by the hand down stairs her little son James, " Whose 
little heretic brat that was ? " rushed out of the room, and, plunging his sword 
through the soldier's body, exclaimed, " Let him serve as a warning to all how they 
speak disrespectfully of the blood of the O'Neill ! " Colonel Adams was succeeded 
by his son, 

Jambs Adams, Captain in the Army of William III., who distinguished him- 
self at the Battle of the Boyne 1 July 1690 ; married about 1672, and dying left 
two sous, James his heir, and another, father of Samuel Adams of Monaghan, who 
was executor in 1755 to his cousin Allen Adams of Corranearry House, co. Cavan 
(see below), and progenitor of the (now extinct) family of Adams of Monaghan. 
The elder son, 

James Adams of Monaghan, afterwards of Corranearry House, co. Cavan, born 
1673, married 1694 Jane, daughter of William and Margaret Allen of Kilmore, 
CO. Monaghan, and died 19 November 1744, aged 71. Mrs. Adams died 17 March 
1752, aged 75, and both were interred in Knockbride churchyard, co. Cavan, J 
where their tomb still remains outside the south wall of the old church. They were 
succeeded by their only son, 

Allbn Adams of Corranearry House, co. Cavan, born 1708; married about 
1735 Martha (born 1702), daughter of William Higenbotham, Esq. (who died 
1760), and granddaughter of Captain Thomas Higenbotham (who died 1737) by 
his wife Miss Williams, Maid of Honour to Mary II., and daughter of General 
Scurlo^ Williams of Clongill Castle, co. Meath.§ He died 15 December 17-55, aged 
47, and was interred beside his parents. His will, signed 13 May 1755, was proved 

* From Robert, the second but eldest surviving son, is descended the family of Adam of 
Blair Adam, Kinross-shire, Scotland. 

t Bee footnote on p. 6. For some of Colonel Adams* exploits see Appendix. 

I Knockbride Churchyard, enclosing both the present and the old churches, is situated on 
the road from Shercock to Stradone, about four miles from the former village. Corranearry 
Lough bounds two sides of the churchyard, and on a hill, on the opposite side of the Lough, stand 
the remains of Corranearry House, the original residence of the Adamses in Cavan. A short 
distance from it is Castletown House. In the old church, at the S3uth-west corner, is a spacious 
vault belonging to the family of Richard Adams of Shercock House (see p. U) ; but he himself 
lies with his ancestors in the cemetery adjoining. The old church is the place of burial of the 
Rev. Benjamin Adams and his descendants. 

§ By the marriage of Allen Adams with Miss Higenbotham, the Adams family enjoy the 
privilege of being hereditary' freemen of the Borough of Drogheda, which had been granted to 
General Scurlog Williams and his descendants for ever, for the prompt and efficient aid afforded 
by him to the inhabitants of the town in 1690. 

ill DabHn 24 JannaiT 1756 (Probate Gonrt, Dablin). Mrs. Adams continaed to 
reside at Gorranearrpr Hoase with her second son James, and dying there 1807, aged 
105, was interred in Enockbride, having had issue five sons and two daughters, 
namely : 1, Biohakd (see below) ; 2, James ; 3, William ; 4, Samuel ; 
5, Benjamin ; 6, Mabgabet ; 7, Jane. 


I. Richard Adams, J.P., of Shercock House,* cp. Cayan, born 1736 ; was High 
Sheriflf of Cavan in 1783 and of Monaghan in 1785 (Walker's " Hiberniap 
Magazine"); married 13 April 1761 (Bailieborongh Par. Reg.) Amelia, 
daughter of Thomas Cosby, Esq., of Beeks Court, co. Cavan, nephew of the 
Right Hon. Dudley Cosby, Lord Sydney, of Stradbally Hall, Queen's County ; 
died 1789, aged 53. His will, signed 11 July 1789, with a codicil, dated 
22 September 1789, was proved in Dublin 4 Pebruary 1790 (Probate Court, 
Dublin). He and his wife (who survived him some years) were interred in 
Enockbride, having had issue five sons and four daughters, viz. : — 

I. Stuart Adams, J.P. (Watson's " Gentleman's and Citizen's Almanack "), 
of Annalee, co. Cavan, born 1763 ; entered the Army as Ensign 
in the 96th Regiment 13 April 1780 ; Lieut. 28 May 1782, and was 
placed on half-pay when the Corps was disbanded, 31 May 1783 (Letter 
from the Horse Guards). He afterwards became Major and Paymaster 
of the Cavan Regiment ; married 10 May 1789 (St. Peter's, Dublin, Par. 
Reg.) Catherine, daughter of Henry Leslie, Esq., of Dublin ; was High 
Sheriff of Cavan in 1790 (Walker's " Hibernian Magazine "), and died at 
Shercock House 1809. His wife died in Dublin August 1814, and both 
were interred in Knockbride, leaving issue two sons and two daughters, 
namely : — 

1. Richard Stuart Adams of Ack worth, near Pontefract, co. York, 

born 2 May 1790 ; entered the Army as Ensign in the 24th Foot 
27 November 1806 (Letter from the Horse Guards) ; Lieut. 11 May 
1809 ; was present at the Battle of Talavera in Spain 27 July 1809 ; 
Captain in the 8rd Battalion of the 14th Foot 13 January 1814, 
which Battalion was disbanded March 1816 (*^ Army List") and its 
officers placed on half-pav. He married 1827 Jane Guest, daughter 
of Richard Hazelwood, Esq., of Bridgewater, co. Somerset, and died 
s.p. August 1837, aged 47, and was interred 11 August 1837 in 
Ackworth Churchyard beside his wife, who had died July 1837, 
aged 34, and was buried 8 July 1837 (Ackworth Par. Reg.). 

2. Henrt Adams, born January 1798 ; baptized in Eillersherdiny Church, 

CO. Cavan, 27 January 1798 (Eillersherdiny Par. Reg.) ; died un- 
married in Liverpool 9 March 1862, aged 63. 

* Shercock House was sitnated near the present village of that name. It was the residence 
of the Piers family, to whom Queen Elizabeth granted the manor of Pierscourt. Some of the 
garden wall still remains on the lake shore, to the rear of the market house, next which at the 
end of the town was the entrance-gate and lodge, the avenue corresponding in part to the modern 
road from Shercock to Gannlng*8 town. The house occupied the site of the present Roman 
Oatholic Chapel. In the townland of Leix the boundaries of the Deer Park can still be traced, 
but its extensive woods, which within the memory of the past generation extended, far around, 
have now their existence only in tradition. The mansion was allowed to go to ruin early in the 
nineteenth oentuiy. 


3. Catherine, born 1791 ; married 24 July 1821 (Par. Reg. St. Thomas', 

Dublin) William Shepard, Esq., of La Vallee, Bray, co. Wicklow, 
who died 31 May 1867, aged 83. She died 22 October 1868, aged 
77, having had issue one son and one daughter, viz. : — 

(1) Richard Shepard of Islington, London, born 18 January 1826. 

(2) Elizabeth, married 21 June 1858 James Roberts, Esq., of 

Castletown, Mountrath, Queen's County, and has issue two sons 
and three daughters, viz. : — 

1. James Adams Roberts, born 22 May 1861. 

2. William Shepard Roberts, born 24 January 1867. 

3. Kathleen. 

4. Elizabeth. 

5. Constance. 

4. Henrietta Maria Leslie, married 1 January 1817 (Par. Reg. 

St. Thomas*, Dublin) William Young, Esq., of Copenagh, Tnllow, 
00. Carlow, who died 4 December 1863, aged 77. She died at 
7 Pembroke Place, Merrion Avenue, Blackrock, co. Dublin, 1 Oct. 
1874, having had issue three sons and eight daughters, viz. : — 

(1) William Younq of Gayville, Carlow, born 3 December 1821 ; 

married 8 August 1861 Ellen, daughter of Thomas Bucklev, 
Esq., an officer in the 42nd Regiment, and has issue an only 
son, viz. : — 

William Adams Young, bom 31 May 1862. 

(2) Steward Adams Young of Copenagh, Tallow, co. Carlow, born 

7 April 1826. 

(3) Richard Young, born 20 February 1829. 

(4) Catherine, bom 1819 ; married 25 February 1840 William 

Morley Perfect, Esq. (son of Oeorge Perfect, Esq., a Banker in 
Pontefract, co. York), who died 28 January 1856, aged 42. 
She died 30 January 1841, aged 22, leaving an only son — 

William George Perfect, born 24 January 1841. 

(5) Hannah, married 4 February 1845 William Leonard, Esq., of 

Hill View, Moone, BalWtore, co. Kildare (son of George 
Leonard, Esq., of Belan Lodge, co. Kildare), who died 26 Oct. 
1862, aged 65. She died 3 May 1876, having had issne six 
sons and two daughters, viz. : — 

1. George Leonard, born 25 March 1846 ; died 25 July 1846. 

2. William Leonard, born 24 June 1848 ; married 15 May 

" 1878 (St. Andrew's, Dublin, Par. Reg.) Ellen, daughter of 
John Valentine, Esq., Rathsallagh, co. Wicklow. 

3. Mainwaring Leonard (a twin), born 1 October 1851 ; died 

15 November 1863. 

4. John Leonard (twin with last), born 1 October 1851. 


5. Steward Adams Lbonabd, born 18 December 1853. 

6. BiOHABD Leonard, born 9 May 1855. 

7. Catherine, married 7 December 1880 John Valentine, Esq. 

(Ohriat Chnrch, Bray, Par. Reg.). 

8. Henrietta, bom 27 March 1850 ; died 25 March 1858. 

(6) Caroline. 

(7) Jane, married 24 February 1857 Thomas Pilsworth, Esq., of 

Springfield, The Grange, Athy (son of George Pilsworth, Esq., 
of Graney, co. Eildare), and has issne five sons and two 
daughters, viz. : — 

1. George Pilsworth (a twin), born 24 March 1858. 

2. William Pilsworth (twin with last), born 24 March 1858. 
8. Thomas Edward Pilsworth, born 27 Jane 1866. 

4. John Leonard Pilsworth, born 31 March 1868. 

5. David H. Leslie Pilsworth, born 8 November 1871. 

6. Mary Gates. 

7. Henrietta Maria. 

(8) Henrietta. 

(9) Joyce Elizabeth, born 1820; died unmarried at 7 Pembroke 

Place, Merrion Avenue, Blackrock, co. Dublin, 21 April 1874, 
aged 46. 

(10) Amelia Dorothea. 

(11) Adelaide. 

II. Rev. Allen Noble Adams, A.B., of Shercock House, J.P. for the counties 
of Cavan and Monaghan (Watson's "Gentleman's and Citizen's 
Almanack ") ; Rector of Killan (now called Shercock), Diocese of 
Kilmore ; born 1765 ; entered Trinity College, Dublin, and took his 
A.B. degree at the spring commencements 1787 ; married June 1791 
(Walker's " Hibernian Magazine") by special licence, dated 8 April 1791, 
Isabella, daughter of John Battersby, Esq., of Lakefieid, co. Meath ; 
appointed, 26 April 1798, Chaplain to the Cavan Regiment (List of 
Officers of the Militia, 1799 ; Library Royal Dublin Society, Pamphlets, 
vol. 98) ; died at Shercock House March 1805, aged 40, and was interred 
at Knockbride. His will, signed 30 November 1808, was proved in 
Dublin 20 April 1805 (Probate Court, Dublin). After his decease 
Mrs. Adams removed to No. 2 Russell Street, Dublin, where she resided 
until 1846, when she took up her residence with her youngest son, 
Rev. James Adams, at Casblecor Rectory, co. Meath, where she died 
20 June 1852, aged 84, and was interred in Mount Nugent Churchyard, 
CO. Cavan (Castlecor Par. Reg.), having had issue six sons and three 
daughters, viz. :— 

(7b ^ continued,^ 













S g CD 

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3 p Q 08 

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.53 2 S2 •- 

5 g a -So 

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_4 B o8 o8 TS gN 

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a> i-i JP a ^ rzs 

W ^« S^ S.O 

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a S -O S * g E 

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^^41* «6 ^ — 


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2*^ ♦^ Ed rH 

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— 2 '^ «g •-• 

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Si 5 3 OS'S •" 

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. .-hO H -^ 

o •'JU d^ 


5^3 C8 

^ e^ eft 60 S "^ * 

=f -J S-d 

a oc o f^ 1^ 

.fc S 


Miscellanea genealogica et hebaldica. 

m « S '-^ 00 




g .^ fl 

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<M CO 

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pS I ^§'2 

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H o ».GO'C p 

P 'O GO p*^ 

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-aOQ W^ r-l(N 



•C tf CO ^ ^ ® S 
g S CO o o « S 

►S tt 00 ?2 ^ "S 



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'«*s ooW . 

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— 08^'^ 
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S Is 

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w J § 

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'^'^ 9 •" 

«-. 45 «o '^ 
■q r I .2 



Bookplate oi **©artrep/* 

This bookplate, the date of which is between 1770 and 1785, represents the 
arms of Thomas Dawson, who was created, 28 May 1770, Baron Daetriy op 
Dawson's Groyb, co. Monaghan, in the peerage of Ireland. He was snbseqnentlj, 
19 Jane 1785, created Viscount Cremornb in that peerage, and finally, with in 
that case a special remainder, 11 Nov. 1791, Baron Cremorne of Castle Dawson, 
CO. Monaghan, also in that peerage. He was bom 25 Feb. and baptized 2 March 
1725 ; was M.P. for co. Monaghan 1749 — 68, being raised to the peerage in 1770, 
as above stated. His second wife, whom he married 8 May 1770, and whose arms 
(being those of the family of Freme of Lippiat, co. Gloucester) are here given in 
an escutcheon of pretence, was Philadelphia Hannah, daughter of Thomas Freame, 
of Philadelphia in North America, by Margaretta, daughter of the well-known 
William Penn, founder of that city. He died, without surviving issue, 1 March 
1813, in his 88th year, when the Barony of Darfrey &ni the Viscountcy of Cremome 
became extinct, but the Barony of Cremome devolved (according to the special 
remainder) on his great-nephew, Bichard Thomas Dawson, whose son, the 3rd 
Baron, was created, 12 July 1866, Earl of DartRey. 

The arms, (Azure^ three torches erect, argent, inflamed gulea) quartered (in the 
2nd and 3rd quarters) with those of Dawson, are not given in Archdall's *' Lodge's 
Peerage of Ireland" (1789) under the Viscountcy of Cremorne. They are pre- 
sumably* those of Dawson of Dawson's Grove, the heiress of which fartiily married, 
in Nov. 1672, Walter Dawson, of Armagh, by whom she was grandmother of the 
first Peer. They are continued as a quartering by the present [1902] Peer. 

The supporters, (" Two weavers, habited propery each holding in his exterior 
hand a shuttle,") are entirely different from those of the present Peer. 

G. B. C. 

* Mr. G. D. Burtchaell, of the College of Arms, Dublin, writes on this point as under : " The 
quarterly coat is somewhat puzzling. When the first Lord was raised to the Peerage, his arms 
in THB LOBDB ENTBIES, have the 2nd and 3rd quarters blanks which looks as if William 
Hawkins, Ulster, was not satisfied with them. The only explanation seems to be, that they are 
intended for Dawson of Dawson's Grove. The seals on wills before the marriage with that heiress 
have only the plain coat." 



inonumnttal imtriptiotai 


iHarpUfjone ^arisj CJurcJ.* 

Above East Oallebt. 

In a Vault beneath this Ohnrch | repose the Mortal Remains of | Jahes Blaib 
Esq : I of Penninghame, Wigtonshire, | which county he for some years represented 
in I Parliament with Honor and Fidelity. | He departed this life 9*** Sep* 1841, 
aged 54 Years. | To a well cultivated understanding, a sound judgment | and manly 
firmness of purpose, were united | gentleness of disposition and humility of mind. | 
His afPections were warm and durable, | his benevolence was unbounded, | and being 
actuated by the purest principles of integrity | in the performance of every duty, he 
lived a highly | valued member of society, | and died lamented by all who knew him. 

Sacred | to the memory of I Philadelphia Mitfobd, | daughter of | JohnMit- 
FORD, Esq', of Newtown and Exbury, | in the County of Southampton, | and sister 
of the late | Colonel Mitford and Lord Redesdale, | who departed this Life 
21»* January 1887, | in the 86*^ Year of her age. 

A window, having beneath a brass plate inscribed : — To the dearly loved 
Memory of Isabel Peek who died 20*** August 1885. 

To the Memory of | Robert Alexander, Esq' | formerly of Seamount in the 
county of Dublin, | who departed this Life | at his house in Sussex Place, Regent's 
Park I on the 14*^ July 1827, Aged 79 years, j Also | to that of Henrietta 
Judith, relict of | the above, who departed this Life | at the same residence on the 
W^ of January 1839 | in the 78*^ Year of her age. | Their Remains are deposited 
in a vault | beneath this Church. 

To the Memory of |I)6na Maria Brigida do Faria | b Lacbrda | wife of | 
Sir John Campbell, K.C.T.S. | Lieu* CoP in the British, and Maj' Gen^ in the 
Portuguese Service. J She died much lamented | on the 22"*^ Jan^ 1821, in the 24^^ 
Year of her age ; | Her remains are deposited in a vault of this Church. 

Also of I John David Campbell | Son of the above who died 28*^ May 1824, | 
aged 3 Years and 9 Months. 

To the Memory of | the Honorable | William Fullbrton Elphinstone, I 
many years a Director of the | East India Company. | He was equally remarkable | 
for sound judgment and decision | united the highest firmness | to the utmost 
kindness of heart, | and retained | to the latest period of human life | the warmth 
of his benevolence, | and the serenity of his temper. | Died the 2°* of May 1834, | 
in the 94**» Year of his age. 

Also of I Elizabeth Fullbrton Elphinstone, | wife of the above | who died 
May 27"^, 1840, | Aged 84 Years. 

A window, having beneath a brass plate inscribed :— In Memory of Edward 
Lambert of York Terrace, Regent's Park, who died 4}^ March 1884. The gift 
of his Widow Ann Alderson Lambert. 

* Commniiicatefl by A. F. G. Lbvsson GK)WBB, Esq.— continued from VoL IV., p. 301. 


To the Memory of | Captain Chaeles Elphinstonb, R.N. | Son of the | 
Honorable William Fullerton Blphinstoke. | In returning from India, | where 
he greatly distinguished himself | by the capture of force of the enemy | very 
superior to his own, | he was lost in H.M.S. *' Blenheim" in 1807, | in the 27*** Tear 
of his Age. 

Also of I Elizabeth Elphinstgnb, | his sister, | who died the 80*** of October 
1802, I in the 19**» Tear of her age. 

Sacred to the Memory of | Augusta Elizabeth, | Wife of John KiRKLAip, 
Jun% Esq^ of Baker Street, Portman Square, | and eldest Daughter of Major 
General J. A. Vebey, | (who died in Sicily on the 2*«* December 1811). 1 She died 
b^^ August 1824, in the 25*^ Year of her age. | This tablet was erected by her 
afSicted husband. 

In Memory also of I Charlotte Frances, | fourth daughter of Major General 
J. A. Vbsby, I who died 8"^** July 1824, aged 18 Years. | And of Margaret, 
youngest daughter | of John Kirkland, Esq', of Glasgow. | She died in London 
26"» February 1828, aged 15 Years. 

In Memory also of Edward Agmondisham Vebey, Esq. | of His Majesty's 
Treasury | (only son of Major General J. A. Vesey) | who died 13*^ October 1830, 
aged 23 Years. 

Sacred I to the Memory of | Jane, Lady Staunton, | relict of | Sir George 
Leonard Staunton, Bar* | of Cargin | in the County of Galway, Ireland, | and 
eldest daughter of the late | Benjamin Collins, Esq' | of Milford, near Salis- 
bury, I by his second wife, Mary, | daughter of John Cooper, Esq' | of that 
City ; I She died on the 16"* June 1823, | in the 71»* Year of her age, | and was 
buried | on the 24*^ of the same month, | in a Vault of this Church. | ** Her crown 
of happiness is gained | by an integrity of purpose, a purity | of heart, a benevolence 
and kindness | of disposition, which were displayed | in all her actions." 

A window, having beneath a brass plate inscribed : — This window was dedicated 
to the GI017 of God, and in loving Memory of Sutton Sharpe, Esqf%of 12 Devon- 
shire Place in this Parish, by his wife and sons. Died August 23*, 1889. 

Sacred J to the Memory of | Robert Fullerton, Esq., I late Governor of 
Prince of Wales's | Island, | who passed many Years | of his life in the Service of 
the I Hon***® East India Company, with | the utmost honor and integrity, | in public 
life most affectionate, | he died on the 6^** of June 1881, | Aged 58 Years, | and is 
interred in a Vault | of this Church. | Also | to the Memory of | Harriet, | wife 
of Robert Fullerton, Esq. | who died at Prince of Wales's | Island | on the 80^*^ 
of June 1 880, | leaving her family to deplore | the loss of a most inestimable | and 
attached mother. 

Sacred | to the Memory of | David Lyon, Esq'* | whose remains are deposited | 
in a vault beneath this Church ; | Born 5*^ August 1754. | Died 26'^^ June 1827. 

In Memory of | Alexander Campbell | of Queensferry, Argyleshire, N.B. | 
A Major in the 84*^* Regiment lor Duke of Cumberland's American Rangers | he 
served during the American War | was wounded at the battle of Bunker's Hill 
June 17, 1775 | and Brandy Wine 11 Sep* 1777 | and lost his life | while serving 
on the Spanish Main | in the 41»' Yearof his Age. | Also of | Mary Campbell | of 
Bercaldine in Argyleshire, N.B. | relict of the above | born in 1745, died July 8, 
1831 I and was buried in this Parish. | They had two Sons and four Daughters | the 
youngest and last surviving of whom | LuOY Campbell | was buried in this 
Parish. I She died 14 July 1831 Aged 64 Years. 

This tablet was erected by the only Grandson of | the above named Alexander 
and Mary Campbell | in testimony of his affectionate respect | as well for their 
memory | as for the memory of their children. 


A window, having beneath a brass plate inscribed : — This window was placed to 
the Memory of Henry Taylor of 2 York Gate in this Parish by his son and 
daughter, iu loving remembrance of a good Father. Died 5*"* July 1886, Aged 82. 

In a vault beneath | are deposited the mortal remains of | Henrietta, | eldest 
daughter of James Fisher, Esq', of Great Yarmouth, | and relict of Jambs Rivbtt 
Carnac, Esq', of Derby, | late of the Civil Service of the Hon"® East India 
Company, | and Member of Council at Bombay from 1796 | to the period of his 
death in 1802. | She died on the 23^^ Day of December 1837, | Aged 72 Years, | 
having passed through a long life, | beloved and esteemed by those to whom | her 
many estimable qualities were best known. | This tablet is erected bv her surviv- 
ing children, | in affectionate remembrance of her piety, | and many virtues ; | and 
in thankfulness to Almighty God for | the blessings of an exemplary mother. 

To the Memory of | George Wbguelin, Esquire, | (brother of | Colonel Tho- 
mas Matthias Weguelin) | who died on the 1** Day of April 1858, | aged 91 
Years. | His Remtyns | are deposited in a vault No. 6808, | in the Highgate 

Sacred to the Memory of | Colonel Thomas Matthias Weguelin, | of the 
Hon'»*« East India Company's Service | Bengal Establishment. | He departed this 
Life on the 23"* of May 1828, | aged 64 Years, | and his mortal Remains are 
deposited iu a private vault | beneath this Church. | Wherein also rest those of 
George St. Clair, | third Son of the above ; | who died on the 4"^ of March 
1829, I in the 8^*» Year of his age. 

Sacred to the Memory of | Anna Maria, | wife of Henry Shank, Esq" | of 
Castlerig, County of Fife ; | who died at Hastings, I on the 5'** of August, 1835. | 
Also I their Daughter | Diana Henrietta, J who departed this Life in Gloucester 
Place, I Portman Square, | on the 1»* of March 1836, | in the 23 Year of her Age. | 
Their remains are deposited in the | vaults under this Church. | Also of the above 
named | Henry Shank, | who died at his residence | 62 Gloucester Place, | on the 
4^ of January 1860, Aged 82. 

Sacred to the Memory of | Henry Moreton-Dyer, Esq"* | who died on the 16'^ 
of May 1841, in the 66^^ Year of his age, and whose | mortal remains are deposited 
in the family vault under this Church. | Exemplary in all the relations of life, 
eminently distinguished for | his high public character, his true Christian piety, 
remarkable urbanity of manners, I benevolent disjposition and great mental acquire- 
ments, I he must ever live in the hearts of his afflicted relatives and friends, | and 
in the memory of all who knew him. 

Above North Galleries. 

Sacred to the Memory of | Fanny Elizabeth Carruthers, I second daughter of 
the late | David and Mary Carruthers,* | of 5, Cornwall Terrace, Regent's 
Park, i in this Parish, | who departed this Life 9*^ October 1845, | Aged 26 Years. | 
Her remains are deposited in the vaults | beneath this church. 

Sacred | to the Memory of | Stephen Cleasby, Esquire, | of Cornwall Terrace 
in this Parish, | who died 31"* August 1844, Aged 69 Years. | Also of Mary, his 
wife, who died 8*^ December 1844, | Aged 78 Years. I Their remains are placed in 
one of the vaults in | the Churchyard of old Mary-le-Done Church. | This tablet is 
erected by their | three surviving children as a token of | affectionate remembrance. 

* A monament to David and Mary Carruthers is above West Qallery, see p. 22. 

To the Loved Memory of | Arthur Jamss Caldwell, | whose earthly remains | 
repose below. I This tablet is erected by his Widow. | He was late Captain in Her 
Majesty's | 2^ Dragoon Guards, and the only son | of Maj' Gen* Sir Jambs L. 
Caldwell, E.C.B. | He died on the lltb of Jane 1843, | Aged 44. 

In this Church | are deposited the remains of | The Right Honourable Sir 
Robert Dallas, | late Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas ; who 
departed this Life December 25^^ 1824, Aged 70. | And of Justina, his wife, who 
died December 1"*, 1847, Aged 72. | Their daughters have erected this tablet, | 
with the deepest lore and veneration | for their Memory. 

In Memory of | Buxton Kbnrick, Esq. | formerly of Alwalton, Hunts ; | 
who died on the 28"* of November 1882, | Aged 68 Years, | Deeply lamented by 
affectionate relatives. 

In Memory of | Charles Celarius Fitzgerald, Esq") | an amiable and 
affectionate youth, | who departed this Life | January 14*^, 1822, | Aged 18 Years. 

Above West Gallery. 

Sacred to the Memory of | Vice Admiral Sir John Tremayne Rodd, E.C.B. I 
who died on the 4*^ October 1888. | His high character, and universal benevolence, | 
endeared him to all who knew him : | he was distinguished in his profession | and 
exemplary in all his duties. | This tablet is erected by his much afflicted widow | 
in affectionate remembrance 1 of the best of husbands. 

Sacred | to the Memory of | John Morris, Esq*^ | of Baker Street, Portman 
Square, I formerly of the Bombay | Civil Service, | and for many years | a Director 
of the Eiast India | Company. | Bom 16^^ August 1768, | Died at Leamington, 
Warwickshire | on the 27'»» J[uly 1840. 

Sacred to the Memory of | James Sutherland, Esq' | formerly of Bombay, I 
who departed this Life | the 3"^ of December 1828, | in the 80*^ Year of his age, | 
whose remains are deposited | in a vault beneath this Church. 

Sacred to the Memory of | Alexander George Mackay, Esq' | of the Parish | 
and of Bagthorpe Hall, in the County of Norfolk | who expired after ft very short 
illness | the 2b^^ of July Anno Domini 1827 | in the 68'** year of his age. | Beloved, 
respected and deeply lamented | by his family, friends and all who knew him, | this 
tablet is erected to his memory | by his affectionate relatives as a tribute to his 
worth I and a memorial of their individual regard | and esteem. 

Sacred | to the Memory of | Sarah, wife of John Morris, Esq'^ | who departed 
this life I October 1"^ 1831 | in the 59*^ year of her age. 

A window, having beneath a brass plate inscribed :— To the Glory of God, and in 
Memory of Francis Blaokburn Griffin and Emily Stephenson Griffin, this 
window is dedicated by their Sister. 

In a vault of this Church j are deposited the remains of | Edward Pelham 
Brenton, Esq""®, C.B. | a Captain in the Royal Navy. | He obtained his rank and 
honours in the service j by his distinguished conduct in action | with the enemy, 
oflf the Island of Martinique, | on the Vd^^ of December 1808. j In peace he became 
the historian | of the Naval Services of Great Britain ; | and his energies were also 
devoted | to the relief of his suffering fellow creatures. | The establishment of the 
Children's Friend Society | will be a lasting monument of his ardent | and inde- 



fatigable Ohristian charity. | His deeply aflSicled Widow erects this tablet | ia 
memory of his uniform kindness | and affection, daring a period of thirty-six 
years, f He lived respected, | and died on the 6*^ of April 1837, | beloved and 
lamented by his numerous friends. 

The Remains also of his beloved wife | Margabetta Diana Brenton repose 
by his side | in the blessed hope of being reunited in the | kingdom of heaven. | 
She died on the 6**» of November 1843, Aged 74. 

Sacred to the Memory of J Mary Swinnby, | (Spinster) | Who died on the 
11'^ of July 1826, I Aged 54 Years | and buried in the vault | of this Church. 

Also I to the memory of | Francis Swinnby, | of Hyde Street, Bloomsbury, | 
who died on the 18^ of August 1837, | Aged 68 Years | and buried in the vault | of 
this Church. 

In memory of | James Bishop, Esq' | who departed this Life 18* of June 

1836, I Aged 64 Years. 

Also I Emily Bishop | wife of the above | who departed this Life 15* of May 

1837, I in the 45 Year of her age. | This tablet is erected to the memory of the best 
of parents, | by their only and affectionate daughter. 

A window, having beneath a brass plate inscribed:— In memory of Emma Wild 
BuRGOYNE, a loving wife and mother, taken to her rest Christmas Eve 1881, the 
gift of John Charles Burooyne. 

Sacred to the Memory of | Henry Barrb Bbrespord, | of Learmount, County 
Londonderry, | Son of the Right Hon^^« John Bbresford, | who departed this Life 

the 15 Dec^ 1837 | in the 54^^ Year of his age. 

Also I Anne Jane | Daughter of the above, 
Deo' 18^^ 1824, Aged 11 Years. 

who died in Baker Street | 

Sacred | to the Memory of | General Robert Morse, J who after having served 
his country gallantly | in the field in France, Germany, Holland, | the West Indies 
and America, | discharged with equal honour during the | latter years of his life | 
the important duties of Inspector general of | fortifications. | He died 28^^ 
January 1818, ^tat. 75. 

Also I to that of his beloved Wife | Sophia, daughter of Peter Godin, Esq' | 
of Southgate; | who died ll**' January 1818, | uBtat. 68. 

Rev^ George Augustus Thursby | who 
January 17"S 1836, | Aged 64 Years. 

to the Memory | of the 
died at his house | in Wimpole Street 

A window, having beneath a brass plate inscribed : —To the glory of God and in 
memory of George Holgatb Foster, Died Dec. V\ 1858, and of Maria Isabella 
Foster, Died May 25"», 1871. 

Within these walls lie the Remains of | David Carruthers, Esq" I of this 
Parish, | a representative in Parliament | for the Town of Kingston upon Hull, j 
who died on the 9*** of June 1835, | Aged 55 Years. | This marble, | sacred to his 
name, | may recall him to his friends, | but a far deeper memorial is engraven | in 
the hearts of his family. 

Sacred also to the memory of | Mary Carruthers, | relict of | the abov*e 
named David Carruthers, | who died on the 20^^ of January 1845, | Aged 65 
Years. | Her remains are deposited in a vault | beneath this Church. 

Maria Mackenzie, vidva, fsBmina irreprehensa, | matrnm tenerissima, | 
provecter »tate obiit | Feb. xviii, Anno Domini mooooxxi. 


Sacred | to the Memory of | Thomas Alezanbeb Oakes, Esq^ | of the Madras 
Oivil Service | who departed this Life | in Hinde Street | on the 12^^ of Sept' 
1840, I in the 54^ Year of his Age, | and lies interred | in the vault beneath | 
old St. Marylebone Ohnrch. 

A window, having beneath a brass plate inscribed: — Presented by Francis 
HiDKS, Crown Sidesman of this Parish, and Obaoe Caroline His Wife 
A.D. 1885. 

Within the vault near this place rest the remains of | Margarbtta, | the only 
child of the Rev^ Thomas Ewbank of Stockton upon Tees, | Rector of Elton in the 
County of Durham | and of Frances his Wife | who died greatly beloved and 
deeply deplored | at a seminary in this Parish Mav 20^S 1888, aged 16 Tears | 
in the expectation of the reunion of pious friends | through the merits of the 

Sacred | to the Memory of | Eliza, | relict of the late Capt^^ James Bradshaw, 
R.N. I who departed this life | May 26*S 1839. | Also of | William Rigby 
Bradshaw, Esquire, I who died November 2b% 1842, | Aged 58 Years. | Their 
remains are deposited | in the vault beneath. 

€ijt iHe^isiters of SnkberrotD^ co. WBoxttsittx.* 

Paroohu db Ineborrough. 

No'i'a eoru' qui SepuUifu&re hoc Anno DrU. 1628. 

Mar. 30 Johanna Webb. 

April 10 Edwardi Smyth. 

April 17 Johes. Boutes.J 

April 17 Jana uxor Edwardi Browne. 

M:ay 2 Willia. Harvey. ' 

May 8 Johes. Harrets. * 

May 14 Jana uxor ffrancisci Tanner. 

June 20 Anna uxor Thomro Jannings.{ 

July 10 Johannes Hieron. 

Aug. 25 Alicia uxor Henrici Poole. 

Aug. 30 Margareta Smith, vidua. 

Sep. 6 Thomas Darbee4 

Sep. 27 Brigitta Robberts. 

Jan. 4 Johanna Ellets, vidua. 

Feb. 6 Robert fil. Will. Harbage. 

Mar. 24 Edwardus fil. Anthonii Wilmor de Kington. 

Concordat cum Registro apud Inkborrow testimus : 

HuaH Gr^CKK, Vic. iZloft^Z^^, } Cb«ohwardens. 

* From the Transcripte in '* Edgar Tower," Bishop's Register. 

t Communicated by William Bradbbook, M.R.O.8.— continued from Vol IV., p. 295. 

X The entries throughout marked with a doable-dagger [thus, X] are very indistinct. 

24 HtSOEIiliANfeA GBI^EALOGICa £l' HfikALDltiA. 

Inkbbobbow. Anno Dni. 1680. 

The names of all such as were Baptized in this year^ with the day of the month. 

— 27 Anna the daughter of Hen. Qriffin. 

April 8 .... John Tandy. 

April 11 .... Knight son of Tho. Knight. 

April 25 .... and Willia. sonns of Edw. Eaton. 

May 2 .... son of Edw. Rudy. J 

May 2 .... son of John Stile. 

May 18 .... son of Arthur Ellins. 

May 21 .... son of John Sawndes. 

May 80 .... daughter of John Yate. 

May 80 son of Will. Wyndle. 

June 6 . daughter of Rich, ffrancis. 

June 13 .... of Rich. Page4 

June 20 .... son of Will. King. 

June 27 .... son of James Higgons. 

Aug. 22 .... daugh. of Edward Howes. 

Aug. 22 .... son of John Churchley. 

Sep. 6 son of Will. Reddill. 

Sep. 12 .... son of Tho. Eden, Junior. 

Sep. 12 .... dawghter of Hen. Goar. 

Oct. 24 dawghter of Will. Rand. 

Oct. 24 .... dawghter of ... . Netherton. 

Nov. 7 .... Sonne of Tho. Hunt. 

Nov. 7 .... Harison sonn of John Harison. 

Nov. 28 .... dawghter of Jo. Staples. 

Dec. 4 dwgh. of Tho. Whyte. 

Deo. 16 .... dawght. of Tho. Browne. 

Dec. 16 .... Sonne of John Harbag. 

Jan. 13 . . . . er dawght. of Tho. aVs Phillips. 

Jan. 19 . . . . cis dawgh. of f&ancis ffreeman. 

Feb. 2 Mary dawght. of Robert Bidell. 

Feb. 10 Edward sonne of Rich. Harret. 

Feb. 10 Anne dawght. of Edmond Barcrofk. 

Feb. 16 Susanna dawght. of Tho. Rudy. 

Feb. 25 Tho, sonne of Tho. Wilson. 

Mar. 8 Robert the sonne of Rich. Marchall. 

Mar. 9 Anne dawght. of ffrancis Darbe. 

Mar. 16 Ann dawght. of John Higgs. 


Jan. 20 Thomas Noxon & Ellenor Clark. 

H83C copia concordat cum Registro reservat apud Inckborrow Transcript, et 
missa per : 

HuoH GLOx;BB,Vic. ibW ^ISl^Sit"' } ^''•^'''"- 

The names of all such as were Buried in this year, 1630. 

May 14 Isabel Hunt, wid. 

May 17 Ellenor Huntley, wid. 

May 17 Joan wife of Charles Wynnett [?]. 

May 24 Ellenor ffreeman, wid. 

July 20 Georg Layt. 

Aug. 14 Rich. Harbage, a young man. 


EUenor Bromfield, wid. 

Thomas Bowson. 

Tho. Payn of Dormston. 

Srancis Darbee. 

Ann wife of Hewe Griffin. 

Anne wjfe of Will. Smyth. 

Margaret Poole, wid., of Dormston. 

Charles Wincott. 

Widdow Hejnes of Dormst. 

Willia. Poole of Dormston. 

Anne Paynton of Eington.;( 

Tho. Payne of Dormston. 

Will. BuUook. 

Margaret Stevens, wid. 

Willia. GroYes. 

John Poole of Dormst. 

Henry Dison, gent. 

John Godwyn. 

Will. Baylis of Kington. 

Joyce Awsoll of Dormston. J 

Rich. Fisher of Kington. 

ffirancis wyfe of Rich, flfarr of Kington. 

Anne Brock. 

Rich. Hobson. 

Henry Bristo of Cladsoll. 

HsBC est vera copia concordat cnm Registro reservat apnd Inckbor. transcript et 

Hugh Glouek, Vic. ibid. "^^ SSi^" } ^''""^' 



















































Inkbobrow. Anno Dki. 1631. 

Copia Registri reservat apad Inkborrow et transmissa per Thoma' Ratsn et 
Rich. Steward, Gardianos ibid, hoc anno. 

Nomina wni qui BaptizaU hoc anno. 

Mar. 25 Joan Oswald popnii filia. 

April 7 Anne Yong fil. Anthon Yong. 

April 17 Jana fil. Willm. Weaver. 

April — Elizabeth fil. Tho. Hieron. 

May 1 Willia. fil. Willia. Parsons. 

May 1 Isabel fil. Joh'es Nale [?]. 

May 16 . filius populi. 

May 25 Ursula fil. Uenrici .... 

May 26 Jana filia Hugo' Horwood. 

June 2 .... filia Rich. Payne.f 

June 6 Johes. filius Hen. Layt. 

June 12 Ann filia Tho. Perks. 

June 17 Ann filia Tho. Heming. 

June 20 Mary Blick. 

July 24 Ann filia Henr. Griffin. 


July 24 Alicia filia Willms. Willis. 

July 25 Mary filia Thoma. Knight. 

Oct. 26 .... Johis. Phillipps. 

Nov. 24 Tho. fil. Johis. Dison.J 

Nov. — Joan filia Henr. Harvey. 

Feb. 5 John filius Mathias Whoman. 

Feb. 25 Joan filia Hen. EUets. 

Mar. — Thomas fil. Thoma. Badge. 

Mar. 4 Elizabetha filia Arthnri Hemes. 

Mar. 11 Richard fil. Joh'es Harbag. 

Mar. 14 tfranciscas fil. Bobti. Bristo. 

Ita CBt : Hugh Gloxieb, Vic. SSJ^S } ^''"^' 

Nomina eoru' qui in Matrimonio copulatifuere hoc anno 1631. 

May 1 Willimus. Smyth et Margaret Tate, vidua. 

May 2 Bobert Brook & Mary Darbee. 

May 4 William Heming & . . . . Goar. 

June 2 Richard Marchall & Amphilis Askew. 

Aug. — Thomas Dison of Holborrow & Jane Bussell, widow, of ... . 

Oct. — John Boond & Elizabeth Boberts-J 

Oct. 2 Thomas Peer [?] & Alice Hughes.} 

Oct. 7 John Merrell of Flivord [?] & Joan Heming of this parish. 

Deo. — Arthur Bagshaw & Anne Barcroft. 

Dec. 15 Bobert Dison & Sarah Brook. J 

Ita est : Rvan Glooee, Vic. Ki^SiS, } ^'^^ 

Nomina wni qui SepuUifuere hoc anno 1631. 

Mar. 28 Henry Askew. 

April 8 Jane uxor Johes. Harvy. 

Miay 8 Margaret uxor ThomsB Dison. 

May 5 Margerv Trevis. 

May 29 John Showier. 

June 2 Alice Harvy, vidua. 

July 8 .... uxor Jacobi Heming. 

Sep. 9 Felix uxor Oookrell. 

Sep. 13 Margery Bowtes, vidua. 

Sep. 15 Joan Moore, vidua. 

Sep. — Joan Makins of Kington. 

Sep. 29 Anne Hobson uxor .... Hobson. 

Oct. 7 Katherine uxor Johis. Smyth. 

Oct. 22 Lawrence Harvey. 

Dec. 23 Johannes Savage, Armiger, was buryed from Egiok house. Beati mortui 

in domino. 

Jan. 7 Ann Davis of Dormston. 

Jan. 9 Mary uxor Willia. Gower, gent. 

Jan. 12 Bichard Higgins. 

Feb. 10 firancis Brook, 

Ita est : Hugh Glouee. Vic. rXi^^S^^s, } 0'"^- 

A Copy of the Eboistbr of the Paeish of Inkboerow, 1632. 


June 7 .... son of Will. Heming .... borrow. 

Jane 11 .... Bonne of Thomas Dison. 

Jane 17 John, a base son of Anne Bowtes. 

June 28 EUenor the daughter of John Hunt of Treylane. 

July 8 Ralph the son of Henry Lawgher of Cookhill. 

July 8 Elizabeth dawghter of John Higgs of Egiok. 

Aug. 8 Henry & Alice the children of Thomas Smyth of ... . 

Aug. 20 John the son of John Robinson of Egiok. 

Sep. 2 .... dawghter of Edward .... 

Sep. 9 .... dawghter of Robert Dison fof Holb]orrow. 

Sep. 16 .... Sonne of Richard ffarre of [Morton] under Hill. 

Sep. 28 Ri . . . . the sonne of Robt. Haynes of Old .... 

Sep. 28 Thomas & Willia. the sonnes of John Hale of Bowtes. 

Sep. 23 Joan the daughter of ffrancis ffreeman of Inckborrow Magna. 

Sep. 27 .... the base child of Margaret ffigget by one Tho. Dison.| 

Sep. 80 Margaret^ a base child of Anne Netherton by John Hunt of Egiok. 

Oct. 11 Elizabeth .... 

Oct. 11 Arthur the sonne of Arthur Bagshawe of Rush. 

Nov. 15 Hugh Bowtes. 

Nov. — Anne daw&;hter of Thomas Dison of ... . 

Nov. 21 Jane daughter of John Phillipps of Great Inkborrow. 

Nov. 25 Willia., a base child of Anne Hobbins begat by ... . 

Nov. 28 Mary dawghter of Robert Banes [?]. 

Dec. 28 Richard sonne of Richard Marchall of Great Inkborrow. 

Jan. 5 EUenor dawghter of John Boond. 

Jan. 6 Henry sonne of Henry GriflSn. 

Jan. 18 John sonne of Richard ffrancis. 

Jan. 18 Elizabeth dawghter of John Oakes. 

Jan. 20 Thomas sonne of Thomas Dowler. 

Jan. 27 Elizabeth dawghter of Richard Harvey. 

Jan. 81 Elizab. dawghter. of fih*ancis Darbee of Bowtes. 

Feb. — John sonne of Richard Harrets of Cookhill. 

Feb. 17 Margery dawghter of Hugh Horwood of Egiok. 

Feb. 17 Ellener dawghter of Edward Rud^e. 

Feb. 24 Anne dawghter of John Hasteler.f 

Mar. 8 Thomas sonne of Richard Hunt of Bowtes. 

Mar. 8 Anne dawghter of Thomas Morgan. 

Mar. 17 Thomas sonne of Richard Windle of Nowberry. 

Ad numerii 40.* 

The names of such as were maryed this year 1632. 

Mar. 26 William Rogers & Margaret Wigget of Towston (?). 

May 27 John Hasterley & ffrancis Croftes. 

May 28 John Cockrell & Elizabeth Sheppey. 

June 14 Thomas Willets of Chadsley & Katherine Whoman. 

June 19 Edward Smyth & Ursula Tayler. 

June 28 Robert Pope & . . . . Heminge of North Pidle. 

(7b he continwdJ) 

* Traoflcript much torn. 


iHarriajjes of 2Hiantrfib3ort|) Xn{)at)itant«/ 


1619, May 31. John Cartbr de Wandsworth & Joans Slawtbe. (Battersea.) 
16^ Mar. 12 John, son of John Carter, bapt. 

1624 April 11 Robert, son of John Carter, bapt. 

1625 Oct. 28 Robert, son of John Carter, plague, bar. 

1622, Aug. M' Henbt Campion & M" Ann Willet. (Putney.) 

1656, May 19. According to An act Jntituled an Act touching marriages and 
the Regestering thereof, etc., Thomas Webstar of Saint Martains in Middellsex 
& Marobry Setten of Wandsworth in Surry were Married Each to Other in the 
19^^ of May 1656 ; by mee, Jo. Rush worth. (Battersea.) 

1656, July 28. According to An act intituled an act touching Marriages And 
The Regestering there of, etc., Thomas Ludly of the parrish of Wandesworth 
& Elizabeth Winnb of the parrish of Battersay, Both in the County of Svrrey, 
weare Married Each to other on the 28 day of July 1656 ; by mee, Sam. Higland. 

1660, Oct. 8. Michael Townsend & Ellin Mason, both of Wandsworth. 
1675 Nov. 26 Michaell Townsend, husbandman, bur. 

1662-8, March 9. Gerie Pierre, fils d*Andrieu, natif de Londres, et Anne 
Haulfote, natiue de Wansor in Surry. Annonce. 

1668, May 21. William Chiner & Elizabeth Cocke. (Battersea.) [See 
ante, Vol. III., p. 232.] 

1686, Sep. 24. Louis Grolleau of S^ Margaret's, Lothbury, London, Citizen 
and Cook, Bachelor, about 24, & M«"» Mary Dufay of S* Stephen's, Colman 
Street, London, Spinster, about 24, at own disposal ; at the French Chapel of the 
Savoy, Middlesex. (Marriage Allegations, Vicar-General.) 

[They are both buried in Mount Nod, Wandsworth, and over them is this 
inscription : " Here Lyeth the Body of | M"* Lewis Grolleau, | who died Deer. 16"*, 
1715 I Aged 58 Years. | Also the body of | M" Mary Grolleau (his wife) | who died 
Feb. 5*^ 1729, | Aged 69 yeai-s." 

Two daughters were also buried in Mount Nod : Susan, wife of Paul Fourdrinier, 
died 15 Nov. 1746, and Judith Grolleau, died 3 Nov. 1750, aged 61.] 

1686-7, Feb. 21. Tho. Mouslby, b., & Eliz. Potter, w., of Wansworth, 
Surry. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1692, Dec. 1. Nich' Meade of this parish & Susan Haukins of Wandsworth, 
maried by lycence. (Putney.) 

1695, Nov. 28. Richard [? SJiseager of Eghani & Mary Crisp of Wans- 
worth. (Battersea.) 

• Communicated by Cecil T. Davis, Esq.— oontmued from Vol. IV., p. 283. 


1697, Aug. 31. John Mallard, b., & Avis Parsons, w., of Wandsworth in 
Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1698 June 12 Thomas, son of John Mallard, bapt. 

1697-8, Jan. 20. John Mekrs, b., & Hannah Hedly, s., of Wansworth in 
Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1675 Sep. 12 Hannah, daughter of Andrew Headley, fisherman, bapt. 

1697-8, Feb. 22. Richard Hill, b., & Sarah Cook, s., of Wansor and 
Kinson in Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Plaoe, London.) 

1698, Aug. 14. Jacob Monbau, hatter, w., & Madblainb Nortier, w., in 
Wandsor in Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1698-9, Jan. 1. Francis Hoar, w., a wheelwright, in Wandsor in Surrey, & 
Joan Sheppard, s., ditto. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1699 Nov. 26 Mary, daughter of Franc. Hoare, bapt. [She was married to 

Robert Prisnal at Clapham on 10 June 1721.] 

1701 May 18 William, son of Francis Hore, bapt. 

1699, April 14. David Lb Pruve, b., 27, at the " Red Lyon " in Wandsor in 
the county of Surey, & Sarah Loveday, w., 40, ditto. (St. James, Duke's Place, 

1699, June 8. Nicholas Blundel, w., 44, of the parish of Wandsworth, near 
the " Ship," in the county of Surrey, a waterman, & Elice Key, s., 24, of S* Bride's. 
(St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 
1624 Nov. 24 Nicholas, son of John Blundall, bapt. 
1729 Dec. 25 Nicholas Blundell, 75, bur. 

1699, Aug. 1. Thomas Child, b., 22, near the "Black Spread Eagle" in 
Wandsworth in Surrey, a blacksmith, & Anne Goswell, s., 28, ditto. (St. James, 
Duke's Place, London.) 

1676 July 16 Anne, daughter of Richard Goswell, carpenter, bapt. 

1700 April 10 Lawrence, son of Thomas Chiles, bapt. 

1702 Mar. 30 Thomas, son of Thomas Chiles, bapt. 

1700, April 8. Ichabud Cumb, — , & Katherine Philpot, — , both of Wans- 
worth in Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1700, April 80. Xtmas Bantall, b., & Susanna Harvey, — , both of Wands- 
worth. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1700, May 22. William North, b., of Kingstone, & Eliz. Winnington, w., 
of Wandsworth in Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1700, June 8. Wm. George of Wandsworth, Surrey, b., & Eliz. Munday, s., 
of the same. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 
167| Jan. 19 William, son of Ralph George, bapt. 

1700 Oct. 13 Jane, daughter of Willm. George, bapt. [She was married to 
George Blackburn at Clapham 10 Oct. 1719, see ante^ Vol. IV., 
p. 235.] 

1704 Aug. 21 1 ^^Ij^am } ^^^°® ^^ William George, bapt. 

1 705 Aug. 25 1 ^^^^^' j twins of William George, bapt. 
170| Jan. 19 Ralph, son of William George, bapt. 





























































William, son of Wm. George, bapt. 

Alice, daughter of William George, bapt. 

Nathaniel, son of William George, bapt. 

John, son of William George, bapt. 

John, son of William George, bapt. 

Edward, son of William George, bapt. 

Elizabeth, daughter of William and Elizabeth George, bapt. 

Rebecca, daughter of William and Elizabeth George, bapt. 

Elizabeth, inf. daughter of William George, bur. 

Elisabeth, wife of William George, bur. 

William George, 82, bur. 

1701-2, Feb. 16. Somerset Draper of Wandsworth, Surrey, b., & Ann 
Thohpbon of this parish, s. ; licence. (Ghiswick.) 
1681 Aug. 29 Summersett, son of M*^ Edmond Draper, bapt. 

Anne, daughter of M"" Somerset Draper, bapt. 

Geffery, son of M' Somerset Draper, bapt. 

Somerset, son of M' Draper, bapt. 

Jeffery, son of M"^ Somerset Draper, bapt. 

Nightingale, son of M' Somerset Draper, bapt. 

Mary, daughter of M' Somerset Draper, bapt. 

Mary, daughter of M' Somerset Draper, 21, bur. 

M' Somerset Draper, 54, bur. 

Somerset Draper, bur. [Aged 49. M.I. in Church. 15s. 4d. 
burial fee ; 10s. bell.] 
1764 Nov. 21 Nightingale Draper, 52, bur. 

1708, Oct. 16. Wright, John, & Roshier, Martha. (Faculty OflSce.) 
1703, Oct. 19. John Wright & Martha Rosier, both servants, of the parish 
of S* Martin-in-the-Fields ; licence ; at Wandsworth. 

1706, June 4. Key, John, & Wanham, Jane. (Faculty Office.) 
1706, June 11. John Key & Jane Wanham ; licence ; at Wandsworth. 

1711, May 6. Thomas Edsell & Jane Snelling, both of y« p«^ of Wands- 
worth ; by banns. (Putney.) 
178f Jan. 20 Thomas Edsall, 76, bur. 
1789 July 1 7 Jane Edsall, widow, aged, bur. 

1717, May 7. John Harrison of y" parish of AVandsworth & Ann Hadley 
of this Parish ; by banns. (Putney.) 

1719, April 18. John Barber & Elizabeth Pick, both of Wandsworth ; 
licence. (St. Paul, Covent Garden.) 

1720-21, Jan. 5. Richard Newman of Wansworth & Elizabeth Morrall of 
Husborn Prior. (St. Mary Bourne, Hants.) 
172^ Jan. 14 Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Newman, bapt. 
1725 Sep. 16 Edward, son of Richard Newman, bapt. 
1728 Aug. 16 Edward, son of Richard Newman, bur. 
1745 June 30 Richard Newman, 57, bur. 

1721, May 4. Ralph Cave of Wandsworth & Anne Osgood of Chelsea, co. 
Middx. ; licence. (St. Paul, Covent Garden.) 

1721, Sep. 21. John Carter of Wandsworth, Surrey, & Rebecca Pabker of 
this parish. (Chiswick.) 


1722-8, Jan. 14. Richard Davis of the parish of S* Saviour's, South warke, 
Labourer, & Elizabeth Hxjntinqford of the parish of Wandsworth, Spinster; 
by banns in our said ^rish this 14*^ day of January 1722, but the said banns was 
published & declared in the parish of Wandsworth, but by request was married 
nere. (Putney.) 

1728, April 23. Andrew Stanton of Wandsworth, Surrey, & Elizabeth 
Teer of this parish. (Chiswick.) 

172^ Jan. 17 Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Stanton, bapt. 
1721 Jan. 2 Samuel, son of Andrew and Elisabeth Stanton, bapt. 

1729, Aug. 17. Thomas Marsden of the parish of S^ Martin in the fields & 
Jane Simonds of Wandsworth in the County of Surry ; by licence ; by me, Geo. 
Osborne, Vicar. (Battersea.) 

1709 Oct. 25 Jane, daughter of William Symonds, bapt. 

1780, March 81. Nicolas Adams & Frances Edwards, both of Wandsworth 
in Surry ; by licence. (Clapham.) 
1702 Sep. 13 Nicholas, son of Nicholas Adams, bapt. 

William, son of Nicolas and Frances Adams, bapt. 

Anne, daughter of Nicolas and Frances Adams, bapt. 

Mary, daughter of Nicolas and Frances Adams, bapt. 

William, son of Nicolas and Frances Adams, bapt. 

Margaret, daughter of Nicolas and Frances Adams, bapt. 

Loving, son of Nicolas and Frances Adams, bapt. 

Elisabeth, daughter of Nicolas and Frances Adams, bapt. 

Jane, daughter of Nicolas and Frances Adams, bapt. 

Noah, son of Nicolas and Frances Adams, bapt. 

William, inf. son of Nicolas Adams, bur. 

Anne, inf. daughter of Nicholas Adams, bur. 

Loving, inf. son of Nicolas Adams, bur. 

Noah Adams, 40, bur. 

1780, May 25. Richard Bbal & Elizabeth Webb, both of Wandsworth in 
y« County of Surry ; by y« Rev^ M' Edgely, Vic' of Wandsworth ; by licence. 

1781 April 18 Elisabeth, daughter of Richard and Elisabeth Beal, bapt. 

1782 Oct. 16 Sarah, daughter of Richard and Elisabeth Beal, bapt. 

1784 Dec. 27 William, son of Richard and Elisabeth Beal, bapt. 

1785 Dec. 18 Richard, son of Richard and Elisabeth Beal, bapt. 
178J Feb. 17 Mary, daughter of Richard and Elisabeth Beal, bapt. 
1789 April 5 Hannah, daughter of Richard and Elisabeth Beal, bapt. 
174^ Mar. 7 Fanny, daughter of Richard and Elisabeth Beal, bapt. 
174i Mar. 19 Susanna, daughter of Richard and Elisabeth Beal, bapt. 
1745 Mar. 26 Hester, daughter of Richard and Elisabeth Beal, bapt. 
174| Jan. 29 John, son of Richard and Elisabeth Beale, bapt. 

178 J Feb. 2 William, inf. son of Richard Beal, bur. 

1748 Oct. 2 Fanny, inf. daughter of Richard Beal, bur. 

174f Mar. 5 William, inf. son of Richard and Elizabeth Bele, bur. 

1749 July 31 Richard Beal, bur. 
1772 April 12 Richard Beal, 86, bur. 

1780, June 14. Michael Christmas & Rebecca Stables, both of Wands- 
worth in y" County of Surry ; by licence. (Clapham.) 

1710 April 28 Michael, son of John Christmas, bapt. 
17|| Jan, 24 Rebekah, daughter of Richard Stables, bapt. 









































1782 July 12 Richard, son of Michael and Rebecca Christmas, bapt. 

1733 July 15 John, son of Michael and Rebecca Christmas, bapt. 

1785 Aug. 30 Rebecca, daughter of Michael and Rebecca Christmas, bapt. 

1730, July 5. Michael Savage & Anne Stockee, both of Wandsworth in y« 
County of Surry ; by y« Rev^ M^ Edgely, ViC of Wandsworth ; by licence. 

1731, July 23. Joseph Sparkb & Elizabeth Newman, both of Wandsworth 
in y« County of Surry ; by y*' Rev. M' Edgely, Vicar of Wandsworth ; by licence. 

1743 July 26 Elisabeth, wife of Joseph Sparks, 57, bur. 

1731-2, Jan. 20. William Hull & Anne Hucklby, both of Wandsworth in y« 
County of Surry ; by licence. (Clapham.) 

1782-3, Jan. 10. Thomas Fielder & Sarah Nurse, both of y« Parish of 
Wandsworth in y* County of Surry ; by licence. (Clapham.) 
1755 June 15 Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Fielder, 21, bur. (Bell, 5s.) 

1765 Sep. 6 Thomas Fielder, 83, bur. 

1766 Feb. 14 Sarah, wid. of Thomas Fielder, 73, bur. 

1733, Nov. 24. John Dobson of the Parish of Wandsworth in the County of 
Surry, Widower, & Anne De Lege of the same Parish, Spinster ; by the Kev^ 
M' Cawly of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 

im Mar. 19 { ^°^®e *^' } daughters of Paul de I'Age, bapt. 

1692 Nov. 29 John, son of Robert Dobson, bapt. 
1752 Dec. 19 Anne, wife of John Dobson, 64, bur. 

1 738-4, Feb. 3. Benjamin Ellt of the Parish of Wandsworth in the County of 
Surry, Batchelor, & Mary Nelson of the same place. Spinster ; by the Rev^ 
M' Cawley of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 
178f Mar. 11 Elisabeth, daughter of Beujamin and Mary Elly, bapt. 
1736 May 30 Brigid, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Elly, bapt. 
1787 Oct. 28 Mary, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Elly, bapt. 

1738 Nov. 8 1 BejfP^jn | sons of Benjamin and Mary Elly, bapt. 

Jame- Slater, son of Benjamin and Mary Elly, bapt. 
Anne, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Elly, bapt. 
Joseph and Benjamin, inf. sons of Benjamin Elly, bur. 
Benjamin Elly, bur. 
Anne, inf. daughter of Widow Elly, bur. 

1737, April 12. Ezekiel Edmonds of the Parish of Wandsworth in the County 
of Surry, Batcheler, & Elizabeth Taylor of the same Parish, Spinster ; by the 
Rev*^ M*" Cawley, Vicar of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 
1709 Oct. 26 Ezekiel, son of Ezekiel Edmonds, bapt. [Ezekiel Edmonds the 
elder was married at Clapham 14 Oct. 1701, see ante, Vol. IV., 
p. 145.] 
17|f Mar. 2 Ezekiel, son of Ezekiel Edmonds by Elisabeth his wife, deceased ; 

17fJ Mar. 2 Elizabeth, y« wife of Ezekiel Edmonds, bur. 
1740 Mar. 30 Ezekiel, inf. son of Ezekiel Edmonds, bur. 

[He married again. He died 25 Oct. 1788, aged 80 yeai's, and was buried in 
Wandsworth Churchyard, Errata ; The last four entries in Vol, IV., p. 145, belong 
to this entry.] 



































1787, April 17. James Llewellin of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, 
Batchelor, & Elizabeth Stanford of the same Parish, Spinster ; by licence. 

1787-8, Jan. 28. Humphrey Webb of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, 
Batchelor, & Elizabeth Exall of the said County, Spinster ; by the Rev^ M' 
Sampson, Curate of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 

Humphrey, son of William Webb, bapt. 

Christopher, son of Humphrey and Elisabeth Webb, bapt. 

William, son of Humphry Webb, bapt. 

Mary, daughter of Humphrey and Elisabeth Webb, bapt. [She 

married William Jupp, and is mentioned in her brother's will.] 
Christopher, a child of Humfrey Webb, bur. 
Elisabeth, wife of Humfrey Webb [aged 81], bur. [M.L in 

Wandsworth Churchyard.] 
1779 Mar. 7 William Webb, 89, bur. [M.I. in Mount Nod. Will : Warburton, 


1788, April 8. Samuel Wellden of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, 
Widower, & Hakkah Lee of the same Parish, Spinster ; by the Reverend M' 
Cawley, Vicar of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 

1788, April 10. The Reverend Thomas Cawley of the Parish of Wandsworth 
in the County of Surry, Batchelor, & Anne Moss of the same Parish, Spinster ; 
by licence. (Clapham^ 

[He was Yicar of Wandsworth, and his marriage is also entered in the Wands- 
worth Registers as follows : 1788, April 10. Thomas Cawley, Vicar of this 
Sarish, & Anne Moss of y« same parish, were married at Clapham Church by 
I' Goodwin, Rector of Clapham ; licence.] 

1789 April 10 John, son of Thomas Cawley, Vicar of this parish, by Anne his 

wife, bapt. by M' Goodwin, Rector of Clapham; born on 

Sunday, March y« 26*^*, 1789. 
1740 Aug. 19 Anne, daughter of M*^ Thomas Cawley (Vicar) and Anne his wife, 

1748 Mar. 26 Elisabeth, daughter of Thomas Cawley (Vicar) and Anne his 

wife, bapt. 
1775 Sep. 14 James Shaw of Hinton S* George, co. Soms., bachelor, and Ann 

Cawley of Wandsworth, spinster ; licence. [Their first-bom 

was baptized at Wandsworth.] 
17|^ Feb. 18 John, infant son of Thomas Cawley, bur. 
1748 May 16 The Rev. Thomas Cawley, Vicar of this parish, bur. 
1795 Mar. 9 Ann Crawley, 76, bur. 

[He, his wife, and son buried at Mount Nod, where are their epitaphs. For 
his life, see " Wandsworth Notes and Queries," p. 47*] 

(^To be oontifi/ued.^ 



iWemorantra of aaatlliam Ciirtop«, 


[Note. — These Memoranda are confcained in a very small note-book, measuring 
4i by 3 inches, which has been carefully preserved. The writing is usually clear 
and good, but occasionally much cramped. The order, it will be seen, is not always 
strictly chronological. The entries printed first are entirely of a family nature ; 
those beginning at the other end of the book and printed second are more general, 
though they begin with the solemn and interesting record of the renewal of the 
baptismal vow and reception of the Holy Eucharist by the writer on the twenty- 
first anniversary of his baptism. That and the earlier entries are in Latin, the rest 
in English. The Rev. W. P. Ourtoys will be glad to communicate with any 
reader who can throw light upon persons or families herein alluded to.] 

[One Ein).] 

(Page 1). — Memo. Ego "W"" Curtoys natus eram Augusti 4*^ die Jovis Anno 
D'm'ni 1670 inter sextam et septimam noctis horam in loco dicto Nelsons-court in 
vioo Drury Lane in S" Martini in agris paroch\ 

Signnm Zodiacum erat in Leone. 

Mariam Viduam Ro. Watson magistri mei, 21"^<* die Decembris 1691 pro uxore 
accepi et in matrimonio in Sacello Cartophylaceorum conjuncti sumus. 

Et multos annos unit nos in hoc mundo vivere permittat Deus secundum verbum 
et in honore ejus. 

(Page 2). — Pater mens Annam uxorem ejus secundam Aprilis 29"® 1680 

4^<> Januarii an. 1683 obligatus sum meo Auctoramento Rowlando Watson de 
S** Martini in agris L'ndin*® in Spatium 8**> annorum. 

Dom»"» Rowl*» Watson 26™« die Augusti mortem obiit 27"*® '91 in Caemeterio 
S^* Martini in agris sepultus. 

Jan. lb% 1697-8, Broth' Byby was arrested (?) ; went off then to sea.t 

(Page 8). — Margaretta mater mei Octobris 29"® die anno 1679 mortem obiit 
81"® die sepulta in S** Clementis Danes caemeterio, in. 

Johannes Pater mei Novembris 23"® die 1685, mortem obiit 24"® sepultus in 
eodem caameterio juxta matrem. 

Anna noverca mea uxor Patris Aprilis 18"® die 20"® sepulta juxta patrem 1689. 

Johannes Curtoys de Claycoton mens patruelis die Julii undecimo obiit Anno 
Dmni. 1697® sepultus apud Wilford.J 

* Commnnicated by the Rev. W. F. Cubtoys, Coleby Vicarage, Lincoln. 

5 Ink faded, added in very small writing. 
John Curtoys (of Christ's College, Cambridge) was Rector of Claycoton (inducted 1692), 
hotn at Wilford, at Nottingham School.— (Rev. A. Curtois.) 


(Page 4). — Memoraad. me ?"• die 7^^ 1691 incipere Scholam intrare ut 
institnerem post Dmni. Watson mortem in Vidne vioem. 

Me' 7^^^* 8^ '92 die terrse motus erat in Londino et locis finitimis, qui maosit 
circa 1 minntinm. 

Mem. Elizabetham Alford filiam Rieh*^ et Eliz^^ Alford natam esse anno 1652 
baptizatam 18® die Jan^ sicut Begisterio S^^ Martini notnm erit . . . . et vulgo 
dictum est, quod Maria soror ejus, mea uxor, est 5 annos natn minor nata 
17«» Januarii 1657.* 

(Page 5).— Edvardus filius mens natus est Januarii decimo septimo die inter 
Nonam boram et Decima' Annoq* D'm'ni 1692-8 in Nelson's Conrt. 

Baptizatus fuit 2^° die Februarii. 

Edvar. Bolt, 1 p^^^of ,.od + 
Alex.Biby, /^^'"P*^'^^^ 

1698. Obiit mortem Edyardus filius Novembris 21® die ('98) sub 3" bora' mane, 
sepultus 28® die in Calvaria S^ Martini in agris juzta parietem prope officinam in 
angulo Caurino ejusdem 8st. 10 mens. 4 dies. 

1702. Obiit mortem charissima mihi uxor Maria 1® Sep^*^ sub 8«» boram 
mane, sepulta 2**® die 1702, in Calvaria S** Martini in agris juxta parietem prope 
ofBcinam posita* in angulo Caurino ejusdem 45 Nat. ad caput fihi. 

(Page 6).— Mem'. Ayunoulus mens Whitebal W™*" mortuus est 22® die Feb'* 
1697-8 sepultus in Sti. Martini casmeterio 25® die. 

Mea amita Silverwood mortua est ante Nativitatem X'ti 1698 sepulta apud 
Qunniston [? Gamston] in Com' Nottingham. 

Consobrina mea Frances Whitehall ob. die 10*»"* 18® sepult' in Calvaria S* Martini 
in agris prope raonumentum situm exadverso Bibliothecam lO'*"', 20®, 1702. 

(Page 7). — Amita Harvey obiit 12® die Maii, mane, sepulta in Calvaria de 
Aldgate 13®, 1699. 

Uxor avunculi Alford obiit die 20® Augusti sep' 24® die Woolwich Ecclesift, 
1699. Thema funeralis orationis 27® Psalmo. 13®, 14® ver., eetat. 52. 

AflSnis R^" Hays ob* 28® Martii, sepul' 1® Aprilis 1702 in Caemeterio S** Martini 
in agris. 

Avunculus Edvardus Alford obiit die 13® 9^'*» Sepul. 17® ejusdem de Woolwich 
Ecclesia 1701 in eodem sepuiehro cum uxore. Thema idem erat ut supra, setatis 
anno 72. 

80, Brother Bibby dyed Jan. ll*"*, 1719 ; buried at Harrow 10 Jan. 
68, Sist' Bibby dyed Mar. 6, 1720 (?) ; buried at Harrow. 

* He naturally seems interested in his wife^s age ! When he married her he was 21 and she 
was ** at vulgo dictam est " 84, within a month of 35, perhaps a little older. Note that her 
maiden name was Alford, and that John Oartojs's first wife and William's mother was Margaret 

t Word for Sponsors. 


(Page 8).— 1710, Wife godmother to M' Pollexfin Daugh' 18 6 

1711, Self, godfather to M' Tyler's Son . . . 20 

1712, Wife godmo' to M' Tyler's daughter . . 17 6 
1714, Self godfath' M' Tyler's Daught' ... 18 

(?) 1745, Angust 2°*. Mane H. W.* me opprobavit indecenter, eodem die 
Ibamus ad Hackney visam filiam et amicnm Oh. et dilacerabat notam datam ab eo 
filio Geor. l8 12" 9** debitam mihi. July 28^*^, 1749, verbis me opprobavit ; deinde 
Supplicavit mihi condonare, at Green Man. 

1749, July 27. A Bricklayer kill'd by falling oflf M' Stacie's house, then repair- 
ing. Daught' much out of order about it. 

(Page 9).— Aunam Spicer al's Helder de paroch. S" Martini in agris soluta' 
duxi pro uxore, et matrimonio conjuncti eramus, in paroch' Ecclesia prasdict', die 
Julii 17^ 1703, a Domino Tates Gurato ejusdem. 

Et multos annos una nos in hoc mundo, in honore ejus, et unitate secundum 
verbum vivere permittat Deus. 

Joannes Filius mens ex ea natus est 24° die Aprilis 1704 37** minut' post 2'**** 
horam tempore postmeridiano anno 1704 Baptiz. 13° die Maii. 

Do. Joannes Welles, 1 ^^^^«i. 
Alex.Bibby, 'fcompat. 

Dom. Allen, commat.. 

Nelson G^ 

Obiit mortem filius 29® Junii anno 1705 sub 12™*'° horam mane sepult' Julii 1® 
in Galvario S^^ Martini in agris juxta parietem prope officinam in Angnlo Gauriuo 
sitam, SBtat. l^ 2«« 5*.t 

(Page 10). — Elizabetha filia nata 28® die July 1705 ad 6 tam horam mane ; 
Baptiz" 5*® die Augusti. M' Maddox, 1 Susoept. 

M" Monk, / compatres. 

Obiit mortem ilia 20® die Augusti 1705 Sep^* in eodem sepulchre cum filio. 
Eta. 23 days. 

WilFus Welles. Filii nati sexto die Augusti 1706 mane, alter ih. post 9, alter 
10 a.m. ; baptiz^^ 19®. fM' Tho. Welles. 

Q„a««« J M' Woodroffe. 
SuBcep < gjg^, 

Sist' Mary. 
LM» English. 

Wiirus fi. obiit mortem 30® die 8*»"» 1706, Sep*«» 1® die 2^^ in Oalvaria S* Martin 
juxta liberoB, sstat. 12 septimanas. 

(Page 11). — Maria filia nata 25® die 7^* 1707, i post 2^^ horam pomeridianam, 
Baptizata Octobris die 16®. 

SuBcep.< M»Ashcombe. 
[M" White. 

* No doubt his son-in-law Henry Web9ter, who married his daughter Bdith 1732. 
t Sad that he should loae both his Uttle sons : (i) in 1693 ; (11) in 1706. 


Will'ns fi"natufl 28«die T^'^'ITOS, nona hora nocte, baptiz*"die 12<>dieOctobriB. 

Sascep. M' Peeke, sen. 
M' Collins, sen. 
M» Oh. Monke. 

Maria filla mortem obiifc 9° die Martii 1709, sep* 12^ jnxta liberos in Galvar. 

S« Martini, SBtat. 2« 5"^ 12*. 

Will"* Pilius obiit IP die Martii 1709 (10) Sep. 12« joxta liberos in Calv. 
Martini SBtat. !•»* 5"» 16*. 

(Page 12).— Carolus Filius nat. 8P die Maii 1710 10* hora nocte. Baptiz. 
11*> die Junii 1710. Susoep. M' Bibby. 

M' Monk, dep. 
M« Salter. 

Editha filia nat. 24^ die Octobris, 2** hora mane. Bapt. 1 1^ die Novembris 1711. 

Sus. M' PoUexfin. 

M» Bibby (dep. M» E. Spioer). 
M« Tyler. 

Georgins filios Nat. 30® die Jnnii 1714 3* hora mane. Baptiz. W die Jnlii. 

Sob. M' Monk. 
M' PoUexfin. 
M" Cnlbert. 

Son Welles married to M" Mary Meadows 13 May 1731, aged 18y 10"»«. 

(Page 13). — 1723, obiit mortem charissima mihi nxor Anna 2® die Jnlii sab 
6^1^ horam vesperi Sep. 5® die juxta officinam in Galvaria S*^ Martini prope filios, 
ntat. 49. 

Dang' Edith married to M' Hen. Webster 30 Sep. 1782 at S^ Cath°% by 
M' Prissett [? Bissett]. 

Jtf* Curtoys, son of Welles, born 18 July 1732 [«*c] 18 : 6. 

Compr. M' Mead'. 
M" Mead». 

Mary, Daught. d^ born S^ No' 1733 ; baptized 18 d«> [sic'] 18 : 6 ; died 

Com. Ch. Curtoys. 
Dan. Welister. 
M" Pharoe. 

W», son of Welles, born 26 March 1786 ; bapt. 16 Ap. ; 18». Self. 

M" Bartlet. 

(Page 14). — Filius Carolns ordinatus erat Diaconus 2S^ die Deoembris 1788® ab 
B B,^ Dom Benjam® Hoadly Episc. Sarum in Sacello juxta OrosveD' Square. 
Junii 9® 1734 ordinatus est Presbyter ab eodem. 

(To he oojUiawed,) 


The Journal of the Ex LibrU Society, Vol. XI., Parts 11, 12, 13, and 14, for NoTember 1901 
to February 1902. London : A. and 0. Black, Soho Square, W. 

The November Part enlarges upon the number of foreign journals following the footsteps of our 
English product ; thus the Editor complains of his German colleague '* Ex Libris Zeitschrift" 
not sending Numbers in collective order ; then he notices the journal of the French collectors, 
and gives us a good account of its contents; then the October Number of "Zeitschrift fiir 
Biicherfreunde " he reviews, and again its November Number ; lastly, from Switzerland in its 
** Archives Heraldiques Suisses " for 1901 ; and from the (German Bookplate Society the Editor 
is going to cull, from the pen of Count Leiningen-Westerburg, the blocks of all the Royal plates, 
which will keep alive the memory of her late Most Gracious Majesty. In the *' Queen " for 
November 1901 is an able Paper by Sir Arthur Vicars, and the " Studio" is also referred to for 
its lengthy article, well illustrated, of the " Art of Gordon Craig," with many examples. Last, 
not least, in the '* American Printer" for November, with its own notes on bookplates, three of 
which are represented, is a review by the Editor of a new periodical entitled " Acadiensis,'* 
published at St. John, New Brunswick. The Part has as an introduction the arms of C. Ellis 
Stevens of Philadelphia, and is a good example of engraving and mantling ; and there are also 
some excellent examples of skill by Mr. William Edgar, delicate and apropos^ the sporting plate 
of Silvanus Macy being full of good drawing. The plates for identification now reach 485. 

The December Number is well illustrated by the arms of Her late Majesty, as reproduced by 
Count Leiningen-Westerburg, which makes it a valuable one, as the arms are elaborately drawn. 
The life of William Hewer, begun by Mr. Arthur J. Jewers in the November Part, is here con- 
tinued by Mr. Cecil T. Davis, and his arms given. The writer makes the account very interesting 
by his associating Pepys and John Evelyn of Wotton with it, and by his knowledge of Hewer^s 
connections. There is the plate drawn for the Lowell Memorial Library, and with it a good 
description ; and also the bookplate of William Hugh Patterson of Belfast, having a smaller one 
suspended from it. ' The plate has the portrait of the gentleman given, and is surrounded by a 
shamrock border. This practice had better not be indulged in too much in heraldry, as every 
tinker and tailor will have his arms to give away, if even procured from 'Appy 'Ampstead for 
a sixpenny photograph. An article by Mr. Charles Dexter Allen, with the plate of Dr. Van 
Dyke's shewn, and in which he announces a " College of Heraldry in America," is interesting. 

The Part for January has for frontispiece the two plates of the Empress Frederick of 
Germany, and also a small oval label which the Empress might place on it, possibly made 
adhesive. Each is very chaste, worthy of the illustrious lady so esteemed in England. There is 
a letter also from Mr. W. F. Prideaux, completing the account of Hewer Edgley Hewer com- 
menced by Mr. A. J. Jewers in the November Part. The writer also draws the attention of his 
readers to the error of coupling the Latin ^^Ex Libris" with English names, and he instances 
^ Ex Libris Sylvanus " as one which would meet with correction in any school. As he says, why 
should Latin be employed on English bookplates any more than on modem tombstones? The 
Editor closes this Part with the usual Title and Contents, and a painstaking Index. 

The February Part (which has been delayed until the middle of March, more through the 
Editor having a giant^s task to perform monthly with barely any assistance from his compeers) 
opens with a Fapcr on Sir Philip Sydenham by Caruegy Johnson, and the frontispiece is a large 
arms of Sydenham with profuse mantling ; there are six other arms of his also given. The 
account of Hewer is next taken up by Mr. Alfred A. Beihune-Baker. F.S.A., who gives another 
coat to him while he was at Clapbam, and while he kept up a London establishment between 
1710 — 1728. The Part still carries on the Bookplates of Medical Men, and the plates for 
identification now reach 497. Its other contents are but meagre. 


The Virginia Magazine oj Higtory and Biography, No. 3, Vol. IX. January 1902. Virginia 

Historical Society, Richmond, U.S.A. 
This Part commences with the letters of William Bird of Westoner, Virginia, and many 
instances are given of the original animals which were found on the native soil when first 
settlements were made, there being in Georgia plenty of cattle and hogs, sheep and goats, and 
particularly a large creature of the beef kind, being the buffalo, which may be bred up tame, 
and is good both for food and labour. Besides these there are vineyards which twist round 
every tree, and where from the mulbeny trees they could produce silk to any extent, and also as 
fine a flax as any in the universe for linen manufacture. Hemp also can be raised for cordage, and 
there is also a silk grass which is much stronger than hemp. Of oil from nuts there could be 
produced any quantity, and there is also what is called a sugar tree, from which could be drawn 
spirits equal to arrack. Such was North Carolina about 1735. Other interesting Papers 
follow. In one entitled Henry County is a table giving the quantity of tobacco each paid 
towards the County Rate { thus the Clerk was assessed at 1248 "thyables" of 27 lbs. tobacco 
per poll, and it comes down to 25 for one day's guard, shewing what a powerful agent tobacco 
was then, as 500 were paid for maintaining a prisoner thirteen days. There are the genealogies 
of the families of Adams, Brookes, Herndon, Farrar, and Fowler given, as well as Notes and 
Queries respecting other families. 

Fenland Notes and Queriet, Vol. V^, Part 62. January 1902. Peterborough : George 0. Caster, 

Market Place. 
This Part commences with a short account of Raimond Guches, a Huguenot, the bold and 
earnest champion of the cause in 1660, who single-handed stood out among the mass of 
corruption gathered round Louis XIV. Another Paper by Henry Peet, Esq., gives an account 
of Mr. James Coleman, a Tottenham bookseller, who had purchased a bundle of parchments, 
among which was a leaf containing 200 entries of marriages solemnized in St. Mary's Church, 
Whittlesey, dated 1662 to 1672. How such a practice of tearing up registers should have been 
going on in modern days, when such a scholar as Dr. Henry Burgess was vicar at St. Andrew's, 
Whittlesey, a neighbouring church to St. Mary's, from 1861 to 1870 upwards, we cannot under- 
stand, as he was a scholar of vast ability, and published a work in Coptic, besides being 
editor of the ** Journal of Sacred Literature " for some years, during which time he must have 
had sueh documents under his care. Mr. Peet says the registers are virtually destroyed, consisting 
now of about thirty-six loose fragments of portions of parchment leaves, gall-stained, mildewed, 
and moth-eaten, and almost undecipherable. Not a page is perfect. Only one thin folio volume 
is saved, covering the years 1683, 1688—1694. 

Wb are pleased to see the progress this Society is making in printing the smaller registers of 
English counties. Since 1896 there were five a year issued, and in 1899 as many as ten 
registers, some only making twenty-four pages, while others extended to hundreds of pages, and 
each supplied with an Index Locorum and an Index Nominum. We thus see that with few 
exceptions there is a fair chance of every register being published. Our own Magazine began it 
when nothing of the kind had been attempted ; our Publishers published several at their own 
cost, and then the Harleian Society, with its separate funds and membership, printed every year 
one or two, and combatted what a weaker society could not venture upon, by printing the 
Registers of St. James, Clerkenwell, in six volumes. There are some still requiring to be 
printed, but the expense of transcribing and printing have hitherto stood in the way. The most 
valuable we know of are the Registers of St. Anne, Soho, making possibly six volumes, and 
containing as they do the birth of a Royal Prince, besides being the home of so many of the 
aristocracy, these being followed by the historians, speakers, musicians, and the general art 
world of 1700 and 1800, the fashionable world still going westward, beginning with St. Gkorge's 
in the Bays water district about the middle of 1700. The parish churchyard is also the last 
home of hundreds of Huguenots, who fied from France aud settled in SoHo al^out 1500 qntil 


1700. A member of the Vestry of Soho has done great senrice in saving its registers from 
mildew and damp by adopting a separate iron safe instead of having them enclosed between 
brick walls with iron back and front, which the Rector soon found was no improvement upon a 
wooden cupboard. Each book has been preserved with tissue paper at the edges where at all 
giving way, thus preserving the writing, and the whole registers now make thirty-seven large 
folio volumes, half-bound in green vellum, and each book lettered on the back whether baptisms, 
marriages, or burials, and dated consecutively. Thus the little parish of Soho has done single- 
handed what even the wealthy parish of St. George^s or St. Martin's have not yet begun, beyond 
one volume published by the latter parish in conjunction with the Harleian Society, and this 
has all been done in Soho by gentlemen who were in the Vestry, and who knew the task they 
had undertaken, seconded as they were by the public spirit of the Rector and their fellow 
members. A case in point where disaster has been almost complete is the parish of Whittlesey, 
Cambridgeshire, where the registers abont 1690 are in a most deplorable state, and have also 
suffered from ill-usage by some irresponsible meddler. It was first discovered by Mr. Coleman, 
a Tottenham bookseller, among an odd lot of parchments which he bought, who found a leaf 
containing 200 entries of marriages in St Mary's Church between 1662 and 1672. He kindly 
returned the leaf to the then Vicar of Whittlesey, and besides published a pamphlet of eight 
pages of these marriages. The Rev. W. D. Sweeting, the Editor of " Fenland Notes and Queries,*' 
a notice of which we give above, writes : " The oldest register is 1660 ; for upwards of 100 years 
they are unbound, detached leaves much worn, and in many cases illegible." Some leaves are 
torn from top to bottom, and this must have been done since 1827, for a note written then by a 
churchwarden is also itself torn in half. ^ If the Register Society will rescue what is still left of 
these registers, now is the time to do it, and may success attend their labours, both in this case 
and in many others. 

i^enealofiital 0om anti 4^mxm. 


In Vol. IV., p. 276, last line, /<>r "A daughter, bom 1894," read "Irene Helen, born in 
London 30 March 1895, christened at St. Mary Abbott's, Kensington." 

. And for " A son, born 1897," read " Percy Arthur, bom at Caunton 22 Oct. 1897, christened 
at Caunton.'' 

Can any reader of the " Mis. Gen. et Her." state to what branch of the above family belonged 
the Rev. John Beale, institiited to the Rectory of North Wraxall 8 September 1676? His first 
wife Ann died there in 1681, and (possibly) his second wife Elizabeth in 1738. He died August 
1697 and was buried there. 


During the preparation of my Work on '* The Langstaffs of Teesdale and Weardale," I have 
collected a good deal of information relative to the family of I^angstroth or Langstreth. This 
I will be happy to place at the disposal of any one interested in that family. The name seems 
to be quite distinct from Langstaff, whereas LangstraflEe is certainly, Langstrop probably, a mere 
variant of Langstaff. 


Highlands, Putney Heath, S.W. 

*,* Book* for Review and Notices of Forthcoming Workt should he addressed to the 
Publishing Office, 140 Wardour Street, London, W. 


hi iHemoriam. 


Maltravers Herald Extraordinary. 

The Subscribers to the "Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica" will have heard 
with much regret of the death of Dr. Joseph Jackson Howard, who originated this 
Magazine in 1866, and has edited it with sach marked ability ever since. It seems 
therefore fitting that a short memoir of his life should appear in the first issne after 
his death. 

Joseph Jackson Howard of Mayfield, Blackheath,wa8 born on the 12th of April 
1827, being the only son of Peter Howard of Woodside in Cheshire by Jane Hayston, 
daughter of Ralph Prince of Mount Veiiion Priory, Edge Hill, Liverpool. He was 
christened at St. Mary's, Edge Hill, on the 14th of June in the same year, and 
married on the 26th of July 1862, at St. Mark's, Kennington, Ellen Clara, daughter 
of Joshua West and Mary Ann his wife. He died on the 18th of April 1902 at the 
residence of his son, Fairlight, Hampton Hill, and was buried on the 22nd of the 
same month at Twickenham Cemetery. His widow survives him, as also an only 
son. Dr. A. Dash wood Howaixl. He was admitted Pensioner at Trinity Hall, 
Cambridge, on the 17th of June 1845, graduated LL.B. in 1854, and took his 
LL.D. degree in 1859. 

Dr. Howard's business life was spent in the Civil Service, which he entered as 
a junior clerk in the Accountant-Qenerars Office at the Oeneral Post Office on the 
lOth of October 1851, rising to be a principal clerk on the 13th of May 1867. 
He retired in April 1888, after thirty-seven yeara' continual service. He was popular 
in the Office, and was a much respected Civil Servant. He was also one of the 
Pioneers of Civil Service Co-operative Stores, and started the " Post Office Supply " 
in the Receiver and Accountant Generals' Offices at the Post Office, and was made 
Chairman of the Society. Persons from other offices were allowed to join, and this 
eventually developed into the Civil Service Supply Association, Limited, of which 
he was Chairman. 

Very early in life he acquired a taste for heraldry and genealogy, spending 
nearly all his leisure on these pursuits. He became a Fellow of the Society of 
Antiquaries on the 2nd of February 1854, and at the time of his death was eighth 
in seniority of such Fellows. For several years he made frequent contributions to 
their Meetings, principally by exhibiting ancient pedigrees, grants of arms, and 
heraldic seals from ancient deeds, all of which are very fully recorded in the printed 
Proceedings of that Society and in the " Archaeologia." He was instrumental in 
1860 (in conjunction with the late Sir A. W. Franks) in collecting materials for an 
Exhibition of Civic Plate, which was held in the Society's Rooms then at Somerset 
House, and the year following he contributed a similar Exhibition of Seals. In 
May 1862 (in conjunction with T. W. King, Esq., F.S.A., York Herald) he 
collected materials for an Exhibition of Heraldry, which was also held in the 
Society's Rooms, and for which he received the especial thanks of the Society. 
YOIi. v., 8ERI£S III. £ 


To the more recent Heraldic Exhibition, held at the Society's present Rooms in 
Burlington House in 1894 (of which an illustrated catalogue was published), 
Dr. Howard was a considerable contributor, and was also a member of the 

He was an indefatigable collector, and was one of the earliest, if not the 
first, who commenced a collection of Armorial Bookplates, which collection it is 
believed is unique, being valuable not only for its magnitude, but for the scarcity 
and brilliancy of most of the specimens it contains. He also made a splendid 
collection of Armorial China, hot improbably the choicest in existence. 

He was, however, best known to the readers of the " Miscellanea " as a prolific 
writer. No correspondent ever wrote to him in vain, and he spared neither 
time nor trouble to give to all, whether acquaintances or strangers, the best inform- 
ation he had on genealogical and heraldic subjects, without expecting or receiving 
any recompence whatever. His charming manner and readiness to help in any 
investigation endeared him to all who came in contact with him, either personally 
or by correspondence. He might well be called the leader of a new school of 
genealogists, who sought for truth and accuracy and for evidence of all their state- 
ments. The desire to spread these principles led him to initiate the publication of 
this Journal so long as thirty-six years ago, and fortunate are those Subscribers 
who possess a complete set of the Work, the two volumes which complete the 
original series being extremely rare. Some idea of the daily labour devoted to this 
task may be realized by looking back on the earlier Numbers, which are full of every 
kind of information, embellished by facsimiles of numerous illuminated grants of 
arms and hundreds of bookplates, mostly from his own collection. It has been 
announced that the publication of this Journal will be continued. 

He had a great taste for heraldic engraving, and would never employ a second- 
class artist for any work. Some of his happiest hours were spent in discussing with 
his friends the respective merits of the best heraldic artists. 

It is, however, by Dr. Howard's connection with the Harleian Society that 
perhaps he is best known to genealogists. He was one of the founders of that 
Society, and acted as Honorary Treasurer from the day of its foundation in 1869 
to the end of last year. He edited for the Society (in conjunction with his 
co-founder the Honorary Secretary) the firat volume of its publications, "The 
Visitation of London in the Year 1668, taken by Robert Cooke," and he also 
edited (in conjunction with the late Colonel Chester) "The Visitation of London, 
1633-35, made by Sir Henry St. George.*' This work, in two volumes, was 
illustrated with over 800 coats of arms engraved by Cleghom and Utting. In 
1861 he edited for the Kent Archaeological Society (and also printed privately), 
pedigrees from " Philipot's Visitation of Kent in 1619." In 1866 he edited for the 
" Bast Anglian " and also printed separately, two volumes of " Harvey's Visitation 
of Suffolk in 1561," containing twenty-one pedigrees of the families of Chetham, 
Clopton, Colt, Cordell, Crane, Daniell, Eden, Fultneby, Hervey, Heigham, Holt, 
Kempe, Kytson, Lucas, Martin, Payne, Peyton, Poley, Smyth, Spring, and 
Warburton, all of which are annotated. 

In July 1866 he commenced the issue of the "Miscellanea Genealogica et 
Heraldica " in Quarterly Numbers at 2s. 6^. each. This, however, subsequently 
became a monthly publication at Is., and so continued until it was concluded in 


four volumes, entitled the "New Series," a title not to be confused with the 
"Second Series" which followed in January 1884, and was completed in five 
volumes. A Third Series was begun in March 1894, reverting to the Quarterly 
Numbers, and is still in progress, being now in its fifth volume. 

In 1887 he commenced a collection of Privately Printed Pedigrees, illustrating 
the History of Roman Catholic Families in England, based on the Lawson Manu- 
script. This most valuable and elaborate work, which contains, however, but six 
large and fully annotated pedigrees, viz., Fermor, Petre, Hunloke, Phelips, Arundell, 
and Hornyold, was discontinued in 1895. 

In 1887 (in conjunction with Mr. Eobert Hovenden) he printed " Some 
Pedigrees from the Visitation of Kent; from 1668 to 1668." There are, however, 
but twelve of these pedigrees, all with copious annotations, viz., Dade, Edolph, 
Gokin, Jordan, Kitchell, Langworth, Lynch, Petley, Scott, Seyliard, Sheafe, and 
Turner. He also edited in 1888 Sir Edward Bysshe's "Visitation of the County 
of Essex, 1664—68." 

In 1898 he embarked with F. A. Crisp, Esq., F.S.A., on a joint work (privately 
printed for Subscribers only), entitled " The Visitation of England and Wales," 
of which nine volumes have been issued with three volumes of notes, and which is 
still in progress. It contains very full pedigrees of existing families carried out on 
the principle of the older Visitations, the evidence being confined to no more than 
two generations older or younger than the informant. This work is embellished 
with many engravings of arms and signatures. 

In 1897 Dr. Howard and Mr. Crisp commenced a similar publication relating 
to Irish families. 

It is satisfactory to know that these Visitations and Notes will be continued. 

He printed in 1894 (in conjunction with H. F. Burke, Esq., F.S.A., Somerset 
Herald), for private circulation, a book called " Theydon Mount : its Lords and 
Rectors " (notably of the family of Smith, of Hill Hall, Baronets), with a complete 
transcript of the Parish Registers and Monumental Inscriptions. 

He issued in 1895 a volume of facsimiles of Baronets' Bookplates from his own 
collection, called the " Wardour Press Series." 

T)t. Howard was on the Council of the Kent and Surrey Archaeological Societies 
from their foundation. He was a constant contributor on Antiquarian subjects to 
" Notes and Queries," " The Athenseum," and many other periodicals. 

On the 26th of November 1887 " the Queen was graciously pleased, on the 
nomination of His Grace the Earl Marshal, to appoint Joseph Jackson Howard, 
Esq., to be Maltravers Herald Extraordinary," a distinction well earned and 
deserved by one of the most painstaking and energetic of our genealogists. 

G. J. A. 

£ 2 



As ANNOUNCED in the Prefatory Note appended to the Fourth Volume, 
and published early this year, Mr. W. Bbuce Bannebman, F.S.A., has 
kindly undertaken to co-operate in the Editorship in future, and trusts to 
be favoured by Contributors with Papers on Genealogy, Family History, 
and Bookplates, also copies from Monumental Inscriptions, both abroad 
and at home. All correspondence to be addressed to the Publishing 
Ofl&ce, 140 Wardour Street, W. 

In the note at p. 283, in continaatioD of the account of the '^ Family of the 
Dudleys *' (Vol. IV., pp. 259—263), it is suggested that an abstract of the will of 
this lady, giving all relations named, would be interesting. The will is a very long 
one, taken up for the most part by charitable bequests, of which particulars are given 
in the above account; but the will is disappointing as regards the lady's relations, 
as shewn by the following abstract, which gives the chief points omitted in that 
notice, and mentions all relations named. It may be mentioned here that the copy 
of her epitaph printed in the " New View of Loudon " is incorrect in mauy minor 
details, as shewn bv a careful copy of all the inscriptions in the church of St. Giles- 
in-the-Fields, which it is hoped will be printed before long, but the second part of 
the inscription, with the arms, etc., has entirely disappeared. 

Arthur J. Jbwbrs. 



" I, Lady Alicia, Dutdiess Duddeley, of the parish of Saint Giles-in-the-fields." 
Will dated 2 November 1668. To be buried in the chancel of the parish church of 
Stoiieleigh, co. Warwick. Nephew the R> Hon. Thomas, Lord Leigh, or his suc- 
cessors, giveng permission By an Act of Parliament, is "enabled to bee a feme sole 
to all intents and purposes." £1500 for her funeral, her body to be wrapped in lead. 
Nephew the R' Hon. Thomas, Lord Leigh of Stoneleigh, and his wife, each £50 for a 
ring. Godson Thomas Leigh, giandson of the said Lord Leigh, £100. Goddaughter, 
daughter of nephew the Hon. Charles Leigh, m., Alicia Leigh, £100. Faithful 
waiting woman Jane Hughes £600. Servant Andrew North, gent., for faithful 
services, £150. Servant Jane Mison £20. Servant Alice Thurle £15, and other 
servants £5 each above what is due. Has settled a messuage, etc., called the 
Whitehouse, as a residence for the parson of St. Giles. Trustees for charitable 
purposes nephew Lord Leigh, Sir Thomas Leigh, son and heir of Lord Leigh, 
Charles Leigh, Esq., second son of the said Lord Leigh, Robert Leigh of Nunnin, 
CO. Warwick, Esq., and others. Late dear daughter the Lady Alicia Duddeley. To 
daughter Lady Katherine Leveson the manor of Poxley, co. Northampton, pur- 
chased in the name of nephew Thomas, Lord Leigh, nephew Sir Thomas Leigh, 
cousin the R* Hon. Lord Lexington, by the name of Robert Sutton, Esq., etc., 
from John Poxley, Esq. Has an interest for life in the manor of Sembley or 
Sembleigh, the estate of the late Lord Arundell of Wardour, etc. Daughter Lady 
Katherine Leveson to be executrix. 

Proved (P.C.C.) 9 March 1668-9. (80, Coke.) 




Jfamilp of auams of Cabant ett/ 


1. Richard Adams of Drumelfcon, co. Cavan, bora 1792 ; entered the 
Cavan Regiment as Ensign 28 November 1808 (Watson's ** Gentle- 
man's and Citizen's Almanack," 1809) ; Lieutenant 8 September 
1810 (ibid.y 1811); Captain 1 September 1815 (** Army List"); 
married 12 April 1814 (St. Anne's, Dublin, Par. Reg.) Elizabeth 
Sophia, daughter of the late John Brabazon Lyster, Esq. (who bad 
died 1808), of 29 North Great George's Street, Dublin ; died May 
1827, and was interred in Knockbride 29 May 1827 (Knockbride 
Par. Reg.)- Mrs. Adams died aged 35, and was interred in 
St. Mary's, Dublin, 22 January 1881 (St. Mary's, Dublin, Par. 
Reg.), having had issue two sons and five daughters, viz. : — 

(1) Allen Noble Adams, bom 12 January 1822 (Killersherdiny 

Par. Reg.) ; entered the 7th Dragoon Guards as Cornet 27 June 
1845 ; was engaged in the Kaffir War, for which he obtained a 
medal ; placed on half-pay June 1846 ; Lieut. 3 September 
1847; appointed to the 12th Lancers July 1851; exchanged 
September 1851, first into the 18th Foot, and then into the 
76th Regiment ; Captain 10 March 1858 in the 18th Foot, and 
exchanged September 1858 into the 20th Foot ; Major 1 April 
1870; placed on half-pay 11 November 1870 ; Lieut.-Colonel 
1 October 1877 ("Army List"); died unmarried 29 August 
1879, and was interred in Nunhead Cemetery, Surrey, 2 Sep. 

(2) William Edmund Adams, born 11 March 1824 (Killersherdiny 

Par. Reg.); appointed Paymaster Slst Regiment 10 March 
1857 ; Hon. Captain 10 March 1862 ; served in the campaign 
in North China in 1860 and received the medal ; servea also 
during the operations against the Taepings in the vicinity of 
Shanghai in April and May 1862, including the capture of the 
stockade of Nanksiang, the walled cities of Kadin, Tsinpoo, 
and Isolin, and the fortified town of Najow (*' Army List"); 
died unmarried in China 22 September 1863 (Letter from the 
Horse Guards). 

(3) Lbtitla. Thomasina, married 22 September 1888 David Beatty, 

Esq., of Heathfield, co. Wexford, Lieut. 99th Regiment, who 
was appointed 27 February 1846 Adjutant of the Wexford 
Militia, and died 18 January 1872. Mrs. Beatty died 8 March 
1878, having had issue five sons and six daughters, viz. : — 

1. Edward Beatty, born 27 February 1842 ; married 16 Nov. 
1865 Catherine Selina, daughter of Henry Charles B. 

* Communicated by Maxwell Adams, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. From a MS. by the late 
Bev. B. W. Adams, D.D.— coutinaed from p. 11. 


MacMarrogh Mnrphv, Esq., of Home Street^ Dublin, and 
had issne one son and two danghterB, viz. : — 

1. HoRAOE Edwabd Beattt, bom 17 January 1876. 

2. Lbtitia Eva Obraldinb, died 16 May 1872 (" Daily 

Express " Newspaper). 

3. Chablotte Elizabeth Fbedebioa. 

2. RiCHABD Cabdbn Allbn Beatty, born 6 October 1845 (Kil- 

lurin Par. Reg.) ; entered the Army as Ensign in the 
d9th Regiment 30 January 1866 ; Lieut. 9 April 1870 ; 
Captain 2 November 1879 ("Army List"). 

3. Thomas Chables Edwabd Bbatty, bom 4 August 1848 

(Killurin Par. Beg.); entered the Wexford Militia as Lieut. 
22 April 1871 ; Captain 15 June 1874 ; died 17 November 

4. David William Beattt, bom 6 April 1850 ; died September 

1856 and was buried at Killurin, co. Wexford, 15 September 
1856 (Killurin Par. Reg.). 

5. WiLLLiM John Beattt, born 2 January 1854 and has since 

died (Killurin Par. Reg.). 

6. Elizabeth Sophia, married 16 Febraary 1871 (Monkstown 

Par. Reg.) Lewis John Roberts Riall of Old Conna Hill, 
Bray, Captain in the 15th Regiment, and eldest son of 
Phineas Kiall, Esq., D.L., of the same place, and had issue 
one daughter. 

7. Mabt Fbances, married 5 January 1882 (Rathmichael Par. 

Reg.) the Rev. Richard Adams (see post). 

8. Olivia Constance, married 7 September 1876 (Monkstown 

Par. Reg.) Thomas Haines Revington, Esq., of Kyle Court, 
CO. Wexford. 

9. Hbnbibtta Loftus. 

10. Jeanbtta Letitla Kathebinb. 

11. Lbtitia Elbanob. 

(4) Isabella, born about 1817 ; died about 1822 at Drumelton and 

was interred at Knockbride. 

(5) Elizabeth, born 1820 ; died unmarried 13 May 1841 and was 

buried 16 May 1841 at Knockbride (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 

(6) Mabtha Jane Sophia, married 23 July 1889 (Wexford Par. Reg.) 

Rev. John Keefe Robinson, A.M., Prebendary of Whitechurch, 
Diocese of Ferns, who died 7 April 1862 and was buried at 
Rathaspect Church, co. Wexford (Rathaspect Par. Reg.). Mra. 
Robinson died 1 May 1874 at Farnogue House, co. Wexford, 
having had issue two sons and seven daughters : — 

1. John Keefe Robinson, born 28 October 1845 (Whitechurch 
Par. Reg.) ; died 31 March 1859 and was buried at Ratha- 
spect (Rathaspect Par. Reg.). 


2. BiOHARD Adams Bobikson, born October 1850 ; baptized 

7 October 1860 (Whitecharch Par. Reg.) ; died 6 Not- 
ember 1850 and was interred at Rathaspect (Rathaspect 
Par. Reg.). 

3. Elizabeth Evarina S., married first, 31 July 1863, Henry 

Scott Smith, Bengal (now Indian) Civil Service, Registrar 
of the University of Calcutta, and son of Rev- James 
Smith, Rector of Upper Camber, Diocese of Derry, who 
died s.p. 26 June 1864. She married secondly, 3 January 
1870 (Wexford Par. Reg.), William Luis, Home, M.D., 
Deputy Inspector-General of Army Hospitals, Bengal. 

4. Maetha Janb Sophia, born 29 November 1842 (Whitechurch 

Par. Reg.) ; married 19 May 1864 (Wexford Par. Reg.) 
Charles Smith, M.D. (another son of the above-named 
Rev. James Smith), and died 2d September 1872, having 
had issue four sons and one daughter. 

5. LouiBA Maby Obetbudb, married 3 November 1869 (Wexford 

Par. Reg.) Francis Bland Herbert, R.N. (promoted to rank 
of Commander 11 September 1865), and has issue one 

6. Lbtitia Emilt Lysteb, born 1848 ; baptized 20 December 

1848 (Whitechurch Par. Reg.) ; married 21 July 1870 
John Talbot Kellett, Esq., and died 23 May 1874, having 
had issue one son and one daughter. 

7. Annie Clara, died unmarried 14 December 1871. 

8. Edith Isabel Mary, born 30 September 1854 (Whitechurch 

Par. Reg.) ; died unmarried 26 June 1871. 

9. Amy Righarda. 

(7) Anna Maria, born 1826 ; baptized 29 January 1826 (Killer- 
sherdiny Par. Reg.) ; married 27 January 1845 (Killeagh Par. 
Reg.) Richard Ridgeway, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S., etc., of Castlecor, 
Oldcastle, co. Meath ; died 22 October 1851, aged 25, and was 
interred at Mount Nugent, co. Cavan (Castlecor Par. Reg.), 
leaving issue two sons and two daughters : — 

1. Wil;liam Adams Ridgeway, bom 27 June 1847 ; entered the 

Army as Ensign in the 14th Foot 12 September 1865 ; 
Lieut. 12 June 1870 ; died unmarried 10 March 1874, 
aged 27, on his voyage home from India, and was buried 
at Point-de-Galle, Ceylon. 

2. Richard Kirby Ridgeway, V.C, born 26 August 1848 ; 

entered the Army as Ensign in the 96th Foot 8 January 
1868 ; Lieut. 14 February 1870 ; joined the Bengal Staff 
Coi-ps 6 January 1872 ; Captain 8 January 1880 ; Major 

8 January 1888. Appointed Deputy-Assistant Quarter- 
Master-6eneral 23 June 1885 ; served in the operations 
against the Nagas 1875 and 1879-80 ; was wounded and 
mentioned in des{)atches (Governor-Generars Orders, India, 
574 of 1875 and 128 of 1880) ; medal and clasp and V.C. ; 


married 12 July 1870 Amy, daughter of Dr. Fallon, 
I.M.S., by whom he has had issue three sons and one 

3. Isabella, born 29 December 1845 ; died 29 October 1850 and 

was buried in Mount Nugent Churchyard (Castlecor Par. 

4. Annette Letitia Elizabeth, married 17 August 1876 Bben 

Henry Rowe, Esq., only surviving son of John Rowe, Esq., 
D.L. of Ballycross, co. Wexford, and has issue one son and 
• one daughter : — 

1. Ebbn John Radford Rowe, born 11 September 1881. 

2. Annie Margaret Radford. 

2. John Adams, R.N., Rear-Admiral of the White ; born February 1793 ; 
entered the Royal Navy 8 June 1806 as a first-class Volunteer on 
board the ** Scout, 18," Captain William Raitt, under whom during 
a period of three years and a half he saw much active service, bore 
a part in many gun-boat actions, and among other vessels assisted 
in destroying, after a sharp engagement, a notorious privateer, the 
'^ Fort of Gibraltar." He was also present as a Midshipman in a 
very gallant encounter off Genoa between the boats of the " Scout " 
and a French Squadron, consisting of a brig of 20 guns, one of 18, 
and seven gun-boats protected by a heavy fire from several batteries 
on shore, in face of which the largest of the enemy's vessels was 
sunk and the remainder beaten off, with a loss,- however, to the 
British of the Master and eleven men killed and upwards of thirty 
wounded. On the night of 31 October 1809 Mr. Adams further 
served in the boats of the " Scout " and of a squadron under Lieut. 
John Tailour* at the capture and destruction, after a fearful struggle 
and a loss to the assailants of 15 men killed and 55 wounded, of 
the armed store-ship " Lamproire " of 16 guns and llfi men, the 
bombards " Victoire " and " Grondeur," and the armed zebec 
"Normande," with a convoy of seven merchantmen defended by 
numerous strong batteries in the Bay of Rosas. Removing next in 
succession to the "Voluntaire" and "Cambrian" frigates, both 
commanded by Captain Charles BuUen, he joined in various cutting- 
out affairs, witnessed the reduction of the Island of Pom^gue near 
Marseilles, and co-operated in the defence of Tarragona in May 
and June 1811 until the receipt of his Lieutenant^s Commission, 
dated 15 February 1815; appointed to the *'Ajax, 74," Captain 
George Mundy, 31 May 1815, and the " Hind," Captain Sir Charles 
Burrard, 17 April 1819 (O'Byrne's " Naval Biography "). He 
joined the "Ajax,"t and in her was present at the bombard- 
ment of Algiers 27 August 1816 by the British Fleet under Lord 
Exmouth (Family Reg.). He afterwards served in the Channel and 
Mediterranean, on board the " Bulwark, 74," Captains Sir Richard 
King and Thomas Brown, the " Christian VIl., 80,"t Captain 

* Of the Swords family. 

t Launched in 1808, and replaced the *• Ajax " which had been burnt in 1807 (James* "Nayal 
History," 1847, vol. v., p. 3). 

J This line of battleship was pierced for eighty-four guns and was added to the British Navy, 
the result of the siege of Copenhagen in 1807. She nieawired 2,131 tons, and was built in 1803 
by the Danes. The model of the '* Christian VII.'' was so much admired that a ship in every 
respect the same was immediately ordered to be built for the Bi-itish Navy. That ship was the 
" Cambridge " of 2,139 tons, launched in 1815 (James' " Naval History,'' vol. iv., p. 295. London, 


Henry Lidgbird Ball, and the " Grasshopper, 18," Captains Henry 
Robert Battersby and Sir Charles Bnrrard ; appointed 24 September 
1822 to the "Windsor Castle, 74," Captain Charles Dashwood, of 
the tender belonging to which ship he was for some time entrusted 
with the command ; 12 January 1824 as First Lieutenant to the 
" Grasshopper, 18," Captain John George Aplin ; 8 November 1824 
to the command, on the Newfoundland station, of the ^* Pelter " 

?in-brig ; 1 March 1826 to the " Ramillies, 74," Captain Hugh 
igot, by whom he was also invested with the charge of a tender ; 
20 October 1826 and 17 September 1828 as Senior to the " Harrier" 
and " Childers " sloops, botn commanded by Captain William Morier 
(for his exertions in saving the latter, which was nearly wrecked in 
a violent gale off Yarmouth, he received the approbation of the 
Admiralty) ; 4 May 1829 in a similar capacity to the " AthoU, 28," 
Captain Alexander Gordon, on the coast of Africa ; 6 January 1880 
to the command of the " Phimper, 12," on the same station, where 
in a small gig with only five men he gallantly effected the capture, 
7 November 1830, of the " Maria " of six guns and forty-four men, 
having on board 512 slaves, and was otherwise very successful ; 
28 July 1831 as First Lieutenant to the "Alfred, 60," Captain 
Robert Maunsell, in the Mediterranean, and 17 November 1884 to 
the command of the " Waterwitch, 10," in which vessel he served 
under the orders of Lord John Hay on the north coast of Spain, and 
was again successful in his anti-slavery exertions on the African 
station, attaining the rank of Commander 10 January 1887. He was 
appointed 19 January 1839 to the '\Acorn, 16," destined for the 
same service, as was latterly the " Waterwitch." Returning there- 
fore to the coast of Africa, he renewed his operations against the 
negro traffic during a prolonged service of four years and eight 
months, during part of which period he had charge of the station 
and squadron at Mozambique, cruising with wonderful activity and 
good fortune. Among the prodigious number of prizes made by the 
" Acorn " we may instance the capture, 6 July 1841, after a three 
days* chase and a running fight, of the " Gabriel," a piratical slave- 
brig, notorious for its injury to commerce and the frequency of its 
insults to the British Flag. His long, arduous, and highlv useful 
services were at length rewarded, on his return to England, with a 
Post Commission, dated 18 December 1848. In 1849 he held the 
Civil appointment of Slave Commissioner at Loango (O'Byrne's 
"Naval Biography," p. 4) ; was appointed 4 January 1850 Captain 
of the " Gl^iator, 6 " on the African coast, and 10 April 1854 to 
the "Scourge, 6," and Commodore of the African Squadron, 
Governor of Ascension Island, etc. In 1862 was offered but declined 
the Governorship of Greenwich Hospital. Became Rear-Admiral 
of the Blue 6 February 1868, and of the White 6 March 1864. 
Received the Naval Silver Medal and nine clasps, a good-service 
pension, and medals from the Royal Humane Society for saving on 
different occasions eleven persons from drowning. Married first, 
21 September 1888 (Ardbraccan Par. Reg.), Mary Anne, daughter 
of Thomas Gerrard, Esq., J.P., of Liscarton Castle, co. Meath, who 
died 8.p. August 1843 at Bettystown, co. Meath, aged 27, and was 
interred 25 August 1843 at Donaghpatrick, co. Meath (Donagh- 
patrick Par. Reg.) ; secondly, 22 April 1846, Elizabeth Hurst, 
daughter of Henry Ellis, Esq., of Mount Steward, co. Dublin, and 
Eccles Street, Dublin, who died at Folkestone in Kent 11 May 1891 
suddenly from the effects of influenza, aged 70. Admiral John 
Adams died 17 December 1866, and was interred at Weston- 


super-Mare. By his second marriage he had one son and two 
daughters : — 

(1) Hbnry Ellis Adams, born 28 January 1847 ; entered the Army 

from Sandhurst College 22 June 1867 as Ensign in the 87th 
Regiment ; Lieut. 23 March 1870 ; Captain 29 September 
1888 ; died unmarried 6 September 1888, aged 41. 

(2) Isabella Emily, married 12 August 1876 (St. Saviour's, Padding- 

ton, Par. Reg.) Francis Frederick Ditmas, Royal Artillery 
(Lieut. 1 September 1863, Captain 21 February 1876), eldest 
son of Lieut.-Colonel Ditmas, R.H.A., and has issue one son 
and one daughter : — 

1. Francis Ivan Lbslib Ditmas, bom 12 August 1876. 

2. Isabel Ebena Leslie. 

(3) EvERiNE Frances Elizabeth, married 18 April 1885 T. R. 

Johnson-Smyth, who was born 12 June 1857. He entered the 
Army from the Militia as a Second Lieut, in the 106th Foot 
(Bombay Light Infantry), now the 2nd Battalion Durham Light 
Infantry, 14 September 1878 ; Lieut. 30 April 1879 ; Captain 
12 February 1885 ; served in the Soudan with the Frontier 
Field Force 1885-86 ; was present at the Battle of Giniss 
(Medal and Khedive's Bronze Star) ; Adjutant of Militia 
1887—92 ; Major 25 August 1896 ; Commandant of School of 
Instruction for Militia and Volunteers at Aldershot 25 April 
1889. He was killed in the action at Potgeiter's Drift, Natal, 
6 February 1900, and left issue one son and one daughter : — 

1. Roger Henry Ellis Johnson-Smyth, born 17 April 1889. 

2. EvERiNA Elizabeth Adams, born 81 December 1894. 

3. Stuart Adams, born 1796 ; held an appointment in the Receiver- 

Generars Office, Custom House, Dublin ; died unmarried 23 June 
1820 and was interred in St. Michan*s, Dublin (St. Michan's, 
Dublin, Par. Reg.). 

4. Allen Noble Adams, born May 1800 ; baptized 2 June 1800 (Shercock 

Par. Reg.) ; entered as Ensign 25 January 1816 (" Array List ") the 
Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles, commanded by his uncle Lieut.- 
Colonel Francis Battersby, C.B. (vide Burke's "Landed Gentry," 
1862), but died unmarried March 1817 in Russell Street, Dublin, 
from injuries received while hunting, and was interred 28 March 
1817 in St. Michan's, Dublin (St. Michan's, Dublin, Par. Reg.). 

5. Cosby Adams of Laurel Lodge, co. Cavan, bom 1801 ; married 

23 February 1833 Catherine, daaghter of John Brabazon Lyster, Esq. 
(who had died 1803, of North Great George's Street, Dublin), and 
sister of his brother Richard's wife (see p. 45) ; died 9 December 
1834, aged 33, at Laurel Lodge, and was interred in Knockbride 
Old Church (Kuockbride Par. Reg.). Mrs. Adams removed to 
Jersey, where she died 12 November 1866, and was there interred, 
leaving issue one daughter : — 

(1) Letitia Emily, a Deaconess of Salisbury. 

(To he continued.') 








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GO 08 

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— TS 00 CO 

















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bi) p 




Cjbe ^t^imt^ of Xnfet)errob, w. SHKortester/ + 

A Copy of the Registbb of the Parish of Inkboerow, 1632. 

The names of such as were Maryed this year 1682. 

Christopher Clifton & Anne Ellets. 

John Oakes & Jane Higgons, wid. 

Thomas Gowld of Upton, Snodsbury, & [Alice] PowndrelL 

Samuel Hobday & Eatherine Dison. 

John ffreeman & Alioe Briscoe [?]. 


The names of such as were Buried in the year 1632. 

Alice wife of Qeorg Niblet. 

Mary wife of firancis Wilson the elder. 

Anne wife of John EUins. 

Henry Haynes of Dormston. 

John Lawgher of Cladsell. 

Joan Barley. 

Willia' Yeardly of Kington. 

Nicholas Hobday. 

Robert Wilson. 

Katherine wife of William Page. 

Raph Baker. 

Anne wife of Tho. Bowtes. 

John Yate. 

Henry Hunt. 

Widdow Partady.$ 

Henry sonne of Henry Dison of Holloway, gent. 

John Okeley of Kington. 

Anne dawghter of Widdow Harison [?]. 

John Sonne of John Smith. 

HsBC est vera copia concordans cu* Begistro reservat apnd Inkborrow teste : 
Hugh Gloueb, Vic. ibid. SSJcisZth. } "^"^^^o- 















































Inkberrow. Copia Regb.stri Baptizatorum, Sbpultorum, bt in Matrimonio 



Mar. 80 John the son of John Harbage. 

April 2 Mary the daughter of ffrancis Darbee. 

April 10 Thomas the sonne of Henry Hunt. 

April 20 Richard ye sonne of John Robbinson [?]. 

April 80 Alice the daughter of Henry Goar. 

April 80 Thomas the sonne of John ....[?]. 

May 13 Richard the sonne of Tho. Perkes. 

♦ From the Transcripts in " Edgar Tower," Bishop's Register. 

t Communicated by William Bbadbbooe, M.R.C.8.— continued from p. 27. 

X The entries throughout marked with a double-dagger [thus, {] ^I'e very indistinct. 


May 24 flfrancis ye Bonne of fPrancis ffreeman. 

June 1 James ye BODne of James Hemming. 

June 1 Ann ye daaghter of John James [?]. 

June 1 Sibell ye daughter of Henry Orasier. 

June 15 Anne ye daughter of John Dison. 

June 29 Mary ye daughter of Tho. Eden. 

July 6 Edward ye sonne of Edward Eaton. 

July 27 .... daughter of Edward Boone. 

Aug. 8 Henry ye sonne'of Tho. Phillipps. 

Sep. 7 Willia' filius populi by Eliz. ffiggett. ' 

Sep. 14 Henry sonne of Henry Newman. 

Sep. 28 Elizabeth dawght^r of Tho. Browne. 

Oct. 19 William sonne of William Willis. 

Oct. 26 Nicholas sonne of Tho. Dison. 

Oct. 26 Joane dawghter of Rich. Marshall. 

Nov. 9 John sonne of Willia' Parsonne. 

Nov. 9 Elizabeth daughter of Richard Marshall, farmer [?], of Cladsell. 

Nov. 27 Jane daughter of John Parsons. 

Nov. 27 Jane the dawghter of Henry Lawgher. 

Dec. 3 Robert sonne of Armel Hunt. 

Dec. 15 George [?] the sonne of William Hemming. 

Dec. 29 Jane daughter of Humfrey Heming. 

Jan. 3 John sonne of John fifortenham. 

Jan. 11 John the sonne of John Hatherley [?]. 

Jan. 12 Joan the daughter of Henry Griffin. 

Jan. 23 John sonne of John Phillip. 

Feb. 12 Ursula daughter of George Blick. 

Feb. 19 Joan daughter of John Piper. 

Mar. 6 Elizabeth daughter of John Boone. 

Mar. 10 John sonne of ffrancis Smyth. 

Mar. 22 Richard sonne of Richard Steward. 

Mar. 22 Thomas sonne of Thomas Hieron. 

Mar. 22 Edward sonne of Christopher Clifford. 

The names of such as were Marryed in the year of our Lord 1634. 

April 13 Henry Griffin & Dorothy Mosse, both of this parish. 

May 1 Thomas Harvy & Anne Rand, lK)th of this parish. 

May 1 Thomas Barth & Elizabeth Grasier. 

June 24 John ffortenham of Barvorde in com. Oxon & Margery Harwood [or 


July 28 Roger Tandy of Abbotts Morton & Elizabeth .... of this parish. 


Mar. — ffu [?1 Oake. 

April — Joan Smyth. 

April — John Stevens. 

April 23 Richard Trindar. 

June — Mary Harvey, widow. 

June 20 Anna Whoman. 

Jnne 27 ffortuna wife of Edward Beard [?]. 

Nov. 5 Anne Bowtes. 
Nov. 17 [?] Alice Hawes. 

Dec. — Anna ux. Rich. Johns. 

Dec. — Joan ux. John Haines. 

— — Tho 


Jan. 1 Margaret nx. John Bobbins. 

Feb. — Elizabeth ox. John 

— — Margaret daughter of Thomas .... 

Mar. — Thomas Heming of Kington [or Knighton]. 

Mar. 16 Judith nx. ffrancis Ellins. 

Mar. — Mary ux. Will'm Raven. 

HUGH QLOU.B. Vic. KrW^MBr } Ch-hwardens. 


Nomina eanC qui Baptizati. 

Mar. 8 An Smyth fil. ffi^ancis Smyth. 

April 12 Edward sonne of Anthony Yong. 

April 20 Thomas sonne of Willia* Rand & Alice his wife. 

May 2 Grisill Beele, a child born of a wandering Beggar. 

Jnne 12 Edward sonne of Edward Rudge & EUener uxor. 

June 18 Willia' sonne of Richard Harvy & Elizabeth his wife. 

July 19 Richard the sonne of Richard Bennet. 

Aug. 9 Sarah the daughter of Robert Dison & Sarah his wife. 

Aug. 9 John the son of Robert Richards. 

Oct. 4 John Sonne of John Hunt of Egioke. 

Oct. 4 Michael sonne of John Blick & Margaret his wife. 

Oct. 4 Elizabeth dawghter of Richard Harrett & Alice his wife. 

Nov. 1 John the posthumous sonne of James Heming & Joan his wife. 

Nov. 1 Ellenor dawghter of Hugh Horwood. 

Nov. 3 Susanna fil. Thomas Hartley et Elizabeth uxor. 

Nov. 22 Elizabeth dawghter of ffraneis Heming of Thorn. 

Dec. 2 Thomas the sonne of Richard Huband aVs Hibbots & Ann his wife. 

Dec. 13 Henry fil. Henr. Page. 

Dec. 20 John fili's Thomas Dowter et Ellenor uxor. 

Dec. 31 ffraneis filia ffrancisci Darbe et Anne ux. 

Jan. 27 Henry fili's Joh'es ffreema' et Aliciae uxor. 

Jan. 31 Ann filia Tho. Beddow. 

Feb. 14 Ellizab. fil. Richardi Steward. 

Feb. 17 Robert filius Henrici Hunt. 

Feb. 21 John fil. Henrici Speei'poyt. 

Feb. 28 Tho. fil. Arthur Hemes. 

Mar. 23 Gnalter fil. Richardi Steward. 

Ita eat : Hugh Glovek. Vic. JoZh^S, } ^-w^'d. 

Nomina eortC qui Matrimonio copulati 1635. 

May 25 Edward Bovey & Ursula Yate. 

Aug. 24 Thomas Willis & Elizabeth Bird. 

Sep. 22 Richard Wedgbury et Ellener Clymer. 

Sep. 29 Henry Page & Mary Corbet. 

Oct. 28 Edward Pierce & Margery Blick. 

Jan. 19 Willia' Willis & Ursula Whoman, 



Jan. 24 Willia' Boone & Sibill fSgget. 

Feb. 2 John Merrell of flBiford & Marjr Bowtes, vid. 

Feb. 11 John Gunne & Eatherine Heming. 

Ita est: Hugh Gloueb. Vic. jS?HaeS. } «-'«<i- 

Nomina earn* qui SepulH 1635. 

Mar. 80 Elizabeth Smith. 

April 5 Mary ye wife of Will'm Raven. 

April 10 Elizabeth Steward. 

April 13 James Smith of Kington. 

April 13 ffraneis Heines of Dormston. 

April 19 Margaret Brown. 

April 29 Robert Horwood. 

May 8 Margery wife of Henry Page. 

May 14 Richard Steward the elder of Cladsell. 

May — Ann Green of Kington. 

June 6 ffrancis dawghter of ffrancis Smith of [Kington] Bowtes. 

June 10 Thomas Boond of Nowbery. 

June 28 John ffarre. 

July 4 James Heming the yonger. 

July 4 flPrancis Heming the yonger. 

July 18 Elizabeth Harbag. 

July 19 Margaret Bay lis. 

July 20 Tabitha dawghter of Thomas Smyth. 

July 28 Phillip Browne. 

Aug. 18 Margaret Smyth. 

Aug. 25 Edward Chambers. 

Sep. 11 Thomas Rudg. 

Sep. 14 Margaret Ballard uxor Henrici Ballard. 

Oct. 15 Richard Wiudle. 

Oct. 18 Elizab. Webb de Kington. 

Nov. 13 MaryTilley. 

Dec. 17 Jane uxor Rob'ti Smyth. 

Jan. 7 Sibill ux. Rogeri Cox. 

Feb. 20 Richard fil. Tho. Ballard. 

Mar. 17 flBorence uxor Mathei Greene de Dormston. 

Mar. 19 Margeria fil. Hugh Horwood. 






Anna .... 



EUeonora .... 



William filius .... 


— : 

Thomas fil. Tho 



Anne fil. Henry .... 



Sibella fil. Hugh .... 



Elizabeth fil. Job's Harbag [?]. 



Anne filia Tho. James. 




Anna fil. Edward Pierse & Margaret. 



Guielmus fil. Willmi. Boond et Sibilla uxor eins. 



Henricus fil. Job 'is Phillips et Maris uxoris eius. 



Anna fil. Tho. Smith. 


Ursula fil. Tho. Rudg et Phillippa ux. 

Richard fil. Richard Petford. 

Jana fil. Gnielm. Bowlts et Jana uxoris. 

Guielmus fil. Johes. Weston et Diana uxoris^ 

Ellenora fil. Henr. Ellets et Tabitha uxoris. 

iBgidius fil. Job'is Ganderton. 

Anna til. Tho. Eden. 

Gratiamus fil. Henri Grasier. 

Joh'es fil. Joh'es Hunt. 

Maria fil. Richardi Jannings [?]. 

Ursula fil. Humfredi Heming. 

Joh*e8 et Roberty gemilli fil. Edwardi Bovy et Ursula uxoris. 

Thomas filius Tho. Robinson. 

Joanna fil. ffrancisci fifreeman et uxoris eiuB. 

Russellus fil. Henry Lawgher et ffranciscse uxoris. 

Ita testamur : Hugh Glover. •'^^™ ^^ 
































Nomina SepuUi 1686.. 

May 21 Gulielmus Marshall. 

June 13 Francis .... vidua. 

July 20 John .... 

July 80 Ballard. 

Aug. 27 .... Netherton. 

CopiA Rkgistri resbbvat apud Inkborrow Anno Doh. 1687. 





April 28 



June 29 







































Nomina Baptizat 

Elizabeth the daughter of ffrancis Tomkins. 

Willm. ye sonne of Henry Griffin & Dorothy his wife. 

Katherine ye daugh. of Tho. Dyson & Eliz. uxor prior of Morton Hall. 

Alice ye daugh. of Edward Smith. 

Heniy ye sonne of Henry Edkins & Christian uxor of Aston Oantloe in 

com. Warwick, 
ffrancis ye daugh. of Roht. Richards. 
John ye sonne of Armill Hunt. 
Mary ye daught. of John Dyson of Holberow. 
Tho. ye sonne of Henry Spearpoint. 
Anthony ye sonne of William Bromesgrove & Ann his wife of Kingham 

in com. Oxon. 
Tho. son of Robert Pope. 
Tho. son of Hugh Horwood. 
Johanna the daugh. of Tho. Perks. 
Tho. son of Lewis ffiggott. 
Henry the son of John Hasterley. 
Anne daugh. of Joseph Hobday. 
Mary the daugh. of Henry Hobbins. 
Elinor daugh. of Francys Heming. 
Rich, son of Rich. Steward, inino [?] of Cookhill. 
Will'm son of Richard Harriott. 

Aramina or Anna daugh. & bastard child of Ann Churchly &Tho. Smith. 
Elinor the daughter of Tho. James & Ann uxor. 
Thomas son of Thomas Bennet. 
John son of Robert Brook & Mary uxor, 

r 2 


Feb. 18 Sarah dangh. of Henry Goar. 

Feb. 22 Mary dangh. of Richard Marshall. 

Mar. 4 Sarah dangh. of William Willis. 

Mar. 9 Robert son of Robert Banes & Jane nxor. 

Mar. 11 Thomas son of ffrancis Darby & Ann his wife. 

Mar. 11 Ann, a bastard child of Ann Routes by Tho. Pardoe, as she affirmed. 

Mar. 1 8 Samuell son of Henry Hunt of Linsy. 

Mar. 18 John son of John Wilson of Wellinton, neere Kington, comit. Heref., 
& Elizab. uxor. 

Nomina Matnmonio eontraxit. 

May 4 Roger Sale & Margaret Bond. 

June 8 John Shailer & Martha Cartwright. 

Sep. 8 Edward Peirce & Cassandra Court. 

Oct. 7 Henry Symonds & Ann Sturdy. 

Nov. 10 Wiirm Cartwright & Joan Ballard. 

Dec. 21 Henry Ballard & ffrancis Hunt. 

Feb. 6 Thomas Dison of Morton Hall & Elizabeth the daughter of M' Hugh 
Glouer, the vicar, were maried at Doderhill. 

Ita testamur: Hugh Glotee. - Sm'Kes [?], } C'""^'*'^"*^^™- 

Nomina Sepulioru\ 

April 14 Widdow Reason. 

April 19 Tho. Hunt, senior. 

April 22 Tho. Ballard of Kington. 

April 22 Ursula Heming. 

May 6 Tho. Hale. - 

May IS Elizabeth Dyson. 

June 5 Widdow Chooler. 

June 5 Wife of Edward Barnes of Darmpson. 

Jane 7 Ann Ballard. 

June 80 Wife of John Woolmare. 

Aug. 18 Tho. Butler of Darmpson. 

Sep. 6 Georg Heming. 

Sep. 20 Tho. Bailis. 

Nov. 15 Phillip Goldicote. 

Nov. 17 Will'm Hierne, of the plague. 

— — Nicholas Goldicote. 

Nov. — Isabell Hierne. 

Nov. — Isabell Goldicote. 

Dec. 6 Thomas Hierne. 

Dec. 14 ffrancis Cook, son of Francis. 

Dec. 24 William Cook, son of ffrancis. 

Dec. 27 ffrancis Cook the father. 

Jan. 8 Joan Hierne. 

Jan. 10 Katherine Clifford. 

These 12 last died of the plague. 

Jan. 8 Thomas Davis. 

Jan. 6 Alice Parsons. 

Jan. 16 A child found in the highway. 

Jan. 28 Joan Hiegins, a criple. 

Feb. 4 Isabell Neale. 

Feb. 20 Edward Shacle. 

Feb. 20 Will'mPage. 

QTo be eontintted,) 


08fttn of S^ix Batj^amrl Wiicbt, i635.« 

A Breife conteyning my resoluc'on for the disposing of my estate according to 
the snbstance whereof I intend if God give me life and leisure to drawe app my last 
Will and Testam* w®^ if I should be disappointed in I appoint that this shalbe in 
the nature of a Will and that all my lands goods and chattels shalbe disposed 
according to the tenor of the particulers hereunder menconed. This being made 
this second daye of December 1685. 

First I will that all form' Wills heretofore by me made shalbe utterly voyd for 
that the same are not according to my minde & meaning. My soule I bequeath 
and comend to God my Father in Jesus Christ, niy body to be privately buried in 
the night without any fun^alls pompe or mourning, the place I leave to the dis- 
cretion of my Executors the R. hobble the Lord Mandehill whome I nominate and 
appoint sole Executor of my last Will & Testament, but if conveniencie yt maye be 
I would be buried at Stoudon in Essex in the Parrish Church there, onely I would 
have my Executor erect some monument forme where ever I be buryed the same 
not exceeding the some of fyftie pounds or a hundred markes. I would onely haue 
my sisters and brothers in lawe and their childeren and all my servantes to have 
monrneiug suites of black clothe. My manor of Stondon and all my lands in Essex 
I give to my nephew Nathaniel Riche when he comes to the age of one and twentie 
years, in the meantime my Executor to receave the rent and to allowe him fower- 
score pounds p' ann' for his educac'on for sometyme at the Uuiversitie of Cambridge 
and then at Lincolnes Inne yt being my desire that he should study and professe 
the lawe. I give the profit of seaven of my shares in the Barmudaes now called 
the 8o*mer Islands to my sister Grimsdiche and her husband dureing their lives if 
they will goe and inhabit uppon them and One hundred and fyftie pounds in money 
for the transporting of themselves and such of their children as they shall thinke 
fitt to carry with them. I give one other share to my nephue Robert Browne now 
residing in the said So*mer Islands he haveing one other share there already uppon 
the guif t of my Sister Wroth lately deceased. I give one other share there to ... . 
Browne one other of the Sonnes of my sister Browne deceased, whoe hath beene 
hetheilK) educated by my noble frend the Couutesse of Leicester, mother to Sir John 
Smith. The residue of my shares there being fyve I give for the maintenance of a 
free schoole in those islands w^^ my desire is should first be erected out of the 
profits of the said fyve shares by the direcc'on of my Executor and then layed for 
ev^^ to the said Schoole. The Schoole Master to be nominated and chosen by my 
Executor and his noble ladye and after their decease by such religions and discreete 
feoffees as they shall appoint. My desire is that some of the Indian children to be 
brought either from Virginia or New England or some other continent of America 
such as my Executor shall thinke fittest maye be brought over there to be instructed 
in the knowledge of true religion. And to the end that my Executor may better 
pTorme the trust committed to him in the disposing of all the said shares I doe give 
the inheritance and freehould of them all to his Iopp prayeing the Honorable Court of 
Adventurers for those Islands that immediately after my decease he may be admitted 
to them To have and to hould for him and his heires for ev* Nev'theles upon the 
trust formerly menc'oned and not any wages to his owne use. But in case my said 
brother in lawe M.^ Grimsdich and his wife will not w^^in one yeare after my decease 
soe thither in their owne p'sons to lyve there then I will not that either of them 
have any benefit by this guift nnles by the hand of God they shalbe hindered. 
But that in that case my Executor take the yearly p'ffitt of those shares and 
imploy raysed thereby for three yeares towards the erecc'on of the said free schoole 
and then passe over the inheritance of the said seaven shares to such childe or 
children of my said brother and sister Grimsditch as he shall conceave to be most 
worthy, as alsoe i com'itt the guift of the inheritance of the said shai-es to be dis- 
posed of for the benefit of such childe or children by my Executor in case they 

* Commnnicated by J. R. Bbown, Esq., F.R.G,8. 


shall goe and Ijve there after their decease my meaneing being that my said 
brother in lawe and his wife should have the use of those seaven shares during their 
lyves in case they lyve there else not, but in noe case to dispose of the inheritance 
the care whereof I leave wholly to my Executor for the good and benefit of their 
children especially such as by their vertue, diligence, and good course of life shall 
deserve best. I give to Nathaniell Browne now in New England w^^ M' Hooker 
the two hundred pounds w^^ by my sister Morgan's Will was bequeathed unto him 
and fyftie pounds more as my owne guift w®*" two hundred and fyf tie pounds I 
would have M' Hooker imploye dureing the minority of the said Nathaniel Browne 
for and towards his educac'on, payeing himself for his charges. This I would 
have done within one yeare after my decease. Item I give unto Samuell Browne 
one other sonne of my said sister Browne one hundred pounds in money The same 
to be imployed during his minority for his benefit as my Executor shall thinke 
most fitt. The Rectory of Nevorne in Pembrokeshire in Wales I give to my said 
Executor and heires for eV upon the trust and confidence that he shall make sale 
thereof assoone as conveniently he can and dispose the money arising by sale 
thereof and of the rents till yt be soulde for the p'formance of this my last Will 
and Testament. I give unto Thomas Grimsditch the eldest sonne of my brother 
Grimsditch whoe is now in the Isle of Providence the fourtie poundes p' ann. anuity 
which my lorde of Warwicke is to paye dureing the life of the said Thomas. I give 
to Thomas Allaby my servant One hundred pounds. To Jonas Anger tenn pounds 
p' ann. dureing his life. The said tenn pounds p' ann. to be yssueing out of my 
manner of Stondon w**» power to distreyne and a nomine pene of six pence per diem 
every daye that yt shall be unpayed within thirty daies after Michaelmas and our 
Lady day, my meaning being that yt shalbe payed him half yearly at the said Feasts 
and I give him tenn pounds in money. I give unto John .... my footeman tenn 
pounds in money and fourtie shillings a yeare during his life yssueing out of my 
said manner to be payed half yearly as the other and with like power of distress 
and nomine pene not of vi*" a daye but of twelve pence a weeke for every weeke 
that yt shalbe behinde unpayed. AH my goods, chattells, leases of what kinde or 
nature soever not formerly disposed of other then such legacies as hereafter I shall 
expresse either by worde before two credible witnesses or by haudwriteing I give to 
my said Executor and his most noble Lady in testimony of my thankfuUnes unto 
them for all their favours and of the humble and harty affecc'on I iustly beare unto 
them. I give unto William Jesopp more than formerly in my life tyme I have 
given him fyftie pounds. All my weareing lynnen and apparell I desire my Executor 
to distribute amongst my brother Grimsdich and mv Servants according to his 
owne discretion wherein I would have Thomas Allabie that waites on me to be 
especially respected, onely one suite such as my Executor shall thinke fitt I give to 
Will" Jesopp. And whereas here is in M' Goffes hands that was some tyme 
Steward to my lorde of Warwicke a Statute taken in his name for a thousand 
pounds debt are to my said Lord and myself fyve hundred pounds whereof being 
the one half belongs to me I doe hereby give unto that my deare and noble Lord 
the sayd fyve hundred pounds as a testimoney of my humble affection to him and 
thankfuUnes for his love and favour towards me. Item I give unto the R^ 
Honoble my very noble Lord the Earle of Holland One hundred pounds and 
another hundred pounds to his noble Lady part of the money w«^ his Iopp oweth me 
and fyftie pounds p'cell of the said debt to my noble Ladye the Lady Essex Cheek. 
The Druraond Ring w^** I usually weare it being ray sister Wrothes legacie to mee I 
give to my brother Wroth. My Emerod Ring w^^* I usually weare I give to my 
dear and most vertuous frend M'^» Mary Moore, Widdowe. I doe p'ticulerly give 
to my deare most noble and religious Lady the Lady Mandeville all that annuity of 
One hundred and four score pounds and w*^** I purchased of my Lord of Warwicke 
yssuing out of certain lands in Norff. dureing the minority of M*^ Hatton Riche for 
all the terme of years w*^^ are yet to come. My Library bookes and papers I give 
to my said noble Lord the Lord Maudevill the sole Executor of this my last Will 
and Testament praying him that at least w^^ part of them he would furnish a 


Library to be sett upp in the free Schoole at the Somer Islands as formerly I have 
appointed. The late Lady. Warwick's picture I give unto my Lord Riche her 
Sonne. Item I give unto my worthy frend M' Wharton Minister at Felsted in 
Essex thirtie pounds as a testimony of my spetial love unto him and thankfullnes 
for his care bestowed in the educac'on of my nephue Nathaniell Riche. Item I 
give unto my deare frend M' John Pym my best gelding and a ring of twenty 

eunds w*^** I desire him to weare for my sake. I give unto my very loveing cosen 
^ Martha Willford twenty pounds to bestowe in a ring or what shee please as a 
remembrance of my love unto her. And to the end that mj noble Lord whome I 
make sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament may be subject to the lesse 
trouble in the p'formanoe of this my Will I doe hereby declare ray will and nteaning 
to be that none unto whome I have given anything by this my Will shall take any 
benefitt thereby or have anything thereby bequeathed unles at the same time that 
my Executor doe affor payment unto any such person of any such legacie according 
to the expresse words of this my Will he or shee to whome the sayd legacie is 
tendered doe uppon demand of my said Executor tender likewise a generall 
acquittance and discharge to my said Executor of all further claymes and demaunds 
whatsoever for or concerning myself or anything p'"ten«ied to be further clayraed by 
from or under me or my said Executor as Executor of this my last Will and Testa- 
ment. In witness whereof and that this is my last Will and Testament though 
written in much hast I have subscribed to every page my name and all the 
p'misses are written w*^ my owne hand s'c'do Deoembns 1635. ^ Riohe 

This and noe other was acknowledged by the said 8' Nathaniell Riche, Knight, 
being in full and p'feot memory to be his last Will and Testament about the twenty 
eight of October 1636 before us viz* Thomas Wolrych, Carey Wolrych. 

Mem**. That on Thursdaie the tenth daye of November Anno D'ni 1636 after 
the sealing and publishing of the Will and Testament of Sir Nathaniel Riche, 
Knight, dated the second daye of November 1635 the said Sir Nathaniel Riche did 
in the presence of the R* Hono'ble the Lord Viscount Mandevill Executor of the 
last Will and Testam* of the said Sir Nathaniel Riohe as alsoe in the p'nce of 
William Jesopp and Thomas AUaby Servants of the said Sir Nathaniel Riche give 
and be<}ueath unto the said William Jessopp all the adventure that he the said Sir 
Nathaniel Riche then had in the Stcx^ke of the Company of Marchante of the cittye 
of London tra.deing into the East Indies. And he the saide Sir Nathaniell Riche 
did alsoe grannte unto the said William Jessopp the Tennancy of all that ferme 
lyeing in Stondon in the said Will menconed called Brooks tenement w^h had beene 
purchased by the said Sir Nathaniel Riche since his purchase of the manner of 
Stondon the said William Jesopp payeing for the same fortie shillings p' ann. and 
the quitt rent due from thence to the manno' of Stondon aforesaid desireing the 
said fj. Viscount Mandevill to make a lease thereof unto the said William Jessopp 
at the rents aforesaid. And did further expresse his intenc'on to graunt him 
interest in the said ferme upon the said rents dureing the naturall life of the said 
William Jessopp by saying that he would fayne have him the said William Jessopp 
to lyve there and the said Sir Nathaniell Riche did alsoe signifie his will to be that 
all the weareing apparell of him the said Sir Nathaniell Riche shalbe distributed 
unto M'^ Thomas Grimsdich in the said Will menc'oned and unto the said Thomas 
Allaby and William Jessopp indifferently. 

Probatum fuit ^testamentum sup^criptum unacum Codicillo eidem annex apud 
London coram ven'li viro m*ro Thoma Eden legura d'core Surro'® ven"« viri d'ni 
Henriei Marten Militis legum etiam doctoris Curiae Prerogative Cant. mVi Custodis 
sive comissarij etime constituti primo die mensis Decerabris Anno D'ni mill'mo 
sexcen'mo tricesimo sexto juramento Honorandi viri Ed'ri D'ni Vice comitis 
Mandevill ex"» in hu'mo'i testo nominat cui com'isa fuit administraco om' et 
singulor' honor' juriu' et creditor' d'ci deft de bene et fideliter administrando 
eadem ad sancta Dei Evangelia Jurat. 

[123, Pile.] 


CJ)e Jfiamilp of ftabage oi aHaartottkaJire/ 


ThomaB Savage of Tacbbrok Malory grants to John Olnej and William 
Commander one measnage in Tacbbrok and anotber witb a croft and fonr acres. 
Witnesses : Jobn Sarage of Eyngton, Ric^ Savage of tbe same, Willm. Jennings 
of the same. Dated 17 March, 7"* year of K. Hen. VII. 

Johanna Gibbons of Ashorn, formerly wife of Rich* Gibbons, quits claim to 
William Savage of Ashorn, son and heir of John Savage, formerly of Bp*s Tach- 
broke, of all claims which she had on the death of Henry Bate her brother in 
Ashorn. Witnesses : Rich* Savage of Ashorn, John Savage Of the same, Willm. 
Himscote of the same, Willm. Smyth, Nicho. Andrews, Ric. Forster of the same. 
Dated Thursday after the feast of the conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
19 year of King Edward the fourth. 

William Savage son of John Savage of Tacbbrok ep'i grants to William Com- 
mander of Chesterton half a messuage in Chesterton, in which the said William 
Commander now lives, and which came to the said William Savage after the death 
of his mother Juliana of Tachbrok. Witnesses : William White of Chesterton, 
John Robyns and John Beels of the same. Dated Thursday before the feast of 
Holy Trinity, 1461. 

John Savage of Tachbroke Malory grants to Thomas Savage his son and to 
Matilda his wife all his lands in Tachbroke Malory and Tachbroke ep'i. Witnesses : 
Thomas Olney of Tachbroke ep'i, John Savage & Thos. Malorv of the same, 
Robert Commander of Warwick. Dated Sunday after the feast of "f ibunt & Valer. 
martyrs in the 37*^ year of K. Henry 6"*. 

Thomas Savage son and heir of Thomas Savage of Tachbroke epM, son & heir 
of John Savage of the same, confirms to Thomas Brynknell, Clerk, Thomas 
Blenkow, Robert Savage, William Jenens, and John Brynknell, as trustees, a 
messuage with half a virgatd of arable land, together with meadows and pastures in 
Tachbroke aforesaid, to hold the same to the use of " Benedict Savage my heir," 
Robert Savage and Margaret Savage & their heirs. Witnesses: Ric* Frenche, 
"Thomas Byshopp, Capellaui," Rich* Wylson. Dated 19 October, 7 year of 
K. Hen. VIII. 

[N.B. — Though Thomas Savage calls Benedict Savage his heir, he does not state 
the relationship.] 

John Mallore of Walton on the Wold in the County of Leicester, son & heir of 
John Malloi*e, armiger, deceased, & Joice my wife, quits claim to Benedict Medley 
of two messuages, one called Hancocks, the other Cadmans, in Tachbroke Mallore, 
now in the tenure of Matilda Savage, widow, and Richard Savage. Witnesses: 
Robert Savage, Ric* Savage & WDlm. Commander of Tachebroke ep'i, Willm. 
Wheler and Thos. Savage of Tachbroke Mallore. Dated 16 May in the ninth 
year of K. Hen. the seventh. 

Richard Savage son of Thomas Savage, dead, lately of Tachbroke Mallore, grants 
to Benedict Medley of Whitenash a tenement in Tachbroke Mallore bounded by 
lands of the Abbey of Kenelworth & by lands of Benedict Medley. Witnesses : 
Robert Malbushe, Rich. Bradsbaw, John Mason, & W™ Wheler. Dated 18 March 
in the eleventh year of E. Hen. the seventh. 

« Communicated by Rev. R. E. H. Duke, Rector of Maltby, Lincolnshire— continaed from p. 4. 


Matilda Savage, lately wife of Thomas Savage, dead, formerly of Taobbroke 
Mallore, qaits claim to Benedict Medley of Whitnash of a tenement in Tacbbroke 
Malore, wbicb was once John Savage's and afterwards Thomas Savage's my 
hnsband. Witnesses: Rob* Malbushe, W" Wbeler, John Mason. Dated 15 March 
in the eleventh year of K. Hen. the seventh. 

Will of W™ Savage of Newbold Pacye, dated 15 October 1546 ; proved the same 
year. To his sons Lawrence <fe Richard Savage £3 6s. 8d. each ; to his dans. 
Agnes Ingrame & Eatherine Wirrall 408. each ; to the two sons of his son John 
Savage 40s^ each ; to the dans, of his son John Savage, Jane & Ellen, 40s. each ; 
to his sisters Agnes & Jane 10s. To Moreton Morrell Church, to Wellesburne 
Church, to Charlecote Church, Ss. 4d. each. To be buried at Newbald among his 
children & kinsfolk. Residue to his wife Jane. Debts owing to testator, Leonard 
Savage 8s., etc. Inventory £64. (Testamenta Vetusta, Worcester Probate Court, 
vol. 5, p. 155.) 

Will of Jane Savage of Neubald Pacy, dated 8 July 1548 ; proved 8 Nov. 1548. 
To Laurence Savage my son £3 ; to Agnes Ingram & Kath. Wyrrall ray daus. £3 
each ; to the two sons of my son John, now deceased, 208. over & above my 
husband's will ; to daus. of the said John, Jane & GUen, 6s. 8d. each. My son 
Richard my residue & I make him executor. Debts, Leonard Savage of Kington 
40s. Inventory £18 7s. {Ibid.y vol. 5, p. 247a.) 

John Savage ^f Mooreton Morrell, yeoman, son & heir of Thomas Savage 
formerly of Newbald Pacye, yeoman, now dead, in execution of the will of his late 
father the said Thomas Savage, grants to William Frecleton of the town of 
Warwick & to Alice his wife, formerly the wife of Edward Savage, deceased^ 
younger son of the said Thomas Savage and also brother to John Savage, and he 
grants to Agnes Savage daughter to the said Edward Savage and Alice one 
messuage & nine virgates of land in Buttelers Marston, now in the tenure of John 
Tubb, to have & to hold the said messuage and nine virgates to W"^ Frecleton & 
Alice his wife during the life of Alice Frecleton, and after the death of the said 
Alice Frecleton then to Agnes Savage and her issue, failing such issue to the heirs 
of John Savage aforesaid. Dated 14 January 1563 in the sixth year of 
Q. Elizabeth. 

Thomas Savage of Cotteruppe in the parish of Banbury in the county of Oxford 
grants for £45 to John Savage of Moreton Morell, yeoman, a tenement messuage 
with pastures & meadows in Bishop^s Tachbrook alias Fysher's Taoh broke in the 
tenure of Robert Mawbushe. Dated v^^ March in the fourteenth year of 
Q. Elizabeth. 

Thomas Fysher of the town of Warwick, Esquire, bargains to sell to John 
Savage of Moreton Morrell a barn and a close in Fysher's Tachbroke in the tenure 
of Richard Cootes. Dated 1 July in the fourteenth yeare of Queen Elizabeth. 

[Autograph signature of Tho. Fisher with heraldic seal, a griffin segreant 
within a bordnro vair.] 

A fine at Westminster 8 Hillary, 15 year of Queen Elizabeth, between John 
Savage the demandant and Thomas Savage and Margaret his wife, and Robert 
Savage son & heir of the said Thomas the tenant, of one messuage, garden, orchard, 
20 acres of arable, and 20 acres of pasture in Bp's Tachbrooke, £40. 

Articles of Agreement made & set down 20 April in foure & fourtieth yere of 
Queen Elizabeth, between William Savage of Tachbrooke ep*i, gent., on the one 
part, & Richard Lane of Brydgetown & Richard Vener of Wellesborne Hastings, 


gentlemen, of the other part, in consideration of a marriage to be solemnized 
betwixt William Savaofe and Alice Faukener of Tiddington in the parish of 
Alveston, widow. William Savage covenants to bring ap and school William 
Faukener son & heir of W" Faukener, deceased, late of Tiddington, and also to 
maintain Marye Faukener sister of W" Faukener during their nonage. Also the 
said W™ Savage will keep in repair all buildings in the tenure of Alice Faukener 
during the minority of the heir. 

Fine dated 15 days from S. Martin, 89 Queen Elizabeth, between Thomas 
Savage, Edmond Hudson & Thomas Ladbrok, qu., and John Stamp & Isabella his 
wife, def., of 3 messuages, 3 gardens, 3 orchards, 120 acres of arable, 15 acres of 
meadow, 60 acres of pasture in Teddington, Alveston, Stoneley, & Cubbington. 
The Court recognized that it was the property of Thomas Savage and that land 
which Thos., Edmond, & Thomas Ladbroke had by gift of the said John & 
Isabella, who quit claim in the same for £160. 

John Eydes of Ashorne, gent., & Margaret Eydes his wife grants to Thomas 
Savage of Tachbrooke ep'i, yeoman, a messuage with garden adjoining and 20 acres 
of land in Tachbrooke in the occupation of Hugh Fletcher, Vicar of Tachbrooke. 
Dated 20 Sept. in thirty-eighth of Queen Elizabeth. 

Peaceable possession was given in the presence of Roger Reading, Will. 
Reading, William Savage, John Savage, Thomas Pratt, and Thomas Savage, junior, 
son of the said Thomas Savage. 

The deed is endorsed: The deed of the messuage & xx acres of lande in 
Tachbrooke w^** I bought of M' John Eydes. 

Articles agreed upon between William Savage of Tachbrooke ep'i, yeoman, and 
Richard Savage his son and heir, on the one part, and Ralphe Lees of Lightorne, 
Clerk, on the other part. In consideration that the said Ralphe Lees did pay the sum 
of Two hundred Pounds to the said William Savage and Richard his son for the 
portion of Marie Lees daughter of the said Ralphe, who did become wife to the 
said Richard, the said William Savage & Richard his son doth grant to the said 
Ralphe Lees that the said Ralphe Lees shall have liberty to pass over that ground 
of William Savage's and Richard Savage's called Cleaithill. Dated 20 January in 
the 10 year of K. Charles, 1634. 

Indenture between Humanitas Jackson the elder, of Ashorne, husbandman, of 
the first part, William Jackson of Ashorne, eldest son of the said Humanitas 
Jackson, & Alice Savage of Tachbi'ook ep'i, spinster, one of the daughters of 
William Savage of Tachbrook, gent., of the second part, and the said William 
Savage of Tachbrook and Richard Jackson of Whitnash, husbandman, of the third 
part, witnesseth that whereas the said Humanitas Jackson the elder in consideration 
of a mariiage to be solemnized between the said William Jackson and the said 
Alice Savage. Her portion was £150. Dated 11 June in the eighteenth year of 
K. Charles, 1642. 

Indenture between Daniel Eyres of Whitnash, Clerk, on the one part, and 
Richard Savage of Bp*s Tachbrooke and Mary his wife, William Savage son and heir 
apparent of the said Richard Savage, on the other part, in consideration of a marriage 
intended to be solemnized between the said William Savage and Elizabeth Eyres 
eldest daughter of the said Daniel Eyres. Dated 16 April 1656. 

Indenture between Elizabeth Randoll of Preston Bagot, widow, late wife of 
Robert Randoll, of the first part, William Randoll of Preston Bagot, gent., one of 
the sons of the said Robert Randoll, and Robert Randoll, Thomas Randoll, James 
Randoll, and Joseph Randoll, brothers of the said William Randoll, of the 2^^ part, 
and Richard Savage of Tachbrooke, gent., and William Knight of the Midle 


Temple, London, gent., and Mabell Savage daughter of the said Richard Savage, 
of the S'^ part, witnesseth in consideration of a marriage to be solemnized between 
the said William Randoll and Mabell Savage. Her portion was £280. Dated 
18 June in the two & thirtieth year of Charles II., 1680. 

Indenture dated 1 June 1656 between William Savage the younger of Bp's 
Tachbrooke, on the one part, and Richard Savage of Bp's Tachbrooke, father of the 
said William Savage, relates to a yearly rent. 

[Draft Copy.] Between William Savage the elder of Bp's Tachbrooke, gent., 
of the one part, and George Commander, yeoman, of the other part. Whereas by 
an indenture tripartite dated 22 October 1688, being the fourth year of K. James II., 
made between James Bullock of Pelshall in the county of Stafford, yeoman, & 
Anne his wife, of the first part, W™ Savage the elder of Bp's Tachbrooke, gent., 
since dead, and the said W" Savage, party to this indenture by the th^n name of 
W™ Savage the younger, son & heir of the said W" Savage the elder, & Mary the 
wife of the said W"* Savage the younger, being sole daughter & heir of the said 
James Bullock, of the 2°^ part, and Thomas Wagstaffe of Tachbrooke Mallory, 
Esq'% and John Fowler of Pelsall, yeoman, of the third part, the said W" Savage 
the elder, dead, & the said W™ Savage parts to these presents did grant to Thos. 
Wagstaffe & John Fowler the draft proceeds to recite the above mentioned deed 
whereby power was given to raise portions for the younger children on lands in 
Hampton Lucy & Tachbrooke not exc>eeding £400, & it now raises £100 for the 
portion of Elizabeth Savage one of the daughters of W™ Savajge. Dated 1712. 

Articles agreed upon between George Commander of Bp's Tachbrooke, yeoman, 
of the one part, and William Savage the elder & William Savage tho younger, both 
of Bp's Tachbrooke, gentlemen, of the other part. Whereas a marriage is intended to 
be solemnized between the said George Commander and Elizabeth Savage one of 
the daughters of the said William Savage the elder. Her portion £120. Dated 
5 Dec. in the eleventh year of Q. Anne, 1712. 

I, George Bryers of Rowington in the county of Warwick, yeoman, have 
received of William Savage of Bp's Tachbrook the sum of £100, being part of the 
marriage portion of Anne Savage one of the daughters of the said W°* Savage. 
Dated 19 July in 12*^ year of K. Charles, 1636. 

Abend of W" Savage's of the town of Warwick, Blacksmith. The condition 
is such that whereas Anne Savage of the town of Warwick, widow, mother of the 
above-mentioned William Savage, hath delivered to the said William Savage by her 
deed, bearing date with these presents, all such goods now in the custody of the 
said Anne Savage to hold to him the said William that be shall on the death of the 
said Anne Savage deliver unto William Savage, Thomas Savage, Anne Savage, and 
Alice Savage, four of the children of the above mentioned William Savage, etc. 
Witness : Edward Savage. Dated 22 January 1629. 

The will of Hnmanitas Jackson, dated 5 May, 88 E. Chas. II., 1681, but with 
no probate ; apparently an original will, signed with his mark and seal. On a chevron 
three garbs on a canton. Crest : A Stag. Humanitas Jackson of Bp's Tachbrooke 
gives to his cousin William Savage, sen% all his freehold house & land about 48 
acres in Tachbrooke ; to his brother W*" Jackson £20 and household goods ; to 
his sister Elizabeth Comley wife of Clement Comley 40 shillings yearly, to be paid 
by W™ Savage. Executor W° Savage. 

Charles Savage of London, Merchant Taylor, nominates my father William 
Savage of Bp's Tachbrooke to take possession of one tenement & forty acres of 
land in Bp's Tachbrooke. Dated 20 April in 6*^ year of K. W™ & Q. Mary, 1694. 


Samuel Carte, Prebendary of Bp's Tachbrooke, grants letters to administer the 
goods of Mary Savage, widow, late of Bp*8 Tachbrooke, to her son Charles Savage. 
Dated 9 August 1783. 

Will of Richard Savage of Tachbrooke ep'i, dated 20 Dec. 1682 ; proved 3 Dec, 
1684 (Somerset House, Hans, 167). Richard Savage of Tachbrooke, gent., to his 
eldest son William Savage all his corn on his estate at Tachbrooke ; to his grandson 
W™ Savage the younger his land in Hampton Lucy, but said William to p^^ £50 
to his younger brother Richard Savage. To his wife Mary all his interest m the 
lands of his son-iu-law John Chebsey of Ladbrooke in trust for his dau. Hester 
wife of said John Chebsey. Mary his wife & Sarah Savage his dau. to be 
executrices. His son-in-law W" Randle & Joseph Trebell, Vicar of Tachbrook, to 
be overseers. 

Will of William Savage, dated 8 April, 12 K. George, 1726 ; proved at Doctors' 
Commons by Charles Savage 3 October 1726. William Savage of Tachbrook ep*i, 
gent., devises to his brother Charles Savage all his tenement m Tachbrooke where 
he dwells in, all his lands in that parish, & to the heirs male of the said Charles 
■ Savage, & for want of sqch issue then to his brother John Savage & his issue male, 
& for want of such issue then to his own heirs-at-law ; to his sister Mary Savage 
£100 ; to his sister Hannah Savage £100 ; to his brother John £100 ; to his 
honoured mother Mary Savage some furniture. Sole executor his brother Charles 

Admission to Guild of Holy Cross, Stratford-on-Avon. 

9 Edw. IV. Thomas Savage, Tachbrooke, & Matilda his wife. 
— — John Savage, Tachbrooke Mallory, & Joan his wife. 

10 £dw. IV. John Savage, Kington, & Alice his wife. 

10 October 37 Eliz. [1596]. Indenture tripartite bet° Tho* Savage, Bishoppes 
Tachebroke al's ffishers Tachebroke, co. War., yeoman, V^ pt., John Murcott, 
Lemyngton Priors, co. War., yeoman, & Edward Murcott, Tachebroke Malory, co. 
War., yeoman, 2"^ pt., & Thomas Sewell, Byfeild, in co. Northampton, yeoman, 
S^ pt. In consideration of a marriage already had & solemnized bet^ s^ Tho" 
Savage and Hope his now wife & for a competent' & sufficient jointure to be had or 
made sure to the s^ Hope, And for & in consideration of the natural gpod will, 
fatherly love & affection wh. the s** Tho" Savage beareth unto his several sons here- 
after named & for their better preferm* & maintain® in living after the decease of 
the s^ Tho" S. & for the continuance of s<^ lands, etc., hereafter ment<^ in the name, 
blood stock & kindred of the s** Tho" S., it is fully agreed by & bet" all the s^ 
parties to these present Ind" as follows : Tho" S. covenants for himself & heirs, 
etc., with s^ John Murcot, Edw. Murcot, & Tho" Sewell that he will on this side & 
before 1"* March next ensuing above date suffer the s* J. M., E. M. & T. S. in a 
writ of "Entrie sur disseisin in le post" to be had & prosecuted ag* s^ T. S. 
according to the usual form of common recoveries for assurance of lands, etc., to 
recover ag* him the s* Tho" Savage all & singular the messuages, cottages, lands, 
etc., of the s^ Tho" S. whatsoever being in the several towns, parishes, hamlets, & 
fields of Bp's Tachebrooke al's Fisher's Tach^*, Bradwell, Alveston, Tidington, 
Barton, & Lemington in co. War., by such name or names as shall be devised or 
appoint** by s** T. S. or his counsel learned .... viz., a messsf® & close adj« in Bp's 
Taoh*'® occup** by T. S., & in the uppermost lot in Bp's T. called Cotepeeces, 2 
closes in Bp's T. called Clete Hill, one half of the meadow in Bp's T. in tenure of 
s^ T. S. for his life, after his death to use of Hope his wife for life if she lives sole & 
unmarried ; after her death or marriage to the use of W™ Savage, son & heir appar^ 
of s* T. S., & the heirs male of his body ; for default to John Savage, second son 
of s* T. S, ; for default to Tho" Savage, 3"* son ; for default to b^ Tho" S. the 


father & his heirs for ever. In all o'r messK®", etc., in Tach^* not limited to s* Hope 
to the use of s* Tho* the father for his nat* life & after to s^ W™ ; for def* to John ; 
for def* to Tho" & for def^ to s*^ father & heirs for ever .... & of & in one half 
deale of messuages, etc., in Alveston, Tidington, to s^ Tho" the father for life, then 
to Hope his wife for life if she lives unmarr** (repitition of above conditions) & of 
& in the other half moiety of messR^*, etc., in Alveston, etc., to nse of s^ Tho" S. for 
life, then to John S. his son ; for default to W"* ; for def* to Tho' ; for def* to s^ 
father & heirs ..*..& of & in the half of mess&*», etc., in Lemington & Bradwell to 
use of B^ Tho», then Hope his wife (as before\ at her death to Tho* the son, & 

for def* to W", & for def* to s* John ; for def* to Tho« the father & his heirs 

& of & in the o'r half in Lemington & B. to use of father Tho", then to Tho* the 
son & heirs ; in def* to W" & h» ; in def* to John & h« ; for def* to father & his 
heirs .... & of & in messK**, etc., in Barton to s* Tho* the father & his heirs for ever. 
Proviso that T. S. can alter above arrangem* if he chooses on certain usual conditions. 

Signed by John & Edw^ Murcott & Tho* Sewell. Seals [not armorial]. 

Witnesses: Fra. Levinge, John Eyres, Will"* Briscooe, Tho. Master's mark, 
Boger Beding's mark. 

[This deed is in the possession of Mr, Bichard Savage, Librarian of Shakespeare's 
Birthplace.] (7b be continued.^ 

iHemorantia of aaatUiam Curtop«, 


[Note. — These Memoranda are contained in a very small note-book, measuring 
4i by 3 inches, which has been carefully preserved. The writing is usually clear 
and good, but occasionally much crampea. The order, it will be seen, is not always 
strictly chronological. The entries printed first are entirely of a family nature ; 
those beginning at the other end of the book and printed second are more general, 
though they begin with the solemn and interesting record of the renewal of the 
baptismal vow and reception of the Holy Eucharist by the writer on the twenty- 
first anniversarv of his baptism. That and the earlier entries are in Latin, the rest 
in English. The Rev. W. P. Curtoys will be glad to communicate with any 
reader who can throw light upon persons or families herein alluded to.] 

M' Lamplugh died No' 3**, 1737. 

10^, 81, 1733, Charles went to Alton, and in 1737-8 to Wott.t 

Game up June 1, 1734. 

21 July, went down ; ret^ Aug. 10 ; went out town 27 Nov'. 

Sep' 1784. M' Balls in town. 

27 June 1786. Din'd at Paddington. 

M'* Wilson with M' Beeks. 

23, at Daugh', 5.6; ano', 2 . 6. 

(Page 15).— Son Charles married. May y« 1*S 1739, to Eliza*^ Daug' of M' Hunt 
of Wooton Bivers. 

His Daug' Ann bom Aprill y« 5^, 1740. 

June 16*^1745. In night Charles' son Charles born ; died 21**, and Daug' 
Elizabeth died 22»^ and both buried in one Coffin. June 19'^ 1750, at 5 aft' noon 
was his son born and nam'd Charles. 

Son Charles, wife, & daug' came to town 11 Oct. 1743 ; went out of town 
15 No' 1743. 

♦ Commimicated by the Rev. W. F. CuRTOYS, Coleby Vicarage, Lincoln — continued from p. 37. 
t Is this for Wootton (RiTere) ? 


1748, Ap*i 21. Charles daug' in town with her Aunt Cook; went home 
May 6^S '48. 

Son George married to M" Ann Davis, Daug' of Widow Davis, 27 Nov' 1744, 
and I hope God will give them an happy life together in Love and Unity. 

(Page 16).— 29 March 1746. Died son George's wife's mother, of an apoplexy, 
aged 61 ; bur^ 3 Api at S* Bart^'% Smithfield-great. 

Charles Churchill, son of d®, born 2^ of May 1746, | aft' 7 in y« morning ; 
Bap. 26*^. r M' Chas. Davis. 

Comp.<( M' Branch. 

[M" Churchill. 
Peter, son of d®, born 28*** of November 1747 at 11 at night ; died Dec. 6*^, 
aged 8 days. 

11**> July '48. M" Davis, grandmother to son Geo. wife, died astat. 88 ; Buried 
in S* Andrew's, Holborn, Churchyard. 
M' Branch died Api 19, 1760. 

(Page 17). — July y« 80, 1751, J hour past 8 morning, Ann Daug' of Son 
Qeorg. was born ; bapt. Aug. 6*^ 1751. Com. M' Pratt. 

M« Branch. 
M. Davis. 

[In another hand.] William Curtoys, the writer of these observations, died 
Nov. 13^^ 1752, aged 82. Buried at Paddington [pencilled out by someone]. 

[Beginning at otheb End.] 

(Page 1, on fly-leaf*). — 

Christ's Hospital. Mem. : 1739, July 20*^>. 

M' Heatherly, m', M' Shipton, S"*^ m'. Gram' School. M' Durnford, writing 
master. M' Morris, w. master, Hertford. 

Nurse Notier's ward. 

Trustees of Lady Nevil's Charity : The Archbp. of Cant. ; S' Thomas Hanmer ; 
D' Hutchinson, D.D. ; D' Smith, provost Queens ; Hon.'Edw** Digby ; . . . . Hulls, 
Esq'% Han' St. ; D' P(?)elling, S* Ann's. 

For violent looseness : 15 drops of liquid Laudinum in a dram cinnamon water. 

(Page 2, really page 1). — Memorandum me 20""° die 7**'*' anno d'm'ni 1691 
solemniter meum votum et foedus baptismale renovare accipiendo Sanctam Eucharis- 
tiam et tunc meipsum in Dei latram devovere ab qu^ hand unquam discedere 
(gratis ejus adjurante) stat mihi sententia, sed semper servum Salvatoris mei Jesu 
Christi fidelem manere in cujus rei memoria idem descripsi ; et nomeu adposui. 

Ita juvet me Deus. 

Evidently added at a later date. 


(Page 8).— Memorand". Novembris b^, 1688. King W» landed in England 
Feb'7 18«, '88. Kg. W"^ & Q. Mary were proclaimed. 

lObr ye ijtb^ '33^ ^q Alarm was throughout England at which time King 
James abdicated his Throne and went to France. 

June y« 10*^, '88. The Prince of Wales (as so said) was born at S* James. 

Ap* ye uth^ '39^ King Will™ & Queen Maiy were crowned. 

Queen Mary died 28 Deo' 1694 ; buried at Westm' Abbey March 5, '94-5. 

(Page 4).— Mem. Feb'^ ye 6*J», '84-5. King Charles y« 2'^ dyed ; King James 2«* 
was proclaimed y^ same day. 

1688-4. The great frost from November till March, in all 6 weekes, at wh. time 
y® Eiver Thames was f rozed over. 

1685. The Rebellion in y« west by y« Duke of Monmouth, who was beheaded 
15« Julii 1685. 

June y« 8*^, 1688. The A.-B. of Cant, and 6 other Bishops were sent to y« 
Tower because they would not read the Declaration. 

(Page 5). — July 24, 1689. W"», Duke of Gloucester, son to Prince George & 
Princess Ann, was bom ; dyed August 9*^, 1700, aet. 11 yrs. 16 days. 

August 7, 1714, died Queen Anne. King George proclaimed ; crown'd 20 Oct. 

July. King George dyed at his Brof* June 11, 1727, in Germany. July y* 15 
King George 2'*** proclaimed. 

20 No' 1787 died Queen Caroline, ab* 11 at night ; buried at Westm^ 

(Page 6). — Tuesday, Feb'y y« 7***, 1698. A great Wind which did much damage, 
in blowing up trees and down chimnies and killd many and hurt m^y. 
Feb. 28*^ a Fire in S* Paul's Church. 
March y« 16**», '98. A great Fish bro* up the river, 50 foot long, 12 feet broad, 

6 6 thick. 

March 8*^, 1701, King William y« 8* dyed. Queen Ann proclaimed rg°; 
crowned April 28^ 1702. 

Nov^' 27***, 1708. A great Wind, S.S.W., which did more mischief than any in 
y« memory of Man. 

Ap. 8 (?), 1715. A remarkable Eclipse of the Sun, almost total. 

(Page 7).— 1704, 9^' y« 2"^. T« Chappell in Russell C* was taken for 70 

7 years. Opened May 27, 1705. 

M' English died March 81'*, 1712. 
M" English died March 3^, 1717-18 ; buried at Barnes. 
M' J°« Edwards dyed 29 Feb. ; buried at Wickham 1728-4. 
M" Ann Power, Daughter of Sist' Hulbert, dyed 11*'' July 1725 ; buried at 
S* George's, South(? wark), July 16"», 1725. 

M' Rioh^ Nelson dyed July 14'^, 1725 ; buried at Marylebone. 
Coz' The. Wells died at Eari Soham Feb. 1727. 

(Page 8).— Aunt Whitehal died Jan. 17, 1715-16. 

Sist' Edith Spicer died Aug* 4, 1718 ; buried in S* Bride's. 

Sist' Hulbert died Xmas 1714 ; buried S* George's, Southwark. 

Uncle Tho. Welles died Aug* 8"*, 1716 ; buried at Br dish,* Suffolk. Sist' 

Bartlet died May 26«S 1751.t 

Brot»»' Bartlet died March 1"*, 1716-17 ; buried Cov* Garden. Sister Bartlet 
died 26 Feb. 1752.t 

* There is Brockdish, Norfolk (?). 
t Inserted later. 


Coz'* John "Welles dyed August y« 28*, 1721 ; buried in 8* Peter's Church, 
Ipswich, y« 81«S 1721, north side next wall. Chancel end. 

Brother Richard Spicer br' al's Helder, ob* 28*^ [sic] 1724 ; sep. at S* Andrew 
Wardrobe Churchyard. 

(Page 9). — 1721. Tabernacle built and preached in August 1"S 1721. 

S* Martin's Church 1721-2, first stone laid March j^ 26^^ 1721-2 ; weath-" cock 
erected 10^' 1724 ; consecrated 26*** Oct' 1726. 

Sep. 8^**, 1725. A fire at London Bridge that burnt down M"" Usborn's house 
and 40 more. 

Coz" Theod« Welles dyed Feb. 1727 at Earl Soham. 

Sister Mary Spicer died Jan'y 7***, 1730, iat night ; buried at S* Martin's. 

Nov' 7*^ 1747. M' Prisset died, age 78. 

11 Jo 

(Page 10). — Ann Meadows, Daught' of Son Welles, bom June 21, 1736 ; bap. 

J uly. M' Cammalt. 

M" Meadows. 

Died 14 July, buried at Paddington 15*^ aetat. 23 dies. M" Rogers. 

Mary wife of my Son Welles died 26 No' 1736 ; buried at . Paddington 30^, 
aged 24 years 4 months 11 days. 

Mary her Daug' died 27*^ of Aug* 1741 ; buried at Paddington 30, »tat. 
7 years 9 mon. 19 days. 

Jo. Meadows diedf Lady [sic'] '45. 

M" Ward died Jan. 11, '45-6. 

Son Welles died May 16, '46 ; buried Paddington 19*^, aged 39 y". 

(?) 15 . 8 . 6, charges by George. 

^ (Page 11\— Daughter went to Bury August 30^^, 1738 ; in town & here Oct. 1»*. 
6% Charles and she came. 
He preached 8*^ ; 16"» took leave. 

Jo^ Curtoys bound ap. Lady Day '47 ; went aboard for Spain No' 3, '48. 
W™ Curtoys bound Apprentice to M' Brown July 19***, 1749. 
Daug' went to Bury June 25^^, 1742 ; returned July 29"*. 
Dang' went to Wootton '45, July y« 17**> ; '45, returned Aug* 23. 
1746, son Charles came to see me Aug* 26*^ ; tar** to 5 Sep. ; ill. 
Daught. Web' went to Bury 3 July 1747 ; lay at son Geo. ; ret*^ Aug. 4 ; slept 
at Son's . . , . ; chicken & duck bro* up with her. 

M"* Meadows died Mar. 11, '47-8 ; buried at S* Giles' 15***, aetat. 60 & J. 

(Page 12).— June 20*'*-l»*, 1721. Stone laid in the new Church by Hanover 
Square ; consecrated East' 1725 and divided from S* Martin's. 
Coz. Eliz. Curtoys died No' 5*N 1718, Wilford.* 

Coz" Dorothy Curtoys died at Wilford August y^ 4^^, 1728 ; buried at Wilfd 6*^ 
Coz» Jacob Silverwood died y* 1»* August 1728 ; buried at Epperston. 
Coz"^ James Graves died y« . . day of Oct' 1728 at Yarmouth. 
M" Balls died Ap^ 1750 [added]. 
Coz" Rebecca Janes died 22*^<* July 1731 ; bu. 25 Epper". 

(Page 13).— Jan. 8**», 1734. A great storm of wind, W.S.W., which did great 

Coz. Mary Glass died 20 March 1735-6 ; buried 22 at the grand new Church, 
Broadway, West'. 

Bp. of Eley died 18*^ May 1738.t 

♦ This entry is wrongly dated, for Wilford Register has : " Baried M" Elizabeth Curtoys, 
Oct. 11, 1717 ;" and tombstone: "M« Eliz. Curtoys, Oct y" 10^ 1717." 
t Thomaa Qreen, Bishop of Ely 1723-38. 


M» Larmouth died 20*»» May 1788 ; buried at S* Cath»" 25 d*». 

M' Larmouth died March 20, 1740 [added later]. 

Octo' 23, 1739. War declared ag* Spain. 

81 May 1744. War dec* ag* France [added later]. 

A Frost began 26^>» of Dec^ and lasted to y« 26**^ of Feb'y 1739. The Thames 
froze over. 

(Jaly, a great eclipse of Sun.) 

Sat^y, 1»' No', 1740, at night a great hurricane of Wind, and blew down y« 
Garden Wall ; 6^**, and a Fire near us in y*' Borough. 

(Page 14).— M» Webster, wife of M' W« Webster, died 25«> March 1748 ; buried 
at S' Martin's. 

M' W» Webster died 28*»» of June 1744 ; buried y« !•* of July at S* Martin's. 

M' Geo. Webster died May 26% '48 [added later]. 

29 Ap. 1745. A man rode from StUton in Huntingdonshire and back again 
and ret* to London, being 213 miles, in 12 hours 20 minutes. 

In Aug^ 1745 some men landed in the Isle of Skey in Scotland ; and the Clans 
in the highlands joynd and a Rebellion broke out ; and march 'd into Edinburgh 
and other Towns and proclaimed the Pretender, and took Carlisle and march'd 
into England as far as Lancaster and Chesh^*^ and Staffordsh^^ and proceeded to 
Derby, ec^ 

(Page 15).— 16 April 1746. Near Inverness a great Battle at CuUodon heath, 
and were defeated. 

July 15. Began to tiy some of y«"* taken. Townley found guilty. 

16. 3 more d*>. 

27*^. More tried after and found guilty, in all 17 ; rec* Sentence and ordered 
to be executed. 

Feby 2'*^, 1748. A gen* peace proclaimed w^^ France and Spain and Italy. 

March 20, 1750-51, the Prince of Wales died ; buried Ap. 6^^ '51. 

(Page 16).— July 28, 1746. The 8 Lds. tryal began in Westm' Hall. 

Aug. 18. Ld. Kilmarock and Ld. Bal merino were beheaded. 

Mar. 20, '46. Simon, Ld. Lovat, rec. Sentence of Death. 

M' Radolif beheaded '47, Jan. 

Ap. 9. Ld. Lovat beheaded. 

25 March 1748. A great fire in Exchange Alley in Cornhill, and burnt to 
S» Michael's Church ; wind 8.W., high. 

14 July *48. Eclipse of Sun. 

Feb'y 8^'*, 1749. About noon a Shock of an Earthquake was felt about London 
and parts adjacent, and a star like a comet seen in the west. 

March 8^^, about 6 in morn^, another Shock. 

(Page 17). — Daught' Webster went out of town w*^ M' Robert Webster in his 
Chase to M' Haws in Berks' May y« 16*^, 1750 ; from thence to Charles ; 19**^ at 
Wooton ; returned 80*^ June. 

Sept' '50. Grandson W" Curtoys came home to M' Meadows ill of a cold and 
exchanged Ind", and M' Brown paid him back the money, being 20^ ; his mast' 
prison' in Fleet ; went again July 1751 to M' Brown. 

Sep' 1751. Granddaug' came to town w*^ M' Webster, after a month's stay at 
son Charles, Wilts. 

Rec^ Oct' y« 25*^, 1751, a lett' from son Charles y* he had got the Curacy of 
Hewish to hold with Wootton. 

July W\ 1752. Daug' Webster and her niece went into Wilts to her Brot'«. 

21, rec^ a L'. 



iEarnases of 28aantrsbjortJ Xnl)a!)itattt«/ 


Jan. 25 


July 22 


Nov. 9 


April 21 


Sep. 10 


April 80 


Jan. 22 


April 1 


Nov. 11 


Sep. 13 


Nov. 29 


Nov. 11 


1738, May 15. John Green of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, Batchelor, 
& Catherine Clear of Clapham in the County aforesaid, Spinster ; by licence. 

Henry, son of John and Catherine Green, bapt. 

Richard, son of John and Catherine Green, bapt. 

Mary, daughter of John and Catherine Green, bapt. 

John, son of John and Catherine Green, bapt. 

Elisabeth, daughter of John and Catherine Green, bapt. 

Rebecca, daughter of John and Catherine Green, bapt. 

Thomas, son of John [altered from Thomas] and Catharine Green, 

Catherine, daughter of John and Catherine Green, bapt. 

Richard, inf. son of John Green, bur. 

Elisabeth, inf. daughter of John Green, bur. 

Henry, son of John Green, 8, bur. 

Catherine, inf. daughter of John and Mary [sic] Green, bur. 

1738, Nov. 28. Richard Hughes of the Parish of Saint Saviour, Southwark, 
in the County of Surry, Batchelor, & Elizabeth Essington of Wandsworth in the 
same County, Spinster ; by the Reverend M"^ Cawley, Vicar of Wandsworth ; by 
licence. (Clapham.) 

1714 Oct. 19 Elizabeth, daughter of M' John Essington, bapt. 
1751 Sep. 15 Thomas, son of Richard and Elizabeth Hughes, bapt. 

1738, Dec. 14. William Heath of the Parish of Wandsworth in the county 
of Surry, Widower, & Sarah Commins of the same Parish, Spinster ; licence. 

[Burial of first wife.] 
173| Mar. 5 Frances, wife of William Heath. 

[Children of second marriage.] 
Thomas, son of William and Sarah Heath, bapt. 
Sarah, daughter of William and Sarah Heath, bapt. 
Mary, daughter of William and Sarah Heath, bapt. 
William Heath, bur. 

1740, July 6. William Nelson of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, 
Batchelor, <& Mary Bull of the Parish of S^ Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, 
Spinster ; by the Rev. M' Cawley, Vicar of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 
17-H Mar. 19 William, son of Thomas Nelson, bapt. 

Mary, daughter of William and Mary Nelson, bapt. 

Fanny, daughter of William and Mary Nelson, bapt. 

Thomas, son of William and Mary Nelson, bapt. 

Mary, daughter of William Nelson, senr., bur. 

Thomas, inf. son of William Nelson, bur. 

Mary, wife of William Nelson, bur. 

[His parents were married at Clapham 29 Jan. 1711-12, see a«fo. Vol. IV., p. 172.] 
* Oommttnicated by Cecil T, Davis, Esq.— continued from p. 33. 














June 22 


Oct. 11 


June 2 


May 18 


Sep. 11 


Nov. 19 


1741, June 27. Thomas Williamson of Wandsworth in the County of Snny, 
Batohelor, & Christiana Stephenson of the Parish of Saint Edmund the King, 
London, Widow ; by licence. (Claphani.) 

1744 Mar. 11 Thomas an inf. son of Thomas Williamson, bur. 

1761 Nov. 1 Thomas Williamson, bur. [His will in P.C.C, Cheslyn, 418.] 
1785 Oct. 15 Christiana Williamson, 89, bur. 

[Tomb in Mount Nod : — Thomas Williamson, | late of this Parish, Esq., | 
Citizen of London & Scarlet Dyer, | Died the 20"» of October 1761, | Aged 
48 years. 

Thomas, son of the above | Died the 21"^ of March 1744 | ^t. 11 months. 

M" Christiaue Williamson, | Wife of the above Thomas Williamson, Esq., | Died 
the 8*^* of October 1785 | Aged 79 years. (See "Mount Nod," by J. T. Squire.)] 

1741, July 12. Jesse Trbdwell of Wandsworth in the county of Surry, 
Batchelor, & Elizabeth Whithore of the same Parish, Spinster ; by the Rev"* 
M' Cawley, Vicar of Wandsworth ; licence. (Clap ham.) 

1745 June 13 Joseph, son of Jesse and Elisabeth Tredwell, bapt. 

1747 June 21 William, son of Jesse (deceased) and Elisabeth Tredwell, bapt. 
1747 May 27 Jesse Tredwell, bur. 

1741, Sep. 29. John Over of the Parish of Wandsworth, Batchelor, & Ann 
Clafham of this parish. Widow ; by licence ; by Tho" Church, Vicar. (Battersea.) 

1741, Dec. 14. John Davis of Battersea in the Counliy of Surry, Batchelor, & 
Susanna Dobson of Wandsworth in the said County of Surry, widow ; by the 
fiev* M' Cawley, Vicar of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 

1743, Sep. 18, Benjamin Phillips of the Parish of Wansworth in the County 
of Surry, Batchelor, & Anne Cutter of the same Parish, Spinster ; by the Bev^ 
M' Cawley, Vicar of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 
1716 April 25 Benjamin, son of William Philips, bapt. 

1744 Aug. 14 Samuel, son of Benjamin and Anne rhilips, bapt. 

1745 Aug. 28 Anne, daughter of Benjamin and Anne Philips, bapt. 

1746 Oct. 28 James, son of Benjamin and Anne Philips, bapt. 

1749 Oct. 17 Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin and Ann Phillips, bapt. 

1751 Dec. 11 George, son of Benjamin and Anne Phillips, bapt. 
1758 Mar. 23 Anne, daughter of Benjamin and Anne Phillips, bapt. 
174| Jan. 13 Samuel, inf. son of Benjamin Philips, bur. 

1746 Nov. 23 James, inf. son of Benjamin Philips, bur. 

1752 June 5 Anne, daughter of Benjamin and Anne Phillips, bur. 
1770 Feb. 8 Anne Philips, 52, bur. 

1783 Nov. 26 Benjamin Phillips, 68, bur, 

1743, Oct. 31. William Wilkins of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, 
Widower, & Catharine Higham of the same Parish, Widow ; by the Reverend 
M' Cawley, Vicar of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 

1742 April 18 Thomas Higham and Catherine Sheffils, both of this parish 

[Wandsworth] ; banns. 

1743 Sep. 13 Mary, daughter of Thomas Higham (deceased) by Catherine his 
wife, bapt. 

Anne, daughter of William and Catherine Wilkins, bapt. 
John, son of William and Catherine Wilkins, bapt. 
George ShetBelds, son of William and Catherine Wilkins, bapt. 
William, son of William and Catherine Wilkins, bapt. 
Catherine, daughter of William and Catherine Wilkins, bapt. 
Lucy, daughter of William and Catherine Wilkins, bapt. 




















Jane 21 


April 26 


Oct. 11 


May 3 


May 10 


Jane 9 


Jane 28 


May 4 


Elizabeth, daughter of William and Catherine Wilkins, bapt. 

George, son of William and Catherine Wilkins, bapt. 

Anne, [first] wife of William Wilkins, bur. 

Thomas Higham, bur. 

William, a child of William Wilkins, bur. 

George SheflSeld, son of William and Catherine Wilkins, bur. 

Elizabeth, inf. daughter of William and Catherine Wilkins, bur. 

William Willking, 59, bur. 

1748, Nov. 8. Arthur Honywood of Cobham in the County of Surry, 
Batohelor, & Elizabeth Trugler of Wandsworth in the same County, Spinster ; 
by the Rev. M' Cawley, Vicar of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 

1753 June 8 Elizabeth, wife of Arthur Honeywood, 87, bur. [He appears to 

have married again.] 
1768 Jan. 31 Mary, wife of Arthur Honeywood, 88, bur. 
1765 Mar. 8 Arthur Honeywood, 46, bur. 

[A tomb to their memory in Mount Nod.] 

1744, Oct. 17. Thomas Cross of Tooting-Beck in the County of Surry, 
Batchelor, & Anne Mackuen of the Parish of Wandsworth in Surry, Widow ; by 
the Rev^ M' Brady, Rector of Tooting ; by licence. (Clapham.) 

1745, April 16. Simon Smith of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, Batchelor, 
& Rebecca Drake of the same Parish, Spinster ; by the Rev. M' Cawley, Vicar of 
Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 

1721 Mar. 24 Rebecca, daughter of William and Elizabeth Drake, bapt. 

1756 July 20 Elizabeth, daughter of Simon and Rebekah Smith, bapt. [Trans- 
ferred from the Buriahy where it had been by mistake inserted. — 
H. Whitfield.] 

1767 Feb. 18 Rebeccah Smith, 89, bur. 

1745, June 5. Thomas Funnel of the Parish of Wandsworth in the County of 
Surry, Batchelor, & Susannah Langlby of Tooting Beck in Streatham in the 
county aforesaid. Spinster ; by the Rev. M"^ Brady, Rector of Tooting ; by licence. 

1745, Nov. 23. Richard Lidgett of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, 
Batchelor, & Anne Turner of the same place. Spinster ; by the Rev. M' Cawley, 
Vicar of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 

17 ^■ Mar. 8 George, son of Richard and Anne Lidgett, bapt. 

17 4ci Mar. 8 Anne, daughter of Richard and Anne Lidgett, bapt. 

17|^ Jan. 20 Jane, daughter of Richard and Anne Lidget, bapt. 

1754 June 28 Margaret, daughter of Richard and Anne Lidgett, bapt. 
1759 Jan. 27 Richard, son of Richard and Anne Lidgett, bapt. 
1772 Jan. 19 Ann Lidget, 54, bur. 

1746, Oct. 9. Thomas Mattox of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, 
Batchelor, & Anne Southern of the same parish, Widow ; by the Rev^ M' Cawley, 
Vicar of Wandsworth ; by licence. (Clapham.) 
1764 Jan. 8 Thomas, son of Thomas and Anne Mattocks, bapt. 

Thomas, son of Thomas and Anue Mattocks, bapt. 
Charlotte, daughter of Thomas and Anne Mattocks, bapt. 
Thomas, inf. son of Thomas and Aune Mattocks, bur. 
Thomas, inf. son of Thomas and Aune Mattex, bur. 
Ann, wife of Thomas Mattocks, 40, bur. 
Ann Mattocks, 78, bur. 


June 14 


Feb. 16 


May 8 


Oct. 9 


May 28 


Nov. 24 


1748, May 6. Johk Piokbeing of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, 
Batchelor, & Mart Moad of the same Parish, Widow ; by the fiev* M' Oawley, 
Vicar of Wandsworth ; by licencse. (Clapham.) 

1750, April 3. Samuel Massby & Dorcas Trotman of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George 8 Ohapel, May&ir.) 
1751 June 9 Samuel Massey, 58, bur. 

1750, May 1. Claphamsok Essington of the Parish of Wimbleton in the 
County of Surry, Widower, & Ann Hill of the Parish of S* Lawrence Jewry, 
London, Spinster ; by the Rev. M' Castelfranc ; by licence. (Clapham.) 
1725 Oct. 18 Claphamson, son of M' John Essington by Elizabeth his wife, 

17 if Feb. 28 Anne, daughter of Claphamson and Anne Essington, bapt. 

1750, Sep. 16. Thomas Blowbr of Wandsworth, Surry, & Elizabbth Hall 
of Battersea in s* co. (St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1750, Sep. 17. Phillip Garby & Sarah Pert of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 
1751 April 27 Elizabeth, daughter of Philip and Sarah Garey, bapt. 

Charles, son of Phillip and Sarah Gearey, bapt. 

Phillip, son of Phillip and Sarah G^ary, bapt. 

Mary, daughter of Philip and Sarah Geary, bapt. 

Anne, daughter of Phillip and Sarah Geary, bapt. 

Frances, daughter of Philip and Sarah Geary, bapt. 

Francis, son of Philip and Sarah Geary, bapt. 

Anne, daughter of Philip and Sarah Garey, bapt. 

Elizabeth, inf. daughter of Philip and Sarah Gearey, bur. 

Charles, inf. son of Philip and Sarah Gearey, bur. 

Mary, inf. daughter of Philip and Sarah Geary, bur. 

Anne, daughter of Phillip and Sarah Geary, bur. 

Frances, inf. daughter of Philip and Sarah Geary, bur. 

Anne, inf. daughter of Philip and Sarah Geary, bur. 

Sarah Geary, bur. 

Philip Geary, 63, bur. 

1750, Oct. 81. Alexander Fairlib of Wandsworth, Surry, & Anne Sharratt 
of Whimblenton [aic] in s* co. (St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1750, Nov. 6. William Pert & Mary Randall of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1751 July 5 William, son of William and Mary Pert, bapt. 
1759 Jan. 28 Anne, daughter of William and Mary Pert, bapt. 

1750-51, Jan. 14. Yeatbs Thomas & Harriot Mott of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1750-51, Feb. 10. Abraham Briscoe & Hannah Graham of Wandsor [sic], 
Sun-y. (St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1751 Not. 5 Abraham Samuel, son of Abraham and Hannah Briscoe, bapt. 

1751, May 5. Edward Evelyn & Ph(EBB Ruttbr of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St.' George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1727 Dec. 31 Phebe, daughter of John and Pliebe Butter, bapt. 

1752 May 20 John, son of Edward and Phebe Evelyn, bapt. 

1753 Nov. 3 Charles, son of Edward and Phebe Evelyn, bapt. 


June 7 


July 6 


Jan. 19 


July 21 


Nov. 14 


Oct. 19 


Sep. 11 


Sep. 5 


June 30 


May 22 


Sep. 17 


Nov. 25 


June 29 


Sep. 7 


April 5 





























1756 Nov. 20 Oeorge Rutter, son of Edward and Phebe Evelyn, bapt. 
1752 Nov. 5 John, inf. son of Edward and Phebe EtcIjh, bur. 

1757 Sep. 9 George Rutter, son of Edward and Phoebe Evelyn, bur. 

1759 . July 7 Edward Rutter, son of Edward and Phoebe Evelyn, bur. 

1751, May 14.. William Wilson & Dbbobah Taniter of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

William, son of William and Deborah Wilson, bapt. 
John, son of William and Deborah Wilson, bapt. 
Richard, son of William and Deborah Wilson, bapt. 
William, son of William and Deborah Wilson, bapt. 
James, son of William and Deborah Wilson, bapt. 
John, son of William and Deborah Wilson, bur. 
William, inf. dan. [sic] of William and Deborah Wilson, bur. 
James, inf. son of William and Deborah Wilson, bur. 
Deborah Wilson, 63, bur. 

1751, June 14. Thomas Todd & Mary Piper, Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1752 Mar. 80 Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary Todd, bapt. 
1754 July 25 Anne, daughter of Thomas and Mary Todd, bapt. 

1753 Dec. 9 Thomas Todd, 30, bur. 

1754 Oct. 5 Anne, inf. daughter of Thomas and Mary Todd, bur. 

1751, June 17. Charles Young & Margaret Middlbton of Wandsworth, 
Surry. (St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1752 Mar. 31 Anne, daughter of Charles and Margaret Younge, bapt. 
1752 May 23 Anne, inf. daughter of Charles and Mary [? Marg.] Younge, bur. 

1751, Sep. 1. John Munday & Mary Townb of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1751 Mar. 23 John, son of John and Mary Munday, bapt. 
1754 Jan. 12 Mary, daughter of John and Mary Monday, bapt. 

1758 Oct. 17 George, son of John and Mary Monday, bapt. 

1760 Sep. 6 George, son of John (originally George) and Mary Monday, bapt. 
1763 June 18 Anne Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary Munday, bapt. 
1765 July 7 Richard, son of John and Mary Mary [sic] Munday, bapt. 

1757 June 11 Elizabeth, inf. daughter of John and Mary Munday, bur. 

1758 Oct. 20 George, inf. son of John and Mary Munday, bur. 
1767 Jan. 29 Mary, inf. daughter of John and Mary Monday, bur. 
1778 Dec. 13 John Monday, 26, bur. 

1751, Sep. 1. Timothy Mari [should he Marr] & Mary Palmer of 
Wandsworth, Surry. (St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1731 Jan. 21 Mary, daughter of Robert and Elisabeth Palmer, bapt. 

1752 July 18 Elizabeth, daughter of Timothy and Mary Marr, bapt. 
1754 Aug. 25 Robert, son of Timothy and Mary Marr, bapt. 

1756 May 17 Timothy, son of Timothy and Mary Marr, bapt. 

1758 June 17 Robert, son of Timothy and Mary MaiT, bapt. 

1759 Aug. 5 Anne, daughter of Timothy and Mary Marr, bapt. 
1762 Aug. 18 Mary, daughter of Timothy and Mary Marr, bapt. 

1752 Oct. 8 Elizabeth, inf. daughter of Timothy and Mary Marr, bur. 

1757 May 2 Robert, inf. son of Timothy and Mary Marr, bur. 
1759 April 19 Robert, son of Timothy and Mary Marr, bur. 

1759 Oct. 14 Anne, inf. daughter of Timothy and Mary Marr, bur. 
1775 Nov. 29 Timothy Marr, bur. 

(^Tohe continued,) 


Fenland Notes and Queries, Vol. V., Part 53. April 1902. Peterborough : George C. Caster, 

Market Place. 
This Part contains some interesting docnments respecting the drainage of the Fens, which 
seems to have required a great deal of attention and vast sums. Dnring Charles I. and 
Charles II.*s reigns the taxation was large, and in James's time the second tax was a double one, 
and a third was called for, and even Londoners were assessed at £80. The King had a great 
aversion to the Commons on account of supplies he was continually wanting. He wanted 
£150,000 a year and looked to the Fens to obtain it. The Whittlesey Parish Marriage Registers 
are next given where they can be decipherable, on one leaf of 100 entries only ten being 
legible. The Begisters of Rt. Mary's in Whittlesey are added for 1683; in many cases 
leaves are missing, some are torn across with one half leaf, and others are detached, lying quite 
loose. The book only consists of eighteen leaves of paper in leather, and contains entries of 
baptisms and of burials from 1683 to 1694. Surely the Parish fiegister Society ought to make 
a visit to Cambridgeshire a special one, so as to embrace the county, exoept a Local Society is 
started, such as is being done for the county of Surrey at the present time. The Editor is enabled 
to announce that the Duke of Bedford is going to defray the cost of printing the Thomey French 
Begisters under the auspices of the Huguenot Society, with Mr. Henry Peet, F.S.A., as editor. 

The Journal of the Ex Libris Society, Vol. XII., Parts 3, 4, and 5, March to May 1902. 

London : A. and C. Black, Soho Square, W. 
The March Part is embellished by two separate plates, which render it very acceptable. The 
one forming the frontispiece shews a circular library with the symbols of the arts and sciences 
shewn on the foreground, and at the top the portrait of the celebrated Dr. J. C. W. Moehsen, 
hung with tapestry on both sides ; it is dated 1 September 1753. The whole forms a massive 
and well proportioned bookplate, and the portrait is in that Georgian style which was so 
popular a centuiy ago. There is an article on Musical Bookplates by J. F. Verster, and the Editor 
has another on **Art in Modem Bookplates," in which he ably combats the opinion of 
Mr. Dennis in The Artist, The Ireland Bookplates are next given, with a brief account of the 
gifted young man allowed to go wrong, the son of a man " Shakespere mad," who cast him off 
when not yet nineteen years old only for his own selfish sake after the son's confession. When 
pondered on, what a sacrifice of talent to imitate ink, parchment, time-stained vellum, and all 
to deceive, whereas it is said he was going to write dramas on history from William the 
Conqueror downwards I The wonder is that in that grand period of English literature from 
1800 to 1835 there was no one found to have given the misdirected young man advice so as to 
have utilized bis talents iu a more successful way, as he seems to have passed away unnoticed 
about 1835. He wrote on one occasion, " I was for twelve months at Dr. Barrow's Academy in 
Soho Square, and the dismal play performed by the scholars at the breaking up was Shakespere's 
tragedy of King Lear." Years after he wrote on old paper and in a disguised hand the spurious 
manuscripts concocted at the time. The arms of the Rev. W. B. Barrow, LL.D., are given, 
addressed at foot, '* Academy, Soho Square, 1789.'' 

The April Part opens with a good account of the late Cecil John Rhodes, with his plate, a 
rarity which very few have. Had an artist designed it for a drawing-room picture it might 
have been engraved like that of the death of Moore, but to utilize it as a bookplate is merely 
a subterfuge, as it represents him trading with the natives on the first landing of the Dutch at 
the Cape. There is a pleasing account by Mr. Cecil T. Davis of Dr. Andrew Colte^ Ducarel 
with his arms given, who was appointed Librarian of the Lambeth Palace Library ; and a good 
impression is given of the bookplate of the Right Hon. Arthur J. Balfour, designed by 
Miss C. Helard. The plates of Medical Men are still continued, and the arms for identification 
now number 605. 

The May Part being upwards of a month late prevents us going into any detail of its con- 
tents, only to remark that it may be called the Royal Number, having King Edward's Arms as 


the frontispiece, and the two smaller ones for the Eoyal Library, all etched by Mr. George W. 
Eve, in his usual dexterous manner, marking him out as a draughtsman second to none. We 
congratulate the Editor of the " Ex Libris Journal ** upon having the priTilege of publishing 
these coats at such an opportune time. The other contents comprise an article on Exeter 
Cathedral Library, with two representations of its seal, one of 1749, another of 1822 ; and there 
follows a short account of Lord Nelson's bookplates. 

The Virginia Magazine of Jligtory and Biography, No. 4, Vol. IX. April 1902. Virginia 

Historical Society, Richmond, U.S.A. 
The Number begins with an interesting account of the Germans in the Shenandoah Valley, and 
what a magnificent aspect the whole bore after the fatigue of days trayelling. The Virginia 
Legislative documents are next treated of, and abridgement of the Laws in 1694. The interest 
in the Part is the publication of the John Brown letters, long looked for but only found in the 
Virginia State Library in 1901. Mr. Scott the Librarian had made enquiries about these letters 
in 1894, but was told that every librarian since the war had exhausted all means of finding them, 
but without success. It was only a final searching for a state document, which had been 
missing, that the dust-covered bundle of John Brown's papers came to light. To Americans the 
papers will be very interesting, as well as the account of the battle of Point Pleasant, when the 
first troops were raised after the cargo of tea had been thrown into the sea by the people of 
Boston. A distinguished writer, who saw the troops, said they were the finest set of men that 
were ever got together on this continent. An account of Henry County from 1776, Notes and 
Queries, and several genealogical entries and accounts of families, likewise the Title and Index, 
close the Part 

dlenealojjical fiottsi anti Queries* 

Ist wife. 


=Charles Simkins of Devizes, co, Wilts ;=j=Dorothy, da. of Henry Portal 
owned Poulshot Manor Farm and Ave- of Treefolk, co. Hants. 2nd 
bury Farm, Wilts. wife. 

Sir John Hopkins, Ent,=pAnne, on the death Sir John William Ander8on=Dorothy, ob. s.p. 

Lord Mayor of London 
1791-2 ;ob. 14 Oct. 1796; 
bur. at Wanstead. 

of her sister, sole of Mill Hill, Bart., Lord 9 Dec. 1817 ; bur. 
heir; nb. 5 Sep. Mayor of London 1797-8; at Hendon. 
1806, mt 78. ob. 21 May 1813, SBt. 77. 

"Mis. Gen. et Her.," Second Series, Vol. IIL, p. 262. 

The arms borne by Charles Simkins were : Argent j on afegge sable, between three lions passant 
gvardant gvles, a white rose between two fleurs-de-lys or, 

I should be much obliged for any information as to the parentage of Charles Simkins and his 
first wife. He also had a son Charles, but by which wife I do not know, who ob. s.p. I have 
portraits of Charles Simkins and his daughters. 

JoBBPH A. Bbadnet, Talycoed, Mon. 

*^* Books for* Review and Notices of Forthcoming Works sho^Ud be addressed to 
Messrs, Mitchell and Hughes at the Publishing Office^ 140 }yardofir Street^ London, W, 






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S3 E S G*^ it c8 5 


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r^ ifl 35 i_3 .4^ ^ 


a c3 M ST "^ 


H 2 




Jfamtlp of atiams oi Cabaiit etc/ 


6. Kev. James Adams, born 22 November 1804, A.B. (T.C.D.) ; took his 
A.B. degree ^st. 1832 ; Rector of Castlecor (or Kilbride), Diocese 
of Meath ; married first, 24 December 1835, Elizabeth, daughter of 
James Denham, Esq., of Fairwood Park, co. Fermanagh, and by 
her (who died 7 Jane 1839, aged 25, and was interred in Ballanaleck 
Churchyard, parish of Cleenish, Diocese of Clogher) he had one son 
and one daugnter : — 

(1) Allen Cosby Adams, R.N., born 12 October 1836 ; entered the 

Royal Navy as Midshipman in the "Gladiator, 6," Captain 
John Adams, R.N., his uncle (see p. 49), in 1850 ; was 
present in the " Sans Pareil, 70 " at the siege and capture of 
Sebastopol 1854-55; served also on board the "Scourge, 6," 
the *'Hecla, 6," the "Dauntless, 31," the "Doris, 32," the 
"Salamander, 6," and the "Childers"; became Lieut. 23 
August 1859 ("Navy List"), and died unmarried 12 January 
1860 of yellow fever at Tower Hill, Sierra Leone, while Lieut, 
of the "Arrogant, 47," and was interred in the cemetery of 
St. George's parish, Freetown, Sierra Leone (St. George's, Sierra 
Leone, Par. Reg.). 

(2) Elizabeth Emily, married 28 April 1864 Edward Roper, Esq., 

of 33 Adelaide Street, Kingstown (Monkstown Par. Reg.), who 
died 29 January 1885, and had issue three sons : — 

1. Edward Allen Cosby Roper, bom 14 November 1866. 

2. James HEmiY Leslie Roper, born 13 March 1868. 

3. Campbell Rowley Roper, born 15 June 1870. 

The Rev. James Adams mafried 2ndly, 14 April 1841, Frances, 
daughter of Rev. Richard Bevan, A.B., Rector of Carne, co. Wexford, 
{vide line YlL^^wst), and died 21 April 1889, aged 84, and was 
interred at Mount Nugent (Castlecor Par. Reg.), having had issue 
one son and two daughters. Mrs. James Adams died 30 December 
1878, aged 73, and was also interred in Mount Nugent (Castlecor 
Par. Reg.) : — 

(1) Rev. Richard Adams, A.M., born 23 January 1844; took his 
A.B. degree at Trinity College, Dublin, Hiem. 1866 ; ordained 
12 January 1868 for the Curacy of Quarry Bank, Diocese of 
Lichfield ; Chaplain in the Royal Navy 3 December 1870, on 
board the '* Volage, 18," one of the flying squadron; visited 
Brazil, Cape of Good Hope, East Indies, Norway, etc. ; retired 

* Commnnicated bj Maxwell Adams, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. From a MS. by the late 
Rev. B. W. Adams, DJ&.— continued from p. 50. 


in 1873 and accepted a curacy near Cheltenham ; was Curate of 
St. Andrew and St. Philip, Netting Hill, Middlesex, and Curate 
of St. Stephen's, South Lambeth, Surrey ; was appointed 
Assistant Chaplain of St. Bartholomew's Hpspital, London, 
January 1881 ; married 5 January 1882, in Rathmichael Church, 
CO. Dublin (Rathmichael Par. Reg.), Mary Frances, daughter of 
Da^id and Letitia Thomasina Beatty (see p. 46). 

(2) Mary Louisa, died 26 February 1894 at Kingstown, aged 52. 

(3) Frances Augusta. 

7. Martha, born 1800 ; married 30 October 1818 (St. George's, Dublin, 

Par. Reg.) Smith Massey Berry, Esq., of Clooneen, King's County. 
He died at the age of 75, 2 February 1863. She died 7 March 
1833, aged 33, and was interred in Eglish, King's County (Eglish 
Par. Reg.), leaving issue three sons and one daughter : — 

(1) Thomas Berry, born 1820 ; died unmarried and was interred 

4 January 1852 in Eglish, King's County (Eglish Par. Reg.). ' 

(2) Allen Noble Berry of Irishtown, near Dublin, born 1823 ; 

baptized 11 September 1823 (Eglish Par. Reg.). 

(3) Marlborough Parsons Berry, J.P., of Clooneen, Parsonstown ; 

born 1 July 1825 ; married 18 September 1862 Louisa, 
daughter of John Robert Hewston, Esq., and has issue two 

(4) Isabella Adams, born 1821 (St. George's, Dublin, Par. Reg.) ; 

died unmarried January 1850, aged 29, and was interred in 
Eglish, King's County. 

8. Sarah, born 1801 ; married 4 December 1821 (St. George's, Dublin, 

Par. Reg.) Robert Jaffray Hautenville of Dublin, who died 
14 August 1874, aged 88. Mrs. Hautenville died 25 April 1832, 
aged 31 (Saunder's "NewsLetter "), and was interred in St. Anne's, 
Dublin (St. Anne's, Dublin, Par. Reg.), leaving issue an only son : — 

(1) Rawdon Jaffray Hautenville, born November 1823 ; baptized 
2 December 1823 (St. George's, Dublin, Par. Reg.). 

9. Emily, born 1802 ; died unmarried March 1842 in Russell Street, 

Dublin, and was interred 5 March 1842 in St. Anne's, Dublin 
(St. Anne's, Dublin, Par. Reg.). 

III. James Adams of Down Lodge, born about 1767 ; appointed 1 October 1797 

Captain in the Cavan Regiment (Watson's ^' Gentleman's and Citizen's 
Almanack," 1805) ; was High Sheriff of Cavan in 1810; died unmarried 
October 1815 suddenly at Fairmount, co. Cavan, and was interred in 

IV. Cosby Adams of Drum, co. Monaghan, born about 1768 ; married March 

1799 (marriage settlemeut dated 14 March 1799) Dorothea, daughter of 
David TigheWinslow of co. Fermanagh ; died s.p. 1805. He resided in 
the latter part of his life in Dorset Street, Dublin, where he died, and 
was interred in Knockbride. His will signed 9 January 1805, with a 
codicil dated 8 August, was proved in Dublin 4 October 1805 (Probate 


Court, Dublin). His widow married December 1806 Sterling Berry, Esq., 
who died April 1828 and was interred 13 April 1828 in Eglish, King's 
County, beside his wife, who had died 1826 and was buried 3 August 1826 
(Eglish Par. Reg.), having had issue several children. 

V. William Adams, born about 1775 ; appointed 1 October 1796 First 
Lieutenant of the Clonmahon Cavalry (" Army List ") ; afterwards 
joined the Cavan Regiment as Ensign 1 April 1805 (Watson's " Gentle- 
man's and Citizen's Almanack," 1806) ; Lieutenant 9 January 1806 
{Ihid., 1807) ; retired from the regiment July 1809 {Ihid.y 1810) ; died 
unmarried about 1823 in the Isle of Man. 

VL Joyce, bom 1761 ; married 25 November 1806 (St. George's, Dublin, 
Par. Reg.) John Adams, Esq., J.P., of Shinan House, co, Cavan (see 
post) ; died s.p. 31 December 1835, aged 75, at Leamore Lodge, oo. 
Wicklow, the residence of her brother-in-law John James Archbold 
Leonard, Esq., J. P. (see po8t\ where she had resided for several years, 
and was interred in Newcastle Churchyard, co. Wicklow (Newcastle, 
Wicklow, Par. Reg.). 

VII. Amelia, bom 1772 ; married 23 August 1802 (Family Reg.) Captain 
Robert Molloy Minnitt (who had assumed the surname of Minnitt in 
accordance with the terms of the will of his uncle Paul Minnitt, Esq., of 
Annabeg, Nerragh, co. Tipperary) of the Monaghan Regiment, who died 
April 1831, aged 62, at Newry, where he was interred 20 April 1831 
(Newcastle Par. Reg.). Mrs. Minnitt died 8 June 1844 at Derrygooney 
Lodge, the residence of her son Richard, and was interred at Knockbride 
(Enockbride Par. Reg.), having had issue three sons and three daughters, 
viz. : — 

1. Rev. Robert Minnitt, T.C.D., A.B. Vern. 1831 ; born 23 December 
1804 ; Incumbent of Healy in Lancashire ; married 9 May 1844 
Helen Mary, daughter of Michael Smith, Esq., of Northampton- 
shire, who was a son of the Rev. Thomas Smith, Rector of Clay 
Colon, Northamptonshire, and Mary his wife, daughter of John 
Maling, Esq. Robert Minnitt died 27 February 1884, aged 79, and 
was interred at Christ Church, Healy. She died 11 March 1883, 
aged 68, and was also interred at Christ Church, Healy, having had 
issue four sons and one daughter : — 

(1) Rev. Feancis Allen Minnitt, A.B. Cantab 1867 ; A.M. 1871 ; 

born 16 September 1845 at Hey wood, Lancashire ; entered 
Holy Orders 1868; Curate of the united parishes of Holy 
Trinity and St. Mary, Guildford, Surrey, Diocese of Winchester, 
1869 and 1870 ; Curate of Boldre, Hants, 1870 to 1873. 

(2) Richard Paul Minnitt, born 3 July 1847 ; died 5 September 


(3) Rev. Robert Minnitt, B.A. Cantab, born 25 May 1852 ; 

matriculated at Trinity College, Cambridge, July 1870 ; 
graduated by the Mathematical Tripos as Senior Optime 
January 1874 ; obtained Theological Certificate 1875 ; entered 
Holy Orders as Curate of Healy, Lancashire. 

(4) Edward William Minnitt, born 11 June 1856 ; died 20 March 


(5) Helen Mary, born 24 June 1849 ; died 26 Jane 1849. 


2. Richard Allen Minnitt of Derrygoonej Lodge, Cortubber, Ballybay, 

CO. Monaghan, J.P. for the counties of Cayan and Monaghan ; born 
4 AuguBt 1806 ; died unmarried 30 October 1877 and was interred 
at Knockbride (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 

3. Paul William Minnitt, born 24 October 1807 ; died an infant. 

4. Amelia, bom 4 January 1804 ; died unmarried 17 January 1824 at tbe 

residence of Surgeon James Adams (see post) at Athboy, and was 
interred in the Churchyard there (Athboy Par. Reg.). 

5. Abigail Jane, bom 12 December 1811 (Family Reg.); died unmarried 

26 August 1848 at Derrygooney Lodge and was interred at Knock- 
bride (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 

6. Alicia, born 14 February 1813 (Family Reg.) ; died in Newry about 

1815 and was interred in the Old Church there (Family Reg.). 

VIII. Alicia, born 1777 ; married 11 September 1806 (St. Michan's, Dublin, 
Par. Reg.) Francis Berry, J.P., o^ Eglish Castle, King's Countjr, who 
died 31 October 1864, aged 84, and was interred in Eglish beside his 
wife, who had died 20 May 1833, aged 56 (Eglish Par. Reg.), having 
had issue two daughters, viz. : — 

1. Frances, born 1809 ; died unmarried 12 July 1832, aged 23, at Bellair, 

King's County, the seat of her uncle Thomas Homan Mnlock, Esq. 
(Saunder's "News Letter"), and was interred in Eglish (Eglish 
Par. Reg.). 

2. Alicia, married 28 Febraary 1834 William Fetherstonhaugh, J.P. for 

the counties of West Meath and Sligo, of Carrick, Mullingar, co. 
West Meath, who died 1 August 1879, aged 72. She died 15 May 
1883 (" Daily Express " Newspaper), and had i^sue three sons and 
five daughters, viz. : — 

(1) Francis Beery Fetherstonhaugh of Ballinderry, Mullingar, 

born 7 October 1837 ; died unmarried 25 February 1878, 
aged 40. 

(2) William Fetherstonhaugh, bom 27 Febmary 1840. 

(3) Thomas Orme Fetherstonhaugh, born 16 April 1843 ; died 

21 April 1878. 

(4) Alicia Frances, married 5 June 1860 Arthur Gambell, Esq., of 

Washbrook, co. Mayo ; died 1866, leaving, with other issue, a 
daughter Susanna Olive, who died unmarried 15 April 1880 
(" Daily Express " Newspaper). 

(5) Susanna, married to George Roe Bogue, Esq. 

(6) Frances Maria. 

^ (7) Louisa Maria Jane. 
(8) Anna Maria. 

IX. Jane, born 1786 ; died unmarried 13 January 1801 at Fairmount, co. 

Cavan, and was interred in Knockbride (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 





II. James Adams of Corranearry House, born 1745 ; died unmarried 15 June 
1809, aged 64, and was interred at Knockbride, where there is a tombstone 
to his memory. His will, dated 2 January 1809, was proved in Dublin, 
16 August 1809 (Probate Court, Dublin). 




III. William Adams of Castletown House, eo. Cavan, born 1746 ; married first, 
about 1769, Olivia, daughter of Neason Wildridge, Esq., and by her, who died 
1781 and was interred at Knockbride, had issue three sons and one daughter :— 

I. Allkn Adams, born 1770 ; married Jane, daughter of Edward King, in 
1798 (marriage licence dated 18 April 1798), and sister of Stuart King, 
Esq., Master in Chancery ; held the appointment of Examiner to Stuart 
King, A.M., Master in Chancery ; died October 1808 in Temple Street, 
Dublin, and was interred 27 October 1808 in St. Michan's, Dublin 
(St. Michan*s, Dublin, Par. Reg.). His widow jnarried 30 November 
1814 Captain John Biundell (St. Mary's, Dublin, Par. Reg.), son of the 
Very Rev. Dixie Biundell, D.D., Dean of Kildare, and died 6 November 
1846, having had issue by her first husband Mr. Adams two sons and 
two daughters, viz. : — 

1. Stuabt King Adams, born about 1803 ; died unmarried 1825 in India. 

2. William O'Brien Adams of Adelaide Street, Kingstown ; T.C.D., 

A.B. Tern. 1826, M.B. Vern. 1828, A.M. Mst. 1858, F.K.Q. 
C.P.I. ; born 24 December 1804 ; married first, 30 September 1835 
(St. George's, Hanover Square, London, Par. Reg.), Louisa Jane, 
daughter of Captain Richard Adams of Wainsford, Hampshire 
(see j»(?«0- S^® ^^^ 1^ August 1840 and was interred at Athboy, 
CO. Meath, leaving issue : — 

(1) Edmund Peers Adams, born 24 July 1836 ; died 14 March 

1838 and was interred at Milford, Hants, 20 March 1838 
(Milford Par. Reg.). 

(2) Louisa Jane, married 11 August 1864 Rev. Benjamin William 

Adams, D.D., Rector of Santry, Dublin, formerly of Cloghran, 
Swords (see post). 

Dr. W. O'Brien Adams married 2ndly, 18 November 1845, 
Elizabeth Bury (St. George's, Dublin, Par. Reg.), cousin of the 
Earl of Charleville and daughter of John Berry of Clooneeu, King's 
County, who died 30 November 1861, aged 50, and was intended in 
8tillorgan Churchyard, co. Dublin (Stillorgan Par. Reg.). He died 
1 December 1879 and was interred in Dean's Grange Cemetery, 
having had issue four sons : — 

(1) Allen Neason Adams, born 9 November 1846 ; entered the 
Army from Sandhurst College as Ensign in the 25th Regiment 


(King's Own Scottish Borderers) 21 August 1866 ; Lieut. 
80 March 1870 ; Captain 2 March 1878 ; Major 23 September 
1885 ; Lieut-Colonel 1892 ; Adjutant of the 1st Volunteer 
Battalion Worcestershire Regiment 15 December 1885 ; married 
21 June 1883 Anne Melian, only daughter of The O'Donovan, 
D.L., of Liss Ard, Skibbereen, co. Cork (Abbejstrewry Par. 
Reg.) ; died 31 December 1893 at Plymouth, while in com- 
mand of ilie Ist Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers, 
aad was buried at Dean's Grange, Dublin (Dean's Grange 
Reg.). He left issue one son — 

Henby William Allsn Adams, bom 13 June 1884 ; entered 
H.M.S. '' Britannia " May 1899 ; appointed to the 
''Diadem" (Channel Squadron) 15 September 1900; 
Midshipman 15 November 1900; to the '* Illustrious " 
19 August 1901. 

(2) William O'Beien Adams, T.C.D., A.B. Mit. 1873 ; born 

2 July 1850. 

(3) Chables Bubt Adams (twin with John James), T.C.D., A.B. 

Yern. 1875 ; born 4 June 1854 ; entered the King's County 
Rifles as Sub-Lieut. 11 February 1874; Lieut, in the 66th 
(the Berkshire Regiment) 20 November 1875 ; resigned his 
Commission 24 January 1882 ; married 15 October 1877, at 
Bombay, Mary Alice, daughter of P. Ryan, Esq., Barrister-at- 
law Inner Temple, of Bombay, and has issue : — 

1. Chables Edward Adams, born 29 July 1879. 

2. William Burt Adams, born 20 January 1882. 

3. John Sewell Adams, born 31 May 1889. 

(4) John James Adams (twin with Charles Bury), T.C.D., A.B. 

1874, M.D. ; born 4 June 1854 ; died 29 October 1878 by a 
fall from his horse, and was interred in Dean's Orange Cemetery 
(Dean's Grange Reg.). 

Ellen, born 1799 ; married 16 December 1814 (St. Mary's, Dublin, 
Par. Reg.) Henry Forde, Esq., who died 13 January 1863, Examiner 
to the Lord Chief Baron and third son of Robert Forde, Esq., of 
Johnstown House, co. Meath, and grandson of Mathew Forde, Esq., 
of Seaforde, co. Down (vide Burke's ** Landed Gentry," 1862). 
Mrs. Forde died 12 December 1849, aged 50, and was interr^ in 
Mount Jerome (Meant Jerome Reg.), having had issue seven sons 
and ten daughters, viz. : — 

(lb be eowtiwMd.) 


iHarrtafies of gSKantrstoortj) Xnl)at)ttant«/ 


























June 17 


1751, Nov. 5. Hugh Mbqeb & Elizabeth Punston of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 
1729 Oct. 30 Elisabeth, daughter of Richard and Elisabeth Punstone, bapt. 

Richard, son of Hugh and Elizabeth Meggee, bapt. 
John, son of Hugh and Elizabeth Megee, bapt. 
Jane, daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth Megai, bapt. 
John, son of Hugh and Elizabeth Megais, bapt. 
Thomas, son of Hugh and Elizabeth Megais, bapt. 
John, inf. son of Hugh and Elizabeth Megai, bur. 
Thomas, inf. son of Hugh and Elizabeth Megai, bur. 
Hugh Megee, 46, bur. 
Eliz. Magee, 42, bur. 

• 1752, Jan. 7. James King & Anne Wood of Wandsworth, Surry. (St. George's 

Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1782 Jan. 22 Anne, daughter of Nicolas and Mary Wood, bapt. 

1753 April 27 Elizabeth Anne, daughter of James and Anne King, bapt. 

1754 Nov. 16 James, son of James and Anne King, bapt. 
1754 Nov. 27 James, inf. son of James and Anne King, bur. 

1752, Peb. 18. Lott Wilson & Mahy Miles of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1753 Mar. 20 Eliab, son of Lot and Mary Wilson, bapt. 

1754 Mar. 80 | ^avid^^^^^' } ^^^^^' ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ *^^ ^^^ Wilson, bapt. 
1754 April 3 1 JJ^^j^*^*^^^*' } twins, sons of Lot and Mary Wilson, bur. 

1752, April 15. John Lemond & Dorcas Massby of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

175&, May 9. Edward Tomkiss & Elizabeth Strike of Wandsworth, SuiTy. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

Edward, son of Samuel and Joan Tomkist, bapt. 
Elisabeth, daughter of Jeremiah and Anne Strike, bapt. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Tomkiss, bapt. 
Anne, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Tomkins, bapt. 
Sarah, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Tomkins, bapt. 
Sarah, inf. daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Tomkys, bur. 
Edward Tomkys, 43, bur. 
Eliz. Tomkiss, 53, bur. 

1752, June 4. James Platt & Elizabeth Skinner of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 
1729 Dec. 11 Elisabeth, daughter of Joseph and Elisabeth Skinner, bapt. 

1752, Sep. 17. Henry Stevens & Mary Streets of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

* Oommanicated by Cboil T. Davis, Esq.— oontinaed from p. 78. 


























1752, Oct. 6. Robert Rider of Wandsworth, Surry, & Ann Bennett of 
Broxburn, Herts. (St. George's Ohapel, Mayfair.) 

1752, Oct. 8. Philip Dwight & Sarah How of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1753 July 6 Millecent, daughter of Phillip aud Sarah Dwight, bapt. 
1755 July 2 Jane, daughter of Phillip and Sarah Dwight, bapt. 
1757 April 12 John, son of Philip and Sarah Dwight, bapt. 

1757 April 17 John, inf. son of Philip aud Sarah Dwight, bur. 
1763 Sep. 8 Jane, iuf. daughter of Philip and Sarah Dwight, bur. 

1752, Nov. 28. Marmaduke Rutter & Sarah Stanford of Wandsworth, 
Surry. (St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 
1732 Jan. 8 Sarah, daughter of John and Elisabeth Stanford, bapt. 

1755 Mar. 19 James, son of Marmaduke and Sarah Rutter, bapt. 

1757 Feb. 8 William, son of Marmaduke and Sarah Rutter, bapt. 

1759 Nov. 10 1 J ®hn*°^^^' } ^^^^^ ^^ Marmaduke and Sarah Ratter, bapt. 

1762 Oct. 80 Elizabeth, daughter of Marmaduke and Sarah Rutter, bapt. 
1766 Mar. 29 Mary, daughter of Marmaduke and Sarah Rutter, bapt. 

1770 May 12 John, son of Marmaduke and Sarah Rutter, bapt. 

1759 Oct. 25 Benjamin and John, inf. sons of Marmaduke and Sarah Rutter, 


1760 Dec. 15 William, inf. son of Marmaduke and Sarah Rutter, bur. 

1771 Dec. 8 John, iuf. son of Marmaduke and Sarah Rutter, bur. 

1752, Dec. 27. Thomas Green & Rebecca Blundell of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St, George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1726 Oct. 16 Thomas, son of Thomas Green, bapt. 

1728 Jan. 27 Rebekah, daughter of Adam and Catherine Blundell, bapt. 

1758 Dep. 29 Rebekah, daughter of Thomas and Rebekah Green, bapt. 

1756 June 14 Thomas, son of Thomas and Rebekah Green, bapt. 

1758 April 1 Thomas, son of Thomas and Rebekah Green, bapt. 

1760 May 25 Rebeki^, daughter of Thomas and Rebekah Green, bapt. 
1762 Oct. 25 Thomas, son of Thomas aud Rebeccah Green, bapt. 
1756 ' June 19 Thomas, son of Thomas and Rebekah Green, bur. 

1759 Jan. 5 Rebekah, inf. daughter of Thomas and Rebekah Green, bur. 
1762 Nov. 4 Rebeccah, wife of Thomas Green, 84, bur. 

1762 Dec. 4 John, inf. son of Thomas and Rebeccah Green, bur. 

1763 Sep. 8 Rebeccah, inf. daughter of Thomas and Rebeccah Green, bur. 
1771 Oct. 9 Thomas Green, 46, bur. 

1753, Jan. 80. Francis Bagnell & Elizabeth Dickerson of Wandsworth, 
Surry. (St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1754 April 8 Sarah, daughter of Francis and Elizabeth Bagnall, bapt. 

1755 June 22 Thomas, son of Francis and Elizabeth Bagnall, bapt. 

1758 April 9 John, son of Francis and Elizabeth Bagnall, bapt. 

1759 May 20 Francis, son of Francis and Elizabeth Bagnell, bapt. 

1761 Feb. 28 George, son of Francis and Elizabeth Bagnall, bapt. 

1754 Oct. 1 Sarah, inf. daughter of Francis and Elizabeth Bagnell, bur. [26. 6d. 

pajd for bell.] 
1758 May 16 Johiii, son of Francis and Elizabeth Bagnall, bur. 
1761 July 19 George, inf. son of Thomas [? Francis] and Elizabeth Bagnall, 

1777 May 4 Eliiabeth BagneU, bur. 


1753, Feb. 11. Charles Russell & Mary Kirby of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1728 May 19 Mary, daughter of Robert and Margaret Kirby, bapt. 
1753 Nov. 2 Margaret, daughter of Charles and Mary Russel, bapt. 

1755 May 1 Mary, daughter of Charles and Mary Russell, bapt. 
1757 Oct. 4 Mary, daughter of Charles and Mary Russell, bur. 
1778 July 5 Mary Russell, 49, bur. 

1753, June 3. Isaac Jacob of Putney & Mary Rickbtts of Wandsworth, 
Surry. (St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1753, June 19. John Henly & Mary Tuffnell of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1753 Sep. 30 John, son of John and Mary Henley, bapt. 

1754 Aug. 18 John, inf. son of John and Mary Henley, bur. r2s. 6d. paid for 

1782 Dec. 31 Mary Henley, 68, bur. 

1753, Aug. 1. William Stanford & Mary Murfitt of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 
1726 Jan. 18 William, son of John Stanford, bapt. 
1754 Nov. 14 John, son of William and Mary Stanford, bapt. 

[He became a Baptist Minister ; emigrated to New York in 
1786. The degree of D.D. was conferred on him in 1829. He 
died 14 Jan. 1834 and was buried at New York. His Memoir, 
by C. G. Sommers, was issued in 1835 at New York.] 
William, son of William and Mary Stanford, bapt. 
Matthew, son of William and Mary Stanford, bapt. 
Sarah, daughter of William and Mary Stanford, oapt. 

EHzabeth f ^^^^S*^*^'^ ^^ William and Mary Stanford, bapt. 

Mary, daughter of William and Mary Stanford, bapt. 

Mary, daughter of William and Mary Stanford, bapt. 

William, son of William and Mary Stanford, bapt. 

Anne, daughter of William and Mary Stanford, bapt. [inserted], 

William, inf. son of William and Mary Stanford, bur. 

Lewis, son of [Lewis deleted] William and Mary Stanford, bur. 

[No entry of Baptism.] 
Matthew, inf. son of William and Mary Stanford, bur. 
Mary, inf. daughter of William and Mary Stanford, bur. 
William, inf. son of William and Mary Stanford, bur. 
William Stamford, 50, bur. [In the " Memoir " it is stated 

William Stamford died 24 March 1772.] 
1778 April 17 Mary Stanford, bur. 

1753, Sep. 19. Jambs Webb & Sarah Blake of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1753, Sep. 30. Samuel Desmoulins & Mary Areriss of Wandsworth, 
' Surry. (St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1754 Aug. 11 Judith, daughter of Samuel and Mary Desmoulins, bapt. 

1756 April 11 Sarah Catherine, daughter of Samuel and Mary Desmoulin, bapt. 

1755 Oct. 5 Judith, inf. daughter of Samuel and Mary Desmoulins, bur. [In 

Churchwarden Accounts "Judith Desmoline 28. 6d."] 

1756 Oct. 16 Sarah Catherine, inf. daughter of Samuel and Mary Desmoulin, bur. 
1768 June 29 Saml, son of Saml. and Mary Demoulins, 2, bur. 

1772 June 10 William Samuel, inf. son of Samuel Desmoulins, bur. 

















June 30 


























1773 Feb. 7 John, inf. son of Samuel Desmolions, bur. 

1774 Aug. 2 Elizabeth, inf. daughter of Samuel Desmulions, bur. 

1758, Dec. 25. WiLLiA3i Ford & Sarah Keep of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 
1754 June 23 Sarah, daughter of William and Sarah Ford, bapt. 

William, son of William and Sarah Ford, bapt. 

George, son of William and Sarah Ford, bapt. 

Thomas Keep, son of William and Sarah Ford, bapt. 

Sarah, daughter of William and Sarah Ford, bapt. 

Thomas Keep, son of William and Sarah Ford, bapt. 

Eliz. Dickerson, daughter of Wm. and Sarah Ford, bapt. 

Avis, daughter of William and Sarah Ford, bapt. 

Elick Edward, son of William and Sarah Ford, bom -26 July, 

Susannah, daughter of William and Sarah Ford, bom 20 June, 

Thomas Keepe, inf. son of William and Sarah Ford, bur. 

1754, Feb. 19. John Hawbs & Phbbb Childs of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 

1754, March 6. Abraham Bardin & Mary Hickman of Wandsworth, Surry. 
(St. George's Chapel, Mayfair.) 
1754 Nov. 3 John, son of Abraham and Sarah [sic] Bardin, bapt. 

1756 Feb. 1 Hugh, son of Abraham and Mary Bardin, bapt. 

1757 Nov. 19 William, son of Abraham and Mary Bardin, bapt. 
1759 April 20 John, son of Abraham and Mary Bardin, bur. 































1688, Aug. 16. John Floyd & Marqrbtt Hull, from Wandsworth; 
p' Lycens. (Fulham.) 

1695-6, March 15. Abraham Warwick, b., & Mart Shbppard, s., of Wans- 
worth. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 
1697 Sep. 12 Abraham, son of Abraham Warwick, bapt. 
1699 Feo. 18 Mary, daughter of xVbraham Warwick, bapt. 
173f Feb. 5 Abraham Warwick, bur. 

1744 Dec. 18 Mary Warwick, widow, 80, bur. 

1745 May 14 Abraham Warwick, bur. 
1761 Oct. 23 Elizabeth Warwick, 35, bur. 

1700, April 80. Chrlstmas Boutal, b., & Susanna Harvb .... of Wands- 
worth in Surrey ; shoemnker. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1700, May 22. William North of Kingston, b., & . . . . Wandsworth, w. 
(St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1700, May (? after 28th). William . . . ., b.,& Elizabeth Munday, s., both 
of y® parish of Wands . . . . ; fisherman. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1701, Nov. 25, Edward Meebe of Wandsworth, b., & Mary Leman of 
Lambeth, Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

170f Feb. 11 John, son of Edward Meez, Jun% bapt. 

1705 April 17 Elizabeth, daughter of Edwd. Meez, Junr., bapt. 

170| Mar. 17 Richard, son of Edwd. Meeze, Junr., bapt. 

1708 April 8 Edward, son of Edwd. Meeze of Garret, bapt. 

1781 May 9 Edward Meeze, 87, bur. 


1701-2, Feb. 8. Robert Theobalds, b., & Elianob Timms, b., both of 
Wandsworth, Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, Londou.) 
1702 Dec. 2 Andrew, son of Robt. Tiball, whitster, bapt. 
170} Feb. 28 Thomas, son of Robert Tiball, bapt. 
1706 Oct. 14 Penelope, daughter of Robt. Tibbalds, bapt. 
170f Jan. 9 Mary, daughter of Robert Tibals, bapt. 
1711 Sep. 2 Elener, daughter of Robert Tibbals, bapt. 
1713 Aug. 27 Robert, son of Robert Tibbalds, bapt. 
1716 Oct. 1 Edward, son of Robert Tibbalds, bapt. 
1711) April 13 James, son of Robert Tibbalds, bapt. 
1720 Dec. 12 Jane, daughter of Robert Tibbalds, bapt. 
]72t Jan. 16 Edmund, son of Robt. Tibbalds, born July y« 6'\ 1724, bapt. 

172| Jan. 16 | '^f^^^^ } Bons of Robt. Tibbalds, bapt. 

173^ Jan. 12 Edward, son of Robert Theobalds, 18, bur. 
1751 May 24 Robert Theobalds, 85, bur. 

1702, Aug. 26. Isaac Lbott, b., of St. Thomas' Parish in Soulhwark, & 
Margaret Virgo, s., of Wadsworth in Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 
1681 Jan. 20 Margarett, daughter of William Virgo, bapt. 

1703, May 27. William Thompson, b., of Maiden, & Rose Riohbill of 
Wansworth, both in Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1703-4, Feb. 8. Edward Crookford, b., & Elizabeth Virgo, s., both of 
Wandsworth, Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1683 Dec. 20 { g^i^J^^*^' } daughters of William Virgo, bapt. 

1705 Aug. 26 John, son of Edward Crockford, bapt. 

1730 May 17 Edward Crockford, bur. [M.I. in Wandsworth Churchyard.] 

17ii ^^' 22 John Crockford, bur. [M.I. on father's headstone. He married 

Isabella Barbaux at Wandsworth 31 Dec. 1730.] 
1750 July 81 Elizabeth, widow of Edward Crockford, 67, bur. [Her name is 

not on her husband's headstone.] 

1705, April 12. George Hopkins, b., & Sarah Jones, s., both of Wands- 
worth, Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1708, Dec. 7. Robert Glenton, b., of Wandsworth, Surrey, & Margaret 
Richardson, s., of St. Olave's, Hart Street, London. (St. James, Duke's Place, 

1709, June 19. Edmund Fisher, b., & Elizabeth Savage, s., both of 
Wandsworth, Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1688 Aug. 10 Edmond, son of William Fisher, bapt. 

1711 Dec. 8 Edmond, son of Edmond Fisher, bapt. 

1719 July 8 Elizabeth, daughter of Edmond Fisher, bapt. 

1728 April 28 Edmund Fisher, bur. 

1772 Mar. 18 Elizabeth Fisher, 63, bur. 

1712, April 29. Edward Cowdery, b., & Mary Mebs, w., both of Wands- 
worth, Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 

1716, Sep. 21. William Lanolby, w., of Wandsworth, & Mary Baggaley, 
B., of Mitcham, both Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 
1728 April 15 William Langley, bur. 
1784 Sep. 27 Mary Langley, widow, 63, bur. 


1715, Sep. 29. John Free, b., of Barkin, Essex, & Sarah Crosslby, s., of 
Wandsworth, Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 
169f Feb. 26 Sarah, daughter of Joseph Crossley [inserted], bapt. 
174* Jan. 30 John Free, bur. 

1726-7, Feb. 10. Francis Booler, b., & Mary Cowder, w., both of Wands- 
worth in Surrey. (St. James, Duke's Place, London.) 
1743 Oct. 27 Francis Bowler, 52, bur. 

1731-2. Paid the Beadle's Expences for going to Examine the Register Book 
of Marraiges at the Fleet on Acco* of Thomas Philbey & Ann Jenkins, 1* O**. 
(Churchwardens' Accounts, Wandsworth.) 
1710 Sep. 20 Anne, daughter of William Jenkins, bapt. 
178i Mar. 6 Thomas, son of Thomas and Anne Philbj, bapt. 
1731 Jan. 13 John, son of Anne Philbey (alias Jenkins), bapt. 
1784 April 17 John Philby, inf., bur. 

1781-2. Paid on Acco* of apprehending Thomas Coward and Expences, the 
Counter Fees, and fees of the Fleet when d® was married, p' Acco* £3 6 8^. 
(Churchwardens* Accounts, Wandsworth.) 

1739, Oct. 10. William Smith, Widower, & Hannah Woollnbr, spinster, 
both of the parish of Wandsworth, were (after three days' waiting that I might be 
satisfied of some doubts) married by Licence the 10*^ day of October 1789, 

Joanna, daughter of James Wooliner, bapt. 

Johanna, daughter of William and Johanna Smith, bapt. 

William, son of William and Johanna Smith, bapt. 

Johanna, inf. dau. of William Smith, bur. 

William, inf. son of William Smith, bur. 

Johanna Smith, bur. 

1743, Oct. 6. Ellis Thomas of Wandsworth in Surry, Batch', & Alice 
Brooks of the same place, Spinst' ; p' Lycense. (Fulham.) 

1748-4, Feb. 4. Isaac Hutson of Wandsworth in SuiTy, Batch', & Eliz. 
Deans of the same place, Spinst' ; p' Lycense. (Fulham.) 

1745 May 27 William, son of Isaac and Elisabeth Hudson, bapt. 
Mary, daughter of Isaac and Elisabeth Hudson, bapt. 
Sarah, daughter of Isaac and Elisabeth Hudson, bapt. 
Lucy, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Hudson, bapt. 
Isaac, son of Isaac and Elizabeth Hudson, bapt. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Hudson, bapt. 
Mary, infant dau. of Isaac Hudson, bur. 
Lucy, dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth Hudson, bur. 

1744-5, Feb. 21. Thomas Bunce of S* John y« Evangelist, Westm', Middx., 
Batchelor, & Eliz. Green of Wandsworth, Surry, Spinster ; p' Lye. (Fulham.) 

1746 Nov. 16 John, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Bunce, bapt. 
1762 Nov. 10 Elizabeth Bunce, 48, bur. 

(To be cojUinued,') 









































Rev. Bashleigh Edward Hungebford Duke, born 23 Jnne 1855 at Church 
Eaton Rectory and baptized there. Rector of Maltby in Lincolnshire, second bnt 
eldest surviving son of Rev. Robert Rashleigh Duke, Rector of Birlingham, by 
Ellen Savage, youngest, daughter of Rev.. Charles Savage Landor, Rector of Colton, 
and a grandson of Rev. Edward Duke of Lake House, Wiltshire ; married at 
Birkin Church, 3 April 1888, Elizabeth Sarah, eldest daughter of Benjamin Hems- 
worth, Esq., of' Monk Fryston Hall, by Elizabeth, sole surviving child and heiress 
of John Bower of Smeathalls, Yorkshire. 

C!)e Jfamtlp o! ftabage o! aiBarbjitfeslitre/ 


Indent^ tripartite, dated 8 April 44 Eliz. [1602] bet" Tho" Savage, Tachebrooke 
Epi., CO. War., yeoman, !■* pt.. Rich** Lane, Stratford upon Avon, gent., Rich* 
Venner, Wellisborne Mountford, yeoman, & W" Savage, son & heir appar* of s* 
Tho« S., 2* pt., & John Savage, second son s^ Tho« S., 8'^ pt., recites deed of 10 Oct' 
37 Eliz. [1595] & specially refers to the last clause that if s^ Tbo" S. the father does 
at any time during his life by deed, sealed & subscribed in the presence of three 
credible witnesses, declare that his intent is thereby to alter or make void all or any 
the uses or estates therein created, limited, etc., of all or any the s* mess^*, etc., 
then the same shall become void. Now this Ind"' witnesses that in consid^ of a 
marriage to be shortly had bet" the s* W" Savage, son & heir appar* of s** Tho», and 
Alice Fawkener of Tedington afores*, widow, late wife of William Fawkener, 
deceased, & for the advancem* of s* W" S. in same marr«* & for a competent 
jointure to s* Ali<*e of & in the lands, etc., of s* Tho» S. in full satisfy of the 
dower which the s* Alice might hereafter challenge, claim, or have out of s* lands, 
etc., also for the advanc^ of issue of W™ & Alice & the benefit of s** John S. partv 
to these presents & of Tho» Savage the youngest son & s** Tho* S., it is covenanted, 
etc., by s** Tho' S. the father with above parties & their heirs, etc., that they shall 
stand seised of the mess?*", etc., in Tachbroke, Alveston, & Tedington to the use of 
s** Tho" S. until the s* marrB* is solemnised & from & immed^^ after of & in one close 
called the great field in Tachbroke lying next to the ground called Wigerland to the 
use of s** W™ & Alice & their heire ; for default to use of W"* S. & his heirs for 
ever, & of & in the residue of all the messK**, etc., of s** Tho» Savage in Tachebrooke 
(other than the great field) to the use of s* Tho* S. the father for life & after his 
decease (if Hope now his wife shall be living) of & in the half part of s^ mess*^", etc., in 
Tachb^* accounting the great field part of s^ moiety to the use of s** W" & Alice 
during the life of s* Hope, & after the decease of s* Tho" the father & the s** 
Hope then of & in the half part of all the mes8«®*, etc., of s* Tho* the father in 
TachV* to the use of s* W"^ & Alice for their lives & the longer liver & after the 
decease of both then s* moiety to the use of the heirs of s* W" begotten on the body 
of 8* Alice ; for default to the use of the heirs males of s^ W™ Savage lawfully 

* Communicated by Rev. R. E. H. DUKE, Rector of Maltby, Lincolnshire — continued 
from p. 69. 



coming ; for def* to use of s^ John Savage & his heirs males lawfully coming ; 
for def^ to use of Tho" the 8^* son & the heirs males lawfully coming; for 
def* to right heirs of Tho" the father for ever. And of & in the other moiety of s* 
messK«, etc., of s^ Tho" the father in Tachb^« to the use of s^ W"^ S. & the heirs 
males of the body of s* Alice ; for deft, to heirs males of s^ W™ lawfully coming ; 
for deft, to use of s** John S. & heirs males coming ; for def to use of s** Tho» S. & 
heirs males coming ; for def* to use of right heirs of father Tho» S. Of half deal 
of messK^ in Alreston & Tedington to father Tho" for life, then to Hope his wife for 
life if she remains unmarr^, then to s* John & heirs males ; deP to W™ & heirs 
males ; def^ to s* Tho" & heirs males ; def* to right heirs of father T. S. Of & in 
other half deal of messK®*, etc., in Alveston & Tedington to father T. for life, then 
to John & heirs males ; def ^ to W^ & heirs males ; default to Tho" & heirs males ; 
def* to right heirs of father. Said John S. covenants With R. Lane, R. Venner, & 
W™ Savage that he will not by any ways, means, act, or devise whatsoever alter, 
defeat, bar, extinguish, or make void or frustrate the s^ estate or estates intail in 
Tach broke wherby the same will not descend to s* W" S. & his heirs males, & for 
default to the s^ John S. & his heirs males, & for default to s^ Tho* & heirs males 
(same coven* with regard to Alveston & Tydington estates, that they shall descend 
by entail to W" & heirs males, or in def* to Tho" & heirs males ; in def* to right 
heirs of father). In like manner s* W"* S. covenants with s^ John S. that he will 
do nothing whereby the Tachbroke estate cannot descend to s^ John S. & his heirs 
males, or for default to s** Tho" & his heirs males, or that the Alveston & Tydington 
estates cannot descend to John & his heirs males, or in def to s^ W°» & his heirs 
males, or in def^ to s^ Tho" S. & his heirs males. 

Signed : Thomas Savage, Richard Lane, Richard Venar, William Savage, all 
with seal. 

Sealed & deV by R. Lane, R. Vennar, & W™ Savage unto the within-named John 
Savage in the pres. of Roger Savage, Richard Yardley, John Bvets, Tho. Davenport. 

Sealed & del^ by Tho" Savage the father in pres. of John Antrobus, minister, 
Roger Savage, Rich. Tardley, and Jobe Murcott. 

[In possession of Mr. Richard Savage.] 

James, By the Grace of God Einge of England, Scotland, ftrance and Ireland, 
Defender of the faith, etc. To all to whome theis presentes shall come Greeting. 
Whereas John Savage late of Tachebrooke in our Countie* of Warwick, yeoman, 
being seised in taile to him and the heires males of his bodie lawfully begotten of 
and in one messuage or tenement and twoe yarde landes and an half, with 
thappurtenaunces in Alveston alias Auston in our said County of Warwick, and in 
Tyddington in our said County. And of and in other twoe yarde lande with 
thappurtenaunces in Alveston and Tyddington aforesaid. The Remainder thereof to 
one William Savage his elder brother and the heires males of his body lawfully 
begotten expectant. Hee the said John Savage was purposed to sell the said landes 
for divers necessary and iust causes. Whereupon the said William Savage of 

furpose to prevent his said Brother of his said iust and necessary sale by his 
ndenture bearing date the second day of May in the thirde yeare of our Raigne of 
England, ffrance and Ireland, and of Scotland the eight and thirtith enrolled in our 
Court of Common plees at Westminster in Easter Terme in the said yeares did give, 
graunt and confirme to us our heires and successors the said mesuage or Tenement, 
and the said fewer severall yard land and an half, with their and every their 
appurtenaunces and all profittes, commodities and hereditamentes whatsoever to the 
said premisses or any of them belonging or in any wise appertayning. And the 
reversion and reversions, remaynder and remaynders of the said William Savage of 
all the said premisses and of every part and parcell thereof. To haue and to holde to 
vs our heires and successors for and during the natural 1 life of him the said William 
Savage to the onely and proper vse and behoofe of vs our heires and successors for 
and during the naturall life of him the said William Savage. Vpon condic'on 
nevertheles that if the said William Savage shoulde at any tyme than after during 

VOL. v., 8BRIB8 III. I 


his naturall life paye or cause to be payed or sufficiently tender to be payed or 
cause to be sufficiently tendered to be payed at the Receipt of our Exchequer the 
so'rae of twenty shillinges of lawful! money of England to the vse of vs our heires 
and successors That then and ymmediately from thenceforth the said writing 
bargaine and Sale and all and eyerie article, sentence, matter and thing therein 
conteyned to cease, determine and be voide. And that then it shoulde be lawfull 
to the said William Savage into the said mesuage and other the premisses with 
thappurtenaunces to enter and the same to have againe enioye and repossede, the 
said recited Indenture or any thing therein conteyned to the contrary notwith- 
standing. Knowe yee nowe that wee not favoring the said fraude, but willing to 
doe that which is iust in this behalf and to giv& meanes to the said John Savage to 
sell the said landes for such good and necessarie purposes as aforesaid of our 
especiall grace and favor Haue given, graunted and confirmed and by theis presentes 
doe give, grauut and confirme vnto our said subiect John Savage all such estate, 
right, title and interest as we haue or maye haue in the said mesuage and other the 
premisses with the appurtenaunces by force of the said Indenture made by the said 
William Savage as aforesaid. To haue and to holde to the said John Savage his 
heires and assignees in as free, ample, large and beneficiall manner and forme to all 
intentes and purposes as wee haue or ought to haue the same by force of the said 
Indenture of him the said William Savage. In witnes wherof wee haue caused 
theis our letters to be made patentes. Witnes our self at Westminster the twelft 
day of Aprill in the fifte yeare of our Raigne of England, flPrance and Ireland, and 
of Scotland the fortith. 

(Signed) Rio. Caetwrightb. 

p' bre de privitto sigillo, etc. 

(Portrait of E. James in Initial Letter ; Great Seal attached, in splendid 
preservation ; the whole deed in perfect condition.) 

Endorsed, " A perpetuity for John Savage." 

" Cartwbight." 

[This deed in the possession of Mr. Richard Savage, the Librarian of Shake- 
speare's Birthplace.] 

1 June, 5 James I. Conveyance by John Savage of Warwick, yeoman, to 
Thomas Wells of Alveston, aPs Auston, co. Warwick, yeoman, for the sum of £220, 
of a messuage in Alveston in which the said Thomas Wells was then dwelling, also 
two yard land and a half with all bowses, etc., belonging in Alveston and Tiddington 
to the said two yard land and a half belonging. (Usual covenants.) 

{Signed) John Savage. (Seal gone.) 

Witnesses : Michl. Gardener, Thomas Townesende, John Skinner (his mark), 
William Alcox, John Pearse, Pra. Levinge, Thos. Baker, Carolus Saunderson. 

[In the possession of Mr. Rich. Savage.] 

Marriage Settlement, Dr. Landor. 

Indenture in three parts dated 12 April 14 King George the third 1774. 
Between Elizabeth Savage late of Bp's Tachorooke now of the borough of Warwick, 
spinster, one of the four daus. and coheiresses of Charles Savage late of Bp's Tach- 
brooke, deceased, and one of the devisees of his last will of the lands hereinafter 
mentioned of the first part, Walter Landor, doctor in physic, of the borough of 
Warwick of the second part, John Norris of Brook Street, and John Loyd, Esq*"^*, 
of the third part. Whereas the said Charles Savage, deceased, by his will dated 
16 Feb. 1759, devised to his then wife Anne Savage all that messuage wherein he 
then dwelt for her life, and after her death he devised to his daus. Elizabeth, Mary, 
Ann, and Susannah all that said messuage as tenants in common in manner herein- 
after expressed ; And all the rest of his lands in the parish Tachbrooke, subject to 
a rent charge of £30 a year to his said wife Anne, as well as the reversion expectant 
on the death of his wife of all lands in Whitnash, and all his real estate wheresoever 

f-y-^-^ y. 2r'^.^f9JZr%r''>^^Jf ^ ^"jy^ - f -^- ■4.!l ' *t«i ' ^ ' 


situate he devised to John Webb and Robert Hugh for the benefit of his said 
children till they should attain the age of 23. Then he gave the whole of his 
estate except as above mentioned to his four daughters as tenants in common. And 
whereas all four daughters have attained the age of 23 years, and whereas Elizabeth 
Savage is entitled to £1500 in the 4 per cent, annuities and £3000 in the 3 per 
cent, annuities, and also £200 in securities, and a Marriage is intended to be 
solemnized between the said Walter Landor and Elizabeth Savage, and whereas 
upon treaty of the said intended marriage it was agreed that the said sums of 
£1500, £3000 and £200 should be transferred to John Norris and John Loyd, 
for certain purposes which she the said Elizabeth Savage hath done, and it has been 
likewise agreed as to the her fourth share of land in Tachbrooke and her fourth 
part of a fifth of land in Whitnash which by this indenture she grants to them also, 
upon trust for the revenue to be paid to the said Elizabeth Savage during her 
natural life, and after her death to the use of her husband Walter Landor, and after 
the death of the survivor of them, to the use as the said Elizabeth Savage shall by 
deed or will appoint, and failing such appointment, to all their children except the 
eldest son, in equal shares as tenants in common, and failing any issue to the 
assigns of Elizabeth Savage. The deed also provides for a dower for Elizabeth 
Savage in the event of her widowhood. 

John Olney of Tachferoke epi. grants to John Savage of 
Tachbroke lands called Sturtes & Whytemore Closes. 

Witnesses : John Savage of Tachbroke Mallore, Rich. 
Webbe, John Commander, & Henry Symonds. Dated 
Monday before the feast of the Apostles Philip & James in 
the third year of K. H. VI. 

[Seal attached to the above Deed, being the arms of Olney of 
Tachbroke. See Berry's "Heraldica."] 

Thomas Eyi'es of Whitnash, senior, grants to John Ejrres, the son of Thomas 
Eyres of the same place, lands in Tachbroke which he had from Thomas Rouse of 

Witnesses: John Olney, Thomas Savage, Rich. Savage, Thomas Renton, & 
Rob^ Savage. Dated 4 June in the second year of K. H. VII. 

Thomas Eyres of Whitnash, jun', & Jane his wife grants to Wil- 
liam Huggeford, armiger, Ric. Savage, & John Eyres of Whitnash, 
his son, lands in Tachbroke which he had from John Savage. 

Witnesses and date the same as the above Deed. 

[This and the previous Deed have this Seal attached to them.] 

With the exception of the few in the possession of Mr.' Richard Savage, all the 
above deeds and papers are from the muniment cupboard at Savage's House in 
Tachbrooke, now the property of Miss C. Landor of Cannington Grange ; there are 
many more similar deeds, but these extracts are printed for evidence that the 
Savages were a yeoman family indigenous at and about Tachbrooke from such early 
times as to argue that they were a family to themselves with no connection with the 
Savages of Rock-Savage and Elmeley Castle. These deeds do not prove the steps of 
a pedigree earlier than Queen Elizabeth's time, but they do shew the continued 
existence of a family dealing with the same fields from the time of King Edward IV. 
After all its vicissitudes in the Savage family the estate in Tachbrooke was sold 
by Walter Savage Landor in 1809 to the Earl of Warwick, but the house remained 
in the family. The arms engraved on page 1, Vol. V., are : (1) Landor, (2) Taylor, 
(3) Constantine, (4) Unknown, 

I 2 






^ « a> 00 














§ S 
.5 -a 





-1.3 9 

o ^ 


08 O 

tized 16 
1559 ;i m 
16 July 1 





.2 ^M 



S 6- 


•-^ so 



tized 80 


1 ••» 


S <u 


a S ^ 




= o -^ 

08 (N 


Anne, da. of Wi 
mander of Ta 
married 5 Nov. 

g> i-H 

05 S 










► <N IC 



C^'Ti O 



^ S^ 




1 1 






be ^ 


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e of Tac 
►75; par 
I son anc 




^ IU«l-» 

illiam Si 


irriage o 


CO 09 

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Oh 1^ •* • 

2 :r 'H 





^ O 00 


o CO 06 5 

bfirH T3 C 

V- (M «0 g 

M <N 1-i P4 

CO 0M 





•S a 

a s 



. a 
.2 t>o 
2 ^ 

•^ Ct-4 

- o 

a>*p E*^ .2*^. 
jgQ a a goo 

tf ® 8 Jo wv 
s . ^ ^ "^ 2P 

^ OS .>^-g O O 


o o a> S 

0) 00 N T»« o 

1-15 P. 



o fl 8-2 5 

ej <a <i> 




<P OS 
OQ a <M 

S -^ B o 

^"■S ..a 
■^ . r< a . 


hS-2 S^ 




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r-j oj 

bir oa p "^ . 


«> « 2 '^ 

'^^'S-^ a 

^ 08 a> 

'a5 O a frt At 

F-^ CXJ r— I H-< '••V 

biDco 2 ^^ 

oT C3 O OB -Q 
T* '^ .a A^^ C3 






.=^ 9 rH ^ _S 

rH^ P CO § 
'S bOlO i-lH 

.So '^ --> 


_0 CT -52 X-NC* 






ar 00 

-Ss d 

► o 


-5 c^S 

^ bo 

o OS d 

« 3 




n Nor 
led at 

S-l< S 00 © 

6 Ji 

J3 ^ 



.. ® H v=* 

13 Jun 
Cattell c 




Mary, bap- 
tized 12 
April 1699,2 







C6 00 



6, aged 



o ^ 

6 March 
' 1726.2 
; proved 
ct. 1726. 

j2r^fcS <M CO 



Cf^.S ^ d 




a an 




























2 .2 


o S (u 

08 d 
g CtJ 


c^ 08 0) 
d rj 08 

d "73 "^ 

r^ d»-3 

'•5 '"'^ 

^^ d 
© d x> 

^09 ... 

CC i-J ••* 
p> "^ © 

5 ^^ 
— «2.S § 

08 r^ Q 

^ ee S 

»T3 Oq d Cli 

.S 5- ;= 08 
-*j 08 7-3 ja 



•^ •••« 

r*o 00^ 

^ [» t» c<^ 

^ •-• iH O 

'o a 

'13 CO 
cC l> 

X2 i-H 



•k3 08 
C8 43 rH 

-08 a> 

© ja CI4 

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d o 


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d i>. 

d 00 !> 

^ <M f-l 

^d <i> P 

rt S d bo 




















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t; §00 
Wl-3 pH 


§ ^ 

d d 

8 §5 J 

§ iToo 


d © 



00 !^ O 

S go 

0) C8 









© . 










Cj^e 3eiejjisters of Xnfetjetroto, to* WBovtt^ttv.* + 

Inebabbow, Anno Dni. 1638. 

The names of the Ohristned of Inkberrow. 

April 1 Thomas the sonne of Thomas Bunne. 

April 8 Ifrancis the sonne of Richard Harvie & Elizabeth his wife. 

April 12 Hester the daughter of Richard Steward of Cladsall the elder & Hester 

his wife. 

April 22 John the sonne of Thomas Beddowe. 

May 24 Mary the daughter of Thomas Bodes & Isabell his wife. 

May 28 Anne the daughter of Nicholas ffarre & Marie his wife. 

June 10 Anne the daughter of Hugh Court. 

July 15 Anne the daughter of William Gartwright. 

July 15 Margaret ffreeman the daughter of John ffreeman. 

July 16 Elnor Peirce the daughter of Edward Pierce. 

Aug. 12 Anne the daughter of Richard Bennet. 

Sep. 2 Richard the sonne of John fireeman. 

Sep. 9 Edward Bolton the sonne of William Boulton. 

Sep. 16 John the sonne of William Bunne & Sibill his wife. 

Sep. 23 Richard the sonne of Richard Hobbins. 

Sep. 30 fPrancis the sonne of John Hunt. 

Oct. 20 John the sonne of Thomas Perkes & Jane his wife. 

Nov. 1 John the sonne of Henry Symmons. 

Dec. 10 Hester the daughter of Thomas Rudge & Phillippa his wife. 

Dec 16 Hester the daughter of Thomas Dowty. 

Dec. 19 Hngh the sonne of M^^ Thom. Dyson of Morton Hall & Elizabeth his 


Jan. 6 Edward & Robert Chares, gemelli, the children of Thom. Chares. 

Jan. 28 Sara the daughter of Edward Ouldaker. 

Feb. 17 Anne the daughter of John Harbigg. 

Feb. 24 Thomas the sonne of Thom. Edwat^s. 

Feb. 24 Alee the daughter of Arthur Hemues. 

Mar. 10 Elizab. the daughter of Edmund Barcrofb. 

Mar. 13 William the sonne of William HemMng & Sara his wife. 

Mar. 17 Mary the daughter of William Parsons. 

Mar. 21 Alee the daughter of John Phillips & Mary his wife. 

Mar. 24 William the sonne of William Reaven & Mary his wife. 

fQnis Baptizatorum 1638. 

The names of those that were Married in the sayd Parish 1638. 

April 28 Thomas Chares & Jane Goodsherry [?]. 
April 2^ Thomas Yates & Margaret Cowley [?] alias Symmons. 

ffinis Nuptoru'. 

J%e names of the Buried in Inkborrow. 
April 4 Peter Johnson. 
— — Elizabeth Greenhill. 
April 20 Ann Horwood. 
M!ay 6 Thomas Rudge. 
May 13 Sibill Cockerill. 

* From the Transcripts in '^ BSdgar Tower/' Bishop's Register. 

f Commanicated by William Bbadb^ook, M.H.G.S.— continued from p. 60. 


William Greene of Keinton. 

Elizabeth the wife of John Cockerill. 

Gyles Morrice. 

Anne the daughter of Thomas Hunt of Keinton. 

fTrancis Alsopp. 

John Brake. 

M" Elizabeth the wife of M' Hugh Glover, Vicar of the sayd Church. 

John Cobler. 

Anne Bennet. 

Margaret James. 

George Egiocke, gent., of Shernock in the parish of ffeckenham. 

Widdow Hunt-page. 

Katherine Hobbins. 

Jane Briseow, widdow. 

Jane Barley. 

John Cockerill alias Gowar. 

flfrancis Wilson. 

Widdow Taylor of the Bowts. 

Henry Hobbins. 

Richard Steward. 

Margery Harbage. 

John Smith of Keinton. 

Grace Hierons. 

Thomas Puttocke. 

Humfrey Hobbins. 

Alee the wife of Robt. Turner of Dormston. 

Jane the wife of Thorn. Dyson. 

Edward Webb of Kington. 

Mary the wife of WilFm Beaven. 

fSnis Sepultomm. 
HaBC copia concordat en' Registr. reservat apud Inkborrow : 
Ita est: Hugh Glouer, Vic. ibide\ 

We believe this is true. 






















































Inkborrow, 1639. A trub Coppib op all the Baptized, Married, and 
Buried within our Parish op Inkborrow, according to the Register 
there kept for the year op our lord god 1639. 


April 4 ffraucis Hemming the sonne of ffrancis Hemming. 

April 8 Thomas Ellins the sonne of John Ellins. 

April 15 Richard Jennings the sonne of Richard Jennings. 

April 15 Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas ICden, Junior. 

April 18 Anne the daughter of Alee Baukes, illigitiraate. 

May 4 flPrancis the sonne of Henry Grasier. 

May 19 Elenor the Daughter of Richard Hunt-page. 

May 23 John the sonne of Richard Steward, Junior. 

June 19 Mary the daughter of Richai'd Steward the elder. 

June 20 Thomas the sonne of Thom. Yate. 

July 14 John the sonne of John Hem*ing. 


Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Bennett. 

Margaret the daughter of Eichard Johns. 

Thomas the son of George Windle. 

Martha the daughter of Armill Hunt. 

Ann the daughter of John Smith. 

William the sonne of George Crofts. 

John the sonne of John Boond. 

Anne Cobler the illegitimate child of Anne Cobler. 

John the sonne of Anthony Hem'ing. 

Martha the daughter of Bob'te Richards. 

Elnor. the daughter of Humfrey Hem'ing. 

Constantine the sonne of Edward Budge. 

Omnia baptiz. fu^ere Anno p^dicto. 

Robte. Watkins & Mary Smith. 
Ambrose Barley & Anne Layte, Wid. 
Edward Huband & Isabell Dyson. 
Richard Growme & . . . . 
Edward Heywood & Katherin Ballard. 
John Purser & ffrancis Edwards. 

Richard Em's of Kington. 
Alee the wife of Richd. Ems. 
Alee Sim'ons, widdow. 
Thom. Paine of Dormston. 
Thomas Crofts. 
Alee Dawkes. 
Joane Weaver of Kington. 
Widdow Cooke. 
Wiir Bartley. 
Margaret Petford. 
Thomas Hunt of Bowts. 
John the sonne of Will* Willis. 
Humfrey EUins. 
Will' Browninge of Dormston. 
Alee the daughter of John Phillips. 
Richard Hobbins. 

A poore traueling woman called Alee Lloyd. 
Alee the daughter of John Willis. 
Widdow Dnmbleton. 
ffrancis Yardley of Kington. 
Mary Shakle, widdow. 
Thomas Smith. 

Anne Heynes the wife of Rob'te Heynes. 
Jane ffrancis. 

Elizabeth Taylor the wife of Richard Taylor. 
Ursula Hem'inge the daughter of Humfrey Hem'inge. 
Margery the daughter of John Harbage. 
Vera copia teste : Hugh Gloubr, Vic. ibide'. 

Hbnry Laugher. 
John Phillips, 



























June 10 

























June 14 

June 22 





































Vera copia Baptizat 

Mar. 29 Sarah the daughter of John Hasterley. 

Mar. 29 Margery the daughter of Rich. Dawis. 

Mar. 29 Mary the daughter of Rich. Harrett. 

April 12 Anne the daughter of Rich. Woolmer. 

April 12 Mary the daughter of Thomas Beddow. 

April 19 Elizabeth the daughter of fifrancis Darby. 

April 22 Thomas the sonne of John Ganderton. 

May 3 ffrancis the sonne of Henry Grasier. 

May 7 Tabitha the daughter of Henry Griffin. 

May 7 Dorathy the daughter of Thomas Huntley. 

May 17 Susanna the daughter of John Dyson. 

May 17 Mary the daughter of ffrancis Tomkins. 

June 7 Anne the daughter of Henry Elletts. 

June 21 Elnor. the daughter of Thomas Robinson. 

July 10 Luke the sonne of Henry Page. 

July 10 Thomas the sonne of Henry Ballard. 

July 19 Charles the sonne of Thomas Dyson of Morton Hall. 

Aug. 16 Thomas the sonne of Edward Smith. 

Aug. 81 Elizabeth the daughter of John Phillips. 

Sep. 9 Mary the daughter of John Hunt. 

Sep. 27 Henry Sym'ons the sonne of Henry Symmons. 

No7. 20 Mary the daughter of ffrancis ffreeman. 

Dec. 6 Thomas the sonne of Edward Hnband. 

Dec. 6 Mary the daughter of Rich. Cartwright. 

Dec. 20 Thomas the sonne of Hugh Court. 

Dec. 27 Thomas the sonne of Thomas CockerilL 

Jan. 6 Mary the daughter of Nicholas ffarre. 

Jan. 10 Ursula the daughter of Will' Boonds. 

Jan. 17 ffrances the daughter of Edward Smith. 

Feb. 21 Thomas the sonne of Eln' [?] Cobler, a bastard child. 

Vera copia Nuptaru^ 1640. 

April 80 George Blicke & Margarett' Wilson. 

July 29 Richard Hobbins & Margarett Wheeler. 

Aug. 81 Symon Ginner & Joane Boults. 

Nov. 26 Thomas James & Eatherine Marshall. 

Dec. 23 Thomas Bristowe & Elizabeth Boulten. 

Feb. 15 ' Richard Hunt & Joane Ransley. 

ifinis NupDorn' habit apud Inkborrow in hoc Anno Doni. 1640. 

Vera copia S^pulUmC 1640. 

Mar. 27 Richard Hunt of Kington. 

Mar. 29 Sarah the daughter of John Hasterley. 

Mar. 80 Widdow Gilbart.. 

Mar. 81 Richard Hunt of Boults. ' 

April 8 ffrances the daughter of Henry Harcott. 

M!ay 8 Thomas Garrett of Inkb. Magna, Gent. 

May 19 Thomas James. 

May 28 Anne the wife of John Blicke. 

May 24 Eatherine the wife of Nathaniel Showier. 

■ -i_ I t [ ■ v.m^.»fff^^ 


June 18 John the sonne of John Poole. 

July 21 Elizabeth flFreeman, virg. 

July 21 Elizabeth the daughter of Eobt. Wilson. 

July 27 Jane the daughter of John Woolmer. 

Sep. 1 John Ginner. 

Sep. 10 Alee the wife of Thomas Peere. 

Sep. — Thomas the sonne of Thom. Boond. 

— — A Trauelling Woman's child.* 
Dec. — William Chance.* 

— — Mary Bristowe, widdowe.* 

— — Richard Oourte.* 

— — Alee the daughter of John Woolm . . . .* 

— — Em'eCobler.* 

— — Thomas Perry, who was ser . . . . of Nobury, Gentleman, had s . . . . his 

ffellow-servant . . . .♦ 

(^To be eontinitedJ) 

Cbe Jfamilp of aitiU)ortl),+ 


Richard Aldworthb of Tilehurst, co. Berks, clothmaker. He probably came from 
Wantage, where there were many families of the name. (The entries in the Wantage 
Registers, 1540 — 1700, referring to peraons of the name of Aldworth, number 422.) 
His son Thomas in his will mentions his cousin John Aldworth, tanner, of Wantage. 
Richard Aldworthe married Elizabeth (surname probably Gerying), who survived 
him, and whose will bears date 4 March, 4 Edward VI. He was buried in " the 
pyshe churche of Tylhurst in the mydle ylee before the rood," which shews that he 
was a person of importance. His will is dated 8 November 1548. He had issue : — 

I. Thomas of Reading, clothier, a burgess of Reading from 1541 till his death. 
He was four times Mayor of Reading, in 1551, when he received King 
Edward VI, in great state (for the expenses incurred on this occasion see the 
Reading Records), in 1557, in 1561, and in 1572. He was elected M.P. for 
Reading in 1557. He died in 1576, and was buried in the Church of St. Law- 
rence. By his wife Alice (? Symonde), who survived him (will dated 25 Nov. 
1585), he had issue : — 

I. Thomas, mentioned in his grandmother's will 1550 (? bapt. 1538). 
II. Robert, who inherited a house at Tilehurst. 

III. Symondb or Symon, Constable of Reading. (See Star Chamber Proceed- 

ings, temp. Elizabeth, Addenda, Bundle 1, No. 4, "concerning the arrest 
of Simon Aldworth, Constable, while guarding royal treasure.") 

IV. Henry, a surety in some Reading municipal money transactions in 1589. 

Buried in the Church of Arbourfield, near Reading (will dated 29 July 
1696). By his wife Katherin he had issue : — 

Thomas, and six other children (names not mentioned). Thomas inherited 
a house in Reading. 

V. Joan DuNsooMBfE. 
VI. Alice Pyle, executrix of her mother's will. 

* Eaten by mice. j* Gommaaicated byC. J. Aubebtik, Bsq. 


II. William, of Salhampetead Abbot, near Beading. Inherited a house in Tile- 

hurst after bis mother's decease. He died in 1552. By his wife Elizabeth 

he had issue two sons : — 
I. Baetholombw. 
II. Half, godson to his grandfather. 

III. RiCHAKD, clothier, who inherited lands in " Sollomsted and SheflTeld." 

Burgess of Reading from 1566 till his death. He was thrice Mayor of 

Reading, in 1577, 1585, and 1594. He died in his Mayoralty 12 July 15d4. 

The churchwardens of St. Mary's paid vjs. and viijc?. for his grave and the 

tolling of the great bell. He left money towards building the new steeple of 

St. Mary's and for " paving the waye and alley that leadeth from St. Lawrence 

Chnrch to the Eldehall stayres with pible." His portrait is now in the 

Council Chamber at Reading. By his wife Julian or Gelian, who predeceased 

him (bur. 18 January 1593), he had issue : — 

I. Richard, baptized 13 April 1539. Elected a burgess of Reading in 1573, 

and fined iiij d, " quia venit tarde." He was buried 12 July 1584. On 

28 January 1571-2 he married Jane, daughter of Clement South, by 

whom he had (with two daughters, Alice, born 1578, and Ursula, born 

1580) an only son, 

Richard, baptized 10 June 1576, one of the Company of Skinners, to whom 
he left a piece of plate. He is styled in his will (dated 21 December 
1646, with several codicils, the last of which bears date 2 January 
1648-9) as of St. Mary Maudlin, Milk Street. He appears to have 
been extremely wealthy. He left £4000 to Reading and £2000 
to Basingstoke to found a Blue Coat School in either town, after 
the model of Christ's Hospital, with a " godly and learned school- 
master, to teach them to read, write, and cipher, and the Eatechisme," 
the children to have " convenient bedsteades, all of them to be fitted 
with decent and convenient bedds, boulsters, sheets, blanketts, 
coverlettes and all other furniture." They are to be ** dyetted " as 
are the children in Christ's Hospital, London, and are to have 
''shoes, hoasen, linnen and woollen — their upper garment to be a 
blue coate with a blue cap." He left also a house in Reading, 
adjoining the Churchyard of '^ Maries," to provide £20 per annum 
for an " orthodox devine, to preach a lecture every week and visit 
the sick when called upon." There were also charities to provide 
thirty cloth gowns yearly, and thirty loaves every Sabbath day, as 
well as numerous bequests, ranging from £1000 to £5, to kinsmen 
and retainers. He bequeathed the remainder of his fortune (together 
with land at Woollaston, co. Northampton, and at Westham, co. 
Essex) to the governors of Christ's Hospital, " upon condition that 
they provide a convenient place for the children to be educated in 
writing, cyphering, katechising, and the understanding of the Latin 
Tongue." The Skinners' Company were to have five nominations. 
He left money and mourning to the family of his cousin Richard 
Aldworth of London, deceased (of whom later), and also to his 
" kinsman " or cousin Richard Aldworth of Wargrave and Hinton 
Pipard, whom he also releases from a mortgage of £2000. He also 
mentions various members of Richard of Wargrave's family (of whom 
later, as the direct ancestors of Lord Braybrooke). The testator's 
will was not proved till 1654, as there seems to have been some 
dispute raised by the Puritans as to the form of Catechism intended 
to be taught. He apparently married a lady of the name of Charke, 
and had one daughter, who seems to have predeceased him, married 
to Richard Shaxton. 



[Note. — ^The number of Richard Aldworths alive at this time makes it some- 
what diflScnIt to place them. This Richard was almost certainly the son of Richard 
Aldworth, junior, as has been shewn, for (1) he says he was born in Reading, 
(2) his executor was Thomas South, and he mentions other members of the South 
family, whom he calls his kinsmen (his father married Jane South, as above). At 
any rate it was this Richard who founded the Bluecoat School, and not Richard of 
Ruscombe, ancestor of Lord Braybrooke, to whom this action is ascribed in a 
published pedigree,* which I have been able to correct and amplify, as well as 
verify in many particulare. For Richard of Ruscombe, whom we know from the 
Royalist Composition Papers to have been much impoverished, is mentioned by 
name (and called kinsman and cousin) in the will of the Richard at present under 

II. OiLBEBT (second son of Richard Aldworth, Mayor), baptized 16 June 1545 ; 

elected a burgess of Reading in 1580. Married 21 June 1573 Mary 
Fittes, and died 1587, having had by her : — 

1. John, bom 1676. 

2. Gilbert, born 1580 ; Surveyor of Highways at Reading 1606. 
8. Maby, bom 1574. 

4. Elizabeth, born 1588. 

III. John, baptized 10 September 1547, his father's executor ; inherited lands 

in Burfield and Sulhampstead ; married 8 May 1585 Phoebe Fittes. 
lY. Peter, baptized 1 April 1549. By his wife Alice he left at his death, which 
occurred in 1580, a son, 

Riohabd, who almost certainly 'is " my cousin, Richard Aldworth of 
London," mentioned as already deceased in the will of Richard 
Aldworth, founder of the Bluecoat School.f He was of St. Augas- 
tine's, Paul's Gate, and was a Merchant Taylor. He married 
Margaret (? Ooulson), and in his will dated 1624 (but proved 1638) 
he states that he was born in Reading, and mentions his children : — 

(1) RiCHABD, not yet of age in 1624. 

(2) SUBAN. 

(3) Elizabeth. 

(4) Margaret. 

(5) Frances. 

V. Catharine, married 1579 to Barnabie Hatch. 

VI. Anne, married 1579 to Peter Hardye. 
VII. Elizabeth, married to John Austill. 
VIII. Alice, married to James Matthewes. 

IX. Agnes (youngest daughter), born 1560 ; married 1588 to Francis Feild 
of London, Merchant Taylor. 

lY. John, the youngest son of Richard Aldworthe of Tilehurst (will 1543). He was 
a burgess of Reading from 1555-59, when his name drops out of tne list, but 
he and his wife were both living in 1594, as they are mentioned in the will of 
his brother Richard Aldworth, the Mayor. It is from this John that the 
Braybrooke Aldworths must have sprung. We know that they were descended 
from a John Aldworth, from the memorial in Wargrave Church erected by 
Richard Aldworth of Hinton Pipard (who died 1638-9) to the memory of 

* *' Miscellanea Qenealogica et Heraldica/' New Series, Vol. IV., p. 173. 
f Quotation in proof : *' To Mistris Aldworth, widow, wife of my cousin Richard A. of 
London, deceased, £6 for mourning, and to every of her daughtert £6." 


Richard Aldworth his father (died 1628), and to John and Alice, "ante- 
cessores snos,*' which must in this case mean grandparents. The published 
pedigree mentioned above starts boldly with "John Aldworth of West 
Hagbourne, Lord of the Manor of Garford in 1546, of Wantage in 1597, and 
latterly of Reading, Merchant " ; and not content with this long life and list 
of honours, the author of the pedigree marries him three times to other men*s 
wives. J have been at some trouble to prove the incorrectness of this state- 
. ment, viz. : — 

(1) There was a John Aldworth of West Hagbourne married to an Alice. 
He was a well-to-do yeoman and died in 1545. He had no son of the name 
of Richard. 

(2) In 38 Henry VIII., ».«., in 1545 or 1546, Richard Aldworth purchased 
the Manor of Garford from the King for £251 Ss. 4d. It had formerly 
belonged to Abingdon Monastery. He left at his death in 1557 a son John, 
who had a son Richard, but no connection with Reading. 

(8) There were a great number of persons named John Aldworth alive in 
Wantage in 1597, but whether one of them was Lord of the Manor I do not 
know, though one branch of the family is sometimes honoured with the prefix 
" Mr." in the registers. 

It is obvious then, that our genealogist has selected three John Aldworths and 
amalgamated them, in order to give a good start to his pedigree. All we can say 
for certain is that John Aldworth was a burgess of Reading from 1555 to 1559 ; 
that he was married before 1557, for in that year he pays pew-rent " iiij d, for his 
wyfe's sete " ; that he and his wife were living in 1594, and that he may have lived 
till 1602, when a person of his name appears in the Churchwardens' Accounts of 
St. Mary's, Reading, in a list which is entitled '* Three and Thertithe of the 
chefestes and auncientest men in the parish." If this John Aldworth is not the 
ancestor of the Braybrookes, I cannot see how we can explain the various allusions 
to kin and cousinship in the will of Richard Aldworth, who founded the Bluecoat 
School in 1646. 

I cannot find any date for the death or will of this John Aldworth. We know 
from his monument that his wife was named Alice, and that his son was the Richard 
Aldworth described below, who in his will gives us the names of his sisters. The 
children born to John and Alice Aldworth therefore were : — 

I. Richard, baptized at St. Mary's, Reading, 12 January 1557 ('* Visitation of 

Berks, 1665," says died 1628, aged 66). 
II. Ellen, ? baptized 26 January 1561 ; married .... Rippen. 
III. Alice, married John Wiseman ; a widow in 1628. 
rv. JoAK, ? baptized 8 April 1558 ; married .... Barber. 
V. Margaret, married .... Head ; a widow in 1628. 

RiOHARD, the only son, is styled in the published pedigree as of St. Mary Magdalen, 
Milk Street, an obvious confusion with his kinsman Richard of Bluecoat 
School fame. In his will (dated 14 April 1623) he calls himself " of London, 
citizen and Grocer." He mentions his house in St. Mary, Aldermanbury, his 
house at Stanlake, his dwelling in Reading, the moiety of his parsonage of 
Wargrave, his manor of Hinton Pipard, and his lands in Hinton Pipard, 
Stanlake, Twiford, Ruscombe, Sonning, and Hurst. He mentions also some 
barns called Morabury Barnes, which he purchased of Sir Henry Nevill, the 
elder, and Sir Henry Nevill, the younger, knights — interesting because the 
purchaser's descendants were to assume the name and represent the family of 
the vendors. He married firstly, Anne, daughter of Richard May of London, 
by whom he had (with two daughters, Anne and Alice) an only son, 
Richard, his heir. 


He married secondly, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Deane, clothier, of 
Beading, by whom he had : — 

I. Thomas, i ,. , , ^ ..,.,, 

WiLiiAM I before 1623, s.p., as is obvious from their father s will. 

III. Maegarbt, who married 4 September 1623 at St. James's, Clerkenwell, 
George (afterwards Sir George) Wilmot of Letcombe and Charlton near 
Wantage, and had issue. 
Richard Aldworth died 13 May 1623, and was buried at St. Mary's, Alderman- 
bury. He was succeeded by his eldest son, 

RiCHABD, described in the " Visitation of Berks " as of Wargrave. He married 
1614 Amy, daughter of Thomas Parsons of Great Milton (who survived him 
and died in 1672). He died in 1639 and was buried at Ruscombe. His 
children were : — 

I. Richard, born in Reading 1614, his heir. 
II. Thomas. 

III. Robert, who died at Milford on his passage to Ireland in 1652. His goods 

were administered by his mother. 

IV. Henry, an India merchant. His will was proved 12 August 1664. 
V. Anne, died unmarried at Chievely 14 March 1644. 

(All the above were born before 1623.) 
VI. John. 

VII. George, » ^ 

viii WiTLiAM I °iGQfcioned in will of their brother Henry 1664. 

Richard, the eldest son, is stated in the published pedigree to have founded the 
Bluecoat School, whereas he is mentioned in the will of the real founder as 
** my cousin, Richard A. of Wargrave, gent. — Mistris Amie A., mother of the 
said Richard — Five of the bretheren of the said Richard, videlicet, Robert, 
Henry," etc., as above. He is styled in the Visitation as of Ruscombe. 
In 1646 he was fined £200 for commanding a troop of horse in the King's 
service, and describes himself as seised of the Manor of Hinton Pipard^ called 
Stanlakes Farm, which he values at £160 yearly, and pleads poverty. To no 
purpose, however, for on 4 June 1650 the fine was paid. He was afterwards 
M.P. for Reading and Auditor of the Exchequer, and died 5 October 1680. 
He married Anne, daughter of William Gwyn of New Windsor, and had 
issue : — 

I. Richard, his heir. 

II. William of Frogmore. By his wife Anne, who died 1695, he had issue 
(will proved 23 December 1700) : — 

1. Charles of Frogmore ; M.P. for Windsor 1710 ; killed in a duel with 

Colonel Chudleigh, the outcome of a Jacobite dispute, 21 August 

2. Susan. 

3. Elizabeth. 

III. Charles, Vice-President of Magdalen College, Oxford ; expelled by 

James XL, but afterwards reinstated ; died unmarried 15 April 1720 
(vide Bloxam's " Register of Magdalen "). 

IV. John, B.A. of All Souls 1672 ; Rector of Lockinge, near Wantage, 1684 

until his death (unmaiTied) in 1729. He left a curious account book, still 
extant. It was his custom to have his wine brought up the Thames to 
Goring, and then carted to Lockinge, thus apparently avoiding duty. 
y. Henrt, buried in Ruscombe. 


VI. Robert. 

VII. Anne, married 14 May 1675 Thomas May. 
VIII. Amy. 
IX. SuSANNJL, married 8 June 1679 Robert Hester of Shiplake ; died 1781. 
X. Margaret, married Thomas Parsons of St. Anne's, Westminster. 
XI. Elizabeth. 
XII. Dorothy. 

Richard, the eldest son, was born at Lambeth ; B.A. St. John's College, Oxon, 
1665 ; M.A. 1668 ; M.P. for Dublin University 1695-99 ; King's Remem- 
brancer in Ireland. He married Mary, daughter of William Orofton, M.P., 
and had issue : — 

I. John of Stanlake, born 1680 ; matriculated at Christ Chnrch, Oxford^ 1696 ; 
married Mary, daughter of James Tyrrel of Shotover, who died 1760, 
aged 90. He died s.p. 1710, and was buried at Ruscombe. 
II. Richard, heir to his father. 

III. Anne, married Edward Standen of Arbourfield. 

IV. Jane, married Gilbert Jackson. 

V. Mary, married 1718 James Hayes. 
VI. Rosa. 
VII. Arabella. 

RiQHARD, the second son and heir, born 1685 ; matriculated at Wadham 1701 ; 
verderer of Windsor Forest. He married 1714 Catharine, daughter of 
Richard Neville of Billingbere, and on his death in 1738 was succeeded by 
his only son, 

Richard, born 1717, who on the death of his uncle, Henry Neville of 
Billingbere, became the representative of that family, and assumed the 
name of Neville-Aldworth, and later of Aldworth-Neville. He was an 
M.P. from 1747-74; Under-Secretary of State and Minister at Paris. 
He married 1748 Magdalen, daughter of Francis Calandrini. She died 
1750. On his own death in 1793 he was succeeded by hk only son, 

Richard Aldworth-Nevillb, born 1750 ; M.P. for Reading. In 1798 
he assumed the name of Griffin only, on succeeding, under the 
special remainder, to the title of his third-cousin, John Griffin- 
Whitwell, Lord Howard de Walden and Baron Braybrooke. He 
married Catherine, daughter of George Granville, and sister of the 
Marquis of Buckingham. He died 1825 ; the grandfather of the 
present peer. 


Richard Aldworth, clothmaker=^Elizabeth Gerying, 
of Tilehuret, died 1543. died 1552. 

Thomas Aldworth, four times=r Alice . . . ., William Aldworth of=pElizabeth 
Mayor of Reading; M.P. for 
Reading ; died 1576. 


ill ice . . . ., n luiaui Aiawortu oi=pi 

died 1585. Sulhampstead Abbot, . 

died 1552. ^ 




1 B 

Thomas AI< 


i- BobertAld- Symonde Henry Aldworth of=f=Katherin Two 
worth. Aldworth. Arbonrfield. .... dans. 

Aldworth, three times Mayor of Beading 

; died 1594=j=Jnlian .... 

1584. . 

F Jane, da. 
of Cle- 








pMary John Ale 
Fittes, worth, 
married born 
1578. 1547 ; 

- Peter Ald.=f 
died 1580. 

=Alice Five 
.... dans. 

? Conlson. 

Richard Aldworth. 
born 1576 ; died 
1649. Foandedthe 
Bine Coat School 
at Beading. 


Ursnla. ^ 




fohn Gilbert 
^Id- Aldworth, 
vorth, born 1580. 

Bichard Aid-: 
worth of Lon- 
don. Will 
proved 1683. 

Aldworth. Pour dans. 

John Aldworth, living 1594.=f= Alice . • • • 


Anne Maynpfiichard Aldworth, Groc^, of London, born 1557 ;=rMargaret Deane. 
I died 1623. j 

Bichard Aldworth of Hinton Pipard,=T=Amy Parsons, 
died 1689. 

Sir G^eorge=pMargaret. 

Bichard Aldworth=T=Anne 

of Bnscombe, bom 
1614 ; died 1680. 
Fined by Parlia- 


Thomas Aid- Bobert Aid- 
worth, worth. 


John Aid- 

Henry Aldworth. 
William Aldworth. 

George Aid- 
worth. Anne. 



William=F=Anne Charles John Al( 

of Frog- 

J^ Til 

idworth, Bobert 

Aldworth, Bectorof Lock- Aldworth. 

Vice-Pre- inge. 

sident of — Anne. 

Magdalen. Henry Aid- - 

worth. Amy. 

— Margaret. 


Charles Aldworth, M.P. for Windsor, killed 1714. 
VOL. v., SEBUBS m. 



Eichard Neville of Billingbere. 

Richard Ray nesf ord=pAiiii. Richard Neville=pKatherine, Richard Ald-=rMary 

of Billingbere. 

James, 2nd Baron Griffin of Bray-=pAnn. 
brooke, died 1715. 

sister of 
Lord Grey. 

worth of 
M.P. for 





Griffin, 3rd 


Baron Grif- 


fin of Bray- 

brooke, died 

B.p. 1742. 

Wil- Eliza-=Henry Catharine 

liam beth, Neville married 

Whit- died of Bill- 1714; died 

well. 8.p. ingbere, 1720. 
1762. dieds.p, 

2nd son, 
bom 1685; 
died 1738. 

John Aid- 
son, died 
B.p. 1710. 



John Griffin Whitwell, bom 1719, Lord Howard 
de Walden ; created Baron Bray brooke with 
remainder to Richard Aldworth -Neville, Esq. ; 
died s.p. 1797. 

Richard Aldworth-=y=Magdalen 
Neville, born 1717; Calandrini. 
died 1793. M.P.,etc. 

Richard Aldworth -Neville, assumed name of Griffin on=pCatherine Granville, 
succeeding as 2nd Baron Braybrooke in 1798. /|\ 

Barons Braybrooke. 


Richard Aldworth of Tilehurst . 
Elsabethe Aldworth of Tilehurst 
William Aldworth of Sulhampstead 


Thomas Aldworth of Reading . 
Peter Aldworth of Reading . . 
Richard Aldworth of Reading, jun 
Alice Aldworth of Reading . . 
Gilbert Aldworth of Reading . 
Richard Aldworth of Reading, sen 
Henry Aldworth of Arbourfield . 
Richard Aldworth of London . 
Richard Aldworth of London 
Richard Aldworth of Hinton Pipard 
Anne Aldworth of Hinton Pipard 
Robert Aldworth of Stanlake 
Richard Aldworth of St. Mary 

Maudlin, Milk Street . . . 
Henry Aldworth of London . . 
William Aldworth of Frogmore 
John Aldworth of Stanlakes 
John Aldworth of Lockinge . . 




Wills Pbovbd. 
Arch. Berks, C. 156 
Arch. Berks, B. 169 


Arch. Berks, B. 179 — 

P.C.O., 6, Daughtrv Clothier. 

P.C.C, 27, Arundell Clothier. 
P.C.C, 29, Watson — 

Arch. Berks, H. 70 Widow. 
P.C.C, 43, Spenser — 

P.C.C, 58, Dixey Clothier. 
P.C.C, 37, Cobham — 

P.C.C, 85, Swan Grocer. 
P.C.C, 22, Seager Merchant Taylor. 

Royalist Comp. Papers Gent. 

Orig. Will. Rivers Spinster. 
Adm'on, 90, Bowyer — 

P.C.C, 202, Allchin 
P.C.C, 94, Bruce 
P.C.C, 175, Noel 
P.C.C, 18, Young 
P.C.C, 239, Abbott 


'* Visitation of Berks, 1666"; Monument in Wargrave Church; Registers of St. Mary's, Reading, 
and other places ; Cockayne's Peerage (for the Nevilles) ; Pedigree published in •* Mis. Gen. et 
Her.," New Series, Vol. IV., p. 173; Reading Municipal Records; Churchwardens' Accounts of 
St. Mary's, Reading ; Poster's " Alumni Oxonienses" (for University Dates). 












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V 08 Pi 

BO • • 

. C«-l 
B O 

**.*^:i » "i w" » ^ 






Dear Sib, 

The "Salford Priors *' Pedigree on page 242 of " Mis. Gen. et Her.," Vol. IV., 
Third Series, is very defective except in the Osbaston line, so is also the ^^ Birming- 
ham " Pedigree. I enclose these two Pedigrees complete in the hope they may be 
of some use. The Pedigrees of Cope of Bramshill, etc., with the exception of the 
exact dates being omitted, which are easily obtainable, contain otherwise only one 
or two nnimportant errors. 

Tears obediently, 

14 Great Coram Street, W.C. J. R. Copb. 

Bev Cope, Vicar of Biewood oirca 1680. 

Edward Cope of Brewood Grammar SchooL 

Edward Cope. 

Richard Cope. 

'■-■I- .- ^ -' 

Edward Charles Henry Cope of^Mary Bichard Cope of Malvern, Frederick George 
Cope. Birmingham, died 1863. I Jones born 1787 ; died 15 Feb- Cope. Cope. 

=1= ruary 1882. 

Edward Cope of Birmingham Alexander Cope, Charles Henry Cope of Wigginton=pMary 
(Solicitor), born 1814. died 1876. Park, bom 1821. Minett. 

T ^ ^1 

Edward Cope (Bank of England, London), Walter Cope, bom Charles Bfenry Cope, boro 
bom 1844. y 1847. 1854. 

Edward Taylor Cope, bom Cecil Westall Cope, bom Herbert Gordon Cope, bom 
S May 1870. 2 October 1879. 9 Febmary 1885. 

Jonas Cope of Salford Priors, bom 1670 ;^Sarah Haynes, married 
died 28 December 1740. 1 January 1699. 

Anne Salle,= William Cope,= Martha Thomas Cope,=^Mary Jonas Cope,=T=Elizabeth 

married 1727. 1705—1784. married 1730. 1708—1793. I Cope. 1710—1785. ^ 

Thomas Cope, 1 738 — 1 805. 3rd husband=T=Patience Eleanor (widow). 
Copes of Osbaston, see " Mis. Gen. et Her.," Vol. IV., Third Series, page 242. 





1. John Cope, 2. James Cope,=y=Martha 3. Jonas Cope, 1746^ 4. Michi 





Buck. 1818 ; married Ist 

Sarah ; 2ndlj 5. Thomas Cope, 1757—1843. 

Eleanor .... — 

6. Solomon Cope, 1760. 


Rev. K{chard=f=Ann Rev. James=sPrudence Thoma8=i=Julia 

Cope, LL.D., 

Davis. Cope, 1780— Gammer. 



Charles Cope, 1782—1862 ; 
Farkyn. married Ist Charlotte 
Godwin ; 2ndly Matilda 
Jenkins. =t^ 

I I 

Frederick^Biliza Charles^Bmily Thomas^Maria 


bom 18 

Jane James 
Slarke. Cope, 
1 April 


bora 19" 


I I L 

1. William H( 



mer Cope. 

1824—1865 ; — 

married Elea- 2. Arthur Cope. 

nor Jefferson. -— 

3. Francis Cope. 

t I > 

1. Godfrey 2. Carl Cope. 

Cope. — 

3. Cecil Cope. 

1. Walter 2. Lonis 3. Prank 
Cope. Cope. Cope. 

1 . Thomas de 2. Spencer 
TBepinasse Cope. 


1. Thomas Cope, 

Richard James 


William Lid-n 


Augustus Lid-=j 




-1897; married 

brook Cope, 


brook Cope, 


iBt Maria Mills; 




2. Edward Cope, 

Charlotte Dunsf ord. 



1. Fred( 


Joseph Ricnard < 

1. Herbert 

3. Alfred 

5. Augustus 

7. Gilbert 

born 1846 ; married 



Davis Cope. 



Ist Ada Vale Cowell ; 






2ndly Marian 


2. Gerrard 

2. Clarence 

4. Francis 







6. Stanley 

8. Austyn 








I. Richard John=Jes8ie Stroh- 

2. Thomas 3. William 

4. Charles 

5. Harold 6. 


Cope, born 1874. 


Bertram Henry 


Edward Arthur 




Cope. Cope. 

ANTHONY WARTON, 1681—1661. 

I shall be obliged by any clue to his ancestors in Lancashire, where he was born at Walton 
in 1581 ; educated at Lincoln College, Oxford, 1596 ; ordained by the Bishop of London 1607 ; 
Curate of Hamsey, Sussex, and in 1626 to 1661 of Brearaore, Hants. His will, in P.C.C. 1661, 
gives no clue to his wife or habitation before the date 1626. His grandson Anthony (1650 — 
1715) of Godalraing, etc., was a direct ancestor of Commander Joseph Warton, R.N., 1780 — 
1863, whose will and burial I fail to find. 

MS. at Lincoln College gives Anthony Wharton 1 596, bom 1683 ; from Lanes. 

MS. at Winchester — Anthony Warton, licensed to serve the curacy of Breamore, 1626. 

MS. at Doctors' Commons, 1607 — Anthony Warton, B.A. of Lincoln College, Oxford, 
ordained 1607, to be Curate of Hamsey, Sussex ; bom at Walton, co. Lancaster, 1581. 

The registers begin 1586, but give an Anthony, son of Thomas Wharton, baptized 1623. 
There are no clues at Hamsey or Lewes. 

Anthony's sermons were printed in London 1657. A. O.^H. 


Fenland Notes and Queries, Vol. V., Part 64. July 1902. Peterboroagh : George C. Caster^ 

Market Place. 
This Part gives more particulars of the *' Drainage of the Great Level *' two hundred years ago, 
the Commissioners asking for power to tax the country for new works, " to cut off comers and 
to make crooked rivers straight." Those acquainted with Ely and its neighbourhood at present 
can appreciate the labour undertaken then, and at a cost of only £1200, to which the country 
contributed. To shew the schemes undertaken, the River Ouse passed in 1618 to Littleport in 
a crooked course of ten miles long by water, whereas by land it is only three miles. About 
£1000 was spent on it, but it was not approved of by the better Eort of people, and they found 
means to stay it. It is rather humoursome to find how civic magnates in 1660, and later, very 
much approachetl those of the twentieth century by lavish expenditure on their dinners. At 
one meal for twelve Commissioners there were drank seven quarts of wine, aud for seventeen 
Commissioners there were five quarts of claret and two quarts of sack, besides sugar in large 
quantities, so that it was calculated that £100,000 a year was spent on sugar at christenings, at 
a cost of about £6 each. In 1621 this great waste of money was restricted by Proclamation of 
the State. 

There is given in another Paper an account of the marriages during the Commonwealth, 
written on loose leaves, now much worn and defaced. The service was before a Justice, and the 
marriage had to be proclaimed on three several Lord's days ; and a short Paper is given of 
Boston Fair so early as 1282, lasting a month, the citizens resorting to it in great numbers, and 
all business elsewhere ceasing. 

The Journal of the Bob Lihris Soeiety. Vol. XII., Parts 6, 7, and 8, June to August 1902. 

London : A. and C. Black, Soho Square, W. 
The June Part has some interesting plates, among them being the Plates of New CollegCi 
Oxford, 1702, also those of Sir Horace Mann, Bart., and Lord Walpole. 

The July Part for introductory plate has a large one of Mr. Bruce Bannerman*s, besides two 
smaller ones, and other coats are given, all designed by Mr. Graham Johnston, who has the 
great advantage of being the Herald Painter to the Lyon Office, the arms of Bir James Balfour 
Paul being given ; the plate of Mr. Nevile Beid is also shewn, as well as that of Robert Harley 
of Bramton Castle, Esq., Speaker and Chancellor of the Exchequer and Lord High Treasurer 
in Queen Anne's time, and that of his brother, Edward Harley, Esq., both with graceful 
mantling ; and the plate of their father-in-law, Thomas Foley, of Great Witley Court, is also 
shewn. This is altogether a good Number. 

The August Part is chiefly concerned with the President's speech at the Dinner and Annual 
Meeting, an ample report of which nominally occupies the major part of the Number. Mr. 
Jewers baa an account of the Borlase family, giving three different coats, and Mr. B. Maclay 
Bull of Brooklyn also has his plate shewn. The plates for identification are now 612. 

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, No. 1, Vol. X. July 1902. Virginia 

Historical Society, Richmond, n.6.A. 
This is an interesting Part, and besides giving the John Brown letters, which are those of a 
religious fanatio, haS a good account of the Battle of Point Pleasant in November 1774 with 
various tribes of Indians, who heavily outnumbered the troops, under General Lewis, and soon 
shot three of his best officers while leading on their men, the fighting continuing all day. So 
eager were the Indians for scalps that three were shot over Captain John Frogge's body while 
endeavouring to scalp him. Lord Dunmore came with reinforcements and finally effected a 
treaty with the Indians. The genealogy in the Part is well sustained. 

•^* Boohs for Beview and Notices of Forthcoming Worhs should be addressed to 
Messrs, Mitchell and Hughes at the Publishing Office, 140 Wardour Street, London, W, 




The Armes of the ffamilye of Collin of Laver in the Conntye of Essex as is 
recorded in seuerall Visitations of the saide Connty remayning in the Office of 
Armes : From a second Brother of which Family M' Joshna Collin now of London 
is descended as appeareth by an affidavit made by M' John Collyn now of Lincolnes 
Inne heir Male of that ffamily & Cozen Germayne once remoued to y« sayd Joshna. 
In testimony hereof I haue subscribed theise presents the 21*^ day of January : 
Anno D'ni 1689. 

W*« Lb Nbub, Clarencienx. 

The Arms and Crest, viz., '' Or on a fesse embattilled azure a starre & twoo 
cresseants silver between three lions beds caboched gneles vpon his healme on a 
torse gold & asnre a faucons head sables three gutts silver yssninge out of a rose 
gueles holding in his beack a compose gold mantled gneles dobled silver/' were 
granted by Sir Gilbert Dethick, Knight, Garter Principal King of Arms, to " John 
Russell of London, M' Carpinter to the Kings ma"%" by Patent, dated at London 
the 15th day of October 6 Edward VI. 





Jfamilp oi atiams ot Caban, ett/ 


(1) Robert FoRDE, born 1817 ; baptized 24 April 1817 (St. Mary's, 

Dublin, Par. Reg.) ; died 20 December 1836. 

(2) William Am^en Fordb, bom 1820; married 7 April 1851 

Isabella Yerling, daughter of Alexander Campbell, Esq., of 
Mountjoy Sqnare, Dublin. She died 14 January 1875. He died 
2 February 1878, aged 57, and was interred in Mount Jerome 
(Mount Jerome Reg.), having bad issue four daughters : — 

1. Ellen Mary, married 28 May 1880 Frank D. Hamilton, Esq. 

(Donnybrook Par. Reg.). 

2. Isabella Henrietta, married 21 June 1880 Stewart F. 

Hamilton, L.K.Q.C.P.I. and L.R.C.S.f.. and of the Royal 
Navy (Donnybrook Par. Reg.). 

3. Ada Verlinq, married 15 June 1882 (St. Mathew's, Irishtown, 

Par. Reg.) William Lett, Esq., of Kilgibbon, co. Wexford. 

4. Annie Eatuerine Alexandrina. 

(3) John Forde, born 17 August 1821 ; married 26 March 1861 

(Monkstown Par. Reg.) Elizabeth Dancer, daughter of Rev. 
Adderley Campbell, A.M., Rector of Tullycorbet, Diocese of 
Clogher, and granddaughter of the late Sir Amyrald Dancer, 
Bart., of Modreeny House, Cloughjordan, co. Tipperary, and 
died suddenly 3 March 1865 at 2 Vesey Terrace, Garville 
Avenue, Rathmines, and was interred in Mount Jerome (Mount 
Jerome Reg.), leaving issue two sons, viz. : — 

1. Adderley John Forde. 

2. John Brabazon Forde. 

(4) Nbason Forde, born February 1823 ; died June 1825. 

(5) Edward Forde, T.C.D., A.B. Vern. 1851 ; Surveyor-in-Chief of 

Harbours and Rivers, Australia; born 27 November 1827; 
married 5 April 1864 Helena, youngest daughter of the Hon. 
Abraham Scott, A.M., Member of the Legislative Council of 
Ash Island, Hexham, Australia ; died s.p. 21 June 1866. 

(6) Henry Forde, born July 1829 ; bitptized 14 August 1829 

(Monkstown Par. Reg.). Emigrated to America. 

(7) Allen Forde, born 1833 ; baptized 31 January 1833 (Monkstown 

Par. Reg.) ; died 19 January 1865 and was buried in Mount 
Jerome (Mount Jerome Reg.). 

* Commanicated by Maxwell Adams» Esq., Barrister-at-Law. From a MS. by the late 
Rev. B. W, Adams, D.D.— continaed from p. 89. 


(8) Jane, born 1816 ; baptized 4 February 1816 (St. Mary's, Dublin, 

Par. Reg.) ; died 13 January 1881, aged U, at Aubawn, co. 

(9) Olivia, bom 1825 ; died 16 October 1826. 

(10) Catherine Anne, bom 1828 ; baptized 13 July 1828 (Monkstown 

Par. Reg.) ; died 29 March 1829. 

(11) Marcia Henrietta, married 24 May 1870 Rev. Charles Johnson, 

M.D., of Sydney, Australia, eldest surviving son of Charles 
Johnson, M.D., of 24 Merrion Square, South Dublin. 

(12) Eleanor Sarah, married 24 August 1854 Robert Francis O'Brien, 

Esq., J.P., of Roekfield, Killeshandra, co. Gavan, and has issue 
six sons and one daughter, viz. : — 

1. Robert Irwin O'Brien, born 24 August 1855. 

2. Henry Agheson O'Brien, born 7 September 1857. 
8. William Francis O'Brien, born 15 June 1860. 

4. Edward O'Brien, bora 9 September 1868. 

5. Arthur Percfval O'Brien, born 12 Sep. 1868 ; died s.p. 

6. Frederick O'Brien, born 20 February 1872. 

7. Emily Grace. 

(18) Mary Anne, bora 1881 ; baptized 24 November 1881 (Monks- 
town Par. Reg.) ; died 29 October 1857. 

(14) Anne Isabella. 

(15) Sarah, married 14 July 1881 (Santry Par. R«g.) Henry William 

Rotheram, Esq., of Castlecor, co. Meath, who died 1890. 

(16) Emily Pkrcival, married 6 July 1865 James Ramsay, Esq., 

second son of Dr. Ramsay of Dobroyde, Australia, and has issue 
three sons and one daughter : — 

1. James Allen Ramsay. 

2. David Bruob Ramsay. 

8. Edward Lord Ramsay. 
4. Emily Louisa. 

(17) Elizabeth Armstrong, married 8 November 1871 Alexander 

Camnbell Budge, Esq., of Australia, and has issue one son and 
one daughter, viz. : — 

1. Henry Sinclair Campbell Budge, born 12 October 1872. 

2. Louisa Sinclair Campbell. 

4. Anna, born 1805 ; married 2 June 1828 (St. George's, Dublin, Par. 
Reg.) Lieut. Benjamin Scott, who died November 1847, aged 52, 
and was interred 29 November 1847 in Mount Jerome beside his 
wife, who had died 10 October 1845 (Mount Jerome Reg.), having 
had issue six sons and four daughters, viz. : — 

(1) John Blundill Scott, born 1 March 1830 ; died 19 March 1830 
and was buried in St. Mark's, Dublin (St. Mark's, Dublin, 
Far. Reg.). 

L 2 


(2) Allen Stewart Scott, born 27 January 1832 (St. Mark*B, 

Dublin, Par. Reg.). 

(3) Samuel Baird Scott, born 14 December 1886 (St. George's, 

Dublin, Par. Reg.). 

(4) Benjamin James Scott, born 23 December 1887. 

(5) Rkv. Henry Scott, born 6 January 1840 ; resides in Australia. 

(6) Edward Forde Scott, born 26 December 1844. 

(7) Jane, born 3 March 1829 ; died 4 June 1834 and was interred in 

St. Mark's, Dublin (St. Mark's, Dublin, Par. Reg.). 

(8) Elizabeth, born 4 March 1831 (St. Mark's, Dublin, Par. Reg.) ; 

died 1846. 

(9) Anne, born 1838; baptized 17 April 1833 (St. Mark's, Dublin, 

Par. Reg.) ; married 1853 .... Simpson, Esq., of Melbourne, 
Australia, and had issue seven children. 

(10) Louisa, born 19 October 1835 (St. Mark's, Dublin, Par. Reg.) ; 
married 1853 Captain Vincent of Melbourne, Australia, and 
died 16 September 1854, liaving had issue one child, who died 
with its mother. 

II. Neason Wildridge Adams, M.D., born 1777 ; married 2 April 1802 

Isabella, daughter of Samuel Adams, Esq. {vide p. 129) ; resided in 
Dublin from 1801 to 20 December 1835, when he retired from practice, 
giving up his house No. 71 Stephen's Green, and went to live in Achill 
Island, CO. Mayo, where his wife died s.p. 18 December 1855. Afterwards 
he resided principally in the neighbourhood of Dublin. Died 29 August 
1859 at 22 Adelaide Street, Kingstown, the residence of his nephew 
Dr. William O'Brien Adams {vide p. 88), and was interred with his wife 
in Knockbride (Kuockbride Par. Reg.). 

III. James Adams, M.D., born 1780 ; entered the Army in March 1804 as 

Assistant-Surgeon ; was attached to the Fourth Ceylon Regiment 20 Sep- 
tember 1810; Surgeon 15 April 1813; retired on half-pay 24 June 
1815; married 2 September 1816 Maria, daughter of Samuel Adams 
(see p. 129), and resided at Athboy ; died s.p. 3 September 1840, aged 61, 
at Kingstown, and was interred in Knockbride (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 
Mra. Adams died 31 March 1867, aged 71, at Blackrock, co. Dublin, 
and was also interred in Kuockbride (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 

IV. Elizabeth, born 1767 ; married 1796 Poster Beatty, M.D. (Drumgoon 

Par. Reg.), of Cootehill, who died 1800, aged 30, and was buried in 
Cootehill ; she died 30 April 1838, aged 71, and was interred in Knock- 
bride (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 

Mr. William Adams of Castletown House, co. Cavan, married 2ndly, 6 July 
1783 (Finglas Par. Reg.), Anna, daughter of Robert Smith, Esq^ of Finglas, 
CO. Dublin, and relict of George Macdonnell, Esq., uncle of the Kev. Richard 
Macdonnell, D.D., Provost of Trinity College, Dublin. He died 28 February 
1815, aged 69, and was interred with his first wife in Knockbride, where there 
is a tomb to their memory. His will, signed 14 February 1813, was proved 
in Dublin 16 March 1815 (Probate Court, Dublin). Mrs. Adams, his second 
wife, died April 1832, aged 80, in Dorset Street, Dublin, of cholera, and was 


interred in Pinglas 1 May 1832 (Finglas Par. Reg.), haying had issue by 
Mr. William Adams one daughter, viz. : — 

I. Martha Susanna, bom 1786 ; died unmarried 24 December 1805 (Finglas 
Par. Reg.) at Castletown House, co. Cavan, and was interred in the old 
churchyard of Finglas. In the present Church there is a mural tablet 
to her memory on the north side of the Communion table, which describes 
her " as a beloved and dutiful child, endowed with many excellent and 
Christian virtues which rendered her an ornament to her sex.*' 




IV. Samuel Adams of Dublin, born 1750 ; married 10 March 1779 (Walker's 
"Hibernian Magazine") Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. Alexander Leslie of 
Portglenore, CO. Antrim, a relation of the Earl of Rothes ; died 7 June 1799, 
aged 49. His will, signed 27 May 1799, was proved in Dublin 26 June 
1799 (Probate Court, Dublin). His widow removed to Drumgoon House, 
CO. Cavan, where she died 22 January 1802, aged 50, and was interred beside 
her husband at Knockbride, where there is a tomb to their memory, on 
which the date of her death, 22 January 1801, is incorrect. Her will, signed 
15 September 1801, was proved 27 November 1802 in Dublin (Probate 
Court, Dublin). They hud issue three sons aud six daughters, viz. : — 

I. Richard Adams of Wainsford, Hants, born 1780 ; entered the Army as 
Ensign in the 24th Regiment 12 December 1798 ; Lieut. 8 November 
1799 ; served in Egypt under Sir Ralph Abercrombie in 1800 ; Captain 
in the 59th Regiment 27 June 1805 ; exchanged 24 June 1807 into the 
2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays) ; was present at the siege and 
capture of Copenhagen by Lord Cathcart September 1807, and sold out 
29 June 1809 ("Army List" and Letter from the Horse Guards); 
re-entered the Army as Cornet in the 13th Light Dragoons 21 May 1812 ; 
Lieut. 15 July 1813 ; was engaged at Waterloo 18 June 1815, and again 
sold out October 1816 (ibid.) ; married 4 June 1806 (Alveston Par. Reg.) 
Louisa, daughter of Newsham Peers, Esq., of Alveston Park, near 
Stratford-on Avon, Warwickshire ; died 11 Febrnai'y 1836, aged 54, at 
Wainsford, and was interred 18 February at Milford, Hants (Milford, 
Hants, Par. Reg.). His wife died 17 August 1846, aged 74, and was 
interred 20 August 1846 beside her husband, having had issue three 
sons and two daughters, viz. : — 

1. Richard Gordon Peers Adams, born 1809 ; baptized 5 July 1809 

(Handley Par. Reg.) ; died of measles at school 1820 and was 
interred at Handley, Dorsetshire. 

2. Maxwell Leslie Benjamin Adams, born 1810 ; baptized 3 November 

1810 (Handley Par. Reg.) ; entered the Royal Navy as First Class 
Vuhinteer on board tlie " Wellesley, 72" 23 April 1824 ; Midshipman 
2 December 1825 ; Mate 5 May 1830 ; died unmaiTied 7 October 
1834 on board H.M.S. '* Imogene," and was buried in the Sooloo 
Sea (Letter from the Admiralty). 

3. Henry Augustus Adams, born 13 December 1814 at Handley House, 

Dorsetshire ; entered the Army 1835 ; sold out and entered the 
Bombay Army 1836 in the 13th Bombay Infantry ; Ensign 


7 Febrnarj 1836 ; Lieut. 29 June 1841 ; Captain 7 March 1850 ; 
Major 20 July 1858 ; Lieut.-Colonel 7 February 1862 ; Colonel 
7 February 1867 ; Major-General 1 January 1878 ; Lieut.-General 
1 April 1882 ; General 1 December 1888. War service in the Indian 
Mutiny 1857*58 in Central India ; capture of Eotah ; with column 
in pursuit of Gwallior rebels 1858 ; action at Snnganeer and battle 
of the Banass 1858 ; action at Partabgurh 24 December 1858 ; 
Brevet of Major ; medal and clasp ; married 9 June 1840, at Tannah, 
East Indies, J. Charlotte ^born 3 June 1823), daughter of John 
Andrew Rab^, Esq., of Simon's Town, Cape Colony, who died 
1 December 1887 at Fnnchal, Madeira. He died 27 January 1898, 
aged 84, and was buried at Salcombe, Devon, having had issue eight 
sons and two daughters, viz. : — 

(1) Hbnby Edward Adams, born 21 February 1841 ; entered the 

Army 8 July 1862, from Sandhurst College, as Ensign in the 
15th Foot ; Lieut. 7 April 1865 ; exchanged 13 March 1866 
into the 2nd West India Kegiment ; exchanged again 1 1 January 
1867 into the 6th Foot, and sold out 8 November 1867 ; 
married 9 February 1875 Selina Clayton Elmer, widow, and 
died s.p. from wounds received at the battle of Kandahar in 
Afghanistan 22 September 1880, having rejoined the Army 
24 September 1868. 

(2) Maxwbll Richard William Pbbrs Adams, born 15 January 

1849 ; matriculated at King's College, London, Michaelmas 
Term 1866 ; Member of the Honourable Society of the Middle 
Temple Hilary Term 1870 ; called to the Bar 29 June 1881 ; 
entered the Imperial Civil Service of the Government of India, 
under nomination by the Secretary of State for India, 30 Novem- 
ber 1871 ; married 3 January 1881 (Falmouth Par. Reg.) 
Fanny Michell, daughter of William Gay, Esq., H.M.C.S., and 
has issue one daughter, viz. : — 

Frances Charlotte Gay Peers, bom at TJmballa, Punjab, 
India, 14 September 1882. 

(3) James Craig-Bate De Lisle Adams, born 20 August 1851 ; 

appointed to the Civil Service of the Government of Bombay 
3 February 1871 ; married 14 November 1893, at Baroda, 
India, Isabella, eldest daughter of James Richard Naylor, Esq., 
C.S.I.,/ Indian Civil Service, and has issue three daughters, 
viz. : — 

1. Louisa Peers, born 27 August 1894. 

2. Eleanor Peers, bom 30 September 1895 ; baptized at All 

Saints' Church, Dbarwar, India, 30 November 1895. 

3. Dorothy Peers, born 18 October 1896 ; baptized at All 

Saiuts' Church, Dharwar, India, 5 December 1896. 

(4) Alexander Peers Adams, born 6 September 1855 ; educated at 

King Edward VI.'s School, Sherborne, Dorset, St. Bartholomew's 
Hospital, Ijondon,and Netley Hospital, Southampton ; Surgeon 
Indian Medical Service 1880 ; served in the Burma War 
1884—87 with distinction, and was rewarded with the decora- 
tion of the Distinguished Service Order and Burmese Medal 
on account of his services ; died in Madras 12 September 1887 


from the results of fever contracted in Banna. He was buried 
at Madras. A handsome cross over his grave bears the inscrip- 
tion, ^' Erected by some of his brother officers as a token of 

(5) Newsham Peers Adams, born 6 June 1861 ; of Corpus Christi 

College, Cambridge, B.A. 1899 ; Deacon, Diocese of Norwich, 
21 December 1901 ; married 4 June 1892, at St. Thomas' 
Mount, Madras, Ada Emily Mary, daughter of Thomas Rowe, 
Esq., of Ealing, Middlesex, formerly of Dublin. She died s.p. 
20 November 1892, and is buried at St. Thomas' Mount, Madras. 
He married 2ndly, 15 August 1895, Catherine Mary, only 
daughter of Robert Rouby Oke, Esq., M.R.C.S., of Cumberland 
House, Southampton (Baughurst Par. Reg.). 

(6) Leslie Peers Adams, born 27 February 1863 ; married in 1884 

Ellen Hardwick, and has issue as follows : — 

1. William Henry Augustus Adams, born 29 November 1886. 

2. Alexander Peers Adams, born 18 September 1889. 
8. Josephine Charlotte Ellen, bom 19 June 1885. 

4. Mabel (a twin), born 14 January 1888. 

5. Beatrice (twin with last), born 14 January 1888. 

6. Florbnoe Mary, bom 19 December 1890. 

7. Leslie Peers Adams, born 24 August 1892. 

8. Maxwell Peers Adams, born 15 March 1894. 

(7) Charles Winckworth Peers Adams, born 1 September 1864 ; 

died 19 March 1870 and was buried at Colaba, Bombay. 

(8) Francis Peers Adams, born 9 December 1866 ; married 25 March 

1898, at Brixton, London, Emma Edwards. 

(9) Katherine Louisa, born 13 December 1843 ; married 8 July 

1864 Rev. Edward Rogers, who died 22 July 1865. She died 
at Edgbaston 13 April 1897 and was buried at King's Norton, 
Worcestershire (King's Norton Par. Reg.), having had issue 
one daughter, viz. : — 

Charlotte Mabel, born 8 August 1865. 

(10) Beatrice JxHiiA, born 14 October 1853 ; died unmarried 26 
November 1889, after a painful and lingering illness, at Green- 
holme, the residence of her father, General H. A. Adams, at 
Kingston Hill, Surrey, and was interred at Kingston-on- 

4. Amelia Juliana Peers, born 6 March 1807 ; baptized 15 March 1807 

(Alveston Par. B^g.) ; died unmarried 3 July 1835, aged 28, at 
Wainsford, and was interred 9 July at Milford near Lymington, 
Hants (Milford, Hants, Par. Reg.). 

5. Louisa Jane, born 18 July 1808 ; baptized 5 November 1808 (Alveston 

Par. Reg.) ; married 30 September 1835 William O'Brien Adams, 
M.B. ; died 15 August 1840 of fever, while on a visit to her uncle 
Major Benjamin Adams, at Danson Court (see next page), and was 
interred in Athboy Churchyard, co. Meath (Athboy Par. Reg.), 
where there is a tomb to her memory. [For her children see p. 88.] 


II. Benjamin Adams, born 1784 ; baptized 15 December 1784 (St. Micban's, 

Dublin, Par. Reg^ ; entered the Army 1 October 1803 as Ensign in the 
24th Regiment ; Lieut. 22 December 1804 in the 17th Lancers ;• Captain 
16 February 1815 ; Major unattached 15 August 1826 ; exchanged 
7 May 1829 into the 78th Highlanders; sold out May 1838 ("Army 
List") ; married 80 July 1827 (St. Peter's, Dublin, Par. Reg.) Maria 
Anne, daughter of Thomas Daniell, Esq. She died 10 February 1879 
in Dublin, aged 76. They resided for some time at Danson Court near 
Athboy, then at Glena&^eary, Kingstown, and finally at 71 Upper Leesou 
Street, Dublin, where he died 18 November 1847, and was interred in 
Mount Jerome (Mount Jerome Reg.)» having had issue four sons and 
six daughters, viz. : — 

1. Samuel Adams of Newlands, Ferns, born 27 January 1835 ; entered 

the Army 19 September 1856 as Cornet in the 12th Lancers ; Lieut. 
11 December 1857 ; exchanged into the 15th Foot 24 May 1861 ; 
sold out 28 August 1864 (" Army List ") ; married 31 March 1866 
Jane Cannon, daughter of the late B. E. Black, Esq., of Halifax, 
Nova Scotia. 

2. NsASON Benjamin James Adams, born 5 December 1840 at Monks- 

town, CO. Dublin ; died an infant and was interred in Mount 
Jerome (Mount Jerome Reg,). 

3. Benjamin William Brown Adams, born 1841 ; died an infant and 

was interred in Mount Jerome (Mount Jerome Reg.). 

4. Neason Adams, T.C.D., A.B. Hiem. 1863 ; bom 30 September 1848. 

5. Elizabeth Isabella, married 17 January 1851 Rev, Josiah Beatson 

Lowe, D.D., Incumbent of St. Jude's, Liverpool, where she died 

3 October 1871, having had issue fifteen children. 

6. Emilt, born 1832 ; died 1 June 1846, aged 13, and was interred in 

Mount Jerome (Mount Jerome Reg.). 

7. Louisa Susanna, married 10 November 1853 Rev. Thomas Sneyd 

Wallace, LL.D., ex-scholar of Trinity College, Dublin, and Incum- 
bent of St. Paul's, Bolton, who died 13 March 1863 at Southport, 
and had issue three sons. The second son, the Rev. W. B. Wallace, 
died 1 May 1897 at Middleburg, Cape Colony, and was buried 

4 May at Grahamstown (" Irish Times Newspaper). 

8. Isabella. 

9. Maria, married 11 September 1862 John Loyde Peyton, Esq., of 

Knockvicar, Boyle, co. Roscommon. 

10. Martha Mary Anne, born 7 June 1838; baptized 18 July 1838 
(St. Peter's, Dublin, Par. Reg.) ; died 30 May 1846, aged 8, and 
was buried in Mount Jerome (Mount Jerome Reg.). 

III. Jakes Adams, born 1799 ; was adopted heir by his uncle James Adams 

of,Corranearry House (see p. 88); died 1808 at Corranearry House 
and was buried in Knockbride. 

* Major Benjamin Adams saw much serrice with the 17th Lancers while in India, notablj 
in the Pindaree War, 1817-18. See *' Death or Glory Boys : the Story of the 17th Lancers,*' by 
D. H. Parry. London, 1899. 


lY. Isabella, born 1782 ; married 2 April 1802 Neason Wildridge Adams, 
M.D. (vide p. 124) ; died s.p. 18 December 1855 and was interred in 
Knockbride (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 

V. Elizabeth, born 1788; married 2 December 1811 Robert Alexander 

Wood, Esq., of Castle Cottage, co. Meath, who died March 1848 and 
was interred 28 March 1848 in Agher Churchyard (Agher Par. Reg.). 
She died s.p. 2 September 1865 and was interred in Agher Churchyard 
beside her husband. 

VI. Amelia, bom 1787 ; baptized 7 June 1787 (St. Michan's, Dublin, Par. 

Reg.) ; died October 1788 and was interred 16 October 1788 in 
St. Michan*B, Dublin (ibid,). 

VII. Mary (a twin), born 1791 ; died an infant and was interred in St. 

Michan's, Dublin (St. Michan's, Dublin, Par. Reg.). 

viiL Amelia (twin with last), born 1791 ; married 1812 Henry Potterton, 
Esq. ; died s.p. 10 June 1840, aged 49, and was interred with her parents 
in Knockbride (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 

IX. Maria, born 1796 ; married 2 September 1816 James Adams,'Esq., M.D. 
(vide p. 124) ; died s.p. 31 March 1867 and was interred with her 
husband in Knockbride (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 

( Jb he continued.) 

Heralds' Certificate touching a Coat of Arms used at the Funeral 
OF Thomas Tymms of London, Physician.* 

Whereas there was a Coat of Arms depicted and used at y*^ Funeral of Thomas 
Tymms or Tymme of the parish of S^ Mary Aldermanbury London Physitian lately 
deceased viz* Gules two Barrs and three Escallops in Chief Argent : We the Officers 
of Armes whose Names are hereunto Subscribed do Certifie that we have dilligently 
Searched the Books and Records of the College of Armes, but do not find that the 
Armes beforementiond do belong to the name or Family of Tymme or Tymms or 
that there are any Armes whatsoever belonging to the said Name of Tymme or 
Tymms ; But on the Contrary We do find That the Armes so made use of at the 
said Funeral were the Arms of S' Walter Bayons or Bayous of Lincolnshire in the 
time of King Edward the first and of S' William Bayons or Bayous tempore 
Edw : 2 as we are ready to shew. In witnes whereof we have hereunto set Our 
Names at the College of Armes this 21*^ day of Novemb^ 1687. 

THO. 8' GEORGE, Garter. 
THO. HOLFORD, Windsor. 
JOH. GIBSON, Blew-mantle. 
GRE»^ KING, R. Dr., Reg'. 

* From the original in the possesBion of W. Bbuce Bannebman, Esq., F.S.A. 


iMonununtal initriptiom 


Cjjurej) of ^t* ^ilt%4\utbt^ffitVtiSi* 

The present fabric of St. Giles' Church was erected in 1783, from the design of 
Henry Flitcroft, on the site of a church began in 1624 and finished in 1628. 
This replaced a much older building. 

In giving the Inscriptions in this Church we are fortunate in having two 
separate records of monuments which have now disappeared, for it will be seen that 
only fragmentary portions of two monuments that were in the Church erected in 
1624 remain, and a tablet of the Bertie benefaction, of which parts are gone. 
These records, which shew what a number of interesting monuments have perished, 
are, first, a collection of Church Notes, forming Lansdowne MS. 878, in the British 
Museum. The copies of inscriptions in this MS. (the title-page of which bears the 
name of William Faldoe) bear evidence of having been carefully made, and the arms 
are for the most part nicely tricked and coloured, although some towards the end 
are left unfinished, and in the margin a short note is given setting forth the 
character and position of many of the monuments. This MS. is undated, but 
appears to have been written about 1675 from the dates of the inscriptions. Our 
second source of information is Hatton's " A New View of London." This work 
corrects what Stowe gives in some points ; but on being compared with the MS. 
aod what remains of the actual inscriptions, will be found to vary in many small 
points, chiefly in the spelling of words and in extending abbreviations. The British 
Museum copy belonged to B. Grenville, having his name in it, and many pen and 
ink alterations and notes. 

At the West end of the North Aisle an oval marble tablet bears the following : — 
Deo Votiva | The Honor^e Robert | Bertie of this Parish, one of | the Son* of 
the Right Hon^^i^ | Robert, Earlb of Lindsey, Lord | Great Chamberlaine of 
England | and Generall of all y« forces of King | Charles the First, who was Slayne 
in I the Battalle att Edge Hill | hath given | into v« hands of y'' Churchwardens^ 
Fifty I pounds, that soe y^ Interest thereof may bee f distributed by them from time 
to time and | for ever, to the poore in bread | (Viz*) | Twelve peny worth, on every 
Sunday in y« | Yeare, & on every New Years day. Five | shillings (if Sunday) other- 
wise. Four I shillings ; & on y« last Sunday of Aug* | in ye same yeare. Five 
shillings, | Begun the First day of | January 1677. | Pauperibusqz | Tabula. 

[In the " New View " this is given with many variations of spelling, etc., but it 
adds the arms, now gone, namely : Three battering rams, impaling a bear rampant. 
No colours.] 

Beneath the first window from the West end of this Aisle is a plain marble 
tablet, inscribed with the following, and on a ledge beneath it is the recumbent 
effigy in marble of a lady. The style of the figure might be of a much later date, 
the form is so well moulded, and shrouded in a robe, the lines of which flow gracefully 
over the body :— In Memory of the Right Hon"« Lady Frances Knivbton, (wife of 

* Oommanicated by Arthur F. Q. Leveson Gower, Esq., assisted by Arthur J. Jewers. 


S' Gilbert Knivbton | of Bradley, in the County of Derby, Baronet,) lyeth buried 
in the Chancel of this Chnrch. | She was one of the 5 Daughters and Coheirs of the 
R^ Hon^*« 8' Robert Dudley, K*, Duke of the | Empire ; by the Lady Alice his 
Wife & Duchess, Which Robert was Son of the R* Hon^c | Robert Dudley, 
Late Earle of Leicester, & his Duchess was Daaghter of S' Tho. Leigh | & Aunt 
to the R* Hon"° Tho« late Lord Leigh of Stoneleigh in the County of Warwick, j 
And the said Honour and Title of Duchess Dudley was by Letters Patents of his 
late Majesty | of glorious Memory, King Charles y^ 1"^ allowed ; & since 
graciously confirmed to hor by his | now Majesty King Charles y" 2* and she 
lived and died worthy of that Honour | Since the rebuilding of this Church, this 
monument was resett up by the | Hon^*^ Charles Leigh of Leighton in Bedford- 
shire; 1788. 

[The above is the monument as it now appears, with a careful copy of the 
inscription, which will be found to vary in minor points from that printed in '^ A 
New View of London," which, however, supplies the following inscription, now 
gone, with the marble on which it was cut: — 

"The Right Honourable Lady Frances Knivbton, Wife of Sir Gilbert 
Knivbton of Bradley in the County of Derby, Baronet, lyeth buried in the Chancel 
of this Church. She was one of the Daughters and Coheirs of the Right Honour- 
able Sir Robert Dudley, Knight, Duke of the Empire, by the Lady Alice his 
Wife and Duchess. Which Robert was son of the Right Honourable Robert 
Dudley, late Earl of Leicester, and his Duchess was Daughter of Sir Tho. Leigh 
and Aunt to the Right Honourable Tho., late Lord Leigh of Stoneley in the 
County of Warwick. And the said Honour and Title of Duchess Dudley was by 
Letters Patents of his 1* Majesty of Glorious Memory King Charles the 1"* 
allowed and since gi'aciously confirmed to her by his now Majesty King Charles 
the 2^ ; and she lived and died worthy of that Honour. 

" The Right Honourable Lady Anne Holbourne, sister of the said Lady 
Frances, another Daughter of the said Duke and Duchess, did will this Monument, 
which she has provided in her life time, to be erected to the Memory of her dear 
Sister near to whom herself (who died August 1663) lyes also interred ; and it is 
placed here for want of convenient room in the Chancel.*' 

The " New View " also gives the following description of the monument and the 
arms then on it : — 

" On the South Side of the Church and at the West End is an Extraordinary 
Spacious Monument mostly marble, adorned with Cartouches, Cornish, Pediment, 
Martling, Festoons ; on the Pediment is a Death's Head, having a Laurel Chaplet, 
and under, the word ' Resurgamus ' between two Boys supporting a large mantling, 
supposed to let down and cover the whole Monument ; as also Effigies lying at full 
length, finely carved. 

" Here are these arms : Ruby, a Chevron Verry, on a Canton Pearl a Sinister 
hand of the first impaled tvith Topaz, a Lion rampant Diamond which last is also 
impaled with Pearl on a Fees diamond, 3 Cresents Topaz in Chief 2 Birds rising 

The above method of blazon having entirely fallen into disuse as purposeless 
and confusing, it may be as well to give the modern form. First Shield : Oules, 
a chevron vaire (the badge of a Baronet in chief), Knivbton ; impaling Or, a lion 
rampant double-queued vert, Dudley. This well-know u coat is incorrectly given 
in the " New View,** but correctly given in Lansdowne MS. 878. Second Shield : 
Argent, o?i a fess sable three crescents or, in chief two birds rising of the second, 
HoLBORN ; impaling Dudley, as l)efore. Also two Shields of Kniveton impaling 
Dudley, both quarterly ; and Dudley with quarters and impaling Blake 
(see post), 

A ** Life of Sir Robei't Dudley, with notes on the Lives of Alice, Duchess Dudley, 
and her daughters,*' states that the present figure in St. Giles' Church was originally 
part of a very magnificent monument, the figui'e being under a carved canopy, 


supported by black marble pillars, which monament is generally supposed to have 
been erected by Alice, Duchess Dudley, as it closely resembles the monument she 
erected for herself in Stoneleigh Church ; but this supposition is eflTectually disposed 
of by the statement regarding the monument in the will of Dame Anne Holborne, 
of wnich the following is an abstract : — 

Anne Holborne makes her will in perfect health and memory. Undated. To 
be buried in the chancel of St. Giles' Ohurch in the fields, as near the body of her 
sister Lady Frances Kniveton as can be. To the poor of that parish £50 to be 
distributed at her burial. For the repair and re-edifying of the church adjoyning 
to the Temple House in Bulsall lane £500, and if that is not sufficient so much 
more as will build it up in fair and decent manner ; also to that church or chapel 
£100 a year for ever, out of lands in Bulsall to maintain a preaching minister to 
the end of the world. Out of lands in Long Itchington £50 a year to be settled 
upon the ohurch to augment its small income. To the poor of the Parishes of 
Bulsall and Long Itchington, co. Warwick, £100, to be distributed about the 
time of her funeral. £200 for a ring and Jewell for her mother the ^'Lady 
Duchess Dudley." Cousin Skrimsher, the Lord Viscount Bronker's sister, *'my 
husband's picture set with diamonds," and to her daughter Frances Skrimsher 
£100 if she live to be twenty years of age. £50 for a ring for cousin Elizabeth 
Trasie. Cousin Charles Leigh £100 or a ring of that price. To true and faithful 
friends Thomas Percival, Esq., £100, and his wife M" Katherine Percival £500 ; 
to their daughter " ray goddaughter " £500. Cousin Elizabeth Stanley £20. 
Worthy friend and kinsman Lord Viscount Bronkre £1500 or £100 a year out of 
lands in Itchington for his care of her and her affairs, and had intendea him to be 
her executor, but for many reasons thinks it not convenient, and therefore ordains 
her worthy brother Sir Richard Leveson, Knight of the Bath, and dear sister Lady 
Katherine Leveson his wife to be executors, and the said Lady Katherine Leveson 
to be residuary legatee, and a ring of £100 to said brother Leveson, and they to 
see "my deare sister the Lady Frances Leveson's tomb set up in S* Gyles church as 
I have agreed with one M' Marehall, a stone cutter in Shoe lane, and is to pay him 
£120 for it, and to be set up under the South window near which her said sister 
Lady Frances Kniveton is buried." ** I desire my owne figure to be added to hers 
in a winding shecte as my deare sisters is." Goddaughter Anna Howin £20 when 
she is twenty, and, being much beholden to her parents, gives a ring of £20 to 
cousin Howin and one of £10 to his wife. ** My cozen Andoreus his daughter." 
Bequests to servants. If brother and sister Leveson are not near at her death and 
the Lord Viscount Brounker is, that he will act as Executor. 

Proved 27 Aug. 1663 by William Viscount Brouncker as the will of Lady Anna 
Holborne, late of the parish of St. Paul, Covent Garden, Sir Richard Leveson, K.B., 
being deceased, and Dame Katherine Leveson, his relict and sister of the deceased, 
renouncing. (P.C.C., 108, Juxon.) 

The following is an exact copy of the inscription as given in Lansdowne 
MS. 878 :— 

**M. S. 
" The Right Honorable y® Lady Frances Kniveton, wife of S' Gilbert Kniveton 
of Bradley in com. Derby, Br', lyeth buried in the chancell of this church. She 
was one of the five daughters and coheires of the Right Honorable S' Robert 
Dudley, K', Duke of the Empire, by the Lady Alice his wife & dutchess, which 
Robert was sonne of the right honorable Robert Dudley, late Barle of Leicester, 
and his dutchess was daughter of S"^ Thomas Leigh and aunt to the right Honor- 
able Thomas, late Lord Leigh of Stoneley in the county of Warwick, and the said 
Honour and title of Dutchess Dudley was by Letters Patient of his Late Majestye 
of glorious memory King Charles y® first allowed and since graciously confirmed 
to her by his now Majestye King Charles the second, and she lived and dyed 
worthy of that honour. 

'*The right honorable the Lady Anne Holbourn, sister of the said Lady 


Franoib and an other daughter of the said Duke and Dutchess, did will this 
monument, which she had provided in her life time, to be erected to the memory 
of her deare sister, nere to whome her self (who dyed the 6**» of August 1663) lyes 
also interred, and it is placed here for want of convenient roome in the chancell.*'] 

On a plain marble tablet with an urn at the top, partly hidden by a mantle : — 
In memory of | M" Ann Winter | formerly of Monmouth Street in this parish 
and afterwards | of Paradise Eow, Chelsea ; died 4^ May 1830, aged 80 years. | 
Also of I Emmblinb Harriot Winter | (Daughter of the above named Ann 
Winter) | Died 9 February 1838, aged 52 years. I And of | Washington Cor- 
nelius Winter | (also daughter of the above named Ann Winter) | Died 8"> July 
1850, aged 70 years. 

The above named W. 0. Winter bequeathed to the Trustees and | Governors 
(If any) of the Almshouses in Coal Yard, Drury Lane | in this parish, and in case 
there were no Trustees and Governors of the | said Almshouse then to the minister 
and churchwardens of this | parish, Two thousand pounds, three pounds per cent, 
consolidated Bank | Annuities, upon Trust from time to time to divide the dividends 
and I interest thereof by monthly payments between and amongst the poor widows 
for tne time being inhabiting the said almshouses in equal | shares, for the better 
support and maintenance of such poor widows. | And the above named W. C. 
Winter also beoueathed unto the | minister and churchwardens of the parish of 
Saint Luke, Chelsea, one | thousand pounds three pounds per cent, consolidated 
Bank Annuities | upon trust to pay and divide the dividens and interest thereof 
upon I Saint Thomas's day in every year equally between and amongst thirty | poor 
widows of the said parish of Saint l4ake, Chelsea, and who should | have been house- 
keepers in that pariah for ten years at the least. 

On a white marble tablet with these arms : Fer lend sinister ermine and ermines 
a lion rampant or^ impaling Argent, a fees between three crescents gules. Crest : A 
lion's head coupedper bend sinister ermine and ermines : — Sacred to the Memory of | 
Thomas Edwards, Gent. | who died the 9*^ of July mdcclxxxxi. | in the lxxi»^ of 
his Age I And lies in the Vault of this Church ; He lived | Many years a vigilant 
and useful inhabitant | of this Parish ; esteemed and beloved by all | as an honest 
and good Man. He bequeathed | for ever the following Legacies : the Interest of | 
500 Pounds 4 per c' Stocks ; to buy Bread for the | Poor of the Parish of St. Giles' 
in the Fields to be | distributed every Sabbath Day, also the Interest of | 300 
Pounds 4 per c* Stocks for the Use of the Cliarity School | of the said Parish, 
besides very considerable | Benefactions to several public Charities. 

His widow M** Grace Edwards | caused this monument to be erected as a | 
small Tribute of Gratitude and Affection | for one of the best of men and Husbands | 
as also to Exhibit to Posterity so exemplery | a Pattern of Charity and Goodness in 
Humble | Hopes that those whom God has blessed with | Abilities and Success may 
go and do likewise. 

The above named | M" Grace Edwards | died 23*^ November mdcccxviii | 
in the Lxxxiii^ year of her Age. | Blessed are the Dead | who die in the Lord | for 
they rest from | their labours. 

Plain white marble tablet :— In Memory of | Edward Mawley, Esq"" | many 
years resident in the | parish of St. Giles in the Fields | ob. 80 Jan. 1826, aet. 65 | 
And of I Elizabeth | his wife | ob. 80 Nov. 1838, set. 68. 

Plain white marble on a black tablet : — In memory of | Samuel Remnant, 
Esq" I an old and highly respected inhabitant | of this parish I Whose remains are 
interred | in the vault beneath this church. | He departed this life at Hampstead | 
on the 24*** December 1888, | In his 82°^ year. | His memory will be long revered 
by I a numerous circle of relations and friends. 


[Here is the second window from the West end.] A large-sized white marble 
tablet : — ^Near the body of | William Jackson, Esquire | her former husband | 
lie the remains of I Elizabeth | the wife of Isaac Spencer, Esquire, | of Popple- 
ton near York. | She died on the eighth of October 1823, | in the fifty fifth year of 
her age. | This monument | was placed by her husband | in testimony of grief for his 
loss I her charities | the goodness of her heart | and numerous excellent qualities I 
acquired the esteem of all | who knew her | in the practise of her many virtues, | 
she lived affectionately beloved, | by her family and friends, | and she died univers- 
ally regretted. 

An ornamental draped mantle with an antique lamp, cherubs, and Death^s head, 
with scroll shield, but no arms: — Near this | place Lye interred | the Bodies of 
John Hawford of | Clements Inne,gen*, and Elizabeth His | wife the daughter of 
Jn® Banbrigoe I of Lockington in the County of | Leicester, Esq^ Also their two 
sons I John and William. 

John Hawford, Sen^) . , Dec' 1712 . ^ ( 69. 

Eliz. His wife j ^^^^ Ap' 1714 ^^^^' lei. 

John their Eldest Son dyed the | S^^ of FebJ 1713, -Sltatis 26 | William their 
young I Son dyed the 19*^ | of July 1715 | JStatis 22. 

A marble tablet, having carved on it an urn, partly hidden by a mantle : — In the 
vault I under this Church | are deposited the Remains | of the late | William 
Jackson, Esq' | Twenty five Years a merchant in | the City of London | who 
departed this Life | the 21«^ Day of March 1817 | in the 48*^ Year of his Age. | 
This marble is placed here by his | Widow as a Tribute to | the Memory of her 
revered Husband | her Monitor, and her Friend. | Reader | It may justly be said of 
him that he was I in Sense a Man, in Innocence a Child. I Them that are meek will 
God guide in Juagement | And such as are gentle them snail he teach his ways. 

Also in the same Vault are deposited the Remains | of M" Hannah Shuttle- 
wood, Mother of | M" Eliz" Jackson, who died Feby 9*\ 1818, aged 78 | Sincerely 
beloved by her family | And highly Esteemed by all who knew her. 

[Here is the third window from the West end, the subject being Jacob's dream, 
in coloured glass, with the words " Surely the Lord is in this place."] 

A brass, against the wall by the window : — In memoriam A. W. S. H. Dec' 16% 
1844, and A. S. Sept' 1»S 1867. | "In Thy presence is fulness of Joy." 

Marble tablet with a small shield gone : — In memory of | Chaklottb | wife of 
Joseph Prendbrgrass, Esq' | of Thorhaugh Street | Bedford Square | whose 
remains are deposited in the Vault | at S^ Pancras, belonging to this parish. | She 
departed this life | on the 18*^ day of May 1821, | in the 34*^ year of her age | 
Sincerely and deservedly lamented. 

Black marble slab in gilt capital letters: — Near unto this place lyeth the Body 
of I Andrew Marvbll, Esquire, a man so endowed by nature | so improved by 
education, study & travel, so consummated | by practice & experience, that joining 
the most peculiar graces | of wit & learning with a singular penetration & strength 
of I judgement & exercising all these in the whole course of his Life | with an un- 
alterable steadiness in the ways of virtue, he became | the ornament & example 
of his age ; beloved by good men, fear'd | by bad, admired by all, tho' imitated 
alas ! by few, & scarce fully | parallelled by any, but a tombstone can neither 
contain his Character, | nor is marble necessary to transmit it to posterity, it will 
be always | legible in his inimitable writings. He served the town of Kingston | 
upon Hull above 20 years successively in Parliament & that with such | wisdom, 
dexterity, integrity & courage as becomes a true patriot. | He dyed the 16 Aug. 
1678 in the 58*^ year of his age. 


Sacred | To the roetnoTj of Andrew Maryell, Esq', as a strenuous assertor 
of I the constitution, laws A liberties of England, | and out of family affection & 
admiration of | the uncorrupt probity of his life & manners | Robert Nrttleton 
of London, merchant, his gnina nephew | hath caused this small memorial of him | 
to be erected in the year 1764. 

A plain white marble tablet: — Sacred to the Memory of Edward Wright, 
Esq. I more than 40 years an Inhabitant of the Parish | lately of Hendon, Middle- 
sex I where he died on the 7*** June 1821 | in the 66**^ Tear of his Age. [As he 
livea beloved by all who knew him I So was his death by them lamented. | He was 
indeed one of those Noblest works oi Ood | An honest Man. 

Also M« Mary WRiaHT | Relict of the above | who died 17*** December 1834 
in her 72»* Tear. 

A white marble tablet with a wreath carved on it and a black base : — Sacred | To 
the Memory of | Thohab Burrows, Esq' | late of this Parish | whose remains are 
deposited | in the Vanlt of this Church ; | Died June 22"^ 1815 | Aged 72 Tears. 

If ever truth in Epitaph was told, 

Reader, for truth this Character behold : 

To act uprightly was through life his Plan, 

He lived beloved, and died an honest Man. 

An oval of white niarble on a black base : — Sacred | to the Memory of | Josbph 
Brown, Esq' | late of this parish | who departed this life | on the 1"^ of March 
1823 I Aged 78 Tears. | Constant Brown | Relict of the late Jobeph Brown. | 
She departed this life | FebT 17**», 1880 | Age 63 Tears. 

[Here is the fourth window from the West end, the subject being Ohrist with 
woman of Samaria at the well, in coloured glass, with the words '^I am the 
Resurrection and the Life."] 

A brass, against the wall by the window : — To the beloved Memory of A. P. H. 
April 7*^, 1884. | ** Thy brother shall rise again.'* 

Beneath the fourth window stands a very large iron chest, for parish records, 
and on it are these arms : Three horses* heads erased. Crest : A cubit-arm erect, vested^ 
the sleeve slashed, and m the hand a lance. The letters R. H. are on either side of the 
crest (Humphreys or Humphrey, or Heylyn). On another shield : Three covered 
cups (Butler) with the initials F. B. There are also the following initials : 
G. H., J. G., I. W., R. E., I. D., R. S., F. B., R. D., S. B., 0. S., 0. 0., T. E., 
W. P., W. L. ; also the date (1680) with the Royal arms and those of the City of 

A black marble tablet with gilt letters : — This stone is to perpetuate the 
Memory of M' Rob* Barnfather | late of this Parish, he died Oct^" 28, 1741, 
aged 54 years ; and of | M" Mary Barnfather his wife, who lies near here in the 
Vault I tJnderneath, she died Dec^ 6, 1754, aged 67 Tears. | Her life was amiable 
in all the relations of Wife, Parent, | Friend, &c., neighbour : and she made it so 
by regulating her | conduct by that precept of Gospel, Of doing to others | what 
we would they should do unto us. She was | such an example of Piety, Justice, 
Prudence, & Temperance | as is well worthy of Imitation & tho' her days were 
soured with | disquietudes & pains, she did not suffer her mind to be oppressed, | 
but comforted herself with a prospect of being happy thro' the | mercies of Christ 
after this life. These thoughts enabled | her to meet her dissolution with Cheer- 
fulness and resignation. | Out of a Pious regard to their memories this is | erected 
by their most Affectionate Son. 


A plain white marble tablet : — In the Eector's Vault | near the Stone Coffin 
of I John Barnfather, Esq. I are deposited the Remains of | M' John Hum- 
phrey I who departed this Life l?^** Dec' 1790 | Aged 50 Years | & of M" 
Catharine Humphrey | who departed this Life 27*^ July 1808 | Aged 70 Years, | 
the Nephew and ther Niece | of M" Mary Barnfather. 

A plain white marble tablet: — In pious Memory of | Her Father & Mother & 
only sister | Arthur William Devis, Artist, | Margaret Devis & Ellin 
Devis, I (who died in the years 1822, 1818, 1826, | respectively aged 59, 34 & 17) | 
This Tablet is here placed | in the Church where they worshipped | by Isabella, 
wife of Martin F. Tupper | the Family Tomb having been recently removed. 

A large black oval tablet on which, carved in white marble, is a female figure 
seated, leaning against an urn and holding a balance. Also these arms : OuUsy two 
chevronelSy each diarged mth three martlets sable ; and this inscription, also on white 
marble : — To the Memory of John Barnfather, Esq'' | who died the 17*^ of 
September 1793 in the 75*^ Year of his Age | An active and able Magistrate, who 
for several Years employed | his Time and Talents without Oratuity or Reward in 
the strict and | impartial Administration of Justice, nor was his Integrity less | 
disinterested and useful in many other Pubiick departments | In private Life he 
possessed that mildness of temper | and benignity of mind that endeared him to 
all I his Friends and Relations when Living | and his Memory esteemed and | 
honoured by them when | Dead. 

[Here is the fifth window from the West end, the subject being Christ in the 
house of Mary and Martha, in coloured glass, with the words " Mary hath chosen 
that good part which shall not be taken away from her."] 

A brass against the wall by the window : — In aflfectionate remembrance | of a 
loved sister Nov. 5, 1881. 

A white marble tablet in the form of a sarcophagus on a black ground : — In the 
burial ground of this parish | lie the Remains of | M' John Crosdell, | he was 
for more than forty years the chief clerk | of a considerable Banking establish- 
. ment, | And for the whole of that period enjoyed | the fullest confidence and the 
highest esteem | of his employers | the last survivor of them | James Halford, 
Esq** I has placed this tablet to his memory. | He died respected and beloved | on 
the 4tJ» of February 1838, | in the 77"^ Year of his Age. 

East End op the North Aisle, 
White and black marble tablet with two reveraed torches: — Sacred | to the 
memory | of | Major General Thomas Shuldham | of the | Hon*»*« East India 
Company's Service, | Bengal Presidency, | who died March 14*^, 1833, | aged 
73 years. 

A white marble tablet with these arms carved : Argent, on a chevron engrailed 
azure between three martlets sable as many crescents or. Crest : A griffirCs head 
erased sable, A knighfs helmet beneath the crest. Colours represented by lines : — 
H.S.E. I Gulielmus Watson eques | Societatis regalis apud Londinum, | et 
x^ollegii regalis medieorum socius, | regali etiam academise madritensi adscriptus, 
in universitatibus halse et virtembergiae | medicinae doctor | honoris ergo electus 
Yir sui teraporis | scientisB indagator studiosissinus ; | artis medicse et botanica, nee 
non philosophic naturalis | praecipue quod ad vin electricam attinet | inter primes 
peritus | obiit die Mali 10 a.d. 1787, aetat. suae 72. | Hoc marmor nee superbum | 
nee quidquam habens ornatus ; [ praeter ipsum ejus nomen, | filio pientissimo 
legante, testimenti curatores poni jusserunt. 

{To he continued.') 



LLOYD impaling LUMLEY. 



BoDlkplate Df 2.loptr« 

This Bookplate represents the Arms of Humphrey Lloyd of Denbigh, a 
celebrated antiquary, impaling those of his wife Barbara, sister and coheir of 
John, Lord Lumley. For further particulars of the Pedigree see ^' Mis. Gen, et 
Her.," Vol. II., pp. 277—279. 


To all and Singular to whom these presents shall come S' Edward Bysshe 
Knight Clarenceux Principall Herald and King of Armes of j® South East and 
West parts of this Realme of England from y^ River of Trent Southward sendeth 
greeting. Wheras antiently it hath been a Cnstome and to this day is continued 
that all Estates and Degrees of men have been and yett are distinguished each from 
other by sundry Markes or Signes in Sheildes comonly called Armes being no 
otherwise then outward demonstrations and remembrances of y« inward worth of 
the Bearers atoheived either by their valour in y« ffeild in time of Warr or by ther 
Tertuons Endeavours in y« Com'onwealth in time of peace. Now wheras Francis 
Dash wood Esq' late an Alderman of London hath requested me to declare and 
assigne unto him such armes as hee and his posterity may lawfully beare Know yee 
therfore y* haveing seriously considered y« Premisses and finding y« said Francis 
Dashwood to be a man of Ability and faithfullness to ye Crowne and Kingdom 
reputed worthyly deserving I doe think fitt to assigne unto him and his Posterity 
y« armes hereunder mentioned Viz. Argent on a fesse between double Cottizes Gules 
three GriflPons Heads Brazed Or and for his Creast on a Helmet and Wreath of his ^ 
Colours A Griffons Head Erminoys beakt and erazed Gules Mantled Gules doubled 
Argent as in y® margent more lively is depicted which armes and Creast I y® said 
Clarenceux by y® authority of my said Office and y^ Letters Patten ts made unto 
me under y* great Scale of England doe by these presents assigne give ratifie oon- 
firme and grant unto y« said Francis Dashwood and y« Heires of his body lawfully 
begotten to be by them and every of them borne w'^ ther due differences according 
to y^ law of Armes for ever in wittnesse whereof I have unto these presents affixed 
y« scale of my office and subscribed my name. Dated att y« office of Armes y« 
Fewer and Twentieth day of October An® D'ni 1662 and in y*^ Fowerteenth Yeare 
of y* Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles y« second by y« Grace of God of 
England Scotland France and Ireland King defender of y« ffaith &c. 

Edward Bysshe, 
Clarenceux King of Armes. 

[N.B. — The aboye grantee, who was father of Sir Francis Dashwood created a Baronet in 
1707, had had a grant of arms in 1656 from Bysshe, who had been put into the office of Garter 
by the Oromwellian Parliament, but this grant (as were all Cromwellian grants) was declared 
null and void by a Boyal Warrant, dated 4 September 1660.— Bd.] 




Feb. 29 


Sep. 16 


June 18 


Sep. 8 


1748-9, Jaa. 24. Joseph Morris of Wandsworth, Surry, Batchelor, & Euz. 
Snowdon of the same place. Spinster ; p* Lyoence. (Fulham.) 

1725 May 22 Elizabeth, daughter of George Snowden, bapt. 
Anne, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Morris, bapt. 
Mary, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Morris, bapt. 
Joseph, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Morris, bapt. 
Margaret Isic], inf. dan. of Joseph and Elizabeth Morris, bur. 

1751-2, Jan. 28. William Howell of S* Martin-in-the-Pields, co. Midx., wid', 
& Dorothy Moorb of Wansworth, oo. Surry, sp^ ; by lie; M' Brady. (Ohristchurch, 
Newgate Street, London.) 

1752, Sep. 28. James Goddard of S* Andrew, Holboum, in the County of 
Middx., Widower, & Mary Winter of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, Widow, 
were married by Licence in this Cathedral on the 28**» day of September 1752 ; by 
me Anselm Bayly. (St. Paul's Cathedral.) 

1752, Nov. 11. Will"* Smith of Bow in the County Surry, Widower, & 
Susannah Ludgill of Wandsworth in the County aforesaid, Widow ; p' Lyoence. 

1754, June 8. John Poumies, Bachelor, & Elizabeth Golder, Spinster ; 
Licence of the Bishop of London. (St. George, Hanover Square.) 

[They were buried in Mount Nod, Wandsworth, where is their epitaph.] 
1769 Feb. 10 John Poumies, Esq., bur. 
1771 Mar. 1 Elizabeth, widow of John Poumies, 70, bur. 

1755, May 27. Edward George of Wandsworth & Susanna Green of this 

Sarish ; License 27 May 1755 ; by H. Venn, Curate. Witnesses : Rich^ Green, 
lary Gnplon. (Clapham.) 

Edward, son of William George, bapt. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Edward and Susannah George, bapt. 
Edward, son of Edward and Susannah George, bapt. 
Henry, son of Edward and Susannah George, bapt. 
Rebeccah, daughter of Edward and Susannah George, bapt. 
Susannah, daughter of Edward and Susannah George, bapt. 

1756, Aug. 80. William Wood of Wandsworth in the county of Surrey, 
Batchelor, & Rebecca Christmas of this parish ; by lie. ; by Thos. Church, Vicar. 
Witnesses : Michael Christmas, Will. Marshall. (Battersea.) 

1757, April 28. Joseph Barter of Wandsworth, Batchelor, & Ann Taylor 
of this Parish, Spinster ; by Banns ; by Edw. Simons, Curate. Witnesses : Susanna 
Wilkson, John Stevens, p"^ Clark. (Battersea.) [The Banns were read at Wands- 
worth on April 10, 17, 24.] 

1758, May — . M^ Benjamin Asterly of Wandsworth to Miss Elizabeth 
ZiNCKE of S. Lambeth. (" British Chronicle," May 15-17, 1758, p. 467.) 

1726 Dec. 28 Benjamin, son 'of David Asterley, bapt. 

1762 Feb. 21 Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Asterley, bur. [M.I., Mount Nod, 

1769 Nov. 12 Benjamin Asterly, 44, bur. 

* Commanicated by Cecil T. Davis, Bsq.— oontmued from p. 96. 




















1758, July 28. Peter Ashley of this Parish & Mariah Turner of the 
Parish of Wandsworth ; Banns ; by W"» Bonner, Curate. (Palham.) 

1758, Aug. 18. John Crutchpield of Wandsworth in this County, Widower, 
& Margaret Cole of this Parish, Widow ; by lie. ; by Edw. Symonds. Wit- 
nesses : W™ Barker, John Stevens. (Battersea.) 

1759 Mar. 22 Henry, son of John and Margaret Crutch field, bapt. 

1760 Sep. 28 Thomas, son of John and Margaret Crutchfield, bapt. 
1762 Oct. 6 Anne, daughter of John and Margaret Crntchfield, bapt. 
1768 May 2 Anne, inf. dan. of John and Margaret Crutchfield, bur. 
1768 May 6 Henry, inf. son of John and Margaret Crutchfield, bur. 
1767 Sep. 26 Thomas, son of John and Margaret Crutchfield, bur. 

1759, April 24. Laws Carruthers & Elizabeth Rose of Wandsworth, 
Surry ; lie. (St. Margaret's, Westminster.) 

1760, Jan. 20. Jakes Goldsmith of the Parish of Wandsworth & Mary 
Lennbrd of this Parish were married by Banns; by W"* Bonner, Curate. 

1762 Jan. 17 James, son of James and Mary Goldsmith, bapt. 

1762 May 22 James Goldsmith, 22, bur. 

1763 April 24 James, inf. son of James and Mary Goldsmith, bur. 

[Second marriage of wife.] 
1768, July 2. Thomas Spillman, Widower, & Mart Goldsmith, Widow, 
mar. by Banns ; at Wandsworth. 

1764 Nov. 11 Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Mary Spellman, bapt. 

1767 April 6 Sarah, dan. of Thomas and Mary Spillman, bur. 
1780 Jan. 27 Thomas Spellman, 59, bur. 

1760, May 19. The Hon. Thomas Arundell of this parish, Esq', B., & Mary 
Porter of S* James, Westm', S. ; L. A. C. (St. George, Hanover Square.) 

[Eldest daughter of John Porter of Allfarthing Manor, Wandsworth, great- 
grandson of Endymion Porter, Groom of the Bedchamber to King Charles I.] 

1761, March 22. [No. 62.] Robert Atkinson of the Parish of S* James, 
Westminstei;, Batchelor, & Jemima Beath of this Parish, Spinster, were married in 
this Church by Licence of the A. B. of Canterbury this Twenty-second day of 
March in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty One ; By me, Henry 
Magill, Curate. In the presence of Chas. Gray, Challis Mather. (St. George, 
Hanover Square.) 

1762 April 14 Henry, son of Robert and Jemima Atkinson, bapt. ; by Hen. 
Whitfield, curate. 
Robert, son of Robert and Jemima Atkinson, bapt. 
Willm., son of Robt. and Jemmina Atkinson, bapt. 
John, son of Robert and Jemima Atkinson, bapt. 
Anna-Maria, daughter of Robert and Jemima Atkinson, born 

April 11, bapt! 
William [? Robert]^ inf. son of Robert and Jemima Atkinson, bur. 
William Atkinson, inf. son of Robert, bur. 
[The first-born, Henry, married Sarah, daughter of James and Mary Greenfield, 
at Wandsworth on 8 Sep. 1785. He and his wife lie buried in Mount Nod, Wands- 

1761, March 22. John Bird of Clapham, Batchelor, & Charlotte Jones of 
Wandsworth, Spinster ; Licence ; J. Mapletoft, Curate. (Clapham.) 

1768 May 7 Mary, daughter of John and Charlotte Bird, bapt. 
1764 June 22 John, son of John and Charlotte Bird, bapt. 

m 2 


Oct. 15 
April 2 
Ang. 2 
May 10 


Sep. 23 
Dec. 20 


1763 Maj 81 Mary, inf. dau. of John and Charlotte Bird, bur. 

1764 Aug. 16 John, inf. son of John and Charlotte Bird, bur. 

1765 Feb. 13 John Bird, 34, bur, 

1761, March 22. Richard Muirhead of this parish, B., & Sarah Sgrsby of 
Wandsworth, co. Surrey, S. ; L. B. L. (St. George, Hanover Square.) 

1761, Aug. 23. Edward Linten Morgan of Wandsworth in the County of 
Surrey & Jane Francis of Batt^ersea in the said County ; by lie. ; by And. Cheap. 
Witnesses : Han. Lee and Henry Webb. (Battersea.) 

1761, Dec. 14. Christian Loat, Bachelor, of S* Martin's-in-the- Fields, Midx., 
& Sarah Littlehales of Clapham, Surry ; J. Mapletoft, Curate. Witness : 
Endymion Loat. (Clapham.) 
1737 Sep. 11 Chnstian, son of Endymion and Anne Loat, bapt. 

1763, June 30. John Boycott of this parish, Batchelor, & Anne Bridge of 
the parish of Wandsworth in the County of Surry, Spinster, a Minor, were married 
in this Church by Licence ; by W*" Bonnen, Curate. (Fulham.) 
1743 June 26 Anne, daughter of Thomas and Sarah-Anne Bridge, bapt. 

1763, Oct. 8. Savage Bear, Bachelor, & Elizabeth Terwin, widow ; Licence 
of Bishop of London. (St. George, Hanover Square.) 

[Mrs. Bear was buried in Mount Nod, where is her inscription and that of her 
first husband Mr. John Terwin, who died 9 Jan. 1763, aged 44 years.] 
1783 Aug. 17 Elizabeth Bear, 59, bur. 

1763, Oct. 29. Thomas Bartlett of Wandsworth in the county of Surry, 
Batchelor, & Mary Christmas of Battersea, Spinster ; by lie. ; by W. Fraigneau. 
Witnesses : Rich** Christmass, Jolin Stevens, senr. (Battersea.) 
1764 Sep. 26 Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary Bartlett, bapt. 

1766 June 1 Rebeccah, daughter of Thomas and Mary Bartlett, bapt. 
1766 June 2 Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary Bartlett, bapt. 

1769 Feb. 18 Rebekkah, daughter of Thos. and Mary Bartlett, bapt. 
1778 Sep. 30 James, son of Thomas and Mary Bartlett, bapt. 

1770 June 27 Rebeccah, inf. dau. of Thomas and Mary Bartlett, bur. 

1763, Dec. 14. William Miller of Wandsworth, Bachelor, & Rebecoa 
Brown of this Parish, Spinster ; Licence ; J. Mapletoft, Curate. (Clapham.) 
1766 Jan. 24 William, son of William and Rebeccah Miller, bapt. 

Henchlow, son of William and Rebecca Miller, bapt. 
William Coleman, son of Willm. and Rebeccah Miller, bapt. 
William, inf. son of William and Rebekah Miller, bur. 
William Miller, 69, bur. 

1764, Oct. 18. Thomas Cross of the Parish of Wandsworth in this County, 
Widower, & Elizabeth Stringer of this parish, Spinster, were married in this 
Church by Licence; by me, Thos. Barrow [Curate]. Witnesses : Will"* Betts and 

'Mary Betts. (Tooting Graveney.) 

1766, Oct. 5. Edmund Phillips of Wandsworth & Elizabeth Gilbert of 
this parish ; lie. (St. Margaret, Westminster.) 

1768, Sep. 3. Henry Mott of this Parish, a Batchelor, & Margaret Evans 
of the Parish of Wandsworth in this County, a Spinster; by Banns ; by Moses 
Porter, Curate. x Mark of Henry Mott, Aiargret Evens. Witnesses : Thos. 
Evans, Eliz. Evans. (Clapham.) 

[The Banns were also read at Wandsworth.] 














1769, April 23. John Marshall of this parish & Elizabeth Leonard of 
Wandsworth (Lie. of Bishop of London issued 20 April 1769); by E. Saunders, 
Vicar. (St. Martin-in-fche Fields.) 

1770, Feb. 17. Thomas Taylor of Wandsworth, Surry, widower, & Mary 
Lyon of this parish, widow ; lie. (St. Margaret, Westminster.) 

1771, Sep. 7. Edward Hillbr of this parish & Mary Bkacham of Wands- 
worth, CO. Surry ; by Lie, Bp. of Lond. Witnesses : Rich. Vigo, W™ Russell. 
(St. James, Westminster.) 

1778, June 8. Nathaniel Saunders of Wandsworth & Mary Price of this 
parish. (St. James, Westminster.) 

1774 April 11 Ann, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Saunders, bapt. 
1776 Mar. 6 Mary, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Saunders, bapt. 
1776 Mar. 23 Mary, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Saunders, born Feb. 24, 

1780 Jan. 29 Nathaniel James, son of Nathaniel And Mary Saunders, born 

Oct. 24, bapt. 
1784 May 30 Sarah, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Saunders, bom May 30, 

1773, June 20. James Lewer of this parish & Mary Mace of Wandsworth ; 
lie. Bishop of London. (St. James, Westminster.) 

1774, March 3. Uriah Brooks of Wandsworth, Bachelor, & Sarah Houldbn 
of this Parish, Spinster ; by Licence 3 March 1774 ; Moses Porter, Ourate. 

1776, May 5. The R* Hon. David, Lord Vise' Stormont, W., & the Hon. 
Louisa Cathcart, S., a minor. Married in the dwelling-house of the R^ Hon. 
Cha», Lord Cathcart, in Grosvenor Place in this parish by Special Licence and with 
consent of her Father the s«* Lord Cathcart ; by " W. Chester." (St. George, 
Hanover Square.) 

1781 Sep. 16 Charles, son of the Right Honourable Da?id Murray, Lord 

Viscount Stormonth, and Dame Louisa his wife, born Aug. 22 ; 
baptized by the Rev. Robert Holt Butcher, LL.B., Vicar of 

iLady Stormont lost her husband on 1 September 1796 ; she married secondly, 
ctober 1797, the Hon. Robert Fulke Greville, son of the first Earl of Brooke 
and Warwick. She died 11 July 1843. Charles was third son, and became Major. 
He was born 22 August 1781, and died in Paris 17 September 1859.] 

1776, Oct. 27. Edward Hull of Wandsworth, Widower, & Rbbbcca Wxngate 
of Battersea, Spinster ; by lie. ; by H. S. Cmwys, Curate. Witnesses : Rich. 
Sparrow, Eleanor Spence ; Rob* Munday, Par** Clerk. (Battersea.) 
1778 Sep. 20 Sarah Eleanor, daughter of Edward and Rebecca Hull, born 

Aug. 30, bapt. 
1780 Sep. 17 William, son of Edward and Rebecca Hull, born Aug. 26, bapt. 
1788 Feb. 9 Rebecca, daughter of Edward and Rebecca Hull, born Jan. 13, 

1784 Oct. 27 Rebecca, daughter of Edward and Rebecca Hull, paup., bapt. 
1783 April 1 Rebecca Hull, inf., bur. 

1788 April 20 Sarah Elizabeth Hull, inf., bur. [? Sarah Eleanor, see first entry], 
1787 July 28 Rebecca Hull, inf., bur. 


1777, Sep. 10. Thomas Lee of Wandsworth, Bachelor, in y« County of Surry, 
& Sakah Jackson, Spinster, of Battersea ; by Lie. ; by Hen. Sh. Cruwys, Curate. 
Witnesses : Mary Videon, N. Stride ; Rob* Munday, Parish Clerk. (Battersea.) 
1779 April 28 Thos. Lee, inf., bur. 

1779 May 2 Sarah Lee, 34, bur. 

[Second marriage of husband.] 
1779, Dec. 7. Thos. Lbb, Widower, & Sarah Botten, Spinster ;. lie. mar. at 

1782 Jan. 22 Jane, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Lee, born Jan. 1, 1782, 

1778, Sep. 24. John Squire of Wandsworth, co. Sun-y, & Jane Brodib 
of this parish j by Lie, Bp. of Lond. ; by me, J. Pr. Squire, Minister. Witnesses : 
Thomas Denman, E. Denman, Thomas Abbotts. (St. James, Westminster.) 

1779 Aug. 19 John, son of John and Jane Squire, born July 22, bapt. 

1780 Oct. 24 Edmund, son of John and Jane Sauire, born Oct. 3, bapt. 

1782 April 4 Mary Ann, daughter of John and Jane Squire, bom Mar. 17, 


1783 May 2 Margaret, daughter of John and Jane Squire, boni April 7, bapt. 

1784 Nov. 9 Peter, son of John and Jane Squire, bapt. 

1779, April 25. John Nbalb of Wandsworth, Bachelor, & Mary Chbbsbman 
of the same parish. Spinster ; by lie. ; J. Eennie, Curate. Witnesses : Tho" Taylor, 
Ann Brooks, Ezekiel Penington. (Battersea.) 

1780, April 8. Christopher Gaston of Wandsworth, Bachelor, & Elizabeth 
MuLLiNAX of this Parish ; Licence. Witnesses : W™ Witton, Eliz. Long, Henry 
Gaston, Eliz. Vidler. (Tooting Graveney.) 

1786, April 20. Thomas Simpkins of Wandsworth, Surrey, & Elizabeth 
Saunders of this parish ; Lie, Bp. of Lond. Witnesses : John Bailey, Thomas 
Green. (St. James, Westminster.) 

1787 Mar. 11 Jane, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Simkin, born Feb. 14, 

1786, June 28. William Grieve of this parish & Mart Graham of Wands- 
worth ; Lie, Bp. of Lond. (St. James, Westminster.) 

1788, April 26. John Butcher of Wandsworth in Surry & Sarah Bennett 
of this parish ; Lie, Archbp. of Canterbury. (St. James, Westminster.) 

1789, Jan. 31. William Steele of Wandsworth, Widower, & Mary Edmonds, 
widow, of this parish ; Licence 31 Jan. 1789 ; by John Sharpe, Assist. Curate. 

[Burial of first wife.] 

1785 Aug. 18 Sarah Steele, 40, bur. 

William Tichener & Mary Boxbll. (Mitoham.) 
Charles, of William and Mary Tichener, born April 17. 
George, of William and Mary Titchneai', born July 12, bapt. 
Elizabeth Sarah, of William and Mary Titchnear, born June 17, 

Mary Ann, of William and Mary Titchnear, born Dec. 30, bapt. 
Sophia, of William and Mary Titchnear, born March 24, bapt. 
Lydia, of AVilliam and Mary Titchnear, born April 17, bapt. 

Memorandum. — March 19^*», 1828. It appears from the. Certificate of the 
Marriage of William Tichener & Mary Boxell on the 9*^ of Dec' 1792 at Mitcham, 

1792, Dec. 9 


May 10 
July 31 
July 7 


Jan. 24 
April 15 
MHy 3 


County of Surrey, that the Name of tlieir Charles Tioheiier was rightly inserted, 
but that the One above George was by some mistake registered as George Titchnear 
instead of Tichener ; the same erroneous mode of spelling the Surname occurs also 
under Date of July 7, 1799, the 24 of Jan^ 1802, the 15^ of April 1804, and May 
the 8*^, 1812. 

{Signed) R. H. Butcheb, Vicar. 

Witness : Philip Allwood, Curate. 

1812, May 18. [No. 160.] John Chambbelin of the Parish of Wandsworth, 
Bachelour, & Ann Biles of this Parish, Spinster, were Married in this Church by 
Licence this eighteenth Day of May in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred 
and Twelve ; By me, Will*^ Marshall, Curate. Witnesses: William Hotton, Eliza- 
beth Grantham, Dinah Baker. (Putney.) 

(7b he eonHmtdd.) 

Cfte ftttrlittjj JTamilp/ 



There has lately come into my possession ^* A Register or A Oenerall Almanack 
for Every Yeare," printed at London " by William Wilson for the Company of 
Stationers, 1646," which in itself is a curiosity, with its chapters on Weather, 
Temperaments, the Planets, Weights and Measures, the Fairs, fixed and moveable, 
of England and Wales, the Road Highways over England and Wales, and much 
more information as various as remarkable. Its chief interest, however, lies not 
only in the fact that it was a notebook of a Scotch physician, apparently a Doctor 
Stirling, and contains his prescriptions (which are of a weird character, as were the 
medicines with which unfortunate patients were mercilessly dosed in those days), 
his patients* names, and the names of some doctors whose special prescriptions he has 
copied, but also in that there is scattered through its pages the names and obituaries 
of several persons, probably his patients, mixed with sundry other matters relating 
to his personal affairs. 

It IS the genealogical items, however, that are alone suited for the pages of this 
Magazine, and these I have abstracted and give as below. 

The writing is clear and neat on the whole, but it is so small in places that it 
required a magnifying glass to decipher. Some of it has faded and is partly illegible, 
but it is all methodical and without signs of haste. It is amazing the amount of 
matter that is squeezed into the small pages. 

Who Dr. Stirling was, or where he practised (if he were a Stirling) I cannot 
say, but I suspect he was an ancestor of the present Sir John Stirling-Maxwell, 
Bart., and some of your readers may be able to throw some light on his identi- 

The following are the entries recording births and deaths, with an occasional 
marriage, and some entries relating to property : — 

The 10th of May 1660 being Thursday wee be maried near 8 a clocke at night 
at Baldonocke (?)t Kirke by M*" James Walkinshaw ; came in Wensday 23 of May 
to take ane house & 29 May tuesday I came to dwell in the house. 

* Communicated by C. M. Tbnibon, Esq., M.B.LA., Hobart, Tasmania, 
t Baldemock, co. Stirling. — Ed. 


Elizabeth, born 23 feb. 1661 Satarday a a*rtre past sex at night ; baptized the 
3 of March. Witnesses my father & my good brother James Stirlinge. Departed 
this lyfe the 7 aprjll 1662. M^ Ralph Rodger baptised Elizabeth, Saboth, in 
[illegible'] Kirk. 

John, born 31 Decer. 1662 being Wensday a q'rtre before 8 in the morninge ; 
baptised 1 Jan. 1663. Witnesses my good brother and W" Robertson. Departed 
the 11 of Jan' 1665 being Wensday at half 5 afternoone ; buried 12 Jannar 1665. 
M' Matt. Ramsay baptized John at Kilvarick (?). 

Marie, born the 11 of October 1664 being Tuesday, ane (j'rter past fyve after- 
noon ; baptised 13 Octo'r being Thursday by M' James Hamiltoun .... [illegible]. 
Witnesses James Stirlinge and William Robertson. Departed the 23 Octo'r 1664 
being Saboth a q'rter befor four afternoon ; buried Moonday 24 October 1664. 

John, born 9 Feb. 1666 at half two in the morninge being friday ; baptised 
Saboth 18 by M' Wm. Stirlinge. Witnesses my father James Stirlinge & Alexander 
Woodrop. Departed 25 Agust 1667 being Saboth at half ane in the day ; buried 
26 Agust 1667 being Moonday. 

William, born 24 Sept' 1667 betwixt 8 & 9 at night being tuesday ; baptised 
29 Septe'r beinge Saboth. Witnesses M' George and James Stirlinge and Alex' 
Woodrop. Departed 9 March 1670 a litill past two in the morninge being Wens- 
day ; buried thursday the 10th of March 1670. M.Y.S. baptized him blakefriars. 

James, born the 21 Agust 1670 betwixt one & two in the morninge ; Baptised 
25 Agust thursday. Witnesses M' George and James Stirlinge and Patricke rarke. 
Departed the 2 of Septre 1 673 beinge tuesday & buried the same day. He departed 
betwixt 2 & 3 in the morninge. Layh (?) Kirk, M.A.R. 

Anna, born the 17 October 1671 (beinge tuesday) a q'rtre befor 10 at night ; 
baptised 29 Oct' 1671 Saboth. Witnesses James Stirlinge and Patricke Parke. 
Departed the 2 October 1672 being Wensday a q'rter befor 5 afternoon ; buried 
the 3, thursday. M' William Stirlinge, Laugh (?)Kirke. 

Joan, born 6 Janvar 1673 beinge Moonday about half a q'rter befor 10 at 
night ; baptised the 17 Janvar beinge friday by M' Bartrum (?) ; departed this 
Lyf 20 Januar 1673 Moonday at 6 at night ; buried tuesday 21 Januar 1673. 
Witnesses to baptism James Stirlinge and Patricke Parke. 

Marie, born the second of februar 1675 tuesday about half a q'rter past 5 in the 
afternoon ; baptised (M' Rob. Max, eld.) near 8 a clocke at night the s* day. 
Witnesses James Stirlinge, Patricke Parke, and William Robertson. 

Robert, born the 13th of Janvar 1679 beinge Moonday betwixt 6 & 7 a clocke 
in the morninge ; baptized the 26th of Janvar 1679 beinge the Saboth. Witnesses 
James Stirlinge and Patricke Parke. Departed 30 Agnst 1702 being Moonday 
betwixt one & two in the morninge. 

These ar the wryts underwryten the qich I gave John Poadie : 21 May 1674. 

Heugh Eglintoune service as air to his father, 11 June 1647. 

Heugh dispositioune to Jon Biscat 10 July 1647. 

Heugh, Jon Biscat & his wyfes seasinge 13 July 1647. 

Jon Biscat dispositioun to James Braidwood 26 July 1661. 

James Braidwood seasing the 8 Agust 1661. 

Jon Braidwood <& Robert finlay dispositioun 21 agnst 1663. 

Robert Braidwood ratification to me 18 March 1674. 

Robert Braidwoods infcsbment & myn the 13 May 1674. 

John Jiicke and James Jack and Andro Braidwood thair ratification anent 
interdictioun of the daites the 13 and 20 May 1674. 

My dispositioune to Jon Poadie 21 May 1674. Also the act counsell of the 
26 May 1662 for the discharge of teen shillings qich I bought at seventeen yeares 

John Biskets wyfes ratificatioun 27 July 1661. 


Rob. Braidwood extract of service as air to his father. 

7 Jnlj 1675 I got up the dispositionn that I gave Jon Poadie 21 May 1674 and 
the said 7 July I renewed the dispositionn for James Hntchosonn, Shoomaker, his 

26 februar 1680 [blot] gibon (?) to lily fleminge of Jake (?) Mabing (?) 
thnrsday 26 Feb.* 

John Bisset departed the 14tli feb. 1688 ; buried 16*^ feb. 1683. 

Patrick boyle, 15 Nov 1683 friday ; buried Moonday 19 Nov. 1683. 

W™ Graham departed Saboth 15 febvr 1685 a litle after 12 a clocke in foornoon ; 
buried tuesday 17 februar. 

Joan Craig spons to geo. muirhead departed thnrsday y*' 5 March 1685 and was 
buried Saturday the 7 March 1685. 

John Louke of Claythorn (?) departed friday 12 March 1686 at 12 a clocke the 
day time ; buried tuesday 16 March. 

Ladie Marry Ohirstian and a son departed thnrsday morning ;. buried Moonday 
the 15 March 1686. 

Robert Boyle departed this Lyf Sunday the 2 June 1 682 betwixt 6 & 7 at night ; 
buried 4 June Saboth. 

Doctor Colhoun the 2 day of Dece'r 1674 ; buried [blank'] of Dec' 1674. 

Doctor Hamiltoune departed Saturday 9 of Oct'® 1675 ; buried Moonday the 
11th Octo'r 1675. 

Marion Hamiltoun spous to robert Burnes departed (friday) 27 agust 1 686 at 
8 in morninge ; buried 29 agust. 

Agnes LindJsay relict of Charles Gray departed (friday) 27 agust 1686 ; buried 
29 agust. 

Andro Scot, elder, departed tuesday the 6 Octo*r 1686 betwixt two & 3 after- 
noon ; buried by 8 a clocke. 

Gavin Hamiltoune thnrsday 1686 ; buried Saboth 19 Nov'. 

George [illegible] the 18 Nov' ; buried 20 No' 1686. 

Jon Orr, merchant, departed Saturday 26 March 1687 at 7 in morninge ; 
buried Moonday 28 March. 

Jon Beytoun, young', 29 March 1687, tuesday at [blank] ; buried 31 March. 

Goodwyfe of craigalen departed 30 March 1687 tuesday at 6 a clock at night ; 
bnried Apryll the 2^ Saturday [sic]. 

Lilias Campbeirs [illegible] daughter departed the [blank] of apryll 1687 ; 
bnried Saturday 10 apryll. 

Patrick Wilsson,corderer, Kirkloder, departed Saturday 16 apryll Saturday [sic] 
betwixt 10 & 11 a clocke at night ; bnried Moonday 1$ april 1687. 

George Anderson, toun clerk, departed Saboth 28 Ja' 1694 ; buried [blank]. 

James Campbell, skiper, departed 10 May betwixt 8 & 4 afternoon ; bnried y^ 
12 May Saturday 1694. 

Mgt. Miller spous to umqhle James Boyle departed Saboth the 4th apryll 1686 
at 7 in the morninge ; buried the 6th aprylle 1686 tuesday. 

James farie (?) departed 20 apryll (tuesday) 1696 ; buned friday the 23 apryll. 

Marie hamiltoune, Jon Byset's relict, departed 26th of Apryll 1686 a litle befor 
three in the morninge ; buried 30 apryll friday. 

Ja. lees departed 3 May 1696 Moonday betwixt 5 & 6 at night ; buried the 7th 
of May being friday. 

Lilias fleminge departed this lyf thnrsday the 5th of Agnst 1686 a litle befor 3 in 
the morninge ; buried the 7th of Agust 1686 at ordinar tyme. 

John hall (?), chyrurgion, departed the 26 SeptV 1697 betwixt 8 & nyne in 
morninge being Sabotti ; bnried [blank]. 

Will. Adam departed 16 febr. 1666 beinge friday ; buried [blank]. 

Bessie Adam departed 17 Apryll 1666 being tuesday. 

Arthur Kirke 10 Nov' 1668 [«c]. 

* This entry may refer to a prescription that follows. 


Christian Lindsay 25 Bee' 1676 being Moonday ; buried 27 decern' Wensday. 

M' Pat Bell departed thursday the 13 agust 1685 betwixt lblank2 ; buried 
Saboth 16 Agust 1685. 

Wm. Walase, Scrivener, departed Saturday 15 Jan. 1687 at [blank] in morn- 
inge ; buried Moonday the 17 Janvar. 

Mrt. Hamiltonne, Patricke Hamiltounes relict, departed thursday 7 July 1687 
at 6 in the morninge ; buried 9 Jul. 

22 July 1687 friday Arthur Kirke departed this Lyf betwixt two & three in after- 
noon ; buried Saboth the 29th of July. 

J. Reid, Wm. Uamiltouns relict, departed friday 22 July betwixt 9 & ten at 
night ; buried Moonday the 25 July. 

Eispat Cnnyngham, M^ Charles, moonday the 25 July 1687 at 7 at night ; 
buried thursday the 28 July. 

Mrt. Johnstone, baylie geo. daughter, departed tuesday 26 July ; buried the 
28 July 1687. 

David Adam & Jo. Tounge married the 25 of July 1571. 
Jon Robertson & Janet Dickson married 11 Dec' 1608. 
David Adam Adam Isic] & Jo. Younge a lasua (?) daughter Elizabeth the 27 
day of December 1588. 

John Robertson & Elizabeth Adam maried 12 July 1618. 

William Robertson son to John Robertson, chyrurgian, departed Saturday the 
22 of Ocf^ 1692 ; buried tuesday 25 Octre. 

Jon Campbell of Dolban (?) departed tuesday the 3d of Decer. at eight a clock 
at night; buried the 7 decbr. Saturday 1695 ; baptized 16 July 1632, aged, in he 
departed 63 yeares & 20 weeks & a day. 

M' John Spurell (?) departed the 23 agust (tuesday) a litle after ten in the 
morninge the year 1687 ; buried 25 of agust. 

Marion Spurell (?) departed thursday 31 July 1690 ; buried 2 agust Saturday. 

Ana Spurell (?) departed Iblank']. 

Mrt. Spurell (?) departed Saturday 10 Sept' 1692 ; buried 18 Sept. about eight 
at night ; departed [sic], 

James Stirlinge departed this lyf the 12 NoV^ 1687 betwixt 12 & one in the 
begininge of the morninge Saturday; buried the 14 of Nov. being Moonday 
betwixt 2 & 3 in the afcernoone. 

Margaret Robertson, george Robertsons wyf, departed this lyfe the 19 March 
1688 moonday a litle before 11 a clocke at night ; buried thursday 22 March the 
22 day [sic]. 

Archibald Hamiltoun, wryter, departed this lyfe the 22 of apryll 1688 Saboth 
at 9 a clock at night ; buried 29 Apryll. 

Jon Robertson, chyrurgian, departed moonday the 28 Apryll 1688 at a q'rtre 
past 9 at night ; buried friday 27 apryll 1688. 

Robert Burnes, elder, departed thursday the 26 of apryll 1688 betwixt 11 & 12 
a clock fornoon ; buried Saturday 28 apryll. 

Jon Warner (?), merchant, departed this lyf the [blank] of May; buried the 
8th of May 1688 tuesday. 

John Otterburn departed this lyf May the 18 of May [sic] 1688 friday at 9 in 
the morninge ; buried the 19 May Saturday, aged 77 years & 2 months. 

22 May 1688 tuesday M' David Sharp departed this lyf about 4 in the morninge ; 
buried friday the 25 of May, aged 57 years 7 months. 

M' Robert Bell, minister at dal way, departed the 23 May 1688 at 11 in fornoon 
Wensday ; buried the 26 of May. 

Jo. liightbodie spous to Ja. Muray, writer, departed this lyf the 29 May 1688 
tuesday [blank] in morninge ; buried 81 May thursday. 


M^ geo. Adam departed tnesday the 13 June about 6 at night ; baried fridaj 
15 Jane 1688. I say the 15th of Jane 1688. 

Margret gilbayre (?) departed the Iblank] of agust ; buried friday the 10 agust 

James Anderson departed 18 agust moonday at 5 in morninge ; buried the 
{blank'] of agust 1688. 

M' Ralph Rodger departed this lyf the third of Janvar 1689 being thursday at 
5 afternoone ; baried the 8 Jau. being tuesday [sib]. 

Elspat Robertson, rob. Duiilop's wyf, departed 5 July 1689 at 4 in morninge; 
buried 6 July 1689. 

My mother departed tuesday the 20 Octre 1646. 

My mother in law the 5 apryll thursday 1666 ; buried 7 apryll. 

My fi»ther the 28 May friday 1669 ; buried 29 May 1669. 

John Robertson, Dunfries, departed the sezth of dec^'*^ 1680 beinge moonday at 
9 a clock in morninge ; buried 8 december. 

Joan Louke his spous departed [sic], 

Joan Stirlinge de^mrted Wensday 9 Jan. 1684; buried friday 11 Jan. Shee 
departed betwixt 5 & 6 in the morninge. 

Agnes Robertson departed tuesday the 26 feb. at 12 a clooke of the day ; buried 
28 februar 1684. 

John Robertson, laird, departed 9 Septre 1699 friday at 11 at night ; buried 
12 Septre. 

Jo. Robertson, Ja. robertsons wyf, departed Moonday the 4th of May a q'rtre 
before 11a clock at night ; buried thursday the 7th of May 1685. /ames her 
husband departed the 8 May 1695 betwixt 11 & 12 fornoon ; buried 11 May. 

John Patersonn (?), banker (?), departed this lyf tuesday the 5th of May 1685 
betwixt 7 & 8 a clocke at night ; buried 7 May thursday. 

Andre Elphinstoune departed this lyf friday the 4th 1685 of Septre {sic] 
betwixt 12 & one in the morninge ; buried 5 Septre betwixt 2 & 3 afternoon 

Jet M^'Euaon (?) departed the {blank] of Septre ; buried 22 Septre tuesday 

Dogald Marcrost (?) departed Moonday 21 Septre 1685 ; ^buried 24 of Septre 
Septre [sic] 1685 thursday. 

Marion M^'Kinlay Saboth the 6 Septre 1685 about 6 a clock at night; buried 
8 Septre tuesday. 

Anna Stirlinge maried to ... . {ilhgibls] thursday the 4 of Janu^ 1666 ; maried 
againe to Jon Borland July the 11 July {sic] 1676. 

Tuesday the 3 Septre 1695 departed Mistres Langlands at half {blank] fore- 
noon ; buried the {blank] of {blank] being {sic]. 

Margret M^^taysh (?) spous to Marcus Marshall departed the 20 Octre tuesday ; 
buried 22 Octre 1685. 

John Raltoune, maltman, departed the 24 Novr. 1685 tuesday at 10 in the 
morninge ; buried thursday 26 of Novre 1685. 

Elizabeth Donaldson spous to Wm. Watestone (?) departed the 2d of Decbre 
1685 tuesday ; buried friday the 4th of decbre. 

Francis Boyd departed Moonday the 28 decbre 1685 at 9 in morninge ; buried 
30 decbre 1685. 

Baylie Caldwell departed tuesday 29 decbre 1685 at 11 at night ; buried Satur- 
day the 2 of Janvar 1686. 


M' Wm. Stirlinge my bro. in law departed thunsday 31 decbre 1685 ; bdried 
Moonday tbe tbarth of Janvar 1686. He departed at Ancram, 

M' James Stirlinge, banker, departed Saboth 8 Janvar 1686 ; buried 4th of 
Janyar 1686 Moonday. He died at 9 in the morninge. 

Issobell Hunter departed this lyf the 27 februar 1679 at 8 a clock in the morn- 
inge being thursday ; boried the 28 Feb. friday betwixt 2 & 8 a clocke afternoon. 

M' Geo. Stirlinge departed the 2 May (friday) 1679 at 7 a clocke at night ; 
buried the 5 May 1679 betwixt 2 & 8 in afternoon. 

Joan CrafFurd departed (the laidy W. PoUocke) the 4 of May 1679 being Saboth 
at half seven in the morninge ; buried 9th of May at the Mains (?) beinge friday. 

Thomas Davidson departed 23 decbre 1679 tuesday betwixt 11 & 12 hours for- 
noon ; buried thursday 25 decbre. 

Agnes Stirlinge, Lady garscadon (?), departed the 19 decbr. friday 1679 betwixt 
8 & four in the afternoon and was buried the 26 decbr. friday. 

John Robertson, writer, departed Saturday the 10 March 1683 ut six a clocke 
at night ; buried the 13 March tuesday. 

Wm. Robertson, maltman, departed the 4th of June 1683 Moonday at two 
a clocke the afternoon ; buried Wensday the 6th of June. 

Archbald Eirke departed thursday beinge the 7th of June 1688 betwixt 5 & sex 
in the morninge ; buried 9 June Saturday. 

Rebeka, david Wilkies wyf, departed Wensday 16 May 1683 ; buried [blank], 

David Wilkie departed Saturday the 23 June 1688 betwixt [blank'] in after- 
noon ; buried tuesday 20 June 1683. 

James Wadrop (?), son to Alex' Wadrop (?), departed tuesday the 7th of agust 
1683 about eleven a clocke at night beinge tuesday ; buried thursday the 9th agust 

Andro Ralstone died 15 agust friday at [blanli'} 1678 ; buried Saturday 
16 agust. 

Michall Patei-son departed (Saboth) the 3d of agust 1673 betwixt [blank] in 
morninge ; buried Moonday the 4th of agust 1673. 

James Armour, elder, departed (Saturday) the 6th of apryll 1678 betwixt 6 & 7 
in morninge ; buried (teusday) y'^ 9 apryll 1678. 

Ann Bisliet (?), James Armours relict, departed (Saturday) 7th June 1684 
betwixt 2 & 3 in afternoon ; buried (tuesday) 10 June 1684. 

Marie Stirlinge relict of Jon Govan (?) departed (tuesday) 10 June 1684 ; 
buried (thursday) 12 June 1684, aged 46 yeares & 21 weeks & 5 days. 

Robert Robertson of Stockmellhord (?J departed friday the 12th of february 
1686 betwixt 7 & 8 at night ; buried Saboth the 14 februar 1686. 

Marion Marshall relict of Ja. Locheid departed Saturday the 20th of feb. at 
Iblank] night ; buried 28 of februar 1686. 

Agnes Hamiltoun departed (tho. M^^Kinleys wyf) 8 apryll 1693 Saboth ; buried 
tuesday 10 of aprylle 1693. 

John Brownlies wyf buried 11 apryll 1693 Wensday. 



John Rowe, of Oxford Street, died Jan aged 67 years. 

Elizabeth Rowe, daughter of the above, died May 5, 1793, aged 17 years. 

M'* Ann Cooper, wife of M' John Cooper, of Little Stanhope Street, May fair, who 
aft«r a lingering & painful illness, etc., died 17 June 1817, in her 38^^ year. 

M' William Stubble, died Dec. 5, 1828, aged 69. 

M" Mary M^'Evoy, late widow of the above M' William Stubble, died 8 Oct. 1846, 
aged 86. 

Nathaniel W . . . ., bom at Leeds in Yorkshire, .... years an Officer in his 
Majesty's Silver Scnllery at [Spines ?], who died at Pimlico Oct. . . 1806, 
in his 51** year. 

M" Elizabeth Garner, daughter of the above, died Peb. 16, 1841, aged 64. 

Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander & Ann B . . . ., of Mount Street, in this parish, 

died 27 March 1794, aged 11 months & 7 days. 
Also James, died Oct. 3, 1797, aged 6 months. 
Martha, died March 8, 1804, aged 15 months. 
John, son of the above, died Sep. 24, 1808, aged 18. 

M" John Gregor, died March 9, 1830, in his 29^^ year. 

M' Joseph Waight, died Jane 27, 1826, aged 36. 

■ # 

M' Bernard Downing, died May 3, 1810, aged 43. 

M" George Pergusson, died 17 June 1798, aged 42. 

Miss Barbara Pergusson, died [31 ?] Oct. 1825, aged .... 

Catherine Henderson, died 8 Jan. 1846, aged 63. 

David Thomas Gibson, died July 2, 1848, aged 55. 

George Pisher, of Berwick Street, Soho, died Jan. 9, 1817, aged 56. 
Samuel Thomas, son of the above, died 6 Oct. 1838, aged 35. 

Ann Astley, died 29 June 1775, aged 2. 

Mary Astley, died 11 Jan. 1789, aged 19 ; daughters of John & Mary Astley. 

The above John Astley, died 8 Jau. 1795, aged 60. 

Mary Astley, wife of the above John Astley, died 23 April 1817, aged 79. 

M' Richard Sharpus, of Davies Street, Berkeley Square, died Jan. 6, 1827, aged 60. 
M'* Jane Sharpus, relict of the aboue, died July 12, 1827, aged 49. 
Their son M' Richard Sharpus, died Ang. 4, 1832, aged 22. 

Jane Minter Hart, died 29 Sep. 1825, aged 26. 

George King, died Peb. 2, 1835, aged 24. 

Eleanor King, mother of the above, died 23 Jan. 1840, aged 62. 

George King, husband of the above Eleanor King, died 22 May 1844, aged 61. 

* Communicated by Fv S. Snell, Esq., M.A. Portions of these inscriptions appeared in 
preceding volames. 


Anne Leigh, born July 19, 1781, died Nov. 20, 1811. 

Elizabeth Leigh, mother of the above, died Nov. 6, 1816, aged 74. 

M' Robert Scott, of Great Maddox Street, Painter, died May 27, 1817, aged 87. 
James Scott, son of the above, died Aug. 27, 1822, in his 16*^ year. 
Elizabeth Scott, died Ang. 16, 1846, aged 80. 

M' Frederick Finn, died 24 Nov. 1817, aged 74. 

John Anstin Lines, died Jane 5, 1815, aged 27. 
M' John Lines, died 28 Feb. 1822, aged 72. 

Sarah Carter, widow, died Jan. 9, 1820, in her 46*^ year. 

Her Master and Mistress, to commemorate her Faithful services for nearly 20 years, 
have placed this Tablet as a Token of their Esteem. 

M' Joseph Gritchley, died Ang. 29, 1796, aged 74. 

Mary Elton, wife of WilKam Elton, died 24 March 1814, aged 59. 
Also near is buried the Body of her Niece, who died the following week, after a few 
days* illness, aged 20 years. 

Martha Flower, died Nov. 19, 1825, aged 55. 

Andrew, the son of James & Margaret Milne, of Lower Grosvenor Street, died 

June 21, 1786, aged 1 year & 7 months. 
Isabella Milne, died Oct. 28, 1790, aged 15. 
Elizabeth Sai*ah Milne, died March 24, 1796, aged 20. 
Robert Hamilton, died July 18, 1814, aged 77. 
Alice Hamilton, wife of the above, died Oct. 30, 1828, aged 87. 
James Milne, died Oct. 12, 1884, aged 84. 
James Alexander Milne, son of the above, who died in Jamaica (where he had gone 

for the recovery of his health), died 13 May 1808, in his 25"* year. 

George Champion, died [6"» ?] June 1782, in his 45^*» year. 
George Champion, son of the above .... [^Rest ilUgihUJ] 

Sarah, wife of Robert Lewis, of Ebury Street, and daughter of Thomas Ireland, of 
Poole, Dorset, who died of a fever Sep. 14, 1833, five weeks after her 
marriage, aged 20. 

William Ireland Lewis, died Sep. 27, 1845, of inflammation of the brain, in his 
9*^ year. 

Robert Evans, died Nov. 18 [1783 ?], in his 69*>» year. 

James Conpland, died Sep. 9, 1795, aged 2. 
William Conpland, died Feb. 16, 1809, aged 20. 
James Conpland, died June 12, 1812, aged 73. 
M" Margaret Conpland, died Dec. 13, 1831, aged 83. 

M' Thomas Dempsey, died Feb. 28, 1827, aged 64. 

James and Jane Dempsey, children of the above, who died in their infancy. 

M" Mary Dempsey, wife of the above, died Aug. 18, 1834, aged 64. 

Frances Ashe, died Jan. 5, 1795, aged 79. 


M» Elizabeth Martin, wife of William Martin, Esq., late Major in the 60**^ 

Regiment, died 15 April 1822, aged 50. 
William Martin, Esq., died 19 April 1824, aged 67. 

Mary Martin, daughter of the late Governor Martin, died 21 Maroh 1820, aged 57. 
Miss Sarah Martin, sister of the above, died March 6, 1851, aged 85. 
Miss Alice Martin, the youngest daughter of GoTernor Martin, sister of the abovCy 
died May 29, 1852, aged 83. 

To the memory of four of the infant daughters of John Fonblanque, Esq., and 

Frances Caroline, his wife, viz. : — 
Elenor, born 8 Sep. 1791, died 17^^ of the same month, aged 14 days. 
Caroline Elenor, born S July 1788, died 2 Nov. 1792, aged 4 years & 4 months. 
Georgiana, born 8 Deo. 1802, died 23 Dec. in the same year, aged 20 days. 
Louisa, born 7**> . . . . 1804, died 8 July . . . ., aged [Rest illegible.'] 

M' William Cartwright, late of Bond Street, died April 1, 177 [8 or 5 ?], in his 

20^^* year. 
Also Dorothy .... Cartwright, his daughter, died Sep. 28, 1779, aged 2 months 

& 4 days. 

Ann, wife of M' Thomas Hancock, of Pinilico, died June 12, 1783, aged 47. 
M' Thomas Hancock, died 9 June 1811, aged 66. 

M' Richard Tomlinson, Taylor, of this parish, died May 12, 1782, aged 42. 

Robert Tomlinson, son of the above, died 29 April 1786, aged 7. 

M" Elizabeth Boyd, daughter of the above, died 27 Oct. 1794, aged 25. 

Peter Campbell, Gent., of the parish of S^ George, Hanover Square, died Feb. 17, 

1781, aged 90. 
Elizabeth Campbell, his eldest daughter, who was born in Oct. 1729 & died 

Oct. 20, 1805, aged 76. 
Sarah Campbell, spinster, died Feb. 3, 1818, aged [81 7]. 

Ann, wife of M» Thomas L . . . . [Rest ilkgihle.] 

Charlotte, wife of M' William Hurley, of this parish, died March 27, 1826, 

aged 53. 
Edward, son of the above, died June 16, 1819, aged 17. 
Emma, died in her infancy. 

The above William Hurley, died 10 June 1835, in his 61"* year. 
M" Eleanor Hurley, wife of the above-named William Hurley, died . . June 1845, 

aged 56 years. 

M' Christopher Wharton, of Davies Street, in this parish, died Aug. 17, 1796, 

aged 49. 
Elizabeth, his wife, died Aug. 6, 1793, in her 48*^ year. 
Joseph Mann, grand child to the above, died Dec. 22, 1805, aged 1 year. 
Jane Mann, died Jan. 7, 1812, aged 9 months. 

M' Richard Hoddle, died June 9, 1782, aged 53. 

.... Hansford, of [. . . . nd ?], in the county of Lincoln, died .... 1»*, 1803, 
aged 48. 

M« Ann Palmer, died 4 April 1807, aged 32. 


Catherine Rogers, died Jaly 21, 1806, aged 21. 

M*^ Henry Castleman, gent., of the parish of S' George, Hanover Sqnare, died 

March 17, 1776, aged 72. 
Dorothy, widow of the above .... [Rest illegible,'] 

M" Mary Dnggin, wife of M' John Daggin, of this parish, died 28 June 1770, 
aged 61. 

Two children of J. and S. Burrows, of Grosvenor .... 
Robert, died April 20, 1809, aged 2 years. 

William, died April 26, 1819 

M' John Burrows, father of the above, died Oct. 15, 1826, in his 61'* year. 

M' Gilbert Fisher, died Dec. 10, 1782, aged 37. 

Gilbert, his son, died March 10 [1764 ?], aged 10 months. 

Anna Maria Wilson, died Feb. 11, 1796, aged 65. 

M' John Wilson, her husband, died May 23, 1790 

Charles Gilbert Fisher, grandson of the above Gilbert, died 21 Jane 1815, 
aged 9 months. 

Sarah, the wife of M' Thomas [Woods ?], of Bolsover Street, S* Marylebone, died 
Feb. 1, 1808, in her 72«^ year. 

M" Ann Burton, died May 21, 1807, aged 27. 

Mathew Daly, died March 17, 178[5 ?], aged 7 years. 

M' Thomas Seaward, died 22 April 1821, aged 55. 

His six children, who died infants. 

Lucy Seaward, daughter of the above Thomas Seaward, died 13 April 1822, in her 

17*^ year. 
Thomas Seaward, son of the above, died 19 July 1836, in his 29*** year. 
M'" Lucy Seaward, wife of the above M*" Thomas Seaward, died 4 Nov. 1836, 

aged 70. 

M" Mary Cullwick, of this parish, died 2 May 1788, aged 40. 

Charles Tavlor, son of Jacob and Mary Taylor, of this parish, died April 25, 1794, 

aged 14. 
M" Mary Taylor, mother of the above, died 11 April 1808, aged 68. 
M' Jacob Taylor, died 24 Jan. 1811, aged 68. 
M" Ann Rebecca Taylor .... [Rest in ground.] 

Henry, died April 29, 1774, aged 4 years 5 months & 24 days. 
William, died Feb. 10, 177[8 ?], aged 14 years & 5 months .... Lockyer .... 
[Rest illegible.] 

Rebecca Horton, died 11 Jan. 1838. 

Miss Mary Poole, of Torrington in Devonshire, died Dec. 3, 1803, aged 25. 

M'* Ann Winlaw, wife of William Winlaw, of Market Street, [Cavendish] Square, 
Engine Maker, died 19 June 1772,*in his 39'^ [or 59^*»] year. 

M' Andrew Winlaw, brother of the above William Winlow [«wj], died 24 May 
aged 33. 

William Winlaw .... of the above .... [Rest illegible.] 

j.usiA^M^x ■ ■ I m ^ s m 


[Obedience ?] SanU, daughter of William and Obedience Sault, of this parish, died 

Dec. 24. 1798, aged 18. 
Mary Sault, daughter of the above, died Jan. 10, 1797, aged 2. 
Margaret Sault, died April 17, 1800, aged 1 year & 7 months. 

M' Thomas Edwards, died March 29, 1828, aged 88. 
This stone erected by his brother M' William Edwards. 

Sophia, wife of Eleazar Enapp, died Feb. 11, 1886, aged 88. 

M"^ Thomas Ryder, surgeon, of Oxford Street, died 18 May 1801, aged 45. 

Richard Broome, son of Robert and Hannah Broome, died Feb. 15, 1775, aged 

8 weeks <& 8 days. 
Edward Broome, son of the above Robert and Hannah Broome, died Aug. 29, 

1788, aged 14 years & 10 months. 
M' Robert Broome, father of the above, died 24 Dec. 1799, aged 53. 
M' Hannah Broome, wife of the above Robert Broome, died Oct. 17, 1882, aged 87. 

Thomas Clarkspn .... IRest ill^ible.'] 

M" Mary Goss, wife of M' Henry Goss, of Park Street, Grosvenor Square, died 

8 Feb. 1811, aged 83. 
M^ Henry Goss, husband of the above, died Sep. 15, 1814, aged 92. 

Elizabeth Bowditch, wife of Thomas Bowditch, of the parish of S* George, Hanover 

Square, died Feb. 2, 1822, aged 60. 
The above Thomas Bowditch, died Aug. 9, 1849, aged 64. 
M" Hester Bowditch, second wife of the above, died Aug. 19, 1849, aged 68, 
Joseph Bowditch, died 10 Nov. 1820, aged 14. 
Henry Crofts, died Feb. 10, 1886, aged 65. 

Joseph Jordan, of this parish, died Dec. 9, 1772, aged 62. 

M" Ann Tapley, of the parish of S* Mary-le-bone, died 8 Jan. 1812, aged 21. 

M' Thomas Fotts, father of the above, died 1 April [1828], aged [hidden h/ 

fooUtone] years. 
[Imcription continued en the other side of the stone : — ] 
M« Ann Potts, died Nov. 80, 1881, aged 75. 

The beloved husband and daughter of the above lays [sic] in the adjoining grave. 
Frances Potts, daughter of M' Thomas and M" Ann Potts, died March 7, 1844, 

aged 45. 

M' Henry Holton, late of No. 253 Oxford Street, died 24 Feb. 1847, aged 56. 

M' Joseph Kent, died March 28, 1821, aged 58 ; late Coachman to the Earl of 

M" Ann Kent, widow of the above, a Native of Inverary, Argyleshire, died 

Nov. 25, 1824, aged 52. 

M' Thomas Hall, late of Mount Street, of this parish, died 25 Oct. 1797, aged 88. 

M' John Ganerton, died Jan. 4, 1827, aged 52. 
VOL. v., SERIES m. 


M" Mary Keat, who after a long and Bevere illness died April 9, 1817, aged 23. 
Her four infante who lie interred in and near this spot. 

This stone erected by her husband and father 1817. 
Sarah, his second beloved wife, died March 17, 1834, aged 39. 
Esther, daughter of the above, died March 11, 1840, aged 15. 
M*^ Richard Waller Keat, husband and father of the above, died Dec. 13, 1844, 
aged 57. 

His third beloved wife has caused this to be erected to his memory. 

M"*" Jane Ledbetter, died Nov. 28, 1828 [or 1829 ; the S has hem cut across the 9 

so as to appear either an S or 9], aged 56. 
M' Frederick Ledbetter, husband of the above, died April 3, 1830, aged 58. 

Henry Shepherd, of this parish, died Sep. [17], 1793 [or 1795 ?], aged 45. 
Elizabeth Shepherd, wife of the above .... 

Miss Mary Shepherd, daughter of the above Henry and Elizabeth Shepherd, died 
July 9, 179[5 ?] [Rest illegible.] 

M' Stephen Taylor, late of this parish, died Feb. 11, 1825, aged 60. 

M' Edward [Powell ?], late of this parish, died Sep. 3 [aged 53 (?) years]. 

M' John Oxley, died 2 Dec. 1827, aged 55. 

M" Isabella Parker, died Jan. 2, 1845, aged 83. 

M" Isabella Booke Hoare, daughter of the above, died Sep. 7, 1847, aged 50. 

Edward, son of Lieut. Col. Witherington, of Her Majesty's 9*^ Regiment of 
Dragoons, aud Eugenia, his wife, died April 8, 1841, aged 13 years <& 
11 months. 

Robert Alexander Hughan, Esq., of Creetown, Kirkcudbright, died Sep. 22, 1844, 
aged 47. 

Charlotte, wife of Hugh Williams, died June 6, 182[5 ?], aged 24. 

M' William Clarke, late of Weston, Staffordshire, died Jan. 2, 1838, aged 48. 

M' Richard Dore, died July 12, 1849, in his 8d^ year. 

M' Henry [Leggatt] [1804]. 

M' Henry Simpson, nephew of the above, died Nov. . . 1841, aged 36. 

George Lambert Baker, son of William and Ann Baker, of Chapel Street West, 
May-Fair, died Dec. 22, 1881, aged 30. 

Henry John William, son of Henry and Virginie CamiUe Baker, of Chapel Street 

West, May Fair, born 29 March 1833, died 10 April 1884. 
Charles Baker, another son of the above, born 12 Jan. 1840, died 15 March 1841. 
The above Virginie Camille Baker, died 22 Feb. 1844, aged 48. 

Elizabeth Cole, widow, born 23 Nov. 1750, died 23 April 1808, aged 57. 

(7b be oontinued,) 


Wijt ^tQVittt^ of Xnfeberroto, to. WBoxttiittv.* + 

[A mach defaced sheet, ? date.] 

Nomina enmi qui .... 

Joh'is fil. BLshardi .... 

.... uxor Tno 

Margeria uxor Bic 

.... fil. Nicholas .... 
.... axor Hear. Stevens .... 
Gnilmns fil. John Sale .... 
Anna fil. John Sale, pred .... 
.... Warwick .... 
Elizabeth uxor .... 
Thomas Huband. 
Joh'es Pearks. 

Joh . . . . ux Bob. B . . . . 

Maria fil 

Joanna Asplin. 

Margareta uxor Tho. Hunt .... 

Elizab. fil. Barthol. Bidding. 

Edvardus Bawson. 

GuHel. Griffin. 

Joanna uxor Nicholai Netherton. 

GuUelmus fil. Jacob Asplin. 

Bob'tus Parker. 

Brigett fil. Joh'is Ireland. 

Agnes Edgworth, vid. 

Joanna King .... peregrina .... cans .... inter Charlton et ol . 

Swynford morte obiit apud .... -borrow parva. 
Joh'es Huntley. 
Philipp Heynes. 
Alicia uxor Joh'es par .... 
Joh'es Hunt. 

Edvardus Day de Kington. 
Joh'es Hanson. 

— — Anna fil. Tho. Hunt. 
Feb. — Joh'es fil. et Nothus .... 

— — Margeria fil. Tho 

— — Barthol. Gidding [? Hidding]. 

— — Elizabeth fil. Tho 

Concordat cu' original. 

HUGOKE Glovke, Vic. ibid. JZTh^™? } ^■^""*^°^- 






























* From the Transcripts in ** Edgar Tower/* Bishop^s Register. 

t Oommunicated hj William Bradbbook, M.B.C.S.— ooatinned from p. 107. 



Inkbbbrow 1661 [?]. Tbansgbiptuh ybbum omnium Matbimonioruh, 



Mar. — 

— 20 

— 4 

— 14 
April 16 
June 4 

April 8 
May 20 
June — 
June 20 
June 23 
June 26 
July 28 
July 28 
Sep. — 
Sep. 12 
Sep. 12 
Sep. 19 
Oct. 8 
Oct. — 

Oct. — 


GwalteruB Steward de Inckberrow \ . 
.... prius obtent .... 

Mar. 13 

May — 
May 21 
May 26 
June 28 
July 10 
July 16 
July 17 
Aug. 3 
July 22 
Aug. 4 
Aug. 25 
Aug. 26 
Sep. 28 

et Alice Hill [?] of ffeckenham. 

de Alcester. 

[Baptisms.] a.d. 1661. 
.... Gloyer. 
.... Roberts. 

.... Illegitmus Elianora Huntbac [?] genit. Robtimm . 
Carolus filius Georgii Windle. 
Jacobus filius Johannes. 
Johannis filius Johannis Hunt. 
Hester filia Robert Steward. 
Anna filia Johannis Steward. 

Maria, illegitima Marie Bonds per Georgium Blicke de eadem genita. 
Richardus filius Willielms Walford. 
Jacobus filius Richi. Shekell. 
Laricke [?] filia Armell [?] Hunt. 
Georgius fil. Georgii Wiggett. 
Joh^es filius JohMs .... 
Richard filius Richard Marshall. 
Elizebetha filia Henry Grasier [?]. 
Maria filia Radulphi Dyson. 
Thomas filius Jacobus Heming. 
Susannah filia Thomas Higgins. 
Anna filia Johannis (Reic)wood. 

Susanna filia Joh'is Parker. 

.... Harrits .... 

.... Hobbins .... 

.... t 

ffrancis filius .... 

Elizabetha filia .... 

ifebe .... 

Carolus filius .... 

Martyn .... 

Thomas filius Thomas Hopkins. 

[Burials.] a.d. 
Henrici Wilmore de Kington. 
Anley, wid. 
Humfredi Heming. 
uxor. Ricardi Harris, 
filius Joh'is Hasterling. 
Willimi Boulton. 

'?] Sutton. 

'?].... son. 

?] Reeve. 



filia Henrici Elliotts. 

Henrici [?] Reeve. 


Oct. 6 

— — 

uxor d'ni flfrancisci Bdggiocke, militia. 

Nov. 16 

ulielmi Goore [?]. 

Nov. 15 


Dec. 21 

Jan. 1 

01 VI. 

Jan. 8 

— 6 

Eklwardus Pearce. 

— — Thomas Phillips. 

— — Alicia uxor Richi. Poole. 

Mar. — Elizabetha filia Thomas Petford 

— — Joh'es filins Joh'is Raynolds . . . 

— — Hester uxor Rich. Pladon .... 
Mar. — Rich'us ffarr de Darmston. 

(Sig^d) ^■»^'r^^^™.}oh.™hw^„.. 

Inkbsrbow, 1662. 


— — John and James .... 

— — Edmond the sonne .... 

— — Elizabeth the daughter of ... . 

— — Richard the sonne of Henry . . . 

— — ffrancis the sonne of Henry .... 

— — Lewes the sonne of Thomas .... 
Mar. — Richard the sonne of ... . 

This ffor Ghrist'ings to the 6th day of March Anno d'ni 1662. 

May 17 ffrancis Hale A Elianor Begley, both of the parrish of Inkborrow. 

Mar. — Margery Woodward of Dormston. 

Mar. 27 Alice the daughter of Thomas Bennitt. 

Mar. 27 Elianor, a bastard child of Bridget Walkers, being gotten by Edward 

Rudge the younger. 

April 9 Jane the daaghter of William Boulton. 

AprU 18 William Boulton. 

April 18 Thomas Pettford's daughter. 

April 18 John Harritt's daughter. 

April 22 Phillipa, a bastard child of Blizabeth Hanthpatch begotten by Robert 

Stonhall of Alcester. 

April 24 The daughter of the widdow Shouler. 

April 24 Edmond Poole's wiffe. 

April 27 Thomas Lewes of Dormston. 

April 27 The widdowe Pope. 

May 4 The widdowe Grasior. 

May 12 Thomas Tennant. 

May 10 James the sonne of Thomas Edwarde. 

May 17 ffrancis the sonne of fifrancis Baskefeild. 

June 4 Stephens Baylis. 


June — A poore boy which came ffrom Wicfch. 

Jane 30 Thomas Edwarde. 

Jane 80 Elizabeth Mojle. 

Jalj 2 William Sale of Sharnocke in the parrish of ffeckenham. 

July 8 The sonne of William Sale. 

July 8 The sonne of Ann Griffin. 

July 15 Ann the wiffe of Richard Steward. 

July 21 M" Margery Hunt, widdowe. 

July — George the sonne of George Wiggett. 

Aug. 12 Alice the daughter of ffrancis Dyson. 

Aug. 16 Thomas Beddowes. 

Aug. — A daughter of Richard Gollins. 

Aug. 26 William Raven. 

Aug. 80 Eatherine his wiffe. 

Aug. — Joyce the wiffe of Eaven [?] Owding [?]. 

Sep. — Richard Steward. 

Sep. 18 Ursula the wiffe of Thomas Hunt, gent. 

Sep. 25 Richard White, Vicar. 

Oct. 21 William the sonne of Thomas ffarr. 

Oct. 26 William King. 

Oct. 26 William the sonne of William ffiggett. 

Oct. 26 Margaret Ellins. 

Oct. — Jane Boulton. 
Nov. 11 [?] M" Mary Savage, widowe. 

— — Ann Smith, widdowe. 

Dec. 81 The wiffe of Thomas Yatte. 

Jan. 2 Tovey of Kington. 

Jan. — Thomas Pettforde^s daughter. 

Given in by us — Gborgb Windlb, 1 Church Wardens of 
William Haeuy, j Inkborrow 166-. 

A Just and Perfect Transcript given in by Thomas Jambs, Thomas 
Hopkins, Churchwardens, of all the Marriages, Christ'ings, and 


THE — OF March Anno D'ni 1668 to the 25*» day of March Anno Dom. 

1664, AS POLLOWETH : — 

Henry Jackson, Vic. 
Thomas Phillips & Jane Leedwooke [?] of . . . . 
Richard ffarwood [?] & Elizabeth Grimo both, of this parish. 
M' Richard ff . . . . erdi [?] of Anne & Alice Huband of Knighton. 
Thomas Hewea or Hemes & Eleanor Cooke of Home Greene in the 

parrish of ffeckenham. 
John Price & Elizabeth Showle(r), both of this parrish of ffeckenham. 
Anthony Judgins & Susanna Bartlett, both of this parrish. 

ChrisCningSy Anno DonC 1668. 

Ann the daughter of John Beeseley. 

Alice the daughter of William Hunt of CladsalL 

John the sonne of Jerome Rice. 

John the sonne of Richard Heme. 

William the sonne of William Walford of Boults. 

Mary the daughter of Robert Steward of Stockwoode. 



June 25 











April 12 
May 2 
















































William the Sonne of Thomas Marshall of Hollborrowe Greene. 

Bridget the daughter of Thomas Laugher of the Gannow. 

John the sonne of Thomas Attwoode of Little Inkborrow ffarme. 

Elizabeth the daughter of William ffiggett of Stockegreene. 

Thomas the sonne of Thomas Higgins of Cladsall. 

Elizabeth the daughter of Richard Glouer of Inckborrowe. 

Thomas the sonne of Thomas Edwards, shoomaker of Holberrowe Greene. 

ffrancis the sonne of firancis ffreman of Inckberrowe and Thomas the 

sonne of Bichard Home of Egioke. 
Elizabeth the daughter of John Harrett of Cladsall. 
Walter the sonne of Walter Steward of Cladsall and Mary the daughter 

of George Wiggett. 
Hanna the daughter of Hnmfrey Domines [?]. 
Henry the sonne of William Haruy. 
ffrancis the sonne of Thomas Darby of Boults. 
Ann the daughter o^ John Goore of Cladsall. 
Thomas the sonne of Christopher Roberts and Joane the daughter of 

John Steward. 
?] Hester the daughter of Richard Williams, tinker, 
ffrances the daughter of Robert Weauer of Holborrowe Greene. 
Ann the daughter of Nicholas Rand [? Ranels] of Morton Under Hill. 
John the sonne of Roger Tandy of Cladsall. 
Ann or a child of Henry Hunt. 

(To he continued.) 


Some Feudal Coat» of Arms, By J. FOSTXB, Hon. M.A. Ozon. London and Oxford : 

Jamefi Parker and Co. 

This is a new book, on a fresh departure, by Mr. Foster, and is well worthy of a place in every 
gentleinan*8 library. It is a volume complete in itself, and is nicely got up and issued by 
Messrs. Parker. With other works of Mr. Foster's, half a dozen wonld be begun in parts, where 
there was no chance of them being finished for years to come, such as his " Familiss Minorum 
Gentium,*' which has now been issued by the Harleian Society in four volumes, and " Musgrave's 
Obituary," making six volumes — both works quite out of the reach of private enterprise, and 
only possible where such a wealthy society such as the Harleian undertakes the printing and 
issuing for its members. Similarly placed were the Lincolnshire Pedigrees, began by Mr. Foster 
and relinquished. It has this year been undertaken by the Harleian Society, under the 
editorship of Canon Maddison, who is adding several pedigrees of his own compilation and that 
of friends to it ; and as it will make three or four volumes, that again was an error of judgment 
to think of issuing it in sheets with other works, iis years would be exhausted before the work 
was completed. 

This present work is rare, in giving so many page illustrations of knights from 1300 upwards. 
On every other page is a plate given either of arms or figures in full armour, about 130 in all out 
of a volume of about BOO pp. The smaller coats seem all to be carefully drawn, each with a 
name attached, and colours given. The facsimiles of the Boroughbridge Roll of 1322 and a 
tracing from the Camden Boll temp. Edward I. are both given as a double plate on a toned ground, 
such as we often adopt in this publication. Altogether the work is worthy of its painstaking 
compiler and publisher, and will prove a boon to many bookplate collectors in corroborating 
unknown coats. 


An Exact List of the Lm-dit Spirttual and T&mporal in 17S4. London : Elliot Stock , 

Paternoster Bow, B.C. 

This is a little book, nicely got up and bound, of the Members of the House of Ix>rds in 1734. 
It has a Preface by Mr. A^ C. Fox-Daries, who gives some interesting summaries of the number 
of Archbishops, Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, and Bishops. Each page is a photographed 
facsimile of a copy found bound up with G-oldsmith*s Almanack for 1735, which is now in the 
British Museum. We note that Lord Palmerston sat for Boffiney, Cornwall, and Sir Bowland 
Uill for Litchfield, and also that several Lords lived in Boho. Altogether it is worthy the 
acceptance or patronage of all members of Parliament. 

The Journal of the Ex Libris Society, Vol. XIL, Parts 9, 10, and 11, September to November 
1902. London : A. and C. Black, Soho Square, W. 

Thb above Parts tend to keep up the Journal to its usual level, and the September one gives 
some examples of an American draughtsman, which as his narrator, Mr. Truesdell, says, shew 
some originality in form and shape ; the one of Frank Wood's is a picture in itself, being ably 
minimized from the Outtenberg plate placed on a pile of books, the open leaf of the one at top 
shewing his arms. Another American artist, Mr. Arthnr P. Spear, has three plates given, also 
shewing great care and variety of style, Mr. Lothrop*B especially. The Part also contains a 
sample of a coat in three colours at one impression, the registering of which is perfect. The 
November Part gives the arms of Lord Craven and also two of the Jago family of Cornwall, and 
of the Borlase family. The arms for identification now amount to 621. 

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, No. 2, Vol. X. October 1902. Virginia 
Historical Society, Blchmond, U.S.A. 

This Part has the article, " The Germans of the Valley," concluded. It has been very interest- 
ing, shewing as it has done the frugal manner and style of living in the early part of 1700. The 
Brown papers are also continued, giving an account of events after the scrimmage at Harper*s 
Ferry. In style John Brown and the Boer Eruger are much alike, each with a Bible in one hand 
and a death-warrant in the other. The Part also contains an account of Christ Church, Lancaster, 
CO. Virginia, with two illustrations. 

Fenland Notet and Queries, Vol. V., Part 56. October 1902. Peterborough : George C. Caster, 

Market Place. 

This Part contains the usual quantity of local matter, including the Drainage question of 1618, 
and a painstaking article on the liberty of Peterborough, giving an account of the various 
deeds parsed from time to time. Among other interesting matters given is an advertisement for 
" Letting the Poor," whereby persons who wished to treat for the same were desired to apply to 
the Churchwarden or Overseer. " None but married persons need apply." We presume their 
labour was utilized for any purpose the applicants required it for. 

*»* Books for Reviem and Notices of Forthcoming Works should he addressed to 
Messrs, Mitchell and Hughci at the Publishing Office, 140 Wardour Street, London, W. 



^etrijsree of 5i3usuartr»* 

Visitation of Warwick, Anno 1682. [College of Arms, K 3, fo. 135.] 

At Warwick, 30 Aug. 1682. 

Mr Dagnard exhibited these armes and sayes he is of the family of 

Dnguard of Boan in Nonnandy. 

William Dugnard of Grafton Fliford in com' Worc.=r 


Henry Dngnard, born at Grafton Fliford, but=f:Elizabeth, dau'r of M' Will. 

resided at the Lickey in the p'sh of Broms- 
grove in com' Worcester, obijt a® 1685. 

Kimberley of Whitford, near 
Bromsgrove, gent. 

2. Alice, 1. Margery, w. of 8. Jane, w. of 5. Richard Du- 4. George Du- 

died an Nicholas Orford John Pettifor gaard,an apothe- guard of Lon- 

itffant. of Bromsgrove in of London. cary in London, dou, stationer. 

com'Wig'orn[«wj]. obijt coelebs. 

2. Thomas Duguard,=f=Hannah, da' of=Mary, dau'r of = Anne, dan'r of^Hugh 
Ma' of Arts and ' ,- , ^ . ^. - 

Rector of Barford in 
com' Warwick, set. 
75 annor' 1682. 


Thomas Hanks John Hage- Mnston of Tibbols 
of Stow on the ford of Hen- in p'och de Kings- 
Wold in com' wood in co. bury in com' Warr. 
GloC, gent. 1 Warr', Esq. 2 8 w. 
wife. wife. 

• Communicated by W. P. W. Phillimobb, Esq., M.A., B.O.L. 
yOL. v., SERIES ;ii, 



1. William Duguard, Ma' of=pEliz., da' of=pLidia, dau'r of ... . Parker de 

Merch^ Taylors School in 
Lond., obijb a® 16^2. 

. Adams. 
!•* wife. 

com' Gloc', and widow of . 
Tyler of London, Goldsmith. 
2 w. 


died un- 

sons and 


Lydia, dau'r of=pl. Samuel Dn-=f=Elizabeth, dauV of 

William, Ma' of 
Merchant Tay- 
lors school, 1 
wife, youngest 
of fifteen child- 


guard, Rector 
of Forton in 
com' Stafford, 

Will. Kimberley, 
Ma' of Arts & 
Min' of Redmar- 
ley, CO. Wore. 2 


Lydia, 8Bt. 
6 ann. 

2. Richard, set. 7 1. Thomas, 
ann. et dims. nt. 9 ann. 

et dim. 

William, Elizabeth, setat. 
set. 2 ciro. 3 ann. & 

ann. dim. 

2. Henry, died 3. Richard, 1. Anne, wife of William Maryand Elizabeth, 
unmarried. obijt infans. Fairfax of Barford in twins, died young. 

com' Warr. 

3. John Duguard, citizen of London=T=. . . . dau'r of ... . 

Hannah, wife of ... . Cradock of London, Wine Cooper. 

[S'gd] Thomas Du-6ard. 


Sarah Elizabeth Moody, daughter of Richard and Sarah Moody, of Burton Street, 

in this parish, died Jan. 2, 1848, aged 4 years & 5 months. 
Richard William Moody, died Jan. 5, 1 848, aged 1 year & 4 months. 
Also, near this spot, Elizabeth Mary Moody, died Sep. 30, 1841, aged 11 months. 

M** Sarah Watson, wife of M' Thomas Watson, of No. 18 James Street, Oxford 

Street, died 30 Jan. 1826, aged 66. 
.Also five children, infants, viz. : Henry, William Henry, Harriett, .... Eliza, and 

John Newton Watson. 
The above M' Thomas Watson .... in his 61"' year. 
Elizabeth Evans Watson, granddaughter of the above, died 31 May 1836, aged 

2 years & 5 months. 

* Communicftted b^ F. S. Snell, Esc^., M. A.— continued from p. 164, 


M" Elizabeth Watson, wife of M' William Watson, and mother of the above, died 

81 Ang. 1836, elged 32. 
Thomas Edward Watson, son of the before-named W. and E. Watson, died 4 Oct. 

1886, aged 11 months & 12 days, and is interred at Wanstead, Essex. 

Miss Sarah Halsey, daughter of John and Sarah Halsey, died 5 Jan. 1808, aged 16. 
Miss Lncy Halsey, sister of the above, died 23 May 1825, in her 20^^ y^ar. 
John Halsey, father of the above, died 15 May 1838, aged 74. 
Sarah Halsey, wife of the' above John Halsey, died 1 Oct. 1851, aged 87, deeply 
lamented by her family. 

M" Milborough Clark, wife of M' William Clark, died Aug. 1, 1830, aged 67. 
Frances Mary Killick, granddaughter of the above, died March 11, 1882, aged 

1 year & 1 week. 
M' William Clark, died May 12, 1888, aged 62. 

[Edward ?] [Cha ....?], son of [James ?] and Elizabeth [Oha ....?], died Dec 

aged 58 years. 

Frances Arabella, wife of John Levett Yeats, Esq., and daughter of Philip 
Reinagle, Esq., R.A. She was bom 17*^ July 1786, died 30 Dec. 1881. 

M' Robert Hodgson, of Clarges Street, died May 18, 1822, aged 67. 
Robert, son of the above, died Jan. 17, 1881, aged 24. 

Elizabeth Hodgson, widow of the above first-named M' Robert Hodgson, died 
May 17, 1849, aged 78. 

Samnel Dring, died March 7, 1881, aged 47. 

M" Mary Oakey, wife of M' Henry Oakey, late of the parish of S* Mary-le-bone, 

died 14 May 1802, aged 65. 
Mary Ann Oakev, died 29 Nov. 1811, aged 5. 
The above M' Henry Oakey died March 19, 1822, aged 74. 

Mary Ann Conway, died Jan. 28, 1850, aged 82. 
Henry Gregory, died June 6, 1888, aged 84. 

M' George Lamb, of this parish, died April 29, 1791, aged 58. 
M** Ann Lamb, wife of the above George Lamb, died March 81 ... . \8tom flaked 
off"], aged 55 years. 

Charles Sharpe, of this parish, died Nov. 12, 1829, aged 48. 
M'* Mary Sharpe, relict of the above, died May 1, 1888, aged 55. 
Miss Mary Sharpe, daughter of the above, died July 15, 1888, aged 25. 

William Moore, died .... 6, 1799, aged 52. 

William Moore, son of the above, died Nov. 2 [1800 ?], in his 16*^ year. 

M" Mar^ Scarman, wife of M' George Scarman, of Mill Street, Hanover Square, 

died Oct. 16, 1825, in her 61"^ year. 
Sarah, daughter of the above, died March 9, 1814, aged 6 years & 6 months. 
The above M' George Scarman died Jan. 15, 1846, aged 80. 

M" Ann King, wife of M' Daniel King, of 78 Park Street, Grosvenor Square, died 

Aug. 8, 1825, aged 44. 
Two daughters and one son died infants. 
M' Daniel Kin^, husband of thQ above, died Dec. 6^ 1888, aged 49. 

Q 8 


Charles Birchall, of Northampton, died July 18, 1844, aged 30. 

Edward Freake, died April 80, 1822, aged 2 years & 5 months. 
Margaret Freake, died July 28, 1822, aged 6 years & 6 months. 
M" Margaret Freake, mother of the aboTe children, and wife of M' Charles Freake, 

of Harley Street, died Aug. 8, 1822, aged 37. 
Maria Freake, daughter of the above, died Nov. 15» 1822, aged 5 months. 
The above M"" Charles Freake di^ June 27, 1837, in his 51"* year. 

Mary Woodcock, died Nov. 11, 1775, aged 69. 

Henry, son of Henry and Sarah Sadler, of New Bond Street, died 6 Oct. 1840, aged 
11 months. 

M™ Frances Turner, died Sep. 17, 1778, in her 32"*' year. 

M" Catherine Dight, wife of M' William Dight, of this parish, died 8 Sep. 1785, 

in the 103^^ year of her age. 
M' William Dight, husband of the above M" Catherine Dight, died Nov. 20, 1791, 

aged 88.* 

M'* Elizabeth Bickards, died Oct. 2, 1805, aged 71. 

M' George Stevens, late of New Bond Street, died Oct. 28, 1810, aged 52. 

Emma, daughter of Charles Bobert and Charlotte Hughes, died Jan. 21, 1834, aged 
5 years & 6 months. 

M' James Palmer, died Aug. 14, 1884, aged 86. 

M" Johanna Palmer, wife of M' William Palmer, died Aug. 17, 1834, aged 77. 

The above M' William Palmer, brother to M^ James Palmer, died Aug. 7, 1822, 

aged 77, and whose remains lie interred in S^ John^s burial ground, 

S* Mary-le-bone. 
Also two feet south-west of this Stone lie the remains of Mary Ann, wife of 

M' William Hunt, and daughter of the above William and Johanna Palmer, 

died Sep. 7, 1835, aged 45. 

.... 1782, aged 78 years. 

Also M'" Sarah Weightman, sister of the above, died 30 May 1789, aged 72. 

M' Thomas Mi[. ...?], of this parish, who died October 1791, in his 40"* year. 

Wiltshire,! died 8 May 1790, aged 6[4 ?]. 

[A small stone, shaned like a milestone, with date 1773, and the arms of the City 
of London, the latter being much worn.] 

M' William Kerry, of Upper Brook Street, died Dec. 22, 1807, aged 77. 
M" Elizabeth Kerry, died May 9, 1820, aged 80. 
Caroline Kerry, died July 30, 1829, aged 19 months. 

Elizabeth Jackson Kerry, died Aug. 4, 1829, aged 6 years & 9 months ; grand- 
children of the above. 

* The inscription stands thus, and the letters are clearly cut \ the husband was therefore 
21 years younger than his wife. 

t This is the surname, not the county. 

kl&CBLliANEA 6£)^£ALbaiCA IBT H^BALBlOA. l65 

M" Ann Eearsley, of Upper Brook Street, died 21 Nov. 1811, aged 73. 

M' Panl Balby, died March 17, 1811, aged 48. 

M'* Sophia Balby, relict of the above, died Oct. 24, 1853. 

Elizabeth GnnniDgtoD, niece of the above, died Nov. 27, 1831, aged [68 ?] years. 

M*^ Susannah Johnson, wife of M' John Johnson, of New Bond Street, died 
Aug. 5, 1813, aged 34. 

W. M. J 1811. m J 1821. 

S» J 1817. M. J 1826. 

S» J 1817. 

The above M' Johnson died March 1, 1845, aged 74. 

Elizabeth Weaver, died April 17, 1830, aged 82. 

Samuel Spilsbury, died 21 Feb. 1799, aged 70. 
Sarah Spil8bui7, his wife, died Oct. 1, 1802, aged 78. 

Robert Spilsbury, son of the above, died Sep. 3, 1809, aged 44. 

Francis Henry Russell, of S^ Jameses Parish, and Aunt [stc'] to the above 

R^ Spilsbury, died 8 Feb. 1811, aged 52. 
Dinah Dolby Goodyer Spilsbury, died May 29, 1824, aged 26. 
Ann, wife of the above Robert Spilsbury, died 10 Nov. 1833, aged 59. 
Robert Spilsbury, died 1 May 1849, aged 56, son of the above Robert and Ann 


Jane, wife of M' 6. B. Mason, of No. 16 Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, born 

Aug. 29, 1788, died July 14, 1837. 
Three of their children died in their infancy. 
Sarah, second wife of M' G. B. Mason, died Nov. 18, 1844, aged 32, and their two 

infant children. 
Melina Anne, daughter of the above, born April 25, 1823, died May 31, 1853. 
Mary Jane, daughter of the above, born April 13, 1815, died Aug. 31, 1853. 

M" Mary Ann Barbrook, wife of William Barbrook, of High Street, S' Mary-le- 

bone, died April 13, 1836, aged 36. 
Six children of the above : — 

William, aged 11 months. Henry, aged 6 months. 

Mary Ann, aged 4i years. Elizabeth, aged 9 months. 

Edward, aged 10 months. Emma, aged 4 years. 

M' Thomas Barron, died April 24, 1799, aged 42. 
M» Charlotte Barron, died Aug. 16, 1808, aged 49. 

M' John Marsh, died March 24, 1810, aged 46, and three of his children. 
M" Ruth Marsh, wife of the above, died 23 Dec. 1826, aged 62. 
M" Charlotte, wife of M' Daniel Bedborough, and daughter of John and Ruth 
Marsh, died 18 Oct. 1834, aged 41. 

.... Stanis .... De La Rochette, of this parish .... 1802, aged 71 years. 
Esther Margaret Elizabeth D'Arcy Delia Rochette, daughter of the above, died 

Jan. 6, 1807, aged 28. 
Edward Augustus D^Arcv, son of the above, died May 30, 1814, aged 34. 
M™ Frances D'Arcy, died July 27, 1839, aged 56. 


Jane Mellicott, wife of John MelHcotty died 6 July 1775, aged 84. 
M' John Mellicott, husband of the above, died Jan. 2, 1815, aged 52. 

W» Cooke, [late ?] of this parish, died [1774 ?], aged 82. [See noxtinacr^Um.'] 

M' William Cooke, died [14] July 177[4 ?], aged 82. 
Ann, his wife, died 10 March 1774, aged 67. 
.... 1754, aged 61 years. 

M' Charles [Savage ?] 1802 

M» Jane Crombie, died July 26, 1811, aged 56. 

M' William Clayton, died July 22, 1802, in his 80*^ year. 

M' George Blackwell, died Dec. 15, 1812, aged 55. 

M» Elizabeth Blackwell, wife of the above G. B., died Oct. 21, 1889, aged 8[8 7]. 

Edward Johns, of New Bond Street, died . . Aug. 1791, in his 78** year. 
His son Edward Johns, of New Bond Street, di^ 20 Aug. 1795, aged 11. 

.... [Rojbert and Phebe Martin, died Aug. IS, 1776, aged 10 months. 

Thomas, died Sep. 18, 1787, aged 4 years and 6 months. 

John, died Jan. 17, 1790, aged 17. 

William Martin, son of the above, died June 2, 1799, aged 22. 

M^ Robert Martin, father of the above-named, died Feb. . . 1803, in his 64*^ year. 

Phebe Martin, wife of the above, died Feb. . . 180[4 ?], in her 65*^ year. 

M' Cadwallader Price, died Aug. 14, 1776, aged 78. 

William M [....?], of Berkeley Square, in the parish of S* George, Hanover 
Square, died Feb. 28, 1776, aged 72. 

M' Samuel Gou[ld ?], died Oct. 26, 1808, aged 56. 

M' Henry Joseph Fryer, late of Pimlico, died 12 April 1806, aged 33. 

M' Emanuel Duhl, died March 26, 1777, aged 69. 

M« Elizabeth Bentley, died Dec. 8, 1777, aged 78. 

M' Samuel Meacher, of this parish, died April 21, 1882, i^ed 25. 

Elizabeth Ellis, wife of Edward Ellis, of the parish of S* George, Hanover Square, 

died 10 July 1788, aged 80. 
Sophia, their daughter, died 80 July 1783, aged 1 year & 8 months. 

Also the Ashes of Arthur Savage, late of Boston, America, died 29 March 180-, 
aged . . years. 

\_Mo8t of the stone in following has flaked off,] 

[Phil ?]ip Parsons .... New Road, died July .... aged 76 years. 

Catherine, infant daughter .... 

Mary Sophia .... of South An [. . . .], great-grand .... of the above. 

mSOBLLAN]ftA'dS:Nl!AL06lCA ET fifi&ALDtOA. 167 

H" Martha Lay, died 19 Jane 1821, in her 77^ year. 

M'* Mary Hillhonse, sister of the above, died 14 March 1829, in her 88^^ year. 

M» Lucy Leake, sister of the above, died 19 Mfcrch 1829, in her 88"* year. 

M" Anne Dykes, daughter of the above M" Mary Hillhouse, died 26 March 1830, 

in her 61"* year. 
M' Gharles Hillhouse, son of the above M" Mary Hillhonse, died 11 Dec. 1830, in 

his 55*** year. 
Mary Hillhouse, daughter of the above M' Gharles Hillhonse, died 27 May 1835, 

aged 31. 
Charles Hillhouse, son of the above M' Oharles Hillhouse, died 4 March 1836, 

aged SO. 
Ann Maria Hillhouse, widow of the first-named Oharles Hillhouse, died 29 Aug. 

1845, aged 66. 

The only and much lamented son of M' Thomas and Ann Dykes, of High Street, 
S^ Giles in the Fields. His death was sudden, occasioned by an accident in 
Regent Street, 28 Oct. 1839, aged 7. 

Margaret Clarke, died 29 Jan. 1810, aged 47. 

M" Lucretia Clarke, late mother of the above, died 4 Jan. 1820, aged 86. 

Lucretia Collett, died 2 April 1835, aged 65. 

M>^ Robert Bancks, Jnn% of New Bond Street, died Nov. 5, 1830, aged 31. 

Martha Bancks, sister of the above, died May 11, 1833, aged 26. 

Ann Bancks, sister of the above, died April 9, 1835, aged 29. 

M' Robert Bancks, father of the above, died Aug. 21, 1841, aged 76. 

Martha, wife of M' Robert Bancks, died Nov. 20, 1841, aged 74. 

M" Elizabeth Finnie, wife of M' John Finnie, of this parish, died 19 Nov. 1815, 
aged 56. 

M" Mary Griffin, died Dec- 2, 1828, in her 73'» year. 

Jane Cook, died 21 Jan. 1792, aged 71. 

John Cook, died 8 Dec. 1801, aged 67. 

Amelia Dubochet .... 7 Sep. 1815, aged 52. 

John Emanuel Dubochet, son of the above, died 4 Aug. 1821, aged 3[4 ?]. 

George Edward Dubochet, died 27 April 1817, aged 51. 

Mr Yfm White's family vault. 

John White, son of William and Frances White, of Oxford Street, died March 8, 

1830, aged 4 years & 4 months, 
llie above M' William White died Sep. 6, 1833, in his 44^^ year. 

Lsetitia Hardwick Aspinwall, died March 14, 1827, aged 2. 

Henry Aspinwall, died Oct. 4, 1833, aged 8 months. 

Sarah Elizabeth Aspinwall, died 29 Jan. 1837, aged 5 months. '■ 

Margaret Walker Aspinwall, died Oct. 12, 1888, aged 16 years on the 17**» inst. 

Richard Sykes Aspinwall, died Aug. 13, 1839, aged 11. 

M' James Aspinwall, of Lower Grosvenor Street, father of the aboviv, died 26 Sep. 

1850, aged 56. 
LsBtitia Hardwick, died 6 Feb. 18[5 ?]2, aged 65. 

Sophia Sheward, wife of Samuel Sheward, of this parish, died Jan. 31, 1820, 
aged 20. 




Jfamtlp ot atiams of Caban, ett/ 




V. Rev. Benjamin Adams, A.B. 3 March 1774, J.P. (Walker's " Hibernian Maga- 
zine," May 1783), of Retreat, co. Cavan, Rector of Eilliuick, Diocese of 
Feins ; born 1756 ; married 14 April 1777 Elizabeth, daughter of John 
Clark, Esq., of Drogheda (Family Records and Castlerock Par. Reg.), grand- 
son of the celebrated Metaphysician Rev. Samuel Clark, D.D., Rector of 
St. James's, Westminster, and Chaplain to Queen Anne ; died 10 June 1840 
at Retreat, and was interred in the Old Church of Knockbride (Enockbride 
Par. Reg.) beside his wife, who had died 28 February 1833, aged 77 (ibid.). 
A handsome mural tablet of black and white marbles, surmounted with an 
'* Agnus Dei " holding a cross, is erected to his memory in the present Church 
of Knockbride. He bad issue four sons and six daughters, viz. : — 

I. William Allen Adams, born 15 May 1783 ; died 8 March 1784 (Family 

Records) and was interred in Knockbride. 

II. John Adams, J.P., of Shinan House, Shercock, co. Cavan, born 16 May 

1785 (Family Records) ; was High Sheriff of Cavan in 1811 ; married 
25 November 1806 (St. George's, Dublin, Par. Reg.) Joyce, daughter 
of Richard Adams, Esq., J.P., of Shercock House {vide p. 86) ; admitted 
by special favour a Freeman of Drogheda Borough 14 July 1814 (vich 
p. 8, foot-note) ; died s.p. February 1827 and was interred in Shercock 
Churchyard. His will was proved in Kilmore (Probate Court, Kilmore). 

III. Vkey Rev. Samuel Adams, T.C.D., A.B. 15 July 1808, A.M. 6 July 1829, 

of Northlands, co. Cavan (vide p. 6), J.P. for the counties of Cavan 
and Monaghan ; bom 15 February 1788 (Family Records) ; entered 
Trinity College, Dublin, October 1803 from Portora School, Enniskillen, 
and obtained firat place ; was awarded the Silver Medal for Oratory by 
the Historical Society; entered Holy Orders 29 November 1812 as 
Curate of Drumgoou, Diocese of Kilmore ; ordained Priest 14 March 
1813 on his appointment by the Crown to the Prebend of Tirebrine 
and Rectory of Anghrim, Diocese of Elphin ; admitted by special favour 
(vide p. 8, foot-note) a Freeman of Drogheda Borough 15 September 
1819 ; preseated by the Crown to the Deanery of Cashel 10 August 
1829 by a Patent, dated 6 July 1829, and was instituted and installed 
29 August 1829 ; has published, Ist, ^* A Sermon on the death of Rev. 
Anthony Edwards, A.M., Curate of Cashel," 8vo, Cork, 1836 ; 2nd, 
'' A Comparative View of the Anglican and Roman Churches," 12mo, 
Dublin, 1836 {vide Cotton's Fasti) ; married 4 January 1809 Frances, 
youngest daughter of Captain John Hervey of Killiane Castle, co. Wex- 
ford ; died 7 December 1856 at Northlands and was interred in 
Knockbride Old Church (Knockbride Par. Reg.). A handsome mural 
monument of black and white marbles has been erected by his three 
surviving sons to his memory in Shercock Church. Mrs. Adams died 

* Commnnicated by Haxwell Adams, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. From a MS. by the late 
Rev. B. W.\ Adams, DJO.— continued from p. 129. 


28 November 1869, aged 76, and was bnried in Knockbride (Knockbride 
Par. Beg.), having hwi issue four sons and three daughters, viz. : — 

1. Benjamin William Adams, bom 13 February 1816 (Family Becords) ; 

died 9 March 1822, aged 6 years, and was interred in the Old 
Church of Knockbride, where there is a handsome monument of 
white marble, surmounted with the family arms, to his memory. 

2. John Hbrvby Adams, T.C.D., A.B. Vern. 1888, of Northlands, J.P. 

for the counties of Cavan and Monaghan ; born 28 April 1818 
(Family Becords) ; entered Trinity College, Dublin, 1884 ; called 
to the Bar Hilary Term 1842 ; was High Sheriff of Cavan in 1854 ; 
married first, 30 April 1846 (Killenance Par. Beg.), Elizabeth 
Frances, third daughter of Ambrose Going, Esq., J.P., of Bally- 
philip, CO. Tipperary, and by her, who died 25 July 1867, aged 46, 
nad issue two sons and two daughters, viz. : — 

(1) Samubl Allen Adams of Consilla Lodge, Consilla, born 1 March 

1847 ; entered the 1st or South Tipperary Artillery as Lieut. 
21 Jauuarjr 1869 ; retired January 1871 ; married 18 June 
1871 (^' Dail^ Express *^ Newspaper) Frances Dorothea, daughter 
of Bev. Decimus WiUiam Preston, A.B., Bector of Killinkere, 
Diocese of Kilmore, and granddaughter of William Preston, 
Judge of Appeal, and the Hon. Frances Dorothea, daughter of 
John Evans, 5th Lord Carbery, and has issue three sons and 
four daughters, viz. : — 

1. John Heevisy Stuart Adams, born 80 December 1875. 

2. Samuel Allen Adams, born 1 L April 1882. 

8. A son, bom 9 May 1889 at Northlands, co. Cavan (*' Irish 
Times " Newspaper). 

4. Emilt Maude Elizabeth, died 28 May 1891 of meningitis, 

aged 18 (" Irish Times " Newspaper). 

5. Felicia Pbeston, died June 1887. 

6. Angelina Olive Mildbed. 

7. Frances Dobotuea Kathleen, died 5 September 1887, aged 

6 months. 

(2) Ambrose Going Adams of Northlands, J.P. for co. of Cavan ; 

born 22 March 1850; married 3 October 1872 Anne Jane 
Foster, daughter of Rev. William Watkins Deering, A.M. (see 
post)y who was admitted to Holy Orders for the Curacy of 
Shercock 25 September 1887.' Mr. Ambrose Adams died 
11 January 1888, having had issue two daughters, viz. : — 

1. Clara Elizabeth Charlotte, married 1 June 1898 (St. 

Stephen's, Dublin, Par. Reg:.) James Frederick Foster 
M'Olintock, M.A., younger son of Alfred Henry M'Clin- 

2. Ethel Annie. 

(8) Margaret Maud Anne, married 6 April 1871 (Rathmines Par. 
Reg.) Ormsby Colville McClintock Jones, Esq., J.P., of Mount 
Edward, co. Sligo, and has issue four sons, viz. : — 

1. Percy Jambs Colville Jones, born 22 November 1872. 


2. John Hebyst Oolyille Jones, born 28 Angnst 1874. 

3. Bebkeley Golyille Jones, born SO May 1877 ; died 10 April 


4. Robert Cecil Golyille Jones, bom 26 NoYember 1882. 

(4) Elizabeth Pbancbb, married 3 September 1872 (St. Peter's, 
Dublin, Par. Beg.) Robert Edward FoUett Jones, Esq., her 
brother-in-law's brother, and has issue four sons and one 
daughter, viz. : — 

1. Hebbebt James Edwabd Follett Jones, bom 9 July 1873. 

2. LiNDSEY Follett Jones, born 4 April 1875. 

3. Gebald Hebyey Follett Jones, bom 19 August 1877. 

4. Sidney Follett Jones, bora 20 June 1879. 

5. Elizabeth Noel Follett. 

Mr. John Hervey Adams married 2ndly, 24 September 1869 
(Monkstown Par. Reg.), Sarah Mary, daughter of Lieut.-Golonel 
Owen Lloyd Ormsby, late of the 88th Regiment (Gonnaught 
Rangers) ; died 8 May 1871 and was buried in Knockbride Old 
Church (Knockbride Par. Reg.). Mrs. Adams married 2ndly, 
9 May 1874 (Monkstown Par. Reg.), Edward Gibbs Poingdestre, 
Esq., of Granville Manor, Jersey, and has issue one son. 

3. Ghables Stuart Adams of Glynch House, Newbliss, oo. Monaghan, 
J.P. for the counties of Meath and Gavan ; born 12 July 1820 
(Family Records) ; married 1st, 6 June 1850 (St. George's, Dublin, 
Par. Reg.), Elizabeth, daughter of Charles McMahon, Esq., of Rock- 
field, CO. Monaghan, and by her, who died 5 May 1860 and was 
interred in Knockbride, he had issue four sons, viz. : — 

(1) Samuel Stewart Adams, born 21 March 1851. 

(2) Richard Hervey Adams, born 27 September 1862. 

(3) Gharles Allen Adams, born 12 June 1857 ; died 22 March 

1860 of scarlatina, at Ashfield, co. Meath, and was interred in 
Knockbride (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 

(4) William Vigors Adams, born 28 October 1859 ; died 28 Decem- 

ber 1867 and was interred in Knockbride (Knockbride Par. 

Mr. Charles Stuart Adams married 2ndly, 23 October 1862 (St. 
George's, Dublin, Par. Reg.)^ Jane Henrietta, eldest daughter of 
Rev. Charles Sheridan Young, A.B., and died 80 April 1876. He 
was buried iu Knockbride Old Church. His widow died 21 July 
1888 at Cliff Lodge, Bnndoran. They had issue three sons and 
seven daughters, viz. : — 

(1) Charles Sheridan Adams, born 29 July 1863 ; died 19 Decem- 
ber 1867 and was buried in Knockbride (Knockbride Par. 


(2) Douglas Obrald Adaus, born 20 March 1868 ; married 
23 January 1897 Eleanor Mary, second daughter of General 
Robert Clifford, C.B. She died 6 December 1897, having had 
isaue one daughter, viz. : — 

Violet Eleanor, born 6 December 1897. 

(8) Claude Stuabt Albxanobb Adams, bom 16 March 1874 ; died 
15 September 1875 and was interred in Enockbride Old Church 
(Enockbride Par. Beg.). 

(4) Mabie (May) Stuart, married 16 October 1890, in Eilleshandra 

Church, Kev. William Enox, Rector of Eillesher ("Irish 
Times *' Newspaper), and has issue : — 

1. Arthur Stuart Enox, born 11 November 1891. 

2. Charles William Enox, born 20 February 1894. 

3. Eathlebn Nora, bom 22 September 1892. 

4. Marian Florenoe, born 18 April 1895. 

(5) Frances Florence, married 5 August 1897 (Eilleshandra Par. 

Beg.) William Joseph Hamilton, J.P., D.L., and Captain 
4th Battalion Bojal Irish Fusiliers, of Castle Hamilton, 
Eilleshandra, son of James Hamilton, D.L. (^' Irish Times*' 
Newspaper). Thej have issue one son, born 12 November 
1900 at Dalkey. 

(6) Eva Adeline, married 26 November 1891, in Eilleshandra 

Church, Bobert Claude Hamilton, Esq., youngest son of James 
Hamilton, Esq., D.L., of Castle Hamilton ('' Irish Times " 
Newspaper), and has issue : — 

1. BoBBRT Claude Victor Hamilton, born 14 June 1897. 

2. Annie Elizabeth, born 6 October 1898. 

3. EvADNi^E Marie, bom 22 March 1899. 

(7) Lilian Maude, born 29 May 1869 ; died 10 September 1875 

and was interred in Enockbride Old Church (Enockbride Par. 


(9) Violet Blanche, died 14 September 1875, aged 3 years, and was 

interred in Enockbride Old Church (Enockbride Par. Beg.). 

(10) Irene Gwendoline, married 80 April 1901 (Eilleshandra Par. 
Beg.) the Bev. Herbert Maxwell Carlyle Hughes, B.A., of The 
Glebe, Mullagh, co. Cavan, eldest son of the Bev. S. C. Hughes, 
B.D., LL.D., Bector of St. Werburgh's, Dublin (" Irish Times" 

4. Bev. Benjamin William Adams, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 
1 July 1846, A.B. 22 February 1850, A.M. 8 February 1858, B.D. 


16 Decsember 1863, D.D. 28 February 1865, M.R.I.A., M.R.D.a, 
M.H.A.A.I., ebc. ; born 31 March 1827 (Family Records); admitted 
to Holy Orders 6 April 1851 for the Oaracy of St. Mary-Shandon, 
City of Cork ; ordained a Priest 21 December 1851 ; appointed same 
year a Life Governor of the Green Ooat Hospital, Cork ; promoted 
by the Crown 18 February 1854 to the Rectory of Cloghran, Swords, 
Diocese of Dublin, and again promoted 17 March 1876 to the Rectory 
of San try, same Diocese ; author of this History of the Family of 
Adams of Cavan, and of " The History and Description of Sautry and 
Cloghran Parishes, co. Dublin,"* 1883. Married first, 14 Decem- 
ber 1854 (St. Peter's, Dublin, Par. Reg.), Georgina Roberts, second 
daughter of John Drew Atkin, Esq., of 5 Merrion Sauare, East 
Dublin, and Castle Park, Dalkey, co. Dublin, and grandaaughter of 
Sir Thomas Roberts, Bart., of Brightfieldstown, co. Cork {vide 
Burke's " Peerage "), and by her (who died 16 May 1863, aged 83, 
at Bangor, North Wales, and was interred in Mount Jerome) had 
issue one son and two daughters, viz. : — 

(1) Samuel Arthur Adams, born 10 September 1857 (St. Peter's, 

Dublin, Par. Reg.) ; died 10 March 1869 and was interred in 
Mount Jerome (Mount Jerome Reg.). 

(2) Gborgina Roberts, married Rev. Adderley Bernard Howard. 

(3) Frances Hbrvey. 

Dr. Adams married 2ndly, 11 August 1864 (Monkstown Par. 
Reg.), Louisa Jane, only daughter of William O'Brien Adams, M.B., 
F.K.y.C.P.L, etc. (see p. 88). He died 26 June 1886 and was 
interred in Mount Jerome, having had issue two sons and one 
daughter, viz. : — 

(1) William Augustus Adams, born 27 May 1865 (St. Peter's, 

Dublin, Par. Reg.) ; educated at Harrow ; matriculated at 
Trinity College, Dublin, Trinity Term 1883 ; First Honourman 
in Classics and in Modern History ; B.A. ; Senior Moderator 
and Gold Medallist in Modern Literature Lent Term 1898 ; 
M.A. 27 June 1901 (conferred in absentia)) entered Royal 
Military College, Sandhurst, 10 February 1886 ; appointed to 
the King's Liverpool Regiment (8th Foot) as 2nd Lieut. 
8 February 1887 ; Lieut. 31 July 1889 ; Captain 19 December 
1893; exchanged into the 5th Lancers 11 September 1894; 

?as8ed into the Staff College 7 November 1898 ; besieged in 
jadysmith 1900; author of poetical works entitled ^^Rus 
Divinum;' 1900, and '' Hora Fugaces^' 1902. 

(2) Hbrbeet Algernon Adams, bom 3 January 1872 (Monkstown 

Par. Reg.); entered H.M.S. *' Britannia " 23 January 1885; 
appointed to H.M.S. '' Bacchante," Flag-ship on the East Indies 
Station, 15 January 1887, and served in her till 7 November 
1888 ; Midshipman 14 July 1887 ; Acting Sub-Lieut. 14 July 
1891; on the "Iron Duke," Channel Squadron, December 
1888 to November 1889 ; '* Turquoise," East Indies Station 
(senior officer's ship on liast Coast of Africa), December 1889 
to June 1891 ; "Aurora," Channel Squadron, June 1891 to 
August 1891; Lieut. 14 July 1892; to the "Banterer" as 
Navigating Lieut. 26 October 1893 ; "Jason" 3 April 1894 ; 

* Pabliahed by aiitchellaad Hughes, 140 Wardour Street, London, W. 


'^ Edgar/' Mediterranean Squadron, 20 August 1894; and on 
the breaking out of hostilities between China and Japan in 
1894 his ship was transferred to the China Station to strengthen 
the British Fleet in those waters ; to the '' Scout '* 23 November 
1896 ; " Revenge," in the Mediterranean Squadron, 23 Novem- 
ber 1899 ; •* Victorious " 1900. Married 21 December 1898, at 
St. Mary Abbots, Kensington, Emily Banner Clough, daughter 
of Somerset J. Johnstone, Esq|., of 11 Glendower Place, ^uth 
Kensington, and of Alexandria, Egypt (Kaima Kan Somerset 
Johnstone Bey» of the Egyptian Coastguard Service). 

(8) CoNSTAKcs Louisa. 

5. DoBOTHEA Anne, bom 12 November 1810 (Family Register); 

married 11 November 1838 (Knockbride Par. Reg.) Le Chevalier 
Charles Augustus Ludolf Zander of Munich, Bavaria (born 12 Sep- 
tember 1803), who was knighted by Louis Charles Augustus, 
the King of Bavaria, in 1845 ; received in 1859 the '* Ordre 
Francis Josef* from Francis Josef, the Emperor of Austria ; in 
1861 the "Francis Ordre" from Francis II., the King of Naples; 
and died 24 July 1872. Mrs. Zander died 7 February 1864 and 
was interred at Munich, having had issue two sons and two 
daughters, viz. : — 

(1) Charles Zandeb, born 4 February 1837 ; entered the Austrian 

Army 1859 as Lieut, in the 22nd Infanterie Reishach and 
was present at the battle of Solferino 24 June 1859. 

(2) Ludolf Zandeb, born 22 January 1846. 

(3) Frances, mamed 18 February 1860 Kuton Rudolf Marchetti, 

1st Lieut, in the 3rd Imperial Regiment of Gendarmes in the 
Austrian Service. 

(4) Lbopoldinb. 

6. Elizabeth Frances, born 11 August 1812 (Family Register) ; 

married 21 March 1833 (Knockbride Par. Reg.) John James Duff 
Hall Macdonald, a descendant of the Lord of the Isles, Lieut. 
47th Regiment; died 30 January 1865 in London, and was 
interred in Kensal Oi'een Cemetery, leaving issue one son and 
one daughter, viz. : — 

(1) John Francis Charles Macdonald, born 26 September 1884 

(St. George's, Dublin, Par. Reg.); died 26 October 1834 
(Family Agister). 

(2) Qeorgina Frances, married .... Cooper, Esq., who has since 


7. Caroline Math^da, born 14 June 1814 (Family Register) ; married 

2 May 1837 (Enniskeen Par. Reg.) Thomas Rotert Barry, Esq., 
J.P., of 45 Morehampton Road, Dublin, an Inspector in the Royal 
Irish Constabulary ; died 26 May 1887 and was interred in Mount 
Jerome, having had issue one son and eight daughters, viz. : — 

(1) Robert Tristram Bbresford Barry, bom 22 September 1846 ; 
married 28 October 1875 Lucy Moreton, daughter of the latQ 


Stephen Moreton Cox, Esq., of Anstralia ; died 7 May 1890 at 
Helbonrne, of influenza, after a short illness ('^ Irish Times '* 
Newspaper), leaving issne two sons, viz. : — 

1. Bbresford Robert William Barbt, bom 26 June 1876. 

2. John Harvey Barry, born 15 November 1880. 

(2) Frances Dorothea Caroline, bom 21 April 1838 ; died 

21 December 1861 at Sandymount, co. Dublin, and was interred 
in Mount Jerome (Mount Jerome Reg.). 

(3) Caroline Matilda, married 4 July 1867 Rev. William Richardson 

Weir, A.B., Rector of Sixmilecross, Diocese of Armagh, who 
died B.p. 16 June 1877, aged 52. 

(4) Margaret Anne, married 11 July 1871 (St. Thomas's, Dublin, 

Par. Reg.) Charles Wilson Atkins, Esq., and has issue. 

(5) Amelia Jane. 

(6) "Elizabeth Frances Butler, married 8 Febraary 1869 James 

Wheeler, Esq. 

(7) Dorothea Anne, born 4 December 1852; died 27 December 

1852 and was interred in Cartickmacross (Carrickmacross 
Par. Reg.). 

(8) Catherine Sarah, married 24 July 1878 William Thomas 

Somerville Limrick, Esq., C.E., son of Thomas Hingston Lim- 
rick of Wood view Union Hall, co. Cork. He died 18 Febraary 
1898, aged 48, having had issue two sons and one daughter, 
viz.: — 

1. Thomas Henry St. Patrick Limrick, born 17 March 1876 ; 

died 2 April 1876. 

2. Ion St. Clair Limrick, born 15 May 1877. 
8. Olive Mary Caroline IjOuisa. 

(9) Clare Elizabeth, married 6 December 1879 Theodore Gordon 

Barclay, Lieut, in the 27th Regiment. She died 28 February 
1885 and was interred in Mount Jerome. 

iv. Charles James Adams, R.N., J.P., of Shinan House, co. Cavan, born 
29 April 1792 (Family Records) ; entered the Royal Navy 8 May 1807 
as First Class Volunteer on board the '' Porcupine, 24,** Captain the 
Hon. Sir Henry Duncan, C.B., K.C.H. (son of Viscount Duncan, 
ancestor of the Earl of Camperdown), with whom he '* continued to 
serve in the ^ Mercury, 28,' and ' Imp^riense, 38,* on the Mediterranean 
Station, until the conclusion of hostilities in 1814. During the time he 
was serving on the ' Porcupine * he was instrumental to the cutting out, 
on the night of 10 July 1808, of a large poleacre ship of 8 guns and 
upwards of 20 men, moored clo^e to the beach on the coast of Romania, 
within pistol-shot distance of two batteries, a tower, and three heavy 
gunboats, to whose conjoined fire, as well as that of a body of troops, he 
was for a considerable time exposed** (vide ''Qazette/* 1808, p. 1489), 


^^ He gnbseqaently, when la the * Mercury ' in the spring of 1809, asBisted 
at the capture of Capo d'Istria, a town near Trieste, and in an attack, 
made in company of the ' Spartan, 38,' on Pesaro and Geseratico, where 
the fortifications were destroyed and 25 sail of merchantmen taken. 
Willie in the ^Imp^riense' he further participated in the gallant 
capture and destruction, on 2 November 1811, in conjunction with the 
^Thames, 32,' of ten gunboats and twenty-two ribhly laden feluccas,. 
defended by a strong tower and two batteries in the harbour of Palinuro 
on the coast of Calabria, at which place the British were opposed by a 
land force of 700 men. He next contributed, 27 June 1812, to the 
destrnction of a French convoy and of the batteries at Languelia and 
Alassio ; was also present on 17 August 1812 in a spirited skirmish with 
a powerful Neapolitan squadron in the Bay of Naples" (O'Byrne's 
"Naval Biography," p. 4;. Appointed mate 15 OctoW 1818 (Letter 
from the Admiralty), "and in 1813 and 1814 witnessed the capture of 
Port D'Anzo and the operations against Leghorn and Genoa. He then 
returned home on board the * Apollo, 38,* Captain Edward Loyd 
Graham, and from his promotion to a Lieutenancy, 6 March 1815, 
remained'unemployed on half-pay " (O'Byrne's " Naval Biography," p. 4) ; 
married 29 September 1821 (marriage settlement dated 28 September 
1821) Anne Jane, daughter of William Foster, Esq., of Dowdstown, co. 
Louth, and cousin of Viscount Ferrard. Admitted by special favour 
(vide p. 8, foot-note) a Freeman of the Borough of Drogheda 23 April 
1819 ; was High Sheriff of Ca van in 1883 ; died 28 August 1854 suddenly, 
while walking before dinner in the garden at Shinan House, and was 
interred in the Old Church of Knockbride (Knockbride Par. Reg.) 
beside his wife^ who had died 4 March 1834, aged 36 (Knockbride Par. 
Reg.), having had (with three children who di^ in Infancy) three sons 
and four daughters, viz. : — 

. Benjamin Sakuel Adams of Shinan House, Sheroock, J.P. for the 
County of Cavan, bom 22 June 1828 (Family Records) ; entered 
the Army 31 December 1847 as Ensign in the 12th Foot ; served 
with distinction in the EafSr War ; Lieut. 17 August 1852 ; 
retired May 1866 from the Army by the sale of his Commission 
("Army List") ; was High Sheriff of Cavan in 1866 ; married first, 
10 September 1856, Georgina Charlotte, youngest daughter of Rev. 
George Hickson, A.M., Vicar of Magheraclooney, Diocese of Clogher, 
and by her (who died 21 February 1871 at Corrig Avenue, Kings- 
town, and was buried in Knockbride Old Church) (Knockbride Par. 
Reg.) he had issue three sons and four daughters, viz. : — 

(1) Charles Jambs Stuaet Adams, born 4 February 1864 ; married 

1 August 1900, at St. James's Church, Clapham, Amy Brada, 
youngest daughter of William Baring Stevenson of Balladoole, 
Isle of Man (" Morning Post " Newspaper). 

(2) George Hickson Adams, born February 1868. 

(3) William John Adams, i>orn 6 July 1870. 

(4) Charlotte, born 15 October 1859 ; died 21 January 1860 and 

was buried in Knockbride Old Church (Knockbride Par. Reg.). 

(5) Charlotte Georgina, died 28 August 1880, aged 20, at the 

Sycamores, Ballasala, Isle of Man, 


(6) Anna Sophia, married 1885 Alexander Nixon Montgomery, 

M.K.Q.C,P.I., L.R.S.I., of Dublin. 

(7) Oeorgina Charlotte, died 18 March 1894, aged 27 ("Irish 

Times " Newspaper). 

Mr. Benjamin S. Adams, J.P., married 2ndl7, 17 September 
1873 (St. Peter's, Dublin, Par. Reg.), Jeanie Holmes, eldest daughter 
of the late George Montgomery, Esq., M.D., of York Street, Dubliu, 
and by her (who died 13 June 1876 at La Trecherais, St. Servan, 
France) he had issue two daughters, viz. : — 

(8) AzALiNE EuzABETH MoNTGOiCERY, died 18 March 1876 and was 

inteiTed at St. Servan, France. 

(9) Jane Holmes Montgomert, died 5 January 1888, aged 11 years 

and 6 months. 

Mr. Benjamin S. Adams, J.P., married 3rdly, 26 November 
1877 (Neuchatel, Switzerland, Reg.), Elizabeth Stanley, daughter 
of George Montgomery, Esq., who died 21 August 1888, aged 38, 
at Shinan House, Shercock. Mr. B. S. Adams died 3 June 1899, 
aged 71, at Shinan House, and was buried at Knockbride Q* Irish 
Times *' Newspaper). He had issue two daughters, viz. : — 

(10) Caroline Elizabeth Stanley. 

(11) MONA. 

2. William John Adams of Retreat, co. Cavan, bom 14 February 1881 

(Family Records) ; died unmarried 30 March 1852 at Retreat, 
and was interred in Knockbride Old Church (Knockbride Par. 

3. Charles James Adams, T.C.D., A.B. Vern. 1853, of Farm Hill, co. 

Mona^han, born 13 February 1832 (Family Records) ; became a 
medi(^ student, but died unmarried 6 January 1857 at Farm Hill, 
and was interred in Knockbride Old Church (Knockbride Par. 

4. Rebecca Horatia, married 22 April 1841 (St. Andrew's, Dublin, Par. 

Reg.) Major Thomas Coote, D.L., of Brandrum, co. Monaghan, who 
had been High Sheriff of Monaghan in 1838, and was appointed 
Major of the Monaghan Regiment 17 September 1857. He died 
17 January 1865. She died suddenly 21 December 1886, aged 63 
years, having had issue five sons and two daughters, viz. : — 

(^Thbe eontiMifd,') 


iHonumental {nfi(crtpttons( 


Ci)urtj) of ^t #tle«4n:itjj^ifteltr«/ 

The pillars on the North side from East to West : — In Memory of | Sir George 
Thomas Smabt, | organist and composer | of Her Majesty's Chapels Royal ; | Born 
May 10»»», 1776 | Died February 23^^ 1867, | Aged 90 Years. 

There remaineth therefore a rest to | the people of Qod. — Heb. iy. 9. 

Margaret Rose Smart, | only child of Sir 0. Smart | Died April 18^^, 1898. 

A white marble with a figare of Hope standing on an anchor above the waves 
of the sea, all carved in relief :— To the Memory of | M" Sarah Goulburn, | 
(Relict of Henry Goulburn, Esq' | of the Island of Jamaica) | who | closed a long 
life, I eminently characterized | by unaffected Simplicity of Manners | and | most 
active Benevolence of Heart | on the 28^ day of Sepf^ | 1803 | Aged 77 Years. 

A white marble tablet with a curtain draped over the top and these arms : SabUy 
an a /esse or between six arrows bendwaySy dexter paints in base argent, three 
negroes^ heads cauped at the neck of the first. Crest : A /alcanas wings addorsed, in 
the beak an arrow, all proper. Motto : Thesaurus in fictilibus : — Sacred | to 
the Memory | of | the Rev<^ WiUiiAM Watts, M.A. | an esteemed and beloved | 
curate of this parish ; | and minister of Christ church, | Endell Street ; | This 
tablet is erectea | in testimony of | their regard and affection by some of | the 
many friends | who lament his loss. | He was taken to his rest 11^^ June 1847, | 
Aged 39 Years. 

A white marble tablet in the form of a curtain with a palm-branch at the 
top : — Sacred to the Memory of | Thomas Lbverton, Esquire, | who departed this 
life I on the 23"^ day of September 1824 | aged 81 years. ] He was in the commis- 
sion of the Peace | for the city of Westminster | and for the counties | of Middlesex, 
Surrey and Kent. | His remains | are interred in the parish of I Waltham Abbey 
Holy Cross, Essex, | in which he was born ; | he left by his will tne sum of, I 5000 
pounds three per cent, consols ; | the interest thereof | to be applied annually for 
the benefit | of six deserving females, who may have | fallen from affluence into 
distress | a preference being always given to such | as are widows and inhabitants 
of the I united parishes of S^ Giles in the Fields | and S^ George, Bloomsbnry. 

A plain white marble tablet .—In Memory of | M' John Buckingham, | late of 
this parish | Died November 5*^, 1837 | Aged 44 Years. 

Also of I M"^* Sarah Buckingham, | wife of the above | Died March 80**», 1864 | 
Aged 64 Years. 

Also of I M' George William Buckingham | eldest son of the above ; | Died 
July U^, 1854 I Aged 81 Years. 

A white marble monument with a scroll border decorated with leaves and fruit, 
and these arms: Gules, two lions passant argent. This inscription, in red letters : — 
In the Middle Isle near | this Place lyeth the Body of | S' Roger L'Estrange, | 
Knt. I Bom ye 17*^ of Dec' 1616 | Dyed ye IV^ of Dec' 1704. 

* Oommnnicated by Abthub F. Q. Leveson Goweb, Esq., assisted by Abthub J. 
Jbwebs— oontinaed from p. 136. 

YOL. v., SERIES m, P 


West End. 

New memorial tablet of gnnmetal surrounding copper centre. At the top the 
City arms and supporters :— V. The City of London Imperial Volunteers. R. | 
Dulce et decorum (C.I.V.) est pro patria mori. | In memory of | William Richard 
Gazzard I a Private in this Regfiment and also in the | 22°^ Middlesex Volunteer 
Regiment, son of J William and Louisa Gazzard of this parish. | He died at 
Winchingdon, Bucks, 11^^ December 1900, | during the South African Campaign, 
aged 21 years. 

This memorial is erected at the / - ^^^^ , ^^^ \ expense of the Regimental Fund. 
The Right Honourable Sir Alfred \ a»»»— ^»"" J Nbwton, Bart., Lord Mayor, 

[The dates 1899 — 1900 are surrounded by scrolls,] 

The South Aisle from West to East. 

Between the first and second windows, on a black panel on a white marble sar- 
cophagus, with a monogram and Earl's coronet, is this inscription, the lower half 
in two columns : — Sacred to the Memory of I The Right Honorable Mary. 
Countess of Kbnmare, who departed this Life | October 16^, 1806, aged 47 Years ; 
whose Remains are deposited in a Vault beneath this monument | A Lady of un- 
common Merit, distinguished by a strong Sense of Religion, an exalted and | 
dignified Turn of Mind ; the most exemplary Conduct in all the Relative Duties of 
Life, the most | ardent Charity to the Helpless and the Indigent and a peculiar 
Glow of Univeraal Benevolence. | This Monument is raised by the Orders of her 
truly affected Husband the Right Honourable | Earl of Kenmarb ; aud a just and 
tender tribute of Filial Piety is paid by her Ladyship's | eldest son Lord Viscount 
Castle-Rosse in the following characteristic lines ; — 

This Monument records the honoured name 

Of one who onoe had Titles, Wealth, & Fame : 

A woman blest with ereiy pleasing Art, 

A mind exalted and a feeling Heart ; 

A constant Advocate in Virtue's Cause, 

She loved her Precepts, and obeyed her laws ! [End of first column.] 

The Widow's Comfort, and the Orphan's Friend, 
To all she songht her Bounty to extend. 
Formed to adorn the foremost Ranks of Life, 
A tender Mother, Sister, Friend and Wife ; 
Such was Kbnmabe, her Sex's Boast and Pride ! 
She lived respected, apd lamented died I 

Reqniescat in pace. 

On a white marble tablet with arms beneath the inscription, all on a dark slab 
of pyramid form : Azure^ an oval buckle^ tongue upward^ between three wolves' heads 
erased argent; impaling Gules, a dsxter hand couped above the tvristy grasping a 
Latin cross set on three griceSy and in chief three mullets^ all argent. Crest : A 
naked arm embowed, the hand brandishing a sword, all proper (lines given for 
colours). Motto : Dei gratia sumquod sum : — In a Vault beneath | are deposited | 
the remains of | John Lumsden, Esq', | A Member of the | Bengal Supreme 
Council, I and a director of the | Honourable the United | East India Company. | 
He died | on the 4'^ December 1819, | Aged 57 Years. | His affectionate Widow | 
consecrates | this Tablet to his | Revered Memory. 

Between the second and third windows. A white marble tablet on black with 
a vase at the top: — In the vault beneath | are deposited the remains of | M' John 
Bruce | late of Denmark Street in this parish | who departed this life March xi ; 
M,D.cccx I Aged XQi Years, 


A white marble tablet with a shallow urn at the top : — Sacred to the Memory | 
of Samubl Cleaver, Esq^ | of Gate Street, liincoln's Inn Fields, | who departed 
this Life the 22'^*» Day of December 1805 | in the 56^^ Year of his age. | A Man 
whose truly benevolent and Christian Character | endeared him to a large family, | 
and numerous Circle of Friends | by whom his Death will be long and deeply 
regretted. | His Remains are deposited in the Vault of this Church. 

In the Same Vault are also deposited the Remains of I M" Ann Cleaver, | 
relict of the above, | who departed this Life the 9*** Day of February 1832, | in the 
80*** Tear of her Age. 

Between the third and fourth windows. A white marble tablet on a black 
ground with an ornamental top : — Sacred | to the Memory of | John Bye, Esq^ j 
late of this parish, | who died the 13^^ day of January 1809, | Aged 70 Years ; | his 
remains are deposited in the Vault | of this Church. | Reader, seek not his eulogy 
here, | his Virtues are recorded elsewhere | in the hearts of all who | knew him. 

A plain white marble : — My Mother ! I | as a tribute of filial affection | this 
tablet is erected to the memory of | Thomas Hammond, Esq' | who died 7^"* Sep- 
tember 1801, I Aged 47 Years. 

Also of Ann Frances his wife, | who died 8'^ May 1831, | Aged 74 Years. | 
By I Feancis W. T. Hammond, Esq'. 

A white tablet on a black one :— GuLiEiiMO Keddbn, A.B. | hujus ecclesiee 
parochialis cur® | baud ita predem subservienti | illustrissimns Johannes Carolus 
Wallop | comes de Poetesmouth | hunclapidem,in piefcatus | et memorise pigmis 
urga suum a | sacris domesticis ministrum | sacrum esse voluit. | Obiit die Jan^ 
xxvi»«, MDCCCiv anno, aetatis xxviii"*®. 

ANNiB I viri reverendi Gulielmi Eedden | matris amatissimse | quod mortale 
fuit I in eodem tumulo intra banc ecclesiam | sepnltum est | Obiit die xy^^ Junii 
mdcocxv anno, aetatis lxi™®. * 

Plain white marble monument: — A tribute of paternal affection | to the 
Memory of | William Robinson Johnston, Esq'^ | of the Island of Trinidad, | 
who died in London, | on the 10'** of July 1825 | Aged 35 Years. 

A plain white marble tablet : — Sacred to the Memory of | Anna Eliza John- 
ston I youngest daughter of the late | William Robinson Johnston. | She was 
"born on the 13*** of September 1823 | and died on the 19'*» of April 1885. 

Between the fourth and fifth windows. A plain white marble tablet : — Prope 
hoc Marmor condunter Beliquise | Souldeni Lawrence Equitis Aurati | Thom^ 
Lawrence, M.D., filii | Banci Regis plus quatuor decim annos I Deinde Banci Com- 
munis per quatuor annos | Justiciarii ] Obiit viii^^ die Julii a.d. mdccciy | 
Annum agens lxiy. 

Near the Remains of Sir Souldsn Lawrence, Ent. | are deposited those of 
his Sister | M" Elizabeth Gipps, | Widow of George Gipps, Esquire, | Member 
for the City of Canterbury. | She died on the 29'*> June a.d. 1814, aged 65. 

A white marble tablet on black : — Sacred to the memory of | John Smith, Esq'® | 
of Bolton Street, S* George's, Hanover Square, | who died November the lo^*", 1821, 
Aged 72 Years, | and lies buried in the west end Vault of this church | with the 
family of the late Henry Mason, Esq' | whose daughter Catherine he married, | 
and who in grateful acknowledgement of the happiness | she enjoyed from his 
affection and kindness to her I during an union of upwards of 41 years j erects this 
tablet to his memory and Character, | of which it may be truly said, | To act 
uprightly was through life his plan | he lived beloved and died an honest man. 

? 2 


A white marble tablet with a Cherab's bead: — "I know my Redeemer liveth." | 
Sacred | to the Memory of | Charler Yabdlby, Jun' | who departed this 
life I March 30^\ 1872, | aged 47 Years. | This tablet is erected | in aflFectionate 
remembrance | of him | who in life was beloved | and in death deeply lamented. 

A plain white marble : — Sacred to the memory of | M" Elizabeth Audinbt | 
who died 13'*' February 1814, aged 85 years. 

Also of Sarah Audinbt, | daughter of the above, |. who died 30*^ June 1832, 
aged 80 years. 

Also of Mr Philip Audinet, | sod of the above, | who died 18*^ December, 
1837, aged 73 years | and of M' Gabriel Audinet, | son of the above, | who 
died 3^^ December 1847, aged 79 years. 

A white marble tablet on black like a roll of parchment : — In Memory of | 
Emily | the wife of | Metcalfe Larken, Esq" I of the Bombay Civil Service | who 
died in India | at Maligaon in the Province of Khandesh I on the 23*^^ May 1843, | 
Aged 27 Years. | This tablet is set up in her parish churcn | by her husband. 

East End. 

Plain white marble tablet : — Sacred to the memory | of | Edmund Larken, 
Esq" I of Bedford Square | in this parish | who died the 8**» day of February 1831 | 
Aged 64 years. 

The memory of the Just is Blessed. | Proverbs, chap, x, ver. 7. 

A white marble panel on a black slab : — To the memory of | Anne | the 
affectionate and beloved wife | of Charles Jones of Gower Street | in this parish, 
Esquire. | She died on the 31"* day of January 1838 | in the 57*^ Tear of her age. | 
Her remains are deposited | in the vault of this chnroh. 

In the same vault are deposited the remains of | the above named Ghables 
Jones. | He died 27*»» Sept' 1845 | in his 77"* year. 

A white marble monument with the figures of the husband and three children 
mourning, carved in relief :— In the Vault beneath is buried! Matty Wolff | 
daughter of Edward Pooue, of Rushall, in the County of Wilts, Esquire. | She 
married A.D. 1823 | George Chilton, of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law, | 
and bore him three children who survive her | Emily Georgina, George Robert 
CoMYN, Rosalind Elizabeth. | She died at the age of 31 | on the 11^*" day of May 
A.D. 1828. 

[The following lines are arranged in two columns : — ] 

G-od's will is done, the huuband is alone, — 

And his young orphans mourn their Mother gone, 

Her virtues — tell them not upon the tomb, — 

They lov'd the shade of her once happy home ; 

There still in memory's fond dream survives 

The best of Mothers, and the best of Wives ; 

And there through sorrow's desolating storm 

A gentle voice is heard — a voice without a form. [End first column.] 

Oh weep not — nor arraign high heaven's decree — 

I cannot — it is past — return to thee ; 

And thou must tarry — thou our babes must rear 

In love to man, and in God's holy fear ; 

Must teach their little lips with thine to pray ; 

And guide their steps along the narrow way : 

So may we meet— Renew'd, Redeemed, forgiven, 

No wanderer lost, a family in heaven. 

A white marble tablet : — In memory of | Peter Ludgate, Esq' | many years 
an inhabitant of | this parish, | and | one of His Majesty's Justices of | the Peace for 
the county of Middlesex. | Died 1'* August 1825, | aged 77 years. 

ttlSGELLlKEA GEl^tilALOGrCA fe!T dEEAL):>IGA. l8l 

A brass plate with the arms, crest, helmet, and mantling, etc., in relief, all 
within a heayy dark marble frame. Arms, with lines for the colonrs : Argent j' a 
fessB danceitde gules, in chief three crescents of the second; impaling Sdble^ a dolphin 
haurientivithafish in its mouth argent. Crest (on a knight's helmet) : From a coronet 
or a plume of five ostrich feathers argent. Motto : NosCB tbipsum : — In memory 
of I the Right Honourable | Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal, K\ D.C.L. | for 
seventeen years | Lord Chief Justice | of the Court of Common Pleas, | and a 
resident in this parish. | He was born at Chelmsford 12^^ December 1776, | and 
died at Folkestone 6^^ July 1846. 


A white marble oval with an urn at the top : — In | Memory of | the Rev^ 
Richard Southgatb, A.B. | Rector of Warsop | in the County of Nottingham | 
one of the Sub Librarians I of the British Museum : | and during 30 Years Curate 
of this Parish | who died Jan^ 21»S 1795 | In the 66'*> Year of his Age. | In every 
station of his life | He executed its respective duties, | With Judgement, diligence, 
& fidelity. | Deep were his Researches, and his learning Various. | Languages & 
Science acknowledged him a Scholar, | Theology a Divine. J The Purity of his faith 
the Rectitude of his conduct, | and his unwearied labours in the Pastoral Office j 
testified his piety, | towards God : | his mildness, humility, and candour, | with his 
exemplary attention to the wants, | temporal as well as spiritual, | of his fellow- 
creatures ; I proved his benevolence | towards Man. | Reader | if thou canst, excell 
him : | it will be well | if thou canst equal him. 

A plain white marble slab :— Sacred to the Memory I of | the Rev** Robbet H. 
Flower, M.A. | one of the curates of this parish | to wnich he had been ordained 
in 1882, I by the | dispensation of Divine Providence. | His faithful and zealous 
ministry | was early finished | and after J a few days of sevei*e illness | he departed 
this life I on Easter day | the 8'* April 1886 | in the 2d^ Year of his age | uni- 
versally beloved and lamented. 

I beard a voice from heayen saying unto me, | Write, from henceforth blessed are the dead | 
which die in the Lord, even so saith the Spirit, | for they rest from their labours. 

A plain white marble on a black tablet : — In Memory of | Richard Balshaw, 
Esq' I of Golden Hill, Leyland, | Lancashire, | who died April 11'^ a.d. 1811, | 
Aged 86 Years | of whom it may justly be said he was | a truly Benevolent and 
Charitable man. 

A white marble tablet : — In memory of | LuKB Hansard, Esq. | many years 
printer to the House of Commons, | ob. 29 Oct. 1828, M. 77. 

Also of I Elizabeth Susannah | his eldest daughter ; | ob. 27 Sept. 1807, 
M. 28. I And of | Elizabeth, | his wife, | ob. 18 May 1834, M. 78. 

The Stone Font at the West End. 

To the Glory of God this font is dedicated by John Marjoribanks Nisbet J 
Rector of tiiis parish, as a thank offering on the occasion of the baptism | of his 
son Henry Kingscote Nisbet October 24, 1875. 

A brass cross on the floor, at the foot of which is the following : — To the Glory 
of God I and in affectionate remembrance of | The Rev^ John Marjoribanks 
Nisbet, | 25 Years Rector of this Parish, Canon Residentiary of Norwich | Taken 
to his Rest September 1»*, 1892. 

Whoee faith follow, remembering the end of his conyersation, | Jesus Christ, the same 
yesterday, to-day, and f 6r ever. 


[The East window of the Chancel, filled with coloured glass representing the 
Ascension, bears the following inscription beneath : — ] 

To the memory of James Endell Ttleb, B.D., Rector of this parish & 
Canon | Residentiary of S. Paul's, who was taken to his rest on the 6'^ of October 
1851, this I window is erected by his widow. The Lord gave and the Lord hath 
taken | away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. 

In the Vestibule going from South to North. 

In memory of | M' John Pearson, | late of this parish. Who at his | decease 
An. Do. 1707 left a Gift | of 50^ a year for 99 years | Viz. 25^ a year to put out 
6 Boys I Sons of poor decayed Houskeep | ers of y® Parish Apprenteses yearly | 
to handicraft trades | And 25^ a year to the 20 Women | In the Almeshonses at y« 

end of I Monmouth Street | { JjJJg^^^J^ } Trustees | And after their decease 

to y« Care | of the then Rector of the | said Parish. 

[This is not given in the " New View," but another to the same name ; see 
under inscriptions from that work.] 

[Of the elaborate black and white marble monument, shewn in the engraving 
in the "Gentleman's Magazine," August 1817, Plate IF., p. 118, and reproduced in 
this Number, only the plain oblong panel near the ground now remains, and is fixed 
against the wall of the vestibule at the West end of the Church. 

The rest of this monument, probably originally within the Church, stood until 
about the year 1892 at the East end of the Church outside the Vestry wall. It 
became so ruinous and dangerous that it was taken down by order of the Vestry 
Authorities, who had applied in vain to the representatives of the family to urge 
its restoration, and, with the exception of the plain oblong marble panel above 
mentioned, was buried in the churchyard.] 

The inscription on this panel is as follows : — 

This Monument was erected in the Year of Our Lord 1736 by the Pious 
Direction of the Honourable | Dame Barbara Webb, wife of S"^ John Webb, of 
Canford Magna, in the County of Dorset, Bar', and the Honourable | Catharine 
Talbot, wife of the Honourable John Talbot of Longford in the County of 
Salop, Esq., Surviveing | Daughters and Coheirs of the Right Honourable John, 
Lord Belasyse, Second Son of Thomab, Lord Viscount | Pauconberg, in memory 
of their most dear Father, his wives and Children. | Who for his Loyalty, Prudence, 
and Courage was promoted to Several Commands of great trust by their | Majesty^s 
King Charles the First and Second (viz.) Having raised Six Regiments of Horse 
and Foot in the late Civil Wars | He Commanded a Tertia in His Majesty's Armies 
at the Battles of Edge Hill, Newbury, and Knaseby ; ye Seiges of Reading | and 
Bristol. Afterwards being made Governour of York, and Commander in Chief of all 
his Majesty's Forces in | Yorkshire, he fought the Battle of Selby with Lord 
Fairfax, tben being Lieutenant General of ye County's of Lincoln I Nottingham, 
Darby, and Rutland, and Governour of Newark. He Valiantly defended that 
Garrison against the English | and Scotch Armies, till His Majesty Came in Person 
to the Scotch Quartera, and Commanded the surrender of it | Ac which time he 
also had the honour of being General of the King's Horse Guards, in all which 
services dnreing | the Ware, and other Atchievements, he deported himself with 
eminent Courage & Conduct & received many wounds | Sustained Three Imprison- 
ments in the Tower of London ; and after the happy restauration of King Charles 
the Second | He was made Lord Lieutenant of the East Rideing of the County of 
York, Governour of Hull, General of his Majesty's | Forces in Africa, Governour 

tttSGBliLANfeSA dENEAtiO<^lOA tT H^RALDtCA. 1S3 

of Tangiers, Captain of His Majesty's Guards of Gentleman Pensioners & First 
Lord J Commissioner of the Treasury to King James the Second. He dyed the 
10^ day of September 1689, whose remains I are deposited in this Vault. | He 
married to his first wife Jane, daughter and Sole Heiress of S' Egbert Boteler 
of Woodhall in the | County of Hertford, Kn*, by whom he had S' Henry 
Belastse, En^ of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath | Interred in this Vault, 
Mary, Viscountess Dunbar, and Frances, both deceased | He married to his 
Second Wife Ann, Daughter and Coheir to S*" Robert Crane of Chilton in ye 
Coanty | of Suffolk, Bar^, who also lyes interred here | He married to his third 
WifB, the Right Honourable the Lady Ann Powlet, second daughter of the | 
Right Noble John, Marquis op Winchester, Sister to Charles, late Duke op 
Bolton, and is here interred the | Issue by that Marriage as above. 

The following is a description of the' Belasyse monument taken, with the 
illustration, from the " Gentleman's Magazine," 3 August 1817 : — 

'^ Passing in at the Monmouth-street gate of St. Giles's Church a few Sabbaths 
ago, some I saw were viewing FmdriVs tomb, and others the Belasyse monument 
at the East end of this handsome Church ; but neither the one or the other, I 
found, could easily be decyphered. Time is making rapid progress in the destruction 
of both these records of memorable events and noble families, and, unless jovl 
think them worth a place in your ever-living collection, it is feared their inscriptions 
may be lost for ever. 

*' I have endeavoured to decypher the Belasyse monument, and inclose it you. 
It was, however, the pleasant amusement of three Sabbath mornings' visits ; I hop 
the record will be of some amusement to all ; and if it meets the eye of any of the 
family there so highly spoken of, I hope they will take means to restore this not 
very antient monument to its original beauty." 

Inscription on a monument against the East Wall outside op St. Giles- 


On the sarcophagus : — ^The Right Honourable John, Lord Belasyse, had issue 
by his third marriage | with Lady Anne Powlet, three sons and nine daughters : 
whereof | three sons and five of the daughters died in their iufancv : | Honnora, 
Lady Dowager Bbrgavenny, widow and relict of George, Lord | Berqavenny, 
oue of the coheirs of the said John, Lord Belasyse, who I died without issue the 
6'** of January 1706, and is interred in this Vault. | The Honourable Dame 
Barbara Webb, and the Honourable | Catharine Talbot, the two surviving 
Daughters and coheirs now living, | caused this Monument to be erected. | Also 
the Honourable Isabella, the youngest daughter, who married | Thomas Stonor, 
of Stonor in the County of Oxon, Esq', one of the coheirs of the | said late Lord 
Belasyse, and dyed without Issue the 4S^ of June 1704. 

On the base below :— This Monument was erected in the Year of Our Lord 1736, 
by the pious direction | of the Honourable Dame Barbara Webb, wife of S' John 
Webb, of Canford | Magna, in the County of Dorset, Bar*, and the Honourable 
Catharine Talbot, | wife of the Honourable John Talbot, of Longford in the 
County of Salop, Esq% | surviving Daughters and Coheirs of the Right Honourable 
John, Lord Belasyse, | second son of Thomas, Lord Viscount Fauconbbrg, in 
Memory of their most dear | Father, his Wives and Children. | Who, for his 
Loyalty, Prudence, and Courage was promoted to several Commands | bv their 
Majesties King Charles I. and II. (viz.) having raised six Regiments of f Horse 
and Foot in the late Civil Wars, He commanded a Tertia in His Majesty's | Armies 
at the battle of Edge- Hill, Newbury, and Knaseby ; at the sieges of Read- | ing 
and Bristol ; and afterwards being made Governor of York, and Commander | in 
Chief of all His Majestv's forces in Yorkshire, He fought the battle of Selby | with 
the Lord Fairfax, And being Lieutenant Oeneral of the Counties of Lincoln, | 
Nottingham, Derby, and Rutland and Governour of Newark, He valiantly 


defended | that Garrison against the English and Scotch Armies, till His Majesty 
came in | person to the Scotch quarters, and commanded the surrender of it. At 
which I time he also had the Hononr of being General of the King's Horse Guards, 
in all I which services, during the Wars, and other Achievements, he deported 
himself | with eminent coui-age and conduct, and received many wounds ; sustained 
three | imprisonments in the Tower of London ; and after the happy Restoration 
of King | Charles II., he was made Lord Lieutenant of the East Riding of the 
County of | York, Governour of Hull, General of his Majesty*s Forces in Africa, 
Governour of | Tangier, Captain of His Majesty's Guard of Gentleman Pensioners, 
and First Lord | Commissioner of the Treasury to Kino James II. He died the 
10^ of Septem- | ber, 1689, whose remains are deposited in this Vault. | He 
married to his first wife Jane, daughter and sole heiress of S' Robert I Boteler, 
of Woodhall in the County of Hertford, Knight, by whom he had S' | Henry 
Belasyse, Knight of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, Interred | in this 
Vault ; Mary, Viscountess Dunbar, and Frances, both deceased. | He married 
to his second wife Anne, daughter and coheir to Si" Robert | Crane of Chilton, in 
the County of Suffolk, Bar^, who also lies Interred here. | He married to his third 
wife, the Right Honourable Lady Anne Powlet, | second daughter of the Right 
Noble John, Marquis of Winchester, sister to | Charles, late Duke of 
Bolton, and is here Interred. 

On two flat stones opposite the Monument : — 

Here lyeth the Body of Here lyeth the Body of 

the Lady Anne, Wife of John Talbot, 

John, Lord Belasyse, son of the Honourable 

daughter and coheir to John Talbot, of Longford, 

S' Robert Crane, of in the County of Salop, Bsq% 

Wilton in the County of by the Honourable 

Suffolk, Bar*. Catharine his Wife, one of 

She died 11*^ day of August, the Daughters and coheirs 

1662.» of the Right Honourable 

John, Lord Belasyse, Baron 


He departed this Life the 

8*^ of June 1710 in the 9^ 

year of his age. 

The following is the inscription as it is given in Hatton's "New View of 
London " :t — 

This monument J was erected Anno 1670,^ in memory of the Honourable John, 
Lord Belasyse, Baron Worlaby, second son of Thomas, Lord Viscount 
Fauconbbrg, his Wives and children.^ Who for his I^oyalty, Prudence, and Courage, 
was promoted to several commands of great Trust by Their Majesties Kma 
Charles the !•' and 2** Viz. Having raised six Regiments of Hoi-se and Foot in 
the late Civil Wars, he commanded a Tertia in His Majesties Armies at the Battels 
of Edghill, Newbury and Naseby,^ the sieges of Redding and Bristol ; afterward 
being made Governour of York and Commander in (/hief of all His Majesty's Forces 

* ThiR Btone was originally within the Church under the communion table, but was here 
placed when the corpse (which was enclosed in a leaden coffin) was renioTed with some others 
to a vault under the North gate. ('* Gentleman's Magazine.") 

f The following corrections are made in pen and ink : — ^ In the Year 1736. - It now is 
E. end of ch. outeide. ' Naseby spelt Knavesby on the mon^ * Nottingham. * "He" added. 
* " And. etc.*' more on the monument. ' In co. Herts. * " And Frances, deceased ;" and the 
sentence from " Bath " to *' Mary " struck out. * This paragraph is struck out and this added : 
" d'* 11 Aug. 1662." This paragraph is also struck out. 

I This can hardly be the same roonament ; if it is, it must have been conRiderably altered. 
The date, 1670, nineteen years before the death of Lord Bellasyse (p. 183, line 3), exactly corre- 
sponds with the date of the erection of the monument \b Worlaby Church (vide infra^ p. 186). 


Zi^ yT i ■ m M.^ am^ 

jtnfyM^ Giu/u^ -^^a/u^ c^<^ -^t^le^An^y^ Jr^ilcia 


in Yorkshire. He fought the Battel of Selbj with the Lobd Fjlibfax ; then being 
Lieatenant General of the counties of Lincoln, Northampton,^ Derby and Rutland, 
and Governour of Newark. He valiantly defended that Garrison against the English 
and Scotch Armies, till His Majesty dame in Person to the Scotch Quarters, and 
commanded the Surrender of it ; at which time he also had the Honour of being 
General of the King's Horse guards : In all which Services, and during the Wars 
and other Achievements, he deported himself with eminent Courage and Conduct, 
and received many Wounds, sustained three Imprisonments in the Tower of 
London ; and after the bappy Restauration of King Chables the 2^^ was made 
Lord Lieutenant of the E. Riding of the County of York, Governour of Hull, General 
of His Majesty's Forces in Africa, Governour of Tangier, and Captain of His 
Majesty's Guard of Gent. Pensioners.^ 

He married to his first Wife Janb, Daughter and sole Heir to Sir Robert 
BoTELEB of Woodhall,^ by whom he had Sir Henry Belasysb of the Honourable 
Order of the Bath who lyes interred in this Choir, and Mary married to the Lord 
Viscount Dunbar.® 

He married to his second Wife Anne, Daughter and Coheir to Sir Robert 
Crain of Chilton in the County of Sutfolk, Knight, who lyes also interred in this 

And to his third Wife the Lady Annb Paulet, Daughter to the Marquis of 
Winohbstbr, by whom he had issue, l)esides other children now living, Ann, 
John, Elizabeth, and Francis, who all died young, and are abo interred in the 
Choir of this Church. 

The following description of a monument to Lord Bellasyse and copy of the 
inscriptions are taken from Lansdowne MS. 878. The arms in that MS. being also 
drawn and coloured : — 

(** A comely monument on y« North wall of y® chaucell. On the East wall of y« 
chancell in a table is y* armes of y^ Lord Bellasis Depicted with the supporters 
& motto as over his tombe.) 

*' Arms at the top : Argent^ a chevron gules between three fleurs-de-lis azure^ 
Bellases ; impaling Sable, three swords in pile argent, hilts and pomels or, Paulett. 
On the left side in a lozenge : Oules, a /esse chequy argent and sable between six 
crosS'Crosslets or, Boteler of Wemm ; over it a baron^s coronet. On the right : 
Argent, a /esse between three cross-erosslets fitchde gules, Crane ; over it a baron's 

^^This monument was erected Anno 1670 in memory of the right honorable 
John, Lord Belasysb, Barron Worlaby, second sonne of Thomas, Lord 
Viscount Faloonbridge, his wives & children, who for his Loyalty, Prudence, & 
Courage was promoted to severall commands of greate trust by Theire Majesties 
King Charles the first & second, viz., Haveing raised six regements of Horse & 
foote in the Late civill warrs, he commanded a Tertia in his Majesties Armies att 
the battales of Edghill, Newberry, & Naysby, the seiges of Reading & Bristol!, 
afterwards being made Governor of Yorke and commander in cheife of all his 
Majesties forces in Yorke. He fought the Battale of Selbye with the then Lord 
Fairefaz, Being Levetenant Generall of the counties of Liucolne, Nottingham, 
Darby, and Rutland, and Governor of Newarke. He valliantly defended that 
garrison against the English & Scotch Armies Till his Majestye came in person to 
the Scotchs quarters and commanded the surrender of itt. At which time he also 
had the honour of being Generall of the Kings Horse guards, in all which services & 
dureing the warrs & other Atcheivements He deported himself with Eminent 
courage & conduct & received many wounds, Sastayned three imprisonments in the 
Tower of London, and after the happy restoration of Kino Charles the second he 
was made Lord Levetenant of the East Rideing of the County of Yorke, Governor 
of Hull, Generall of bis Majesties forces in AfPrica, Governor of Tanger, and 
Captaine of his Majesties Gaurds of Gentlemen pensioners. 

186 itlSb&LtiAKEA Gfil^BALOaiOA fil? HSBALDiOA. 

" He married to his first wife Jane, daughter and sole Heire to S' Robert 
BoTBLBR of Woodhall in the county of Hartford, K*, By whome he had 8* Hbnby 
Bellasis, KS of y* Honorable order of the Bath, who lyes interred in this Qnire, 
and Mary, married to the Lord Viscount Dunbar. He married to his second 
wife Anne, daughter and coheire to S' Robert Crane of Chilton in the County of 
Suff., KS who lyes also intered in this quire. 

"And to his third wife, he married the Lady Anne Pawlet, daughter to the 
Marquess of Winchester, by whome he had issue (besides other children now 
liveinge), Anne, John, Elizabeth, & Francis, who all dyed young, and are also 
interred in the qnire of this church. 

" Arms below the inscription : Argent, a chevron gules between three fleurs-de" 
Us azure, in a lozenge and surmounted by a baron's coronet. 

"' On a grayestone within y^ railes of y® Communion table : — Here lyeth the 
bodye of The Lady Anne, wife to John, Lord Belasyse, daughter and heire to 
S^^ Robert Crane of Chilton in the county of Suff., Baronet. She dyed the 
ll'^^dayof Augast 166-. 

^^ On a grayestone hard by the former. Arms : Bellasyse as aboye : — Here 
lyeth the body of S' Henry Bellasis, Knight of y« honorable Order of y« Bath, 
who dyed in August 1667, aged about 28 yeares, as also the bodyes of three young 
children, Anne, Elizabeth, & John Belasis, who dyed in the yeares 1668 & 
1669, sonns & daughters of the right honorable John, Lord Belasys, Baron 
Worlaby, and of the Ladye Anne, his third wife, daughter to John, Marquess of 

The following is a copy of the inscription on a monument erected by the same 
Lord Bellasyse in Worlaby Church, co. Lincoln : — 

This Monyment was errected in memory of y^ Sons & Daughters of John, Ld. 
Belasyse, Barron of Worlabye, Lord Liey* of y« East Rideing of Yorke Shire, 
Govemo' of Hull, Generall of His Maj"" Forces in Africk, Goyerno' of Tanger & 
Cap* of His Maj'*«« Band of Gen* Pentioners to King Charles y« 2<>, besides 
seyerall other Comands & Charges w^*' he possessed in y® late Civil Wars under 
King Charles y« First. 

He Married to his First wife Jane, Daughter & heir to S*^ Robert Boteler 
of WoodhaJl in y« County of Hartford, K*, by whome he had issye John (died 
yoyng), S' Henry Belasyse, K', of y« Hon**^^ Order of y« Bath (marryed to 
Rogersa Rogers, Sister to y** Dvchessb of Richmond, and afterwards to Svsana, 
Dayghter & Heir to S' W" Armin of Osgoibye in this Coynty), Thomas, Frances, 
& Mary, now wife to Robert, Lord Viscount Dunbar. 

He marryed to his second wife Annik, Daughter & Coheir to S' Robert 
Graine of Chilton in y*' county of Sufl'olke, Knight, by whome he had noe issye. 
And to his third wife Lady Anne, Daughter to John, Marquisse of Winchester, 
by whome he had issye John, Thomas, Mary Ann, & Elizabeth, all dyed young, 
& HoNORA now living. 

That their fhort abodf here might be lupply'd by a lading Monyment their 
difconfolate Father dedicates thif to their me'ory, fome of them hayeing beene 
borne here though not interred. 

An'o 1670. 

{7b be oontinittedJ) 

•^* The reader is requested to observe the alterations noted as below : — P. 130, line 5,/fir 
"began'' read "begun." P. 132. line 29, /br "Lady Frances Leveson's tomb" read "Lady 
Frances Knivetou's tomb." 

ttlSOBLliANfei. G)INSA.ti06tCA. fiT dB&iLLDlCfA. 18? 

A Just and Perfect Transcript given in by Thomas Jambs, Thomas 
Hopkins, Churchwardens, of all the Marriages, Christ'inqs, and 


THE — OF March Anno D'ni 1663 to the 25™ day of March Anno Dom. 

1664, AS FOLLOWETH : — 

Henry Jackson, Vic. 


Mar. 20 [?] Ann Thorn. Baggins [?]. 

Mar. — Thomas .... 

April 16 John EUins [?], a bastard. 

— — .... of Kington. 
^"^ ""^ • • . • i/i • . • . 

— — .... of Donnston. 

May 18 John Phillips .... of Inckborrow. 

— — Edward Howse of Stock Greene. 
Thomas the sonne of Thomas Bartlett of Inckborrowe. 
Mary the daughter of Edward Steward [?] of Egioke [?]. 
Richard the sonne of William Walford of Bonlts. 
Lewes the sonne of Thomas flBggett of Holborrowe Greene. 
The widdowe Durham of Knighton. 
Richard the sonne of Richard Hobday. 
John the sonne of John EUins of Salter streete. 
Ann the daughter of Humirey Hill. 
Henry the sonne of Henry Ellins. 

M'* Ann Hunt, the wife of M** Raphael Hunt of Stock Greene. 
John the sonne of Thomas Attwoode of Little Inckborrowe. 
John Egioke, Esq., of Shurnocke. 
William the sonne of Richard Porter. 
Mary the wife of Thomas Darby of Bonlts. 
John Lasey of Knighton. 
Margery the wife of Edward Eaton of Cladsail. 
Margarett the daughter of William Heynes of Knighton. 
The wiffe of William Hill of Egioke. 

Subscribed by us— Thomas James, his mark. 1 Church 

Henry Jackson, Vic. Thomas Hopkins, j Wardens. 

June 18 
































The Transcript of the P'sh of Inckberrowe for the year 1664. 

April 11 Richard the sonne of James (Hemynge), sen. 
April 17 William the sonne of John Doley. 
April 24 Samuel the sonne of Thomas Buggin. 
April 24 Elizabeth the daughter of William Groves. 
May 1 Richard the sonne of Richard Bennett. 

♦ From the Transcripts in ** Edgar Tower," Bishop's Register. 

t Communicated by William Bbadbbook, M.B.G.iS.— continued from p. 169. 











JuDe 12 

June 18 





























Ids MteCKLtiAKfeA GfelimAtiOGlLCA E¥ ttE^fiLALDlCA. 

Arthar the sonne of Arthur Bagshaw, Jnn'. 
Alice the daughter of Thomas Hopkins. 
Henry the sonne of John Hunt. 
Walter the sonne of Walter Shelton, 
Edward the sonne of ffrancis Hall. 
Ann the daughter of John Hooman. 
Sara the daughter of Da?id Hobbins. 
William the sonne of William Goore. 
Deborah the daughter of Nicholas Poole. 
Mary the daughter of Thomas iUggett. 
John the sonne of James Hemynge, Jun'. 
John the sonne of John Wedgbury. 
Thomas the sonne of Thomas Lambe. 
Geo. [?] the sonne of George Brandon, 
Edward the sonne of Thomas Yate. 
John the sonne of Richard Perkes. 
Ann the daughter of Anthony Juggins. 
Issabell the daughter of Thomas Browne. 
Edward the sonne of Edward Steevens. 
ffrauncis the sonne of ffrauncis Dyson, gen. 
George the sonne of Thomas Ingram. 


April 19 John Evett of Badbrooke in the county of Warwick & Margaret Baker 
of Bradley in com* Wigorn. 
Walter Shelton c' Johaue Elletts of this p'ishe. 
Henry Hewes of flPeckeuham c' Anne Weuderum of Durty Nanton. 
Robert Haye c* Sarah Goare of this p'ishe. 
William Webb c' Ann Smyth of this p'ishe. 


Robert the sonne of Robert Eaton. 

Widdowe Hooman. 

ffrauncis the sonne of Thomas Darby. 

The wife of John Shepray. 

Joane the wife of John Gobler. 

Richard the sonne of Henry Glover. 

The wife of John Poundrell. 

Mary the daughter of William Evett of Kineton. 

fiFraunces the daughter of Henry EUins. 

The Widdowe Greene. 

A daughter of the Widdowe Perkes. 

ffrauncis the sonne of Robert Eaton. 

Anne Hale, widdowe. 

Elianor the wife of Thomas Doley. 

Henry the sonne of William Harvey. 

Mary the daughter of Thomas fBggett. 

Henry Ellett, 8en^ 

Dorothy the daughter of John ffiggett. 

Thomas the sonne of Ann Smyth. 

Elizabeth Meele. 

Lewes ffiggett. 

Edward the sonne of Thomas Yate. 

Henry Ballard. 

Thomas Wolmer of Kington, ^ent. 

William the sonne of the Widdowe Harvey. 























June 18 




































Dec. 29 Johane the wife of George Crof te. 

Dec. 81 John Stuard. 

Jan. 6 Henrj Griffin. 

Jan. 26 John Mason, gent. 

Jan. — Anne the wife of Thomas Raven. 

Mar. — Thomas the sonne of William Willis (Jan. ?). 

The Transcript op the Parish op Ineberrow, An' D'm' 1665. 


Mar. 26 Francis ye sonne of John Staward. 

Mar. 28 Rebeocha ye daughter of Tho. Atwood. 

April 8 Robert ye sonne of Rob. Hay. 

April 4 Francis ye daughter of Tho. Phyllips. 

April 20 Han'a ye daughter of Francis Freeman. 

May 6 Tho. ye sonn of Richard Fnllwood. 

May 11 Eliz. ye daughter of Wil. Walford. 

May 14 Mary ye daughter of Hen. EUins. 

May 25 Elianor ye daughter of John Reynolds. 

June 25 Tho. ye sonne of Tho. Petford. 

Jnne 29 John ye sonne of Rich. Glouer. 

July 8 Francis ye son' of Edward Hnbande. 

July 6 Cicily ye daughter of Walter Shilton. 

•laly 80 John ye sonn of John Richards. 

Aug. 15 Tho. ye son' of Rob. Aston. 

Aug. 20 Joseph ye son* of Nich. Brittaine. 

Sep. 17 Eliz. ye daughter of James Hem'ing. 

Sep. 25 Ann ye daught. of Tho. Tate. 

Oct. 15 John ye son* of Tho. Hem'ing. 

Oct. 29 Simon & Jude, sons of Jo. Laugher. 

Nov. 16 Hester ye daught. of Walter Staard. 

Dec. 8 Alice ye daught. of Ralph Dyson. 

Dec. 8 Mary ye daught. of Jo. Harritt. 

Dec. 28 Edward ye son' of Tho. Dolphin. 

Feb. 9 Tho. ye son of Tho. Figgett. 

Mar. 14 John ye son of John Stuard. 

Mar. 22 Tho. ye son of John Hunt. 

Mar. 22 Wil'ia' ye son of Jo. Harbach. 


May 22 John Freeman of Inkberrow & Alice Welsh of Aberton. 

Aug. 6 Rich. Maunsell of Olaynes & Ann' Dyson of Inkb. 

Sep. 7 George Perkes of Aston-Cantloe & Mary Stuard of Ink. 

Jan. 18 Tho. Bellett of Ink. & Alice Eades of Conghton. 

Feb. 25 Edward Harritt of Ink. & Mary Gibbs of Aston-Cantloe. 


April 24 Tho. ye son of Tho. Buggins. 

May 15 An'e ye daught. of Tho. Huband. 

June 2 The Wid. Johns. 

July 4 Henry filius populi. 

Aug. 9 Tho. Dyson. 

Aug. 9 Tho. ye sonne of Tho, Lambe, 


Alice ye wife of Wil. Heyaes of Kington. 

James Poole of Dormston. 

Mary Bluck of Dormston. 

Simon & Jnde, sons of Jo. Laugher. 

Margery fFarr of Kington. 

Jane ye daugh. of Tho. Poole of Bous-Leneh. 

Hester ye wSe of Bioh. Poole, 

Wid. Trindall. 

Eliz. Greene of Dormstone. 



















The Transcript of yb Parish op Inkbbrrow for yb Year 1667. 

April 20 
May 5 


































































Tho. ye son'e of Bichard Collins. 
Charles ye son'e of Francis Baskefield. 
Isabell ye daughter of Jo. Laugher. 
William ye son'e of John Harritt. 
Francis ye son'e of Tho. Crace [?]. 
Elinor ye daughter of David Bobbins. 
Katherine ye daughter of Tho. Marshall. 
Bob. ye son'e of Jo. Bichards. 
Elizab. ye daughter of Jo. Figgett. 
Ann ye daughter of Humfrey Dekins. 
John ye son'e of George Brandon. 
Mary ye daughter of Jo. Beynolds. 
Mary ye daughter of John Care. 
Mary r?l ye daughter of Tho. Heming. 
Alice r?l ye daughter of Walter Stuard. 
Alice [?j ye daughter of Tho. Browne, 
ffirancis ye son^e of John Whately. 
Ann ye daughter of Wil. Walford. 
Alice ye daughter of Bichard Fullwood, gent. 
Tho. ye son'e of Tho. Windle. 
Henry ye son'e of Henry Jackson, Cler'. 
Ann ye daughter of Anthony Juggins. 
Margaret ye daughter of Tho. Figgett. 
Mary ye daughter of James Hem'ing, jun'. 
Mtiry je daughter of Wil. Baven. 
Francis ye daughter of Bichard Glouer. 

Tho. Parker & Margery Dawkes. 
Tho. Chance [?] & Isabell Perks. 
Moses Mansill & Alice Parker. 
Anthony Baylis & Hester Dowley. 
Tho. Bellett & Sarah Dyson. 
Bob. Savill [?] & Ann Day. 
Tho. Johnsons & Isabell Figgett. 
John Bonde & Ann Garner [?]. 

(7b he continued,} 


inominuittal instnrtptiond 


*t iKarp*« Cfturtt, i^eatiittjj/ 

Under the tiling, within the Sanctuary, are stone slabs with the following 
inscriptionB : — 

Memento Mori. 

Here lyeth ye Body of 

GiULOE, ye daughter 

of Richard & Annb 

Fromb of the City 

of London, who 

departed this Life ye 

first day of April 1713 

Aged 1 year 5 moneths 

and 20 days. 

Here Under Lyeth 

The Body of William 

Kbndriok, Gent., Late 

Mayor of Reading, who 

was Buried March 24 


Here Resteth the Body of 

William Reeyes 

In Hopes of a Joyfall Resurrection. 

He was Ghaplain to Queen Ann of 

Blessed Memory, Vicar of this parish 

and Rector of Oraneford in Middlesex. 

He departed this Life March ye 26 

1726 In ye 58'^ year of his Age. 

Here also lies interr'd the Body 

of Eliz™ Reeves, Wife of the s^ 

W" Reeves, who died the 16*^ 

of February 1745, Aged 72. 

Here Lyeth ye body of ye late 
Reverend M' Abra'm Brooksbank 

Minister of this Parish 34 years 

who departed this life ye 14*^ day 

of June Anno D'ni 1711, Aged 79, 

and also ye body of Mart his Wife 

who departed this life ye 15*^ day of 

May Anno D'ni 1715, aged 66. 

* Communicated by Rev. G. P. Cbawfubd, sometime C^^ate in this parish, now Vica? of 
^i^ester, Ozoo, 


Also here lyeth ia hopes of 

a JojM Resurrection the 

Body of John Brooksbank 

Gentleman, Third Son of ye above 

named M' Abra'h Bbooksbank 

and Mary his Wife, who departed 

this life the 11*** December Anno 

Salutis 1725 in the W^ year of . 

his Age. ' 


to the Memory of 

Jane Kbturah Harrison 

Who died 

26*»» Jannary 1887 

Aged 66 Years. 

Martha Oliver 

died W^ January 1820, 

Aged 58. 


To the Memory of 

M'* Catherine Simon 

The aflTectionate Wife of 

J. E. Simon, Esq' 

of Castle Street, Reading 

Who departed this life 

December 9*^ 1822 

Aged 57 Years 


To the Memory of 

The Rev^ Will>« Romaine, D.D. 

who departed this life 

March 11«>, 1828 

Aged 69 Years. 


Martha Romaine 

His Widow 

Who died Dec' 31»*, 1852 

aged 97 Years. 

Under this stone is interred 

the Body of 

Anne wife of Richard Frome of 

London, Merchant, who departed 

this Life the 22'»d of July 1730 

In the 44*^ Year of her age. 

Here also lies the Body of the above said 

Richard Frome, late Merchant of 

London who died the 7^^ of October 

1781 in the 50*^ Year of his age. 


Also the body of Janb Frohe 

Daughter of Biohabd & Annb Fbome. 

She died May ye 29*^ 1747 

Aged 81 Tears. 

Also M" Gbaob Parker, Mother of 

the aboves* M" Anne Promb, who dy* 

April ye 12**», 1748, Aged 82 years. 

To the Memory of 

Penelope Sturges 

Died July 16^1818 

Aged 77 years. 

Also Sarah 

Daughter of the Above 

Died Feb' 21»*, 1846 

Aged 78 years. 

Anne 1766. I Richard 1770. 

Oath" 1769. | Charles 1772. 

All died in Infancy. 

Guublh' Eendriokb 

Exhinc resurget ad noyissimsB tubsB sonitum 

Vir felix genere 

Aultis ejusdem nominis regibus Saxonicis oriundus, 

Fsslix consanguineis, 

Fratere pr89serti°* Iohanne Meseatore Londinensi cuius in hoc 

Oppidum merita, et in pauperes munifioentiam nee prsesans rotas 

Imitata est nee fitcile credet futura. 

F»1ix marituB 

Matronam poet se relinquens castissiman pientissiman 

Faslix pater 

Natam sertitus csbHs paratissiman, ad quos prsdmesit quiet 

In Filio unigenito, nenotibusqne pluribus se fuueri sensit superstitem 

Et aa seoula transmissum nascitnra. 

Faslix magistratu 

(Quern sibi 8Bgre quidem ferenti demandatum) sumna cnmpenden- 

tia, cnra, authoritate, decoro administravft 

badiquaq demum felix 

Nisi quod vesicas dolores acutissimi autumnum vitsB fecerant 

yaletudinarium et prorsus afflictissimum : sed et hinc 

cessit in exemplum mirse tolerantice. 

Natur® concessit Martii L6^ anno salut. 1685 MiAt 56<^ imen- 

sum sui apud bonos inopesq. relinquens desideriu. 

In Ghanoel. 
On stone slab on the floor of the choir : — 

To the Memory of 
M" Ann Hume, Relict 
of the late 
^ Alexander Hume, Esquire 

\ of Wimpole St., London, & 

Olay Hill, Enfield, Midd. 
who died March 8, 1827 
\ aged 77 years, 



Also of Fredbbick 

Fourth Bon of 
Adolphus WiLii" Hums, Baq" 

of this parish 
who died March [1 ?] 9, 1828 

aged 9 months. 

On stone slab on the floor of the choir (with a scatcheon, worn smooth): 

Here lyeth the Body of 

Mart Fotlb, wife of &>ward 

FOTLB of the parish of Somer- 

ford [Keynes H.M.B.] in the Oonnty of 

Wilts, Esq., who departed this life 

. . Jnly A.D. 16 [seat cavers (he resf\. 

At the foot of other. On a slab (with coat of arms) : — 

Here lyeth the Body of 
Egbert iongb, Esq", fourth 
Sonne of Sir John ionge of 

Calliton in the Connty of 

Devon, Knight & Barronett. 

He died in this towne on 

His way to The Bath 

the first day of 

April 1684. 

On slab lying in choir : — 

Here lieth the Body of 

Thomas Yellbt, Esq' 

of Bath in the county of Somerset 

formerly Lieutenant Colonel 

of the Oxfordshire Militia 

who departed this life 

the 1^ of June a.d. 1806 

Aged 58 years. 

On a stone lying in the choir : — 



26*>» of January 180 [?] [1808 Reg.] 

Aged 60 years. 


Will. Southgatb, Esq'« 


. . January 1814 

Aged . . Tears. 


.... King 


Aged 79 years. 

On a marble slab on floor of choir : — 

Here lyeth the Body of Anke 

Daughter of John Thorp, Gent. 

And Eleanor his wife, who departed 

This life April 24i>» Anno Dora 

^tat suae .... 


Here also lyeth the Body of Fbanoss 

another daughter of the above 

named John Thorp & Eleanor 

. . . ond wife of Thomas Blagrave, Gent. 

who died the 21 of June 1749, aged 80 

with two other of their children. 

Here also lyeth the Body of the 

above named John Thorp, who died 

the 18 Nov. 1750, Aged 72 

A very eminent Practitioner in 

Surgery for 50 Years. 

Likewise here lyeth the Body of 

the above said Thomas Blagrave, Gent. 

who died the 11*^ of February 1766 

Aged 50 years. 

On stone slab in choir : — 

Here lyeth the Body of Thomas 

Mapleton, who died July 5*^, 17 . . [1731 Reg.] 

Aged 68. 

And of Elizabeth Mapleton his Mo . . . 

who died March 9**>, 1726, Aged 87 years. 

Also the Bodies of 

Jonathan & Elizabeth, son & daughter 

of ... . Tho. Mapleton & Eliz .... 

his wife. 

Jonathan dyed Feb. 11, 1725, aged . . 

and six months. Elizabeth July 80^^ 

aged 4 years & 8 months. 

(^To he eontiMted,) 



Alexander Govan, hamerman, departed 18 June 1698 Saboth betwixt 8 & 4 in 
mominge ; buried 20 June tuesday. 

Elizabeth Bnehanan, spous to george Dingwall, departed Moonday the 26 June 
1698 betwixt [hlanJc] afternoon ; buried thursday 29 June. 

Bessie Simm relict of Alexander Govan, hamerman, departed the 4 Nov^ of 
November [sic] 1698 beinge Saturday, betwixt 5 & 6 in mominge ; buried Moonday 
the 6 Nov" 1698. 

Priday 25 Januar 1689 departed provost James Campbell at 11 aclocke fore- 
noon ; buried Saboth 27 Januar. 

Alexander Enox departed the 15 feb. 1689 iriday 1689 [sic]; buried Saboth 
17 Pebruar. 

James Bannatyue departed the 17 March 1689 a q'rtre befor 10 in forenoon 
beinge Saboth ; buried tuesday 19 March 1689. 

Saturday 28 March 1689 departed provost Jon Johnstone betwixt 7 & eight in 
afternoon ; buried 28 March tharsday. 

* Oommonicated by G. M. Tenison, Bsq., M.B.I.A., Hobart, Tasxnanla-HX>ntinued from p. 148. 


Mifitres Rodger departed Sabobh 24 March Saboth [sic'] betwixt 5 & 6 after- 
noon ; buried the 27 of March 1689 Wensday. 

baylie Walkinshaw de^mrted [blank'] of March ; buried Saturday 80 March 1689. 

Agnes Hamil tonne, spous to george Anderson, tounclerk, departed the \^blank'] 
of March ; buried 31 March Saboth 1689. 

James Murray, writer, departed Iblank] ; buried Saboth 14 [sic]. 

John Jack .... buried thursday 28 June 1689. 

. . . . ou Boyce departed the 19 Nov'*' 1693 betwixt 8 aclocke & i past 8 being 
Saboth ; buried 22 NoV^ tuesday [ruled out] Wensday. 

.... Ralstoune departed fryday the 18 Jan' 1694 betwixt [blank] of morninge ; 
buried Saturday 19 Jan. 1694. 

rob. tener(?),gardner, departed Saboth 3 feb. 1695 betwixt 5 & 6 in morninge ; 
buried tuesday 5 feb' 1695 aged about 70 years 9 months. 

Job. Jamiesone (?), weaver, departed thys lyf 12 of Decb"* 1692 ; buried 
18 Dec. 1692 tuesday. 

James Bogle, agues Sanders husband, departed tuesday 22 March 1692 at 
10 aclocke at night ; buried fryday 25 March 1692. 

Eleanor Baylie departed thys lyf the fyilh of Agust 1690 being tuesday at 
[blank] aclocke at night ; buried the 7'** of agust ; died at ev^. 

Jot. Robertson, spous to Edward Robertson, departed the 3 of Octobre tuesday 
1693, betwixt 4 & 5 in afternoone ; buried Octob. 6*** beinge fryday. 


The following alterations are required on pp. 148 — 148, as the proof had not 
been received from the Compiler before we went to press in December last : — 

Page 148, line II t far "is scattered " read " are scattered." 

„ 143 „ 19, after pages add '* There is no punctuation in the M8S.** 

„ 145 „ 6, for " gibon (?) " read « given,'' and for " Jake (?) Mabing (?) " read *• inke- 

making," to which is a foot-note : ^ This precedes the formula of ' Doctor 

Salmon's blak inke.' " 

„ 145 „ 7,/<w " 1683 "r«irf" 1682." 

„ 145 „ 16, " Ladie Marry Chirstian and a son " may be " Anderson." 

„ 145 „ 19, for " Colhoun " read " Collhoun." 

„ 145 „ 35, a/if^ " [illegible] " <wZi " craigV 

„ 146 „ 37,/or **corderer"fV<wi'*cordener." 

„ 145 „ 42,/iir" Boyle" r^ai "Bogle." 

„ 146 „ 24,<?/iCffr"aged"<w«"[sic]." 

„ 146 „ 26, 28, 29, 30,/w » Spurell (?) " read " SpraeU." 

„ 146 „ 38,/<»r "Archibald" rtfflif"Archbald." 

„ 147 „ 26, /or "banker (?)" r<?fl<i" weaver." 

„ 148 „ 9, for " (the laidy W. Pollocke) " read " (the laidy liUegibW] Polloke)." 

„ 148 „ 24,/or"Wadrop(?)"rm<i*-Wodrop." 

„ 148 „ 27, for " Andro *' read " Androw." 

„ 1 48 „ 29, for " Paterson " read " Pateson." 

„ 148 „ 37,/tfr"Stockmellhord(?)"rffa<«"Stockwenhord." 


Thb abore book was sold by Mr. Quaritch, and the full title is " Genealogia de la 
Descendencia de los Sres Don Thomas Rodriguez de Vargas Machnca, de D. 
Geronimo de Monterde, D. Martin Alberto de Bertodano, j D. Miguel Martines de 
Velasco, abnelos de D. Ygnacio Rodriguez de Vargas." 

It is in four parts in three folio volumes, with MS. on vellum, emblazoned with 
portraits, arms, etc. Mexico : 1780—82. 

The Purchaser of the above will confer a favour on a Gentleman desirous of 
seeing the book, by communicating with Messrs. Mitchell and Huohbs, 
140 Wardoar Street, London, W. 


The Carmngs and Ingeriptmut an the Kirhyard Monuwcntst of the Scottish Lowlandn^ par- 
tioularly of Perth, Fife, Angut, Mfarm, and Lothian, By C. Chbistison, M.D. 
Edinburgh: NeiU and Co. 1902. (Only 100 printed.) 

This is a vepy neat, small qnarto work, amply illnstrated tbronghont with nearly 200 engravings, 
and welt printed. The monuments given, as at Kilmadock, Perthshire, are excellently copied, 
which shews how carefully they had been cleaned out before photographs of them were taken, 
and proving beyond a doubt that all were carved by one statuary, both from the similarity of the 
lettering as well as the words used, such as ^* Memento Mori," etc. Some stones shew a spade 
only upon the slab of stone, while others have a plough-share, and some give the date or initials 
only ; on one is a pair of scales, on another a bugle or a funnel— about 1618 to 1741. Taking 
Angus for example, there are slabs filled with writing in a smaller character entirely than those of 
1637, and initials and tools of all kinds, as if they had been masons' marks ; figures are some- 
times in relief, flowers also, one stone having four clothed figures in buttoned coats, and one 
with a coronet on his head, each having separate inscriptions,*' I do ring," << I shall ring," *' I did 
ring," and " I once rang," with excellently deciphered letters and the date, 1743. Adam and Eve 
are shewn on other stones, Moses striking the rock, and Aaron with breastplate and his rod, 
depicted as a round-headed knotty stick ; this was built into a cottage years after, and five other 
stones from Perth were also ready, but the builder, going from home for a few days, found on 
his return that the blacksmith had carried them off from the builder's cottage and had broken 
them up to moke a hearth for his smithy t The writing on the monuments at Angus and 
Meams, again, shews a great similitude, proving that ooe class of masons had done them all. A 
large stone at Laurencekirk, Meams, shews a coat with handsome mantling, and armoured shoulder- 
piece with helmet on top, and on a slab inside initials of a worthy cobbler and l)is tools, all 
depicted in relief underneath. In Fife are shewn Freemasons' signs, saws, initials, ships, etc., 
and on several is the hour-glass with the age given of the deceased as 80 and the date 1626. In 
West Lothian also are shewn the hour-glass, hammers, compasses, saws, Death*s head and croes- 
bones, rakes and spades, with *' Memento Mori " repeated as in Kilmadock and Angus. Lanark, 
Peebles, and Dumfries chiefly depict the figures of Adam and Eve in Paradise, with trees and 
serpents. The Perth figures are mostly given clothed as man and wife, and some shew only the 
bust of the man. Melrose has several busts of men, and on one slab is an excellently drawn 
head of a musician, for on the stone, enclosed in a shield, are the violin and bow. At Rosneath 
is shewn a cobbler's monument, with the motto, " This is for Crispin," and a high boot and shoe 
with a round-headed knife. 

We baye thus gone over the various styles given, and our wonder is that so many appear 
perfect., although 250 years old. The neighbourhood, too, was not subject to a Cromwell's inroads ; 
and even the mischief-makers further south, who cannot allow the nose on a beautiful alabaster 
moDumeut to remain, found that solid stone triumphantly withstood their dastard tricks. There 
were not even brass inscriptions or figures of knights to steal. 

The compiler, too, has been fortunate in having so many helpers to photograph the monuments ; 
but even in these cases, we know well what a vast amount of deaniug the filth of centuries 
entails, and the assistance he has had is proved by the scrupulous clearness of all the inscriptions, 
even where the writing is so small. 

The work shews in every way painstaking carefulness, great judgment in the classification of 
the monuments, and an earnest desire to shew by these records the history and condition of 
Scotland two centuries ago. What apparently is plain is the respect shewn by the present 
generation to such monuments, and the care taken by the clergy to preserve all they can. What 
a different state of things exists in the majority of the churches in England, where to form a 
passage between the pews the best and the oldest of the stone monuments are made a pavement 
of : some with small brasses still intact on them, others with the inscriptions and arms only, 
with all the mantling depicted, and perhaps after a search you find 1600 often inscribed on them. 

The value of this work would have been greatly enhanced by a good index. 


The Virginia JUagaxine of History and Biography, No. 8, Vol. X. Jannaiy 1903. Virginia 

Historical Society, Bichmond, U.S.A. 
This is an ample Part giving in one article the names of the owners of slayes in Westmoreland 
in 1782, and the Houses of Burgesses in 1683-4. There are also two plates, one shewing the 
birthplace of Mary Washington, and the other giving facsimile letters of Sir George Yeardley, 
Governor of Virginia in 1619, with a good account of him from the Ferrar Papers. " Pioneer 
days in Alleghany Ck)unty *' shews the hard times the settlers had with the Indians early in 1700, 
who after being well received would murder the whole, of the men, one now and then perhaps 
escaping, and rushing over the Alleghany mountains would warn the settlements and the nearest 
fort. So the Indians went from point to point until some spirited Captain went in pursuit, 
and perhaps having lost half his men in an ambush he came up with a body of them, and 
then would come across the scalps of the forme;r settlers. Among these was a woman called 
<*Mad Anne," a heroine named Anne Dennis from Liverpool, England, in 1742, she being 
an immigrant at 13, marrying at 23, and a widow at 32. By her husband she had a son, 
who his mother left in charge of a neighbour while she sought to avenge her husband's death. 
Nothing daunted .she dressed herself with petticoats and a man's coat over them, and with 
a rifle, a tomahawk, and a butcher's knife she became a courier. No mountain was too steep 
for her and her steed, no summer too hot, no enemy too cunning. She spent a year in a hut 
built by herself, and immortalised herself by a long ride from one fort to another, returning with 
powder for the besieged garrison. For this valiant act she was given a beautiful and spirited horse 
which she called " Liverpool.*' From the ridge which bears the name of " Mad Anne's Bidge " 
she started for ammunition and was overtaken in a snow-storm and fell asleep, bat the horse 
returning a party was at once despatched in search of her, and finally she was rescued from 
a hole in the snow, caused by her warm breath. At another time she aroused the garrison at 
Fort Young by her shouts, and came in bloodstained and haggard, but bearing two Indian 
scalps as her trophies. She married again a valiant frontiersman and lived up to 1825, her 
pulseless cjrpse being found in a rude shanty built by herself on the banks of the Ohio Biver. 
Her virtues still echo through the mountain passes where her footsteps are a century old. The 
above and other interesting papers fill a very good Part. 

The Smith Family ^ being a popular account of meet hranchee of the name from 1300, with 
numerous pedigrees. By Cohptok Bbadb, M.A. Magdalen College, Oxford, Bector of 
Eenchester, and Vicar of Bridge Sollars, Author of "A Becord of the Bedes," etc 
London : Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Bow, E.C. 
This is a portly volume of 300 pp., and as the author says, *' it professes to review the great 
Fabrician family, whether crisped as Smith, ' smoothed into Smyth,' or ' smidged into Smijth.' " 
He therefore is not content to give merely a pedigree, but has endeavoured to add a precis of 
those who have attained celebrity. He makes a joke of how persons bom a Smith wriggle out 
of the name as if it were too common ; and as there is no reason why a butler cannot assume the 
name of his master, so a Bug will blossom into a Norfolk Howard, or plain John Smith become 
metamorphosed into a De Montmorency, as the Carringtons, Pauncefotes, etc. As for antiquity, 
the Smiths, like the poor, have always been with as, and the author says that Professor Mahaffy 
found a roan known as Smith in the twentieth year of the third Ptolemy, B.o. 227, and he was 
a brewer ! The author also pleasingly narrates how a mansion with an ancient rookery was 
purchased by a man named Smith, and the rooks, whose tenure of the Elizabethan elms was as 
ancient as the mansion, met in conclave and decided that it would be beneath their dignity to 
adorn the demesne of anyone with so plebian a patronymic. When about to emigrate one of 
their tribe arrived post haste to assure them that the name was Smythe and not Smith t Of 
course they then remained. Tbe late Mr. Carrington Smith, nursery gardener of Worcester, 
proved himself a real Carrington, and after that he breathed freely. 

. The author takes the Heralds' Visitations, beginning with Abingdon, Berks, and going on 
alphabetically, gives pedigrees in each county down to Yorkshire, and also avails himself of 
the Harleian Society's ** Faroilisa Minorum Gentium," and quotes three pedigrees from tlie work 
of Smith of Botherbam, Smith of Newark, and Smyth of Colkirk, Norfolk, whose daughter 
Caroline Smyth of 1678 married Thomas Bendyshe of Gray's Inn, and had a son Ireton B., and 
from this line possesses a descent from Oliver Cromwell. 



Some of the more ambitious Smyths claim a royal descent, such as the Slkington Smyths, 
who claim descent from Edward I. through Eleanor of Castile, and onward through Sir Robert 
Drnry, Speaker of the House of Commons, whose daughter married Sir Philip Boteler, and from 
that family into Sir Anthony Chester's, and then finally settled in 1660 into the Smyths family 
of Blkington Hall. 

The whole work is pleasant reading, interspersed as it is with amusing accounts from some 
of the- family histories. 

Ths Journal of the Bx Libru Society, Vol. XII., Part 12, for December 1902, and Parts 1 and 2, 
Vol. XIIL, for January and February 1903. London : A. and C. Black, Soho Square, W. 

Tbb December Part has three coats of arms of Sir Daniel Fleming, Bart., created by the King 
at Windsor in 1681. He was a notable man in his day, fond of heraldry ; was a great friend of 
Dugdale the genealogist, who complains of haring fallen "into an age wherein matters of 
antiquity are ralued but by few. I often wish myself with you for an hour or two, for I see you 
both love and understand these things rery well." On 11 June 1672 Dugdale informs Daniel 
that the King's Letters Patent have been issued asking subscriptions toward the new structure 
" of our College in London commonly called .the Heralds' Office." The Paper ends by giving 
a very good pedigree from Sir Daniel Fleming, bom 1633, to Sir Andrew Fleming Hudleston 
Fleming, 8th Bart in 1884.— Mr. C. Dexter Allen has an interesting letter on bookplates, and 
gires one of John Paul Bocock and another of " Willard Lee and his son Jack," a ranchman, in 
costume, standing beside his horse with lasso and revolver in hand. 

The January Part gives the arms of the Speaker, William Court Qully, besides four legal 
bookplates and two for identification, and the arms with a plate of Mr. E. H. Ebsworth. It 
also contains a list of Worcestershire Bookplates, and a rough list of legal ones. The Part 
includes Title of Vol. XII. and Contents, and a General Index. 

The February Part gives the arms of the Bristol Law Society, and besides that there are four 
legal bookplates and three pages of a rough list of them. The Editor's dissertation on bookplates 
to the members of the Plymouth Institution is noticed, illustrated as it was by a number of 
slides, and Dr. Peachey's lecture at Abbey Qateway, Beading, before the Berks Arch»ological 
Society, is given, ^ere are also shewn the plates for the Gosport and Alvestoke Reference 
Library and the Limehouse District Public Library. The bookplates for identification number 
now 536. 

Blake Family Beeordif 1300 to 1600 : A Chronological Catalogue, with copious Notes and 
" Oeneaiogies, of many branches of the Family of Blake. By Mabtik J. Blakb, of Lincoln's 
Inn. London : Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Bow, E.G. 1902. 

Thb Blake Family of Connaught has been blessed with documents proving their right to grants 
of land from 1315, and in this work we find the appointments under which they received 
the titles, facsimiles of which are shewn, and from Record No. 1 to No. 173 the deeds of 
oonfirmation and mortgage, besides leases. There is an Addendum beginning 1393, after which 
come the Genealogical Memoirs of various branches of the Blakes of Galway, whose memoirs are 
given from 1278, to Peter Blake of Corbally, who died in 1851, leaving nine children and twenty- 
five grandchildren. The work ends with the genealogies of some branches of the Blakes of 
Galway and Blakes of Canada, who emigrated there in .1832, William Hume Blake becoming 
Solicitor-General of Upper Canada. 

The work is well got up, and makes upwards of 200 pages, and will be esteemed as a most 
painstaking record of a family well worth resuscitating. We, however, gr^tly miss an index. 

Fenland Notes and Queries. Vol. V., Part 56. January 1903. Peterborough : George C. Caster, 

Market Place. 

This Part begins with an account of the Wanty family of Thoqiey from Mr. Peet's *' Memorials 
of de Vantier," an old Huguenot immigrant supposed to have been driven from France in 1685. 
For five years after not a single baptism at Thorney is recorded. However, they settled in the 


neighbourhood, and were saccessfal in reclaiming the fens of Lincolnshire and adjacent oonnties 
daring the centnry they settled there, many of them marrying with their English neighbonrs. 
The names of these strangers abound in every village and hamlet in the district, but the 
recollection of the French language has long ceased to be heard in the Fens, and their names 
are almost beyond recognition through anglicization and corrupt pronunciation. However, the 
Wantiers between 1586 and 1628 were domiciled at Maidstone and Canterbury, their names 
appearing in the Registers at Canterbury, and by courtesy the crypt of the cathedral was 
devoted to them and their companions as a place of worship. It is recorded that they tried 
to establish themselves at Hatfield Chase in Yorkshire, making overtures to the Earl of 
Bedford to rent land on his Thorney estate, and drain and cultivate it' This account will be 
welcomed by the Huguenot Society of London, also the three arms given. 

Among other articles there is a reference to the Northampton Free Library disposing of the 
choice works comprised in the books that had belonged to the Northampton Poet, John Clare. 
Of course if a poet, like the prophet of old, is not esteemed by his own country his friends may 
disregard him, but when the collection of books given to him is acquired by his friends and 
presented to his native library as a record of his memory, it seems to us like a breach of trust 
for any committee to sell them, because the original donorp of the library had a prior claim to 
them before they were sold, if found valuable. It is a precedent which is just as well stopped 
at the lieginning, else it will ramify through every library in the kingdom. The Part is 
altogether interesting. 

T^ve Dightinii of Clifford Chatnbers and their Dnscendawtt. By CoNWAY DlGHTON. London : 
Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Row, E.C. 

This is a family history, beginning with Job Bighton, Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple, 
who was settled at Clifford about 1689, and liought the manor and advowson in 1649 from the 
Raynsf ords, who were ruine 1 Royalists, for £4450. He died ten years later and was buried in the 
night by his brother-in-law Mr. William Harewell. 

Richard Dighton was his grandson, and bis youngest son was John, who bought an estate at 
Shirbum in 1754, and died intestate in 1761, leaving a widow and eight children. He was the 
senior partner of a firm of solicitors styled Dighton and Bonnin. His eldest eon, James Lucy, 
who was a minor at his father death, went to India with his three brothers after the disposal 
of his father's property. The youngest son, bora six months after his father's death, turned out 
to be a distinguished Indian officer, and became a Lieatenant-Gteneral, Hon. East India 
Company, in 1804. The two surviving sons, David Royd and Richard Henry, who with their 
father have their portraits given, carried on the Anglo-Indian tradition of their house ; David 
became First Lieutenant in 1824 and was killed in the Burmese War, and Richard Henry, who 
was a sickly boy, made a great name for himself in India, being in the banking house of William 
Palmer and Co., and became mixed up in the finances of Hyderabad, and was named as Com- 
missioner of the District, but the appointment was forbidden by Lord Uardinge. He, however, 
waschiefiy concerned in the care of the Nizam's fortune, and finally got away with all the jewels 
given to him as security, which were afterwards returned on the Nizam paying interest in 1854, 
the year Richard died in England. 

The eldest brother of Henry was Charles Mein Dighton, who was a short time in the army, 
but left it to enter Holy Orders. He was soon ordained deacon in the Cathedral of Llandaff, and 
with a full account of his ministration the writer takes leave of his readers. 

The work ends with nine Appendices, which embrace the births, deaths, and marriages of 
the different branches, and gives an interesting account of this worthy family well worth record- 
ing. It, however, loses greatly through the absence of an index. The four portraits and coats 
of arms are a pleasing feature to the book. 

*,♦ Bookt for Remew and Noticet of Forthooming Works thmld he addretned to 
Mesirtt, Mitchell and Hughett at the Publishing Office, 140 Wardour Street, London, W, 


* ♦ .§3 


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08 3 S _ 





s s 
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(M «M *^ 
t^ O rt 

a.g o 

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olZ S ^ 00*' S ^ 

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•^SOS P** ^ ••'c8l>l>*»-''T3 Si >• O'^-nH'^ 

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i>-r- eg 

.9 l« 




The name De Sera lingers in Brittany. Ser« in Celtic signifies Star«. In the 
South of France the name has been familiar since the thirteenth centnry (vide 
" Dictionnaire de la Noblesse," Desbois et Badier). 

Many persons named Sers, who left Languedoc apparently at the close of the 
seventeenth century, were settled in Dublin circa 1699 — 1713, as it appears from 
Registei's published by The Huguenot Society of London. Vol. xvi., " French 
Refugees," Heralds' College, mentions Pierre Sers and others in extracts, presum- 
ably taken from Registers of Foreign Protestant Churches, London, 1720, 1729, 

A transitional spelling of Sirr from Sera was Seer or Seers. This spelling 
appears to have been used in Germany, and it is known that Sirr was altered from 
a German spelling. " Patronymica Britannica " also connects the two spellings. 

Peter Sers, son of John, of St. Martin's, London, matriculated at Christ Church 
1720-21, and graduated as Patrick Seere (Alumni Oxonienses). 

In Prussia there were persons named Sers in the military service, mde " Deutche 
Biographic " and " Moniteur des Dates," from which it appears that the spelling 
was also Seers and Sehre (with or without De or Von), and that General Peter von 
Seers (spelt also Sehrs in ^^ Deutche Biographic,'* and with the alteVnative Sers in 
*' Moniteur des Dates," Tom. iii., Suppl.) left France for the sake of religion, and 
was probably located at Herford in Westphalia in 1695. 

Pass for Saranell Serse for Holland (possibly en route for Prussia) by Marq. de 
Miremont (Huguenot General in Ireland). (Cal. State Papers, Dom., 1690.) 

The will of Peter Sers of Gedney, Lincolnshire (P.C.C), proved in London 
28 March 1812. His sister was included in a grant of arms to Sir George Nayler, 
York Herald (afterwards Garter), whom she married in 1798. 

The arms used in this Lincolnshire family, which is of French origin, accord 
with the arms for Seers, Prussia^ given by Fiietstrap. The confirmation to Sirr is 
differenced — in chief a Harp of Ireland^ above it the Imperial Grown^ both proper, 
(Ulster's Office, Dublin.) The arms were thus differenced for a confirmation a 
centnry before the actual confirmation. The difference was allowed, but the crest 
also was differenced in the confirmation. 

A large family Bible, containing all entries relating to Sirr family, the old 
Baptismal Bowl, and many papers and effects were destroyed by fire at Whiteley's, 
where they were stored. Many baptisms were private and probably not elsewhere 

It is held that the name Sers is essentially Celtic, and this would imply that 
the family originated in Brittany, and that the branch which immigrated into 
Prussia did so only after having immigrated iqto England, where the name Sers was 
turned into the essentially English spelling Se^rs. 

Sera^ Canton de Luz (Haufces-Pyr^n6es). 


Not accounted for in Pedigree : — 

Nieces and nephew of Francis Sirr of St. Clement Danes, respectively Anne Sirr, 
Catherine Sirr, and Roger Sirr. 

The following cannot be accounted for : — 

Sirr, William, married Celia, dan. of Abraham Marshall, Gal way, October 1791. 
(" Hibernian Mag." — Marriages.) 

" In memory of Catherine Ann Sirr, who died April 17% 1830, aged 25 years," 
(Stone in chnrcnyardy Denston^ Suffolk.) 


Thomas Sir of Smithboro*, Weaver, Bachelor, and Mary Jane Rogers of Smith- 
boro', Spinster, 9 November 1829. John Sirr of Golanmurphy, Killievan, Cooper, 
Bachelor, and Mary Moore of Eillalina, Clones, Spinster, both of oonnty of Monaghan, 
8 Jnne 1831. (Marriage Licences, Clogher Diocese.) 

The spelling Surr has not been connected with Sirr or Sers, bat the following 
are noteworthy examples from Ireland : — 

Christoper Snrr, Sneriff of Qalwav. Will July 1668 ; mentions wife Marrian, son 
ffrancis Snrr, and daughter Elizabeth. 

William Surr, Wicklow, 1667. (Hist. MSS. Com. Report 10, Part V., 41.) 

"The Major I find to be Major Sirr, who is described by M' Whitelaw (the 
Historian of Dublin) as his * worthy old friend, intimate with the parties mentioned 
in the song, and particularly with the Earl of Meath.' "...." Major Sirr went to 
Ireland in 1757 with the Duke of Bedford. He was then a Captain in Sebright's, 
the 83'* regiment. Major Sirr was subsequently appointed town-major of the city 
of Dublin, and pratique master of the port. He was High Sheriff of the County of 
Dublin, and Deputy Judge-Advocate-General of Ireland ; and Governor of most 
of the institutions of the Irish metropolis. He was the father of the present well- 
known Major Sirr of Dublin." (" Popular Songs of Ireland." Crofton Croker : 
1839. R$ the Kilruddery Hunt.) 

Major Joseph Sirr knew Lord Heathfield (the defender of Gibraltar) intimately, 
and they were very much alike in appearance, so much so, that sometimes one was 
taken for the other. Heathfield, as General Eliott, was Commander of the Forces 
in Ireland. 

The dates given in their mother's Bible confirm the statements as to age 

(a) Of Henry Charles Sirr, in a return to the Lord Lieutenant, dated Dublin 
Castle, 28 August 1838, wherein he states he is in his 73rd year. 

(h) Of William Whiteway Sirr, given in Lieutenants* Certificates, 1795, vol. xix., 
Becord Office, London. 

A long correspondence in '^ The Weekly Irish Times " (9 March to 22 June 
1901^ followed " Recollections of Major Sirr." Much information was given, 
popular mendacity refuted, and attention drawn to Sir Robert PeePs reply to 
Brougham in the House of Commons : '' In the whole of the six years during 
which he had been acquainted with Maior Sirr he never knew a milder man, or one 
less disposed to exert authority unduly. (Hansard, N.S., vol. ix., p. 1309.) 

Two autograph letters of Major Sirr are included in the collection of Lord 
Hardwick's Papers. (B. M.) 

Letter of Joseph D'Arcy Sirr from Dublin Castle to Sir William Betham, Ulster 
King of Arms, r« the case of Marqais Clanric^rde and the Bishop of Meath, con- 
cerning the advowson of Killucan, 1834. (Add. MS. 23,683, B. M.) 

Joseph D'Arcy Sirr was elected a Member of The Royal Irish Academy in 1829. 

A declaration of French Ministers, refugees in England, London, 30 March 
1691, is signed by " Sers, formerly Minister in the Church of Montredon.'' (Hugue- 
not Society, " Proceedings," voL iii., p. 337.) It is pointed out in " L'Intermediare 
des Chercheurs et Curieux," under " Famille de Sirr, Sers, etc." (20 July 1898) : 
^' La famille Sers est, en efTet, originaire du haut Languedoc, des montagnes du 
Tarn, ou elle a encore des repr^seutants." Also a pastor of Brassac, Loth Sers, is 
mentioned as the probable ancestor of General Phillip Loth Seers (Sehrs) [the 
father of General Peter Seers given in " Deutche Biographic "], and several par- 
ticulars respecting him are enumerated. 

There are distinct families with the surname Seer and Seers (of East ADglian 
and other origin), sometimes erroneously connected with Sirr. 

(JTo he oontiniued,') 


iHonumtntal SnflSnripttonfl! 


A plain stone : — The gift of Richard Holford [In the yeare of Onr Lord 
God 1668 IE. H. of the parish of S* Giles in y« Fields | in the Countye of 
Middlesex, Esq., did | give y« same of twentye-nyne ponndes | yearelye for ever to 
bee issueing oat | of three messuages, or tenements lyeing | in the sayd parish to 
bee distributed | qnarterlye amongst y^ most aged & \ necessitated poor people 
of the said | parish by the minister, Church war | dens & overseers of the said 
parish I successivelye for ever and to noe | other person or persons or use or uses | 

John Sbagood I rii,r.,v»i,«o^ 
Francis Breads r^^^'^*^^*^"- 

[This legacy is mentioned in the *' New View," but the inscription is not given 
in extemo. See also the inscriptions from Lansdowne MS., posf] 

The North Side op the Vestibule. 

To the intent that the poor of this | Parish may for ever hereafter receive | the 

gaift of the donor this following | inscription was here fixed & sett up. | S' William 
ONY of this parish, En^ | hath been pleased to give to the | Poore of the same 
Sarish Fifty pounds | To the end that the interest thereof | may be for ever 
istributed in Bread | to the poore ; that is to say twelve | penyworth eveiy 
Sunday in every | yeare and eight holy dayes in the | same yeare such as are 
particularly | mentioned in the Act booke of the | said parish remaining in their 
Vestry. | Given in the yeare of Our Lord 1672. 

Jambs Parturioh" 
Robert Halcup 

[The "New View" mentions this without giving a copy of the inscription 
above, but mentions the arms then upon it, viz., Quarterly : 1 and 4, SahU^ afssse 
cotised or between three conies argent; 2, OuleSy on a bend cotieed or^ three torteaux; 
3, Argent, two bare gemells and in chief three mullets azure."] 

^ I Church Wardens. 

The North Side of the Gallert. 

[The first two windows are plain. The third has two subjects : at the top Buth 
and Naomi, and this inscription, " The Lord do so to me and more also if ought but 
death part thee and me. Ruth, 1 chap., 17 verse." Below, Elijah and the Tishbite 
woman, and the following inscription, " The barrel of meal wasted not neither did 
the cruse of oil fail according to the word of the Lord which he spake by Elijah. 
1 Kings, 17 chap., 16 verse."] 

A brass, shaped as a shield :— In Memory of | Aqatha Wells Bridqer | the 
very afi'ectionate much loved | wife of Robert Hawthorn, Esquire | died viu 
January mdocolxv. 

Blessed are the pnre In heart | for they shall see | Gk)d. 

* CommnDicated by Arthur F. G. Leveson GoweBi Esq., assisted by Arthur J. 
Jewess— opntinned from p. 186. 


A brass, shaped as a shield : — Robert Hawthoskjb I of 68 Oower Street in this 
parish | Esquire | bom zviii March mdocxoi | died iv March hdooolxix. 
Mj flesh also shall rest | in hope. Psalm zyi, yerBe 9. 

A white marble monnment with a torch and palm branch at the top: — 
Albxandbk Hkndbas Suthbrland, Esq'®, P.S.A. | of Oower Street, Bedford 
Square, | died on Whit Sunday May 21»^ 1820, aged 67. | His remains | lie in the 
burial ground belonging to this church. [ He bore a long and painful illness, | with 
Christian submission, and resigned his soul, | in pious and humble hope of 
acceptance with God | Thro' the merits of Savior Isic], | The souls of the righteous 
are in the hand of God | They are in peace — their hope is full of immortality. 

[The fourth window. Subject, the Good Samaritan in coloured glass, with the 
words " Go, and do thou likewise," and the following inscription : — 

In memory of Hbnby Manning, died 15*^ Dec' 1871, Aged 74.] 

A plain marble tablet : — In the Vault beneath | are deposited the remains of | 
William Philpot, Esq"' | For many years | a respected inhabitant | of this 
parish ; | who died on the 10^ January 1823 | aged 53 years. 

[The fifth window, coloured glass, with these words : ** God also to the Gentiles 
granted repentance unto life. Neither count I my life dear unto myself."] 

Brass : — In memory of | John Ooleridgb Patteson, D.D., | born in this 
parish a.d. 1827 | Galled to missionary work in New Zealand 1855 | Oonsecrated 
first Bishop of Melanesia 1861 | Murdered by natives of Nukapu 1871. 

Coloured Glass Window East End of Nobth Gallery. 

Below the figures the quotation, ^' By &ith Abraham when he was tried ofiered 
up Isaac," and this inscription :— Given by | John and William Buckingham | 
in memory of their father | 1864. 

South Gallery. 

The first window from West to East, the subject Christ blessing the little 
children, and this inscription : — Given | by the members | of the | Friday morning | 
Bible Class | 1863. 

The second window, the subject Christ as a child in the temple : — Given by | 
four parishioners | 1864. 

The third window, the subject The miracle of the loaves and fishes : — Given by 
a member | of the | Congregation, | L. T. 

The fourth window, The visit of the wise men to the Virgin and Child: — 
Dedicated | to the Glory of God | by L. & B. 

The fifth window, The miracle of turning water into wine ; no inscription. 

Window at the East eud of the South side, subject Christ carrying the cross. 
** Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves & for your 
children '* :— Given by | John and William Buckingham | in memory of their 
mother | 1864. 


A table-tomb near the East end of the Chnrch, in the churchyard, has the 
following : — 

On the West end of the tomb : The tomb of | Eiohabd Pbndrbll | the 
preserver of the life of | King Ohablbs the Second. 

i*'New View":— Here lyeth (lies) Richard Pbndebll, Preserver and 
uot (of) to his Majesty King Ohablbs the 2^ etc.] 

On the South side : Here lies | Richard Pbndebll | Preserver and Conductor | 
of his sacred Majesty | King Charlbs | the Second | of Oreat Britain | after his 
escape from | Worcester fight 1651 | who died Febry 8*^, 1671. 

An inscription at the East end is illegible, while that on the North side is as 
follows 2 — 

Hold passenger, here's shronded in this hearse 
Unparalleled Pendrell thro* the Universe 1 
Like when the Eastern star from heay*n gave light 
To three lost Kings ; so he in such dark night 
To Britain's Monarch lost by adverse war. 
On earth appeared a second Eastern Star ; 
A pole, astern in her rebellions main, 
A pilot to her royal soverign came : 
Now to tiiamph in heav'ns eternal sphere 
He is advanced for his just steerage here 
Whilst Albion's Chronicles with matchless fame 
Embalm the stoiy of great Pendrell's name. 

Richard Pendrell of Hubbold Grange in the parish of Tongue, co. Salop, Gent. 
Will dated 8 Feb. 1671. To eldest son Thomas Pendrell the new built freehold 
messuage and the lands in the parish of Statherton, co. Salop, called y^ Scotts, 
lately purchased of one M' Merick, but to pay to testator's son Simon £7 a year for 
the life of Simon, but executrix to have the profits until the said Thomas is 21, 
but if he dies then to son Simon. Son Lawrence Pendrell the messuage and 
garden called Hubbold Grange, co. Salop, for the term of the lease held from 
William Pierrepont, Esq., after death of executrix. Son William Pendrell a 
freehold messuage and land in Wai*sall, co. Staff., in a street there called Russell 
Street, but executrix to have the profits for her life. Daughter Mary Pendrell 
£100 when she is 24. Daughters Agatha and Elinor Pendrell £40 each when 21. 
Residuary legatee and executrix wife Mary Pendrell. Signed with the mark of 
Richard Pendrell. Witness, the mark of Humphrey Pendrell, etc. 

Proved by the executrix 14 Feb. 1671. (P.C.O. Eure 20.) 

Against the South wall of the Church, in the churchyard :— Geoegius Chapman | 
Poeta I MDCXXXiv | Ignatius Jones | Architectus Regius | ob honorem | Bonarum 
Literarum | Familiari | Sno Hoc Mon | D.S.P.F.C. 

Underneath, on the base : — Vetus (tate jam) Din Deformatum | Refici cura- 
verunt. | J. E. Tyler, Rector | GuL. Parker, C. L. Birch, Eccles. Custod. 

The following list of Rectors is painted up in the Large Vestry : — 

Gulielmus Rowlandson, CI., 20 April 1547. 

Galfridus Evans, CL, 8 Nov. 1551, per mort. 6. R. 

Gulielmus Steward, CL, 3 Aug. 1579, per resig. G. E. 

Nathaniel Baxter, CI., 19 Aug. 1590, per mort. G. S. 

Thomas Salisbury, CI., 24 Dec. 1591, per resi^. N. B. 

Johannes Clarke, A.M., 16 Dec. 1592, per resig. T. S. 

Rogerus Man waring, A.M., 3 Jan. 1616, per resig. J. C. 

Gilbertus Dillingham .... 

Brianus Walton, A.M., 1 June ? 1635, per mort. G. D. 

Gulielmus Heywood, S.T.P., .... 

Robertus Bourman, CL, 18 Nov. 1663, per mort. G. H. 


Johannes Sharp, A.M., 3 Jan. 1675, per mort. R. B« 
Johannes Scott, S.T.P., 7 Aug. 1691, prom. J. S. ad Archie Ebor. 
Gnliehnus Hayley, 01., 24 April 1695, per mort. J. S. 
Oolielmns Baker, D.D., .... 1715 ... . 

Henricus Gaily, D.D., 1788 

Johannes Smyth, D.D., 24 Nov. 1769, per mort. H. 6. 

Johannes Buckner, L.D.D., 22 Mar. 1788, .... J. S. 1798, prom. Bpi. Cicest, 

Ohristopheras Benson, A.M., 29 Maii 1824, per mort. Episco. Cicest. 

Jacobus Endell Tyler, S.T.P., 28 Oct. 1826, per resig. 0. B. 

Robertus Bickersteth, A.M., 29 Nov. 1851, per mort. J. B. T., Oct. 5, 1851. 

Antonius Wilson Thorold, A.M., 20 Feb. 1857, per elect R. B., ad Episc. Ripon, 8.T.P. 

Johannes Majoribanks Nisbet, A.M., 28 Mar. 1867, per resig. A. W. T. 

Henricus Gulielmus Parry Richards, A.M., 12 Nov. 1892, per mort. J. M. N. 

Gulielmus Oovington, A.M., 9 Nov. 1899, per resig. H. G. P. R. 

From Lansdowne MS. 878. 

[In this MS., among the inscriptions in some other London churches, are the 
following arms and inscriptions from St. Giles-in-the-Fields, most of which have 
now perished. The arms are tricked which are here given in blazon. In some 
cases towards the end, the shields have been drawn, but the arms partly or entirely 
omitted. The inscriptions are given line for line and spelt as in the MS. : — ] 

Arms: A chevron between three , fleurs-de-lis ; impaling [blank]. The ^'New 
View *' gives the impalement as '^ a Lion Rampant," with a slight variation of the 
inscription, but adds '* and Redeemer " before the last two worck. 

Here nere lyes the Bodyes of Susan Wynne daughter of | Feanois Darrbll 
of Lillingstone Darrell in y« county | of Bucks, Esq., and wife of Thomas Wynne 
of Bodvean | in the county of Oarnarvan, Esq., & of Barbara | Wynnb theire 
daughter who dyed in the begining of July | 1662 and were both examplary for 
their piety, goodness | and other Christian graces, which Susan dyed the 30^^ day | 
of May 1664 in full assurance of a Joyful resurrection at | the last day by the 
meritts of the Death and passion of our [ blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Arms, at the top : Azure^ a maunche or^ Conyers. Below the inscription : 
CoNYERS, impaling .... a cross and on a chief three bugle-horns^ Lanohornb. 

S. M. 
Heic sita est | mulierum castissima Elizabetha Conyers | Guili' Lanohornb 
ar. iilia natu maxima uxorq} | Christopheri Conyers ar. primogeniti Jo. 
CoNYBRS I de Horden in comit. Dunelm', Bar**. | Prob dolor f puerpera obiit 
Aprilis 27"><' Anno salvatoris 1654*® sebabis | suae 24^ postquam marito filiam 
unicam filiosq} duos pe- | perrisset quorum minor in partu ultimo moriens in 
com- I plexu matris £Qia Maria dicta juxta matrem jacet | Hoc monumentum 
poni curavit Mastissimus conjux | ne forte per rigorem mortis sublato filio jam 
Buperstite me- | moria tam charss uxoris oblivioni traderetur. 

[The " New View " omits the last three lines and the impaled coat.] 

Arms : A chevron wavy. Query an unfinished tricking. Below the inscription 
(in a lozenge) : Argent^ a mascle {sable) between three roundels (pgresses)y 


1659. I In memory of Arthur Newman, gent., & Elizabeth | his wife the 
fourth daughter of Henry Osraston of | Hertfurdsliire, gent., and Theire issue, 
Anne, Henry, Fra- | noes, Mary Osbaston, Elizabeth Osbaston, and | Alice, 
Henry, & Osbaston. The Two eldest sonns of | Arthur by Elizabeth are 
deceased. Hbnry lyes in- 1 terd in S^ Andrew's, Holbourne, in the county of 


Mid- I diesex ; Osbaston at Bickmeresworth in Hert- | fordsheire. Anke & 
Frances, Theire two eldest | danghters, are likewise deceased and here lyes 
intered. | Abthurb Newman deceaised in the ... . veare | of his age on the ... • 

day of 16 . . I Elizabeth his wife deceased the ... . yeare of her age | on 

the .... day of .... 16 . • 

In Annau Gifford sororem amantissimam qnse | migravit ex hao vita vioesimo 
septimo | die Januarii Anno D'ni 1632 | non qaam din sed qnam bene | Anna 
relicta Duci Oiffordi hie conditar area | De qnibns Anna petis morions ilia 
cap83 I Casta qnidem Virgo mollis qnoqne nuta parenti | Yixit oondigno nnpta 
benigna viro | Sed cito cum durnm violavit vincola fatnm | Sola sibi yidunm 
possidet ilia foram | Solatrix miseris nudis fait altera Dorcas J Paaperibas cnnctis 
alma Deoq3 pia | Carmine non opus hio neq3 marmore condida falls | Vita sibi 
carmen marmor & omne Yal». 

In the MS. two shields are tricked : 1, Ten roundels^ in chief a crescent for 
difference^ Gifford ; impaling, Per cross a bend. 2, Per cross a bend; impaling, 
A fesse. Query unfinished. ^' These two coats should hare bene borne quarterly.*' 

Arms : A mullet between three crescents; impaling [blank]. 

Here resteth the body of John Monin, Clarke | and Rector of the parish church 
of Evthorn in Kent | sonne of S^ William Monins of Waldershire in | the same 
county, Baronet, and of Dame Jane his wife | daughter of Roger Twisden of 
Peckham, Esquire | who departed this life the 22 Novemb. Anno D*mM 1650 | and 
in the 48 yeare of his age. 

Arms : Three palets ; impaling, AfessSy and in chief three lozenges. 

M. S. 
Gertrudis eximia pietate fasmina uxor Henrioi | Thimblby defuncti Hoc monu- 
mentum posuit supra | corpus suum cum corde suo. 

Here lyeth Rebecoa the daughter of Joseph Loyd | of This parish, gent., and 
of Elionor his wife, deceased | the 22 of May 1649. 

Here the following shields are tricked, but without colours or stating if in glass, 
painted, or carved : — 

1. The Arms of the City of London. 

2. The Grocers Company. 

8. The Fishmongers Company. 
4. The Drapers Company. 
6. The .... Company. 

6. The Bakers Company. 

7. Three crescents^ and over all on a canton a crest coronet^ Hodges. 

d, Ona cross between four fleurs-de-lis five roundels. 

10. Ermine^ three stags' heads erased . . . .; impaling, A fesse indented between 

three lions passant-guardant. 

11. Per pale of three : i. Quarterly y 1 and 4, Between two bendlets engrailed^ 

three covered cups, Butler ; 2, Three fish within a bordure engrailed ; 
8, Three picks, ii. On a pale the head of conger erect eouped^ Gascoyne. 
III. A fesse counter-embattled between three escallop-shells. 

Arms, at the top : i. Quarterly^ I, Or, on a chief sable two griffins' (wolves ?) heads 
erased argent ; 2, Oules, two lions passant or; 8, Argent, a chevron (azure) between three 
eagles diy>layed sable; 4,,0ry0na cross (vertl) a mullet gules (Hussey). ii. Jffour 


bzmgea conjoined in /esse, iii. Three roundels^ each ehargedwith a talbot passant, on 
a ehief a lion passanUguardant between two anchors erect iv. Two chevronels, the 
lower one charged with three mullets^ and in base a cinquefoil; over all on a canton a 
Uon passant-guardanU v. On a chief two griffins^ heads erased ; impaling, Per pale 
a cross patee. vi. Sable, a cross fleury between four escallop'Shells argent. 

Here before lyeth the body of William Stidolph* | third sonne of John 
Stidolph of Mickelham in the | connty of Surrey, Esq. He had issue by his 
wife Eliza- | beth, daughter of John Foxb of 8* John's in London | Qent., 
William, Jane, Mary, Thomas, and | Elizabeth. He departed this life at the 
age of 55 | being the last of December Anno D'm'i 1660. I Here also before 
^eth the body of the above named | Elizabeth, who departed this life the 10^ of 
Feb. I Anno D'm'i 1623. 

[Note. — There must be an error in these dates. The wife cannot haye had five 
children and died in 1628, her husband not dying until 1660, aged only 55 ; unless, 
indeed, the second date refers to the daughter without specifying that fact.] 

The MS. does not give the colours of the arms, and has three heads on the 
chief in the first quarter of No. i., and two heads on the chief in the dexter coat of 
No. V. The colours are from the "New View," but that does not give the 
inscription, and onlv the quartered shield and No. vi. This book also calls it a 
spacious monument by the north-west door, adorned '^ with his Head and half-body, 
with a book in his right hand, and under his left a death's head." The author of 
the '* New View " also says he was told this gentleman [».d. William Stidolph] gave 
ground by which the churchyard was much enlarged southward, but it appeared 
to him not to be half big enough for this very spacious parish, '^ where they have 
often 8 Burials or upwards in an Evening." 

Arms : Three battle-axes erect infesse, a chief ermine; impaling, A wyvern segreant 
mth a lion attacking it from behind. 

This is over the inscription, and beneath it is the dexter coat ; impaling. On a 
fesse between three lions' heads erased as many pheons, all within a bordure. 

M. 8. 
Oharissimsa matris ALiOiB uxoris venerabilis | olim viri ALEXAimni Sheppard 
Legum Doctoris | nee non suavissimsa nuper conjugis Ann^ ex antiqua | 
Daunteseyorum familia in agro Wilton oriundae | pietatis & amorls ergo posuit 
Thomas Sheppabd | Hie loci juxta (quern si Deo videbitur) mortales suas ex- | 
uvias humandas designavit providus Anno D'm'i 1681. 

Arms : . . . *fretty, on a canton a sheldrake; impaling. Per bend three roses, two 
and onsj counterchanged. 

Juxta requiescat Corpus Nathaniel Braoihsn- | bubt hujus parochii Architecti 
ex Elizabetha uxore | plurimos suscepit filios superstites reliquit tantum duos | 
Elizabeth & Nathaniel obiit funebris illo Anno Dom' | 1665, iBtat. 43. | 
Elizabeth ejus relicta postea nupta Leonardo Sowers- | bt ei peperit Luciam, 
Pbrcival, & Alioiam (super- | stites) praater alios prius mortuos obiit 29 die 
Novembris | Anno D'ni 1672 iBtatis 88^ et corpus ejus in eodem tumulo | 

{lb be eontinuMd.) 

* For Pedigree, see "The VisiUtionfl of Sorroy, 1530, 1572, and 1623." (Harl. Soc, 
vol. 43, p. 42.) 




Jfamilp of ananw; of Caban, m/ 



(1) Thomas Cootb, D.L., of Raconnell House, co. Monaghan, born 

28 November 1848 ; appointed 19 Deoember 1859 Lient. in 
the Monaghan Regiment ; Captain 10 December 1864 ("Army 
List '') ; married 28 April 1869 (St. Anne's, Dublin, Par. Reg.) 
Mary Alicia, daughter of Robert Adams, Es(]., M.D., University 
Professor of Surgery, Trinity College, Dublin, and Surgeon in 
Ordinary to the Queen in Ireland, of 22 St. Stephen's Green, 
North Dublin. He died 18 January 1880, aged 86, and had 
issue as follows : — 

1. Thomas Cootb, born 18 September 1870. 

2. Mart Hobatia Annie. 
8. Kathleen Chablotte. 

4% Nina Helena Josephine. 
5. Maude Alioia. 

His widow married 6 September 1882 (Lisnadill Par. Reg.) 
James C. Wolfe, Esq., eldest son of the Ven. J. C. Wolfe, D.D., 
Archdeacon of Clogher. 

(2) Charles William Maxwell Cootb, bom 27 January 1845 ; 

entered the Army as Ensign 16 August 1864 in the 25th 
Regiment (King's Own Scottish Borderers) ; Lieut. 16 October 
1867 ; sold out 2 April 1869 ("Army List") ; married I July 
1871 Maria Radcliffe, daughter of Captain J. S. Spencer, and 
granddaughter of the late Hon. Judge Radcliffe of the Supreme 
Court of New York (" Daily Express" Newspaper). 

(3) William B. Cootb, born 21 September 1847. 

(4) Rev. Henry Richard Albert Coote, born 16 April 1850 

(Kilmore Par. Reg.) ; T.C.D., A.B. Hiem. 1873 ; entered Holy 
Orders 1874 ; was Curate of Castlerock, Diocese of Derry ; 
Rector of Fermoyle, Diocese of Derry, and afterwards, 1879, 
Rector of Donaghadee, Diocese of Down. 

(5) Albert Augustus Eyre Cootb, born 12 September 1851 

(Kilmore Par. Reg.) ; entered the Army as Lieut, in the 
Armagh Light Infantry (Royal Irish Fusiliers) 10 October 
1874 ; Captain 15 September 1877 (" Army List") ; married 
9 August 1882 Mary Emily, daughter of the Ven. J. C. Wolfe, 
D.D., Archdeacon of Clogher (Armagh Par. Reg.). 

* Commnnicated by Maxwell Adams, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. From a MS. by the late 
Bev. B. W. Adams, D.D.--contiimed fiom p. 176. 


(6) Anne Jane, married 16 April 1874 George W. Hervey Alcock, 

Esq. (St. Anne's, Dublin, Par. Reg.). 

(7) Victoria MARaARET Mary, married 15 June 1876 Thomas 

Ferdinand Bichardson, Esq., of Carrahoe Honse, co. Monaghan. 

5. Elizabeth, married 18 November 1841 (St. Andrew's, Dublin, Par. 

Reg.) Rev. William Watkins Deering, A.M., T.C.D., who died 
81 August 1870. She died 10 April 1888 at Newcastle, co. Down, 
a^ed 68 years, having had issue four sons and four daughters, 
VIZ. : — 

(1) Charles Lucius Henry Deering, born 1844 ; entered the 

Army 8 April 1867 as Ensign in the 28th Regiment ; Lieut. 
5 May 1869 ; sold out 8 August 1878 (" Army List **) ; 
appointed Captain in the Royal Dublin City Militia 25 May 
1875 ; married 26 February 1877 (St. Mary's, Dublin, Par. 
Reg.) Anna Louisa Soden, daughter of Francis Nesbitt Cullen, 
Esq., J.P., of Corry Lodge, co. Leitrim ; died 4 December 1878 
at Corry Lodge, aged 84. 

(2) William Stuart Deering, born 1847 ; died 2 June 1858 at 

Clones, CO. Monaghan. 

(8) Cosby Deering, born 4 April 1856 ; entered the Merchant 

Service 1872 from the " Conway " training ship, Liverpool, as 
OflBcer on board the " Flag of London," in which he was lost 
with the entire crew on his voyage from New York to London 
in January 1878. 

(4) Frederick Deering, born 6 February 1860; died 11 February 


(5) Harriet, bom 1845 ; married 15 March 1871 at Ontario Lodge, 

Oakville, Ontario, Canada West, the residence of her uncle 
Edgar R. Bredin, Esq., J.P. (see below), John Dickenson, C.E., 
Resident Engineer of the Sincoe and Miskokee Junction 
Railway, of Toronto, and only child of Sir Drury Jones 
Dickenson, Knt., of 10 Mountjoy Place, Dublin ("Daily 
Express" Newspaper). She died s.p. 1 January 1872 at 
Orillia, Canada West, aged 26. 

(6) Clara Selina Margaret, born 1852 ; died unmarried 6 January 

1874, aged 22, at Northlands, co. Cavan. 

(7) Anne Jane Foster, married 8 October 1872 Ambrose Going 

Adams, Esq., of Northlands (see p. 169). 

(8) Edith IImka. 

6. Caroline Martha, married 21 May 1851 (St. Mark's, Dublin, Par. 

Reg.) Edgar Robert Bredin, Esq., J.P., of Ontario Lodge, Oakville, 
Canada West, and J.P. for the County of Cavan, who died 28 April 
1878. She died 25 June 1877, having had issue five sons and four 
daughters, viz. : — 

(1) John William Bredin, born 26 July 1852, 


(2) Charles Eugbne Allen Bbedin, born 12 October 1858. 

(3) Bdgab Atheling Horatio Bredin, born 24 October 1855. 

(4) Ernest Noble Bredin, born 28 February 1858. 

(5) Henry Osmund Bredin, bom 16 May 1864. 


(7) Josephine Caroline Stuart. 

(8) Florence Anne. 

(9) Hannah Maria, born 25 September 1868; died 23 December 


7. Anne Jane, married 3 March 1853 (St. Mark's, Dublin, Par. Reg.) 
Rev. Stephen Radcliff, A.B., of Wilmount, Kells, co. Meath, and 
Rector of Lisnadill, Diocese of Armagh. She died 28 June 1900, 
aged 73, at Armagh, and was buried at Lisnadill, having had issue 
five sons and four daughters, viz. : — 

(1) John Travers Radcliff, bom 30 January 1857. 

(2) Charles James Radcliff, bom 17 August 1860. 

(3) Thomas Lionel Radciliff (twin with William Harold), born 

24 January 1863, who died an infant. 

(4) William Harold Radcliff (a twin, with Thomas Lionel), born 

24 January 1863. 

(5) Stephen Radcliff, bora 5 November 1866. 

(6) Anne Jajte Wade. 

(7) Caroline £leanor. 

(8) Mabel Horatia Oarnett. 

(9) Frajjces Ada. 

V. Elizabeth, born 26 April 1779 ; died 25 April 1780 (Family Register). 

VI. Elizabeth, bom 21 October 1780 ; died 28 October 1780, aged 1 week 

(Family Register). 

VII. Amelia, bora 22 April 1782 ; died 5 September 1782 (Family Register). 

VIII. Charlotte, born 13 June 1789 ; died 26 August 1790 (Family Register). 

IX. Matilda, born 15 July 1794; died same day (Family Register). 

X. Caroline, born 4 March 1796 (Family Register) ; married 1 January 

1812 (Killersherdiny Par. Reg.) John James Archbold Leonard, Esq., 
of Claremont and Leamore Lodge, co. Wicklow, J.P. for the Counties 
of Wicklow and Carlow ; died 22 June 1858 at Claremont, and was 
interred in Newcastle Churchyard, co. Wicklow (Newcastle, co. Wicklow, 
Par. Beg.), beside her husband, who had died 10 March 1858 at Clare* 


monty aged 78, having had iBsue seven sons and three daughters, 
viz. : — 

1, John George Bunbuey Leonard, baptized 7 January 1814 (Castle- 

dermot Par. Reg.), of Claremont House, Wicklow, and Captain in 
the 6th Carabineers ; married 12 July 1836 (Drumgoon Par. Reg.) 
Margaret, daughter of Major Thomas Coote of Fort William, 
Cootehill ; died 15 February 1847 at Rosscarbery, co. Cork, where 
he was interred (Ross Par. Reg.), having had issu^ three sons and 
two daughters, viz. : — 

(1) John Henbt Leonard. 

(2) Thomas Leonard, married, but died 8.p. 5 September 1865. 

(3) Benjamin Adams Leonard, surgeon, married 22 July 1893 at 

Holy Trinity Church, Glen Innes, Australia, Margaret Anna 
Eleanor, youngest daughter of George Alcock, Esq., of Cros- 
thwaite Park, Kingstown, Dublin. 

(4) Caroline. 

(5) Elizabeth Joyce, married September 1871 (St. Stephen's, Dublin, 

Par. Reg.) Robert Henry Robinson, Staff Assistant-Surgeon 
H.M.'s British Army, son of Thomas Robinson, Esq., of John s 
Mall, Parsonstown ('* Daily Express '* Newspaper). 

2. Benjamin Adams Leonard of I^eamore Lodge, born 9 October 1816 ; 

married 8 June 1848 Frances, daughter of Captain Thomas Philips 
of Edergal and Castle Bagshaw, co. Cavan, and Ash Green, oo. Meath. 
She died 27 January 1900 (" Irish Times " Newspaper) at Ballycarney, 
CO. Wexford, having had issue three sons and three daughters, 
viz. : — 

(1) Benjamin Samuel Leonard, bom 22 April 1855 ; died 15 July 

1883 of heart disease, at Le Mars, Iowa, U.S.A. 

(2) John Arohbold Leonard, born 18 February 1857. 

(8) Thomas Philips Leonard, born 8 October 1858 ; accidentally 
drowned while bathing 20 July 1869, and was interred in 
Ballycarney Churchyard (Ballycarney Par. Reg.). 

(4) Caroline Joceltn, born 1 July 1849 ; died 24 December 1849 

and was interred in Jersey. 

(5) Helena Mary, bom 5 Jlovember 1851 ; died 8 April 1868, 

aged 17 years, and was interred in Ballycarney (Ballycarney 
Par. Reg.). 

(6) Caroline Elizabeth, born 21 May 1858 ; died 17 June 1866, 

aged 18 years, and was inten*ed in Girly Churchyard, co. Meath 
(Girly Par. Reg.). 

8. Samuel William Leonard, born 1824 ; entered the Customs 1847 ; 
died unmarried 18 July 1852 at Dominica, West Indies, when First 
Revenue Officer of that Island. 


4. Fbancis Berry Leonard, C.E., of Spring Hill, Ballyhooly, co. Cork, 

born 7 August 1827 (Newcastle, co. Wicklow, Par. Reg.) ; married 
18 July 1861 Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Yates, Esq., of Leeds, 
England, and has issue one son and two daughters, viz. :— 

(1) Ernest Edward John Leonard, bom 18 September 1863. 

(2) Beatrioe. 
(8) Constance. 

5. Charles James Leonard of Claremont, bom 6 April 1829 ; married 

1 June 1860 Georgina Mary, daughter of Marcus Maingay, Esq., of 
Merry Meeting, co. Wicklow, and has issue two daughters, viz. : — 

(1) Caroline Frances. 

(2) Georgina Emily. 

6. Richard Adams Leonard, born 27 September 1882 (Newcastle, co. 

Wicklow, Par. Reg.) ; died 28 March 1886, aged 8 years, and was 
interred in Newcastle Churchyard, co. Wicklow (ibtd,). There is a 
mural tablet to his memory in Newcastle Church. 

7. Cosby Adolphus Leonard, bora 1888 ; entered the United States 

Navy, where he attained the rank of Lieutenant. 

8. Elizabeth, bora 1818 ; died unmarried 16 November 1856, aged 88, 

and was interred in Newcastle Churchyard, co. Wicklow (Newcastle, 
CO. Wicklow, Par. Reg.). 

9. Emily Deborah, bora 1820 ; married 1 July 1852 Thomas Meredyth 

Archer, Esq., A.M., T.C.t)., of Lower Bagot Street, Dublin ; died 
80 August 1858, aged 88, at Claremont, and was interred in New- 
castle Churchyard (Newcastle, co. Wicklow, Par. Reg.). Mr. Archer 
died 8 April 1866 at Queenstown, co. Cork (Saunder's "News 

10. Caroline, married 11 September 1862 (Christ Church, Cork, Par. Reg.) 
John Edwards, Esq., J.P., of Knockrobin, co. Wicklow ; died s.p. 
7 September 1866 at Knockrobin. 



VL Margaret, married Foster Anderson, M.D., of Cootehill, co. Cavan, son of 
Samuel Anderson, Esq., of same place. Dr. Anderson died s.p. 1774. His 
will, signed 26 February 1771, was proved in Dublin 29 July 1774 (Probate 
Court, Dubliu). 





VII. Jane, married 1754 Thomas Bevan, Esq., of Cootehill, co. Cavan, cousin of 
the Right Hon. Henry Bevan, Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1776. Mrs. Bevan 
died about 1762, leaving issue two sons, viz. : — 

I. Thomas Beyan, born about 1756 ; accidentally burned to death before 

1762, and was interred at Cootehill. 

II. Rev. Richard Bevan, T.C.D., A.B. Vern. 1779, Rector of Carne, Diocese 

of Ferns ; bom 1758 ; married 8 November 1790 (St. Thomas's, Dublin, 
Par. Reg.) Charlotte, daugl^ter of William Mussenden, Esq. He died 
28 May 1842, aged 84, and was interred in Carne Churchyard, co. Wex- 
:(ord, beside his wife, who had died 3 June 1836, aged 73 (Carne Par. 
Reg.), having had issue, among others, two sons and two daughters, 
viz. : — 

1. William Bevan, T.C.D., A.B. Vern. 1814, A.M. Hiem. 1832, M.B. 

-fflst. 1845, F.R.C.S.I. ; bom 2 December 1791 ; married 22 August 
1820 Charlotte, daughter of Thomas Medlicobt, Esq., of Rutland 
Square, Dublin, and died 26 January 1863. She died 7 March 
1876 at Tuam, aged 74, having had issue one son and one daughter, 
viz. : — 

(1) RioHAHD Bevak, born 2 March 1826. 

(2) Anne Frances, married 6 September 1866 Rev. William Richey 

Bailey, D.D., Rector of Clogher, Diocese of Clogher. 

2. Rev. Richard Bevan, T.C.D., A.B. Vern. 1814, A.M. Hiem. 1832 ; 

Curate of Carne ; bom 1793 ; died unmarried 24 February 1872 
at Finglas, aged 78. 

8. Jane, died unmarried 1815. 

4. Frances, born 19 April 1805; married 14 April 1841 Rev. James 
Adams, A.B. (vide p. 84), Rector of Castlecor, Diocese of Meath ; 
died 30 December 1878, aged 73, and was buried in Mount Nugent 
Churchyard, co. Cavan (Castlecor or Kilbride Par. Reg.). 


Extract from an anonymous MS. entitled "An Aphorismical Discovery of 
Treasonable Faction," preserved in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, 
written between 1652 and 1660. Published in ^ Affairs in Ireland, 
1641—1652." (Edited by J. Gilbert.) 

1645. '^ Ormond and his faction examininge all theire witte, to invent a new 
scene, to frustrate this peere of this suposed comforte, to bringe this fatall design 
to the period of its wished end, had two strings in his bpwe that one fayliegn the 
other could not misse, the Lord Leutenant therefore seriously advfced the Earle of 
Tomo(nd) (all this while behavinge Himself neuter, and consequently not troubled 
by either par tie) to be reconciled to his cossen Insichuyne (whoe alias were foes) 
and caused my lord of Muskry, Tomond's nephewe, to worke this attonment, not for 
any other intention, then to worke the distruction of the E(ing's) partie, the 
Catholicks, and to impower the Prespeteriants, which reconcelment was to be 
perfected conditiona(l) that Tomond did give upp Bonrattie to Insichuyne, upon 



the hands of some prime comaan(der) of his : whereby would mightily indnre 
himself unto the Parliament, and woald thereby prove most gratfull .... Doth did 
nominate for governor of Bonrattie Culonell Adams .... thither arrivinge with 
600 men possessed himself of that brave house, and most comodious for the future 
trouble of the royalh'sts." 

Before giving up the castle of Bunratty to Colonel Adams the Earl of Thomond 
buried all his plate, etc., in the walls, but before he left some one told the soldiers 
that he had hidden it, and they made him shew where it was and took it all before 
his eyes. 

Lord Muskerry marched to Bunratty and laid siege to the castle. 

Extract from Richard Bellings' " History of the Irish Confederation and the War 
in Ireland, 1645-6." (Edited by J. Gilbert.) 

" Thirdly, the Earl of Thomond, who before lived peaceably, without offending 
the country, in his castle of Bunratty, admitted into it at this time a garrison of 
eight hundred foot and threescore horse, most of them reformed officers, and, 
sayling into England, left that place, which was plentifully provided of victuals, 
and so seated, as the guarrison might from thence make excursions into the rich 
countryes which for threescore miles long bordered upon the Shannon in the hands 
of the Parliament, under the command of (Captain McAdam) a stout officer, who 
began immediately to raise works to strengthen the castle, that, by reason of the 
marshes with which it was environed, might in a short time be upon the matter 

impregnably fortified." 

• # • • # 

Lord Muskerry encamped in the park and laid siege' to the castle, which was 

considered very strong. 

» • • • ♦ 

''Wherefore it was resolved that the two pieces of cannon newly sent them from 
Limerick should be planted to batter the little castle, which we have described to 
have stood near upon the edge of the outworks which the besieged had raised for 
defence of the place ; the Irish being from thence much annoyed in their trenches, 
and their approaches retarded thereby. The battery was for two dayes continued 
against the side of the castle, which being thin, the bullets only peirced it, without 
shaking the fabrick ; and so undaunted did those intrusted with the guard of it 
maintaine it, that still as the cannon enlarged the breach, they at every shot poured 
forth a volley by the hole the bullets had made, until, towards the evening of the 
second day Captain McAdam, who commanded in Bunratty, coming to view the 
place, and to give order for drawing off his men in case he found it not tenable, 
received a shot about his hams from a feildpiece that was planted among the 
gabions, in some of the higher stages of the fences made upon the side of the hill, 
to incommodate the enemy on his sally, not with any designe to play upon the 
castle, where it could be of little use ; but the cannoneer taking the upper window 
of the castle for a mark to try his skill, made that shot, which by accident was 
fatal to McAdam, who then was in the room, to which that window gave light, and 
being carried thence dyed that night. 

" Whereof the Lord Muskery being advertised by one that came off from the 
beseiged, and knowing how much they were disconratred at the loss of so valiant a 
person, and how little unanimous they were in the choyce of one to succeed him, 
he caused provision of fagotts to be made and resolved to take advantage of this 
their consternation and difference, and to assault them in their works." 

# • « • • 

After the attack the garrison capitulated for their lives, the officers retaining 
their swords, and they were allowed to return to Cork by sea. 

(^Thhe continued.') 




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cS 08 

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II § . 

€8:2^ S 

'd Cf-I p. 



Gloster, St. Michael. Henry Aldridg & Anne Aldridge 17 May 1595. 

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Gloster, St. Michael. Richard Collins & Anne Gardiner of Bisleigb 

18 August 1653. 
Gloster, St. Mary de Lode. Daniel Webb & Edith Wood of Matsonne 

Banns pub. 28 Marcb, 4, 8 April 1657. 
Standish. Thomas CUsol & Mary Cleeve 18 May 1657. 

Gloster, St. Mary de Lode. Oiles Boyce & Sara WatMns 

Banns pub. 6, 13, 20 August 1657. 
Standish. Thomas Turning & Hester Browne 26 September 1657. 

Gloster, St. Mary de Lode. William Hunt of Bislee & Joanne Prichard 

Banns pub. 9, 16, 23 March 1657. 
Gloster, St. John. Odes Low & Margaret Charles 4 January 1658. 

Gloster, St. Michael. William Cooke & Anne Farley 14 February 1658. 

Gloster, St. Michael. William Packer & Sarah Rodway 21 July 1659. 

Gloster, St. Mary de Crypt. Oiles Smith & Ann Tickel of St. John's 

2 July 1663. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Oeorge Dorwood, Gierke, Vicar of Paynswick, & ffrancis 

Hodges 2 February 1664. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Anthony Poole & Dorothy Davis 21 July 1666. 

Gloster CathedraIi. Johannes Dodwell & Anne Ohadwell de Stroud 

19 December 1672. 
Gloster, St. John. Henry Shewall of Stroud & Elinor Kinne 11 May 1674. 
Gloster, St. Michael. Henrey Shewell de Stroud & Eleanora Kynn 

11 May 1674. 
Quedgeley. Samuel Smith & Elizabeth Tunley 31 December 1674. 

Gloster Cathedral. Johannes Hastings & Margaretta Cowles 4 October 1675. 
Quedgeley. Richard Lay ton of Longney & Anne Wicke 3 February 1675. 

Gloster Cathedral. AmbrosV Hewett & Anna Trindall de Edgeworth, wid' 

10 June 1676. 
Gloster Cathedral. Jacob Woodfield de Stroud & Sarah WatMns 

5 September 1678. 
Gloster Cathedral. Joh'es Adey de Rodburrow & J ana More 

9 September 1678. 
Gloster Cathedral. Ouilielmi StefphgM & Hanna Cook 20 February 1679. 

Gloster Cathedral. Arthur Long & Beata Watkins 6 May 1680. 

* Communicated by Cecil T. Davis, Esq. 

-)- Italica are used for the namefi of those belonging to Painswick. I beg to express my 
thanks to liie clergy for kindly allowing me to make the extracts.— 0. T. D. 


Globteb Oathedbal. Thomas Smith & Anna Oardmer 7 December 1680. 

Stonbhousb. Daniel Heskins & Sarah Smith 28 June 1681. 

Glostbb, St. John. Oills Lowde & Hanna Smith 1 June 1686. 

Glostbr, St. John. William Tunly & Mary Land 1 June 1686. 

Fbampton-on-Sbvbbn. J/*" John Webb & M" Ann Wheatcham of London ; lie. 

2 June 1687. 
Glostbb Oathedbal. Henric' Dimery & Anna Renn 21 January 1687. 

Glostbb Oathedbal. Eich' Bear de Stonhouse & Sara Oardtner 1 August 1688. 
Glostbb, St. John. Henry Averis of Oheltingham & Eliona Heron 

18 September 1688. 
Glostbb Oathedbal. Henric' Partridge de Stroud & EUz. Webb 

19 December 1689. 
Cheltenham. Robert Vyner & Bridget Warner of Haravield 21 December 1689. 
Glostbb Oathedbal. EgicP Bolder & Sarah Baylee de Upton St. Leonards 

24 April 1690. 
Glostbb, St. John. Robert Hobbs & Sarah Ohedworth of Stroud 29 April 1690. 
Gloster, St. Michael. Samuell Merrett & Mary Hillman 16 October 1690. 
Glostbb, St. John. John Prowd of Witcomb & Elizabeth Gill 

29 November 1690. 
Glosteb Oathedbal. Henric' Brian & Hester HewUngs 28 May 1691. 

Quedgeley. John Garner & Mary Castle 6 June 1691. 

Glostbb, St. Michael. Rechard Tyler of Wootten-under- Hedge & Anne Watkins 

8 October 1691. 
Glosteb Oathedbal. Stephah* West & Sarah Harding 7 November 1691. 

Glostbb Oathedbal. Garolus Hitman & Maria Lord 20 March 1691. 

(jLosteb, St. John. Richai*d Poole* of Etetone & Grace Perkin of Great Witcomb 

7 April 1692. 
Glosteb Oathedbal. Joh'es Tunly & Doroth* Blaxford de Pool, com' Wilts 

18 June 1692. 
Glosteb Oathedbal. Georg^ Smith & Oatharin Olissold de Pitchcumb 

30 June 1692. 
Whaddon. Stephen Hobbs & Elizabeth Cook 7 July 1692. 

Whaddon. Jeremiah Walker & Margaret Franklin of Lydiard, Wilts 

14 August 1692. 
Glosteb, St. John. Brian Branston of Ypton S. Leonard & Mary White 

2 November 1692. 
Glostbb Oathedbal. Joh'es Webb & Cath' Webb 8 November 1692. 

Glosteb Oathbdral. Georg* White & Elizab' Beard 16 November 1692. 

Glosteb, St. Michael. Robert Hajshard of Burley & Etizab, Webley 

11 March 1692. 
Glosteb, St. Michael. Robt. Hay ward of Tetbury & Elizabeth Weyley 

80 December 1698. 
Glosteb, St. John. William Renn & Margary Tunly ; lie. 7 April 1694. 

Glosteb, St. Michael. John Dancer of Winstone & Susannah Edwards 

18 May 1695. 
Glosteb Oathedbal. Daniel Gardiner de Pitchcomb & EUz. Stephens 

20 October 1695. 
Glosteb, St. John. John Wells of Stonehouse & Ann White ; lie. 

10 September 1696. 
Glosteb Oathedbal. Daniel Hawker de Stroud & MargareUa Mansell 

11 October 1696. 
Glosteb Oathedbal. Johannes Wren & Eliz. Arundell de Stroud 

15 October 1696. 
Matson. William Mills & Margaret Rogers 28 March 1696-7. 
Quedgeley. John King & Maria Badger of Slymbridge 10 May 1697. 

* Altar-tomb iu Painswick Churchyard. 


Glostbr Cathedral. Robertus Mill de Haresfield & Maria Buckle 

27 July 1697. 
Stone. Joseph Russell & Frances Bruton of Thornbury 25 December 1697. 

Standish. Richard Andrews & Ann Palling 28 September 1699. 

Stroud. Thomas Stephens & Catherine Barnes 28 September 1699. 

Standish. Thomas Waihen & Elizabeth Pocket 8 October 1699. 

Glostbr, St. John. Daniel Terrett & Margery Dobbs of Upton S^ Leonards ; lie. 

21 September 1700. 
Gloster, St. John. John Gardiner & Sarah Hone of Upton S* Leonards. B. 

2 August 1701. 
Gloster, St. Michael. Richard Cud & Hester Knowles 28 August 1701. 

King's Stanley. Thomas Randle of Shurdington & Martha Badger 

4 September 1701. 
Gloster Cathedral. Egidius Watkyns & Elizdb. Loveday 80 October 1701. 
Stroud. Edward Jones & Mary Holder 8 January 1701. 
Gloster Cathedral. Henricus Gardiner & Dina Greening de Santhurst 

3 February 1701. 
Gloster, St. John. Laurence Rodway & Hannah Gibbons of Elkstone ; lie. 

16 April 1702. 
Stroud. Henry West & Anne Parry 19 April 1702. 

Gloster, St. John. William Skinner of Preston in y« Forest & Mary Rogers ; lie. 

28 June 1702. 
King's Stanley. Richard Glarl & Deborah Moore 6 October 1702. 

Gloster, St. John. Thomas Curtis & Ann Belcher of Upton St. Leonards. B. 

12 October 1702. 
Gloster, St. Michael. George Rogers of Bisley & Anna Nibblet 

12 November 1702. 
Gloster, St. Michael. Samuel MerreU & Sarah Brown 26 December 1702. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Edward NichoUs Draper & EUsabeth Dorwood 

7 March 1702. 
Gloster Cathedral. Samuel Watkins & Sarah Laud 15 May 1708. 

Stroud. Tho. Webb & Sarah Minstow 12 October 1708. 

Stroud. Jon. Hasilton & Mary Mower 21 October 1703. 

London, St. James, Duke's Place. William Poole^ w., of Panswick in y« county 
of Gloucester, & Elizabeth Pope, w., of S* John's in Bristow 

5 November 1708. 
Gloster Cathedral. Edvardus Knight & Anna Cordwell 20 November 1703. 
Stone. Philip Watkins & Jane Russell 13 April 1704. 
Stroud. Rich** Stephen & Mary Bayly 28 April 1704. 
Stroud. Samuel Philips & Mary Wixey 13 June 1704. 
Stroud. W"^ Fryer & Eliz. Knowles ^ 26 March 1705. 
Gloster Cathedral. Thomas West & Elizabetha Kemore de Stroud 

9 April 1705. 
Stroud. Jacob Mower & Sharah Trotman 1 October 1705. 

Beverstone. William Partridge & Elizabeth Wicks of Tedbury 25 June 1706. 
Gloster, St. Michael. Bernard Ballinger of Cirencester & Mary Dewxell 

28 October 1707. 
King's Stanley. Sanuel Coal of Stroud & Ann Hathaway 3 December 1708. 
Stonehouse. Maurice Clements & Mary Andrews 15 June 1710. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Richard Jones of South-Cerney, Gent', & Anne Pleydall 

1 August 1710. 
Gloster Cathedral. Egidius Lowther & Maria Woadley de Upton St. Leonards 

30 September 1710. 
Beverstone. Thomas Matthews & Ann Webb 24 April 1712. 

Gloster Cathedral. Gulielmus Harris & Susanna Gyde 14 May 1713. 

Glqster Cathedral. Mauritius Clements & Elizabetha Laud de Standish 

25 June 1718. 


Standish. Joseph Brian & Hannah Ghafman 18 September 1713. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Daniel Gyde & Mary Lmg 27 October 1713. 

PiTCHCOMBB. Thomas Clarke & Mary Smith; lie. 21 December 1713. 

PiTCHCOMBB. Samuel Lewis & Eliza Cook 18 January 1713. 

Gloster, St. John. Walter Vyner & Sarah Freame; lie. 80 March 1714. 

Gloster, St. John. Samuel Beard of Upton S* Jjeonards & Sarah Jones ; lie. 

17 October 1715. 
Gloster, St. John. Samuel Atwood of Upton S^ Leonards & Ulizabelh T'awney ; 
lie. 7 January 1715. 

Stonehouse. Emanuel Cook & Hanna Whits 17 January 1715. 

Gloster Cathedral. Stephanus King & Dorcas Wood 2 February 1716. 

PiTOHCOMBE. John Harris of Moretpn Valence & Elizabeth King ; lie. 

2 February 1716. 
Gloster Cathedral. Thomas BayUs & Sarah Burdock de Miserdean 

18 February 1716. 
Gloster, St. John. Giles Bamwood & Hanah Grimes of Upton S* Leonards. B. 

21 April 1717. 
DuRSLEY. Robert Holder & Ann Trotman 25 April 1717. 

Gloster, St. Michael. William Bishop & Sarah Dudbridg of Stroud 

17 September 1717. 
Bkverstoke. Rowland Woods & Elizebeth [. . . . poll ?] 25 September 1718. 
Pitghcombe. Daniel Jones & Sarah Packer 6 January 1718. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Nathaniel ffryer of Bisley & Margaret Jones 

80 March 1719. 
Gloster, St. Michael. Daniel Cook & Anna Amos 17 September 1719. 

PiTCHCOMBB. Richard Cooke & M» Elizabeth Mitchell of y« Farm ; lie. 

26 May 1720. 
Gloster, St. John. Robert Gregory of Elkstone & Deborah Kent; lie. 

9 March 1720. 
Standish. William Banks & Elizabeth Perry 9 April 1721. 

Stroud. Richard Cook & Elizabeth Cole 81 January 1721. 

Gloster, St. John. Henry Bryan & Sarah Gardner 6 February 1721. 

Gloster, St. John. James West & Beata Wessun ; lie. 26 May 1722. 

Frampton-on-Severn. W™ Parker & Bridgett Loveda^ 19 October 1722. 

.Gloster, St. Michael. John Bossly & Mary Bayly 7 November 1722. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Jacob Eigles & Mary Alley 28 August 1723. 

Gloster, St. John. William Gardiner of Coberley & Mary Hall; lie. 

17 February 1723. 
Gloster, St. Michael. Samuel flFbster & Sarah Wrenn 10 April 1724. 

Standish. George Winn & Ann Rod way 20 Septemoer 1724. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Tho. Cox of S^ Martins, Middelsex, & Ann Barnefield 

80 March 1725. 
Standish. Robert Ashel/ord & Jane Carby of Randwick 25 May 1725. 

Standish. John Coock & Mary Rodway 9 October 1726. 

GiiOSTER, St. John. Benjamin Matthetvs & Mary Cullis 6 August 1727. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Richard Longford & Abigail Turly 7 October 1727. 
Gloster, St. Michael. John Rodway & Hannah Holder 4 December 1727. 

Newington Baqpath. William Weaver of S* Mary de Cript, Gloster, & Ann 
Holder 28 May 1729. 

Gloster, St. Michael. John Batman & Margaret Harmer 2 January 1729. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Thomas Webb & Margaret Showel of Stroud 

7 February 1729. 
Rendcombb. William Lidiard & Anne Barnfield of Stroud ; lie. 7 April 1730. 
Stroud. John Smith & Olive Atkins 18 January 1730. 

Frocester. Robert Young & Eleanor Enowles of Easington 14 August 1731. 
Gloster, St. Miohabl. Thomas Hulbert & Sarah Lodge 28 September 1731. 
Cheltenham, John Hayard & Martha Paker 19 June 1732. 


Gloster, St. Michael. Richard Wakefield & Mary Evans 10 May 1783. 

Standish. Henry Terrett & Ann Hugging 14 January 1738. 

Stroud. John Holder & [blank] of Painswick 18 April 1784. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Samuel Webb of Minchin Hampton & Eliza Cull 

12 August 1735. 
Keherton. John Cooks & Anne Nicholson^ wid., of Claynes, co. Wore. ; lie. 

16 August 1735. 
Stonehoube. John Gardiner & Martha Rickets 17 August 1785. 

Gloster, St. John. John SoUars of Charlton Kings & Rachel King; lie. 

5 July 1736. 
Stonehouse. John CUssold & Mary Andrews 10 August 1737. 

Gloster, St. John. William Oide & Hannah Bubb 11 June 1789. 

Coaley. Stephen Wood & Sarah Cam 15 June 1789. 

Stroud. Henii/ Clark & Jane Halliday 24 August 1740. 

PiTCHCOMBE. William Bates of Woodchester & Mary Jeaks ; Banns 

6 October 1740. 
Gloster, St. Michael. Thos, Gardiner & Sarah Trustrum of Upper Duutsborn 

11 February 1740. 
PiTCHCOMBE. Daniel Packer & Sarah Palling 5 November 1741. 

Gloster, St. John. Daniel Harding of Stroud, B., & Sarah Harding; lie. 

17 September 1742. 
FuLHAH, MiDX. Thomas Grammatty B., & Hannah Front of Fulham, S. ; lie. 

26 October 1742. 
Gloster, St. Michael. Robert Homeit & Mary Verringdon of Stroud 

24 February 1742. 
Gloster, St. John. John Wilkes & Safah Holder; lie. 4 April 1743. 

Gloster, St. John. /» Holder & Eliz* Birch 6 November 1743. 

Gloster, St. Michael. John Gardiner & Sarah Preston 8 February 1743. 

King's Stanley. Samuel Cook & Ann Rider 7 October 1744. 

Glqster, St. Michael. Joseph Knawles & Amy Allins of Cirencester 

25 January 1744. 
NiMPSFiELD. Nathaniel Frier & Frances Dee ; lie. 10 June 1745. 

Gloster, St. John. Samuel Birt & Hester Hooper 11 August 1745. 

Gloster, St. John. Sarltuel Holder & Anne Machin. B. 81 December 1745. 
Gloster, St. Michael. Willm. Ly dials & Mary Hinton 80 January 1745. 

Gloster, St. John. William Gardner^ B., & Hannah Teal of Uphatherly. B. 

2 December 1746. 
Stroud. Richard Young alias Twissell & Hannah Poole 81 January 1746. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Edward Randle of Ash-Church & Sarah Beard 

2 September 1747. 
Gloster, St. Michael. James Osborne & Elizabeth Cook 28 March 1749. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Samuel Beard & Elizab^^ Banks of Upton S^ Leonard 

10 July 1749. 
Gloster, St. Michael. John Scott & Sarah Isles 29 September 1749. 

Stroud. William Hare & Mary Gardner 9 April 1750. 

Stroud. John Copson, Vicar of Malmesbury, & Mary Shipway 18 October 1750. 
Stroud. Thomas Hyde & Eliz, Poulson 16 December 1750. 

Gloster, St. Michael. George Lander & Anne Tippett 24 September 1751. 

Hampnett. John Webb of North Cerney & Sarah Boon 1751. 

Gloster, St. Michael. Job Stanley & Elizabeth Excell of Rodborough 

7 February 1758. 
Stroud. Edward Poole & Martha Nickolls 24 May 1753.' 

Gloster, St. John. Thos. Ireland & Hannah Gamer; lie. 20 June 1753. 

Stroud. John Cook & Mary King 27 September 1753. 

Gloster, St. Michael. William Pugh of Cayo in the Diocese of S* David's & 
Martha Wrenn ^ 9 October 1753. 

Gloster, St. John. Benjamin Wager & Anne Carter, wid. B, 24 October 1754, 


Hahpnett. John Haltone of Oaksey & Elizaleth Ghmingtm 1754. 

Stroud. John Window & Mary Land 14 October 1755. 

NiMPSFiEiiD, Thomas Gardiner^ clothworker, & Elizabeth Burfords 

25 December 1757. 
Stroud. Bichard Gardner & Sarah Gainey 14 August 1759. 

Stroud. WilUam Hughes & Eleanor Danieh 5 November 1759. 

Stonbhousb. Daniel Berrtfy b., <& Mary Jenner, 8. 25 October 1761. 

Stroud. Stephen ElUs & Mary Maycook 20 April 1762. 

Stonehouse. Thomas Merrey, b., & Sarah Churches, s., of Bodborough 

21 April 1762. 
King's Stanley. Daniel Adey & Margaret Clifford ; lie. 14 October 1762. 

Stroud. Samuel Lawrwue & Eleanor Cocks 5 January 1764. 

Standish. Thomas Bohbs & Mary White ; lie. 28 September 1764. 

Stroud. James Restall & Anne Gardiner 21 September 1766. 

Stroud. Edward Power & Mary Morgan 19 February 1767. 

Stroud. Sam^ Wood & Lettice Hodgson 22 June 1769. 

Standish. Nicholas Olive & Elizabeth Gardner ; lie. 30 July 1769. 

Qloster, St. Michael. Richard Packer & Susanna Bay lis 28 January 1770. 
Stroud. John Haines & Hester Veysey 7 February 1771. 

Stroud. W^ Rarmells & Hester Stephens 26 February 1771. 

Standish. Edward MM & Sarah Ridler 2 July 1771. 

Globter, St. Miohael. James Gastrell & Sarah Carwardine ; lie. 

10 November 1771. 
Stroud. John Marman & Jane Pit 18 December 1771. 

King's Stanley. Thomas Tunning, b., & Eliz. Cookes 8 February 1773. 

Standish. James Wood & Mary Cook ; lie. 15 May 1774. 

Stroud. William Fletcher of Stroud, son of Thomas Fletcher, & Priscilla Kemble, 

Spinster, of Painswick, daughter of John Kemble 18 December 1774. 

Standish. Joseph Cook & Patience Chamberlain [she signs *' Chamberlayne '*] 

28 February 1775. 
Stroud. John Parker^ Bachelor, of Painswick, son of John Parker, & Jane 

Clissold, Spinster, of Stroud, daughter of William Clissold 17 May 1775. 
Glostbr, St. Michael. William Bametty B., & Hannah Thomas, S. ; He. 

28 July 1784. 
Gloster, St. Michael. Daniel Ellis & Sophia Bicketts ; lie. 10 August 1784. 
QuBDOELBY. Samusl Driver & Jane Boulton 24 July 1785. 

Bishop's Cleevb. John Parker & Ann Pearce ; lie. 21 May 1788. 

Stonehouse. Charles Webb, b., & Mary Caruthers, s. ; lie. 1 February 1790. 
Matson. Thomas Smith & Sarah Greening ; lie 4 April 1792. 

Glostbr, St. Michael. John Block/well & Elizabeth Welch ; lie. 2 July 1792. 
Frampton-ON-Sbvern. Alexander Christie & Mary Evans ; lie. 

15 December 1793. 
Frampton-on-Severn. John King & Mary Collins ; lie. 10 March 1796. 

Stonehouse. Samuel Niblett & Anne Perkis, s. 28 March 1799. 

Cam. Timothy Stanley & Joanna Hurlestone, this p. ; lie. 29 April 1799. 

Frampton-on-Severn. Joseph Denton & Mary Carter ; lie. ' 8 July 1799. 
Standish. John Little & Mary Anne Caruthers ; lie. 9 November 1806. 

Charlton Kings. John Loveday & Eliz. Greenwood ; lie* 12 November 1807. 
Cam. William Webb & Elizabeth Minett, this p. 16 October 1810. 

DuRSLEY. John Jones, h., & Mary Hill, s. 8 December 18l0. 

Stonehouse. John Watts & Mary Clissold ; lie. 22 August 1811, 

(7b he earUinued.) 

* In <* Glooester Jonmal *' : Mr. John Loveday of Oakham [Holoomb] to Miss Greening of 
Charlton Kings. 

VOlit v., SBROSS in. T 


iSlDmnnental Itiitti^tiom 


*t iHarp'« CJurtJ, Eeatiinjj/ 

In South Tbakbept. 

On a white marble mnral tablet, representing a woman, weeping, with a palm- 
branch in her hand : — 

In Memory of 
John Bebkelsy Monge, Esq'^ 


who died December 12, 1884 

in his 66*"^ year. 

In a three-h'ghi window of stained glass, representing (1) a mother dedicating 
her child in Holy Baptism ; (2) a yonng man ministering to the sick ; (8) the 
same giving a cnp of cold water : — 

In Memoriam Oul. Stanlet Monoe 
Diaconi, paupernm Pebre quibns ecc- 

les S^ retri Leodiensis ministra- 

bat, snblati a.d. Mater et familia 

p.p. MDOOOXLVII, ffitatis XXYI. 

Below a marble mural tablet, representing a dying man, supported on a conch 
by a woman, with hand resting on Bible : — 

In Memory of John Monck, Esq" 

A descendant of the Monks of Potheridge 

In Devonshire 

who died the 12^^ of November 1809, aged 74 

who was bnried in Walcot 

Ghnrch, Bath. 

In a three-light window of stained glass, representing (1) Christ teaching ; 
(2) the Crucifixion and Nativity ; (8) the Last Supper : — 

Erected by his late parishioners 

& friends to perpetuate the memory 

of the Rev* Samuel Wildman Yates 

M.A., for 25 years Vicar of this 

parish. He resided his pastorate 

tnrough bad health in October 1861 

and died at Maperton House, Somerset 

on the 7*^ day of May 1862, aged 67 years. 

He was a faithful minister of Christ^s 

Gospel, a sincere friend & a true 

gentleman. ^' The memory of the just 

is blessed." Prov. x. 7. 

* Communicated by Bev. G. P. Crawfubd, sometime Curate in this pariBb, now Yicar of 
Bicester, Oxon— continqed from p. 195. 


In grateful 

And affectionate remembrance 

of her singnlar worth 

Thifi tablet 

is erected to the Memory of 

Ohaslottb Anne Tatbs 

The daughter of John Pbbl, of Pastures House 

in the County of Derby, Esquire 

And the wife 

of Samuel Tates, A.M. 

Vicar of this parish. 

In her 

Whose name is here recorded 

Were united in an eminent degree 

Those qualities of the mind & principles of the heart 

W hich fitted her to adorn the Doctrine 

Of God her Sayiour 

And by adorning to recommend it. 

Among strangers 

Her Kindness of manner & Afiability of speech 

Her uniform wish and power to please 

Oave to her society a charm 

And to her example an influence 

Possessed bjr few. 

While in ail the Domestic relations of life 

As a Wife, a Parent, a Friend 

The meek & cheerftal spirit 

With which erery duty was fulfilled 

Her active sympath]^ with the distresses of others 

Her benevolent consideration for the feelings of all 

Rendered her 

The Attraction, The Ornament, The Happiness 

Of her Home. 

After a life of Christian consistency 

Which showed the Olory of God & the Good of man 

' To be alike her motive & her aim 

She died on ui day of April mdoooxxxix 

Aged ZLTV years 

And was buried in the ibmOy vault 

In the Cathedral Church of Worcester. 

On a three-light window of stained glass, representing Our Lord and the emblems 
of the Evangelists : — 

This window is dedicated to the 
Mem. of William Watlington 1852. 

Slab lying in passage of the nave (with coat of arms, worn smooth) :— 


Eliz. uxor. prsBdicti Bob" Bubd 


On slab lying westwards of the last : — 

Here lyeth the Body of M' 

John Fellow, late of London 

Merchant, who was born in this 

Parish and departed this life the 

7* Day of September 1728 in 

the (^84 ?] year of his age. 

The following inscriptions are from tablets lemored to the West Porch at the 
time of the restoration of the Ohurch in IdG-*- : — 

On an oval tablet of white marble set in a border of green marble (with coat of 
arms) : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 


the beloved & most affectionate Wife of 

Henry Annbslbt Woodham, Esquire 

Doctor of Laws, sometime Fellow 

of Jesus College, Cambridge 

& Daughter of Chableb Humfbbt, Esquire 

of St. Andrew's Close in that Town. 

In full possession of all the most valued, & leaving a 

perfect sweetness of memory behind, she departed 

this life at Cambridge on the morning of 

Sunday the 12^ of January 1851 & 

was buried in the vault belonging 

' to her husband in the Cemetery 

of this Borough. 

Eouud the border is inscribed : — Also in loving Memoir of Hbnbt Anneslet 

Woodham, who died on the 16^ of March 1875 at Cambridge, where he was buried. 

These words are inscribed by his sole surviving sister. 

On a white marble urn set in slate :— • 

Sacred to the Memory of 

Penblopb Bbadb 

who died May 5'^ 1825 

Aged 17. 

On a white marble tablet : — 


To The Memory Of 

John Shebwood, Esq' 

of this parish 

Who died January U^, 1881 

aged 58 years 

But whose remains are deposited 

In the family vault, in Purley Churchyard. 

On a white marble tablet : — 


To The Memory of 

Mabtha Oliveb 

ob* Jan>7 14, 1820. 

She lived highlv respected and with pious resignation 

Died deeply lamented by all who knew her. 

UiaOXLliANttA dSlfBALOfitOA ItT HfiUALDlOA. ^7 

On a white marble nm :— 

To the Memory of 

Ohbistuna the wife of Thos. Jbssb, Esq" 

of Castle Hill Honse, in this parish 

who died Peb'y xx.y^\ a.d. mdcccxxxi, Aged lxxv. 

'* In Life nniTersally respected, in Death as sincerely lamented." 

Also of Thomab Jessb, Esq^" 

who died April vn*, a.d. mdoooxlvii, aged lxxxiv. 

^* Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.** 

On a white marble tablet, set in grey marble, snrmonnted by an nm inscribed 
YiHiEBA, with sword and palm-branch crossed and a chaplet : — 

To The Memory of 
Lient.-Col. Ohablbs Taylob of the 20**» Beg* Light Dragoons 

Who fell in the moment of Victory at the Battle of Yimiera 

having obtained the loye of his friends by his amiable qualities 

The esteem of the British Army 

and even the Admiration of the Enemy 

by his Military Skill and Intrepidity. 

This tablet is erected 

to testify the Attachment of his native Town 

and the Gratitude of his Oonntry. 

Beneath is coat of arms. 

On a white marble tablet :— 

In a Vault 

Beneath this marble slab 

Are deposited the lemains of 


aged 65 

who died on the 26^^ day of January 1837 


who was the second daughter of the 

Reverend Johk Hawison 


Bector of Bighton near Alresford, Hants. 

On a white marble tablet surmounted by an urn :-* 

Sacred to the Memory 

of M' BiOHABD SowDON, of the Boyal Navy 

1 Son of Thomas Sowdon, Esq', Mayor of this Borough 

Who fell at the early i^e of 21 in the ever memorable battle of Algiers 

On board H.M.S. T^eander August 27tS 1816 

In the noble cause of releasing his fellow creatures from captivity. 

His remains were consigned to the Bay of Algiers. 

This gallant, enterprising, and courageous young Officer was selected 

By his commander to execute a most important office 

While the ship was in a prilous state of danger, and performed it 

In a Manner which excited the utmost admiration 

But had scarcely returned to receive the thanks of Captain Ghetham 

When he was mortally wounded by a cannon-shot, and was 

The last victim to t^e ferocious enemy. 


In his death he displayed as much patience, fortitude & resignation 

As he evinced courage & bravery during the desperate conflict 

And his country has to mourn the premature loss of one 

Whose public and private endowments would doubtless 

Have rendered him one of its greatest ornaments. 

^ For I will not trust in my bow, it is not my sword that shall 

help me, But it is Thou that savest us from our enemies, Lord 

My Strength and My Redeemer. Ps. ziv. 7, 8. 

Beneath naval emblems^ anchor, cannon, etc. 

On a white marble tablet set in slate : — 

M. S. 

JoANNis Taylor, M.D. 

Qui in hoc oppido plusquam L annos vixit 

Ob summam medic® artis peritiam 

Nemini non notus ; 

Ob singularem animi candorem 

Urbanam morum simplicitatem, facilem colloquii suavitatem 

Isemini non dilectus 

Famam meresi quam appetere maluit : 

Leni ergo lapsu ad extremam senectutem devenit : 

Mentem, doctrini et Uteris 

Orcecis prsecipue et Latlnis, eximie adomatam 

Ac sacrorum librorum studio diligenter excultam 

Sonam ac integram usque ad lxxxiv™ annum servarit ; 

Et e placidft tandem vitft placid^ decessit 

Spe fretus melioris et diuternss. 


On a white marble tablet set in slate : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 
Sarah Notes 



the daughters & onlv children 

of Thomas Buokeridgr Notes, Esquire 

and Sarah his wife ^formerly Sarah Uuoes) 

who both aied unmarried 

Amr Notes on the 9^ of December 1841 

in the 78**» year of her age ; 

and Sarah Notes on the 19^ of April 1842 

in the 79*^ year of her age. 

On a grey marble oval tablet : — 

In the Church-yard 

of this parish are interred the bodies 

of John & Ltdia Moorb 

late of Wingham in the County of Kent. 

They lived respected and died lamented 

by all who knew them. 

This tablet to their 

Memory is erected by their only Son 

in grateful remembrance of their 

amiable qualities of Father, Mother, 

and Friend. 


On a white marble tablet set in slate : — 


to the Memory of 

William Ltnk, Esq" 

who died Nov' W\ 1799 

Aged 79 years. 


Maby Lynb 

Wife of the above 

Died Aug"* 29«», 1808 

Aged 78 years. 

Their remains are deposited in a vault 

In this Church on the south side. 

(^Ibhe eoTUifwed,') 


Paul Btuhf the Latt Rector of EAington and First Bishop of Bristol, 1 490—1658. By Abthub 

SOHOMBBBO. 1903. Devizes: *' Gazette*' Office. 
This is a little brochure ^hicta will be yery acceptable to Wiltshire meo. Paul Bash was born 
in 1490, and his parents being fairly placed he aspired to studying at the Oxford house of the 
Bonhommes near the site of Wadham College. He soon acquired a position, taking his Bachelor's 
degr^ee in 1518, at which time he was numbered among the celebrated poets of Oxford. In 1539 
he was Canon Beddentiary of Sarnm and Chaplain to Henty YIII., and died in 1553, having 
been consecrated to the See of Bristol in 1542. 

This little work gives his portrait, which now hangs in the Bishop's Palace at BristoL By 
a lengthy deed (which is given in full) he surrenders Edington Monastery ; and his will, 
September 1558, is also given. His monument is shewn from a tracing of Bush's monument under 
a canopy of stone, but little can now be deciphered. In the sanctuary his arms were impaled 
with those of the See, and in the vestry can be seen an engraving of them. 

The work is nicely got up, stitched in a coloured wrapper, and making 28 pp., and forms 
a neat monument to a worthy man and a devout Christian. Mr. Schomberg has done his best 
to immortalise the former history of one of our earliest bishops. 

l%e Journal of the Em Lihris Society. Vol. XIII., Parte 3, 4, 5, and 6, for March, April, May, 

and June 1903. London : A. and C. Black, Soho Square, W. 
These four Parts range as fair examples of the Work as it goes along. As frontispiece to the 
^ March Number is the plate of Mr. Arnold Greig, and as a separate plate it has that of 
Captain G-. C. Hwinton, March Pursuivant Besides these are four legal bookplates, five designed 
by Mr. 0. H. McCall—the one of Hermann GrUnebaum being very artistic, a very neat sketch 
for Willesden Green Public Library, besides the arms chosen for the Grammar School, Tavistock. 
The whole forms a very good number. 

The April Part has for frontispiece a very good library plate, engraved for W. A. Balaus by 
Martin Tyroff about 1760, and a plate by Vinycomb for Mr. Drew Appleby, done in that artistes 
delicate toach with scroU side ornamentation, and in the centre the beautiful spire of St. Nicholas 
Church, Belfast There are two plates shewn by Mr. Graham Johnston, another giving the 
entrance to Gadshill of Dickens notoriety, with Pickwick fishing in pond, and one of Mr. Leonard 
Courtney shewing his house in Cheyne Walk, Old Chelsea, and also that of Mr. George Cave, 
giving a perspective view of his house. The plate designed by Mr. French for Mr. and Mrs. 
Bumham is well worthy of being shewn, the landscape with the mill and the library in front 
being very original ; another by Mr, French is for the Worcester Art Museum. 


The May Part ghres ns three plates bj Bmno H^roux, remafkably well done and original, 
the one shewing St. Peter's at Rome in the distance being very effective. Eight legal bookplates 
are » good accompaniment to the list of legal bookplates compiled by S. A. Grundy-Newmao* 
which has been spread over the four Parts. 

The Part for Jane has the bookplate of the Golqnhoon Clnb, a dining clnb in connection 
with the Royal Society of Literature. It was designed by Philip H. Newman, and is well 
worth keeping as a sample of modem designing. There are f oar plates given of the Boston 
Public Library, three with portraits, vis. : John Adams, George Ticknor, and Longfell(^ ; also 
the library plate of the King's Own Borderers, and that of the Taunton Castle Library. The 
plate of the Plymouth Proprietary Library is also shewn. The rough list of legal bookplates is 
still carried on, accompanied by four plates. These all combined form another good Part. 

Fenland Nota and Queries. VoL V^ Part 67. April 1908. Peterborough : George C, Caster, 

Market Place. 

W£ have in the first place to wish the Reverend Editor a perfect recovery from his late illness, 
which had kept him away from his parish up to April last. The contents of the present Number 
are as usual interesting, one giving an account of the skating at Whittlesey Mere in 1846-6 being 
very amusing. There is a short account of Bishop Marsh being mobbed at Peterborough for 
taking the King's side against Queen Caroline. He prepared himself for the worst, for he was 
at the time represented as dressed in his sister-in-law's skirts, and he meant to beat a retreat into 
Hunts by means of a boat from the back of the palace. Feeling also ran high in London against 
him some years after. Mr. W. B. Foster gives a list of the Vicars of Moulton, Lincolnshire, 
from 1236 up to 1899, and there is also a list of the sons and daughters of inhabitants given in 
an inquisition made in Moulton. Although dates are not given, mention is made that *' John 
Leland the antiquary had a brother John," who took care of him in his lunacy. This is 
corroborated by a Mr. William Cole, who dates from Milton July 8, 1772. 

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. No. 4, Vol. X. April 1903. Virginia 
Historical Society, Richmond, U.6.A. 

As usual local history forms the main articles of interest in this magazine, and for the present 
generation it must form most pleasing reading, as among other measures the **Two Penny Act" 
brought in by the clergy was entirely defeated, and strained the bond between " the King and 
the colonists, which was but the prelude to the combat that snapped the bond asunder." 

John Brown's correspondence is still continued, although he is in prison and daily expecting 
the gallows, which, he says, appears "in more glorious and resplendent light than that which 
surrounds the throne of a king." As an uneducated man he has all the rhapsody of a fanatic, 
as he wished to say to his executors, " I am immortal ;" and so, we suppose, he died with the 
same conceit, for his last letter given is just before he expected execution. His case was like 
many other men before him— criminal for the sake of notoriety. The Part contains some 
excellent genealogical notices of the four families of John Minor and that of the Hemdon 
family. It concludes with an ample Index, together with the Title to Vol. X. and Proceedings 
at the Annual Meeting in January 1903. 

•^* Books for Bevies and Kotiees of Forthcoming Works shmdd he addressed to 
Messrs. MUohell a/nd Hughes at the Publishing Office^ 140 Wardaur Street^ London^ W, 


iHonamental indnrtpttonsf 


Arms, at the top : Argent^ a f esse and in chief three lozenges sable, Aston. 

Crest : A hulVs head couped or, mane sable, horns per /esse of the first and last ; 
helmet and mantlinfz^. Below the inscription these three shields: i. Guhs, a bend 
between three martlets or, Slaney ; impaling Aston, ii. Gules, a chevron between 
three estoiles or, Chitwin; impaling Aston, hi. Argent, on a chevron azure 
between three roses gules, slipped and leaved vert, as many fleurs-de-lis or, Cop^ ; 
impaling Aston. 

In hope of ResuiTection to eternal life here restefch | The body of D. Katherinb 
Cope, daughter to S^ Ed- | ward Aston of Tixhall in the county of Stafford | 
Kn*. She was wife first to Stephen Slany of London | Esq., To whome she 
bare one daughter only. Next to | S' William Ohitwin of Ingstree in the county 
of Staf- I ford, Kn*, and lastly to S'^ Edward Cope of Cannons- | Ashby in the 
county of Northampton, Kn*, a virtuous | matron full of dayes abounding with all 
y® emenent | graces of Charity, Piety, Religion, constancy & patience. | She 
departed this life Jan. xv in the yeare | of Redemptiou mdcxlyi, aged | lzxx. 

The MS. says, " On the south side in ye chancell a small monument." The 
" New View " calls it " a plain black and white marble monument," and gives the 
inscription with a few variations : thus, "near " before "here resteth," Dame for D, 
and Knight instead of Ent. As the monument is gone we have no means of 
deciding which is correct. 

The " New View " says of the next monument that it is on the south side of the 
chancel, westward from the Stanhope monument, being a handsome white marble 
monument adorned with cherubims, cornucopia, etc., and the copy of the inscription 
varies in some minor points. 

" A monument hard by the former " (Ai*ms : Or, a lion rampant double-queued 
vert; impaling Argent, a fret gules): — ^To the liveing memory of Christopher 
Dudley | of Yeanwith in Westmerland was this monument by | his sorrowfull wife 
for her deare husband here | erected. 

A Dudley lodgeth Here, peace Idle Fame 
It's Epitaph enough to have that name 
A Dudley too who in the basest time 
When to be just and loyall was a crime 
Was both : 'gainst Bebells bravely stood 
Unshaken and Undaunted with a flood 
Of Tyranny. Now his Tombes sole intent 
Shews he deserved But needs no monument 
When Rebels dye a tombe some life may give, 
He actuates the marble, makes it live. 

Shrines may portray our features on a wall 

But goodness crowns them ; that is all in all. 

Statues present lives, Families, and dayes. 

This shrine was rear'd by her whose love was such 

Her charge in his concerne was nere toe much 

So deare is nnptiall Zeale Though i'th* outward part 

Tume dost It holds impression in the heart. 

* Communicated by Abthub F. G. Lbveson Goweb, Esq., assisted by Abthub J. 
JsWEBS— <x>ntinned from p. 211. 

ypU v., SBEIBS JII, V 


'* On his gravestone [arms coloared in the MS.] nnder y« Tombe are these arms 
& verses " (Arms : Or, a lion rampant double-queued) : — Here Ijeth y« body of 
Christopher Dudley of Yenwortli | in the county of Westmerelaud, Esq., who 
dyed in y« | Yeare of our Lord 1660, Septemb. 9**>. 

Upon Christopher Dudley, Esq., obiit | Anno Domini 1660, Septemb. 9*** : — 

Here lyes the body of a loyall one 
Who was a Friend to all a foe to none. 
Firme in affection in his actions just 
Which snrvive marble from a chest of Dust 
None in his spousal] offices more deare 
Nor at his death stored with more christian feare 
Thus from the north he to this city came 
Leaving the world with a precious name. 
The King's approach gave spiritt to his wings 
And from that flight unto the King of Kings. 

*' This atchievement of arms hangs hard by the Tomb on the same south wall " 
(tricked and coloured in the MS.): — Dexter, QuarUrly of twelve: 1, Or, a lion 
rampant douhU-queued vert ; 2, Gules, a dnquefoil ermine ; 8, Or, two lions passant 
azure ; 4, Argent, a cross fleury azure ; 5, Per cross or and gules loithin a hordure 
vair ; 6, Or, a cross sable ; 7, Barry of six or and azure, on a canton gules a cross 
fleury argent; 8, Oi\a maunche gules ; 9, Sable, a bend fleury counter-fieury or; 
10, Vert, three lions rampant argent, crowned, collared, and chained or; 11, Oules, a 
fesse argent between three cushions of the last, fasselled or; 12, Sable, a chevron between 
three leopards' faces or ; impaling, Argent, a fret gules, 

** This atchievement of arms remains hard by y« former," on a lozenge. The 
Dexter, Quarterly of eight, arranged thus: One, one, two, two, one, one : — 1, Oules, 
a chevron vair, the badge of a Baronet, Knivetox ; 2, Ermine, on a chief indented 
gules, three coronets or; 8, Oules, a fesse and bordure ermine; A, Argent, a fesse 
between six annulets gules ; b, Oules, a lion rampant between three cross-crosslets 
fitchee or; 6, Paly of six, or and azure, a fesse ermine; 7, Chequy or and azure, a 
fesse gules, freity or; 8,asl; impaling, Quartejly of sixteen, viz.: 1, Or, a lion rampant 
double-queued veii; 2, Gules, a cinquefoil ermine; 8, Or, two lions passant azure; 
4, Argent, a cross fleury azure ; 5, Barry of six argent and azure, in chief three 
torteaux; 6, Or, a maunche gules ; 7, Barry of ten argent and azure, an oa^le of 
martlets gules; 8, Vair, or and gules; 9, Gules, three lions rampant or; 10, Azure, 
three garbs or; 11, Oules, a lion rampant or within a bordure engrailed of the second; 
12, Gules, a fesse between six cross-erosslets or ; 18, Chequy or and azure, a chevron 
ermine; 14, Gules, a chevron between ten crosses patiee argent; 15, Grules, a lion 
pnssant-guardant, crowned or ; 16, Or, a fesse between two ckevronels sable. Tliis is 
Kniveton, impaling the well-known coat and quarterings of Dudley. 

" A faire monument on the same south wall." Arms : Quarterly of eighteen, 
viz, : 1, Per cross ermine and gules ; 2, Azure, three lions passant or; 8, .... a 
bend between six cross-cross lets . . . . ; 4, .... a cross fleury . . . . ; 5, Argent, a 
cross fleury azure ; 6, (Argent) three saUires couped (sable) ; 7, Azure, a fesse wavy 
between three doves, each with a cross pattee fitchee in its beak, all or; 8, (Argent) a 
chief vair or and gules, over all a bend sable; 9, Or, an eagle displayed azure; 
10, Ermine, on a bordure gules ten horse-shoes or; 11, Gules, a bend engrailed between 
six billets argent; 12, Gules, three covered cups argent ; \^, Azure, four martlets in 
saltire or, a canton ermine ; 14, Per fesse, a pall; 15, A fret; 16, A chevron ; 17, A 
chevron [these four are unfinished] ; 18, a^ 1. 

At the foot of the inscription are two smaller shields : one. Stanhope, impaling 
Argent, a maunche sable, Hastings ; the other. Per chevron sable and argent^ in 
chief three mullets or^ and in base as many garbs gules. 


Of this monument the " New View " only says it is " a little westward from the 
Cornwallis monument on the south side of the choir, a large black and white 
monument with ' Pilasters and entablature of the composite order.* It has enrich- 
ments of seraphims, coronets, cartouches, &c.,'* but it does not give the inscription 
or arms, beyond that the latter has eighteen quarterings, which he has not room 
to blazon. 

The inscription in the MS. is as follows : — 

Philipe Lobi) Stanhope of Shelford & Earle of | Chestebfielo sonne and 
heire to S' John Stanhope | K*, by his wife, daughter & coheire of Richard 
Alling- I TON, Bsq., & Jaine his wife, sister & heire to S' Willia' | Cobdell of 
Long Melford in the County of SufTolke | Kn^ grandsonne and heire to S<^ Thomas 
Stanhope of | Shelford com' Nott : E^ by Maboabett daughter and | coheire to 
S' John Pobt of Etwall in com. Derb. K^ | Departed this life the xii of Sept. 1656 
aged LXXii | yeares, and lyeth under a black marble nere this place. | By his first wife 
Kathebine (intered at Shelford) | daughter to Fbancis Lobd Hastings sonne of 
Gbobge I Eablb of Huntingdon he had issue John (who dyed young) | Henby, 
Thomas, Edmund, Chables, Fbancis, Pab I dinando, Michaell, Philipe, 
Oeobge, Abthube I Sabah and Elizabeth, ot whome Michaell & Geobge | 
were intered in this church. 

And by Anne his second wife daughter to John | Packington of Westwood in 
com. Wigom, E^ one sonne I viz. Alexandeb. 

Henbt by Kathebine daughter and coheire to | Thomas Lobd Wotton of 
Bocton in Kent had issue Wot- | ton who dyed young, Philipe now Eable of 
Ohestebfield I Mabt & Kathebine. 

To the memory of his deare Father Abthube Stanhope | erected this monu- 
ment, which Abthube by Anne his | wife, daughter to Henby Salisbubt of 
Lawenney in | com. Denbigh, K^ & Barronett, & Elizabeth daughter | to S' John 
Yaughan of Golden Orove in com. Car- | marthen, K^, hath had issue Philip & 
Henby intered | in this church, Chables & Kathebine now liveing. 

Ano 1657. 

•* A table on y* south wall in y« chancel is this atchievement of Armes ": — 
Arms, tricked : I, Per pals azure and gules three lions rampant argent; 2, Sable j 
a chevron argent between three spear-heads of the second embriied gules ; 3, Argent^ 
three cocks gules; 4, Oules, two bendlets^ the upper or^ the lower argent; 5, (Jules, five 
fusils conjoined in f esse or; 6, Argent, on a cross gules five escallop-shells or ; 7, Per 
vale azure and sable three fleurs-de-lis or; 8, Argent, a lion rampant sable. 

^^ On a gra?estone in y^ chancell hard by j^ preceeding escotcheon." 

Arms : Per pals azure and gulss three lions rampant argent, Hebbebt ; over the 

shield a baron^s coronet. 

Heic inhnmatnr corpus Edwabdi Hebbebt Equitis | Balnei Babonus de Cheb- 

BUBG & Castle-Island | anthoris Libri cui Titulus est De Yeritate | Redder ut 

Herbes | Yicessimo die Augusti Anno Dom. 1648. 

" A faire monument of white marble on the south side of y^ chancell.*' 
Arms : Per cross a bend, and in chief a crescent for difference; impaling, Three 
bars gemells, over all a lion rampant. 


Viator et si properes operse erit sistere paulum | ut intellegas quantum pietatis 

depositum cippus | hie parvus habeat in quo puerpera cum prole | sua septima 

delitetiqtegerrima | Fbancisca Widdbington | TnoMiB viridesiderium | Matrona- 

rum (quantum est nspiam) | prsastes in cqltu naminis | Patre sata Fabdinanoo D. 


Pairfaxio, Barone I DB Cameron matre vero Maria, Bdmundi | Comitis Mul- 
GRAYii nee non Ordinis Garterii | militis h filiabus cffiterum majora spirans | 
Heroina postqnam Illustre Genus | Innocentia morum & ingenti virtatam | cnmulo 
nobilitaverat Jamque eeternis | vitsB ad Ohristi sui disciplinam instibntsd | mona 
mentis in arcem immortalitatis | sibi <]:radum fecisset mortalis esse dessiit | MtAt 
snse 36 pridienonas Maii 1649. | Padicitia Candore, fide, pradentia | atque religione 
non minus quam sanguinaB | clarsB incomparabili conjugi | Thomas Widdrington 
Eques Auratus | Dolens, moerensque | sex liberis coUactuci mantibus | Hoc marmor 
debuit* I Si dolendi gratia viator adstes | nee lachrymarnm quantum erat | Fran- 
CESCiB funus exhausit | Dorothea te vocat | Thom^ Widdrington, Franobsqj 
sanguis | et utriasque Coreulum | Cui sublimiora mundo muliebri quseri tanti | 
Non formao Decus, non HonorsB frontis apex | Denique nihil prsBter setatem 
deerat | at mentis sanetuarium si fas ingredi | ut ibi se jactat nnmen | ut fenello 
laetatur peetore | quam interia parere mollis ilia placere eerea tandem | ut cbristum 
quem a eunis partnriit | virgo pareret | matrem cum Paterculo yix pollinctam 
adhuc I repentino sequitur | eundem nacta Tumulum | 9 Cal. Julias a.d. 1649 
^tatsusB 120. 

" A small monument at the east end of y® chanoell." 

Arms : Argent, a tower triple-towered between three covered cups azure, Amcotts ; 
impaling, Or, a cross vert, Hussey. 

Here lyeth intered the body of Rhoda (widdow) the | relict of John Amcotts 
of Astrope in the county | of Lincolne, Esq., eldest daughter of Thomas Hus- | 
SEY of y« same county, Kn* & Barronet (who left issue | Rhoda Theire onely 
daughter & heire). She departed this | life y® 7'^ of March 1659. 
When two such fires met in one breast, 
What wonder, though she be deceased. 
The Feaver was enough to kill, 
Bat heavenly flames poesest her will. 

[Not in the " New View."] 

" In a table at y« east end of y« chancell." 

Arms : Quarterly, 1 and 4, Argent, a lion rampant gules between six cross- 
crosslets fitchee of the second; 2, Argent, two bars sable, and in chief three mullets of 
the sec^md pierced of the field ; 3, Or, a saUire sable, in chief a mullet of the last; 
impaling, (1) Sable, a fret argent, Harington ; (2) Argent, three bars gules ; 
(3) Azure, fretty or, in each space a fleur-de-lis of the second ; (4) Argent, a chevron 
between three billets gules. 

Nere this place lyeth intered the body of the Ladye | Lucie Pawnt second 
daughter of S' James Har- | rington of Ridlington in com. Suff., Knight & 
Bar^ I widow of S' William Fawnt of Foston in com. Leic. | K^, by whome she 
had 3 sonns and six daughters where- | of two daughters are surviveing. She dyed 
at her house in | . . . . street the 4^^ of Septemb. 1643. 

** In a table on y« north side of y« chancell." 

Arras: 1, Sable, three mascles argent y Whitaker; 2, Argent, on a chevron 
azure three garbs or ; 3, Ermine, on a chief indent sable three escallop-shells argent ; 
4, Sable, a lion passant or between three pheons argent; impaling, ^r^ew^, a lion 
rampant gules between three pheons sable, Egerton. 

Insignia Margaritas qu83 stirpe patera^ | Egertonorum Cestrensiutn, matern& 
Stan- | leiiorum familiis nobilissimis prognati Lauren- | tii Whitaker armigeri 
per annos plus viginti | uxor fidissima, amantissima, prudentissima : erga | Deum 
pia, erga pauperes benigna, erga omnes humana | annos nata circiter 56 non tarn 

* The inscription from this point is omitted from the " New Yiew." 


83tate quam astbim- | nate confecta l^ Febraarii 1686. Yitam cssdacam laQgai- | 
dam, morbidam setern& veget& salutiferd commutavit, j et sab boc pariete, altervin 
anims8corporiBq3connabian[i | ineoq}: beatificamEedemptorisyisionemexpectoaB | 
placid^ requiescib. 

" On a gravestone in y« chancell." 
Arms : Sable^ three mascUe argmt. 

Here lyeth the Body of Lawrenok Whitakeb | Esq., who dyed y*" 15^^ day of 
Aprill in y« yeare of | our Lord 1664, Aged 76. 

The two following shields of arms are on the next page of the MS. without any 
inscription or note : — 

Arms, firet shield : Whitakbb, Qiuirterly of four as above; impaling, Per pale 
gules and azure a chevron engrailed or between three lions rampant argent^ Hoskins. 

The second shield is : 1, Azure^ a lion rampant or a chief of the lasty Dixie ; 
2, Argent, a saltire engrailed between four escallop-shells sable ; 8, Argent^ on a cross 
gules five cross-crosslets or; 4, Sable, a chevion between three mullets argent, over all 
the badge of a baronet ; impaling, (1) Azure, semee-de-lis or a lion rampant of the 
second; (2) Azttre, three garbs or, Eabls of Ghbstbr ; (3) Azure, a wolfs head 
erased argent, langued gules. Lupus, EIabl of Chester ; (4) Argent, a maunche sable, 

The following abstract of the will of the Lawrence Whitaker, recorded above, 
is an interesting addition to the above memorials of his family : — 

Lawrence Whitaker of Drury Lane in the parish of St. 6iles-in-the-Fields, co. 
Midd., Esq. Will dated 20 September 1646. To be buried in the chancel of 
St. Giles-in-the-Pields near former wife Margaret. Now wife Dorothy, by whom 
up to this time he has had no children, has settled on her testator's fee &rm rents, of 
the Rectory of St. Botolph Without, Aldgate, London ; of the manors of Walton, 
Cheddar, and Stowes in Somersetshire ; of the Rectory of Hockslowe, co. Lincoln, 
being £42 12s. 2d. per ann. and the profits, all his lands and tenements for her life. 
Cousin George Cox of Lambeth, Surrey, Gent., who married testator^s former wife's 
niece Mary, and to their issue all copyhold lands in the manor of Kennington in 
the parish of Lambeth. The above rents, with lands in the parish of Chiswick, after 
wife's death to testator^s two sisters Elizabeth Davnes, widow, and Rebecca Parkyn, 
wife of ... . Parkyn, for their lives and then to their children ; also £1500 to each 
of said sisters. To ... . wife of ... . Allen of Gravesend, wheelwright, £10 and 
two tcDements in Milford Lane in the parish of St. Clement Danes without the 
Temple Barr, London, for her life after the death of said wife Dorothy, but if they 
trouble said executor or sisters and are not contented then the said Allen to have 
nothing. Mistress Elizabeth Batch £5 for a ring. Mistress Frances Riche 40s. 
for a ring. Residue of estate, household goods, plate, coach-horses, etc., to wife, 
and she to be executrix. Overseers : Brother-in-law Sir Thomas Bedingfield, Knt., 
Attorney of His Maggesties Court of the Dutchie of Lancaster, and brother-in-law 
Master Thomas Hoskyns. £5 to the parish of Chiswick and £5 to the parish of 
St. Giles-in-the-Fields. 

Codicil dated 18 November 1650. The brick house, outhouses, orchards, garden, 
etc., with two acres of ground where testator lives, to go to wife absolutely, and she 
to leave it by her will. 

Proved 9 May 1654. (P.C.C, 44, Alchin.) 

(7b be oofUinuedJ) 



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fc»_ g S CJ CO 
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gH CO -^ -*-3 '^^ 

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.2 W) 

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if .2 g -2 o S 



*3 *^ k^ • 

© 08 *2 — 

, - bo'© 

^ D S B Cfe 

MaQ.ot-s 10 04 


5-p s-^ 

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e«-< .S c .ji o i-i » ,S 

te o o tM 5 S o 

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-^ 08 R 
•^ *a i-H 

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C^rp p^ Og g 

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^ " &? C3 "1 ^ 

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'25 £• 

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••S bo a d 

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Pr"5^ ^ O 

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OP ^J -U CO 

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<1 43.a i-H 



r^ ^J ^C i-t 

■"-c .2 ;S -55 

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giXi S <1> n 

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'W O) -fcS 

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to's ... g ^1^4 

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SP^-O "S CO i-l 

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5;vO C^ 

08 *> 03 


i<Ss d O 

i^/it^ ^ /^ 


Bool^^laU of Amelia i^op^ta, €omUiii ot^nvmontb^* 

Amelia Sophia de Walmodkn, sometimes oalled Amelia Sophia Maby Anns, 
Baroness von Walmoden in Germany, wife or widow of Adam Gotlieb, Baron von 
Walmoden, a Hanoverian noble (by whom she had male issne), and daughter of 
Lient.-Gen. von Wendt, the presumed mistress of George II. during one of his 
visits to Hanover (in his wife's lifetime), came to England in 1738, soon after the 
Queen Gonsort's death, and, after having been naturalized, Feb. 1740, was created, 
24 March 1740, Baroness Yarmouth, co. Norfolk, and Countess of Yarmouth, for 
the term of her life. She died at Hanover 20 Oct. 1765, aged about 56, when the 
peerage became extinct. This is the last case of a British peerage conferred on a 
Royal favourite. She had one son, who was not acknowledged, and who was 
commonly called about the Court " Master Louis.*' The King is said to have left 
her £12,000. 

Arms. — Or, three morions per pale argent and azure, banded gules. 

The Transcript of ye Parish of Inkberrow for ye Year 1667. 


April 5* Alice ye wife of Edw. Opplebee. 

M!ay 24 Kob. Heynes of Dormston. 

May 81 Margaret ye wife of John Ganderton. 

June 20 John ye son of John Gower, gent. 

July 4 Richard Johns. 

July 4 William Chandler of Kington. 

July 20 Willia' ye son of Rob. Weaver. 

July 23 Edward Eaton. 

July 25 Richard Merrill. 

July 26 Mary ye daugh. of Tho. Lambe. 

Aug, 9 Alice ye wife of Tho. Edwards. 

Aug. 19 Jerome Rise. 

Aug. 81 William Poole of Dormston. 

Sep. 7 Mary ye daugh. of Rob. Steward, 

Sep. 15 John Whoman. 

Sep. 18 Ann ye wife of Tho. Laite. 

Sep. 16 Margaret ye daugh. of M' Whipham. 

Oct, 2 Tho. Chandler of Kington. 

Oct. 2 Richard Hunt. 

Oct. 2 Ann ye daughter of Anthony Juggins. 

* The iUustration is taken from a bookplate in the collection of Mr. Habbt Soake. 

{From the Transcripts in " Edgar Tower,'* Bishop^s Register. 
Commnnicated 1^ William Bbadbbook,^oontinned from p. 190. 


Not. 1 Margaret Page. 

Not. 2 Tho. ye Bon' of John Bituiley. 

Nov. 8 Shusanna ye daughter of Hob. Sise. 

Nov. 4 Willia' Hunt. 

Nov. 27 Elizabeth ye wife of Richard Farr. 

Jan. 24 Alice ye wife of John Whoman of Dormstone. 

Feb. 2 Christopher Clifford. 

Feb. 3 Margret ye dangh. of John Heming of Kington. 

Feb. 6 Simon Kingly. 

Feb. 17 Arthur ye son'e of Arthur Bagshaw, jun., gent. 

Mar. 1 The Wid. Bugging. 

Feb. 20 Ursula ye wife of Bichard Perkes. 

Mar. 15 John Freeman. 

Mar. 15 Tho. Dance [?], sen. 

Mar. 28 Alice ye daughter of Jo. Harbach. 


The Transcript of yb Parish of Inkbbrrow An* D'm* 1668. 


Mar. 25 Francis ye daughter of Anthony Baylis. 

May 81 Issabell ye daughter of Joseph Moore of Bouslench. 

June 18 Alexander ye son'e of John Wedgberry. 

July 5 Joshua filius populi begotten off Ann Benett. 

July 9 Sarah ye daughter of Tho. Bellett. 

Aug. 2 Edward ye son of Morrice Jnbick. 

Aug. 2 Hester ye daughter of Thomas Ceare. 

Sep. 18 Francis ye daught. of Nathaniel HemMug of Rous Lench. 

Oct. 4 Augustine ye son'e of Edward Steevens. 

Oct. 18 Willia' ye soun of Will. Hill. 

Oct. 21 Ralph ye son'e of Walter Steward. 

Oct. 24 Willia' ye son'e of John Steward. 

Oct. 27 John ye son'e of John Shepwey. 

Dec. 6 Elizabeth ye daughter of John Dowley. 

Dec. 10 Mary ye daughter of Thomas Yate. 

Dec. 20 Joane ye daughter of Thomas Dyson. 

Dec. 26 Steephen ye son'e of Francis Mogg. 

Dec. 31 Elizabeth ye daughter of Arthur Bagshaw, gent. 

Jan. 17 Jane ye daughter of Will. Ooore. 

Feb. 8 George ye son'e of John Hunt. 

Feb. 4 Jane yedaughter of Francis Freeman. 

Feb. 10 Sarah ye daughter of William Figgett. 

Feb. 21 Elizabeth ye daughter of Roger Tandy. 

Feb. 21 Mary jre daughter of John Harbage. 

Mar. 7 Francis ye daughter of Francis Hale. 


Sep. 29 Thomas Hunt & Ann GrifBn. 

Nov. 2 John Bellett & Elizab. Steward. 

Nov. 2 Richard Goddard & Elizab. Grasier. 

Jan. 16 Willia' Edwards & Mary Smith. 



April 7 Francis Heynes of Dormstone. 

April 11 Francis Figgett. 

May 22 Isabell Lewes, widd., of Dormstone. 

June 24 Richard Hnggins. 

July 1 Elizabeth ye daughter of Jarvis Camden. 

July 15 Thomas Bartlett. 

July 16 Margret ye daughter of Thomas Figgett. 

July 19 John ye son'e of John Wilson. 

Aug. U Elizabeth ye wife of Robert Dyson, junr 

Aug. 19 Will. Eeene, a servant in Dormstone. 

Aug. 20 Ursula ye wife of John Blick. 

Sep. 19 Mary ye wife of Robert Weaver. 

Sep. 22 Wiir ffarr of Kington. 

Jan. 1 Anne ffarr, widd., of Dormstone. 

Jan. 26 Anne Rawlins, widd. 

Feb. 14 A child of John Brinton's of Kington, 

Man 15 Ursula Pearoe, widd. 

Walter Steward, 1 Chnrch- 
WiL. Walpord, /Wardens. 

The Transcript of ye Parish of Inckbbrrowe An' DV 166(9) [?]. 
























































Alice ye daughter of ... . 
.... ye son'e of John Freeman. 

Elizabeth ye daughter of The 

.... ye daughter of Robt 

.... ye daughter of George .... 

• ... ye daughter of Will. Bartholmew. 

Thomas ye son*e of [? The] Lamb. 

Mary ye daughter of John .... oily p]. 

Willia ye son'e of Richard . . . . ard [?J. 

Alice ye daughter of Thomas Parker. 

Willia* [?] ye son'e of Anthony Juggins. 

Mary ye daughter of Tho. Buggin. 

[? John] ye son'e of Christopher Robberts. 

Martin [?] ye son'e of Henry Jackson, Gierke. 

Francis ye daughter of Henry £llins. 

Henry ye son' of Will. Harvey. 

Thomas ye son*e of Tho. Marshall of Bolts. 

Jane ye daughter of Rich. Hobday. 

Jane ye daughter of John ffrancis. 

Mary ye daughter of Will. Steward. 

John ye son'e of John Ganderton. 

Joseph ye son'e of Jarvis or James Hem'ing. 

Joseph ye son*e of Will. Hill. 

Alice [?] ye daughter of Humfrey D . . . • 

Lawrence ye sonNs of John RainoUs. 

Elizabeth ye daughter of John Steward. 

John ye son'e of John Bowes. 

Eb'zabeth ye daughter of Tho. [? Higgins]. 

Margret. ye daughter of John Steevens, 



April — .... & Joan Chare [?]. 

— — Robert Weaver .... 

— i — Thomas James & Ann [? Harbach]. 

— — John Bow .... A ... . 
June — Richard flTar & [?, Sarah ....]. 

— — Thomas .... 

— — Richard Shekle & Jone N . . . . 


April 5 Isabell ye wife of Jarvis Camden. 

April 22 Elizabeth ye daughter of M' Bagshaw. 

April 25 Mai7 ye daughter of James Heming. 

May 6 Alice ye daughter of Tho. Browne. 

May 7 Willia' Webb. 

May 28 A daughter of Henry Simons. 

June 10 Arthur Bagshawe, gent. 

June 11 Willia' Parsons. 

June 19 Thomas Sabell. 

July 9 Willia' ye son'e of Will. Heynes of Kington. 

July 25 Alice Harrit, widd. 

Aug. 4 Francesye daughter of Rich. Olouer. 

Sep. 17 John Opplebee. 

Sep. 26 Thomas ye son'e of Will. Davis of Dormstone. 

Sep. 27 Richard ffrancis. 

Sep. 29 A son'e of Jo. Bellctt of Cladsall. 

Oct. 11 Thomas Ingra'. 

Oct. 18 Mary ye wife of Richard Shekell. 

Nov. 8 (Jeorge Windle. 

Nov. 11 Mary ye wife of Francis Smith. 

Nov. 12 Leonard Morris. 

Dec. 26 John Harvey of Egioke. 

Dec. 80 Willia' Rann. 

Deo. 31 Elinor Bradford. 

Jan. 16 Mary ye wife of Tho. Harbach. 

Jan. 18 Heniy Goore. 

Jan. 21 Francis Smith. 

Feb. 4 The wife of Arthur Hemus. 

Feb. 13 Thomas Boults. 

Feb. 27 Francis Taylor of Dormstone. 

Mar. 16 Peter Shouler. 

Mar. 18 A daughter of James Hem'ing. 

Mar. 22 Richard Hobday. 

(^To he continued.) 


ilflDmttntntal ins(rrtptu)iis( 


^t iMarp*« Cj)urtJ» 3Reatimjj»* 

On a slab in the floor of the West Porch : — 

Here lieth the body of Mary 

Richards, the wife of 

Richard Richards 

of the Parisli of S^ [Mary's ?], 

who departed this life May 

17, 1738, in the . • . . [Four lines illegible.] 

Here also lyeth the Body of 

the aforesaid Richard Richards. 

He was three times Mayor of this 

Corporation And dyed Jannary 

ye 6*^, 1745, Aged 74 years. 

On a white marble slab : — 

To the Memory of John Drbdqb, Esq., who was thrice Mayor 
of this Corporation. He died on the 4^*» of June a.d. 1771 in the 70*^ 

Year of his age. 

Frances his wife died the 11*»» of March a.d. 1761 in 

the 68*^ year of her age. 

Francbs daughter of the above John 

& Frances Dredge died the 7^ of Jan. a.d. 1752 

aged 21 Years. 

Three of their Children died in their Minority. 

On a slab in the floor : — 

To the Memory of 

M' Adah Smith ...» 

who dep . • • • 

On a white marble tablet set in slate : — 

In Memory of 

The Rev^ Charles Sturges, Juq', M.A. 

Fellow of King's College,. Cambridge . . 

And Curate of this Parish. 

He died at Worthing Aug. the 26*»», 1802 

In the 27*** year of his age 

And lies buried in the Parish Church 

of Broadwater, Sussex. 

Near this tablet are deposited 

The remains of Sarah Sturges 

One of the daughters of the late 

Rev<^ Charles Sturges 
Formerly Vicar of this parish 

And sister of the above 

Rey^ Charles Sturges, Jun'. 

She died on the 21*^ February 1846 

Aged 78. 

* Gommnnicated bj Bev. G. P. C&AW7UBD, sometime Curate in tb^s parisb, now YicM! of 
Piceeter, Oxoo— ^Qtipuf4 from p. 239, 


On a white marble slab : — 


To the Memory 

of the Rev^ Chablbs Sturoes, A.M. 

Formerly Fellow of King's College 


42 years Vicar of this parish 

and sometime Rector 

of St. Luke's, Chelsea 

who was most pious & faithful 

in the discharge of all his duties. 

He died April 22»*, 1805, 

Agea 66 years 

and was buried 

in the Church of Loddington 


Near this tablet 

Are deposited the remains 

of PuNKLOPB, the wife of 

The Rev* Charles Sturges, 

A^ed 77. 

Died July W\ 1818, 

On a white marble urn : — 

Sacred to the Memory 

of the 

ReY<> William Romaine, D.D. 

Who died March IV\ 1826, aged 69 years. 


Martha Romainb 

his widow 

Who died Deo' 81«S 1852 

Aged 97 years. 

In Churchyard, beginning at North East Door. 

On a slab close to South East door : — Sacred to the Memory of Thomas Child 
who departed this life Oct. 81, 1880, aged 60 years, .... Elianor .... who 
departed this life .... 1841, .... of Thomas & Elianor Child. 

On adjoining slab : — Sacred to the memory of Willlam Francis who died 
April 6, 18 . . 

On a recumbent slab : — In memory of M' . • • . Cooper .... [Rest illeffible.'] 

On headstone, now recumbent : — Sacred to the Memory of John Willington, 
Esq**, who departed this life January 16*^ 1812, aged 47 years. 

On headstone: — Sacred to the Memory of M' Thos. Fulkes who died 
28*^ Aug. 1824, aged 57 years ; also of Hariot daughter of the above, who died 
IQ^ March 1825, aged 15 years ; also of Eliza daughter of the above, who died 
March W\ 1825, aged 4 years ; also Henry son of the i^bove^ who died Pec, 19^ 


1830, aged 28 years. On reverse : Sacred to the Memory of M" Habiot Pulkbs 
who died Feb. 16^^ 1822, aged 43 years ; also Charles Fulkes, son of the above, 
who died Dec. 24*\ 1812, aged 14 months ; also Sarah Fulkes, daughter of the 
above, who died Feb. 26*^ 1818, aged 1] weeks. 

On foot-stone :— T. F., 1821. On reverse : H. F., 1822 ; 0. F., 1812. 

On recambent headstone : — Sacred to the memory of M'* Eliza Glisbold who 
died .... aged 71 years. 

On recnmbent headstone :— In memory of Ann Bigot, wife of Anthony Bigot, 
Gent., who departed this life the 16^ of Feb. 1801, aged 46 years ; also died on 
20*^ June 1809 M' Anthony Bigot, aged 42 years. 

On headstone :— Sacred to the Memory of Sarah Simons, late of Thame Oxon, 
who died April 28"», 1810, aged 66 years. ''The Lord is Just." Also of her 
grandson Jab. Way Simons Bsynard, who died Dee. 13^^, 1827» aged 14 years ; 
also Francis Reynard, bom at Knaresborough, York, March 16*^, 1777, died at 
Andover Nov. 21'S 1810 ; also of Clarissa Reynard, relict of the said Francis 
Reynard, who died at Kensington .... [One line illegible.'] 

On foot-stone:— S. S., 1810 ; J. R., 1827 ; F. R., 1840 ; 0. R., 1845. 

On recumbent headstone : — Sacred to the Memory of Ann wife of James 
Swallow, who died Oct. 14, 1810, aged 66 years ; also Mary daughter of the 
above, who died Nov. • . 1820, aged 31 years ; also of James Swallow, who died 
Nov. . . 1829, aged 87 years. 

On a wooden rail :— To the Memory of Lucy Cooper, wife of W Cooper, who 
died Feb. 24, 1818, aged 61 years. ' ' 

A recumbent tomb, surmounted by cross :— -In Memoriam Timothy Tyrrell, 
Gent., of this parish, who died April 20^^ 1766, aged 78, and Elizabeth Tyrrell 
his widow, who died August 2»»*, 1787, aged 67 years ; also of RiOHARi^ Tyrrell 
(Surgeon) his brother, who died Nov. 18*^ 1787. 

On tomb :— Sacred to the Memory of M' John Maoe who died June 29, 1833, 
aged 55 years. 

On tomb :— Sacred to the Memory of Margaret Bean (relict of the Rev* 
Peter Bean, late of Tottenham, Middlesex) who died 5^^ Sept. 1838, aged 73 years. 

On tomb : — In Memory of Ann Brain who died 19^ Dec. 1803, aged 7 years ; 
also Susan Brain who died 6^^ March 1807, aged 2 years ; Sam^ Brain who died 
19*^ Jan. 1812, aged 2 years ; Thomas Brain, father of the above, died 4^*^ "March 
1835, aged 72 years ; Ann, relict of the above, died 29*^» . , . . 1846, aged 78 years ; 
Joseph their son died 19*^ April 1836, aged 29 years ; William Bennett who 
died Oct. 15, 1846, aged 58 years ; Harriet Bennett who died April 27^^, 1846, 
aged 52 years ; Mary Burnham who died 10"* Jan. 1825, aged 88 years. 

On recumbent headstone : — Sacred to the Memory of Anne Eliza Pendered 
who died June . . 1833, aged 44 years. 

On recumbent tomb : — Sacred to the Memory of M' Thomas Smith (Solicitor 
of this town) who died Dec. 29**», 1825, aged 42 years. On other side : Sacred to the 
Memory of Sarah wife of Twmas Smith . . , '. aged 60 years. 


On recumbent bar of stone :— In Memory of Thomas son of John & Jane 
Shuttle, who died Oct. 12, 1825, aged 20 years ; also John Shuttle who died 
Jan. 26, 1827, aged 17 years ; also Francis Shuttle who died Dec. 23"*, 1889, 
aged 82 years. 

On similar stone :— Sacred to the Memory of George Shuttle, died April 17, 
1884, aged 21 years. On reverse : Sacred to the Memory of John Shuttle who 
died Sept. 16, 1842, aged 68 years ; also Jane wife of John Shuttle, who died 
Jan. 17 ... . aged 7(7 7) years. 

On stone tomb : — Sacred to the Memory of Mary Adelaide daughter of 
Richard & Grace Munt, who died 19 May 184(5 ?), aged 14 years; also in 
memory of Grace Munt the beloved mother of the above, who died 9 June 18 . . 
[Rest illegible.] 

On recumbent stone : — Sacred to the memory of Mary wife of Richard 
Chipperfield, who departed this life May 6*^, 1880, in the 37*^ year of her age. 
Resting in hope. On reverse : Sacred to the memory of Richard Chipperfield 
who died June 25*\ 1881, aged 65. 

On recumbent slab : — Sacred to the memory of M'* Sarah Carver who 
departed this life Nov. . . 1829. 

On side of stone tomb within rails : — Sacred to the memory of Colonel Robt. 
Blane who died Jan. 18, 1798, aged . . On west side : In memory of M» Mar- 
garet Blane who died Nov. 21, 1810, aged 80 years. On east side : In memory 
of M" Elizabeth Blane who died Nov. 24'^, 1825, aged 81. 

On recumbent stone : — Sacred to the Memory of John Treacher who departed 
this life Feb. 28, 1886, aged 76 years ; Sacred to the memory of Eliz*^ wife of 
John Treacher, who departed this life Oct' 11*^ 1835, in her 71»* year. On 
reverse : Sacred to the memory of Jahes son of John & Elizabeth Treacher, 
who departed this life May 80^^ 1854, aged 45 years. 

On recumbent stone : — In memory of Lbtitia Maria Bennett who died 
Dec. 81"*, 1830, aged 27 yeara ; Sacred to the memory of M*" William Bennett 
who died Dec. 2°^, 1835, aged 78 years. On reverse : Sacred to the memory of 
M" Sarah wife of M"" William Bennett, who died June 12, 1845, aged 68 years. 

On recumbent stone : — Sacred to the memory of James Mogridge, Esq**, of 
Broad St. in this parish, who died Nov. 15, 1880, SBtat. 48. On reverse : To the 
memory of Eliza Foster, relict of James Mogridge, who died Dec. 14, 1880. 

On recumbent headstone : — Sacred to the memory of Bethier Bradford 
who departed this life Feb. 5^^, 1838, aged 82 years. 

On recumbent headstone : — Sacred to the memory of Francis Hamlin who 
died Dec. 8^^ 1847, aged 40 years ; also Ann his daughter, who died Sept. 28, 1888, 
aged 8 months. 

QTbbe continued.) 




ffmxil^ ot atiams oi Caban, ett/ 

€bt ;famflp of itlnstmUi, ViHtount Sbeagl[).t 

The Magennises were from a very early period the territorial Lords of Clan 
Aodha under the O'HaugheyB, Chiefs of Iveagh in the County of Down, claiming 
descent from the famous warrior Connall Ceanach, and ranking as the head of the 
Clanna Rory. Morris McLoughlin, King of Ireland (1150 — 68), granted, about 
1160, a Charter to the Abbey of Newry, among the witnesses to which is Aodh 
(Hugh), the great Majrennis, Chief of the Clan Aodha in O'Neach Uladh, now the 
Baronies of Upper and Lower Iveagh, County Down. 

In 1172 Mulmurry Macmurrough, Lord of Muintir Birn, was slain by Hugh 
Magennis and the Clan Aodha of Ui Eathach Uladh. Muintir Birn was a part of 
Tyrone on the borders of Monaghan. 

In 1178 Hugh Magennis and the Clan Aodha invaded and plundered the third 
part of Armagh, and about three months afterwards the said Hugh was slain. 

In 1208 Duvinnis Magennis, Lord of Clan Aodha, was slain by the son of 
Donslevy 0*Haughy, Chief of Iveagh. Subsequently the Magennises extended 
their territory and became Lords of Iveagh. 

In 1314, when Edward II. sought the aid of the magnates of Ireland, he 
directed an especial letter to Admillis MacAnegus, ^' Duci Hiberniorum et Onenagh,*' 
he being then ^ The Magennis." 

In 1849 Murtough Riaganagh Magennis was slain by his own kinsmen, or as 
the Annals of Clanmacnois state, by his brothers, and under the date 1848. 

In 1859 Art, the son of Auliffe O'Ronrke, was slain by Magennis. 

In 1860 Art, son of Gillareagh Magennis, was treacherously slain by the sons of 
Savadge, a family who inhabited the territory now called **' The Ards ** in the east 
of the County Down. 

In 1874 Senicin (Jenkin) Savadge w^r slain by Magennis. 

In 1876 John O'Rooney, chief poet to **The Magennis," died. 

In 1880 Art Magennis defeated the English and the people of Orior (part of 
Armagh) in a battle in which O'Hanlon, Chief of Orior, and many of the English 
were slain. Subsequently Edmund Mortimer, who had married the granddaughter 
of Edward III., came over as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, when Magennis, who 
with various native chiefs had waited upon him, was treacherously taken prisoner 
in Mortimer's house. After this the Irish, and many of the English, became afraid 
to place any confidence in Mortimer, or trust themselves in his power. This Art 
Magennis, '^ sole prop of the hospitality of Ireland in his time," died in 1888 of the 
plague at Trim, where he was imprisoned. 

In 1896 Cu-Uladh-Magennis, heir to the Lordship of Iveagh, was slain by the 

In 1899 Murtough Magennis, son of Murtough More, Lord of Iveagh, was slain 
by his own tribe. 

* Commanicated by Maxwell Adams, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. From a MS. by the late 
Rev. B. W. Adams, DJD.— continued from p. 218. 

t Ck>mpiled from '* The Annals of the 1 V. Masters " ; John D*Alton*8 '* Illustrations, Historical 
and (Genealogical, of King James the Second's Army List, 1689 " ; Lodge's ** Peerage " ; Burke's 
'^Extinct Peerage"; *'Charta Abbatis de Newry"; Clarendon MSS., British Museum; and 
Ware's " Prelates of Ireland." 



In 1400 Bory MagenniB, the son of Art C* The Magennis **), was Blain by the 
Bons of Cu-Uladh-0'Neill, aBsisted by Caffar Magennis, hiB own brother. 

In 1418 Sir John Talbot, Baron Furnival, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, having 
made a foray on Iveagh, sustained a severe defeat, in which an immense number of 
the English were slain or taken prisoners by Hugh Magennis ('^The Magennis"), 
assisted by Mac-j-Neill Boy, Chief of Clannaboy. 

In 1420 the Earl of Ormond, Lord Deputy, waging war with the UltoniauB to 
obtain dominion for O^Neill, reduced Magennis under submission to O'Neill and 
delivered up his hostages to him. 

In 1422 Niall Garv O'Donnell, Lord of Tirconnell, invaded Iveagh and subju- 
gated Magennis, who subsequently assisted him in his expedition into Connaught 
against the MacDonoughs. 

In 1424 the Earl of Ormond, Lord Deputy, made an excursion against Magennis 
and demolished his castle of Lough Bricrenn (now Lough Brickland, County Down), 
killed the Constable of his gallowglasses, and almost the whole ward of the Castle. 
Soon afterwards Hugh Magennis died of the plague, and his son Rory succeeded 
him as 'The Magennis," and was slain in 1426, in his own house, by Brian 

In 1453 Cu-Uladh, a son of Cuthbhan Magennis, heir to the Lordship of 
Iveagh, with Hugh Magennis and several other chiefs, fell in the battle of Ardglass, 
fighting for Henry Mac-j-Neill Boy, Chief of Clannaboy, against the Savadges of 
Ards, assisted by the English of Dublin, when the latter were victorious, the Chief 
of Clannaboy being taken prisoner. 

In 1488 Brian Magennis Q' The Magennis "), son of Art, died, and his brother 
Hugh was inaugurated in his place. 

In 1491 Echmily, son of Hugh, son of Art Magennis, was slain in his own 
house in a nocturnal assault by the sons of Melaghlin, the son of Murtough, son of 
Owen O'Neill. 

In 1493 Hugh, son of Art, son of Hugh Magennis, assisted Henry Oge O'Neill 
against Hugh Roe O'Donnell at the battle of Beanna-Boircha (part of the Mourne 
Mountains), where the latter was victorious. 

In 1495 he again assisted O'Neill in invading Fermanagh, but they had to 
agree to Maguire's terms for peace. 

In 1501 Rory McMahon, son of Brian, son of Redmond, was slain by the sons 
of Magennis. 

In 1504 (15 August) Donnell Magennis, with several other Irish chiefs, assisted 
the Lord Justice (Garrett, son of Thomas, Earl of Kildare) against MacWilliam 
Burke of Clanricard, Turlough O'Brien, etc., at the battle of Cnoc-Tuagh (now 
Knockdoc, a hill near Galway), where MacWilliam Burke and his allies were 

In 1520 Donnell, the son of Hngh, the son of Art Magennis (" The Magennis "), 
died, and his brother Phelim the Hospitible was inaugurated in his place. He 
also died, and Edmond Boy Magennis was styled '* The Magennis." 

In 1526 Glasney, the son of Hugh Magennis, Abbot of the Monks of Newry 
and Prior of Down and Saul, was slain by the sons of Donnell Magennis, namely 
Donnell Oge and his kinsmen. 

In 1539 Murtough Magennis was taken prisoner by the men of Oriel after the^ 
defeat of the northern forces by Lord liconard, the Lord Justice, at the battle of* 
Bel-atha-hoa (now Belahoe, Barony of Farney, County Monaghan), and after some 
time was put to death by them at the instigation of his own tribe, who bribed them 
to commit the deed. 

In 1550 Arthur Magennis swore fidelity to Edward VI., and was by him 
confirmed in the bishopric of Dromore, while Eugene (Owen) Magennis was 
about the same time Bishop of Derry. 

In 1566 Mary, the daughter of Manns, son of Hugh Duv, son of Hugh Roe 
O'Donnell, Prince of Tirconnell, and wife of "The Magennis," died on 8 October. 
At the Parliament, which m^t in Dublin 26 April 1585 under Sir John Perrott, th^ 


Lord Deputy, the MageDnises were represented by Hugh, the son of Donnell Oge, the 
Bon of Donnell Duv alias Ciar (of the dark brown hair) Magennis. 

In 1595 Hugh, son of Hugh, son of Donnell Oge Magennis, a man of his patri* 
mony of greatest name and renown among the English and Irish of Ireland, died 

In 1607 Catherine Magennis, daughter of ''The Magennis,*' who had married 
Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, left Ireland, on board a vessel from Lough Swilly, 
for Normandy. On the Plantation of Ulster, Bryan Oge Mac Rory Magennis of 
Edenticallow, County Down, having surrendered all his lordship, precinct, or circuit 
of Killwarlin, with all the townlands within the said territory, obtained a re-grant 
thereof in 1611 to hold the same henceforth free from Royal Composition. Other 
members of the family obtained grants of estates in the same county. Sir Arthur 
Magennis, Knt., also releasing to the King all his claim and right to the territory 
of Iveagh, had, in 1613, a grant of various and extensive townlands of his old 
inheritance within Iveagh, the extent of which was soon after directed to be 
ascertained on inquisition. He was raised to the Peerage of Ireland as Viscount 
Magennis of Iveagh, County Down, by a patent dated at Westminster 18 Jnly 
1623. He married Sarah, daughter of Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, and had 
issue Hugh, his heir ; Evelyn, married Sir James MacSorly Boy MacDonnell, Knt., 
ancestor of the present Earl of Antrim ; Catherine, married Colonel Adams (vide 
p. 8^ ; and another daughter, married to Bryan O'Neill of EdindufiP, Carrick, ancestor 
of the late Viscount O'Neill. Viscount Iveagh, dving 21 May 1629, was succeeded 
by his son Hngh Magennis as second Viscount, who married Mary, eldest daughter 
of Sir John Bellew of Bellew's Town, and dying, was succeeded by his son Arthur 
Magennis as third Viscount, who with Daniel Magennis of Angerstown, County 
Meath, was attainted in 1642. At the Supreme Council in 1646 sat Arthur 
Magennis, Roman Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor, as one of the Spiritual Peers, 
while of the Commons were five of the family. Oliver Cromwell's Act of 1652 excepted 
from pardon for life and estate Viscount Iveagh, Sir Con Magennis, Knt., of the 
County of Down, and five others of the name. The declaration of Royal thanks in 
the Act of Settlement includes Captain Phelim Magennis and Lieutenant Bryan 
Magennis, of the Province of Ulster, with Lieutenant Con "Mac Gennis" of Iveagh, 
Countv Down. Lord Iveagh, dying 1683, was interred 1 May in St. Catherine's 
Church, Dublin (Lodge's "Peerage," vol. iv., p. 170), and was succeeded by either his 
brother or uncle, Bryan Magennis, as fourth Viscount, who appears in the Pension 
List of the Establishment for 1687*88 under the name of "Arthur, Viscount 
Iveagh '* for a pension of £300 [see original vellum manuscript in the Library of 
Trinity College, Dublin, marked MS. E.LL, dated 3 February at Whitehall, and 
signed by the Council in England]. Besides Colonel Lord Iveagh, the name of 
Magennis is commissioned on five other regiments. Lord Iveagh and his sept 
furnished James II. with a Regiment of Dragoons and another of Infantry. This 
nobleman sat in the Parliament of 1689 ; while in the Commons, Murtough 
Magennis of Green Castle and Eiver Magennis of Castlewellan represented the 
County Down, and Bernard Magennis of Bally-gorionbeg was one of the members 
for the Borough of Killileagh. Lord Iveagh was appointed Oovernor (i^. Lord 
Lieutenant) of the County of Down, while two other members of the family were 
his deputy-governors. 

In 1690 Lord Iveagh was Governor of Drogheda with a garrison of 1500 men. 
On the day succeeding the Battle of the Boyne, King William sent Brigadier de la 
Melloni^re with a thousand horse and a party of foot to summon the town to sur- 
i*ender, and on their hesitation to inform the garrison that he should bring up his 
cannon, when they must expect no quarter. Lord Iveagh surrendered on condition 
that be and his gan'ison should be conveyed to Athlone, the nearest garrisoned 
town, with their baggage, leaving behind them their stores, ammunition and arms, 
except the officers' swords. 

In June 1691 two oificers of this sept were killed in Athlone, and at the battle 
of Aug[hrim 12 July 1691 was taken prisoner Lieat,-Oolonel Murtough Magennis 


(for to that rank had a Captain of Sir Neill CNeiU'e Dragoons arrived hy reason 
of the slaughter of that gallant regiment at the Battle of the Boyne). When 
Galway surrendered, 26 July 1691, Lady Iveagh and her daughter, being then 
resident in the town, had an especial protection for themselves in the Articles of 
Capitulation. She had been Lady Margaret De Burgh, daughter of William, the 
seventh Earl of Clanricarde, and had married 1689 Viscount Iveagh. At the close 
of the campaign he did not accompany the Irish Army to France, bat entered the 
Austrian Service with a choice battalion of 500 men, part of the 2000 Irish troops 
of King James's old army, who were landed fi-om Cork at Hamburg in June 1692. 
He employed them against the Turks, by whom they were so severely handled that 
the remnant was drafted into other corps of the Imperial Army. The attainders of 
1691 present twelve of the name of Magennis. Lord Iveagh died in 1692 without 
an heir, when the title became extinct. 

Lady Iveagh married secondly Colonel Thomas Butler of Eilcash, and died 
19 July 1744, leaving issue three sons and five daughters. 

A Captain Murtough Magennis of Bulkeley's Brigade was wounded at Lauffield 
in 1747. 

Cfte jTamilp of ©'^ilU 

The family of O'Neill descend from Niall Olumdubh, Monarch of Ireland, who 
was killed in battle a.d. 954 against the Danes. Their title was ''The O'Neill.'' 
One of them, Henry Mac Owen O'Neill, married Eleanor, eldest daughter of 
Thomas, seventh Earl of Kildare; their son Con Moi'e O'Neill married a daughter 
of Gerald, eighth Earl of Kildare, and had issue two sons. Con Baccagh O'Neill, or 
" The Lame," and Art Oge O'Neill, ancestor of Sir Phelim Roe O'Neill {vids p. 8). 
The elder son Con, on relinquishing the title of '*The O'Neill," was in 1552 created 
by Heury VIII. Earl of Tyrone, with remainder to his son Matthew, created Baron 
of Dnngannon, who was killed during his father's lifetime by his brother Shane, 
leaving three sons, Brian, Hugh, and Cormac. The eldest, Brian, became second 
Earl of Tyrone, but was soon murdered by his brother Hugh, who became in 1585 
the third Earl of Tyrone, but throwing off his allegiance to England he assumed 
the ancient title of ^' The O'Neill," and engaged in a war against the English, 
which, for a time, was successful, gaining several victories over the armies sent 
against him ; but after the siege of Kinsale in 1603, finding his cause hopeless, 
he fled to Spain. He was attainted in 1612 by James I., when his title. Earl of 
Tyrone, became forfeited. He died 20 July 1616 at Bome, having had issue five 
sons : (1) Hugh O'Neill, died s.p. in Italy. (2) Henry O'Neill, a Lieut.-General in 
the Spanish Army, where he was called El Conde de Tyrone. He died leaving 
issue, which became extinct in the male line in the second generation. (3) Shane 
O'Neill,* remained in Ireland. (4) Con O'Neill, fled to Spain. (5) Bryan O'Neill, 
hanged at Brussels in 1617 for high treason against James I. 

* In 1895 the death occurred in Paris of the Comte O'Neill de Tyrone (as he was known in 
that city), who claimed to be a descendant of this 8hane O'Neill, and hereditary head of the 
family. Although his family had long been settled in France, he kept up his interest in Ireland, 
and was well known to Irishmen visiting Paris. During the Franco-German War he identified 
himself with the Irish Ambulance. 


ahisHHh inacvipUon^ in tbt Cemetery, ^cftnUi, 
anti at emuUti {»tlmmh* 

At the Oemetery, the first '^ pare '' on the right, behind the Superintendent's 
lod^e, is devoted to the burials of English people, only a very few of other 
nationalities being interred in the same plot. The epitaphs in this plot are as 
follows : — 

Them that sleep in Jesus | will God bring with him. 
[Nothing else on cross at bead or on ledger.] 

Sacred to the Memoiy | of | Eliza Helen Bbttcher | nee Appleyard | the 
beloved wife of | Jules Bbttcher, Esq. | Born at Teignmouth, county Devon I 
February 21«*, 1858 | She departed this life at Ostend | September 14"», 1882 | 
Deeply regretted by her husband and child. 

[She was fourth daughter of the late F. N. Appleyard.] 

In Memory of | Colonel Cornelius Bowybr, C.B. | in the Hon*»^« E.I.C.S. | 
who died at Ostend | Feb. 12, 1855 | Aged 68 years. 
[He retired in 1829.] 

To the I Memory of | M*' J. Cavalier | Professor in the | Navigation School | 
Born at Hackney | England | 17 7^% 1818 | Died at Ostend 6'^^ S**'*, 1882 | R.I.F. 

Sacred | to the Memoir of | Dame Rosina | wife of | William Dodd Cope, 
Esq. I deceased at Sas-SlyKcns j SO Ang^ 1882 | aged 47 years. | Sacred | to the 
Memory of | William Dodd Cope | deceased at Sas-Slykens 11 March | 1892, 
Aged 57 years | Dius id vult. 

Sacred | to the Memory of I Julia, widow of the Hon^^ | WiLtiAM Lionel 
Dawson Dambr | who died Dec*^' 28**, 1877 | aged 66. 

[She was voungest daughter of the lat« Capt. S. Hopkinson, B.N., and became 
the Hon. W. L. D. Damer's third wife 20 May 1856. He died 16 Feb. 1859.] 

In Memory of Mercy Eagles | nSe Robinson, widow of the | late Captain 
E. B. Eagles, R.N. | who died at Ostend | W^ April 1870 | in her 80*»»year | 
Deeply lamented by her son and two daughters | R.I.r. 

. In Memory of | Maria Eagles | Daughter of the late Capt° E. B. Eagles, 
B.N. I who departed this life Jan^ 13, 1869 at Ostend | Deeply lamented by her 
mother | brother and sisters, who pay this tribute to her many virtues | with a 
firm belief of meeting | hereafter in a better world. 

Sacred J to the Memory of | William Davis Evans, formerly Commander in 
the Post Office | on the Milford and Waterford Station, and Peninsular and 
Oriental Steam Services I Superintendent in the Royal Mail Steam Company | their 
agent at Porto Grande | Also well known in the Chess World as the author of 
'^ Evans Gambit" | Died at Ostende S'l* Angust 1872, aged eighty three years | and 
six months. 

Frances Jane Fletcher | died January 1*^, 1881, Aged 44 | years. | Louisa 
Sydney Fletcher | died August 20*S 1885 | Aged 20 years. 

* Commnnioated by Groil T. Davis, Bsq. Copied Whitsuntide, 1903. 


To the beloved Memory | of | Charlotte Gates |.who departed this life | oa 
the 14**" Dec**" 1881 | Aged 86 years. | This stone was erected by a sorrowing 
mother | in memory of a devoted daughter | Babbaba Henstbaoh | aged 70 
years | widow of the late John Gates and mother of the above-named Oharlottb 
Gates | She departed this life on the 20*** February 1882 | deeply regretted | 
for ever. 

In Memory | of | John Gates | aged 42 | died at Beauvais (Prance) April 6*^ 
1882 I Buried at Ostend | son of Barbara and John Gates | deeply regretted. 

To the Memory of | Emily Sarah | wife of j Charles Bowatbr Harring- 
ton I died 28 March 1876, aged 84 years | Also or Lucy her mother | the beloved 
wife of John Mallbson | di«i 18 April 1876, aged 69 years. 

Also of the above | John Malleson | died 12 May 1878, aged 81 years. 

[Formerly of Wimbledon.] 

Sacred | to the Memory | of | Christopher Atwell Harris | Royal Navy | 
died July 24, 1855 | Aged 69 years | Deeply lamented by his wife and children. 

EK niSTEQS I Sacred | to | the Memory of | Captain Alexander Hawtrey 
late of H.M. ix Royal Lancers | sixth son of the late Rev. C. S. Hawtrey, M.A. , 
Vicar of Whiston, Monmouthshire | and of Harriet his wife | Born Oct. x., 1819, 
died Feb. xi., 1857. 

[He suffered for many years from long exposure on the field after the Battle of 

Sacred | to the Memory of | Hannah Riddlesdale | Relict of the late Cap- 
tain I S. HoPKiNSON, Royal Navy | who died at Ostend | 19 September 1869 | aged 
80 years. 

In Memory | of | Caroline Lavinia | Mitchell | beloved wife of | Ernest 
HousMANN I born in Lannceston (Tasmania) Jan'y 28^S 1859 | died in Ostend 
May 17^ 1879 | R.I.P. 

In Memory of | Archibald Douglas | the beloved son of James and £llen 
Hughes | who died at Ostend June 2 | 1867 | in his fifth year | R.I.P. 

To the Memory | of | Rev. Salusbury Humphrets | died at Ostend | 13 April 
1855 I Aged 48 years. 

[He was eldest son of the late Admiral Sir Salusbury Humphreys (afterwards 
Davenport) of Bramhall Hall, Cheshire. He was of Brasenose College, Oxford, B.A. 
1^30, also a Licentiate in Theology of Durham 1840, and Rector of Fleet Marston 
in Sutfolk, on his own presentation.] 

Sacred | to the Memory of | Christiania Maria Huxley | who died at Ostend 
on the 17**^ October 1854 | Also of Thomas Huxley, Esq"'* | husband of the above, 
who departed this life | on the 1 August 1875. 

Here resteth the bodv of | William Mastbrman Irving | Born 15^^ April 
1853 I died 14*^ January 1872. 

[Younger surviving son of John Irving of East India Road, London.] 

Sacred I to the Memory of | George Killick, Esq"* | who died Jan^ 13*^j 
1872 I in tne 72 year of his age. 

[He was of Eirby Hall, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.] 


Sacred | to the Memory of | George Lovell | Born at . . . ., Hampshire | died 
at Ojstend aged 72 years. 

Abthur Duff Morison | died June 10***, 1894 | Ostend. 

Sacred | to the beloved memory of | John Morse ] who died September 23^^, 
1854 I Aged 44 years. | Also of | Martha | widow of the above and wife of | 
Hknrt Haliday I who died January 80*>», 1877 | Aged 63 years. 

In Memory of I Mary Eliza | the dearly beloved child | of John and Martha | 
Morse | who died Jan^ 18^^ 1857 | Aged 8i years | She lived beloved and | died 
deeply lamented. 

Sacred | to the | Memory | of | Joseph Nbynoe | 5*^ B. Vet° Bat" | who 
departed Ihis life | at Ostend Nov. 6*^, 1857 | Aged 71 years. 

To the Memoiy | of | Agnbb daughter of | J. T. Pares of Narborough | 
Leicestershire | who died August 9, 1859 | aged 84 years. 

To the Memory of | Mary Widow of | John T. Pares, Esq. | of | Narborough, 
Leicestershire | who died May 11, 1861 | Aged 64 years. 

[1831, No7. 20. At Qloacester Terrace, Regent's Park, John Tylson Pares, Esq.] 

Sacred | to the Memory | of | Alexander | died at Bruges 4 December 1849 | 
aged 2 years | Victoria | died at Ostend 26 April 1852 | Aged 8 years | Arthur 
Wbllbslby J died at Oudinboarg 2 January 1857 | the dearly beloved children | 
of I Jahes Hammond Parks j and | Harriot Dean Parks | his wife. 

Sacred | to the Memory I of | Henry Parry, Esq'® | Surgeon | who was born 
at Belmont | in Monmouthsnire | Nov^' 7*^ 1806 | And died at Ostend on the 
6^^ of I January 1858. | He was a generous friend to the poor. 

In I Memory | of | James Pelling, Esq' | who died at Ostend | December 
19, 1881 I aged 68 years. 

Sacred to the Memory of | John Thomas Penighe ) who died at Ostend on the 
20*^ March 1873, aged 77 years. 

Sacred to the Memory of | Mary Alioia Prendergast wife of John Thomas 
Peniche I Born 6^^ November 1807, died at Ostend 24^** March 1894, aged 86 years. 

Sacred | to the Memory of | RicmP S* Amour, Esq'^^ | bom at | Hammersmith 
16 Jan. 1784 | died at | Ostend 9 June 1858. 
[Formerly of Pimlico.] 

To I the dear | Memory of | Margarette Butler Anderson Scott | who 
died I at Ostend | 28 Augost 1896. 

Sacred to the Memory of | Margaret relict of the late H. A. Seymour, Esq"' | 
who died at Ostend 81'^ August 1867, aged 82 | Also of Isabella Anne | eldest 
daughter of the above | who died at Brussells 6^ of September 1867, aged 56. 


Sacred I to the | Memory | of | Rev* Gboegb Sloper | Rector of West Wood- 
hay, Berkshire | who departed this life at Ostend, Bel^iam | 9*^ Jan^ 1855 in hia 
81"* year | Universally Lamented by his numerous Friends | and Relatives. The 
Poor have lost a generous Benefactor | and his Widow pays this Tribute | to his 
many Virtues with a firm Belief | of meeting hereafter in a better World. 

Kind, coarieous, upright, prompt to sncconr woe, 

He Bleeps in death, let tears of sorrow flow. 

How sweet the exchange to him, his f etter*d sonl 

Has scap'd its Prison holds, and reached the Heavenly Goal. 

[He was of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, B.A. 1795, M.A. 1798, Vicar of 
West Woodhay 1798.] 

To the I Memory | of | John Stephens, Esq" | Bom at Coventry | the 28* 
March 1782 | Died at | Osbend | 4 February 1853 | B.I.P. 

Sacred | to the Memory of | Maegabbt Helen | beloved daughter of | Colonel 
Stephens | who died 7*^ January 1874. 

In Memory of I Helen Stevens | who died at Ostend 4**» Feb. 1869 | Aged 
44 years. | This slab is placed by | her sorrowing husband, children, and sisters. 

Sacred | to the Memory | of | Jane Stranack ] born at Margate 4 9*^ | 
1822 I died at Ostend 2"* January | 1882. 

[She was a daughter of J. Stranack of Ostend.] 

In Memory of | L* Col. Heney C. | Streatfield, 87 Royal | Irish Fusileers, 
who I died at Ostend 25 Dec' 1860 | Aged 76 years. 

Beneath repose | the remains of | Thomas Sweetlove | born at Ashford in 
Kent I died Jan. 6, 1859, aged 60 | Catherine Sweetlove | bom at Charing in 
Kent I died December 30'^, 1884, aged 91 | Thomas Sweetlove | born at Ashford 
in Kent [ died Dec. 26, 1879, aged 63 | George Sweetlove I born at Ashford in 
Kent I died Sept. 25, 1861, aged 43 | Harriet Golder | oorn at Ashford in 
Kent I died March 2, 1896, aged 75 | Alfred Sweetlove | born at Ashford 
in Kent | died Sept. 22, 1889 [? 59], aged 36 j Simmonds Sweetlove | born at 
Ashford in Kent | died Jan. 6, 1839 [? 59], aged 34. 

Sacred | to the Memory | of | G. W. T. | who died on the | W^ April 1858 | 
Aged 71 years. 

Sacred | to the Memory | of | M" Rebecca Yarney | who died at Ostend | 
July 25"*, 1859 | aged 74 years. 

Emily Alice Wade | bom Dec' 24, 1844 | Died Feb^ 18, 1852 | aged 
7 years | Irreparable. 

Elizabeth Walsh | Born December 21"^, 1822 | Died at Ostend Jan. 15, 1868. 

I.H.S. I In I memory | of | Arthur Vassall Webster, Esq"* | who died at 
Ostend 5^^ May 1868 | Aged | 46 years. 

LH.S. I In I memory | of | Guy Vassall Webster, Esq'* | who died at Ostend 
14 April 1868 | Aged 86 years. 

A la M^moire | de | Dame Myra Kathsrine Marie Wilkinson | d^oedee 
& Ostende | . . . . de 8^"', 1866 | agfe de 82 ans | et 10 mois. 


In Memory of | Alioe Flbtohbr | wife of Hbnbt Windsor, Esq'" | Born at 
Clifton House, Lancashire | died at Ostend | on the 9^ AngOBt 1870 | Aged 
40 years. 

Ici repose | M* Cathbrink Wood | Bpouse de | M' Thomas Wood | Nfe 
a Sandwich, Kent | Angleterre | D^o^d^e a Ostende | le 6 7^^, 1854 | a PAge de | 
84 ans efc 6 mois I B.I.P. 

A la M^moire | de Monsieur | Louis de Wtnteb I ^ponx de Madame | Ad^le 
SwEBTLOYB | n^ k Brnges | le 7 Janvier 1885 | et d4c6d6 ii Ostende | le 9 Octobre 

Inscriptions scattered in different parts of the cemetery. I am indebted to 
Mons. Ivo Wittevrongel, Meester Grafmaker, for learning their positions: — 

Arms : GnleSy a lion rampant; impaling, Argent, a bend sable. Crest : Pelican 
in piety. Motto : Tridmpho morte tam vita : — Sacred to the Memory | of | 
Harriet Walsh Porter Allen | {nee Semper) | the beloved wife | of | William 
Alexander Allen, Esquire | Born in Montserrat | West Indies | & departe(] this 
life at Ostend 11^^ July 1878 | Deeply regretted by her Husband | Children and 
Friends. | Sacr^ to the Memory | of | William Alexander Allen, Esquire | 
Husband of the above | Born in Saint Croix (West Indies) on the 14^^ March 
1814 I Died in Brussels 26 August 1900. 

Margaret Hanrikt Sophie | Borthwiok | Beloved daughter of | General and 
M» BORTHWIGK I died at Ostend 30*^ | January 1898 | Aged 8. 

In loving memory of | Adah Catherine Bouoh | third daughter of John 
Thompson | and Mart Bouch | Born at Liverpool 1*^ September 1871 | died at 
Middelkerke 7'^' October 1886. 

In Loving Memory | of | Anna Culmer Addis Keene | wife of Fritz GabbiS | 
who died January | 5^^, 1897, aged | 29 years. 

A Dieu gloire 1 amour ! reconnaissance ! In loving memory of | Nathaniel 
Watts Grant-Dalton | who died at Ostend March 28"^% 1890 | Also of | Martha 
Anna Marie Burrill | wife of the above | who died at Ostend September 20^, 
1882 I Also in Memory of | Alice Mary Grant-Dalton I who died Iblank] \ 
And of Eloey Martha Grant-Dalton | who died [blank] \ daughters of the 
above | E.I.P. 

Also in Memory of | M» Atwsll King nee Edith Grant-Dalton, who died 
at Mount Lehmann | October 21'S 1892, and was buried at Vancouver, B.C., 
Canada | Daughter of the above. 

In loving Memory of | Thomas Henry Grylls | died at Ostende December 18^^, 
1882 I Aged 81 years. 

In loving Memory | of | Captain Charles Horrocks | Bom at Edinburgh 
June 29«S 1816 | Died at Ostend May 12% 1Q85. 

Archibald Maokay. 

[Written in pencil on a wooden cross.] 

William John Mayne | Bom April 21«» | 1846 | Died August 20">, 1902. 

[Last surviving son of the late Sir Richard Mayne, E.C.B. (1796—1868), and 
his wife Geor^iana Marianne Catherine^ eldest daughter of Thomas Carviok of 
Wyke, Yorkshire.] 


Sacred to the Memory | of Robert Patbioe O'Haba | of Baheen, co. Galway | 
Born 17*>^ March 1886 | Died 21»* Sept' 1886. 

Sacred | to the Memory | of George D. H. Phillips | son of Major General 
G. B. Phillips | of the British Army | He was drowned at | Blankenberghe on 
the I 4^1" of September 1884. 

In loveing memory I of Elvestone Alfred Daish | son of Alfred and 
Louise Webb | of Sea view, Isle of Wight | Born Jnne 4, 1868 | accidentally 
drowned at | Ostende | September 27^, 1894. 

[Photograph beneath, and his last letter to his mother received by her on day 
of his death.] 

English Church. 

In the English Chnrch is one inscription on the north wall not far from the 
"Vestry door. 

Tablet on north wall :— In . loving . Memory . of | John . Oranmer . Cam- 
bridge I Aged . 23 . who was . drowned | at . Ostend . Ang. 8 . 1901 . while | 
rescuing . a . stranger. 

[In the cemetery a wooden cross is erected on his grave and on it is : John 
G. Cambridge | Born Av&:. 18 | 1877 | Drowned Avg. 8 | 1901. 

He was son of E. Cambridge, Mus. Bac., of Croydon.] 


The following epitaphs were copied from tombs in the chnrchvard adjoining the 
Parish Chnrch (St. Mary) of Ghistelles. The tombs are arranged along the eastern 
boundary wall of the churchyard, on the sonth side of the church : — 

Sacred | to the memory of | Edward Thompson Curry, Esq. | Her Britannic 
Majesty's Consul | at Ostend I Born the S^^ of August 1792 | Died the 4^^ of 
January 1874 | Aged 81 years | And of Charlotte his wife | daughter of Lieut. 
Colonel Heyland | She died at Ostend | the 10^^ of April 1844 | Aged 42 years. 

Here are interred I the Remains | of I Caroline | spouse of John Finlaison, 
Esq' I Actuary of the National Debt | of England | She departed this life at Ostend 
on the 19^^ | of May a.d. 1882, aged 27 | And | here also is interred the body of | 
Leopold Thomas Finlaison | their infant son | who died at Ostend the 17^ day 
of February pi-eceding. 

stay PasseDger, and if thy heart can feel 

For Borrow not thine own, let Pity steal 

For him who raised this stone a transient tear, 

Whose wife and infant all he loved lie here. 

God was his Guide, his Comfort and a Stay, 

When toil and oare beset life's dreary way. 

The babe alas was claim*d by heaven, 

While spotless save the stain by Adam giv*n. 

So pure, so meet for mansions of the Blest, 

In these precincts may the survivor rest 

[Second daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Davis of Waltham Abbey.] 
[John Finlaison (1788—1860) "was removed on 1 Jan. 1822 from the 
Admiraltv to the Treasury, and appointed Actuary and Principal Accountant of 
the Check Department of the National Debt OflSce, the duties of which position he 
performed for twenty-nine years." — D. N. B.] 

Sacred | to the Memory of | Colonel Langford HBYLAin) | many years British 
Consul at Ostend | He died 1*^ November 1829 | Aged 61 years, and his remains 
were at his own request interred on this spot | Also | to the Memory of | Charlotte 
Belict I of the late Colonel Hbyland | who died .... 1838. 


On head-stone : — Sacred to the Memory of | L* Colonel Lanoford Hetland | 
Many years | His Britannic Majesty^s Consul | at Ostend | He died on the 1*^ Nov. 
1829 I aged 61 years | and his remains were | at his own request interred | near 
this spot. 

Sacred | to the Memory of Thomas Phillipson, Esq. | born in London | 
. . July 1759 .... [R$8t broken away,'] 

Sacred | to the Memory of | Geobqb [Nbvilb*], Esq. | of | Skelbrook Park | 
Yorkshire, Died at Ostend | 9 of March 1848 | Aged 64 years. 

^ixx, ^tx%, ^t^x%, ^ttx, deer«.+ 


Will op Christophbe Sure. Dated 1668. Diocese of Tuam. 

In the name of Ood, Amen. I Christopher Surr nowe one of the sheriffs of the 
towne of Galway doe make this my last will and testament in manner foUowin^e 
ffirst beqneathinge my sonle unto God Almighty that gave it & body decenuy 
to bee buried I order and dispose of my worldly substance my money and debts 
first accompted that my plate Juells Corne housholduffe brasse pewter and what 
else soever belongeth and appertaineth unto mee beeinge duely appraized by two 
indifferrent appraizo^ the whole beinge cast into a Just snme I give and bequeath 
unto my beloved wife Marrian over and above the thirds thereof of right belonginge 
unto her the snm'e of twenty pounds ster' and the remainder of all my worldlv 
substance I give and bequeath unto my son ffrancis and Daughter Elizabeth 
equally to bee divided betweene them w^^ I desire my brother in lawe M' John 
Barrett to take into his care and Custody & to mannage & imploy for the best 
advantage of my said children and to pay the same with the advantage thereout 
accrewinge the one moiety unto my said sonne ffrancis at the accomplishm* of 
his age of twenty one yeres or sooner as occaceo' & discreceo* will require & the 
other moity thereof unto my daughter at her age of eighteene yeares or sooner if 
shee shall dispose of herselfe in marriage with the advice & consent of my said 
wife & brother And in case either of my said Children shall dye before the 
accomplishing the fore said p*ticulers then the share or moity of the Child see 
dyeing to goe & appertaine unto the Child surviveinge and in case both dye before 
the accoroplishem^ as aforesaid then the whole to bee & enure unto my said beloved 
wife Maman And of this my last will & testam^ I nominate and appointe my said 
wife Marian & John Barrett Joynt execute" And my Loveinge freind Richard 
Walcot Overseere desireinge him to take care that this my will bee duely p'formd. 
In wittnes whereof I the said Christopher Surr unto this my last will & testament 
have hereunto sett my hand & scale tne twentieth day of July Anno d*ni 1668 in 
the 20*'* yere of his Ma*»" reigne that now is. 

Chbisto. C. S. Subb. [Z./X] 

P'sons p'sent when the within Christopher Surr beinge in p%ct mynd & 
memory yett not able to signe his name by reason of his weakenesse but signed his 
Marke & sealed the within as his last will & testam^ & published & declared the 
same to bee soe, John Davies, EUinor Barrett, Rich. Walcott. 

* See Burke's " Landed Gentry,*' and " Gent. Mag.," vol. xix., N.S., 568.— C. T. D. 
\ Communicated by H. 8ibb, Esq.^oon tinned from p. 205. 


Will OP Francis Sire, 1785. Prerogative Court, Oaktbrbury. 

In the name of God, Amen. I fiPrancis Sirr of the Parish of S^ Clements Danes 
in the County of Middlesex Mercer being of Sound and disposing mind and memorj 
but very weak in body do therefore make this my last Will and Testament for 
disposing all the worldly estate wherewith God hath blessed me in manner following 
In the first place I do recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God hoping 
for a pardon of all my faults by the merits of Jesus Christ my Saviour and I desire 
that my funeral may be without pomp requesting only a walking burial and Pall 
Bearers and that I may be interred in S^ Clements Church Yard as near my dear 
wife deceased as possible And as to my estate of what kind soever the same doth 
consist I give devise and bequeath as follows first I give and bequeath unto my 
niece and serv* Maid Anne Sirr now living with me the sum of fifty pounds of 
lawfuU money of Great Britain over and al^ve the wages that I now owe her I do 
also give unto my nephew Roger Sirr the sum of ten pounds of like money and 
I do give unto my niece Catherine Sirr the sum of ten pounds of like money And 
after payment of my funeral expenses just debts and the above legacies I give 
devise and bequeath all the resc residue and remainder of my estate consisting of 
ready moneys stock in trade moneys out on any sort of securitys goods and chattels 
of any sort real or personal outstanding debts or other estate and personalitys 
whatsoever unto my two dear children Srances Sirr and Joseph Sirr to be equally 
divided between them share and share alike To hold to them their executors and 
administrators for ever in eaually Moieties but having been informed that M' Stone 
of Lyons In no who was dlerk to M' Challis of the same Inne has made his 
addresses in the Matrimonial way unto my said daughter which intended match is 
entirely against my inclination therefore the bequest of one moiety of the residuum 
of my estate unto my said daughter fiTrances Sirr is only conditional that in case 
my said daughter do not marry the said M' Stone within four years next after my 
death for if she doth marry the said M' Stone within that compass time then and 
not otherwise I do hereby revoke the above mentioned bequest of a moiety of the 
residuum of my estate herehy given unto my said daughter and do give and 
bequeath the same to my son Joseph Sirr his executors and administrators Ordering 
and directing my said son and his assigns to place out the said moiety or half part 
of my estate intended for my daughter in case she did not marry said M' Stone at 
interest in government or other good securities and other good securities and from 
the produce thereof to pay my said daughter the sum of one hundred pounds yearly 
during her life by quarterly payments and her own receipt shall be a sufficient 
discharge for the same for my Will is that the said annuity shall in no wise be 
subject to the incumbmnces or control of said M^ Stone in case my daughter should 
indiscreetly marry him And I do appoint my said daughter flfrances Sirr and son 
Joseph Sirr joint Executors of this my Will revoking all former Wills declaring 
this to be my last Will. In Witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this 
first day of December 1785. 

Francis Sirr. 

Signed sealed published and declared by the said Francis Sirr the testator as 
and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have in his presence 
and at his request set our names as witnesses hereto, James Singer, Cha. Hore. 

Proved P.C.C. 11 February 1785. (42, Derby.) 

Will of Major Joseph Sirr. 1800. Diooese of Dublin. 

In the name of God, Amen. I Joseph Sirr of the City of Dublin being of 
sound mind & body do make this my last tvill & testament after paying my just 
debts and funeral expenses which I request may be very private at a small expense 
I leave to my daughter Catherine Frances Minchin the interest of a house in Bride 
Street now in the possession of Michael Lacy Orocer and also one hundred pound 
due to me by note in my pockett book from Henry Charles Sirr dated Sept' 1791 


In consideration of M' Mincbin having paid me eighteen pounds p' annum from 
the day of his marriage to my daughter being the interest of £800 which at that 
time 1 was not able to spare without receiving the In'^ towards my support. 
Oiven under my hand ^ seal this eleventh day of March 1794. 

Joseph Sirk. \_8eah'] 
Witnesses : Eliza Minchin, Mich^ M^Dermott. 

3 day of Dec^ 1799. On which day Catherine Francy Minchin the universal 
legatee named in this will of Joseph Sir dec^ was sworn as well to her belief of the 
truth of s* will as well & fkithfuUy to administer the goods, etc., of s* Dec. accord? 
to the contents thereof no Ex' being named therein, before me, 

John Leahy, Surrogate. 

Will of Major Hekry Oharlbs Sirr. 1841. Prerogative Court, Dublin. 

Dublin Castle, 2 May 1882. In the name of God, Amen. After paying all 
just debts I bequeath my effects as follows, viz. : My paintings prints minerals 
shells books & furniture to be sold as may be deemed most advisable to the best 
advantage for to pay off Alicia Orpen my beloved daughter <& Catherine my dear 
child their fortunes as by me settled on each of their marriages Out of the amount 
of sale of my property as above I bequeath to my dear son Henrv Cha" Sirr two 
thousand pounds sterling and to my beloved Christian iriend Doct Cha' Orpen as 
a token of my esteem the sum of two hundred pounds. I bequeath all my plate 
& residue of what my paintings minerals shells, etc., brih^ by sale <& after paying 
all above demands to my dearly beloved son Joseph D*Arcy Sirr I also leave to the 
said Joseph D*Arcy Sirr my antiquities should it be found unnecessaiv to sell them 
to make up any demand against me my precions & cut stones I consider as part of 
my mineral collection. May the God of all mercies be with yon all <& remain with 
each of you and each of yours and may all your hearts be continually looking up to 
Our Saviour Jesus Christ who died for you & me and I do trust & hope that we 
will meet in that Kingdom where Christ reigneth. 

Henry Cha» Sirr. 

The hour of my departure's come, 

I hear the voice that calls me home. 

At last Lord let troubles cease 

And let thy servant die in peace. 

The race appointed I have run, 

The combats o'er, the prize is won. 

And now my witness is on high 

And now my records in the sky. 

Not in my innocence I trust 

I bow before thee in the dust 

And through my Saviour's blood alone 

I look for mercy at thy throne. 

I leave the world without a tear 

Save for the friends I held so dear. 

To heal their sorrows Lord descend 

And to the friendless prove a friend. 

I come, I come at thy command, 

I give my spirit to thy hands. 

Stretch forth thy everlasting arms 

And shield me in the last alarms. 

The hour of my departure's come, 

I hear the voice that calls me home. 

Now, my God, let troubles cease, 

Now let thy servant die in peace. 

H, 0, S, 



Entbt Book of Military Commissions, 1796—1806, p. 75. Record Tower 


Henry Char« Sirr, Esq", Town Major of the Garrison of Dablin. 

Gborob R. 

George the thii*d by the Grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland 
Defender of the Faith &«. To our Trusty and well beloved Henry Charles Sirr 
Esq|^" Greeting We do by these Presents constitute and appoint yon to be Town 
Major of the Garrison of Dublin in our Kingdom of Ireland in the room of Gustavus 
Nicolls Esg". Yon are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the Duty of 
Town Major by doing and performing all and all manner of things thereunto 
belonging. And you are to observe and follow such Orders and Directions from 
time to time as you shall receive from us, our Chief Governor or Governors of our 
said Kingdom for the Time being, or any other your superior Officer, according to 
the rules and Discipline of War. Given at our Court at S^ James*s the tenth day 
of November 1798, In the Thirty ninth Year of our Reign. 

By His Majesty*s Command, 



Admiralty Office, 9*^ October 1795. 

M*^ William Whiteway Sirr having represented to Us that he lost his 
Jonmals & Captains Certificates for His Majestys Ship Jason, when the Bush 
Revenue Cutter was wrecked on the Coast of Ireland, of which he was Commander, 
and requested they may be dispensed with, when he is examined touching his 
Qualifications to be a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy ; We do hereby desire And 
direct You to cause his request to be complied with, upon his making Oath that he 
Actually did keep Journals of the said Ships proceedings. And that they, with his 
Captains Certificates, were lost as he hath set forth. We are 

Yonr aflfectionate Friends, 


Cha* Middleton. 
H. Seymour. 
Navy Board. J. Gambier. 

I W™ Whiteway Sirr of His Majestys Ship Amyhurst [Amethyst] Do hereby 
volnntary make Oath & swear that being Commander of His Majestys Revenue 
Cutter Hush on the 18*^ of January in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Seven 
Hundred & Eighty Six was Cast away in Balinakill on the Coast of Ireland at which 
time he the said yj^ Wbitewav Sirr liost all his Journals of his Servitude in His 
Majestys Ship Jason, James rigott Commander, at the time lie was Cast away in 
Balinakill Bay. 

W*" Whiteway Sirr. 

Sworn before me this — Day of October 1795. 
Thomas TWNNB [?], Mayor, 



Middlesex to wit. 

I William Whitney [sie] Birr do hereby make oath that he was born on the 10 
day of May in the year of our Lord 1766 in the Parrish of Werbnrgh in the Citty 
of Dublin in the Kingdom of Ireland as he had been informed and Verily Believes. 

W* Whitbway Sirb. 

Sworn before me at the Office, Bow street^ 
the 7 of Oct. 1795. 

ISignatwre Uleffibls.'] 







M. 1 W. 



31 March 1779 

Capt« Sc' 

18 April 1780 






19 April 1780 


28 February 1782 






1 March 1782 


14 Decem' 1782 






15 Decern'^ 1782 


80 July 1783 






6 Decem' 1793 


13 January 1794 






14 January 1794 

Ma8» Mt« 

30 June 1795 
last Book 





No Books 

20 July 1796 


30 Septem>' 1795 
last Book 









Navy Oppicb, 

6*i» October 1795. 

These are to Certify, that M' William Whiteway Sirr is borne on the Books of 
His Majesty^s Ships above-mentioned, the Time, and in the Qualities there 
expressed, being Six years one month one week and five days. 

P. Hyatt. 

For a Lieutenant. 


Major Henry Charles Sirr. 

Extract from Commons Journal (No. 186), pp. 92 and 286 : — 

Michaelmas Assembly y 1798. — A Member moved the following Resolution : 
^' Resolved that the thanks of the Sheriffs & Commons be returned 
to Charles Henry SiiT, Esq., for his exertions in bringing to justice a 
number of traitors and Uni&ed Irishmen.'' Question & allowed. 

Michaelmas Assembly^ 1803. — Petition of certain of the Commons for thanks 
to Major Sirr and order thereon agreeing, and that same be engrossed 
and presented by the Town Clerks, Re^ and (allowed. 


Extract from Assembly Book (No. 182), pp. 136, 327, 342 : — 

Michaelmas Assembly, 1808. — Bight Hon. Henry Button, Lord Mayor. 
Petition of certain of the Commons praying to confer some mar& of 
approbation on Major Gha* Sirr, Town Majpr^ for his eminent and 
essential services to his Majesty, the Constitution and this City : where- 
upon it was ordered that the thanks of this Corporation be given to 
Major Cha" Sirr for the above reasons in the said petition ; that same 
be engrossed and presented by the Town Clerks. 

Easier Assembly, 1807. — John Claudius Beresford and Henry Charles Sirr of 
Dawson Street, merchant, elected Sheriffs for ensuing year commencing 
Michaelmas next.* 

Post Assembly, Bth May 1807. — Henry Charles Sirr, Esq., praying to be 
excused from serving the office of Sheriff: whereupon it was ordered 
that the within named Henry Charles Sirr be excnsi^ from serving the 
office of Sheriff for the ensuing year commencing, etc., he having paid a 
fine of three hundred guineas. 


(Vol. i., p. 428.) 

Lord Castlereagh (Chief Secretary of Ireland) to Mr. Wickham (Under Secretary to 
the Duke of Portland, Prime Minister). 

Dublin Castle, 

Secret] November 3, 1798. 

Sib, I understand from Captain Taylor that Lord Cornwallisf has been 
pleased to recommend an arrangement in favour of Major Sirr, highly advantageous 
to his interest. The services Major Sirr has rendered to the King's Government, 
since T have been in office, are such as to make me feel it an incumbent duty to 
bear testimony, in the strongest terms, to his merits. 

From the want of any efficient system of police in this city, he has been con- 
stantly employed by Government, on everv occasion which called for ^reat personal 
exertions, discretion, & courage ; his life has frequently been exposed, particularly 
in the arrest of Lord Edward Fitzgerald. I can truly state that, during the most 
trying period of public danger, the metropolis was peculiarly indebted for its 
tranquility to the unceasing activity of Maior Sirr, assisted by M' Swan, who so 
nearly lost his life in that same struggle, which proved fatal to M^ Ryan, & in which 
Major Sirr was exposed to very imminent danger. 

Permit me to request that you will communicate the above to the Duke of 
Portland, and assure bis Grace that the King has not a more &ithfnl officer than 
Major Sirr in his service. 

I have the honour to be, etc., 


* Major H. C. Sirr was a Member of the G-oild of Merchants, or Holy Trinity Gnild^ whg 
elected him their representative in the Corporation of Pablin iq 1794, 
I Loi4 lientenant. 




29 November 1798. 
His Excellency The Lord Lieutenant. 

My Lord, 

Having laid before the King yonr Excellency's letter of the 10^^ 
Instant enclosing a list of successions, which you propose for the army in Ireland, 
I am Command^ to acquaint your Excellency that his Majesty is graciously pleased 
to approve of all of them except as to the appointment of Town Major of Dublin, 
which it would be highly objectionable to have sold, but his Majesty has been 
pleased to say that a Lieutenant Colonelcy on the Irish Establishment or a troop of 
Cavalry may hereafter be sold to reimburse the present Town Major, and that Major 
Sirr shall be now appointed to that situation without purchase. The necessary 
Commissions will be immediately prepared for the Royal Signature & transmitted to 
yonr Excellency in the usnal manner. 

I am, etc., 


The Lord Lieutenant having recommended him, Sirr lodged Three Thousand 
Guineas for the Commission (the pay of Town Major then l^ing less than subse- 
quently). Sirr was gazetted to a majority of Dragoons, and the purchase of the 
Town Majority effected by the sale of that Commission. The Town Majority was 
unexpectedly presented without purchase in acknowledgment of great and voluntary 
services beyond mere duty, and the ofBoe created into a very active and confidential 

iHomimtntal infi(n:(pt(ons( 

SfSllantistDortl^ ^risb C!)urtt)/ 

A nameless brass (temp. Henry V.) of a Serjeant-at-Arms, with mace instead 

of dagger :—• {• JUit facet jltrf^fts [%tx!t\txi% Uegiss Xenrtti tiuinti po^t 

tonquesstum aO] arma qui obift bice$»fmo %txtn Oie Jfamiar atmo Oni mtirto 
€tf CCa XXo Cttfuis anime — amen yater nonter* 

Now on north wall of chaucel aisle, formerly on floor in front of Communion rails. 

Mural, east end of south aisle. Arms : Barry of six argent and sahUy in chief 
two eagles displayed and the golden fleece alternating with three ndlUririds : — In 
Memory of j Robert Wildman Barchard, | of Wandsworth, Esquire, | a deputy 
lieutenant lor | the County of Surrey, | and one of the churchwardens | of this 
parish, | who died 18*^ January, 1848, | in the 55'*» year of his age. | This tablet 
is erected j by subscriptions from the | inhabitants of Wandsworth | as a tribute | 
to his public, private, | and social worth. | Yirtutibus instructos et ornatos | bonos 
veros decimus. (Cio. Tusc. 5, 10.) 

Robert V^ildman Barchard, B., of S* Marj, Lambeth, and Charlotte Barchard, S., of this 
parish [Wandsworth], mar. ; lie. 16 Sep. 1823. 

Robert Wildman Barchard, Wandsworth, January 20**' [1848], 54 years, [buried by] Bdw* 
Rob* Pemberton, Vicar. [He died at East Hill.] 

* Gommanicated by Obcil T. Davis, Bsq. 
YOh. v., SEBIISS Illt y 



Mural, west end of north aisle : — Near this place was laid in earth | the body of 
Edw. Babker, Esq., | one of the Barons of His Majesty's | Court of Exchequer, | 
who was born in tliis parish the 19*^ | day of December 1671, and departed | this 
life the 10^^ of June, 1759. | Reader, if you would inquire | how he lived and 
died, I be content with this answer : | Not without faults | by the frailty of man ; | 
not without repentauce | by the grace of Ood. | He was the son of James and 
nephew | of Edward by goodness to him a second | father, sons of Edwaed the 
elder, | all whose remains with others of the | family were deposited | in this 

1671 Dec. 21 Bdward son of James Barker, gent., bapt 
1759 June 16 Edward Barker, Esq., 86, bur. 

Babkeb, Edward, bom at Wandsworth 19 December 1671. He was the son of James Barker 
and grandson of Edward Barker. He was baptized two days afterwards in Wandsworth Church. 
His father died next year, and was buried on 13 January 1672-3 in the Church. His grand- 
mother (Mrs. Barker, sen.) paid the churchwardens 15«. 4d, for *'her husband's and sonnes 
grave in the church." His grandfather was buried on 23 January in the same year, ten days 
after his father's burial. He had a posthumous brother, whose entry of baptism reads : *^ 1673, 
April 10, James son of M' James Barker, lately deceased." His uncle Bdward adopted and 
educated him. He was admitted to the Inner Temple in 1690. In 1729 he was made Reader, 
Treasurer in 1732, and he was app^nuted Cursitor Baron of the Exchequer on 9 May 1743. 
He resigned office on 19 April 1755, and four years after he died on 10 June, and was buried on 
16 June in the family vault in Wandsworth Church. His age in the Burial Register is given 
as 86, but he was in his 88th year. • 

He married Dorothy . . . , and had several children, of whom Dorothy the eldest only 
grew up. Mrs. Dorothy Barker died on the 13th and was buried on the 19th April 1749, but 
her name does not appear on the Barker tomb. 

Manning and Bray chronicle : — " His dau. Dorothy mar' Abraham Tucker, Esq., of Betch- 
worth Castle in this co. on 3 Feb. 1736.* By her he had 3 daus., Dorothy, who died under 3 yrs. 
old, Judith, k Dorothea Maria, who on 27 Oct. 1763 mar' Sir Hen. Paulett S* John, Bart.,& died 
on 5 May 1768, leaving one son. M*"* Tucker died 7 May 1754, aged 48. Her husband collected 
all the letters wh. passed betn. them whenever they happened to be absent from each other, 
wh. he copied in books twice over under the title of * The Picture of Artless Love.* One copy 
he gave to her father, who survived her five years, k the other he kept to read over to his dau*8 
frequently. He died 20 Nov. 1774. Judith inherited ; she died 26 Nov. 1794, her only nephew 
Sir Henry Paulet S* John Mildmay, who sold Betch worth estate in 1798." (Vol. i., p. 558.) 

Monumental Inscription at Dorking. 

M' Stephen J. Tucker, Rouge Croix, Pursuivant of Arms on December 4, 1874, exhibited 
'* Dame Tucker's Shoe," being the dress shoe and clog of Dorothy, wife of Abraham Tucker of 
Betchworth Castle. (** Archaeological Journal," vol. xxxii., p. 111.) 
1711 Oct. 20 Dorothy daughter of Edward Barker, Esq., bapt. 
17^ Feb. 24 Edward son of M' Edward Barker, Esq., bapt. 
1719 Nov. 19 Edward son of Edward Barker, Esqr., bapt 
1712-13 Church Reoeiptt, — Recened for y* Interm* of an Infant of Edward 

Barker, Esqr 00 07 

1749 April 19 Dorothy Barker, bur. 

James Bar-^. . . 
ker, baptised 
11 April 
1642; buried 
13 January 

Abmb.— ^, a bend hetweet^ six hUleU »able, 
Edward Barker, buried 23 January 1672-2 


Anne, baptized 
5 July 1643; 
buried 14 Nov. 

Edward Barker, 
baptized 16 Sep. 

James Bai'kcr, bap- 
tized 14 February 
1646-7 ; buried 2 
December 1652. 

William Barker, bap- 
tized 14 June 1649. 


John Barker, baptized 27 June 
1650 ; buried 4 November 1650. 

Joseph Barker, baptized 7 Oct. 

John Barker, baptized 30 Not. 

* Whw this marfia^ took i^\9^ Edwnrd B(^rker Is described m of E«wt Betchworth, 


Edward Barker (Judge), born 19 December 1671 ;^Dorothj . . . .| died 13 James Barker, bap- 

baptized 21 December 1671 ; died 10 June 1769 ; 
buried 16 June 1759. 

April 1749; buried tized 10 April 1673. 
19 April 1749. 

Dorothy, baptized 20^Abrabam Tucker, Edward Bar- Eliza- Edward Bar- Benjamin 

October 1711 ; mar- bom 2 September ker, baptized betb. ker, baptized Barker, 

ried 3 Feb. 1736-7 ; 1705 ; died 20 24 February 19 Novembei^ — 

died 7 May 1754. November 1774. 1713-14. 1719. A dan. 

Dorothy, died Judith, died 26 Novem- Dorothea Maria, married 27 Octobei«j=Sir Henry Paulet 
3 years old. ber 1794, unmarried. 1763 ; died 6 May 1768. St. John, Bart., 
^1 died 1784. 

81r Henry Paulet St. John Mildmay, Bart,=pJane, eldest dau. and coheir of Carew Mildmay, 
died 11 November 1808. married 1786 ; died 6 May 1857. 

(Present possessor of title, Sir Henry Paulet St. John Mildmay, Bart., succeeded 1902.) 

Ledger, north aisle : — ^Beneath this Stone | are deposil^ed the Bemains of | 
Harriot Barlow, Wife of | William Barlow, Esq. | of this Parish, who 
departed | this Life, Dec' 26^, 1801 | Aged 86 years. 
1802 Jan. 2 Harriot Barlow, 36, bur. 

Mural, west end of north aisle. Arms : Argent^ a chevron between three heare 
heads couped sable, muzzled or : — To the memory of | ThohAs Barwis | of Wands- 
worth I in the county of Surry, Esquire | who died January 26^^ 1815 | In the 
89"* year of his age. 

Ledger, north aisle :— T. B. | died JanT 26">, 1815 | Aged 89 years. 
1816 Feb. 2 Thomas Barwis, Wandsworth, 89, bur. P. AUwood. 

^' On a fair stone before the Table is this inscription in a Brass Plate " (Stowe). 
No trace now remains: — ^'Hio jacet Biohardits Brbahe, Gen., orinndns de 
Comitat Suffolcias : qui diu et fideliter infervivit Dominse Elizabeths, ReginsB et 
postea domino Jacobo Kegi. Et deinde Senectute provectus et multis morbis 
gravatus, placid^ et quiete de vita, mortali in immortalem, emigravit Anno sstatis 
su» 62, et Salutis humanse 1610, Jan. 2. Bichardus filius posuit pietatis ergo." 
16{4 Jan. 6 Rich. Breame, gent., bur. 
163]^ Jan. 1 M** Joane Breame, widowe [7 his widow], bur. 

160f Feb. i Richard Breame, son of Richard Breame of Wasenworth [?], Surrey, Gent. 
1611 Dec. 17 Thomas son of Richard Breame, gent., bur. 

In an indenture, dated 9 January 1625, is the name inter aliot Richard Breame, son and heir 
of Richard Breame, deceased, parishioners of Wandsworth. 

On east wall, with two busts (removed in 1900 to Peperharow Church) : — 
Thomas Brodrigk, Mi]itis,e Richmondi& AnglisB ad Septent* | antiqua proavorum 
serie traducti, qui pictate non iicta, morum comitate | et Benevolenti& singulari, 
sibi foelix, sais charas et a quam plurimis | optim^ fuit meritus, vitse quidem si 
quis alius integer coelam pro palria | agnovit . . . . et Morbi tedio fractus excessit 
tantium atque istob quod | caducum (aliquondo resumpturus) sub hoc sole deposuit 
anno consistentis | ultimo astatis sufe 46 salutis humansa 1641. Ver^ lufi;enaus et 
semper | desideratus. Eatherine, stirpe Nicholaiornm et S. Johannis in^agro | 
Wiltoniense Nobili oriunda qusB convixit Uxor marito, liberis Mater | optuma ; 
nemo magis prudentiam civilem excoluit, nemo foelicius charitatem | exercuit ; 
relicta quinetiam in medi& state* viduitatem ad extremam | usque senectutum 


(memor conjagii) affectavit. Non enim nisi ezactiB | a natali octies decern annis 
mariti in conBortium (amici mortalitatis lege) | denno reddita spousa sed exanimis 
heic a*dlatas decubuit anno D*ni, 1678. 
1641 Dec. 4 Sir Thomas Brodrick, Ent., bar. 

1632 April 6 Margaret daughter of Sir Thomas Brodrick, Ent., bapt. 

1633 Sep. 21 Willm. son of Sir Thos. Brodrick, knight, bspt. 
1635 May 25 Henry son of Sir Thorn. Brodrick, knt. 

Sir Thomas Brodrick of Wandsworth married Catherine daughter of Robert Nicholas, Esq., 
of Manuiugford Bruce. His eldest son was Sir Alan Brodrick, Ent., who died unmarried 
25 November 1680. His brother. Sir St. John Brodrick, married Alice daughter of Sir Randal 
Clayton, Ent., of Thelwall, co. Chester. His second was created Viscount Midleton 15 August 
1717, and is ancestor of the present Viscount Midleton. 

In the Constitution of Vestry in 1627 Sir Thomas Broderick, Ent, is one of those appointed 
to be Vestrymen. His name also occurs in an indenture dated 30 January 1631-2. 

Mural, west end of north aisle : — Near this place | lye the remains of | Robert 
BucE of London, | Gent., who died November 3^ 1769, | aged 66 years. | Also of | 
SuSAifNAH, his wife, who | died July 14, 1767 | aged 42 years. | This monument 
was I erected to their memory | by Elizabeth Buck, | their sister, | in the year | 

The following inscription to their memory is in Mount Nod : — In memory of 
Susanna | the wife of Kobbrt Buck, mercer | in King Street, Covent Garden, | 
and of this Parish, | who died the 17^^ of July 1767 | Aged 4[4] years. | Abo of 
the said Robert Buck, | who died the 10^ November, | 1769, Aged 66 years. 

1769 Nov. 10 Bobt. Buck, bur. 

1767 July 17 Susannah wife of Robert Back, bar. 

To the Glory of God, | in loving memory of | John Buckmabter, B.A., Oxon, | 
Vicar of Wandsworth, 1856—1884, J who departed this life 28th Aug., 1884, 
aged 64. | ^' I am the Resarrection and the Life ; he that | believeth in Me, though 
he die, yet shall he live." | Erected by his family. 

To the Glory of God, | in affectionate remembrance of | Rev. Ralph Nevill 
Buckmabter, B.A.jOxon, | 1819—1897. | His life, the last 25 years of which were 
spent in this | Parish, was one of voluntary service for his Saviour. | ^* My flesh 
shall rest in hope.'* | Erected by his sister. 

Both memorials are placed on part of the old east wall of the Chnroh, OTer the arch leading 
to the older monuments formerly on the east walL 

Mural, north wall :— Sacred to the memory of I the Rev^ Robert Holt 
Butcher, LL.B. | Forty-four years vicar of this parisn | rector of Chesham Boia 
aud vicar of Chesham Wooburn | in the county of Buckingham. | He died on the 
81»* day of August 1822 | In the 79*** year of his age. | Also of Frances Elizabeth 
Butcher | Daughter of the above and Ann his wife | who died on the 19*^ of 
August 1880 I in the 60*^* year of her age. | And of Ann relict of | the said Rev<* 
Robert Holt Butohbr | who departed this life April 25^^ 1881 | in the 86^^ year 
of her age. 

Ledger, north aisle : — Rev*' Robert Holt Butcher | LL.B., who was 44 years | 
Yicar of Wandsworth | Died 81*' day of August 1822 | Aged 79 years. | Also 
Frances Elizabeth Butcher | Daughter of the above | and Ann his wife | Died 
the 19^^ of August 1880 | Aged 59 years. | Also of | M» Ann Butcher | Relict of 
the above | who died April 25*^, 1881 | in the 86'** year of her age. 
1822 Sep. 7 The Bey* Robert Holt Batcher, LL.B., forty-four years Vicar of this Parish, 79, 

bar. ; he died on the 31" of August ; by the Bev. T. L. Strong, as by the 


1830 Aug. 27 Frances Elizabeth Batcher, Wandsworth, 69 years, bur. P. AUwood. 

1831 April 30 Ann Butcher, Wandsworth, 85 years, bar. Philip AUwood. 

He was presented to the Vicarage of Wandsworth in 1778 by Mr. T. A. Ackworth, and to the 
Vicarage of Chesham in 1780 by the Duke of Bedford. Ue was also Chairman of the Bench of 
Magistrates of the West Half Hundred of Brixton. He graduated at Trinity College, Cambridge, 
in 1770. 


Here lieth tbe body of M' Bobkbt Obanstok, late | mercer of Bound Oonrt in 
the Strand, who died the 30^ | of September 1751, aged 51 years. 
1751 Oct. 6 Robert CnuiBton, 50, bar. 

Mural, near Vestry door : — Near this place are deposited the remains of | 
M' Somerset Draper, who departed | this Life, greatly lamented January 31»*, 
1756, I aged 49 years. In the year 1742 he married Elizabeth | youngest sister 
to the friend of his heart, | James Glutterbugk, Escj., who in | grateful remem- 
brance of bis affection to her, | & of his other truly amiable qualities, | hath caused 
this monument to be erected to his memory. 

1706 April 1 Somerset son of M' Draper, bapt. 
1766 Feb. 7 Somerset Draper, bur. 

He was a partner of Messrs. Tousoo, book9eUer8 in tbe Strand. 

Somerset Drapei^pAnn Thompson. 

Anne. Geffery Draper. Somersets Elizabeth Clatter- Jeflery Draper. Nightingale. Mary. 
Draper. back. 

Mural, south wall. Arms : Argent, five fusils in cross or. Crest : A hand 
proper holding a fusil or. Motto : Tria juncta in uno : — In the family vault near 
this spot I are deposited the remains I of Vice-Admiral Sir Will'' Bssington, 
E.G.B. I who departed this Life July 12<^, 1816 | Aged 68 years | And on the north 
side of this church were interred | the remains of his mother | Ann Ebsington | 
who died May 20*^ 1774, Aged 46 years. 

1774 July 2 Ann Bssington, 46, bor^ [? married to Claphamton Essington, at Clapham, 
1 May 1760.] 

Ledger, south aisle :— Sacred | to the memory of | Vice-Admiral | Sir W* Es- 
sinoton, K.C.B. 

1816 July 20 Vice-Admiral Sir William Essiogton, K.G.B., of the Pariah of S* Mary-le-Boue» 
London, 63, bur ; by the Kev. B. H. Butcher the Vicar, as by the Voucher. 
[ He died at Nottingham Place, Marylebone.] 

" On 3rd August 1796 Vice-Admiral Sir George Keith Elphinstone was lying in Simon's Bay, 
South Africa, and in his fleet was the * Sceptre,' Captain William Essington." (James's *^ Naval 
History," vol. i., p. 636.) 

** On the 17th August the Dutch squadron of nine vessels, under Admiral Lucas, capitulated.** 
(Jfttrf., p. 636.) 

"On 9th October 1797 Captain William Essington commanded the * Triumph,* one of the 
British North Sea fleet, under Admiral Adam Duncan. On 11th they engaged with the Dutch 
fleet, under De Winter. The * Triumph * had for opponent the * Wassenaer,* which she compelled 
to strike. With others she attacked the Dutch flagship the ' Vryheid,* which at length struck. 
The * Wassenaer,' although she had struck to the * Triumph,* was fired at by a Dutch brig that 
followed her out of the line, and which brig actually compelled her to rehoist her colours. The 
* Bussel * soon afterwards coming up, the * Wassenaer again struck them, and was taken 
possession of. (Battle of Camperdown.) Tbe * Triumph * had 25 seamen, 3 marines, and 1 boy 
killed ; her captain, 1st and 3rd lieutenants (Patrick Chapman and George Trollope), master 
(James Bead), 1 xnidshipman (Mr. Jones), and 60 seamen and marines wonnded. Captain 
Holland of the * Wassenaer * was mortally wounded early in the action. Gold medals were 
struck and presented to the admirals and captains to be worn. Richard Power was 1st lieutenant 
of * Triumph,* ** (/Wrf., vol. ii.) 

He was presented at Court 30 Oct. 1801, when he was made one of the Knights Commanders of 
the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath, and was present with Lord Nelson (who wore 
the diamond aigrette in his hat presented to him for his services by the Court of Naples), 
Admiral Edward Hughes, and others, at the Palace. 

*< On 7th August 1807 Bear-Admiral William Bsaington Joined Lord Gambler at Copen- 
hagen.'* (/M., vol. iv., p. 412.) 

" On a plate in the south aisle was this inscription *' (Strype), now wholly 
disappeared : — " Of your charity pray for the sowle of Elizabeth Galb, widow, 
the which deoessed in the paryth the 21*^ day of January irv^XLV. Upon whose 
fioule and al christen sowles Jhesu have merq^. Amen." 


Mural, south wall : — Sacred | to the memory of I Ank, the wife of Henbt 
Gabdineb, I of this parish | who departed this life November 11^, 1810 J Aged 
65 years. | Also the above-named Henby Oabdineb, | died at Famham in this 
county, July 15^^ 1889 | aged 95 yeans, | and was buried there. 
1774 feb. 21 Kirkman son of Henry and Ann Qardner, bapt. 
1776 April 6 Ann Holmes daugliter of Henry and Ann Gkrdner, bapt 

Ann Holmes, inf. dan. of Henry Gardiner, bnr. 

Henry son of Henry and Anne Gardiner, bapt. ; bom Feb. 8. 

Henry Gardiner, inf., bur. 

Mary Anne daughter of Henry and Anne Gardiner, bapt ; bom July 28. 

Henry son of Henry and Ann Gardiner, bapt. ; bom Mar. 1. 

Henry Gardiner, inf., bur. 

Sophia daughter of Henry and Ann Gardiner, bapt. ; bom Aug. 3. 

Caroline daughter of Henry and Ann Gardiner, bapt ; bom Sep. 8. 

Lucy daughter of Henry and Ann Gardiner, bapt. ; bom Sep. 6. 

Henry William son of Henry and Ann Gardiner, bapt ; bom Oot 8. 

Ann Gardiner, 65, bur. 

July 14. At Famham, aged 96, Henry Gardiner, Esq., formerly of Wandsworth. (^Gent 
Mag.," Aug. 1839.) 

'* A little child shall lead them.** | In sweet memory £thblfl(EDA Bbbthon | 
HowBLL, 8 Nov. 1899—24 May 1901. 

Chancel, south-east window : — Subject as above. 

In Wandsworth Cemetery is this inscription : — Ethelfixeoa Bebthon Howell, 
24 May 1901. 

Daughter of Thomas Arthnr Ires Howell, M.B.G.S. 



















Brass plate on ledger, nave :— Hic iaobt sbpvltvs Rob'tvs Enabebbbovgh | 


Egglesie Patbonatvs qyi obiit I VNDECiMO DIE Jaxyabii Anno salvtis 1611. 

1584, Oct. 21. Bobert [? Sarisbroughe], yeoman, and Anne Glasoocke, widow, of the City of 
London, relict of William Glascocke, of Wandsworth, Surrey ; at S* Sepulchre's. (Marriage 
Licences : Bishop of London.) 
16^ Jan. 12 Bobert Knarisborough, bur. 
1619 July 10 Anne Knarisborough, bur. 

As Patron of this Church he presented Jerom Shepherd, B. A., to the Vicarage on 1 May 1586, 
vice John Edwyn, deceased. 

In a deed, dated 10 October 1610, is the name of Bobert Knarisborough the elder, and in a 
deed poll, dated 28 October 1611, occurs Bobert Knarisborough, jun., gentleman, and again in 
an indenture of 30 January 1631-2 Js Bob. Knarisborough. 

On north wall :— to the memoby op | chables bdwabd lawes, | eldest son 


(^Doneaster, Wdndiworth.) 

Mural, west end of north aisle : — Here*>y lieth the body of | Thomas Moseley, 
reader of this | parish, and his sonn in law W"* Taton | and his grandchild, 
he departed y*' 18 | day of June 1681. 
P* M' Moseley for reading Ser?ice SeveraU times when M' Acworth (Vicar) was Sicke, 10*. 

(Churchwardens* Accounts, 1671.) 

At a Generall meeting of j* Minister, Churchwardens, and other Inhabitants then present 
y« first day of January 1672-3-— 

M' Thomas Moseley was chosen Clerke of y* parish of Wandsworth in y* Countie of Sarrey 
y« Bame day by and with y* consent of y* p'sons [hereonder erased} whose names are hereunder 


mentioned. Then it was ordered that y* said Thomas Moseley should nener require or demand 
any allowance from y* minister or y« p^ishioners besides y accustomed dues of the Gierke : — 

AUyn Acworth, Vic* Jb. George Streete. Ralph George. 

Miles Poole, ) «i.„^u«o«i«„p W« Bentley. Robert Hansloe. 

John Best, \ churchwardens. j^^^ ^.^^^ ^^^^^ Coswell. 

JoGhua Monger. Giles Goose. Robt. Roades. 

Abraham Hubbert. Richard Coswell. Thomas Jenkes. 

Som'set Draper. William Roades. Richard Pillett. 

I, Thomas Mosely, do ynder my hand promise to the minister and Parishion's of Wands- 
worth that I will never require or demand from the min' or any of the Parishioners of 
Wandsworth any allowance besides the accustomed dues of the Clarke for any assistance of the 
minister in any serrice of the Church, by me Tho. Mobblbt. 

Payd M** Holbrooke for cleaning y* Church Plate and washing y* Church Linnen 

from our Lady 1672 to Christmas following . . 0150 

Payd M' Moseley for Cleaning y* Church Plate and washing the Church Linnen 

f ro» Christmas to our Lady Day 1673 050 

Payd M*' Moseley and M' Holebrooke for schooling 4 parish boyes, Tiz*, Mathew 

Wazham, James Stephens, Will. Danson, & Will. Bull 02 

(Churchwardens* Accounts, 1672.) 
Payd M' Moseley for washing y* Church Linnen and Clean, y* Plate ffor one year's 

Broomes for y* Church, as appeares by bill 1 06 04 

Payd M' Moseley for Schooling of four poor boyes, viz*, Michafare Alfrey,* James 

Stephens, William Bull, and John Deane 002 00 00 

(iWrf., 1678.) 
Payd M' Moseley for Cleaning y* Plate and washing y* Church Linnen « . . 001 00 00 
Payd M' Moseley for baptising And buring severall poor people .... 000 10 00 
Payd M' Moseley by y* hands of M' Osborne and Ed. Athew for looking to y* clock 

and find in oylc 002 00 00 

Payd M' Moseley for Schooling of 4 parish boyes for one year ending at our Lady 

Day last *76> vizS James Stephens, John Deane, Francis Poole, and William Bull 002 00 00 
[Vicar Acworth buried 10 July 1674.] (/Jirf., 1675.) 

Bec*d of M' John & M' Thomas Moseley for the interm* of severall in the Church, 

as per note from the 20<» of April! '81 to Aprill *82 004 02 10 

Paid M" Moseley for cleaning 7* plate & washing y* Linne* 001 00 00 

Paid M' Moseley, clark, for looking to the clock for y* year *80, which was omitted 

in the last accompt, & M' John Moseley for eighty one, each fourty shilling . 004 00 00 

Paid M' Moseley for writing & returning y* Annual Register 000 05 00 

Paid M' Moseley for writing a poores Booke 000 02 06 

Paid M' M68eley for 4 poore Boyes Schooling for one year ending at our Lady Day 

last, yizS John Wright, John Shipway, Smuin Dee, & John Franklin . . . 002 00 00 

(/WJ., 1681.) 
1665 May 6 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Mosely, Cler. [bapt]. 
1668 July 8 Elizabeth dau. of M' Thomas Moseley [bur.]. 
166| Feb. 5 John son of Thomas Moseley, Cler. [bapt.] 

1681 Nov. 13 John Moseley of Wandsworth, Deacon, & Mary Houghton of S* Olives, South- 
wark ; Banns. 

John Moseley elected Clarke of Wansworth post fratrem, June y* 24*^, 1681. 
The entries are now in the ** Clarke's " handwriting. 

(j?h he eontinMedJ) 


7%s Journal of the Ex Lihrie Society, Vol. XIII., Parta 7 and 8, for July and August 1903. 
London : A. and C. Black, Soho Square, W. 

The July Part has for frontispiece the bookplate of Arthur Hopton, of Clements Inn, 1611 ; it 
is all in outline, and unusually large. A long account of the family from 1470 is given by the 
Rev. Wickham M. Birch, with five smaller arms. Another one of George Frederick Bodley of 
Bridgefoot is large, but has some good mantling about it. Mr. Jewers gives an account of the 

* A descendant of the ancient royal family of Russia. (See *< Wandsworth Notes and 
Queries.'*) / ^ s 



bookplate of General Sir Ee^uald Pole-Carew, which is carefnlly drawn by Mr. Q-. W. Etc. 
There are four bookplates designed bj the Hon. Frances Wolselej, that of the Field-Marshal 
Visoount haTing a mantling very artistically arranged. The bookplate of Mr. A. Prioe Haig, 
as designed by Mr. Graham Johnston, is well done. 

The August Part has the plate of Chelsea Public Library, the figures rather ron^ly drawn, 
and five bookplates engraved by Mr. F. G. House, and inserted as a supplement by Messrs. 
Truslove and Hanson ; each plate is well delineated, particularly the one for Miss Fetherston- 
haugh Frampton. The old plates and the improved new bookplate is shewn by Mr. J. Rogers 
Bees, who has a little Paper on the subject, and illustrates it by shewing the title of a *' New 
Dictionary " by William Walker, B.D., in 1691. 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. Vol. XXXIY., Nob. 2 and 3, April and 

July 1903. Society's Office : 226 West 58th Street, New York, U.S.A. 
This is the best of the genealogical periodicals which come to England, and the Part for April 
has an excellent portrait of Mr. Heber Reginald Bishop, one of America's Railway Directors, 
and celebrated as the largest collector of jade, which he finally presented to the Metropolitan 
Museum of Art, New York, shortly afterwards dying of heart disease. 

The next article with a plate is the Juroel Mansion, at Manhattan Island. It ways used at 
times by General Washington and by the officers of the British Army, and went through many 
vicissitudesj and finally became the head-quarters of the war party. Of Church Records, those of 
the Corporation of Zion in New Gtermantown, and Registers of Marriages, Baptisms, and Deaths 
in East Hampton are next given, followed by the family history of Edward Fuller, and inscrip- 
tions from Gilead Cemetery, Carniel, N.Y., and a general Obituaiy, etc., complete the April 
Number, which must be interesting to many Americans. 

The July Part has a portrait of Mr. Asa Fitch, Physician and Naturalist, who for fifty years 
had made the latter a study, and was created State Entomologist in 1854. Several of the 
papers in the April Part are continued, and an account is given of the Dumont Family and John 
de Witt, with his portrait. An Obituary and Book Notices close the Part. 

Fenland Notes and Queriee, VoL V., Part 58. July 1908. Peterborough : George C. Caster, 

Market Place. 

\ This Part begins with a good account of Dr. Richard Howland, Bishop of Peterborough in 1584. 

' It is embellished, too, with his portrait, autograph, and seal ; he had it when he was ordained. 

^ His father was a Salter of London, and he was one among ten other sons and one daughter. 

^^ His seventh brother was knighted as Sir Giles, and was a Grocer of London. A Paper ofn 

'•^ Charteris Church Notes, written in 1746, is interesting. There are excellent accounts given 

again of the drainage of the Fens in Charles the First's time, and a company of noblemen was 

ormed to carry it out. 

Virginia Magazine of Hittory and Biography, Vol. XI., No. 1. July 1903. Virginia 
Historical Society, Richmond, n.S.A. 
Thb Yif^nia Committee of Correspondence, the Surrender of Virginia in 1651-2, and an account 
of Virginia in 1638-9, occupy a fair amount of this Part, and John Brown's letters are continued. 
Isle of Wight County Records and Virginia Gleanings in England, and the Militia in the 
Revolution, are interesting locally, and the genealogy of the Brooke Family and the Hemdon 
Family, besides several others, and the usual historical Notes and Queries, complete the Part. 

Thb Hableian Society have just issued Vol. II. of '* Lincolnshire Pedigrees" to its Members. 

*»• Boohi for Review and Notioee of Fortheoming Works shay Id he addressed to 
Messrs, Mitchell Hughes and aarke at the Publishinf Qfiee^ 140 W^rd^ur Street^ London^ K; 






fi lO O 




9 S. 
a ensHH 




J" :8 

•^ CO ^ C8 


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--§2 ^$^^-a 

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— 3 


So- « S 
r^ ^ *3 iO 

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in Holditol 
[liam Holdi 

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753 and 


2| -52! -s 

Oft »Hr-l 

<fl S oPQ 

born at '. 


9 March 


.2 -^ So 



=Mary Barndey, 
CO. Hunts, 12 
married there 2 


■33:2 ..*^ 

'S ^ fl «o fli 





.12 ^ 2 9 ^ 

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a 4? S 

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r-t e8 00 

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«) S a « 

"o tr "^ 'E S 


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3-2 A-S 

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08:=: t^PQ 
p a> o 


O 9 CL.O 
OtS'^ P 

2 P'^ 
*© 0,08 

00 -o ti^ -' 

P 08 .r^ 

t^ 08^ 

-p «« p _r 
1^-5 § 

QQ <N 08 08P^ 

•T3 «H4 Jl3 O 

00 ^ •» t* 
ci X u a 

8l g 
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2 - 
® ^a p 

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pp ® 
Jg oi ee S 

S-S g 2 




•^00 §■ 

p 08 • 
p 311 

H H S '-S <N 'S •-• 

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'Q ^< CO P 
S <3J o o 

08 , r-i C3 

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-ffl 00 a; 3^ 

?3 ^5 t^ ®^ 3 

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t3 08 

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o 08 o bo 

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H5 is 08 -S 

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p-^ "f* fc« ••> •* I 

U. CJ '^ t>« <^ r^ 


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g "§0.2 £ oQ .2 
- ^ o g ^-S 

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.2 § 5 a 60,^ 

o a -2 •-• o ^ »^ 

® fl P 00 g;S S 
P^ C8 C8 rH ^ i^ QQ 

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g rO fc -a <M 

W® p5 $ GO 00 a 00 .g*^ 
08^5 SiHr-i e8r-lOQ(M 

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-- §<< 00.^ 

POO is "*^^ 
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(N is asi Pj 

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r-i 08 r-iOQ ©^ 


s «8 ^ — T'O 

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<a «, H ^'^ 
•r .52 *c ^ 

g c §; « - 

a P j3 

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£53 $ = 

X '--4 ^*^ ^ •—! 
.2 rQ W 00 no 

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C8 5^00 

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E^ S)S 08 

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'2 ^§11 

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flT Vi <» § 
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Jig's-? ?.w 

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C rH g P * 

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•-s p. 

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HAommtnt&l Insinrtptiotnt 


SlSOantistDortl) ^adsi) Cf)urtt)/ 

Ledger, nave :— Under this stone lieth the body of M' Mabtin New- | port, 
of this parish, who departed this life the 16^^ day | of February, 1784, a^ed 60 
years ; and of Penelope, his | loving and beloved wife, who departed this life the 
26«» I day of June 1754, aged 72. 

1704 May 24 Martin Newport, Merchant in Wandsworthi Surrey^Penelope HaU ; married 

by M' Edgeley, Vicar of Wandsworth. (Gray*8 Inn Chapel Register.) 

1705 Sep. 2 Penelope daughter of M' Martin Newport, Mercht., bapt. 
17f| Feb. 28 John son of M' Martin Newport and Penelope his wife, bapt. 
17.S| Feb. 23 M' Martin Newport, Merchant, 65, bur. 

1754 July 3 Penelope, Widow of Martin Newport, 72, bur. 

1723-4 R« for the Interment of M' Newport's Child 7 4 

(Churchwardens' Accounts.) 

Chancel, central window. Subject: Virgin Mary holding infant Jesus, and 
three angels : — In Memory of | Gborqe Nind | obiit 26 Jan. 1897. 
A great benefactor to the parish. 
On one of the Benefaction Boards is the following : — 

The Chancel of this Church was erected A.D. 1900, at a cost of £2450, a legacy of £2000 
having been left to the Vicar and Churchwardens of Wandsworth for that purpose by a 
Parishioner, M' George Nind. 

A large cross is erected over his grave in Wandsworth Cemetery. On it is : 
. In . Mehort . of . I . George . Nind . | . Member . of . the . Pharha- | 
OBUTicAL . Society . an . Old . | . Inhabitant . of . Wandsworth . | . and . a . 

GREAT . benefactor . | . TO . THE . ChURCH . OF . ENGLAND . | . AND . THE . PoOR . 

OP . THIS . Parish . | . Born . 16*"» . May . 1818 . | . Died . 26^*» . Jan. . 1897. 

(IT. E. Buehanany Trinity Road.) 
The total gross yearly income of Nind's Wandsworth Church Trust is £1840 13#. lid. 

Mural, west end of north aisle. Arms : Argenty a chevron between three 
palmers' scrips sable, tassels and buckles or : — To the Memory J of Samuel Palmer, 
Esq'. I Many Years one of the Surgeons | And afterwards Treasurer | of St. Bar- 
tholomew's Hospital, I and Fellow of the | Boyal Society. | Born Ian. 5, 1670. | 
Dyed April 20, 1788. 
1738 April 28 M' Samnel Palmer, 68, bur. 

His eldest daughter Frances married Peter Sainthill, Esq. She died 21 February 1766, and 
lies buried with her husband outside east end of north aisle of Wandsworth Church. She 
inherited £60,000 from her father. 


Arms. — Or^ on a fe»*e engrailed azure between three leopards^ heads gules as many bezants, 
each charged with a Jieur-de'lis of the second s ona pile in ohirf azure three demi fleurs-de-lis per 
pale attached to the top and sides of the front, 

William Sainthill of DeTon=r. 


Peter Sainthill^Margaret Upton. Samuel Palm< 

l^Margaret Upton. Samuel Palmei^p. . . . 

Peter Sainthill, Surgeon, Wandsworth^^ffrances Palmer (dau. of Samuel Palmer, see above). 
* Communicated by Cecil T. Davis, Bsq.^continued from p. 279. 


Samuel Saint-^Jemima Margaret^8ir Hew Dalrymple. Frances, Bev. Petei=rAnn . 
bill. I Scott ^ died Sainthill. 

(Barkers ** Peerage.") young. 


France»j-Sir John Wilmot. Two dans. 

(Barke*« " Peerage.") • 

Mural, east end of south aisle :^1n \ fiHtmoV^ \ Of | aSltQtam ^lattft^ I 

(where he had resided FIFTY-SIX YEARS) | 20™ NOVEMBER A.D. 1867, AT 

churchyard. I ** ©oD fo lohtJ* 

1767 Not. 29 William son of James and Hannah Plank, bapt. 
His parents were buried in the churchyard. 

Ledger, south aisle : — Here lyeth the body of | M" Elizabeth Plume who | 
departed this life lune y« 17*^ 1703 | in y« 72 year of her Age, 

Brass plate on ledger in nave : — Iohn Powell Gentleman servant both 
TO QvEENE I Elizabeth, as also to Einqe James being 74 yeares | olde, 


On the north side of the chancel on a monument was this inscription (much 
perished) and now on east end of north aisle. Arms: Powell impaling Hay- 
ward : — 

Under a stone within this place 

Doth lie John Powell, who for the space 

Of thirty yeres before his death 

Did serve the Queene Elizabeth : 

And to King James of worthy fame. 

For nine yeres more he did the same : 

And when the yeres of seaventy-foure. 

Were now come to an end, 

Into the hands of God above 

His soul he did commend. 

Obiit 26 die Junii 

Anno Dom. 1611. 

1611 June 30 John Powell, gent., bur. 

Bee** of M' Edmnnd Powell for a Legacie geven by the last will of M** John Powell, Esq., 
deceased, zx'. (Churchwardens' Accounts, 1610-11.) 

Mural with effigy, north chancel aisle : — *' Susanna Powbll, late of Wands- 
worth, widow, daughter of Thomas Hayward, of Wandsworth, Yeoman 6f the 
Guard unto King Henry the VIII., King Edward the VI., to Queene Mary, and to 
Queene Elizabeth (of ever precious memory), and wife unto John Powell, of 
Wandsworth, gentleman, who was servant to Queene Elizabeth. This Susanna 
Powell was a gracious benefactor unto this Towne of Wandsworth. She lived 
a widow the space (almost) of twenty yeeres, deceased the 19 day of Februar;^, 
1630, and at her death bequeathed by her will unto 24 poore widowes of this 


Towne of Wandsworth, for ever, four pence in money, to be distributed every 
Lord's Day, 12 on one Sabbath, and 12 another, for ever, at the North Doore 
of the Churc{i at Wandsworth. She also bequeathed 40 shillings every yeere for 
ever, to put forth a poore man's child an apprentice, with divers other loving 
Remembrances unto her good friends and neighbours. These aforesaid donations 
are to issue out of the Benefit and Profits of the Rectory of Wandsworth. This 
was desired to be recorded, that God might be glorified, the memorial of the just 
might be blessed, and the living stirred up to such like good Workes of Piety and 
Compassion. More, to this Church for the Communion Table, two Flagon Pots 
of Silver, price XXL and upwards. To release poore prisoners out of prison on the 
day of her burial, XX. pounds. To the Poore of the Parish of Putney, long before 
she deceased, 50 pounds. To the poore Householders of Wandsworth, for many 
yeeres before her death, towards payment of their rent, per annum 5 Pounds." 

The foregoing is the inscription as it is preserved in the county histories. It 
now reads thus : — 

SvsANNA PowEL, late of Wandsworth, widdow, davghter of | Thomas Hay- 
ward, of Wandswth, Yeoman of y^ Gvard vnto I King Hbnby y« 8, King 
Edward y^ 6, to Qvbbn Mary, | and to Qvebn JElizabeth (of ever preciovs 
memory), | and wife vnto John Powbl, of Wandsworth, gent., who | was servant 
to Qvebn Elizabth & King Jambs. 

This SvsANN PoWBL was a graciovs benefactor vnto this I Town of Wandsowth. 
She lived a widdow y® space almost | of 20 yeeres, deceased y« 19"* day of Febry, 
1680, and at | her death beqeathed by her will vnto 24 poore widdows | of this 
Town of Wandsworth, for ew 4:^ in bread & 4^ mony to be distribvted every Lord's 
Day, 12 one Sabbth, and 12 | another, for ever, at y« North Doore of j* Chvrch at 
Wandswth. | She also beqeathed 40* every year for ever, to pvt forth | a poore 
man child an apprentice, with diver other loving | Remembrances vnto her good 
friends and neighbours. These aforesaid donations | are to issve ovt of the Benefit 
and Profits of the Rectory of Wandsw'th. This was desired to be recorded, that 
God might be glorified, | the memorial of the just might be blessed, and the living 
stirred vp | to svch like good Workes of Piety and Compassion. 

Above is a lozenge, on which is : — Argent^ a douhle-qumed lion rampanUguardani 

The rent charge of £22 16«. a year issuing out of the rectorial tithes of Wandsworth is still 
paid to the Trustees. 

Bec'd for a graue in the Church for M" Powell 6 8 

P'd the Ooppie of M' Powells will 2 6 

(Churchwardens' Accounts. 1630-31.) 
163{ Mar. 1 M'* Susanna Powell, widowe, bur. 

Her will (17 St. John) was proved 23 February 1630-31 by Sibil Sturdevant. 

Brass plate on ledger in nave : — Depositvm Henb. Smith, | Senatoris Lon- 
dinensis | Mole sub hac quasris ? Quis conditur ? Optime lector | Cuias et Qualis? 
Qnantus in orbe fuit ? | A dextris muri statuam tu cernere possis | Oranti similem 
marmore de pario, | Subter quam statuam cernatur tabula sculpta | Auratis verbis 
quae tibi cuncta notant. 

Mural, with eflBgy, north chancel aisle. Arms : Quarterly, 1 and 4, Sahle^ a 
fessB between three saltiies or^ far Smith ; 2 and 3, Barry of six gules and argent^ 
on a chief of the last three wolves^ heads erased of the first, for .... Here Lyeth 
the Body of Hjenry Smyth Esquire Sometime Citizen and | Alderman of Lon- 
don, who departed this Life the 3^ day of January | A® Dni. 1627, being then 
near the Age of 79 years. Whom While he | lived gave unto these Severall 
Townes in Surry following ; One | Thousand Pounds a piece to buy Lauds 
for perpetuity for y® Eeliefe | and setting the poor People aworke in the said 



townes, Viz. To | the Towne of Croydon, one thoasand pounds, to the Towne 
of I Kingston, one thousand pounds, to the Towne of Guilford, one thou- | sand 
pounds, to the Towne of Darkin, one thousand pounds, to the | Towne of Farneham, 
one thousand pounds, & by his last Will & Testament | did further give & devise 
to buy Lands for perpetuity for the | Reliefe & setting their poor aworke ; unto 
the Town of Ryegate | one thousand pounds, and unto the Towne of Richmond one 
especyaltye | or debt of a thousand pounds, and unto this Towne of Wandsworth | 
wherein he was born, the sum of five hundred pounds for y« same uses | as before, 
& did further Will & Bequeath one Thousand to buy Lands | for perpetuity to 
redeeme poor Captives & Prisoners from y Turkish | Tyranie, & not here stinting 
his charity & bounty, did also give | and bequeath the most Part of his Estate 
being to a great Value | for the Purchasing Lands of Inheritance for ever, for y« 
reliefe | of the poor and setting them aworke. A pattern worthy the | imitation of 
those whome God hath Blessed with the Abundance of | the Goods of this Life to 
follow him herein. 

Bec*d for t^e bells at M' Smith's bnriall , ... . ^ 7 9 

P^ for mending of two baldrioks against M' Smiths f anerall j iiij 

(ChurchwapdenB' Accounts, 1627-8.) 

Bec^ of M' Smiths executors * Ht 

Qlhid., 1629-30.) 

P> Gaunnon for chousing M' Smithe Monument . . . . . . . 2 

(/Wrf., 1645-6.) 

P* chousing M' Smithe toombe 00 01 06 

(iJ«., 1646-7.) 

Wandsworth receives over £170 annually from this charity. 

In the Burial Register for 1627-8 are these two entries : — 
Feb. 7 Henry Smith of London, gent. 
Feb. 14 Henrie Smith, Esq. 

The Funeral Certificate in the College of Arms records Smith was buried on 7th day of 
February, " being of the age of 79 years at May next." 

His will is dated 24 April 1627, and prored 23 January 1627-8. 

In the Churchwardens* Accounts for 1549 the name of Walter Smith is mentioned. He 
possibly was Henry's father. 

On a monument on the south side was this inscription : — *^ Here lieth the Body 
of Edwabd Snow, of Chicksands in the County of Bedford, Esquire, in memory of 
whom Emma his wife, daughter tp William Btne, in the County of Sussex, 
Esquire, erected this monument. He had issue Elizabeth, Alice, and Sarah. 
He deceased at the Manner of Alfarthing, Anno Dom. 1587." 


Abus. — Per /esse eTnbattled azure and argent three antelopes^ heads erased oounterchanged, 

hifmed or, Snow. 


Snow of 


da. of , 

William Bynd,= 



,^Allice, da. of 
E*» Colepep- 
per of Wake- 

John Bowyer 
of Camber- 

=Elizabeth, da. of 
Robert Draper, 

Daniell Rebecca, mar. EDWABD=pEmma=John Bowyer, 

Snow, William Gery, 
s.p. Bushmeads, 

Ob. 1587. 

ob. 2 June 
1623, s.p. 

Bynd. beth. 

Catha-=8ir Ed- 
rine. mond 


Edmond Conquest of Houghton Conquest, B^8.^Joane, da. of W"* Button of 
(P.C.C., F. 41, Populwell.) Amphill, Beda. 

h* Con-:T=I 
I B<* Butle, Lond. quest. I Rob' Hewet. 

William Albaney. (P.C.O., 17, Djury.)sfThomazin, da. of S' Rich* Con-^fiDorothy, da. of 

Elizabeth. S' Bob* Albanej=FAl]ice, mai' 2 Feb. 1607-8. Sarah, mar* 10 Aug.:j=8' Richard 

1607. Conquest. 


Emme. AUice. 1. Robert Albanej, 2. William Albaney, Frances. Thomazin. Emme. 
10 y old 1623. 8 y old 1623. 

Aubrey, in his "Natural History of Surrey," gave a transcript of an inscription at Wands- 
worth, Surrey, now lost : — 

** Here lieth the Body of Edward Snow, of Chicksands in the county of Bedford, esquire, in 
memory of whom Emma his wife, dauj^hter to William Byue, in the County of Sussex, esquire, 
erected this monument. He had issue Elizabeth, Alice, and Sarah. He deceased at the Mannor 
of Alfarthing Anno Dom. 1687." 

Edward Snow was second son of Richard Snow (Will proved P.C.C. 1554, 18, More) of 
Chicksands, co. Bedford, and his wife Elizabeth (Will proved P.C.C. 1587, 17, Spencer), a 
gentlewoman of the Privy Chamber to Queen Elizabeth, and daughter of ... . Cavendish, aunt 
to the old Countess of Shrewsbury. He married Emma, daughter of William Bynd of Wake- 
herst, Sussex, and his wife " AUice," daughter of Richard Colepeper of Wakeherst. After her 
husband's death in 1587 she married John Bowyer, J.P., second son of John Bowyer of Camber- 
well, Surrey, who died 2 June 1623, s.p. 

As the Parish Registers as well as the Churchwardens* Accounts for the parish of Wands- 
worth are missing for 1587, there is no record locally of Edward Snow. His name does not 
occur in the parish deeds, though in 1608 Cecily Riche assigns a lease of certain lands belongring 
to the church to John Bowyar, who was Lord of the Manor of Alfarthing in 1698. He appears 
to have received this manor from his grandfather Robert Draper, and Edward Snow was bis 

The will of Edwarde Snowe of Alfarthing, par. Wansworthe, Surrey, is in P.C.C, 73, Spencer 

Edward and Emma Snow had three daughters, Elizabeth, Alice, and Sarah. 

1602 Feb. 2 Sir Robert Albany, Knight, married M** Alee Snow ; at Wandswprth. (Wands- 
worth Parish Registers.) 

Sir Robert was son of William Albaney of London and his wife Thomazin, daughter of 
Richsrd Butle. 

Sir Robert and Alice had issue, Emme, AUice, Rob^ (set. 10 in 1623), William (»t. 8 in 
1623), Frances, and Thomazin. 

1607 Aug. 10 Sir Richard Conquest, Knight, married M" Sara Snowe; at Wandsworth. 
(Wandsworth Parish Registers.) 

Sir Richard was second son of Sir Richard Conquest of Houghton, Beds, by Dorothy, daughter 
of Robert Hewet of Ampthill, Beds, Esq. 

Sir Richard and Sarah had one child, Emma. 

The family of William Bynd intermarried with that of John and Elizabeth Bowyer : John 
Bynd was first husband of Elizabeth Bowyer ; Catharine Bynd was married to Sir Edmond 
Bowyer ; and Emma Bynd was married to Edward Snow and afterwards to John Bowyer. 

(See the pedigrees printed by the Harleian Society : *< Visitations of Bedfordshire,** pp. 97, 
110 ; " Visitations of Surrey,** pp. 26, 32, 116.) 

Here lyeth interred the body of Thomas Tayer, Senior, | Aged 101 years, 
buried the 80^^ December 1658. Also the body | of Thomas Tayer his son, aged 
TSybnried the 14^*^ January | 1662. Both of Bants in Northamptonshire, Esqoires. 

1663 Dec 30 M' Thomas Tayer, aged 101, bur. ^ 

166^ Jan. 14 Thomas T^yer, Esq., bur. 


Od a small brass plate on the sonth side of the rails was the following : — ^Pray 
for the sowle of H' Wheddon, who dessessed the | zxiiij of .... in the year of our 
Lord God Hcccooxz | Upon whose sowle Jesn have mercy. Amen. 

Marble tablet, south wall of sonth aisle :— •{* • I^ • Mekobt . of |' Jemima. 
(** Mime '*) | the . beloved . wife . of . James . White I of . this . town | 

WHO . DIED . 80**> . Nov. 1902 I AGED . 48 . YEARS. | " He . GIVETH . HIS . 
BELOVED . SLEEP.*' (^Buohaitan.) 

[Dangbter of George Dolling of Aldenham, Herts.] 

Maral, west end of nave :— Under this Stone | In a Vault is Deposited the | 
Remains of Joseph Wight, Esq' | who died the 18*^ of November 1770, | A^d 
74 years I Also lies InterM in the same Vaalt | the Remains of his Niece | M'* 
Martha Dunwell | who Died Ang»* y« 18*^, 1778 | Aged 68. 

1770 Nov. 26 Joseph White, Esq., 74, bur. 

1773 Aug. 19 Martha Dunwell, in ye chnrch, 60, bur. 

Ledger, north aisle : — 







On tablets :— Part of this | Chnrch was rebuilt J and Beautified a.d. 1780 | 
The Rev*> Robert Holt Butcher, Vicar | M' James Oliver | M' Henry 
Gardiner [.Churchwardens. 

In the year of our Lord 1859 | extensive repairs, alterations | and embellish- 
ments were made | in and to this Church | chiefly by improving the Chancel and | 
iutroduciug a stained glass window* | R^-pewing the gallenes to obtain | additional 
accomodation and lighting | the church with gas I The Bev^ John Buckmaster, 
A.M., Vicar | W« Thos. Maokrell | Sigismund Kucker | Churchwardens. 

To the Glory of God and for the Welfare of | the Parishioners this Church 
was I restored and enlarged in the last year of the I 19^ Century at a cost of 
£4505 : 10 : 3 I The Chancel, Organ chamber and Cnoir Vestry were added and 
a New Roof provided for the Nave. 

W- Reed, M.A.f Harry PewI ^, „ .„^ , „„ 
Vicar. 1 J-- WiLLCOX / Churchwardens, 

On sonth wall (exterior) of tower:— This Tower | was repaired and heightened | 
in the year of our Lord | mdccoxli | D. C. Delapossb, A.M., Vicar | Thomas 
Allen & John Doruay | Churchwardens. 

* Bepresenting the Transfigoratioii, 


John Hbbvey, Esq., a difltinguished member of the House of Commons, 
Hereditary High Steward of Bury St. Edmunds, was elevated to the Peerage, 
23 March 1703, as Barm Hervey of Ickworth^co. Suffolk^ and created, 19 Oct. 1714, 
Earl of Bristol. He married Ist, 1 Nov. 1688, Isabella, daughter and sole heir 
of the Right Hon. Sir^Robert Carr, Bart., of Sleaford, co. Lincoln, Chancellor of the 
Duchy of Lancaster, and granddaughter (maternally) of Lord Arlington, by whom 
(who died 7 March 1692-3) he had a son Carr, Lord Hervey (who died unman-ied 
15 Nov. 1723), and two daughters. The Earl married 2ndly, 25 July 1695, 
Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Sir Thotnas Felton, Bart., of Playford, co. Suffolk 
(by his wife Lady Elizabeth Howard, daughter and coheir of James, 3rd Earl of 
Suffolk), by whom (who died 2 May 1741) he had eleven sons and six daughters. 
(Jide Burke's *' Peerage.") 

For two other varieties of John Hervey's Bookplates, respectively dated " 1698'* 
and " 23 March 1702," see " Visitation of the County of Suffolk, 1561," by the late 
Dr. Howard, F.S.A. 

a f^eraltite antr ^^j&psiolojjttal Curwsttp.t 

In July 1698 Thomas Greenhill, chirurgeon of London, petitioned the Earl 
Marshall, that, being the thirty-ninth child and seventh son of one father by one 
mother, he might be allowed a difference in his Arms to be borne by him in 
commemoration thereof. 

This was transmitted by the hands of Blanche Lyon, who was at this time the 
Duke's private pursuivant. 

At the College of Heralds [Original Grants, vol. iv., fols. 276-9] is the grant 
which resulted and in these words : — 

. ^' To all and singular to whom these presentes shall come Sir Thomas S^ George 
Knight, Prinoipall King of Armes, and Sir Henry S* George Knifjht, Clarenceux 
King of Armes, send Greeting. Whsreas Thomas Greenhill of the City of Londo»i, 
Chirurgion [thirty-ninth child and seventh son of William Greenhill of Greenhill 
in y® County of Middlesex by his only wife Elizabeth Daughter of John Jones t)f 
London], has made application to his Grace Henry Duke of Norfolk, Earl 
Marshall of England, y' the Arms born and used, under the hand of William Ryley, 
by his said Father — scilicet, Vert 2 Barrs Argent, in chief a Leopard passant or — 
may be allowed and confirmed to be born by him w^^ y<» Alterations of y® Barrs 
from Argent to Ermine, and whereas they have borne for their Crests in seals and 
otherwise a Demi-Griphon, he may be allowed to bear y« same Gules, powdered 
with thirty-nine Mullets or. And forasmuch as y*' said Earl Marshall, being well 
satisfyed of the Qualifications of y« said Thomas Greenhill, and in consideration of 
his Services to his Grace and his Family, did by Warrant or Order under his Hand 

* From the coUection of Mr. C. W. Shxbbobk, B.E. 
t Commnnicated by Gbo. Obazbbbook, Esq., F.8.A, 



and Seal of hie Office of Earl Marshall, bearing Date j® Eight day of Angnst last past, 
Order and appoint Us to Grant Allow and Confirm y« said Arms and Crest so 

differenced as abovesaid. Know ye there- 
fore y* We y® said Garter and Clarenceux, 
in Pursuance of y® said Earl Marshall's 
Order, and by Virtue of y® Letters Pattents 
of 0^ Offices, to each of us respectively 
Granted, under y« Great Seal of England, 
have allowed and confirmed and by these 
Presents do Grant allow and Confirm unto 
the said Thomas Greenhill y« said Arms 
and Crest with the Alterations and Addi- 
tions abovesaid, as in y® Margin hereof is 
more plainly depicted. To be borne and 
used for ever hereafter by him the said 
Thomas Greenhill and y« Heira and other 
Descendents off his Body lawfully begotten, 
in Shield, Coat-armour, Penon, Seal, or 
otherwise according to y« Law of Armes, 
withoutt Lett or Interruption of any Person 
or Persons whatsoever. In Wittness where- 
of We y« said Garter and Clarenceux Kings 
of Armes have to these Presents subscribed 
our Names and affixed y® Seals of our 
Respective Offices y® first Day of Septem- 
ber, in y® Tenth year of the Reigne of o' 
Sovereigne Lord William y« Third, by y« 
Grace of GOD King of England, Scotland, 
France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Annoque Domini 1698. 

" Thomas S* George, Garter, 

" Principall King of Armes. 

"Hbnby S* GEOEaB, 

" Clarenceux King of Armes.' 

I would draw attention to several interesting points : The William Ryley 
mentioned was called Norroy by the Parliament, and advanced to be Clarenceux on 
the death of Arthur Squibb in May 1646, after which Edward Byshe, who was 
named Garter in 1646, and Ryley seem to have constituted the whole stuff of the 
Heralds' College and took all the fees they could make. The proclamation 
4 September. 1660, addressed to Sir Edward Walker (he had been deposed in 1645 
and was recreated Garter 1660), declares, "Whereas Edward Bish, Arthur Squibb, 
and W™ Ryley have for divei-s years usurped,'* etc. It then enacts that all grants 
of Arms made by them be null and void, and orders them to be destroyed and 
defaced. (The original is at the College — see my " Earl Marshal's Court in 
England," pp. 58-9.) Therefore Thomas Greenhill's fatiier's grant was null and 
void ! Among the Papers at the Heralds' College there is a note that a drawing on 
vellum of the Arms, as altered and sought for, had been submitted by Thomas. 
No doubt this was the work of his friend Blanche Lyon ; and the wording, " in 
consideration of his services to his Grace and his Family," shewing that Thomas 
was and had been for some time their medical attendant, readily accounts for the 
friendly relations of these two — Thomas Greenhill and Blanche Lyon — who put 
forward and aided Greenhill's application. I think it is extremely rare to get so 
strong a concurrence of proof. We have (1) Thomas declaring the most unusual 
and startling fact of the family in which he was thirty-ninth, and on that plea 
asking its heraldic recognition! (2) Blanche Lyon, the Earl Marshall's own 
Herald, who had ready means of verifying that extraordinary statement, risks his 
future career in placing before his Master a statement which the Medical profession 
declares to be now impossible. (8) The Earl Marshall knew him as his medical 



attendant, and was willing to testify to snch an extraordinary event by ordering 
the thirty-nine Mullets as desired to be placed on the Crest in demonstration 
thereof. (4) The Kings of Arms, jealous of the honour of the Earl Marshall 
and their own dignity, must have satisfied themselves by evidences — before they 
would caiTy to completion what, if not exactly true, would have been a transparent 
and conspicuous farce — easily disproved, and entailing disgrace and shame on all 
implicated t I would not have considered all this .as at all necessary, except to 
prove that whatever limit to the extent of families may now prevail, we have here 
an indisputable case in 1698, and physiological changes must nave come since ! 

Among the Papers preserved at the Heralds' College is a volume of much later 
date, entitled ^ Pingo MSS.," where, at fols. 276-9, are collections for the Greenhill 
Pedigree — from William Greenhill of Greenhill, the father of Thomas — after whose 
name appears/' 89 children, 7 of which were sons,'' but only the names of the six 
sons who survived are entered ; all the rest died young. William, the father, is 
described as Secretary to General Monk (created Duke of Albemarle in 1660 ; 
died 3 January 1670) and of Hyde in Abbots Langley, Herts, as weU as of 
Greenhill in Harrow, Middlesex. Cussans, in his "Historv of Hertfordshire,'* 
helps us here, as he notes (vol. iii., p. 88) the conveyance of the Manor of Hyde in 
1612 by Lawrence Greene of London to Henry Greenhill of Greenhill Grove in the 
parish of Harrow, from whose son* William it descended to another William, the 
father of our Thomas, " chirurgion." Henry, the eldest son of this William and 
brother of Thomas, sold the Manor in 1714 to Edward Strong, a noted Mason of 
London. Cussans, when writing his work, had never seen the original grant to 
Thomas ; at p. 97 he gives the date 1698, but quotes from an incorrect copy 
among the Stow MSS., No. 670, in British Museum, fol. 78. 

It is mentioned (Pingo MSS.) that the children were all at single births except 
one, and that seven only of the thirty-nine were surviving in 1698. 

In " Gent. Mag." for 1805, Part I., p. 405, " Chris. Johnson *' communicates 
that a small portrait of Mrs. Greenhill — at Wallingwells, the residence of Sir Thomas 
Woollaston White, Bart. — has a MS. note on the back: "she had 89 children by 
one husband. They were all born alive and baptized, and all Single births save 
one. The last child, who was born after his father's death, was a chirurgeon in 
King Street, Bloomsbury, and wrote Sexpomfitta. 

{Signed) "Eioh. Ashby, a clergyman." 

As no family connection seems at all probable, I think this picture mast have 
been purchased and hung up at Wallingwells as a curiosity in natural history (?). 

In ** Notes and Queries^' for September 1852 (First Series, vol. vi., p. 808) is 
given a MS. note written in a copy of Stxpox^Beta and sent by E. D.: " M" Green- 
hill, mother of the author, had 89 children," etc., just as above, and almost word 
for word up to " Bloomsbury." 

'^ ScKpoiniBeia or the Art of embalming, wherein is shewn the right [sic] of 
burial, the funeral ceremonies, and the several ways of preserving the dead bodies 
in most nations of the world," etc., 4to, London, 1705 [British Museum Press 
Mark 454, A. 22], was written by our Thomas Greenhill. Among the subscribers 
are William Gi'eenhill, Esq. (three copies), and Mr. John Greenhill (one copy). 
In an allegorical frontispiece, on the left liand top corner, is a curtain against 
which hangs a shield of Arms and Crest as granted in 1698, but the artist has 
failed to get thirtv-nine mullets into the limited space on the Crest. The work 
consists of three letters, viz.: (a) To Cha» Bernard, Serj.-Surgeon to her Ma*y & 
present Master of the Surgeons Company & one of the Surgeons to S^ Bart" Hosp^ ; 
{b) To D' John Lawson, sometime president of the Coll. of Physicians, London ; 

* It is not within the scope of this paper, but I think it likely that if Mr. Cussans had 
consulted the will of Henry Qreenhill of Greenhill in the parish of Harrow, proved at P.C.O. * 
21 August 1680 by his brother WiUiam Greenhill, he might have hesitated to write ion, Tba 
reference ib 69, Bcroope. 


and (e) To D' Hans Sloane, Secy to the Royal Society and P.C.P., London. 
The second and third letters are quite interesting reading, and contain acconnts of 
Egypt, the Nile, Pyramids, ete., with many illustrations, culled from the works of 
travel published at that date. 

I would warn my readers against the inaccurate account given in the " Dictionary 
of National Biography," vol. xxiii., pub. 1890, of Thomas Greenhill (1681—1740 ?). 
The writer cannot have seen the originiJ grant of Arms, 1698 — " born 1681." 
Are we to suppose that a youn^ surgeon setatis 17 (if he could hold a diploma at 
that age) could venture to apply for such a distinction I and could thus, still an 
infant, have earned that the Earl Marshall should be '^ well satisfyed of his Qualifi- 
cations," and " in consideration of his Services to his Grace and his Family," etc.? 
Such language could only apply to the experienced medical attendant upon such an 
illustrious household. Nor does it seem probable that a young man of 24 could 
have published the book in 1705 and addressed his letters to such distinguished 
heads of the profession. That may be possible. The other case pointed out is not. 
jf/* William the father died in 1681, Thomas cannot have been a posthumous child ! 
The grant is absolutely exact evidence, and was given to this Thomas and his 
descendants. Again, it seems to me that the, I am glad to say anonymous, writer 
never saw the original grant, or he would not have said that the lady's maiden 
name was White ; she was daughter of John Jones. 

The Greenhills have been at Harrow for many generations — I suppose they 
may be found even as early as the thirteenth century — and there were several 
branches. The Abbote Langley Registers of Births, Marriages, and Deaths from 
1658 to 1680 have been ^iissing for many years, as noted in the Register Census Act 
Report of 1880 (" Middlesex and Herte Notes and Queries,*' vol. iii., p. 11). But 
in the Subsidy Kolls for Harrow we find the following [see '^ Middlesex and Herte 
Notes and Queries," vol. iii., p. 186, and iv., p. 187] : — 

1642. Subsidy Roll. 

In Roxeth — Thomas Greenhill, in lands xx*. 

William Greenhill, in lands xx*. 

John Greenhill, in lands xx". 
In Greenhill — William Greenhill, gent., in lands iij^*. 

1675. Hearth Tax. 

In Roxeth — William Greenhill pays for 7 chimnies. 

John Greenhill, for 5 chimnies. 
In Greenhill — ^M' Greenhill, for 6 chimnies. 

The last shews that Mr. Greenhill held his house in Greenhill ; had it been let 
the tenant^s name would have appeared. I think it likely that the anonymous 
writer has given the date of the death of another William Greenhill and not the 
father of Thomas, who was of Greenhill and of Hyde in Abbots Langley. 

I have given a picture of the Arms as in the margin, because there is much 
confusion as to the term " Leopard." In James Coat's " New Dictionary of 
Heraldry, 1789," is this explanation : French Heralds laid it down that Lions 
passant-guardant were to be called " Leopards," but English Heralds declined to 
follow so absurd a distinction. It is thus that we sometimes meet with '^ the Leopards 
of England"! Even Papworth, at p. 19, blazons the Greenhill Arms granted 1698 
as '^ Yert 2 bars erm., in chief a lion pass, guard, or," and so it seemed desirable to 
give the original picture shewing the ordinary " Felis Leopard as." 

I, too, found it impossible *to get distinctly the important thirty-nine mullets on 
the Crest I and so have led it, like the original office copy, merely an uncoloured 
sketch. It will be noticed that the gryphon is disposed with wings addorsed, so as 
to leave the greatest possible space for these mullets, but the artist abandoned the 
attempt to shew them there ! 


iHunumental inssnrtptions; 


" A faire monument on y« north side of y« chancell." 

Arms : Dexter Iblank] ; impaling, On a chevron three mullets. 

Nere to this place intered lyes the body of the much I Lamented William 
Thorold, Esq., sonne and heire | apparent of S' William Thorold of Marston 
com. I Lincoln, Barronet, who departea this life on the fourth | of 9*»^« aetatis suae 
80^^, 1649. To whose deare memory | his beloved wife erected this monument. 
Spectatores of this solemn monumeDt 
Behold how senseless marble doth relent, 
In sympathizing feares a verdant age. 
Here shrin'd for Heaven, too good for this sad stage 
Of Tragicke wooes ; a soule that whilst on earth 
It liv'd, dy'd unto sinne, quick to its birth 
Above three Trjumphs This exalted sanne. 
Such onely bare the prize who thas have ninne. 
Here rest, sweete urne ; let Friends no more bemoane 
Thy hopeful! (blossom'd) fruite, Thy Buds are flowne 
With thee to Eden, fructifying there, 
Till that grand day of Christ assize drawe neare, 
When trumpets shall Thee rowse from slumbering night, 
Sounding good morrow To thy endless light. 

John MarshaU, Sculptor. 

The " New View " says of this monument, it is " By the If. doorcase opening 
into the chancel, a very neat marble monument." The inscription is only given as 
far as " Baronet," because ** being uncivilly eclipsed from view by the interposing 
Cornish [sic] of the Doorcase." But it gives the arms : Sable^ three goats springing 
argent; impaling, Oules^ on a chevron argent three mullets sable. 

"On a gravestone in y« chancell " : — Here rests hopefull of a glourious resur- 
rection The Lady | Alice The eldest daughter of Henry, Loed Hastings | Earle 
OF Huntingdon & relict of S' Gervas Oufton | Knight & Baronet, whose 
constant pietye assures her | happiness. Obiit 12*^ Martii 1666, adtatis 61. 

*' This atchevement of arms hang on y« north wall of y® chancell immediately 
over his gravestone " : — 

Arras : I. Azure^ on a chief or three martlets gules, in the field a crescent of the 
third for difference, Wray. ii. Argent^ on a chevron between Ihrte hawks' heads 
sable as many cinquefoils of the field, Jackson, iir. Argent, on a chief verta tau cross 
between two mullets or, Drury. iv. Argent, six cross-crosslets sable, a chief indent 
azure, v. Sable, six cinquefoils argent, vi. Chequy argent and gules, on a f esse azure 
three .... or, vii. Azure, two lions passatif-guardatit or. viii. Oules, ati eagle 
displayed argent, ix. Azure, four lozenges conjoined in fesse or, each charged with 
an escallop-shell gules, x. Azure, a fesse argent between six lions rampant or. 
XI. Bendy of eight argent and gules, xii. Gules, a fesse or between three saltires 
couped argent, xiii. Argent, a fesse between three horse-shoes gules, xiv. Argent^ 
three lozenges conjoined in fesse, barry wavy of six. argent and sable. XV. Sable, a bend 
between six escallop-shells or. xvi. Gules, tivo bars or, over all a bend sable. On an 
escutcheon of pretence : 1 and 4, Barry of ten argent and azure, six inescutcheons sable, 
each charged with a lion rampant or, Cecill ; 2 and 3, Gules^ on a saltire argent an 
annulet of tfie field, Nevill. 

♦ Communicated by Abthub F. Q. Leveson Gower, Esq., assisted by ARTHUR J, 
JswSB8-HX)Dcluded from p. 24$, 


" On a gravestone of black marble, iiilade round the superficies with white, in 
which is this inscription ": — 

Arms : AzurBy on a chief or^ three martlets gules, Wray ; impaling. Argent^ on a 
chief vert a tau cross or between two mullets of the last pierced of the chief Drury. 
Also this shield : Cecil, as above, impaling Or^fretty gules, a canton ermine. 

Here lyes S' Christopher Wray of Ashby in | Lincolnesheire who dyed the 
6^^ of February 1645 | in y« 44*** Yeare of his age, and in his last will and Tes- | 
tament desired this inscription following. J Christ Jesus came into the world to save 
sinners | of whome I am cheife. — The 1 Tim. i. 15. 

^' There is a table hard by the former containeing onely the arms of Wray," 
viz., Azure^ on a chief or three martlets gules. 

" On a gravestone part covered by y* railes of y* communion Table " (A shield 
divided quarterly of four ; in the third quarter a chevron only is tricked) : — 

" Here lyeth interred the body of an accomplished Gentle- | man by name 
Richard Holford, Esq., he was extracted | out of that most ancient family of the 
HoLFORDS in I the county of Chester . . . . | deserves an honorable esteeme & 
perpetual memory of | his meritts to all posterity. He dyed the 23 Aprill in the | 
Yeare of our Lord 1663, Aged . ." 

This monument is not given in the "New View." In " The Visitation of Cheshire, 
1580" (Harl. Soc.), the ainns are given as I ^ Argent, a greyhound passant sablsy 
HoLFORD ; 2, Argent, three bulls* l^ads eaboshed sable, Bulkelby ; 8, Argent, a 
cheuron between three text JTs sable, Toft ; 4:, as 1. Crest : A greyhound's head 
couped sable. This agrees with the chevron in the third quarter of the tricked coat. 
The accompanying abstract of his will is valuable, as although the inscription says 
he was of the Cheshire family, his will shews he did not come directly from there, 
but from Cambridgeshire. 

Richard Holford of Drury Lane in the parish of St. Qiles-in-the-Fields, gent. 
Will dated 20 April 1661. To the parish of Long Stanton, co. Cambridge, £50, to 
be invested in land the profitts for the relief of the poor there, being the place 
where he was born. Daughter Bulstrode £100, and to her husband £5. Grand- 
child Mary Hall £20. Boy Edward Mellon £40 to bind him apprentice. Parish 
of Okington, co. Cambridge, £80 to purchase a revenue to relieve the poor. Son 
Charles £100 beside the house already given him. Residue between four .sons, viz., 
Henry, John, Stephen, and Charles Holford, and daughter Sarah Holford. Names 
late wife's will and her children, viz., John Webb, Jane Webb, and Katherine Webb 
the wife of James Tomlinson, £5 each. M' Holford, a shoemaker in White Fryers, 
London, £5. Will of M' Webb, late wife's first husband. Friend W Watts of 
Mitcham in Surrey. Late wife's son Robert Webb £100 beside what he had 
from his father and mother, when he is 21. To the masters of the parish of 
S. Clement's Danes £10 above the £10 already given, to buy a yearly rent to be 
given each Christmas day before eight o'clock to poor people, each 12'*. £160 to 
8. Giles, Criplegate, to buy a yearly rent for the relief of the poor there. Thomas 
Hall of Long Stanton £5 for a horse testator borrowed for a journey and it died. 
Residue of lands and tenements to son Henry Holford. M^ Smith, widow, of the 
'^Mayremaid" in Holbome, £10, and the children she had by her husband 
M' Burton £10. 

Proved 80 April 1661. (P.O.C, 58, May.) 

" On a grave stone in the chancer': — 

Arms : A cross engrailed, uncoloured, and no doubt unfinished, like some others 
in this MS. 

Cubat hie inhnmatus Justikiantjs Pagitt, arm. | Custos Brevium & Recordo- 
rnm de Banco Regis, clausit | ille diem extremum anno orbis I'edempti 1668 | mense 
decemb. die 29®. 


" On a grave stone in the chanoell": — 

Arms, on a lozenge: A cross engrailed^ in the first canton an escallop-shelly 
Pagitt ; impaling A chief vaire. This shield is not coloured in the MS. and is 
unfinished. The impalement should be : Argenty a lion rampant between three crescents 
sable, a chief vaire^ Wilcooks. 

Here resteth the body of Dorcas PAaiTT, widdowe | daughter of Richard 
Wilcox, citizen & haberdasher I of Londoui & late wife of Justinian Pagitt, 
Esq. I Custos Brevium et Becoraorum of the King's Bench, bj | whome he had 8 
sonns & 2 daughters, Justinian, Tho- | mas, Lewin, Dorcas, & Mary. She 
departed this | life the 14 daj of September anno salutis 1669. 

The above Justinian Pagitt died intestate, administration being granted of 
his effects, but the following short abtract of the will of his widow supplies the 
names of their surviving children, and shews the eldest son was still unmarried. 

Dorcas Pagitt of Holberne in the par. of S' Giles, widow. Will dated 6 Sept. 
1669. The Jewell she had from her husband to her son Justinian for his wife when 
he has one. Three leases in or near Peterborough to her five children Justinian, 
Thomas, Mary, Dorcas, and Lewin. Money due from cousin FJuxley. Son 
Justinian residuary legatee and executor. Witnesses : Rich. Pagitt, Tho. Maydwell, 
Ab. Pagitt. 

Proved 18 Sept. 1669. (P.O.O., 107, Ooke.) 

** These arms are depicted in severall windows of the chanoell, viz." : — 
I. Argenty on a bend between two lions rampant sable, three boars' heads coupedor; 
impaling ChdeSy a fesse ermine^ within a bordure engrailed of the second^ Speokart 
and Acton, ii. Gules, a fesse between three hedgehogs argent; impaling Sable, guttSe 
de Veau on a fesse argent three Cornish choughs proper, Glazton, impaling Oorn- 
WALLis. III. Ermine, two chevronels gules, in chief a crescent of the last for d^erence ; 
impaling Sable, a lion rampant or, gvMe de poix,a canton of the second, Fenner, 
impaling .... iv. Quarterly : 1 and 4, Palg of six argent and azure a bend gules ; 
2 and 3, Or, a pile gules, Chandos ; over all the badge of a baronet, Annbslby, Lord 
MouNTMORRES. V. Per saltire argent and gules, Shblbury. vi. The same, impaling 
Argent, on a bend sable three lions' heads erased argent, crotvned or, Shelbury, 
impaling Wroth, vii. Quarterly : 1 and 4, Argent, a cross between four Passion- 
nails gules; 2 and 3, Per pale [f wavy] argent and gules a lion rampant sable, 
Pyle and Elford. 

Henricus Farrer I de | Thowood in comitatu Eboracensi | Armig : mortuuis 
in Domino Junii | 28 Anno Dom. 1610 anno 89tat | 74 beatorum resurrectio- | 
nem hie expectat. 

Here I lyeth the bodies of Willum Smith I Baker & Joanb his wife. Hee 
departed | this life Decemb. the first 1656. She | Aug. the 25, 1651. With them 
lye I two daughters Ann & Marga- | ret Smith. 

Here | lyeth the body of Thomas Fownbs | second sonn of Thomas Fownbs, 
Esq., of I Stapleton in the county of Dorsett who | deceased the 27 of March 1655 
being | one yeare & seven months old. 

A blank shield :— Here | lyeth interred the body of Margaret | Johnstons 
alias Smith the wife | of John Johnstone of Newbye, merchant | in London, by 
whome she had 6 sonns | & 7 daughters & deceased the | 12 of Aprill 1652, 
aged 53. 

Here | lyeth interred the body of Edward | Birehead, Esq., serjeant att | 
armes, who departed this life | the 14 day of October in the | xeare of Our Lord 
1662, aged | 59 yeares. 


A blank shield :— In memoriam . . . . | conjagis posnit msastissemns obiit | 
5 May 1650 .... 

A blank shield :— Here | lyes interred the body of Coll. HsismT | Sibthorpb of 
the privy chamber | in ordinary to K. Oharlbs thb first | who departed this life 
the 8 of I Deoemb. 1672, aged 84. 

Henry Sibthorpe of London, Esq. Will dated 1 8 Dec. 1 670. Oousin Mrs. Barbara 
West £100, and her brother Mr. George West £10. Cousin Elizabeth Crosby £10. 
Cousin Anne Crosby £10. Cousin John Crosby £10. Friend Col. Edward Gray 
of Gray's Inn £50. Friend Mrs. Anne Francklyn, widow, £10 ; her daughter Alice 
Francklyn, widow [«tb], £5. Landlord Mr. Bryan Sharpe and Mrs. Frances his 
wife each £5. Mr. John Cooke, Attorney of the Common Pleas, living in Sheere 
Lane, £20. Friend Mr. Charles Francklyn of the " Utlary Office " in Lincoln^s . 
Inn, gent., executor and residuary legatee. 

Proved 16 Dec. 1672. (P.C.C, 154, Eure.) 

A blank shield : — Under | the gravestone att the end of the 8'^ pew in the | next 
Alley lyeth the body of Thomas Garrett | Esq., & grandchild to S' Georqb 
Garrett, K^ & \ Alderman of London, aged 5 yeares, dyed | 1669. 

A blank shield :— Here | Iveth the body of Edward Thornb | gent who dyed 
the 18 day of May | 1670, aged 54 yeares. 

Here I lyeth interred the body of Alexander | Davies of Ebury in the county 
of I Middlesex, Esquire, who departed | this life the 2^ of July Anno | Dom. 1665, 
setat susa 80. 

[Here the account of the Monuments in this Church ends, as far as Lansdowne 
MS. 878 gives them. Several of these it will be seen are not given in the ^ New 
View." On the other hand, the latter work gives some which were put up after the 
manuscript account was made ; and having done so much, it may perhaps be not 
unacceptable if we complete our account of the Monuments in the Church of 
St. Giltis-in-the- Fields by adding those in the '* New View " not in the above MS. 
or among those still existing.] 

[The inscriptions following are ftom the " New View of London,*' printed in 

The *'New View of London," p. 259, says "a little way from the last 
(Widdrington*s), on the south side of the chancel, is a neat blue-veined marble 
monument with this inscription : — 

Underneath lyeth the Body of Thomas Cornwallis, Esq., son of Sir Francis 
CoRNWALLis I and Elizabeth his wife, sole Daughter and Heir to Sir Henry 
Jones, Baronet I of Abermarless in the county of Caefmarthen. He married 
Emha Daughter | of Sir John Charleton, Knight and Baronet, by whom he had 
4 Sons and 5 | Daughters ; three sons died before him and one son and five 
Daughters survived. | His person was graceful, and bis Soul sublime ; Virtue 
Honour, | and Complacency guided all his Actions ; a Lover of his Country ; 
most I tender and indulgent to his Wife and Children ; obliging and serviceable | 
to his Friends ; hospitable and generous to his Neighbours, just, charitable | and 
courteous to all he conversed with. He lived beloved and | died much lamented 
by them all the 16^ of July A.D. 1703. His'| Noon was Night, being made perfect 
in 83 years. His Grandfather | Charles, his Father Sir Francis, and his Brother 
Charles lye buried in this church, near the Pulpit. | His disconsolate Widow 
caused this Monument to be erected in | memory of her dear Husband, and his 

His Armes here are 8 Coats quarterly : i. Sable^ gutU de Feau, on a Fess 
Argmt 3 black birds, ii. Sable^ 8 Bars gemslls Argmtj on a canton or a crescent 


Oule^. III. Or, a Lion Rampant Oules, iv. Oules, 10 Bezants^ 4, 8, 2, and 1. 
V. Sable, a cross flory or, vi. Argmt, a chevron sable betn. 3 black birds within a 
Bordure engrayUd Gules, charged with Entoir 11 Bazants. vii. Azure, on a mount 
p'oper a lion passant guardant or, viii. As the third; and the crest a Buck lodged 
(or Oumbant) Argent attired or^ 

[The peculiarities of the blazon are those in the *' New View," and it will be 
observed tnat the arms of Charleton and Jones are both given ias quarterings, bat 
it may be that the arms were incorrectly marshalled on the monument. 

A manuscript note in the British Museum copy of the '* New View " says that 
when the church was destroyed his body was taken up and removed into the vault 
of Bishop Robinson in the east end of the churchyard at Fulham, and buried with 
his sister Lsetitia, as a stone there states.] 

*' On the N. side of the chancel near the E. end, a pretty white marble monu- 
ment with this Inscription : — 

Hospea si longam spem inohoas, allacinaris 
Sis licet in paucis, soqui leoniq ; tenax, 
Sis & Juris & sanctions MinerFse consultus 
Nee f ari nescius etiam iu foro regnes 
Tamen is qaod es ante f nit insigniterq ; 
Hocre Jam de sab Lapide cinis. 

D. Thom^ Widdringtoni serv. ad legem & Eq. aurat. Quem | Northumbria 
mundo Middlesexia coelo dedit postquam virin dicendo caelestis. I Non solum 
innocentem bactenus illustrem Togsa quoq ; Decus primulum | intulisset, vernm 
etiam omne fere nomen Britnanicum humanitate, | consilio, fide sibi devinxisset 
nusquam non interim & vulgo | cluens causarum. Tam patrotins quam arbiter 
incorruptissimus, | nee unius Kegionis aut Urbis oolumen sed <& Berwici presidium | 
& Omculura Dunelmis & mens Eboraci & pauperum (quaa Pater Anglia) Lingua. 

Parent! suo longe indulgeritissimo nat» quatuor (quas unice | delexit) 
Francis, Catherina, Maria, Ursula, Marmor hoc | posuere, 3 non Aprilis 


Arms : Per cross over all a bend, with a crescent for difference,^* 

** On one of the S. pillars fronting N.W. is a very curious tho' small 
monument, in memory of Francis Bacon and his children by Elizabeth his wife. 
Under which are these words, in gold characters : ' For of such is the Kingdom of 
God * — S* Mark, chap. 10 ; and tnese arms : Gu., on a chief arg. two tntdlets sa,, 
' quartered with ' ^S^a., three laurel-leaves or betw. two bendlets arg,, a crescent for 
drff''' [The book gives this coat as Sable, on a bend cotisedy so that it is quite 
likely the two coats were impaled.] 

On the same pillar was a ** neat small white marble monument ": — To the pious 
memory of John and Alice Pearson and their son | John, late of this parish. 
She died the W^ of April 1682 and the son | March the 30*^ 1695. 

Arms : Per f ess embattled azure and gules y three suns or. 

'' Near the S.E. corner of the church is a neat, small, white marble monument, 
with this Inscription : — 


Hie prope inhumatum Jacet (prouz. loquitur Saxum sepulcrale infra | positam) 
in spe fsslicis Resurrectionis quod mortale fuit Margarets | Beaw uxoris 
GuLiELMi Beaw Legum Doctoris com. Essexiae, Suffolciae | & Norfolciae Admira- 
litat Judicis, Kegii & filii natu maximi Gul. | Episcopi Landavens, haec soboles fuit 
natu maxima Richardi Lyster | de Rowton iu agro Salopiensi Ar. Familia 
generosa & vetusta, matrem | habuit Elizabetham fit natu maximam Thom^ 


Bttok de Eyfcon de | Wilmores in Agro prsedic. mil. Pamilia Domini Eqaestrie & 
per vetusta | bs9o peperit masstissimo sao marito qainqne filios daasq ; filias, 
quorum | qnatnor filii & filia, mabrem charissimam ad Ingend. Snpervixerant | 
liberi parentem indulgentissimam. Conjux conju^m sine pare | amantissimam 
pariter ac adamatam. Matrem fainilias sine | avantia providara & nanquam satis 
dolend perdidit Fseminam | banc Delectissimam, turn animi turn formae dotibus 
exoellentem | pustulse pnerperio confederate Fato hen ! nimis festino e terris | 
rapaernnt simalq a marito in re ardna iidissimnm confiiliarinm | & ultra sexum 
perspioacem, in anxietatibus consolatricem alacrem J & promptam nltroque & per- 
Inbenter participem diveilserunt animam | vero ad coeium in Dei & Angelor, 
consortium transtulerunt, ab bac | luce transmigravit, 29 Decemb. Anno sal. 1694 
& 88 ^tatis 8U» anno. 

It is adorned with cherub and urn, under which are these words : ^ vivit post 
Funera virtus,' and these arms : Azure, a lion Rampant or [written above ' maned 
proper '] ; impaled with Ermine, on a fees eahU 8 mullets or. The crest is a Dexter 
hand holding a curtelax (or cutlas) proper.^* [Doubtless the lion maned proper was 
only extra shading on the mane, taken by mistake to mean proper.] 

^' At the W. end of the church a small stone monument with this inscription : — 
Huic juxta dormit prsenobilis Hbroina Fr. Cotton, vid. | Domina de 
Boscobell (loco ob Eege conservatnm Celebri) serenissimsB | Reginas a privatioribus 
cnbiculis, Fsemina, vit88 innocentia, mornm | suavitate pietate in Deum, Charitate 
in proxiroum plane admirabilis. | Animam placide effla?it die Sept. Novemb. Anno 
Dom. 1677. -ffltat suae 63. 

** Arms over the inscription : An eagle displ., with a crescent for diff. ; imp. 
Three stirrups. Higher up : 4 Eescucheons crossways, each charged with as many 
amulets [sic'] within a Border bearing 7 castlesJ^ 

^^ On a small monument on one of the S. pillars of the church this Inscription, 
fronting North : — 

Here under resteth the Body of Jane late wife of | William Whetstone of this 
parish who departed | this life the 11^^ of April 1653 being 28 years of age. 
Earth hath possess'd her Aahes, Clay, and Dast, 
And Hearen containR her soal among the just. 
Favour is deceitful and Beauty is Vain ; but a Woman 
That feareth the Lord she shall be praised." 

" On one of the N. pillars towards the W. end and fronting S.E. a very 
small but neat white marble monument, inscribed : — 

H. S. E. 
Pleydbll Hale, gent, Tho. & Elizab. | E. Fam. Pleydelorum de Shrivenham 
in Agro Bercheriensi | Quein h Schola Veutas Belgarumq ; Literas | Regis secretas 
Tocatum intercipiunt | Yariolse & hoc cordunt sepulchre | mortem nimis invidam | 
Qu» ex eadem manu rapuit | Calamnm Poetae, Oratoris, & Secretarii | Fatum 
tamen non Infaustum | Quod Juveni cui nihil plus ultrse | Datur vel Literaturae, 
yel Ingeni | Vitam dedit nnuquam morituram | ob. 4 Octob. 1694, ^tat 18. 

Arms : Three arrows, points in base " [Gules, three arrows, points in base or, 
headed and feathered argent]. 

'' On a pretty small white marble monument on a south pillar, almost fronting 
the Pulpit, this Inscription : — 

Near to this marble Judith Baylby lies. 
Who was both modest, sober, chast, and wise. 
Seligion was her study, Zeal her care, 
A fervant Lorer of the House of Prayer ; 
Her Parents had her Duty and her Love, 
Who now are pleased in hope she's blest aboTe, 


Virtne was still her Gnide, her End, and Aim, 
Her Zeal was constant to her as her name ; 
Near 18 years of Age, who can forbear 
To read her character without a Tear ? 
She departed this life the 18^^ of October 1688. 
Her brother John 14 days after djr'd, 
Aged 7 years, lyes by his Sister's side. 

She was the eldest Daughter, and he the only Son of | John and Judith Batlet, 
of this Parish. 

SA.BAH another Daughter sleeps in mould. 
She left this Life when almost 6years old : 
She that was filled with Duty, Wit and Lore 
Is surely happy with the Saints above. 
November 24 in Eighty five 
She dy'd to us to be with Christ alive. 

The said M' John Baylby their Father died January the 7*^, 1696, in the 68* 
year of his age. The monument is adorned with Urns, Leaves, Fruit, etc. 

^* On a plated Grave stone in the middle He, near the Pulpit, this Inscription, 
tho' somewnat worn out : — 

Interr'd the corps of Babon Bybch lyes here 
Of 6ray*s Inn sometime, by degree Esquire : 
In Chequer 18 years a Judge he was 
Till Soul fh>m aged Body his did pass. 
Alive his wife Eliza doth remain, 
Of Stydfolk stock one Son and Daughters twain 
She bare by him ; the eldest in his Life 
He gave to Thomas Bowyeb for his Wife. 
His body sleeps till Angel trump shall sound. 
God grant we all may ready then be found. 
Johannes Byboh, Obiit Anno D. 1581, Maii 80, MtAt su» 66." 
Arms, on a brass plate : A chevron tvavy bekaeen three eagles displayed. 

^ In the Cemetei^ or churchyard, close to the wall on the South side and near 
the West end, on a Tombstone : — 

Johannes Thornton in memoria Charissimss Uxoris | Mabgabit^ Filisd 
OEOBGiiB Collins hujus Parochisa Sancti | .dSgidii in Campis hoc monumentum 

Under this sad marble sleeps 

She for whom even Marble weeps ; 

Her Praise lives stilli tho* here she lyes 

Seeming dead that never dies. 

Religion, Love in suffering Breast, 

Her Oharity, Mildness, and the rest. 

Have crown*d her soal ; all moom with Fame 

Her Husband's loss and Midwife's blame. 

She dy'd in Child-bed, 70 times blest and seven, 

Her child and she delivered both in Heaven. 
Ob.8 Jan. 1611. 

Bound the Margent of the stone these words : 

Full South this stone four Foot doth lye 
His Father John and Grandsire Henby 
Thobnton of Thornton in Yorkshire bred. 
Where lives the fame of Thobntons being dead.** 

[The transcript of this is mistaken in Mr. Stow*s '* Survey."] 

UlSCfiLLAKBA GfeNBAlO&lOA Vt filBfiuafilOA. 807 

'*0n a marble stone, somewhat raised, on the S. side of the church in the 
yard :— 

Here lyes the Body of Bobbrt Hopb of this parish, Oent. who | departed this 
Life the 22>>^ Septemb. 1651, being aged 71 years. | To whose Memory his loving 
wife Jane Hope caused tins | Monument to be erected. 

Reader, it grieres me that I cannot bring 

A sea of Tears to drown my sorrowB in, 

For the lamented Death of my dear Father, 

Whose Soul Qod to himself did lately gather. 

His Life was ever holy, and last Breath 

Was fall of €k>odne88, pious at his Death ; 

Which confidently makes me hope and trust 

His Fame takes Wing from his so hopeful Dust. 

Oh ! Grief stops my Eye-streams ; pray, Header, then 

Lend me some Tears till I can weep agen. 
Memoria Pii iEtema. 

Here ako lyes the Body of M" Jake Hope, Wife of the above | named Robert 
Hope, who departed this life the 18*^ of | December 1676, in the 77*^ year of her 

Arms : A chevron between three raundeU. 

^* On a stone on the S. side of the chnrch : — 

Here lyes the best of Men, whose Life is at an end. 

The best of Husbands and the truest Friend ; 

Who rests I hope as I do hope to be 

Happy with him in all Eternity. 

JOHK Hensham, who died 17 Dec. 1695.*' 

'' Close by the Hope stone is a marble inscribed : — 

Anicitise Pignus | Felici memories Mabi^ Hope, obiit | Anno Saint 1670. 
^tatis 8U8B 27. 

All the rare Qualities the Poets f am*d 

On those they most ador*d, she justly claimed 

Wit, Vertoe, Wisdom, all in Hope are gone, 

To meet a glorious Resurrection. 

Mourn wisely then, Hope does not truly die, 

But change Her Being for Eternity.** 

^' On a Tombstone close to the south side near the East end of the chnrch : — 
Here lyes expecting the coming of our Lord and Saviour, | the Body of John 
Heaendon, Peudencb his Wife and | William their Son, all of this Parish. 
James died Aug. 1653 | Prudence Oct. 1656, and William Octob. 1662. 

Reader, let thy Reason know 

We were once as thou art now. 

Whilst we lived we wrought in Stone, 

And now attend the Corner one ; 

And in health did this prepare 

For us our Wives and children here. 

Death's only by the Wicked fear'd, 

The Righteous 'gainst his stiug's prep»r*d. 

Then, Reader, let thy Care in Life be such 

Earth may thy Body, not thy Spirit touch.*' 

'* On a grey marble Tombstone, sd. from the Chancel in the churchyard : — 
Here lies the Bodies of John, Ann, and Obedxah, | children of John and Ann 
Easton of this Parish. 

The rarenons Eagle Death, greedy of Prey, 
Whose piercing Eye found where these infants lay, 
He crusVd them with his Tallons, and oonvey'd 
Their Souls to Heaven, and here's their Ashes laid 
Where now they rest in Providences Store 
Till Time and Death and Tean shall be no mpre. 


Also Ann the Wife of the said John Easton, died August | 1679. 

" Earth bath possess'd their ashes, Clay, and Dust, 
And Heaven containB their Souls among the Just.** 

** Aft the E. of the S. lie, in the wall without the church, this Inscription : — 
Here under resteth the Body of John the son of Robert | and Constance 
Wight, who died the 10*** of July, Anno Dom. | 1678, aged 4 Years and 10 

" Mj Time is short, the longer is my Best. 

God called me henoe because he thought it beel" 

" In the wall close by the last : — 

Near this place lyeth buried the Body of Francis Harrowkll, | who died the 12*"^ 
of April 1652 aged 73 Tears, and bequeathed | to the poor of this Parish £5 a 
year for 20 years and upward, | beginning in the year 1652.** 

Mart Perkins 1703. [Query if part of the above.] 

" On a Tombstone close to the N.E. corner of the N. He and in the church- 
yard : — 

Solus Christus mibi sola Salus | In Camera sub hoc Lapide Jacet corpus | 
MARiiB charissimas amate uxoris | Edwardi Brisco, Lond. gen* sola proles 
nuperrime vivens I plusquam quadrigiuta annos post csBteras Caroli Southwell | 
hujus Parochise Gen. erat Deo devotissima, marito amanbissima, | & Fidessima 
prudens <& modestissimae pauperibusamica | & perpetua memoria dignse, cum aman- 
tissimo marito in matrimonio | dilecto vixit annos 39, current ob. 24 Martii 1689 | 
JEtat Current 63. 

" Mitis, Amans, prudeus humilis, pia, fida, modesta. 

Uxor eras sponss chara Mabijb tuo, 

MflDstissimus maritus Gharissimse uxoris amori 

Hanc terram emit k monumentum possuit." 

Arms: Three greyhounds courant in pale; impaling, Three cinquefails with a 
mullet for difference, 

[This ends the monumental inscriptions given in the " New View."] 

%\)t ISlesisters of Jnbherrobj, to. Wioxtt^ttx* 

The Transcript op ye Parish of Inckberrow for ye Ybarb 1671. 


April 6 Mercy ye daughter of Henry Jackson, Cler. 

April 23 Mary ye daughter of Arthur Davis. 

April 24 George ye son'e of Walter Hill. 

M!ay 21 Jane ye daughter of Rich. Dewes. 

June 18 Samuell ye son'e of Francis Hale. 

June 25 Mary ye daughter of Willia' Goore. 

June 25 Anthony ye son'e of John Younge. 

Aug. 6 Jone ye daughter of John Hichcocke. 

Aug. 20 Henry ye son'e of Henry Smith. 

* From the Transcripts in '< Edgar Tower,'* Bishop's Register. 

t Communicated by William Bbadbbook, M.R.G.8.~coucluded from p. 252. 


Ang. 20 Elizabeth ye daughter of Rich. Mogg. 

Aug. 27 Arthur ye son'e of Arthur B^hawe, gent. 

Aug. 31 George ye 8on*e of Bich. Collins. 

Sep. 7 Frances ye daughter of Willia' Edwards. 

Sep. 24 Henry ye son'e of Tho. Dyson. 

Oct. 19 Thomas ye son'e of Francis Foord. 

Nov. 27 Robert ye son'e of Rob. Wheyha*. 

Dec. 27 John ye son'e of John Qanderton. 

Jan. 7 Frances ye daughter of George Home. 

Jan. 18 Elizabeth ye daughter of John Rannolds. 

Mar. 21 John ye son'e of Henry Brereiy. 

Mar. 24 Elizabeth ye daughter of Tho. Bennett. 

Feb. 8 Tho. Dolfin & Eliz. Robbinson. 

Willia' Hunt. 

John Haynes of Dormstone. 
The wife of Christopher Dyson. 
Thomas Grasier. 

The wife of William Em's of Kington. 
Elizabeth ye daughter of Tho. Cere [?]. 
Roger Sale. 

Frances ye wife of Bartholomew Redding. 
Bridget ye daughter of Tho. Laugher. 
Willia' y' son'e of y« Wid. Poole of Dormstone. 
Mary ye daughter of John Francis. 
Edward Opplebee. 
Willia' ye son'e of John Rand. 
Anne Sale. 
John Sheppy. 

Anne ye wife of Willia' Harvey. 
Alice Harbidg, widd. 
Thomas Bellett. 
Elizabeth G roues, wid. 
A son'e of Henry Grasier. 
George ye son'e of Rich. Collins. 
John Laugher. 
Alice Goore, widd. 
Isabell ye daughter of Tho. Cere. 
Elizabeth ye wife of Rich. Goddard. 
Elizabeth ye wife of Willia' Farr of Dormstone. 
Mary ye wife of Willia' Edwards. 















Jnne 12 

June 17 



June 29 

































jZ |r.l.,}char*.W.rf,... 

A Tranbcbipt of yb Pabish op Inckbbreow fob yb Ybabb 1672. 


April 14 Henry ye son'e of Francis Freeman. 

April 2 Willia' ye son'e of WiUia' Piggett. 

June 9 Hester ye daughter of Anthony Baylis. 

Aug. 7 Thomas ye son'e of Tho. Poole. 

Aug. 11 Robert ye son'e of Tho. Marshall. 

Aug. 11 Willia' ye son'e of Walter HiU, 


Aug. 18 Sarah ye daughter of John Harrit. 

Sep. 22 Joseph ye Bon'e of John Bellet, jun^ 

Sep. 22 Ursula ye daughter of Tho. Ganderton. 

Oct. 8 Willia' ye Bon'e of Tho. Fairfax. 

Oct. 10 Elizabeth ye daughter of Rich. Perkes. 

Oct. 16 Bachell ye daughter of Tho. Parker. 

Nov. 1 Alice ye daughter of Joyce Stuard. 

Nov. 17 John ye son'e of Tho. Dowfen. 

Nov. 17 Thomas ye sou'e of Will. Harvey. 

Nov. 21 Robert ye son'e of Rob. Sorrill. 

Nov. 24 Mary ye daughter of Rich. Ben'ett. 

Nov. 29 Oliva ye daughter of Caleb Charles. 

Dec. 22 Thomas ye son'e of John Boes. 

Dec. 26 Robert ye son'e of Rob. Small. 

Jan. 1 John ye son'e of Rich. Shekell. 

Jan. 8 Alic^ ye daughter of Henry James. 

Jan. 9 William ye son'e of Thomas Ceare. 

Jan. 12 Edward ye son'e of John Francis. 

Feb. 20 Henry ye son'e of Willia' Raven. 

Feb. 23 Arthur ye son'e of Arthur Davis. 

Feb, 26 Catherine ye daughter of James Hem'ing, sen. 

Sep. 8 Richard ye son'e of Willia' Walford. 


April 18 Richard Edward & Issabell Browne. 

April 28 Francis Small & Ann Raven. 

July 23 Willia' Edwards & Elinor Lacy. 

Nov. 4 John Tayler & Bliz. Cresser. 

Jan. 25 Robert Marshall & Sarah Ealis. 

Feb. 7 Lawrence Hughes & An' Opplebee.- 


April 18 Elizabeth Ballard, wid. 

April 14 The wife of Rich. Bradford. 

May 5 John Steward. 

May 28 Alice ye wife of Willia' Heynes of Kington. 

June 6 Mary ye wife of Nicholas Farr. 

June 11 Ann Mathews, wid., of Dormstone. 

June 18 Elizabeth ye daughter of Ric. Ben'ett. 

July 2 Christopher Savage, gent. 

July 18 Mary Page. 

July 24 Ann ye wife of Christopher Roberts. 

Aug. 14 .... ye daughter of Henry Grasier. 

Aug. 24 Willia' ye son'e of Willia' Willis of Dormston. 

Oct. 8 Catherine Ellins. 

Oct. 16 Francis Smyth of Alcester. 

Oct. 8 Martha ye wife of John Bradford. 

Dec. 15 Willia' Poole. 

Jan. — Mary ye wife of Willia' Willis. 

Mar. 5 Margery Day. 

Jo. Harbach, 1 Church 
Tho. Laugher, / Wardens. 


The Transobipt op thb Paeish op Inokbbrbow pob thb Tear op our 

Lord 1674. 


May — Ann ye daughter of Tho. Dyson. 

May 25 Han'ah ye daughter of Will. Walford. 

May 81 Francis ye son'e of Gteorge Court. 

July 16 Elizabeth ye daughter of Rich. Walford or Staflford. 

July 26 Phinees ye son'e of Henry Jackson, Cler. 

Aug. 16 Ann ye daughter of Tho. Webb. 

Oct, 1 Thomas ye son'e of George Harris. 

Nov. 1 John ye son'e of Rich. Mog:g. 

Dec. 15 Thomas ye son'e of Tho. Bellett. 

Dec. 27 Elizabeth ye daughter of John Latha'. 

Jan. 2 Mary ye daughter of John Netherton. 

June 10 Mary ye daughter of Tho. Laite. 

June 10 Mary ye daughter of Tim. Oollis [?]. 

Feb. 21 John ye son'e of John Laite. 


April 80 .... & Ann Poole. 

May 9 [? Millard] & Joane Edwards. 

June 17 Henry Johnson [?], gent.^ & Mary ye daughter of And. Baker [?], gent. 


April 8 Ann ye daughter of John Westwood. 

April 29 Holford. 

May 12 Willia' ye son'e of James Hem'ing, jun. 

May 21 Mary ye daughter of Francis Hale. 

May 28 Frances ye daughter of Arthur Davis. 

June 16 Elizabeth Ten'ant, wid. 

June 17 Ann ye wife of John Wedgberry. 

July 29 Thomas Poole of Egioke. 

Sep. 24 James ye son'e of James Hunt of Kington. 

Oct. 24 Edward Phillips. 

Nov. — Francis ye son'e of Christopher Robber ts [?]. 

Nov. 28 Anthony Phillipps. 

Nov. 29 Ann ye daughter of Simon Baker. 

Dec. — Thomas ye son'e of Tho. Savage, gent. 

Dec. 6 Mary ye daughter of Arthur Davis. 

Jan. 28 Frances ye daughter of Will. Edwards. 

Feb. 10 Rob. Parsons. 

Feb. 18 The Widdow Harvey. 

Feb. 14 John Bunde. 

Feb. 21 Mary ye daughter of John Netherton. 

Mar. 20 Eatherine ye wife of Tho. James. ^ 

Mar. 21 Humfrey Hem'ing of Kington. 

Bartholomew Reading, 1 riu„^u™«j^„. 
Rich. Groubs, / Churchwardens. 

1615 Mar. 28 John son of Sir Francis Edgeiocke, Knight. 

1660 Nov. 2 John Savage, gen., & Elizabeth Hunt, widdow, both of Bradley in 
the CO. of Worcester. (From a transcript without parish name.) 


The following Burials and Weddings are not in the existing Parish Register 
but are found in the Bishop's Transcripts for the years 1689 and 1690 : — 

Burials, 1689. 

Margery wife of George Beds. 

Tho* Dyson. 

Jone, bastard of Eliz. Huntley. 

Oliver Dolphin. 

Richard Hunt ; Kington. 

John Wilson. 

Joseph Dilloth. 

Christian Sale. 

Jone wife of William Hunt ; Kington. 

William Hunt ; Kington. 

John son of John Brown, 

Mary Baskefield. 

John son of John Bennett. 

Mary Bejinett, widow. 

Eliz. dau. of Tho* Dyson. 

Thomas son of Richard Sowly. 

Eliz. Harritt. 

Isabell Harritt. 

Tho» Dison, jun'. 

John Gore. 

Anne Pool. 

Henry Hunt. 

Thomas ffoard. 

Thomas Pool. 

John son of Richard Chandler ; Dormstone. 

John Glover. 

Hannah, dan. of John Willis. 

Anne wife of William Buggins. 

Weddings, 1689. 

June 27 Edward Harriss of Norton & Alice Stewart ; by Lie. 
Oct. 6 Thomas Yate & Alice Claybrook. 
Jan. 1 3 Anthony Baylis & Anne Bennett. 

Burials, 1690. 
Tho« Adams. 
John Steward. 
Eliz. Huntley. 

Mary dau. of [John] Netherton. 
Philip son of M' John Apletree. 
Robert Wheyham. 

Olive dau. of Tho" Lewis ; Dormstone. 
William Huet of Kington. 
Arthur Davies. 
John son of William Harvey. 
Joseph Sermon. 
Sarah dau. of Tho" Peters. 
Ann wife of Tho" Hunt. 
William Fan-e ; Kington. 
William Farre ; Dormstone. 
Tho" son of Tho" [Tenaal]. 



April 27 
May 18 



June 22 





















































June 16 

Jane 19 

Jane 24 

June 25 




















No?. 20 Heorj son of Henry Spearpoint, 

Nov. 24 William Heming. 

Nov. 26 Margery Bedding. 

Dec. 27 Sarah Heming. 

Jan. 29 FraooM wife of John Sheldon. 

Jan. 80 George son of Riohard Wigget. 
Feb. 16 [? 10] Richard Marshall. 

S'efa. 18 *GikB4BODof&i]fi8 6aadorlx)n. 

inomtmental {nstnriptioiid 


On recnmbent headstone : — Sacred to the memory of Eliza dV of Joseph & 
HAimAH Rawlins, who died Nov. 10, 1888, aged 11 months ; also Joseph Rawlins 
who died Jaly 26^^ 1884, aged 85 years. 

On reonmbent headstone : — Sacred to the memory of Mabt Anns the beloved 
child of John ft Fannt Rawlins, who died Jaly 11, 1830, aged 9 months. 

On recnmbent headstone : — Sacred to the memory of James Wilkinson who 
died Jan. 16, 18[80], aged 42 years ; also Eleanor wife of the above, who died 
Feb. 20, 1887. 

On block of stone :^William Rusher died March 8, 1819, aged 90 ; Mart 
wife of William Rusher died March 7, 1887, aged 81. 

On recumbent headstone : — In memory of Joseph Davies who died March 28, 

1841, aged 62 ; also Lucy relict of the above, who died .... 18[52]. 

On recumbent headstone : — Sacred to the memory of Mary Taylor, the wife 
of William Taylor, who died June 14, 1809, aged 74 yeare ; also of William 
Taylor who died .... aged 81 years. 

On recumbent headstone : — Sacred to the memory of William Higham who 
departed this life Jan. 26^^ 180[?], aged 46 years. 

On block of stone :— Sacred to the memory of John North who died Aug. 2^\ 

1842, aged 66 years ; also Ann wife of John *North, who died Sept. 28, 1889, aged 
79 years. On rererse : Sacred to the memory of Sarah North who died Aug. 9, 
1848, aged 65 years ; Sacred to the memory of Eliz™ Gurnell who died Sept. 80^^ 
1840, aged 60 years. 

On block : — Sacred to the memory of Ann wife of Richard Wakefield, who 
died June 16*^, 1889, aged 38 years. On reverse : Sacred to the memory of Rob. 
Wakefield .... [rest illegible] ; also Mary wife of Robt. Wakefield, who died 
Feb. 7, ... 8, aged 82 years. 

"* Commimicated by Ber. G. P. Cbawvubd, Bometime Oarate in > this pariab, now Yicar of 
Bicester, Oxon— concluded from p. 266. 

YQL. Y.y 8BRIS8 {II, B 


On stone slab within rails : — Sacred to the memory of Harriet Hannah 
Parsons, wife of William Parsons, Esq"^, of the Hon. East India Company's 
service, who died Feb. 18, 1840, aged 46. 

On block:— Sacred to the memory of Margarbt Hodson who died Dec, 8*, 
1882, aged 40 years. 

On block :~Sacred to the memory of M' John Mace who died June 29, 1833, 
aged 55 years. 

On tomb within rails : — Sacred to the memory of Temperance WAasTAPFE, 
wife of John Wagstaffb, who died June 23, 1780, aged 65 years ; Sacred to the 
memory of John Wagstaffb who died Oct. . . 1782, aged 70 years. 

On side of tomb within iron rails : — Sacred to the memory of M' David Bussett 
who died Nov. 8, 1777, aged 42 years ; also Sarah his wife who died May 9, 1786, 
aged 44 years ; and of his children Ann who died Nov. 5, 1767, aged 8 months ; 
Ann who died Nov. 17*^, 1776, nged 9 weeks ; William who died Not. 27, 1777, 
aged 2 years & 5 months. On reverse : In memory of Mary Cumber who died 
Aug. 3, 1775, aged 70 years. 

On wooden rail : — Sacred to the memory of Sarah wife of Roger Williams. 
On reverse : Sacred to the memory of Ann Williams who died April 4, 1842. 

On recnmbent headstone : — Sacred to the memory of James Barker who 
died Jan. 29, 1847, aged 65 yeara ; also Martha wife of the above, who died 
Jan. 25, 1887 ; also Mary their daughter who died Jan. 27, 1823, aged 20 years. 

On block :— In memory of Martin Baylie who died Sept. 28, 1765, aged 
49 yeai's ; also of Martin William son of Martin Baylie, who died May 20, 
1790, aged 80 years ; also of Sarah Baylie, daughter of Martin Baylie, who died 
Dec. 18, 1837, aged 77 years. On reverse : In Memory of Ann Hatton who 
departed this life Oct. 12, 1777, aged 75 years. 

On recumbent headstone: — Charles Stewart Bromley died March 17, 1836, 
in 40^^ year of his age ; Charles Bromijsy, eldest son of Charles Bromley of 
Fort St. George died Feb. 14, 18 . ., aged 69. 

On block: — In Memory of Mary Hunt, died May 16, 1786, aged 67 years; 
Hannah Hunt her daughter, died Sept. 15, 1824, aged 67 years. On reverse: 
In Memory of James Adams, died Feb. 10, 1841, aged 65 years. 

On block : — Sacred to the memory of Ann James who departed this life 
Jan. 19, 1842, aged 43 years. 

On tomb within rails : — Sacred to the memory of M" Mary Bell who died 
July 7, 1771, aged 50 ; Mathew Bell who died Jan. 2, 1772, aged 80 ; Robert 
Bell who died Sept. 5, 1772, aged 23 ; and Mary Bell who died Sept. 1, 1777, 
aged .... On west side : In memory of Isabella Relict of M^ John Robinson 
& afterwards wife of M' Welch of ... . On south side : John Robinson of 
London, Merchant, died Dec. 24, 1769, aged 49. 

On block : — John Read, died March 18, 18*24, aged 37 years. On reverse : Also 
Sarah his wife, died Sept. 21, 1849, aged 65 years. 

On block : — Sacred to the memory of James son of John & Sarah Read, died 
March 2, 1828, aged 9 years & 3 months, 

On recumbent headstone : — In memory of Elizabeth the wife of William 
Page, who departed this life March 80, 1801 ; also of William Page who died 
Feb. 11, 1826, aged 69 years ; also of Charles & Mary, children of Richard & 
Ann Simons, who died in their Infancy. 

On tomb within rails: — On surface of mensa : Sacred to the memory of Tho. 
Nbwbbry, Esq'*, son of Thomas. & Martha Ann, who died Jan. 8, 1829, aged 
89 years. On north side : Sacred to the memory of Martha Ann Nbwbbry, relict 
of Thos. Nbwbbry, Esq'®, who died May 14, 1821, aged 61 years ; M.S. Jaoobo 
Patby, Equiti, qui rem privatam summa prudentia, probitate, felicitate publicam, 
mira integritate, diligentia, gravitate administravit, mareito optimo patri cariss 
bene merenti uxsor, et filiam .... [rest ilUgihW], On west side : Sacred to the 
memory of M' Rich® Smith of this Parish who died Oct. 2, 1775, aged 42. On 
south side : Sacred to the memory of M" Martha Smith, wife of Adam Smith, 
Oeiit., of this parish, who died April 28, 1771, aged 64. [Another imcription in 
Latin illegible.'] 

On tomb within rails : — On north side : In hoc mausoleo conduntur exuvisd 
Johannis Deanb, qui plurimos annos in hac Parochia, cum summa egit laude, 
Maritorum, Parentum, Amicorum, Magistratum, optimus obiit Aug** 80 Anno 
8Btatis 62. Salutis 1780. Memoriam ipsius pie prosequere ; exemplum imitare. 
Also on north side : In memory of Anne Dbane, relict of John Deanb, Esq'«, 
Ob' 24 Nov 1785, Mi. 65. On south side : John Deanb, Esq™, Ob* 8 Jany 1814, 
Aged 66. Also on south side: Sarah Anne Deanb, relict of John Dbane, Esq"', 
Ob' 26'^ Feb. 1818, Aged 70. 

On tomb within rails : — On south side : Sacred to the memory of Thomas 
SowDON, Sen', Esq"', who died April 18^^ 1791, in the 78'' year of his age ; also 
Thomas Sowdon, Esq'^ (Senior iJderman of this borough, and a magistrate of the 
County of Berks), who died Nov' 28*, 1829, Aged 69 years ; also Eleanor, relict 
of the last named Thomas Sowdon, who died 18^^ April 1889, Aged 75 years. At 
west end : Eleanor Sowdon, died Feb. 18^^, 1792, Aged 11 months ; Mary Ann 
Sowdon, died Jany. 12*^, 1802, Aged 15 years ; Arthur Sowdon, died 6*^ Nov' 
1881, Aged 80 years. 

C|)t *inr jTamflg*— FURTHER memorandum. 

Entry in Catalogue of MSS., Trinity GoUege Library, Dublin : — 
Major Henry G. Snr's Papers, relating chiefly to the Rebellion, 1798 to 1804. 
9 vols, folio, with Portfolio. Including Letters, Informations, Warrants, etc. ; also 
other Papers concerning matters of Police of various dates up to 1881. The 
Portfolio contains the *' Declaration of the Catholics of Ireland," 1792, as sent to 
Dublin from different localities ; some copies on parchment, some on paper, with 
all the original signatures. 


The note as to Peter Sera of Gedney, Lincolnshire, whose will was proved 
28 March 1812 (P.C.C), should read :— 

His wife, whom he married in 1798, was included in a Grant of Arms to her 
brother Sir George Nayler, York Herald (afterwards Garter). 


%n Mttaoxiam. 

The Bev. Feanois John Poynton, M.A.y died at the Sectory, Eelston, 
Somerset, on the 22nd of November, aged 76. He was born at Chew Magna, 
Somerset, 16th Jnne 1827, and was educated at Shrewsbury School and 
Exeter College, Oxford. Elected to the Sjmes Scholarship in 1849 he was 
ordained Priest in 1851, and having served as Curate of Ducklington (Oxon), 
Slapton (Bucks), and Burmington (Warwick), he was presented to the living of 
Eelston in 1858. In 1874 he contributed to this Magazine '' Genealogical 
Memoranda relating to the Family of Blackburne," and a few years later he 
wrote and privately printed a History of Eelston, a work of great research, 
and containing many details of the Families of Harrington, Huddleston, 
Hawkins, etc. He was a friend of the late Col. J. Lemuel Chester, and 
was elected a member of the Harleian Society in 1875. Mr. Poynton had a 
very extensive knowledge of the antiquarian and family history of his 
neighbourhood, and contributed papers to the Bristol and Olonoestershire 
ArchsBological Society, the Somersetshire Archsecdogical Society, and to the 
*' Oenealogist.'' He became a member of the Record Society of Somerset ; 
and having been for many of the early years of his life a member of the 
Palssontological Society, he formed aa extensive collection of fossils, but 
oatside the field of genealogy hia most valuable eolleotion was one of Boman 

(^itealosttal 0otts aii^ €t$mitsu 




I ba?e fonnd a rery curious point about this family, vis., thej lived in Sonning, Berl»| 
1602—59. The Visitations of Berks and Ozon ignore nearly all dates. I find them at NetUebed 
1586 — 1666, t.<;., later than the pedigree in the 1634 Visitation of Ozon. I send you particulars, 
to save them from being lost. Some time ago you printed several items from Shottesbrook 
Registers — Hercy, Weldon, Calverley. 

1 have also fonnd a very bad mistake in the descent of Rev. Thomas Warton of Ozford, 
1728 — 90. His ancestor, Rev. Anthony Warton, came from Walton, Lanes, 1596, to Lincoln 
College, Ozford. He was born at Walton 1581, and died at Breamore, Hants, 1661. Will in 
the P.C.C. 

Anthony Warton, 1581--1661.=r 



Francis Warton .=F 

William- Warton. A.ndre«8 Warton. Joan, 


Anthonj Warton, 1650— 1715=f=Marj .... Thomas Warton, died at Wioalade, 

died 1720. Hants, 1717. 


Bdwttd W«ttoii,7Henrietta Mervyn, died 1723. ( Vide *' Mis. Qen. Thomas Wartoa,=f 
died 1750. et Her^" Msbvyn Pbdiobbb [Inoorrect].) 1686—1745. 

John Warton of Wilts, spJoseph Warton, 1722— 1800.=t= Thomas Warton, 

bom 1713. 

1728— W. 

Joseph Warton ,nF Thomas John Warton, Mary. Harriet,=pB. Lee, died 

1750—1805. Warton. died 1829. 1776— 1868. 1837. 

Joseph Wairt(m,=p Themas John Ben. Anthony Rev. Godfrey Lee,=p 

1780—1868. Warton. Warton. Warton. Warton. 1818—1903. 

Joseph Warton, 1802= Rachel fienfield, 1802. Arthur Le^Dorothy Heathcote. 

Vide ** Baronets;'* 

It is supposed that Warton of Warton Hall. Lanes, was related to Cardinal Allen, who 
founded Donay College I should think that these Wartons were also of the same county and 

WiUiam Warton of Warton Hall, Lanes, 158d.=r 

I ' 

Thomas Warton. 

ThoQUM Wharton of Walt«m on the Hill, Lancs.^ 


Anthony Wharton, born 1623 ; died 1623. 

Probably nephew of the other Anthony. Unfortunately theregisters are gone in 1581. 

42 DenMwatim Park lUfod, West Htmpetead, Ghab. Jas. HBBBIBT. 

Lmdon, y,W. 


2%e Aneettry of Randall Tkemat Damdion^ D.I),, ArcltbUkop of Canterbury, By Rev. ADAM 

Philip, M.A., Longforgan. London : BUiot Stock, 62 Paternoster Row, KG. 
The Author of this tastefully got-up book begins faisr history of onr Primate by narrating how a 
worthy old lady nearly 80 years old in 1750 had bitterly complained of a Mr. David Randall, 
a merchant, who had been entrusted with a valuable MS. given to her by John Livingfstone 
of Ancmm, explicatory of the Bible, on tbe promise that he would get it printed in Holland. 
This was about 1728, and more than twenty years after she was still bewailing: its loss. This 
Mr. Randall had a son Thomae, who was taken to Edinburgh, where he graduated as an MA. 
in 1 730, and was ordained at Incbtnre in Perthshire when he was about forty yeaia old» Here he 
brought home his bride, Mary Davidson, daughter of a minister of Dundee. Like a prudent 
Soot he did not incur the happlneee of marriage before he vras fotriy sitiiated-; a flue marble 
tablet in the wall of the Ghnrch records that he died on 19th November 1700, aged 62» He 

3ld lilSdfiLl^A^feA GEl^BALOi^ICA SlT fiB&ALBtCA. 

was charitably inclined, as he left £300 for the benefit of the poor. His wife, who was widow 
of Mr. Thomas Elliot when he married her (another trait of his Scotch tact), had a son John 
Elliot, who became an apothecary, and went ont as a surgeon on board a privateer, and hayin^T 
acquired a large amount of prize-money, he settled and graduated at St. Andrew's TJniversi^ 
in 1750 as a physician, and three years after became a Licentiate of the College of PhysioianB 
and was soon celebrated in London, and was knighted in 1776, and finally became a baronet, 
having been Physician to the Prince of Wales ; it is said his fees were £5000 a year. Sir John 
Elliot married a Miss Grace Dalrymple, but got a divorce from her and £12,000 damages, and 
finally died at the seat of his friend Lord Melbourne ; his uncle, the merchant of Rotterdam, 
put up a tablet to his memory in the Church of Dundee. 

Our minister at Inchture proved to be a man of great force, publishing several papers on 
the laxity in the observance of the Lord's Supper. He was besides a busy man in his parishf 
which had a population in 1755 of 893, and on Saturday nights he would go round the village 
to see that the people were hoased and at rest, and he was not slow to rebuke those treepassing 
on the early Sabbath. It was surmised that he had met John Wesley, who had been more than 
once in the neighbourhood, but he had his misgivings of his zeal. He wrote several teusts, 
some of which were against patronage, which he considered was injurious. After a very active 
life he died in 1780, in his seventieth year and forty-second of his ministry. Thus passed away 
the ancestor of the present Archbishop of Canterbury. 

, Mr. Thomas Randall left a son Thomas, who was bom in 1747. There is a remarkable 
story told at Inchture, how that a parishioner had dreamt that her boy had fallen into the well 
used by the Manse and the village, and early in the morning she went direct to it, and found 
not her boy, but the minister's boy in it. Thus the child saved became the distinguished 
Dr. Thomas Randall Davidson. 

This son's early life was at Inchture, but having an uncle in Holland, who like his gcand- 
father had been there and prospered, after he had taken his college course in Glasgow young 
Randall was sent to Holland, and studied at Utrecht and Leyden, where he attended the 
Scotch Church, and found as a companion his tutor. Dr. William Thomson, a man of exceptional 
knowledge, and who left a long list of writings behind him. 

He became a preacher at Rotterdam in 1769, and preached his first sermon in Amsterdam ; 
he then returned to Scotland, and was appointed his father's successor at Inchture, when he 
was removed to Stirling. His stay here was not long, for he went to Glasgow, where he made 
his mark, and then went to Edinburgh, where he laboured from 1 785 till his death in 1827, 
receiving the degree of D.D. from Harvard University in 1798, and adopting the surname of 
Davidson from his uncle at Rotterdam, he inheriting his uncle's property at Muirhouae, 
Midlothian, as Dr. Thomas Randall Davidson, the present Primate his grandson being Dr. 
Randall Thomas Davidson. The enconium passed upon him by Dr. Mason of New York, the 
Chalmers of America, was "Rev. Dr. Davidson — Gentle, placid, pure, spiritual; talents 
moderate ; zeal and diligence g^reat ; affectionate, tender, beloved by the' good," etc. 

It suffices now for us to come to Dr. Davidson's sons. William, the eldest, succeeded to 
the estate at Muirhouse, and then it was associated with the fortunes of his fourth son Henry, 
who was a partner in a firm of timber merchants. There was another son, who was distinguished 
as an engineer. Mr. Henry Davidson married the daughter of a well-known Border laird, 
Mr. Swinton of Eimmerghame, and had three sons and a daughter— Randall Thomas, John 
Henry, Ernest Archibald, and Mary Catherine, and the eldest is the Primate, " for whom no 
better prayer can arise than that a double portion of the spirit of his forefathers may be upon 
him," as our Author concludes his history with. 

His Grace married Edith, the second daughter of Archbishop Tait, in 1878, and was Private 
Secretary to his father-in-law, whose name is reverenced by many in London. He was also 
the Secretary to Archbishop Benson in 1882-3. He became Bishop of Rochester in 1891—95 
and Bishop of Winchester in 1895—1903, his predecessor at each place being also well known 
in London as Dr. Thorold, formerly of St. Giles's and St. Pancras. 

In these days of confederation, when thousands of miles do not prevent our colonists " across 
the seas " from according to us their lives and friendship, and where our good old friend Dr. 
Nicolson lived very many years in Tasmania, his Church being the first built there, ministering 
as a Scotch clergyman since 1851 to a diocese equal in sise to many a minor European State, 


and XMMsingr away to his heavenly rest in his 94th year, what would not the British 
nationalities gain by an amalgamation brought about by the Primate between the English 
and the Sootch Churches. Their services are nearly alike, in many oases they sing the same 
hymns, and both are above pandering to notoriety. We mooted the same to an eminent 
Scotch clergyman who preaches in London, pointing out the advantages of one Church, but 
he gave no reply beyond his invite to come to his Church and hear him. 

The Work is illustrated by twelve ezoellent engravings, and its price of 8#. Qd. is too low 
for its worth. 

A Way of hU (Hon : An Autohiography. By A. Knotcutter. London : Henry J. Deane, 

Salisbury Square, Fleet Street. 1903. 
This is a well printed book of 256 pp., dedicated ** to all the Mudiee and the Smiths of 
the present time," but we doubt if they will move an inch out of their chosen way to 
enhance the circulation of the book. We are introduced to the boy who had " a way of his 
own " in his conversation with an old soldier, and the book recalls Hughes's " Tom Brown's 
School-days," except that the hero is under the control of the Lord Chancellor, and was 
possessed of fair wealth, was reckoned the best bowler and the '' cock of the school " in the 
summer for the coming season ; besides which he almost won a scholarship in Divinity, but 
the question about the '* march of the Jews in the wilderness " floored him. He put an extreme 
case to the Lord Chancellor by asking what could he do if a revolution broke out and his 
estates were seised ; how could he earn his livelihood 7 

Little episodes are given shewing l^ow his sympathy would be gfiven to animals. At a 
battue given by a sporting friend our hero was reckoned the best shot, and was accordingly 
invitedi and had the head gamekeeper to attend to him. To the latter's disgust, when a 
trembling hare at fifteen paces off looked up plaintively and caught his eye, he took no notice 
of it, although several gamekeepers were waiting to see what a shot he was, as he had struck 
the running deer ninety-nine times out of a hundred at a private gallery. The fearful eye of 
the hare was a shook to him, and he spared it, much to the beater's disgust, and so his character 
as a good shot was ascribed to ** Mad Leverett," as he was called. 

lliis shews us how the hero's sympathies were with animals. He found life too monotonous 
on his estates with three houses, so he sailed for Australia at a friend's invite. Here he helped 
him by taking up a banker's advance, and so saved his friend, and eventually the estates he 
himself acquired while there proved to be a gold mine to him. 

Our Author gives an account of a racing establishment, and among the horses he had 
reared when he returned to England, and had entered for the great Olympia race, was Mayflower. 
Greatly to the Squire's horror, his jockey came to him quite ill, saying he had been ^*got at" 
and could not ride the mare, and, driven to a great extremity, he sought advice of the head of 
the racing Committee, General Grouse, who acquiesced in his riding the mare himself, but 
being a man six feet high and clearing eleven stone, the bystanders gave a faint cheer, 
whilst the racing ring exclaimed *']U8t like Leverett," when they saw him jump into the 
saddle, having on ** white knee-breeches and silk stockings, but neither boots nor whip nor 
spurs." The upshot was, Mayflower shot ahead at once, after a cheering whisper from her 
master riding her, and despite all efforts of the riders against him she came in two lengths 
ahead of a colt not in the betting, but whose owner would not support an objection, as he 
said Leverett had been " a friend to the Turf that day." Where the Author got his account 
from of his hero's dress without his boots or whip was certainly not reported by any racing 

Our Author next pushes him forward for Parliament, and he got in. Having by an accident 
been enabled to help Lord Begibas when he had a fit in the Park, he got acxjuainted with his 
sister, who by her charming manner impressed our hero so much that he gave her Mayflower, 
and she finally gave him her hand. A merry wedding party of Lord Regibus and his bride 
and Squire Leverett, of Hare Park and Leverett Paddocks and the Overtun Bun in Australia, 
with Lady Victoria his bride, the daughter of the Duke of Ataris, all started together for 
Spain on their honeymoon, 


Hftying thus written a pleafiiog Jicooant of an eligible young man, who, becanae *' he bad 
a way of his own " was set npon by Society, oar Author has to be oongratulated upon the 
strict observanoe of not pandering to sensation or suicides or broken yows, and has always 
kept his readers in good society, from the Lord Chancellor, who was the hero's guturdiaU} 
down to the old soldier who first spc^e to him as to all being working men, anxious to do 
something, from the Prime Minister to the XK>liceman. He has produced a book which would 
be as great an attraction to boys as *^ Sandford and Merton," and ought to be in the hands of 
schoolmasters and others as a fit prise for a steady boy. Its price is only 3«. 6d. 

The ffutory of lYiar Lane Baptiit Churchy Nottingham, heing a eontrihution towards the 
History of the Baptists in Nottingham, By JoHK T. GODFBET and James Wabd. 
Nottingham : Henry A. Sazton, King Street. 1908. 

This is a handsome royal 8to volume, the first of its kind for publishing the Registers of 
a leading Nonconformist Church. Besides giving a full history of the Friar Lane Baptist 
Church, it gives fourteen pedigrees of the most notable families, well drawn up and printed, 
some dated from the early part of 1700, one later of William Vickers being born in 1797 and 
his wife in 1799, and she living till January 1891. The Church was built in 1724, and was 
sold for £100 as the third place of worship of the Baptists in Nottingham, the earlier records 
of the , body being lost. Like many other congregations they soon split up« seven members 
going from Park Street and establishing another Church, the George Street Baptist, Mr. Thomas 
Morley being the first Pastor in 1742. 

The " Declaration of Faith," dated 2 November 1769, bc^gan : **• We, a small handful of the 
unworthy dust of Zion, assembled together for the worship of God in Friar Lane," etc. ; and 
" in obedience to the command of God, we being now met together, again to make a fresh 
surrendour of ourselves to the Lord." The Bev. Richard Copper was the Pastor in 1769, and 
he had come from Kings ton-upon-Hull, and in the bock of the Declaration he had a list of all 
the regular members from 1770 to 1802, containing seventy -eight entries, but another list was 
there containing ** those who had been excluded and for what," and numbering eighty •seven 
names from 1770 to 1818. so that sixteen years later there were nine more members ozoluded 
than what formed the first congregation. Wl\y the "' unwortlgr dust of Zion " should be thus 
** excluded " is not given, but it certainly was not the behaviour of Christians who " love one 
another " to rebel so soon and in such numbers. In this early period the sum devoted to the 
Pafltor in quarterly collections amounted to £44 ^s. ^d, for ten months, about £1 2«. 2J. a 
week, so that possibly those who did not subscribe were those ** excluded." However, those 
who followed were not better, for "Mr. Hopper's income from the Church averaged about 
£1 0«. Od, per week " only. In 1784 half^-crown was paid for ** Engraving Cup," but after 
this extravagance some one stole it, and no trace of it could be found. 

In this small way the Church began, each year adding but little, until in 1810 £1144 were 
raised for the erection of a Chapel, the sums *' varying from seven shillings down to two pence 
monthly." Wherever '* Providence opened a door " a Bi-other would go and preach, but in 
1812-13 several members were excluded for impropriety, and two women for telling falsehoods, 
and in 1816 a Mr. Hood was excluded for being an " irreclaimable Antinamian," who contended 
that *' faith alone would insure salvation." 

The earliest known burial-ground was formed in 1724, and was a place of worship originally. 
The earliest head-stone is to the memory of John Walkley, who died in 1757, and the last 
interment was that of Miss Elizabeth Aldknow, who died in November 1876, aged 64 years. A 
list of eighty inscriptions is given. 

The Register of Births and Burials is given from 1742 to 1837, and was "taken from the 
original volume in the custody of the Registrar General, Somerset House," and Uie names 
occupy 40 pp., and that is followed by Biographical Notes in alphabetical order, including 
that of their first minister, the Rev. Richard Hopper, who began his ministry with fifteen 
members mieeting in a cottage before he went to Nottingham. There are twenty<foar 
biographies and nineteen portraits, the Rev. Samuel Ward dying in January 1840. A list of 


members from 1769 to 1815, inolndihf? women, is next given, oocnpyiner 11 pp., and contains 
the names of flfty-eifrht persons "dismissed" several to London and neigfhboarini? places* 
the last name (riven being William Yickers, who was of humble origrin, getting his education 
from the Churches Sunday School. He was apprenticed in 1810 to a lace manufacturer, and 
afterwards in 1818 he is described as in the lace trade, and had entered into partnership with a 
Mr. Frearson; they prospered, and had several agencies in South America, etc. In 1815 
Mr. Tickers joined the Baptist Church, and was in his prime in the days of Chartists and the 
Anti-Corn League. He afterwards became Alderman, and finally Mayor, when Her late 
Majesty visited Nottingham with the Prince Consort in 1843. To the Nottingham High 
School he devoted a great amount of time. He died in May 1882 and his wife in January 1 891, 
and the book gives both their portraits. He seems to have been the most successful man 
among the Baptists in Nottingham, and had seven children, some of his great-grandchildren 
being bom up to 1892 according to the pedigree. All the pedigrees are drawn out in a very 
excellent manner, and each folded within the book. The volume is a great credit to both 
the Authors, and ought to be supported by Baptists generally as an earnest monument to 
the histoiy of their body. It is excellently printed by the Choroton Press, and altogether 
worthy of patronage. 

How to Decipher and Stv4y Old Manuscripts: Being a guide to the reading of Ancient 
Manuscripts, Second Edition. By E. E. Thoytb, with an introduction by C. Pbicb 
Mautin. London : Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Bow. 1903. 

Wb are very glad to welcome a second edition of Miss Thoyts* excellent guide to the 
decipherment of ancient documents, because the inference is that the work has paid its 
expenses at least. Mr. Martin has written an introduction, and some amusing blunders he 
gives, though to an unpractised reader of old documents the mistakes might not have been 

Li the Authoresses " hints to beginners " there are some excellent remarks about writing. 
This as a rule has deteriorated very much during the last thirty years. The pretty Italian 
handwriting taught in schools then to young ladies has drifted down to a coarseness which 
can be done equally well with a i>ointed piece of wood instead of with a delicate pen, and the 
young ladies of the day have degenerated in their writing to a large and awkward hand 
which a butcher boy would excel in. In a similar way our boys in going into examinations 
at Sandhurst and elsewhere are more often plucked for bad spelling, because the IJniversities, 
and after them other public and private schools, have thought spelling to be beneath their 
notice. The beautiful examples of writing we have among our Grants of Arms and similar 
documents are a proof of what writing was during 1400 and 1500. The deed of the Wax 
Chandlers* Company has a beautiful inscription at the foot which is a fair sample, and the 
Italians or Monks who did that no doubt wrote the inscription on other companies* grants. 
In the same way the Italian ornamentations adopted in many churches and colleges and 
private houses in Elizabethan days were done by the same Italian workmen, travelling from 
Westminster to Oxford and Wales and other parts. 

The Authoress considers that the decline or alteration in writing, dated from the introduction 
of the art of printing, is superseding the labour of the large class of men who had formerly 
earned their living as professional writers. But against these we must place the labour of 
love which the monks adopted in their beautiful designed initial letters running down a page 
in gold and blue, along with the text, examples of which are so rich in those shewn at the 
British Museum. 

It is rare we come across erasures or mistakes in the lettering of old charters, but any one 
versed in copying out wills, etc., will find the testator's name spelt differently throughout, as 
we have seen a will where the testator's name was spelt in seventeen different ways, and last 
of all he signed the will with a different spelling than what he begfan the deed with. 

A good knowledge of Latin is indispensable to a transcriber, whether the deed be in Latin 
or Norman-French, to which modem French is a great assistant ; but it is only by experience 
that he can decipher or interpret the multitudinous contractions and signs so generally 
adopted in the older documents. 



Even in our own days Sir Walter Soott and Charles Biokens* hands were dharmingf , whereas 
Lord Brougham and other leading men had each execrable writing to deoipher that it was 
stated that only one compositor could translate his lordship's meaning in the printing offioe 
where his work was done. 

The work is embellished with examples of writing, some of Fines and Court Bolls, such as 
the Sheriffs' Boll among the Keville MSS., and two photographic copies of the Beading Abbey 
Chartulary, besides giving some examples of quaint signs from old Parish Begisters. The 
Author spares no pains in shewing the student what abbreyiations he may come across, and 
her motto, as she finishes her agreeable task, is ** Persevere and Practise.'* The work is 
published at is, 6i2., and we would recommend every student of antiquarian taste to secure 
a copy. 

Ball Records, No. 1. Index to Wills qf Ball, Balle, or Balls in the Prerogative Omrt of 

Canterbury^ Somerset Bouse, liib — 1802. Bishops Stortford : A Boardman and Son. 1903. 
We must congratulate Mr. H. Houston Ball upon getting together a mass of information 
concerning the families of the redoubtable Balls from 1445 to 1802. Why such a name should 
be immortalized by the assiduity of a Ball living in 1903 is alone known to the compiler, who 
is, however, a member of the Boyal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, and that may account 
for his eccentricity, for he threatens his readers that if his efforts are supported he will deal 
with the calendars of the Bishop of London's Courts, and that may be a preliminary to the 
publications of the wills themselves. Such a catastrophe we trust we may be spared to see, 
much more to read ; and as among the gentlemen who take matters easy finding life is not 
long enough for chess, what is to be said of the future generation of readers who likewise 
take life easy, but will have to encounter the volumes of wills of the Balls families ? Out of 
536 persons given in the book there are a few clergymen, gentlemen, and mariners, and the 
rest belong to the ordinary public, including 100 women, the best placed of them apparently 
being the third wife of Dean Alexander Nowell of St. Paul's, who was married twice before to 
Thomas Ball and Laurence BalL There are about eighty Balls given in Kelly's " Commercial 
Directory," but we only find one Ball even among the knights. 

The pamphlet is undoubtedly a labour of love, and is a monument of painstaking industry. 
The Author does not affix any price to the book, which makes 22 pp. demy 8vo. 

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XL, No. 2. October 1903. 
Virginia Historical Society, Bichmond, U.S.A. 

The present Part gives an excellent account of the passing of the Moravians through Virginia 
in 1749, from a diary kept by Leoohard Schnell and John Brandmueller, who went from the 
settlements founded by Germans, preaching as they journeyed, and sometimes travelling for 
thirty-five miles without seeing a house, and climbing high mountains, living only on Johnny 
cakes. They were always allowed to share in whatever was ready ; one, a miller, however, had 
not a bit of bread in the house. The two travellers were received everywhere very cheerfully, 
and their host generally got together a company of neighbours to hear them preach and 
baptize the children. 

The proceedings of the Virginia Committee of Correspondence, 1750 — 67, were concerned 
in acts for relief of debtors, the liberty to import salt rather than ballast, and also to exchange 
coin. In Virginia ** Gleanings in England " are published the wills of many merchants and 
others, several requesting to be buried in the old country, and many leaving all they had to 
relations there. In some Virginia Records are petitions of various kinds : one for taking off 
a fine of 500 lbs. of tobacco against the petitioner for burning *' one Anthony Parre," as he 
had already paid 4000 lbs. on account of the action. 

In genealogy the Bruce family is amply given, likewise that of the Brookes and Hemdon 
families, besides several others ; and the Part ends with historical notes and queries of 
various kinds, some of which are very quaint 


The Journal of the Ex LibrU Society. Vol. XIII., Parts 9, 10, and 11, September, Oetober, and 

November. London : A. and C. Black, Soho Square, W. 
Ths Part for September has a plate as a frontispiece dated at top 1603 and 1798, and is 
inscribed '* Ez Bibliotheoa Abbatias Sti. Gregorii Ma^rni de Downside," beautifully engraved. 
There are two examples of bookplates designed by Mr. Graham Johnson of the Lyon Office, 
Edinburgh, one of the arms of David MacRitchie of Logic, Perth, and the other of Sir John 
Ure Primrose, Lord Provost of Glasgow, recently granted by Lyon Court, well drawn on 
similar lines. There is another bookplate of a very different character to these designed by 
Mr. C. E. Eldred, who is a Naval Officer but a delicate draughtsman, as the plate of '* Mary 
E. Harvey ** shews. The Franks* collection of bookplates is ably referred to by Mr. Alfred A. 
Bethune Baker, F.S.A., who refers to the first volume of the catalogue of the British and 
American bookplates bequeathed to the British Museum by Sir Wollaston Franks being pub- 
lished ; and as he says that before the end of the year the rest of the catalogue will be printed, 
comprising nearly 4000 bookplates, it is very gratifying to know that the Museum has so soon 
completed a catalogue of the collection nobly bequeathed to the institution which was 
graced for so many years by the presence and assiduous study of the kind donor. The 
Museum is thus the first public institution possessing a representative collection of bookplates, 
thus adding a great interest to the members of the Ex Libris Society. Such a collection as 
that of the late Dr. Howard's would have made another good addition had it not been so 
carelessly sent for sale, and many valuable plates distributed amongst buyers without any 
regard to the value of them. The Part ends with a further list of legal bookplates and also of 
a list of Chippendale plates. 

The October Part has a Hebrew bookplate of Elkah Nathan Adler as a frontispiece with a 
Hebrew inscription at the top of it ; it merely displays the outstretched eagle with an 
inscription running round the coat. There is a good account of Jewish bookplates written by 
Israel Solomons. Some single legal bookplates are also given, besides one of Mr. Henry 
Lawrance, originally designed by Miss F. B. Sarg and engraved by Will. Foster of Plymouth. 

The November Part, which reaches us as we are going to press, has two plates for the 
Frontispiece, one of Daniel Parsons and the other Robert Loveirs, some notes upon which 
will be found. That of Mr. Parsons is described as " a paternal coat quartering a maternal 
one, and impaling conjugal arms,** an excellent and concise description. The selection of 
Legal bookplates include those of the Ix)rd Chief Baron and Lord Penzance. There is also an 
illustration of the plate of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn— truly American. Some notes on 
Designing and Designers, a criticism of a recent American work on that subject, leaves us 
satisfied that the bookplate of the future will not want for able men to ensure at least artistic 
merit, which after all, it must be admitted, should be the principal feature of a bookplate. 

The New York Oenealogioal and Biographieal Record. Vol. XXXIV., No. 4. October 1908. 
Society*s Office : 226 West 58th Street, New York, n.S.A. 
This Part begins with a sketch of Anthony Bleecker of New York, and his portrait forms the 
frontispiece plate. The history of Old White Church in Salem is mentioned in an address 
delivered by Dr. A. Fitch, and the account given of it concludes with the record that it was 
116 years old, 100 of which was settled in the present place, and it can claim to be the 
oldest religious sodety in Washington County, and the Author finishes with the exhortation, 
** Long live the Old White Church in Salem t and when the last of its members shall lie 
beneath the sod, may it be the lot of a future chronicler to record with truth that we were 
worthy of the precious heritage it was our privilege to enjoy.** There are the Records of 
Marriages, Baptisms, and Deaths in Easthampton from 1696 to 1746, occupying several pages. 
A review of disbanded soldiers mustered at Bear River on 25 January 1784, and also a muster 
roll of officers, soldiers, and loyalists taken at Gulliver*s Hole, etc., also in June 1784. There 
are full accounts given of the family of Edward Fuller, also of the Waring family of co. Salop, 
England, with arms, and the Freer family of New Psltz, New York. An interesting Paper is 
given of Southampton, England, with a couple of illustrations of the Bar Gate, including 
a good account of objects of interest there. The Part winds up with Editorial accounts of 
several families, among them that of Mr. Rufus King, a late member of the Harleian Society 
of England, and the Yart gives ample indices of names and subjects in Vol. XXXIV., with 
title, eta 


Inland Natef and Queries, Vol. V.. Part 69. October 1908. Peterborongh : Georire C. Oaeter, 

Market Place. 

This Part contains an interesting acoonnt of De Foe, the author of Robinson Cmsoe, whose 
family it appears was' at Etton in Northamptonshire, not Elton as generally supposed. 
Mr. Thomas Wright, who published De Foe's life in 1894, holds that Foe, Faux, Yaux, and 
Devereuz are variations of the same name, and that his family came from Flanders. Daniel 
died in 1631, leaving a small estate. 

There is an interesting account of the French register at Thomey. The Huguenot settlers 
who came over here were engaged in the reclamation of the land on the Bedford estate, and in 
twelve years 40,000 acres of land had been brought under cultivation. Cromwell in 1630 
issued an ordinance granting to foreigners full rights of English citizenship, thus inducing 
many Protestant refugees from Flanders to betake themselves here. It was a hard life, hard 
even for them, for those who invested their money lost it, and in many cases it was forfeited 
for arrears of rates and taxes. 

The Part contains an account of two extensive fires occurriog, one at Woodwalton Fen, 
where ten acres of bracken and turf were one blaze, and it required the Huntingdon and 
Ramsey fire brigades to put it out. The other was at Wicken Fen, a resort of the wild fowl 
and scarce butterflies which frequented the neighbourhood. Twenty acres were destroyed of 
this last piece of fenland of Old England, and it was the home of considerable numbers of 
English plants and insects and some rare birds which are found in no other part of England. 
Ail were destroyed through the carelessness of four University men from Cambridge in 
throwing away unspent matches in the usual custom of smokers ; they saw the sedge catch 
fire, and when alight '* they lost their heads and ran away." They honestly owned it, so the 
proprietor forgave them. 

There are other interesting Papers all worth reading, and the Part keeps up its useful 
purpose in publishing anything pertaining to Fenland, and its drainage from 1637, great 
opposition being shewn to it by the commoners, who commenced riots in several towns. 
Cromwell besides was opposed to the drainage, which had been going on for years, and he 
abetted the malcontents. 

•^* Soflfut for Reeievr and Kotice* of Forthcoming Workt ihimld he addrexted to 
Afesftr*. Mitchell Ifvgheg and Clarlte at the PvhlUhing Office^ 140 Wardmir Street^ Londim^ W. 

<fnti of Volume V., Ctitrir j^eneiT. 


Names in Italics have their Arms giyau 
pU Bignifiee ref erenoe to a Plate. 

Abbotts, Thomas, 142. 

Aberorombie, Sir Ralph, 125. 

Ackworth, T. A., 276. 

Aoton, 302. 

Acworth, Rev. AUyn, 278, 279. 

Adam, 6, 7. 

Adam, Alexander, 6; Bessie, 145; Charles, 8; 
David, 8, 146 ; Dnnoan, 6, 7 ; Sir Duncan, 6 ; 
Elizabeth, 146; Geo., 147; Isabel, 8; Jo., 
146 ; John, 6 ; Sir John, 7 ; Mar(?aret, 8 : 
Reginald, 6. 7 ; lit. Kev. Reginald, Bishop of 
Brechin, 6 ; Robert, 6 ; Will., 14o ; see also 

Adams y 6, 169. 

Adams, Ada fimily Mary, 127 ; Alexander Peers, 
127; Dr. Alexander Peers, 126, 127; Alicia, 
87; Allen, 5, 8, 9, 45, 84, 88, 122, 125, 168, 
212, 216; Lieut. Allen Cosby, R.N., 84; 
Lieut-Colonel Allen Neason, 88, 89; En- 
sign Allen Noble, 50 ; Lieut.-Colonel Allen 
Noble, 46 ; Rev. Allen Noble, 11 ; Ambrose 
Going, 169, 213; Amelia, 9, 86, 129, 214; 
Amelia .Juliana, 127; Amy Brada, 175; 
Angelina Olive Mildred, 169 ; Anna, 123, 124 ; 
Anna Maria, 47 ; Anna Sophia, 176 ; Anne, 
31 ; Anne Jane, 214 ; Anne Jane Foster, 169, 
213 ; Anne Melian, 89 ; Azaline Elizabeth 
Montgomery, 176 ; Rev. B. W., D.D., 5, 45, 
84, 122, 168, 212. 257 ; Beatrice, 127 : Beatrice 
Julia, 127; Benjamin, 9, 168, 212; Major 
Benjamin, 127, 128; Rev. Benjamin, 168; 
Benjamin Samuel, 175, 176; Benjamin Wil- 
liam, 169 ; Rev. Benjamin William, 171, 172 ; 
Rev. Benjamin William, D.D., 88, 171 ; Ben- 
jamin William Brown, 128; Caroline, 214; 
Caroline Elizabeth Stanley, 176 ; Caroline 
Martha, 213 ; Caroline Matilda, 173 ; Catha- 
rine, 259 ; Catherine, 9, 10. 50 ; Hon. Cathe- 
rine, 8 ; Catherine Mary, 127 ; Charles Allen, 

170 ; Charles Bury. 89 ; Charles Edward, 89 ; 
Charles James, 176; Charles James, RJ^., 
174 ; Charles James Stuart, 175 ; Charles 
Sheridan, 170; Charles Stuart, 170; Charles 
Winokworth Peers, 127 ; Charlotte, 175, 214 ; 
Charlotte Georg^na, 1 75 ; Clara Elizabeth 
Charlotte, 169 ; Claude Steward Alexander, 

171 ; Constance Louisa, 173; Cosby, 50, 85 ; 
Dorothea. 85 ; Dorothea Anne, 173 ; Dorothy 
Peers, 126; Douglas Gerald, 171 ; Dr., 172; 
Edmund Peers, 88 ; Eleanor Mary, 171 ; 


Eleanor Peers, 126 ; Elisabeth, 31 ; Bliz., 
162 ; Elizabeth, 46, 84, 124, 125, 129, 168, 170, 
213, 214; Elizabeth Bury, 88; EUzabeth 
Emily, 84 ; Elizabeth Frances, 169, 170, 173 ; 
Elizabeth Hurst, 49 ; Elizabeth Isabella, 128 ; 
Elizabeth Sophia, 45 ; EUzabeth Stanley, 176 ; 
Ellen, 89, 127 ; Emily, 85, 128 ; Emily Ban- 
ner Clough, 173 ; Emily Maude Elizabeth, 
169; Emma, 127; Ethel Annie, 169; Eva 
Adeline, 171 ; Everine Frances Elizabeth, 50 ; 
Fanny Miohell, 126 ; Felicia Preston, 169 ; 
Florence Mary, 127 ; Frances, 31, 84, 168, 217 ; 
Frances Augusta, 85 ; Frances Charlotte Gay 
Peers, 126 ; Frances Dorothea, 169 ; Frances 
Dorothea Kathleen, 169 ; Frances Florence, 
171 ; Frances Hervey, 172 ; Frances Peers, 127 ; 
George Hickson, 175 ; Georgina Charlotte, 1 75, 
176 ; Georgina Roberts, 172 ; Henrietta Maria 
I^slie, 10 ; Henry, 9 ; General Henry Augus- 
tus, 125, 126, 127 ; Lieut. Henry Edward, 
126 ; Captain Henry Ellis, 50 ; Henry Wil- 
liam Allen, 89 ; Lieut. Herbert Algernon, 172, 
173; Irene Gwendoline, 171; Isabella, 11, 
46, 124, 126, 128, 129 ; Isabella Emily, 50; 
J. Charlotte, 126 ; James, 5, 8, 9, 88, 128, 314 ; 
Captain James, 8, 85 ; Colonel James (known 
also as McAdam), 5, 8, 218, 259 ; Dr. James, 

87, 124. 129 ; Rev. James, 11, 84, 217 ; James 
Craig- Bate De Lisle, 126 ; Jane, 5, 8, 9, 31, 87, 

88, 217; Jane Cannon, 128; Jane Henrietta, 
170; Jane Holmes, 176; Jeannie Holmes, 
176 ; John, 86, 168, 240.; Captain John, R.N., 84; 
Hear- Admiral John, 48. 49, 50 ; John Hervey, 
169, 170 ; John Hervey Stuurt, 169 : Dr. John 
James, 89 ; John Sewell, 89 ; Josephine Char- 
lotte Rllen, 127 ; Joyce. 86. 168 ; Katherine 
Louisa, 127 ; Leslie Peers, 127 ; Letitia Emily , 
50 ; Letitia Thomasina, 45 ; Lilian Maude 
171 ; Louisa, 6, 125; Louiea Jane, 88, 127, 
172 ; Louisa Peers, 126 ; Louisa Susanna. 
128; Loving, 31; Mabel, 127; Margaret, 9^ 
31 ; Margaret Maud Anne, 169 ;' Maria, 124, 
128, 129; Maria Anne, 128; Marie (May) 
Stuart, 171 ; Martha, 8, 9, 45, 84, 85, 122. 125, 
168, 212, 216; Martha Jane Sophia, 46; 
Martha Mary Anne, 128 ; Martha Susanna, 
125; Mary, 31, 129; Mary Alice, 89; Mary 
Alicia, 212; Mary Anne, 49; Mary Frances, 
46, 85 ; Mary Louisa, 85 ; Matilda, 24 ; Max- 
well, 5, 45, 84, 122, 168, 212, 257 ; Maxwell 
Leslie Benjamin, R.N., 125 ; Maxwell Peers, 
127 ; Maxwell Richard William Peers, 126 ; 

D D 



Mona, 176 ; Neason, 128 ; Neason Benjamin 
James, 128 ; Dr. Neason Wildridire, 124, 129 ; 
Newsham Peers, 127 ; Nicholas, Bl ; Nicolas, 
31 ; Noah, 31 ; Norah Kathleen, 171 : Olivia, 
88 ; Rebecca Horatia. 176 ; Richard, 6, 8. 9, 
45, 50, 84. 168 ; Captain Richard, 45, 88, 125 ; 
Bey. Richard, 46, 84, 85 ; Richard Gordon 
Peers, 125; Richard Hervej. 170; Captain 
Richard Stuart, 9; Robert, 8; Dr. Robert, 
212 ; Samuel, 8, 9, 124, 125, 128 ; Very Rev. 
Samuel, Dean of Cashel, 5, 168; Samuel 
Allen, 5 ; Lieut. Samuel Allen, 169 ; Samuel 
Arthur. 172; Samuel Stewart, 170; Sarah, 
85 ; Sarah Mary, 170 ; Selina Clayton, 126 ; 
Stuart, 50 ; Major Stuart, 9 ; Stuart King, 
88 ; Thomas, 312 ; Violet Blanche, 171 ; 
Violet Eleanor, 171 : William, 9, 31, 86, 88, 
122, 124, 125; William Allen, 168; Captain 
William Augustus, 172 ; William Bury, 89 ; 
Hon. Captain William Bdmund, 45 ; William 
Henry Augustus, 127 ; William John, 175, 
176; William O'Brien. 172; Dr. William 
O'Brien, 88, 89, 124, 127 ; WUliam Vigors, 
170; — , 162 ; tee alto Adam. 

Adams, Adamses, Adamsons, or Addies, The, 6. 

Addington, Lsetitia Anne, 14 ; Major Hon. 
Leonard Allen, 14 ; Rev. William Leonard, 
Viscount Sidmouth, 14. 

Adey. Daniel, 233; Jana, 228; Joh*es, 228; 
Marfraret. 233. 

Adler, Elkah Nathan, 323. 

Aerts, Jeanne, 281 ; Pierre, 81. 

Agas, Edward. 227 ; Elizabeth, 227. 

Albaney or Albany, Alee, 294 ; Alice, 294 ; 
Allioe, 294 ; Emma, 294 ; Frances, 294 ; Ro- 
bert, 294 ; Sir Robert, 294 : Sir Robt, 294 ; 
Thomazin, 294 ; William, 294. 

Albemarle, Duke of, 298. 

Albon, Peter, 225, 226. 

Alcock, Anne Jane, 213 ; (George, 215 ; George 
W. Hervey, 213; Margaret Anna Eleanor, 

Alcoz, William, 98. 

Aldknow, Elizabeth, 320. 

Aldridg or Aldridge, Anne, 228 ; Henry, 228. 

Aid worth or Aldworthe, Agnes. 109 ; Alice, 107, 
108, 109, 110, 112, 113, 114 ; Alice Pyle. 107 ; 
Amie or Amy, 111: Amy, 112,113; Anne, 109, 

110, 111, 112, 113, 114 ; Arabella, 112 ; Bartho- 
lomew, 108 ; Catharine, 109, 1 12, 114 ; Charles, 

111, 113; Charles. M.P., HI, 113; Dorothy,112; 
Elisabethe, 114 ; Elizabeth, 107, 108, 109, 111, 
112; Ellen, 110; Frances, 109; George, 111, 
113; Gilbert, 109, 113, 114 ; Henry, 107, 111, 
113, 114 ; Jane, 108, 112, 113 ; Joan. 1 10 ; Joan 
Dunscombe, 107; John, 107, 109, 110, 111, 

112, 113, 114; Rev. John, 111, 113; Julian or 
Gelian, 108, 113; Katherin, 107, 113; Mar- 
garet, 109. 110, 111, 112, 113 ; Marj-, 109, 112, 

113, 114; Peter, 109, 113, 114; Phoebe, 109; 
Ralf, 108 ; Richard, 107. 108. 109, 110, 111.1 12, 
113. 114; Richard, M.P., 111, 112; Richard, 
M.P. (afterwards Neville-Aldwortb, and later 
Aldworth-Nenlle), 114 ; Robert,l07, 111, 112, 
113, 114; Rose, 112; Susan, 109. 1 1 1 ; Susanna, 
112, 113 ; Symonde (Symon or Simon), 107, 
113;Thomas, 107, 11 1,113, 114 iTbomas.M.P.. 
107, 112 ; Ursula, 108, 113 ; William, 108, 111, 
112, 118, 114; fee a ho Aldworth-Keville a7td 
Neville- Aldworth. 

Aldworth-Neville, Catherine, 112, 114 ; Richard, 

M.P., 114 ; Richard (afterwards GrifBn), 2nd 
Baron Braybrook, 112, 114. 

Alexander, Henrietta Judith, 18; Robert, 18. 

Alexander II. and in., Kings of Scotland, 6. 

Alf ord, Edvardus, 35 ; Elizabetham, 86 ; Elizth., 
85 ; Margaret, 35 ; Richdi., 35. 

Alfrey, Mickafare, 279. 

Alice, Duchess Dudley, 131, 132, 133. 

Allaby or Allabie, Thomas, 62, 63. 

Allen, 265. 

Allen, Cardinal, 317 ; Charles Dexter, 88, 199 ; 
Dom., 36 ; Harriet Walsh Porter, 265 ; Jane, 
5, 8 ; Margaret, 5, 8 ; Richard, 5 ; Thomas, 
295 ; William, 8 ; William Alexander, 265 ; 
— , 245. 

Alley, Mary, 231. 

Allington, Jaine, 243 ; Richard, 243 ; — ^ 243. 

Allins, Amy, 232. 

All wood, Rev. Philip, 142. 

Alphonsus, King of Arragon, 7. 

Alsopp, ffrancis, 104. 

AmeotU. 244. 

Amcotts, John, 244 ; Rhoda, 244. 

Amos, Anna, 231. 

Amour, Richard St., 263. 

Anderson, Agnes, 196 ; Dorothy, 80 ; Dr. Foster, 
216 ; George, 145, 196 ; James. 147 ; Sir John 
William, Bart., 80 ; Margaret,216 ;Samue],216. 

Andoreus, — , 132. 

Andrews, Ann, 230 ; John, 228 ; Margaret, 228 ; 
Mary. 230, 232 ; Niche, 64 ; Richard, 230. 

Anger, Joseph, 62. 

Angus, The Red Douglases, Earls of, 5. 

Anley, Widow, 156. 

Anne, Queen of England, 71, 168, 191. 

Anne»liyy Lord Monntmorrett. 302. 

Antrim, Earl of, 259 ; Randal MaoDonel, 1st 
Earl of, 115. 

Antrobus, Rev. John, 97. 

Apletree, John, 312 ; Philip, 312. 

Aplin, Captain John George, R.N., 49. 

Appleby, Drew. 239. 

Appleyard, Eliza Helen, 261 ; F. N., 261. 

Archbold, Robert, 116 ; Sarah, 116. 

Archer, Emily Deborah, 216 ; Thomas Meredyth, 

Arcy, nee D'Aroy. 

Arden, — , 270. 

Areriss, Mary, 92. 

Argent. John, 248 ; Mary, 248. 

Arlington, Lord. 296. 

Armin, Svsana, 186 ; Sir William, 186. 

Armour, Ann, 148 ; James, 148. 

Arragon, Alphonsus, King of. 7. 

Arrowsmith, Elizabeth, 222 ; John, 222. 

Arundell. Eliz., 229 ; Mary, 139 : Hon. Thomas, 
139 ; of Wardour, Lord, 44. 

Ashby, Ann. 53 ; Rev. Richard, 298 ; William, 
284 ; — , 63, 284. 

Ashcombe, Mrs., 36. 

Ashe, Frances, 150. 

Ashelford, Jane, 231 ; Robert, 231. 

Ashley, Mariah, 139 : Peter, 139. 

Askew, Amphilis, 26 ; Henry, 26. 

Aspinwall, Henry, 167 ; James. 167 ; Laetitia 
Hardwick, 167 ; Margaret Walker. 167 ; Rich- 
ard Sykea, 167 ; Sarah Elizabeth, 167. 

Asplin. Gulielmus, 155 ; Jacob, 155 ; Joanna, 155. 

Asterley or Asterly, Benjamin, 138 ; David, 138 ; 
Elizabeth, 13S. 

Astley, Ann, 149 ; John, 149 ; Mary, 149. 



Adon, 211. 

Aston, D. Catherine, 241 ; Sir Edward, 241 ; 
Bob., 189 } The, 189. 

Athew, Ed., 279. 

Atkin, Qeorgina Boberts, 172 ; John Brew, 172. 

Atkins, Charles Wilson, 174 ; Margaret Anne, 
174 ; OUto, 231. 

Atkinson, Anna-Maria, 139 ; Henry, 139 ; Je- 
mima, 139 ; John, 139 ; Robert, 139 ; Sarah, 
139 ; William, 139. 

Atfcwoode, John, 159, 187 ; Thomas, 159, 187. 

Atwood, Elizabeth, 231 ; Bebeooha, 189 ; Samuel, 
231 ; Tho., 189. 

Aubertin, C. J., 107. 

Aubrey, — , 294. 

Audinet, Elizabeth, 180 ; Grabriel, 180 ; Philip, 
180 ; Sarah. 180. 

Austill, Elizabeth, 109 ; John, 109. 

Ayeris, Eliona, 229 ; Henry, 229. ' 

Avis, Mary, 4 ; William, 4. 

Awsoll, Joyoe, 25. 

Aylesbury, Earl of, 153. 

B., Alexander, 149 ; Ann, 149 ; Elizabeth, 149 ; 

iJamee, 149; Job., 155; John, 149; Martha, 

149 ; Bob., 155. 
Bacon, 304. 
Baoon, Anne, 54 ; Elizabeth, 304 ; Fraaoes, 304 ; 

Bobart, 54. 
Badger, Maria, 229 ; Martha, 230. 
Baggaley, Mary, 94. 
Bajruall, Elizabeth, 91 ; Francis, 91 ; George, 

91 ; John, 91 ; Sarah, 91 ; Thomas, 91. 
Bagshaw or Bagshawe, Anne, 26 ; Arthur, 26, 

27, 188, 189, 250, 252, 309 ; Elizabeth, 250, 

252 ; Mr., 252. 
Bailey, Anne Frances, 217 ; John, 142 ; Bev. 

WilUam Riohey, D.D., 217. 
Bailis, The, 60. 

Baines, Mary, 287 ; Mrs., 287 ; — , 287. 
Baker, Alfred Bethane, F.S.A., 323 ; And., 311 

Ann, 154, 311; Charles, 154; Dinah, 143 

George Lambert, 154 ; Rev. Gulielmus, D.D, 

209 ; Henry, 154 ; Heniy John William, 154 

Margaret, 188 ; Mary, 311 ; Raph, 55 ; Simon. 

311 ; Thos., 98 ; Virginie Camille, 154 ; Wil^ 

liam, 154 ; see aUo Bethune- Baker. 
Bakers Company^ The., 210. 
Balam, Charles, 54 ; Mary, 54. 
Balaus, W. A., 239. 
Balby, PjiuI, 165 ; Sophia, 165. 
Balfour, Rt. Hon. Arthur J., 79. 
Ball,Balle, or Balls, 322. 
Ball,H. Houston, 322; Captain Henry Lidgbird, 

R.N., 49 ; LaurenoQ, 322 ; Thomas, 322. 
Ballard, Ann. 60 ; Elizabeth, 310 ; ffrancis, 60 ; 

Henrici, 68 ; Henry, 60, 106, 188 ; Joan, 60 ; 

Katherin, 105 ; Margaret, 58 ; Richard, 58, 

155 ; The, 68, 60 ; Thomas. 106 ; --, 59. 
Balles or Batef, Judith, 248 ; Mark, 248. 
Ballinger, Bernard, 230 ; Mary, 230. 
Balls, Mr., 69 ; Mrs., 72. 
Balmerino, Ld.. 73. 
Balshaw, Richard. 181. 
Ban bridge, John, 134. 

Bancks, Ann. 167 ; Martha, 167 ; Robert, 167. 
Banes, Jane. 60 : Mnry. 27 : Robert, 27, 60. 
Banks. Elizabeth, 231, 232 ; William, 231. 

Bannatyne, James, 195. 

Bannerman, Bruce, 120 ; W. Bruce, F.S.A., 44, 

Bantall, Susanna, 29 ; Xtmas, 29. 
Barbaux, Isabella, 94. 
Barber, Elizabeth, 30 ; Joan, 110 ; John, 30 ; -— , 

Barbrook, Edward, 165 ; Elizabeth, 165 ; Emma, 

165; Henry, 165; Mary Ann, 165; William, 

Bi^rehardf 273. 
Barchard, Charlotte, 273; Robert Wildman, 

Barclay, Clare Elizabeth, 174 ; Lieut. Theodore 

Gordon, 174. 
Barorof t, Anne, 24, 26 ; Edmo^d, 24 ; Edmund, 

103 ; Elizab., 103. 
Bardin, Abraham, 93 ; Hugh, 93 ; John, 93 ; 

Mary, 93 ; Sarah, 93 ; William, 93. 
Barker, 274. 
Barker, Anne, 274 ; Benjamin, 275 ; Dorothy, 

274, 275; Bdw., 274; Edward, 274, 275; 

Elizabeth, 275 ; James, 274, 275, 314 ; John, 

274 ; Joseph, 274 ; Judge, 274, 275 ; Martha, 

314 ; Mary, 314 ; Mrs., 274 ; William, 274. 
Barley, Ambrose, 105 ; Anne, 105 ; Jane, 104 ; 

Joan, 55. 
Barlow, Harriot, 275 ; William, 275. 
Barnard, Sir John, 52 ; Margaret, 62. 
Bamefield or Bamfield, Ann or Anne, 231. 
Barnes, Catherine, 230 ; Edward, 60. 
Bam/ather, 136. 
Bamfather, John, 136; Mary, 185, 136 ; Bobt., 

Barnslev, Mary, 288. 
Barnwell, Eleanor, 116. 
Bamwood, Giles, 231 ; Hanah, 231. 
Barrett, Bllinor, 267 ; John, 267. 
Barron, Charlotte, 165 ; Thomas, 165.< 
Barrow, 79. 
Barrow, Dr., 79 ; Rev. Thos., 140 ; Rev. W. B., 

LL.D., 79. 
Barry, Amelia Jane, 174; Beresford Robert 

William, 174 ; Caroline Matilda, 173, 174 ; 

Catherine Sarah, 174; Clare Elizabeth, 174; 

Dorothea Anne, 174 ; Elizabeth Frances But- 
ler, 174 ; Frances Dorothea Caroline, 174 ; 

John Hervey, 174 ; Lucy Moreton, 173 ; Mar- 
garet Anne, 174 ; Bobert Tristram Beresford, 

173 ; Thomas Bobert, 173. 
Barter, Ann, 138 ; Joseph, 138. 
Barth, Elizabeth, 56 ; Thomas, 56. 
Bartholomew, WQL, 251. 
Bartlett, James, 140 ; Mary, 140 ; Mr., 71 ; Mrs., 

37, 71 ; Bebeccah <?r Bebekkah, 140 ; Susanna, 

158 ; Thomas, 140, 187, 251. 
Bartley, Elizabeth, 57 ; Susanna, 57 ; Thomas, 

67 ; Wm., 105. 
Bartrum, Mr., 144. 
BarwU, 275. 
Barwis, Thomas, 275. 
Baskefeild, ffrancis, 157. 
Baskefield, Charles, 190; Francis, 190; Mary, 

Batch, BUzabeth, 245. 
Bate, Henry, 64. 
Bates, Mary, 232 ; William, 232. 
Bathe, John Bouroher, Erie of, 53. 
Batman, John, 231 ; Margaret, 231. 
Battersby, Lieut-Colonel Francis, 60; Captain 

Henry Robert, R.N., 49 ; Isabella, 11 ; John, 11. 



Baxter, Rev. Nathaniel, 208 ; Snaannah, 284. 

Baylee, Sarah, 229. 

Bayley, John, 306 ; Judith, 305, 306. 

Baylie, Eleanor, 196 ; Martin, 314 ; Martin Wil- 
liam, 314 ; Sarah, 314. 

Baylis, Anne, 312 ; Anthony, 190,250,309. 312 ; 
Franoifl, 250; Hester, 190, 309; Margfaret, 
58 ; Sarah, 231 ; Stephens, 157 ; Susanna, 
233 ; Thomas, 231 ; WUl., 25. 

Bayly, Rev. Anselm, 138 ; Mary, 230, 231. 

Bayons or Bayous^ 129. 

Bayons or Bayous, Sir Walter, 129. 

Beacham, Mary, 141. 

Beale (Beal or Bele), Ann, 40 ; Elizabeth, 31, 
40; Fanny, 31 ; Hannah. 31 ; Hester, 31 ; 
John, 31 ; Rev. John, 40 ; Mary, 31 ; Richard, 
31 ; Sarah, 31 ; Susanna, 31 ; William, 31. 

Bean, Mar^raret, 255 ; Rev. Peter, 265. 

Bear, Elizabeth, 140 ; Rich., 229 ; Sara, 229 ; 
Savage, HO. 

Beard, Edward, 56; Elizab., 229; Elizabeth, 
232 ; ffortuna, 56 ; Samuel, 231, 232 ; Sarah, 

Beath, Jemima, 136. 

Beatty, Catherine Selina. 45 ; Charlotte Eliza- 
beth Frederica, 46 ; David, 85 ; Adjutant 
David, 45 ; David William, 46 ; Edward, 45 ; 
Elizabeth, 124 ; Elizabeth Sophia, 46 ; Dr. 
Foster, .124 ; Henrietta Loftus, 46 ; Horace 
Edward, 46 ; Jeanetta Letitia Katherine, 46 ; 
Letitia Eleanor, 46 ; Letitia Eva Gerald ine, 
46; Letitia Thomasina, 45,85 ; Mary Frances, 
46, 85 ; Oliyia Constance, 46 ; Captain Rich- 
ard Carden Allen. 46 ; Captain Thomas 
Charles Edward, 46 ; William John, 46. 

Beaupree, Dorathie, 54 ; Edmond, 54. 

Beauvais, Anne Louise, 12 ; Fran9oi8e, 12 ; 
Louis, 12 ; Simon, 12 ; Susannah (? Ourry), 12. 

BeaWf 305. 

Beaw, Gulielmi, 304 ; Margaretse, 304. 

Bedborough, Charlotte, 165 ; Daniel, 165. 

Beddow, Ann, 57 ; Mary, 106 ; The, 67 ; Tho- 
mas, 106. 

Beddowe, John, 103 ; Thomas, 103. 

Beddowes, Thomas, 158. 

Bedford, Earl of, 200 ; Duke of, 79, 276 ; John, 
Duke of, 201, 205. 

Bedingfield, Sir Thomas, 245. 

Beele, Grisill, 57. 

Beels, John, 64. 

Beeseley, Ann, 158 ; John, 158. 

Begley, Elianor, 157. 

Belcher. Ann, 230. 

Bell, Mary, 314 ; Mathew, 314 ; Fat., 146 ; Ro- 
bert, 314 ; Rev. Robert, 146. 

Bella ses or Belasyjfe, 185, IS6 pL 

Bellasis or Belasyse, Ann, 185, 186 ; Lady Ann, 

183, 184. 185, 186 ; Lady Ann (Powlet). 183,